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  • "Millions Will Die!"


    Personally I'm getting very bored with this dialogue of the deaf, where one camp shouts at the other and the other shouts back, heedless of the requirement to acknowledge the doubts and difficulties and yes, even the evidence and the logical arguments.

    This site sets a good deal of store by evidence and logic (I can't help it, it's a working life-time of training), so shouting interminably across the fence isn't my cup of tea.

    "Climate change" is a wonderful propaganda weapon in so far as the workings of the climate is probably the most complex topic known to man, so unfounded assertions based upon dubious modelling are notoriously difficult to prove or disprove in the absolute. So the onus falls upon the deniers to disprove the assertions of remote global authorities, whereas the onus of proof should be falling on those who would demonise the past decades of advancement of healthy civilisation and consign our future prospects of health and global sufficiency to the scrap-heap.


  • Neil Lays it Out


    Neil Oliver with another hard to hear monologue, asking many questions that will never be answered by any of the usual suspects.

    Pfizer, Cass, NHS... to name just a few.

    Have they no shame? 

    (19 minutes)


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  • Global Scares in Perspective


    Covid or Climate Change? Which is/was the greater menace?

    If either?

    And what of the future?

    (62 minutes)


    Download the Slides here.

  • The Perils of Nuclear


    No, not bombs - base load!

    The sleuths at Fortune and Freedom have been sorting through the entrails of what passes for government energy policy, and have doubts that more nuclear power plants is the answer to the intermittency of renewables.

    This one is a bit technical, but one can see their point. Well, points actually. Flexible response of power generation is necessary when the wind stops blowing and hail destroys the solar panels (or night-time occurs).

    Can nuclear solve the intermittency conundrum? Even if the government could miraculously change its record of failure in delivering major projects, with immediate

  • Is Organic Still Organic?


    Sir Julian Rose, long-time supporter and practitioner of organic farming on the Hardwick Estate, reviews how he became involved in organc, through to today's organic scene - and and how to transition from conventional to organic... 

    And what exactly is the government's "Green New Deal"?

    "... subsidy does create slaves... "

    Original article on UK Column.

    (64 minutes)



  • The Fight Against Climate Change Moves Up a Notch


    Safety Warning: Please don your tin-foil hat to protect your sanity before reading on.

    In order to protect the world from "Global Warming" (that according to the "overwhelming consensus of climate scientists" is certainly caused by us releasing CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels), it turns out that spraying chemtrails into the atmosphere is being done in order to reduce global warming by blocking the sunlight...

    And what the heck has Bill Gates got to do with any of this anyway? Perhaps he's working on a new quaxxine to protect against the cold once we can't see the sun anymore and we are not allowed to burn anything that creates CO2?

    (20 minutes)



  • The Big Green Sausage Machine


    Another country, another council bemused, befuddled, and brainwashed by the green blob.

    What is the defence? We must insist upon due diligence and democratic accountability.

    Due diligence - check out what we are told and importantly, check out the counter-narratives. Which is plausible, which is actually proven? Or are neither proven? If not proven, then is the the proposed change of status quo justified on balance?

    Assess both the upside scale of the opportunity and the downside of getting it wrong.

    Democratic accountability - explain our recommendation, the counter-recommendation, the consequences of both, and put it to a vote of our constituents.

    Now if we are just installing traffic lights, the downside of getting it wrong is probably relatively trivial, but if our constituents lives are going to be seriously changed then give them both barrels (both sides of

  • Another Reason Why Renewables are just So Much Hot Air


    Has the onward march to our Net Zero future got  bogged down in the quicksand of government "incompetence"?

    Every passing day it seems that more reasons emerge to indicate that Net Zero is the impossible dream.

    The latest dive behind the scenes into what is actually going on (or not going on) comes courtesy of Fortune and Freedom.

    "Renewable energy projects are taking decades to connect to the electricity grid. High voltage lines are proving as popular as wind farms"

    You could say that it's gridlock.


  • Oregon Redefines the War on Farmers


    Rule 1 - heap up the regulations

    Rule 2 - make them as complex as possible

    Rule 3 - wage lawfare

    Something similar coming to the UK soon I don't doubt.

    (21 minutes)


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    Go figure.


  • Has Reform Just Let the Fox Loose in the Hen House?


    We don't do party politics on this site, because we believe that the party political system (a) acts as gatekeeper to prevent people of "unsound" views from getting elected and (b) if any do by some mischance get through this filter, they will be controlled by the whip system to vote as the party desires rather than in the interests of their constituents. 

    Those who control the political party leadership (by whatever means) have Parliament sewn up.

    If the leadership of the very few major parties are all controlled (by whatever means) by a single controlling entity (UN-WEF partnership anybody?) then we live in a dictatorship.

    That said, the Reform Party has just chucked a googly onto the playing field perfectly timed to warm up the next general election and to remind the population (warning - words are insufficient to do this justice but I'll try) of the extraordinary parliamentary and legal contortions that followed the last National Referendum, when they

  • Local Councils ... Stooges of Central Government / UN-WEF


    "... policies that are affecting people now... the implementation of those policies is being done at a very local level... that is, the local councils... the policy has come straight down from the highest levels, UN, direct to local authorities... and then the local councils are enacting the policy without any real consultation with local people... "

    "... it's becoming worse and worse every day because they are developing the devolution which is the 'levelling up' we hear about... "

    "... they should be consulting with people which of course they are not... "

    Madeleine Hunt, when active in Poland's Solidarity movement, came to recognise the words, texts and procedures that formed both the visible and hidden doctrines of communism - and was shocked to detect that very same communist language and procedure at work within the United Kingdom's 

  • Global Extinction by Rays from Space?


    Call me old-fashioned, but what if everybody is missing the point?

    Whilst we are worrying about farmers' livelihoods and our food supply, the WEF and all its nonsensical edicts, the jabs that can do no wrong (despite pages and pages of "extremely rare side-effects"), is there yet another deadly menace that we should be worrying about, perhaps above all others?

    When I was a lad I read a book, I think by amateur astronomer and author Patrick Moore,which told a story about evil rays from an outer planet (I think Saturn) which were being beamed to Earth (possibly via Mars?) and caused everyone to go quite mad and kill each other through wars etc. Does anybody recall the title?

    Well, maybe he wasn't entirely off-beam in that! We certainly can detect a war fever which seems to have infected our body politic, that is so insistent that Russia must be fought and Israel "defended" at any cost - despite clear indications that their chosen defence now amounts to

  • Tractors in Truro - Protests at Parliament Incoming


    It's a long drive to Truro, wherever you start from.

    Martin Geddes went to report on the Cornish farmers protest against the Net Zero Nonsense that so besots what passes for our government.

    "No Farmers No Food" signs much in evidence, and family reminiscences from years gone by.

    We are all human, and humans have families, and we all depend on our farmers.Sometimes our leaders should remind themselves of that.

    Read his report here.


  • If You Want to Eat, Pay Attention!


    Richard Vobes is out on location talking to the bowler-hatted farmer.

    The UK currently grows less than 50% of our food.

    The government wants to phase out food imports by 2030, and is offering farmers incentives to take 20% of their land out of production and / or to give up farming.

    We don't need a degree in mathematics to work out the likely result... (and when did we vote for these idiocies?).

    Of course there may be reasons for these policies but would you plan for them?

    (32 minutes)



  • Watch Out! Climate Movie About!


    Save the Planet! 

    Watch the Movie!

    You know it makes (non)sense!

    "Tell me what I'm denying, because I am quoting... directly from the official UN scientific reports"

    Maybe they're a bit late to the party, but every little helps.

    "This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and all the rest. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. On the contrary, it is very clearly the case, as can be seen in all mainstream studies, that, compared to the last half billion years of earth’s history, both current temperatures and CO2 levels are extremely and

  • Catastrophic Confusion & Obsessive Covid Disorder


    It has taken 4 years to move from Obsessive Covid Disorder to a point where we may now perhaps indulge in some rational argument about what really happened in 2019-20, and how we might actually more sensibly work in the future.

    Leaving aside all the technical virological and counter-measures arguments, it is apparent that the situation management of early 2020 where "the science" met "the government" in a conflicting and fast-changing muddle of overthrown pandemic preparedness and panic (which saw much of the former somehow displaced by much of the latter), this contribution by the good folk at the Global Warming Policy Foundation is, if not completely timely, at least on target.

    What has Covid got to do with Global Warming? Both involve serious interaction between "government" and "science", so should be subject to a set ofcommon principles.

    The authors' primary contention is

  • "How I Assisted Colchester Council"


    Rachel Matthews entertains Clive de Carle, Matt le Tissier, and Richard Vobes...

    (17 minutes)



  • A Spanner in the Greenworks?


    More from Net Zero Watch - or, to dig a little deeper, from the Royal Society, no less.

    They have uncovered a problem with the modelling of methods to deal with the intermittency of "renewables". Yes, it's odd that isn't it? But it's becoming almost routine rather than unprecedented to find problems with "the modelling" these days.

    I suspect that because modelling is (or can be) rather complex, the public has a tendency to consider it something that scientists do and it must therefore be "scientific" - but that is an error. It might reflect science if done well, or it might just reflect the prejudice and/or error of the modeller. And if the modeller is modelling something that isn't fully understood in the first place, well...  the result isn'tlikely to be very close to useful.

    In this case, they

  • The Impact of Energy


    A short but educational film on the impact of energy availability on human society.

    A useful but uncomplicated review of the basic principles and the relationship between energy and humanity down the ages.

    (14 minutes)


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  • But It's to Save the Planet!


    The CCC (the Government's Climate Change Committee) has a problem.

    It is legally obliged to solve an intractable issue.

    Nuclear takes too long to implement, "renewables" are too intermittent, and everything else creates CO2 which cannot be released. So what to do with it?

    Carbon capture is a safe political solution in so far as it has always been assumed that new technologies will be invented to solve the problem of sequestration. By extending this assumption, nobody need look too closely at the implications, so "job done" for today.

    However, time waits for neither man nor novel technologies, so the CCC has had to do a bit more assumption-wangling to make it look like it has some plausible solution that could solve this tricky situation.

    Essentially, by compressing this terrible CO2 to a sufficient degree, it can be pumped underground into