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  • New Climate Peril - World's Deserts may be Shrinking!


    The Daily Sceptic reports that due to an excess of CO2, previously arid areas of the planet may be lost to vegetation.

    So in addition to all the other perils of CO2, we must now consider the shrinkage of arid areas of our landscape due to the unwanted encroachment of green vegetation.

    Clearly there is no time to be lost - these deserts must be covered in solar farms immediately in order to prevent further loss of habitat for desert-dwelling fauna and stop further combustion of carbon-based fuels.

    Read about the new Global Greening Peril.


  • It Won't Work Because it Can't Work


    The "Green New Deal" doesn't exist. Even after 50 years of righteous and determined green zealotry in pursuit of the decarbonisation agenda, the world is still burning more fossil fuel every year! 

    It's all hype and obfuscation for the "benefit" of the corporate giants that are creaming off the ever-rising subsidies necessary to make the GND look as though it's doing something other than ruining us all.

    Will the new Labour Government be any better at camouflaging this pig in a poke than the Tories? I'd say that the omens are not auspicious - because although reality does have the disturbing bad habit of impinging on us eventually (no matter how much nonsense is spewed forth in Parliament), humanity's determination to cherry-pick its figures to suit the narrative - rather than to assess the whole problem in the round - is why we still obsess over installing an inconsequentially small number of windmills in the UK whilst ignoring the many new coal and gas plants being constructed by other much larger

  • The Future According to Larry Fink?


    Whitney Webb runs through the Davos plan for their take-over of the world - including us.

    Everything and everyone will be tokenised, traded, and finally r*ped and pillaged,  including mother earth herself, for the benefit of the global elite for whom these systems are set up. Universal ids, CBDCs, and ESG monitoring systems will run the world by  permitting or denying purchases at point of sale.

    All will be tracked, monitored, and controlled through AI algorithms that will be "all-knowing and infallible" (even, and especially, when they are not - for how could a remote AI somewhere in the bowels of the web be challenged? Such systems don't have to work as advertised - they just have to be in control!).

    (15 minutes)


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  • Chemtrails Banned in Tennessee


    Well, it may be on the other side of the Atlantic but a precedent is a precedent.

    If they are doing it in the States then they are doing it here, as we can all see should we be inclined to lift up our eyes and look at what is going on above our heads.

    Now it is true that making something illegal doesn't necessarily mean that enforcing that ban will be easy, or even possible (as our own government may in due course find out when its legally mandated "Net Zero" targets come due but unfulfilled), but it is the first step.

    Interest of Justice has the story.


  • Bring Back the Hanging Gardens of Babylon


    We have approached this topic before, in a memorable interview (below) by Del Bigtree with Zach Bush back in 2020 which covered a variety of current-day ills.

    "That this is the exact opposite of what the U.N./W.E.F. want –  which is to force people into fifteen minute prison cities with rural areas left to carbon sinks – is just another example of reality flowing like water around fascist-erected obstacles"

    This is how the world should be developing:

    "if only 11 percent of current farmland were turned to restoration, all of the supposed excess carbon emissions of man

  • The "Climate Change" Scam Exposed


    "Those contracts must be interesting, not that anyone can see them. The first thing they do is act as whacking big first-time tax deductions. The second thing they do is act as an annual tax deduction because those trees are eating CO2. Very clever. International interests buy our land (and yours) and use it to not pay taxes. While banking some of the most valuable assets on the planet"

    This is what happens when big government cosy up to big corporations to rig the cash flows.

    "imagine these people embedded in every single industry. Because they are"

    "All that activist does is strategize on how to destroy that business. And they are paid, through environmental organizations funded by BlackRock"

    Climate Change is Big Business, but it's rigged business, not free

  • Thirty Years on Climate Change


    For a deep dive into the history of Climate Research and the latest thinking (if it can be so categorised) , look no further than the very first video interview from Climate Discussion Nexus, with Dr John Robson in conversation with Roger Pielke Jr.

    (2 hrs)


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  • Cornwall in the Climate Cross Hairs?


    Richard interviews campaigning farmer Peter Lawrence, who is not happy with the climate meddling / geoengineering activities that are going on in the southwestern extremities of the British Isles. High prices and food shortages incoming?

    (59 minutes)


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  • Global Freezing Incoming?


    Why is it that politicians always seem to suffer from a reality gap?

    In so far as the gap between the fantasy of their fondly-imagined future and the current reality of the state of the nation always seems to be a chasm too far for them to even comprehend, let alone to bridge?

    It's as if they really believe that all they have to do is to tell us where they want us to be in the future, and someone else will do all the hard graft to work out how to get us all there, and then actually get us all there, whatever obstacles may be encountered along the way.

    Perhaps we voters should send engineers to Parliament rather than politicians, since engineers are accustomed to producing products that work - but then wouldn't that mean that we would have to work with the defective products now produced by all those useless displaced politicians?

    "It is no longer possible for either party to pretend that we can decarbonise

  • Net Zero In Sight at Last?


    Can it be true?

    Will the target be met?

    Well, yes and no.

    Yes it is true, but only if we are looking for net zero effect upon the climate.

    "Three top atmospheric scientists" agree... 

    Whoa! This could quickly degenerate into another pointless circular disagreement, so... is "the science" decided by the votes of the number of scientists that agree vs the number who disagree? No it isn't, "the science" can be invalidated by a single scientist that can demonstrate that the theory in question is false, assuming if necessary that his finding can be independently verified.

    And it's that assumption that in the case of "climate change" is simply unobtainable due to the fact that climate science may be impacted by factors as yet unidentified and so unknown. Being possibly the most complex topic known to man, and

  • Nuclear Result in EU Elections Explodes the Myth of Green Infallibility


    "... the real story was the decline of various green parties. The French Greens, for example, were left with their worst result in 30 years. The German Greens were the biggest losers"

    So where does that leave the prospects for energy generation?

    "Nuclear is unavoidable in a world focused on emissions and energy security"

    "There is simply no path to a low carbon economy without a massive nuclear power renaissance"

    "Poland is working on introducing nuclear power. Hungary is singing international deals to expand its nuclear power... Germany risks being encircled by nuclear reactors"

    Quite so, and it gladdens the heart - not so much that nuclear is ascendant, but that the green blob fairytale storybook has been

  • "Green Billionaire Funding of 'Climate Emergency' Reporting"


    "A massive global grooming programme"

    "... a shocking insight into the corruption of independent, investigative journalism"

    "The operation claims over 25,000 members in 200 countries"

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • Amazon Goes Nuclear


    Data centres, crypto mining, AI, three modern innovations that could not exist without huge supplies of electricity.

    And Amazon has just confirmed (actions speak louder than words) that its power isn't going to come from intermittent windmills and solar, it's going to come from its own nuclear reactors.

    Well, I guess if it's good enough for Amazon, it's good enough for me. Small Modular Reactors do seem to be taking the low-carbon market by storm, and for practical reasons - intermittency is death to our electricity supply grid.

    Is some semblance of good sense slowly starting to emerge from the promoters of "renewables"?

  • The Doctrine of Political Infallibility


    Most people in (nominally) Anglican Britain would probably scoff at the notion of Papal infallibility, yet many happily accept the notion of political infallibility when it's dressed up as "science".

    Yet it's still guided by the same politicians that we need to elect every few years because we can't trust them any longer than that to keep our interests at heart (work with me here) - Oh Wait! it's actually guided by the remote and unelected UN-WEF fascist would-be world government(let's call it by its true nature - a wholly undemocratic fusion of corporate power and civil authority), AKA the New World Order.

    The fallibility of the green agenda is by now grotesquely obvious to anyone of critical thinking ability - especially to engineers who are accustomed to having to build things that actually work - yet that same agenda supposedly holds large numbers of the population in thrall, despite none the last decades' alarmist

  • Light to Dark 2 - Where Are the Fact Checkers?


    When Sir Keir is anointed PM shortly as many claim to expect, will things get better or worse?

    Well, the cost of energy is more of less the determinant of a nation's prosperity, so if it rises then all our costs wax and our real prosperity wanes, whilst if the cost of energy falls then our costs wane and our real prosperity waxes.

    Too easy?

    Well, never mind, we can trust our politicians to make it more complicated than that, and one of the ways they do this is to cherry-pick which costs they include and which they exclude, and then to apply fiendishly complex market (-fixing) mechanisms and stealth taxes that all somehow act to increase the price we pay.

    They have had many years of practice at this so it has now become an almost impossible task to extricate the robust reality from the exquisite intricacy of the calculations.

    "The Labour Party will create Great

  • Royal Society Takes Itself Down


    "By their fruits shall ye know them"

    This brings a whole new meaning to the word "prestigious".

    It isn't as though criticism of Dr Fauci was limited to "conspiracy theorists" and their ilk... Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) made quite a name for himself interrogating Dr Fauci in the US Senate over far from trivial matters.

    And in MIchael "hockey stick" Mann, they have selected another figure that many clearly consider dubious, one not averse to using the courts to "protect his reputation".

    Certainly when I last looked, lawfare was no part of the "scientific

  • UK Climate Engineering Programmes


    Richard Vobes interviews Ian Simpson, climate sleuth, who tells us what he knows about the artificial clouds that pervade our skies - and why we should perhaps be gargling with red wine...

    "... most of it is tiny plastic fibres... people can't see the sky until they remove these things... "

    "... the idea really is to do it without being caught... "

    There are a lot of new ideas here, but clearly more research is needed!

    (67 minutes)


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  • Chemtrails and Contrails - Is There a Difference?


    The last word on chemtrails? Who's conning whom? And why?

    "... one is to block out the sun in accordance with the... fraudulent Paris Climate Accord... "

    "... we're being very slowly and insidiously poisoned: Barium, Strontium, Aluminium oxide... " 

    ... and who knows what else?

    (56 minutes)


    Make of this what you will.