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  • A Discourse on Living Within the Mafia State


    Martin Geddes reviews the state of life in Britain under the depredations of the unconstitutional state officials, that further their ambitions by controlling our perceptions rather than by implementing our constitutional rights.

    "the craven adherence to rules over conscience is how evil spreads and scales"

    "So far no council has been able to prove a lawful obligation to pay; they cannot, since it is debt slavery"

    "... in practise we have been ensnared and enslaved via legalese and administrative law, which treats us as commercial vessels rather than living and breathing creatures"

    "This was done on health and safety grounds, with zero evidence being offered, despite the law demanding evidence in order to prevent exactly this kind of arbitrary exercise of power"

    "It is increasingly commonplace for the state to steal our

  • Brexit On Course for Reversal?


    We made a brief comment previously on the Sunak Northern Ireland Protocol agreement (the "WIndsor" agreement) but now we have a rather ore complete assessment of what it means, courtesy of Global Britain. No, it isn't good news for our future independence, but is that what you were expecting?

    "There was a break in Johnson’s deal, imperfect as that was. We had the legal right to rip it up. Now Sunak’s deal cannot easily be broken as the EU authority over Northern Ireland and critically the sole authority of its Court of Justice will be embedded in international law"

    So one of the major safeguards for our independence has been cut away, leaving the way open for as much future harassment as the EU sees fit to

  • White Teenage Boy? You're a Problem!


    Teenagers have always had a problem with society's expectations of their interactions with the opposite sex. So it's no surprise if that tradition still lingers, although perhaps it is a disappointment that expectations seem to have become more extreme, perhaps in particular for white indigenous Brits.

    "This moral shift has been encouraged by social media and an expansive higher education sector that delights in tearing down the old order. Things we once took for granted are merely ‘constructed’ – and anyone who disagrees is a misogynistic privilege-hoarder"

    Sounds a bit extreme doesn't it? But in a world where pre-pubescent kids are expected to attend "Drag Queen Story Hours" it may be that our teenagers are actually getting off lightly.

    As far as I can see it's the usual gaslighting technique - encourage them by a constant barrage of LGBTQ+ sexual propaganda and then trip them up over trivial or imagined minor misdemeanours that will only add

  • World Web of Global Censorship


    The ever-expanding web of NGOs that make it their business to poke their noses into everybody's opinions to check their thinking (and if required cancel their legal communications) comes in for some necessary analysis in the Daily Sceptic.

    Of course it has to be a self-important "Institute", in this case the portentous-sounding "Institute for Strategic Dialogue" of which I'm guessing very few have ever heard. 

    "The ISD alone spends over £5 million per year and, at this stage, it is likely that tens of millions of pounds have been invested by such groups into developing tools to identify political dissent in the U.K. and other countries"

    Which brings us back to the subject of finance - where do all these millions spent by such organisations come from?

    "In order to illuminate these nefarious connections, we developed a simple network map for the ISD, where the links between the ISD and others

  • Greens Knocked Back by Dutch Electorate


    "Caroline van der Plas’s Farmers-Citizen Movement (BBB) is projected to become the equal largest party in the senate, taking 15 seats from none before the vote"

    "The BBB’s victory means the farmers can form alliances with other parties in the senate and block green legislation"

    The control matrix is glitching.

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • The Real Bail-Out of Silicon Valley and Signature Banks' Customers


    So the Fed has guaranteed the deposits of customers of these banks - isn't that a rare win for the small guy?

    Well, I suppose it depends on how many "small guys" banked with these banks.

    Alex Berenson delves into the detail to find who benefits and who ultimately pays.

    Worth reading.


  • Achilles Heel of the Western Financial System


    Many people are aware that banks cannot survive a bank run - an event where too many customers decide that they want their money out please. If the bank doesn't have enough cash-in-hand to pay them then they can only close their doors, making the problem obvious to everybody. Trust in that bank implodes and then everybody wants their cash out.

    The question of course is - what is it that prompts the original few to start withdrawing their money and kicking off the process? A mere rumour may be enough.

    Another means by which a bank may be caught short is the "complex financial instrument" (good wording: "complex" implies that it's way beyond our simple minds to understand, so please leave it to the experts) - otherwise called a "derivative" - an agreement that in theory will hedge your risk against some unforeseen event that would otherwise cost you a great deal of money. Banks make good money selling this form of insurance whilst such events do not occur, and so with blithe insouciance create an

  • The Transgender Truths that We Need to Know


    Trans man Scott Nugent explodes the myths and the truths behind the transgender movement, particularly the campaigns to persuade kids that changing their gender is a good idea.

    Everybody should watch this twitter video, but be warned - it isn't for the faint of heart.

    But it is unmissable.

  • "Euthanasia Violates Fundamental Rights"


    No ifs, no buts, according to the ECLJ. 

    "This principle was reaffirmed in the aftermath of World War II, after doctors were convicted at Nuremberg for euthanizing disabled people. This principle does not provide for any exceptions to euthanasia"

    "The decriminalization of euthanasia is not only a systematic violation of human rights, but also an extremely serious cultural and legal regression"

    They point out the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 2): "No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally".

    The ECLJ is mounting a campaign to  remind the UN of its responsibility to support the right to life, especially for the vulnerable, the elderly, and/or the disabled.

  • Clif High - This is How it's Going to Be


    Mass awakening, fall of the political ideologies, dollar hyper-inflation, collapse of government-funded, Trump Cities, academies collapse, real science rebuilt/revealed, detox from DS, demise of the central banks, Trump, vaccines, greatest ever depression...

    (48 minutes)



  • Education, Educashun, Edoocashen


    We Brits have long looked on as "our" government progressively moved the goalposts to introduce "relationships" learning into our schools curriculum, at each stage widening the definition and insisting on ever earlier engagement with our kids, right down to primary school age. I'm not sure whether "Drag Queen Story Hour" has yet materialised into the curriculum but I've reached the understanding that there are no limits other than those that we the people will set, by protest and non-compliance.

    To say that this is an agenda which the vast majority never asked for and which has been introduced as quietly as possible is a reflection of how "our" government operates in multiple areas - in fact this has become (or perhaps always was) their de facto modus operandi. More and more we the people are reduced to mounting spontaneous rearguard actions against their most egregious projects, whist many others

  • Biden Throws Net Zero Under the Bus


    You know the pips are squeaking when the most on-message pretender to the presidency of the United States gives the OK to a huge oil project in the pristine wastes of Alaska, in the teeth of opprobrium from the climate zealots.

    If even the American government is opening up new oil drilling, how long will the rest of the world's "green" governments hold out in the face of (a) their domestic energy shortages and (b) a US poised to make a financial killing by selling them the oil (at elevated prices) that they could have produced or bought for themselves at a substantially lower cost?

    Is the great Net Zero bandwagon about to be slammed into reverse?

  • How to Create a Banking Crisis from a Scamdemic


    The inimitable John Rappaport joins the dots that link the banking crisis with the Covid Lockdown measures.

    If you thought that lockdown was all about health then I guess you haven't been paying attention. Yes it was also about compliance, closing down small businesses (leaving the market and much of the high street open for big businesses to move in), and not to mention the wreaking of financial havoc.

    So how did that work?

    So what might be the next step in the Central Banking tip-toe?

  • Reflections from the Cusp of Change


    Martin Geddes shares with us his reflections on where we are, how we (and he) came to be here, what it means for "we the people" as banks collapse around us and the future has never seemed less certain.

    "Yet people all over are organising peacefully to hold power to account, and to push back"

    "I am feeling an affection for my own country that is rooted in the ordinary people around me, often doing poorly rewarded work"

    "... there is a solidarity among those who labour away, and they are the backbone of the patriot movement, even if they would not use the term"

    Quite so.

    We look forward in calm trepidation .

  • Fulford Weekly Report Monday 13 March


    The Silicon Valley Bank is as one might expect front and centre, but probably only the tip of the iceberg of impending failures. Funny how directors managed to sell most of their shares prior to the event becoming public knowledge.

    More financial crunches will inevitably follow. Credit Suisse has been fingered elsewhere in the news recently, and Deutsche Bank seems to have been flirting with disaster for an eternity... (my speculations - they won't necessarily be next and there are plenty more with big derivative positions). 

    Meanwhile the rest of the world is reconfiguring for the dawn of a new geopolitical era.

    Keep calm and carry on... (modest subscription required for full access).


  • Emergency injunction and tribunal order was served to WHO and all Criminal Defendants listed


    "BREAKING NEWS: Emergency injunction and tribunal order was served to WHO and all Criminal Defendants listed below to immediately cease and desist a criminal conspiracy to commit war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and to arrest and incarcerate these criminal defendants"

    (The International Tribunal is separate from the International Criminal Court, which despite representations has so far, to my knowledge, failed to act).

    The list of alleged criminal defendants is long global and inclusive, and the initiative seems to result from action taken by Pascal Najadi in Switzerland.


    Blaine, WA 98230

    The UK Has a Third World Medical System?


    Ukrainian refugees (it is reported) will fly back to the Ukraine for medical attention. Rather than face the NHS dinosaur, they prefer to face the risk from Russian missiles.

    For a country fighting the foe of all foes, that seems remarkably insouciant, even in places removed from the Eastern Front.

    I wonder if we Brits could do that ..?

    After all, if you are potentially facing a life-threatening problem, you might decide that the risk (and cost) is worth it.


  • Propaganda - Don't Look There, Look Here


    Propaganda is much in the news these days, but many cannot see it.

    Many expect that our official bodies will tell us the truth, but it doesn't take very much investigation to reveal that...  they don't.

    They repeat the favoured assertions that are untrue, then construct arguments upon the foundation of sand that they chose, in order to prove the official narrative.

    Covid is a case in point, the official assumption being that the test does not lie. That falsehood was exposed early on by Mike Yeadon et al, but the media sail blythely on seemingly unaware. But it's their job to be aware. If I can be aware, they can too. So we deduce that they don't want to be aware.

    Even the WHO admits that in a "low incidence" population (such as the asymptomatic!) where you

  • Pantomime Isn't Dead - It's Just Bigger than Ever Before


    We have commented before on the Hancock WhatsApps, and it's always gratifying when others come up with a similar analysis.

    "For understandable reasons, however, the degree of deception that I've just described seems impossible for most people to get their heads around"

    Which may account for the remarkable observation of how few such others there seem to be.

    Plenty are quite prepared to go to the halfway house - the house of incompetence ('they mean well but they're useless rather than criminal') - but few venture the last few steps to declare the whole Covid exercise a gigantic fraud, and our "illustrious leaders" members of a global mafia for whom scamming the

  • Pfizer in Court in Texas for Its neither Safe nor Effective Vaccines


    "Biggest Trial Against Big Pharma In American History"

    I thought that Pfizer had already taken that title some years ago with a $2.3Billion "settlement" in 2009, but perhaps that just wasn't ambitious enough.

    "the US military contracted with Pfizer to 'deliver a safe and effective vaccine capable of providing protection against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses (variants) subject to FDA technical, clinical and regulatory success (laws and guidance)' "

    Read about it here.

    Watch the video: