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  • IPCC Bludners Exposed


    "As our March 2020 video on the Climate Sensitivity Question explains, a key issue in climate science is how much warming can be expected from doubling the amount of CO2 in the air"

    John Robson of Climate Discussion Nexus takes us once more around the scientific mulberry bush that poses as "settled science".

    The extent to which CO2 affects "global warming" would seem to be a critical issue, yet after decades of controversy and innumerable papers scientific and unscientific, the illustrious IPCC still appears unable to get its analysis straight.

    "if ECS is down around 2 degrees C the whole

  • Europe Staring at Energy Grid Collapse


    Will it soon be every European State for itself when the cold weather bites?

    Could anyone have seen this coming?

    The Global Warming Policy Forum posts an update by a Swiss-based commodities expert, noting that Europe's electricity grid is running on a wing and a prayer that the UK interconnects and Scandinavian hydro can bail them out.

    If they can offer a high enough price I dare say that corporate UK could indeed do so even if it would mean running a domestic black-out or two.

    After all, are not the Europeans equally as deserving as the British?


  • Ze Big Enchilada


    Clif High ruminates on the expected failure of the deep state to comprehend why their plan for world domination will eventually fail.

    Failure upon failure.

    (41 minutes)



  • Yes, CO2 Is Green!


    The "Green" movement may need to be renamed - maybe the "Browns" or perhaps the "Yellows".

    As everybody used to know before the days of global amnesia, carbon dioxide is the very fuel that enables plants to survive and indeed to thrive. If atmospheric CO2 were to halve from current levels we would be perilously close to plant die-off and staring at global starvation.

    Since it appears that many of us need reminding of this basic truth, the Daily Sceptic reviews some of the latest scientific studies (where would we be without them?) which purport to show that the world is becoming greener than ever despite CO2 levels that still remain stubbornly close to their all-time (geologically speaking) low. It seems we might comfortably withstand an atmospheric CO2 level an order of magnitude higher than the present, although we might need to take a machete to the jungle growth in order to get to work.


  • Climate Change Debunked Again - Will Anybody Notice?


    I guess we'll just have to keep putting articles until somebody does.

    This time it's group of "leading Italian scientists" that have reviewed the climate trends and concluded that there's 'nothing to see here'.

    "... meteorological categories including natural disasters, floods, droughts and ecosystem productivity show no 'clear positive trend of extreme events' " but "... the scientists note a considerable 'greening' of global plant biomass in recent decades caused by higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere" so that's good for food production globally - provided that our politicians stay out of the business of agricultural controls - but when could a politician not resist the urge to intervene?

    The Daily Sceptic has the story.


  • "20 Years of Lies" - The Express


    Oh what a glorious day!

    Are the mainstream beginning to break ranks to tell the unarguable truth - at last?

    UK energy policy has been founded on sand, and now that the wind (isn't!) blowing, the whole impracticable edifice is crumbling.

    And the media outlets whose job it was to question these policies are starting the scramble to save face.

    I can think of a few more chickens that are flapping home roost, but this must be the biggest ...   or is it?

  • Green Energy UK Policy Disaster


    It has been many years in the making, years when most of our industry was forced off-shore, and most of our energy investment was forced into unworkable green projects - unworkable? If they need subsidies then they are not viable.

    Once upon a time there may have been a case for subsidising the initial tranch of green projects but if they still need subsidising after all these years then they aren't working and likely never will.

    The knives should rightly be out for policies that prioritise green dogma over national energy security.

    It seems that wind farm owners that were subsidised to accept unprofitable prices in past times are now unwilling to sell to the grid at profitable prices when they can sell elsewhere at make-a-killing

  • Choices About Which Nobody Asked Our Opinion


    This title does sum up the manner in which our world is being guided into an apparently chaotic and uncertain but very likely not at all tranquil future.

     reviews the European situation (although he apparently wrote this before Boris told us all to pay the higher living costs "for the Ukraine").

    Wherever you look (honourable exception: Viktor Orbán), much as they did in response to Covid, politicians are banding together to punish their peoples, this time for Russia's activities in the Ukraine.

    Oh wait (nearly forgot) and to punish them for... well, living and breathing and creating CO2, in contravention of UN Agenda 2030, i.e.: for just being

  • Another Note on Net Zero


    "There is a total absence in the entire world of any functioning Net Zero demonstration project"(For how long have we been talking about Net Zero now?)

    "Every wind turbine or solar panel that gets built depends on a government subsidy"

    In other words, none of them pay for themselves, they are just a money laundering scam to move taxpayer money to corporate coffers.

    "Based on current forecasts, clean energy specialist Squeaky has calculated that UK industry could be hit with £49.2bn bill for wholesale gas and electricity costs combined in 2023. Overall, this is a 260 per cent increase from the industry’s energy bill in 2021"

    What, after all the many wind and solar farms constructed over past decades, we still can't handle the self-inflicted shortage of Russian gas (which we mostly don't buy) without paying eye-watering costs?

  • Climate Change is Upon Us!


    Is the spate of droughts fires and floods "Climate Change" caused by excess CO2

    Or is it something else? There is no doubt that man-made jiggery-pokery has been and still is evident in the skies above us, and we have all heard of HAARP installations which are no doubt deployed without our knowledge.

    Dane Wigington makes a good case. Even if he does come across as alarmist, that doesn't necessarily make him wrong:

    "Time to change our course, or die"

    (47 minutes)


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    1200 "Scientists and Professionals" : "No Climate Emergency"


    The Climate issue has been rumbling along seemingly for ever - presidents and wars have come and gone, the protagonists have circled the wagons, and arguments have been flung to and fro with no attempt to find any common ground.

    As with so much that cannot be proven "beyond reasonable doubt" there seems little hope that the two sides will come together on any compromise. The entrenchment is complete, the battle lines are set in stone.

    And yet, there surely must be reasonable doubt? The known data are complex and far from conclusive, the unknown data orders of magnitude more voluminous. The unseen interactions of vulcanism, ocean currents, atmospheric phenomena, solar cycles and even cosmic plasma currents and electromagnetic radiation are a long way from being fully understood in relation to the climate.

    Science is only ever settled until a better science, more capable of explaining the observed phenomena, comes about. Then there is a period of argument

  • How Will the Policies of Governments Affect Our Food Supply?


    With the UK announcing its new farming support stance (support for nature, less so for food production) and EU governments in hot pursuit of the WEF-UN Agenda 2030 Climate Change narrative and provoking lively protests from their farming communities, now sounds like a good time for us to review the likely effects on our UK food supply and prices.

    Brexit Watch have opened this debate with a review of the way things are going...

    "... as the UK is presently facing a ‘cost-of-living-crisis’ which includes higher food prices, then surely it should be a good thing the UK will have ample supplies of food, if not fuel, from countries unaffected by the present supply-chain disruptions in Europe?"

    "... with fuel shortages, drought (yes, the EU has a water shortage as well), high fertiliser prices and

  • Climate Emergency, Public Procurement, Private Pockets?


    Whilst one may be a supporter of Net Zero if one considers the need to be proven and the promoters (the WEF-UN partnership) to be trustworthy, one may also suspect that governments and "public-private-partnerships" could be used to funnel public cash into private pockets via payment for bogus services, possibly via short-lived limited liability companies.

    Indeed, given the size of some of these contracts it's quite hard to see how such large sums could otherwise be spent to so little effect.

    So if the Net Zero scam can be purposed to bring more clarity (and hopefully integrity) to the opaque world of the award of public contracts, then in principle one should support that.

    The Good Law project has demonstrated in the past how much Covid procurement was "mishandled" using favoured

  • Geoengineering, or Geocide?


    Must we add yet another layer of global crime to those of which we are already only too well aware?

    Harsh weather events have been no strangers in recent times to Australia, California, Texas, France, Portugal, and many other places no doubt.

    This year Europe seems to have been the target of diminished rainfall to the point that the river Rhine is so low that commercial carrying is becoming impracticable, and no doubt the vineyards are praying for rain (although not too much!).

    Now it seems likely that such events as drought and flooding may be being used to ensure minimal to zero harvests in various parts of the world (perhaps in an effort to make insects seem palatable to us?).

    USA Watchdog talks to veteran

  • What a Load of Hot Air!


    This article concerning the emissions of volcanic CO2 takes on the emissions from the IPCC climate consensus that volcanic CO2 is but a tiny fraction of man's CO2.

    That may be a long way from the truth, given that volcanic emissions have been calculated on the basis only of eruptions, whereas plenty of emissions occur outside the scope of erupting volcanoes - volcanic vents and geysers, and even, as the Greeks may attest, ancient oracles all emit volcanic gases more or less all the time, and of course we shouldn't omit to include the emissions from climate zealots that insist that "WE ARE ALL GUILTY!" whenever their pet theories (AKA "consensus science") are challenged.

    Now it is problematic to distinguish volcanic CO2 from fossil CO2  since it seems that these share the identical isotopic fingerprint (ie: they are identical!) so once released into the atmosphere they cannot be told one from the other. 

    Neil Oliver - Time to Face the Truth


    When nothing the governing classes do works in our favour, perhaps it's time to consider that it is deliberate action to attack us, rather than simple incompetence.

    Hard to argue.

    (11 minutes)


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  • The Ecology of the WEF is Bunk - Revelations Accelerate


    Clif High in one of his more direct and lucid expositions confirms the impracticality of the WEF designs for the future, why they must fail, and how humanity must survive the next winter(s).

    The coming crucial months will be interesting.

    (29 minutes)



  • Zero Gas, Zero Carbon, Zero Food, Zero Life


    What's not to like?

    The European governments have driven themselves into this cul de sac simply by their knee-jerk reaction to Russia's activities in the Ukraine - activities that should have been predictable given the history of that region.

    The UK may be outside the worst of it for now but if we keep stoking the flames of war by sending ever more arms to Zelenskyy (which he may be using to shell a nuclear power plant!), we won't be outside for long.

    There is no reason (other than paranoid NATO generals and a corrupt-beyond-belief US administration) to continue this war - we should be pressuring Zelenskyy to sue for peace on the basis of self-determination for the regions involved. The UK acknowledged this principle when we gave the Scots their IndyRef - we have no cause to prolong this war further and it is demonstrably not in our or Europe's

  • Another Discredited Undead Idea Disinterred


    • Reducing collisions
    • More opportunities to walk or cycle
    • Improved health and well-being
    • Safer streets
    • Safeguarding the environment

    So what could all this be about?

    "Reducing emissions from transport requires fundamental change that reaches deep into society and the lives of individuals"

    And there I was thinking that if we all bought electric cars the emissions would cease... apparently not.

    Of course, if we all have to drive around in 3rd gear, we know that from past experiments with 20 mph limits (and speed humps) that the emissions will go up due to the inefficiency of the infernal combustion engine at higher rpm (although those few who can afford to drive electric vehicles may indeed use

  • Weather Modification


    From a chemtrail-doubter comes a fresh look at weather-modification in general - from those who basically admit to it.

    Of course, it would seem that there are also those who may not admit to it... but that topic is for a different article.

    From a straightforward if possibly incomprehensible kind of guy, his surprise is what really took my attention.

    (34 minutes)


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