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  • The 9/11 Story, as Revisited by a Flight Attendant


    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth maintain that the World Trade Centre 1 and 2 buildings were demolished by controlled demolition.

    This presentation is by a lady who made a career as flight crew, who has spent years making her own investigation of the alleged aircraft movements on that day, and here she tells us how she thinks the 9/11 event was created - so here is a completely different viewpoint that also indicates that the official story of 9/11 is bunk.

    Not only bunk, but also...  outright impossible.

    "This video is based on combined segments from an interview conducted by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM with 9/11 researcher author and now retired Flight Attendant Rebekah Roth. This version of the interview is shortened and edited"

    Originally posted in 2017.



  • No to NATO - No to War!


    The extent to which protests against the Ukraine war haven't happened in the UK has been quite surprising, considering that the UK has no obvious interests in the Ukraine and that country is not a member of NATO. 

    Yet our current crop of weasel-worded politicians of all major parties, who haven't even made a show of trying to negotiate a peace deal, have supported piling in with £billions munitions howitzers missiles "training" and tanks - all in the name of defending "freedom" from "mad bad Vlad" despite the fact he poses no obvious threat to the UK.

    But maybe we can see the first stirrings of serious dissent appearing - welcome dissent if it opens up the real arguments on both sides of the issue to public debate.

    So kudos to Rebel News for covering this event, and nul points to the intrepid unbiased BBC et al who were conspicuous by their absence.

    This devastating proxy war could spark a nuclear conflict,

  • Covid - Climate Change - Propaganda


    The Daily Sceptic Newsletter today highlights some pertinent pieces that neatly skewer the most egregious canards of our time.

    Is there nothing that the powers that be get right?

    I won't comment on them individually, because in truth there is nothing very new to say (and it would take too long), but taken as a whole they do make one wonder if there is today any matter the news / government propose that doesn't warrant the greatest possible level of scrutiny and distrust.

    One might think it an exaggeration to say that "they have lied to us about everything" but... is it really?

    It's your judgement that counts. Not the government's. Not the NHS's. Not the WHO's. Not the UN-WEF partnership's.

  • The Debate on Woke - Oxford Union


    Are the Woke open to rational argument?

    Toby Young asserts his views...

    (13 minutes)


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    Konstantin Kisin tests the waters...

  • The Bernician - Private Criminal Prosecution - Latest!


    We have reported on this case previously - very previously - but we perhaps didn't expect such a protracted delay in taking this forward.

    Perhaps we should have.

    Anyway, we do finally have an update, even if it follows a similar fate to Mark Sexton's submission to the Metropolitan Police.

    Of course that is not the end of the matter - an appeal is now in train. Mark Sexton's submissions never even got before a judge, so this does represent progress, of a sort.

    The judicial system itself is now in the dock of public opinion.

    "... it

  • Limited Hangout


    I'm somewhat belatedly catching up with some of the stuff I should have posted previously, and this one is both a reminder of what we have been through in recent times, and a useful introduction to a term with which we should probably become familiar (if we are not already).

    Yes, making sense of life on earth is turning out to be a far trickier task that most of us ever imagined!

    Each of us constructs our own image of reality "inside our heads", and I'd wager that no two such images are identical. When we discuss topics on which our respective images clash, either argument ensues or agreement to differ is required.

    One problem is that we don't all create our images using the same information and methodology. Sources of information are consulted but not necessarily verified for accuracy, depending upon the perceived risk of damage to ourselves and/or our plans should inaccuracy turn out to be the case. If we have to catch a train to go and see our auntie,

  • Leading German Newspaper Die Welt Goes Public on Pfizer Vaccine Trial


    The cracks in the global media's slavish adherence to the official narrative are appearing, even if "only" in Germany.

    Where one leads, others will follow - and not before time.

    Where have they been these last years?

    Steel yourself:

    Essential reading (download).

    The Daily Sceptic spills the beans.


  • Origins of Humanity?


    There is little doubt in my mind that Steven and Evan Strong (Our Alien Ancestry) are a rum duo. There is also no doubt in my mind that the existence of stone circles, megaliths, and ancient pyramids etc of uncertain purpose littered around the world are a collective conundrum that when solved will reveal a great deal about the origins of humanity - and it's not likely to be what we have been told.

    So any rediscovered information that comes to light is to be taken very seriously, and recent (2022) revelations about a pre-war Australian amateur archaeologist's work are to be welcomed and should be checked out.

    It's a truism that science has never been advanced by conventional thinking, but only by open-minded consideration of the evidence, logical deduction, and advancement and testing of explanatory hypotheses.

    Will the name of

  • Old Bill Gates he Had a Farm - A.I. A.I. Oh!


    OK, the headline is contrived (aren't they all?) but there is a connection - the AI chatbot ChatGPT is a product of Bill's erstwhile company, Microsoft - and Old Bill is reputed to own the greatest acreage of farmland in the USA.

    And a very accomplished product ChatGPT appears by most accounts to be (so does Google at last have a real competitor?).

    But what is the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence? Will AI ever rival the human intellect? It appears to have passed the Turing test (to be indistinguishable from a human being) over the internet, although it remains to be seen whether specific lines of questioning may yet be devised to cause it to fail that test.

    And is it a truly impartial intelligence, or does it seek to influence our collective consciousness in specific directions?

    Martin Geddes, IT networking expert turned student of

  • Another Shackle Around the Ankle of Free Speech?


    We have become accustomed of late to the to-and-fro between Parliament and the Free Speech lobby, with scarcely a week going by without some development or other making the news.

    So it is this week too:

    (a) "these malicious powers to electronically monitor protestors were defeated in the House of Lords" (Big Brother Watch newsletter 09/02/2023) re: the provision for ankle-tagging protesters contained in the government's Public Order Bill

    (b) The Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Bill as approved by the Commons will make employers "liable for harassment of their employees by members of the public that they come into contact with while doing their jobs" in addition to "harassment by other employees". What could possibly go wrong?

    Of course, nobody but nobody will say the truth - that all these provisions and bills are in their entirety unnecessary, unwanted

  • A Voice from Iran


    We in the UK don't hear anything much from within Syria, and even less from within Iran, so this interview on Redacted may go a little way to redress the balance.

    Whether it's accurate or not I have no way of knowing.

    (20 minutes)


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  • Ministry of Truth - Both Illegal and Harmful?


    Laura Dodsworth on her Substack relates the results of her investigation into HMG's use of the army and no doubt others to monitor "disinformation" - previously known as free speech by most - and plugs her book "A State of Fear" with a number of pertinent extracts. Well, she wrote it, so if she isn't entitled to plug it then I don't know who is.

    She also gives a plug to Big Brother Watch's report "Ministry of Truth", which covers similar ground.

    This isn't really news to those of us who have been keeping a leery eye on what our government gets up to, but it does establish quite lot of context and some details that confirm more about what these "disinformation" units were up to - and whether they were always in agreement on what constituted disinformation.

    "Most of the online expression that was dealt with was lawful. It’s vital to understand that these units are not controlling misinformation and disinformation but micro-managing the flow of

  • The Mystery Deepens ... Where is Sherlock Holmes When We Need Him?


    "Mortality rates across the UK reached their highest level since 2010, according to an analysis of data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)"

    "I’m pretty sure they don’t have an NHS in Ireland, where excess deaths are also competing with pandemic levels... "

    "So, can you think of anything that happened globally which might be causing excess deaths to be higher than during the pandemic?"

    "... while everyone is talking about it, nobody wants to do the work to find out the cause"

    "'I think the government should be looking at it' say the Australian actuaries who usually investigate such matters for the insurance industry"

    "But the Australian government’s investigation into Covid carefully cut out excess deaths from its terms of reference"

  • Unequivocal Safety Signals for Heart, Blood, and Reproduction


    I wonder if this latest scientist to break cover and criticise the quaxxines will fare any better than all the previous attempts to pierce the wall of unreasoning "safe and effective" repetition that so infuses our "truthful and unbiased" (but ever vigilant for "misinformation") media corporations?

    Who will hold the media to account?

    "the MHRA is at pains to emphasise that the Yellow Card data cannot be used to calculate true rates of adverse effects or to compare the safety of the different vaccines"

    "I view the MHRA’s statements as a challenge"

    "Some 18 months after the first FOI request, the MHRA has at last released information gathered by the C-19YC scheme that is sufficiently detailed to allow independent analysis and calculation of safety signals"

    As so often, it falls to the Daily Sceptic to

  • Trusted News Initiative in the Dock


    The Trusted News Initiative is a corporate cartel of big legacy media companies (including the BBC) that sought to deny any platform to alternative voices that disagreed with the government-approved narrative:

    "[to stop the] tidal wave of unchecked [reporting] that's being piped out mainly through digital platforms"

    Robert F Kennedy Jnr is chief litigation counsel for Children's Health Defence and has filed an anti-trust lawsuit on behalf of a number of alternative digital media organisations.

    "Although we are ostensibly all rivals and competitors with each other, the existential threat to all of our business models comes from thousands of independent news sites who are not only providing all this content that people are reading but they are also diminishing trust in our organisations, and the way that we can destroy them... stamp them out and choke them... is to deny them platforms on the social media sites because [on] those platforms...

  • Is Poland Losing the War in Ukraine?


    Independent journalist Derek Monroe tells Redacted how the country is affected by the large numbers of migrants from Ukraine, and what the government is making of it.

    (18 minutes)


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  • It's Not Censorship, It's Mind-Control


    Barbara Boyd of Larouche PAC reviews a lot of US politics here, in quite a lot of detail that we in the UK may feel isn't of much direct interest to us.

    But there's content here about the EU, the effect of Brexit on the British elite, and the relationships between the various US, UK (and Five Eyes) intelligence services.

    Operation Mockingbird (Cold War) saw the clandestine takeover of the media by the intelligence agencies. If you think that didn't happen in the UK, you don't understand the "special relationship".

    The Trump years saw the similar take-over of alternative media platforms, leading to the censorship of all non government-approved viewpoints, even from well qualified and experienced medical experts during the Covid crisis and indeed despite Elon's efforts, still ongoing.

    On the plus side there's a great deal of useful information here, and includes how the US government has been using "Perception

  • Donald Trump, US Elections, British House of Lords?


    Barbara Boyd of LarouchePAC doesn't mince her words.

    According to her, the "special relationship" between the USA and the UK was based upon cooperating intelligence services that ran the media, got their chosen politicians elected, and generally ran the two countries for their own ends.

    All that fell apart when the Donald got elected in 2016.

    In December 2018 the House of Lords published a report entitled "UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order" complete with all the usual verbiage about the "Rules-Based International Order" but noting that the "special relationship" in it's then form might survive one term of Trump but not two. 

    In 2023 we can now see how correct they were.

    "... the Lords describe their second problem as populations in both the United States and Britain, who have been given too much access to information and believe “conspiracy” theories

  • Neil Oliver Tells it As It Is - Wilful Blindness


    As always, he makes the unanswerable case.

    Our MPs are complicit in their absence. They are complicit in the ongoing fake vaccination programme, even though there is clearly no cause for it that has not been long discredited.

    Will they be complicit in the next restrictions? 

    We need to go back to first principles.

    What will it take?

    (15 minutes)



  • Is Our Approach to "Climate Change" Appropriate?


    Our politicians and media are by nature prone to oversimplifying -

    "We will fix the NHS by giving them the money they need"

    "Drive diesel cars to reduce CO2 emissions"

    "Drive petrol cars to reduce particulate emissions"

    "Drive electric cars to reduce emissions"

    "Privatise monopolies to improve their performance"

    "Nationalise the railways to improve their performance"

    "Regulate the Utility companies to improve their performance"

    Yeah, right.

    Take a step back, the world is more complex than they would have us believe.

    The Big Daddy of over-simplifications (and the competition is pretty severe) must be Climate Change: the idea