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  • It's Time for We the People


    Neil Oliver exhorts us to take the initiative, to make our views loudly heard, to take the politics by the scruff, and take back control.


    Where there's a will there's a way. Do we have the will?

    (9 minutes)


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    And here is Richard Vobes making much the same point at local council level. 

    (12 minutes)



  • Excess Deaths and Covid Jab Status


    We have waited a long time for someone to connect the dots.

    Remember, it is the responsibility of the MHRA to monitor the results of the distribution of medicines - including those labelled as vaccines - to pick up any safety signals and ensure that potential problems are investigated.

    The ONS has published statistics on excess deaths that can be correlated with the different rates of vaccine uptake across the age ranges.

    So, the analysis is based upon the principle that if there is no connection between vaccine uptake and excess deaths, then the excess deaths would not obviously be related to the vaccinated/unvaccinated status of those who died, and the percentage of excess deaths in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated groups will be (more or less) expected to be the same as the overall proportion for these groups combined.

    So if the proportion of excess deaths overall is 10%, then both the unvaccinated

  • "We Are ... Still a Member of the European Project"


    Just in case anybody is still unaware, Mahyar Tousi spells out the effectual truth for us:

    "We are apparently still a member of the European Project"

    (except of course our "membership" doesn't extend to allowing Nigel Farage or any other UK MEPs back into the European Parliament - it's an "à la carte" unofficial membership with all the costs and responsibilities - such as open borders - and none of the benefits)

    Quelle Surprise.

    (7 minutes)


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  • "The Net is Mightier Than the Sword"


    James Corbett reviews the history of an ancient aphorism, and explains how his network of open-source sources enables him to deliver state of the art journalism.

    There's been a lot of water under the bridge since 2014 (when this video was made), and the deep state is now desperately trying to put the cork back into the social media bottle - but is it too late?

    (11 minutes)



  • They Always Plan Events in Advance


    Event 201, where the "great and the good" got together in 2019 to plan how a new pandemic should be handled, effectively heralded the Covid "pandemic".

    The shaping of public opinion is a trademark of the secret services - that is clear from Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA took control of the American media. Why do that unless you want to manipulate public opinion?

    Of course, the British are alleged to have helped the Americans to set up the CIA after the end of WW2. So have the British secret services been up to the same kind of tricks as their counterparts in the USA?

    Tricks that may go well beyond the mere manipulation of public

  • Science by Censorship?


    Shock retraction!

    Climate Emergency reinstated!

    "The science" now unsullied by conflicting data!

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • So You Think You Know Your AI?


    AI has become a bit of a bogeyman, used to scare us all into thinking that we will soon be thrown on the scrap-heap of history when our jobs are taken by automation/artificial intelligence.

    Is there any truth to this suggestion?

    Or is it all a wild over-hyping that will fizzle out in the cold light of reality?

    What is "intelligence" anyway?

    Does it differ from wisdom?

    What will we do if/when the mundane is covered by automation and we don't need "the daily round, the common task" in order to survive? The answer will depend upon who garners the fruits of its labours - will they be reserved for the elite of the WEF-UN partnership

  • UK Democracy is Busted - What to Do?


    First up is a contribution from Martin Geddes that examines in some depth the Woke spirituality-free  agenda that is being foisted on the public by an unempathetic agglomeration of globalist institutions whose primary objective seems to be to break down our spirituality (in so far as it already exists) to make way for the WEF's transhumanist agenda (21 2030 2050 or 20-whatever).

    It's a long in-depth analysis that tackles the issues on a personal level that humans of all stripes and none can relate to, and indeed have been relating to over many years in a rather unstructured and ad hoc manner.

    It sets the scene for my second article by Matt Goodwin, who comes from the party-political milieu  that coincidentally he too finds to be failing, and indeed his argument

  • Nigel on the State of British Banking/Corporate Culture


    Fortune and Freedom is an independent financial publication, but finance is now centre stage in our national life, because our modern society cannot function without banking services across the internet.

    No banking service, no ability to manage your money. It really is that simple.

    As individuals we could in theory pay cash for all our day to day purchases, but we all need a bank account for our incoming salary / pension / benefit payments, and a counter or ATM somewhere where we can withdraw that money as cash.

    Therefore, banking provision is to all intents and purposes an essential public utility service, like water, power, and drainage, without which modern life is neither feasible nor acceptable. It is the bedrock upon which all commercial transactions of any size above the minutiae of the trivial personal purchase are founded, and without which they become impossible. 

    CO2 Masterclass



    Dr Patrick Moore, "Dr. Patrick Moore - Co-Founder and former President of Greenpeace, Director of the CO2 Coalition, Senior Fellow of The Heartland Institute, and author of 'Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom' "

    In this video he brings a much-needed historical perspective to global temperatures, CO2 levels, polar bears, ocean temperatures, carboniferous deposits on the ocean floor, and the way in which humanity may (or may not) have been responsible for saving the planet from a disastrous CO2 famine.

    Not to mention the Great Barrier Reef... the Great Pacific Garbage Patch... etc etc


    (81 minutes)


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  • Debanking Supplants Debunking?


    Perhaps the debunking was becoming too hard, too ineffective?

    "... nearly one million accounts have been closed over the past four years...  this figure may be underestimating the true scale of account closures, given that it only reflects accounts closed over concerns of financial crimes, and therefore would not include cases... [where] bankers determined that he did “not align” with the bank’s values... "

    Read the Story.

    Watch the video:

    (4 minutes)


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  • Recent By-Election Results - Whither Now?


    I don't normally devote much time or space to analysis of the workings of our current electoral system, and certainly none to debating party-political point-scoring presented by the media, but the recent by-elections do serve as a useful barometer of how the system that purports to send "our representatives" to Parliament is faring.

    Above all, it points up how easily the electorate appears to be manipulable by the media, so it reinforces my view that until we the people take an independent-minded interest in our political system, and determine to take it by the scruff and make it work for us, we are doomed to repeat all the failings of the past in perpetuity.

    That said, this review by Anthony Webber for UNN does strike me as very constructive, making several useful points which would repay careful attention.

    Down the Rabbit Hole - to ... well, Almost Everything We Think we Know but Don't


    (New readers may like to check out the other articles in our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series, where we look at out-of-the-usual issues that many dismiss as absurd, but which seem remarkably resilient and are not easily disproved - forewarned is forearmed!)

    This is a tantalising exploration of our life assumptions that may be obscuring the truth about our world, our history, and our origins.

    It's quite a challenging ride, not only for the concepts presented (mud floods, rewriting of history to exclude the significant bits, Tartaria, ancient megaliths that we couldn't build even today, and the prediluvian civilisations of prehistory that survive only as fragments in the accounts of the ancients), but also in the possibly unhelpful sequence in which these matters are presented.

    Still, whatever its faults,

  • Aliens Now Publicly Acknowledged?


    Tell Congress something we didn't know?

    Still, who knows what we should believe these days? 

    (2 minutes, plus additional USA news reports, plus some UAP footage from around the world at ~6 minutes)


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  • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against ... spiritual wickedness in high places


    Ephesians 6:12

    How else to describe the battle for the hearts and minds of our compatriots who have been seduced by the many psy-ops that were unleashed upon humanity these last years? Indeed, these last decades?

    Indeed, if we think about it, these last centuries - nay, even millennia?

    And if you doubt my assertions of temporal scale, Michael Tellinger has a story to tell you.

    Which brings us inevitably to the rather serious question - how much else have we been deceived about? Must we really question everything that we have been taught?

    Amongst many other questions of relevance,  how much of our Bible is really the unadulterated

  • Are We Aiding and Abetting Child Slavery?


    "The Modern Slavery Act will give law enforcement the tools to fight modern slavery, ensure perpetrators can receive suitably severe punishments for these appalling crimes and enhance support and protection for victims. It received Royal Assent on Thursday 26 March 2015"

    " * require businesses over a certain size to disclose each year what action they have taken to ensure there is no modern slavery in their business or supply chains(my emphasis)

    " * create an independent anti-slavery commissioner to improve and better coordinate the response to modern slavery"

    Yet we still import batteries that include cobalt inside all kinds of modern electronics that I have no doubt source that cobalt from mines in the Congo, which

  • Their Reality That Lurks Beneath


    Neil Oliver (GB News) uncovers the unpleasant truth beneath the veneer of those who would cancel our ability to purvey the truths of which they disapprove. 

    As they do, they invert the truth.

    As ever, Neil delivers a masterclass in lucid rhetoric.

    As always, we appreciate and are thankful for his fearless clarity and eloquence.

    (10 minutes)


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  • Clash of the Journos - Tucker on Brand!


    Russell Brand meets Tucker Carlson.

    Who would have thought it?

    Well, we don't have to invent it, it's now done.

    See what you think!

    (80 minutes)




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