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  • UK's "Net Zero" Costs Were Understated?


    Did Conservative ministers mislead the people about the true estimated costs of the UK achieving "net zero" emissions by 2050?

    The Sun believes so.

    Now it is true that these figures as now reported were the result of computer modelling by "scientists", so we must hope that their modelling skills were better than those employed at Imperial College for the Covid estimates, but the good news is that if these estimates were indeed overblown by a similar magnitude then the government was probably too cautious in publishing an estimate only £20bn below the modelling result.

    Sadly however I am aware of no evidence that the likely error

  • The Texan Snow that Didn't Melt?


    We all read about the severe weather conditions in Texas recently, and we may have noticed various reports that this "snow" didn't melt when exposed to a flame (but did blacken). But I notice that like snow everywhere, after a few days it disappeared.

    So was there any reality to this odd story? I don't know, but in view of the considerable belief that man-made weather does in fact occur all over the world (floods in China etc) maybe it's worth some consideration.

    The USA Watchdog site has the story.

  • Texas Freezes!


    Texas freezes in the grip of very unaccustomed sub-zero temperatures, accompanied by widespread electricity black-outs as the power grid effectively collapses due to inadequate supply.

    Wind turbines are frozen stiff, solar panels snowed over, natural gas coal and nuclear generation are maxed out but nowhere near making up the loss of renewables.

    Oh, and the planners didn't plan for unusual but not unprecedented severe winter weather.

    Doesn't that sound a bit like the UK?


    Sounds like just the same green energy planning mindset as in the UK.


  • Latest Wind Farm Costs - Not So Cheap?


    The Global Warming Policy Foundation reports on the latest accounting information for the new wind farms so beloved of the elites who govern us.

    And sobering reading it is.

    "Since 2017, renewables advocates have argued that offshore wind power is now very cheap. However, closer examination of their claims reveals a different story"

    "The levelised cost (LCOE) remains 3-4 times that of a gas turbine running flat out"

    Shock Report - Climate Change is Benign?


    The Green movement will no doubt be pleased to hear that their worst fears are proving groundless, "according to a study for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by independent scientist Dr Indur Goklany".

    This good news is brought to us by James Delingpole writing for Breitbart.

    The Great Climate Catastrophe has been rather pushed out of the news of late due to another more immediate crisis, but of course we should not assume that it has gone away. Perhaps Boris will be pleased to hear that all

  • Jolly Green Giant?


    The Green Giant in question is of course the Great Global Warming Wangle whereby we are all asked to believe something that cannot be proved on the basis that "scientists" say so and we must accept absurd changes to our lifestyle that will further enrich the (already very seriously) wealthy and further impoverish and restrict the poor.

    If we thought that the Great Covid Terror had somehow superseded the GGWW then sadly it doesn't appear so - it has simply pushed it temporarily to the background.

  • A Video Interview for the New Year, for a New Age, for a New Life


    This is absolutely a message for our times - don't miss it, and if you saw it back in the summer, watch it again - remind yourself what life is all about (90 minutes).


    Thanks to Del Bigtree of the Highwire for this outstanding interview.

    Happy New Year!

  • Nominations are Now Open for . . .


    . . . The World's Greatest Climate Hypocrite!

    The Global Warming Policy Forum unveil their competition in their latest newsletter - somehow I don't think they will have any shortage of suggestions.

    A festive story to warm the heart - get nominating!

  • IRT Warns - Don't Let the Genie Out of the Bottle


    The Institute for Responsible Technology has released a rather scary film about the dangers of GMO release.

    We host it here:

    Like/ Dislike this video here.

    Visit Protect Nature Now for more information. You can donate here.

  • Lockdown - Part of the Grand Green Global Design


    The Conservative Woman publishes an article by John Mortimer which dissects the governments fig-leaf veneer of incompetence (to somewhat mix my metaphors).

    Last February / March there was room for doubt, but for me that doubt disappeared in July when we were told to wear face masks (a) without any supporting evidence and (b) despite the fact that the virus had been at that point defeated without any need to wear face masks throughout the thick of the first lockdown. Something else was going on.

    This feeling is confirmed as the government continues to refuse to publish any assessment of the risks inherent in lockdown to the national economy, the national health

  • Net Zero - Like Lockdown, but Permanent


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) reacts to the Boris Green Leap Forward/Backward/Sideways or whichever ways it ends up. The government can't even manage an NHS Test and Trace app so what chance of restructuring the entire economy without mishap?

    Who asked for this Great Reset anyway? If we are a democracy, shouldn't we insist on a referendum to determine if we want to embark on such a huge change? Otherwise we will have top-down government by diktat for ever.

    The PM should remember that it

    The Shape of Things Now Fast-Tracking


    It will come as no surprise to some that this site maintains a healthy suspicion concerning the motives of those who would use the supra-national bodies such as (but not confined to) the UN for their own purposes.

    Huh - that's just a conspiracy theory - where is the evidence?

    Well, there's plenty of circumstantial evidence for those who can put two and two together, but there is now a body of more direct evidence that is growing steadily in the less-controlled parts of the media, and today Lockdown Sceptics highlights a whistle-blower, a former parliamentary adviser in the German Bundestag, who sets out his thoughts on what is now going on, not just in Germany, but across the world.

    "It is important that we, as a society, should again become capable of

  • GWPF Calls for Urgent Inquiry into Rising Black-Out Risk


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) calls for an urgent inquiry as our National Grid is reportedly running out of "system margin" (ie: low levels of wind and clear weather bring frosts, meaning that the demand for power rises just as supply of wind power reduces to very little).

    This is OK until it's not, then blackouts ensue.

    View/download the report here.

  • Why is the UK "Copying the EU's Failed Agricultural Policy"?


    The Spectator asks a good question - the UK is supposed to be leaving the EU, and yet . . .  our new post-EU agricultural policy is said to be developing along similar lines to the revised CAP, not so much to reward the production of food (although the removal of "green" requirements may help by enabling some land to return to agricultural use), but to reward the agri-businesses who may profit from claiming subsidies without much need to actually produce anything other than a claim on the Rural Payments

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