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  • Tucker Explains the State of the United States


    If you watched the Putin interview, then what you got primarily was Vladimir Putin. That was as it should be.

    So to redress the balance, this is Tucker Carlson, absolutely nailing today's zeitgeist.

    Classic Tucker.

    (25 minutes)


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  • Is Putin a Conspiracy Theory?


    Tucker Carlson is perhaps the biggest name in town right now. Over the years he has made himself a household name simply by being authentic, staying true to his good sense, and "telling it like it is".

    So Fox fired him.

    Now he has dared to travel across the world into the lion's den itself to interview possibly the most important man on Earth right now - in the teeth of official opprobrium from all the vested interests of the West (especially those with Zionist connections - or am I just paranoid?).

    I don't expect this interview to be revealing any great new unsuspected truth (of course I could be wrong) but it would be the first by a prominent (and importantly: trusted) western journalist who has enough reach to sway western public opinion.

    And there have been enough snippets somehow leaked in advance to whet our appetite and big up our interest 😎. Yes, this is going to be important, and it has seemingly been

  • Tucker Trails His Interview with Vladimir


    The much-trailed Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin has proved to be a little elusive. Some channels claim to publish a transcript - or a part transcript, but the real thing doesn't yet seem to be available.

    Tucker says he will publish on TuckerCarlson.com and on X (formerly Twitter).

    Meanwhile, here is the official low-down on this interview from Tucker himself (aided by Redacted)!

    (14 minutes) 


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  • Why Should We British Worry About German Politics?


    Our newspapers and media stations don't report on what they don't see as relevant, but German politics, like seemingly all nations' politics these days, is apparently controlled by the WEF-UN "partnership". It is very similar to British politics, in as much as the political classes are all parroting the Climate Change propaganda as though they unquestioningly believe it. Diversity is good, except for diversity of opinion, and especially diversity of politics.

    It's a religion, or perhaps more accurately the biggest cult we have ever encountered, whereby the cult leaders brainwash everybody to believe (and obey) their leadership unquestioningly, and heretics (those who do ask awkward questions) are not tolerated. They have the cheek to call this new form of politics "democracy". "Autocracy" might be closer to the truth.

    Germany is the stand-out example of a leadership that brooks no opposition and ...

  • Dams Break Slowly, then Suddenly


    Some things take an exorbitantly long time to get resolved.

    Take the case (currently in the news) of the Post Office managers who were pursued through the courts for imaginary losses that never existed, but were reported as deficient by the new Post Office computer system - and the courts agreed that the computer was infallible and therefore they were guilty. As an IT systems engineer of many years standing, I cannot conceive of how any competent (and honest) IT professional could possibly stand up in court and swear that his system was infallible. It also beggars belief that it could have got to court if either P.O. management or their accountants had been both competent and honest. 

    Yet somehow it did. So who was professionally deficient and how? In the way of matters governmental, we will probably never find out, and that too should no longer be tolerated.

    "It seemingly did not occur to anyone to ask why over 750 managers with hitherto unblemished

  • Lahaina - 5 Months on


    If anyone doubts that the USA government is pulling out all the stops for the displaced of Lahaina, this report should clarify the matter.

    Nick Sotor reports from Maui for Redacted:

    (12 minutes)


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  • Another Dissenting Viewpoint


    There are so many issues to dissent about these days that it's ridiculous to expect that every dissenting voice is going to agree on all of them.

    So to those conspiracy theorists out there who call out other dissenters because they disagree on a specific issue (however important that issue), I suggest that we all bring a level of truth (and awakening) to the specific audience that is most attuned to our own viewpoints, and the audience which is not prepared to listen to our dissent to their particular belief will be catered for by others.

    The enemy of progress is indeed the quest for perfection (especially our own idea of perfection!).

    So I'm happy to tip the nod to Lawrence Fox for this video, even if we may not agree on all the issues that face us. We do agree on probably the majority, and the rest will come in God's good time as everybody

  • When did Covid Protection Become Public Bamboozlement?


    Early in 2020, according to Professor Mark Woodhouse in his  evidence to the Covid Inquiry, the BBC (no less) was reporting "misinformation". Yet it went uncorrected "throughout 2020" which surely makes it "disinformation" (as in "d" for "deliberate")?

    But his declared suspicions about the real reason for this failure to report this pretty important truth  to the public - that the risk of "dying from Covid" was vastly greater to the aged than to the young - had to do merely with justifying lockdown in the public mind.

    This clearly marks him out as merely an amateur conspiracy theorist. A true conspiracy theorist would have recognised that if the actual impact of Covid was minimal for most of the population, then not only would lockdown never have been tolerated, nor would there have been any chance of jabbing the entire population with an untried and largely untested experimental gene therapy described as a "vaccine" in order

  • It's the WEF Jim, But Not as We Know It


    A very unexpected speech at last week's WEF in Davos, a speech that took on all their false doctrines head on.

    It takes a while to get going, but it is certainly a massive (and welcome) break from their tradition.

    "... in power not to guide sheep, but to awaken lions"

    What could be further from their intention?

    (Brought to us by yet another YouTuber of whom we have likely never previously heard, who nevertheless sets the scene pretty well)

    (12 minutes)


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  • Another Conspiracy Theory


    You can see why the authorities might get fed up with all the conspiracy theorists putting out mis/dis/mal-information. After all, it feeds dissatisfaction with the mainstream media, maybe also influencing the public to mistrust media output, or even vital government policies.

    For example, this sophisticated and apparently well-produced video makes claims that may defy belief about the way that the internet is allegedly influenced by certain governments. Some folk may well be misled by similar content, even equating some of the activity portrayed therein with the supposed activities of 77 Brigade in the UK, without a shred of evidence.

    Be aware - not all videos are everything they seem.

    (14 minutes)



  • The War on Free Speech Just Ramped Up


    "Malinformation" - that which is true but which is used against official globalist policy.

    I suggest that this is merely a logical extension of the established concept of "hate speech" - the truth (where it may conflict with the globalists' agendas) may well cause globalists to be offended and therefore it must be criminalised.

    Nothing at all to worry about.

    Stand & Deliver Episode 77 


  • A few Days old, but MPs are Discussing the Government's Latest Bill


    Not all MPs are knee-jerk supporters of this Government Bill.

    "A bill to prevent public bodies from implementing their own boycotts against Israeli goods has passed through the Commons, despite opposition from Tory MPs"

    That our government is even contemplating such a Bill seems inconceivable.

    If they don't want public bodies to take partisan sides in such matters, then that may well be arguable, but a one-sided ban favouring one specific party that may conflict with a local democratic mandate?

    (9 minutes)


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  • Farming - the Growing Battleground?


    It's not just the Dutch either - the Germans Poles and French are also demonstrating in huge numbers.

    "If the western governments of this world were trying to impoverish their own citizens, what would they be doing differently?"

    (7 minutes)



  • The Hydrogen Hallucination


    "To put this in context, U.K. Natural Gas has recently been trading at the equivalent of around £33 per MWh, which is more than seven times less than the proposed cost of electrolytic hydrogen. Moreover, our gas is already about four times more expensive than U.S. gas"

    "... the announcements mark the end of the pragmatic approach to the Net Zero insanity and demonstrate that the Government has no idea about economics, thermodynamics or energy and has gone completely insane"

    Tell us something we didn't already know.

    But on another level, it is completely sane.

    If we make the startling assumption that energy policy isn't about energy, then we free ourselves to consider what it might be about.

    "The trouble is, its roadmap to 2030 only includes 4 GW

  • How Many More?


    Neil Oliver reminds us that the Covid business is unfinished, and will not be finished until the many outstanding questions are (a) acknowledged and (b) answered - and not by the apparently heavily skewed and seriously deficient Covid whitewash "enquiry".

    Not to mention all the many outstanding questions that we are not permitted to raise about other elephants of various hues still proliferating around the room...

    Will 2024 will be the year that the dam breaks, unleashing an unstoppable tsunami of truth?

    (11 minutes)



  • A Tale of a US Lawsuit


    Dr Shiva Ayyadurai relates the story of his lawsuit against Twitter (as it was then) for censoring him at the behest of the US government.

    There's a lot going on here, but it does illustrate the lengths that "the establishment" goes to in order to cover their tracks.

    "... all these guys are part of one collective network of elites... "

    "... this is classical limited hangout... " 

    "... Elon Musk still has a backdoor portal to Twitter open ! "

    "... they do not want us to build a bottom-up movement because that is the only way we will be able to shatter the swarm... "

    " Here's what's going on at a much more devious level, that's why we have to waken to this... "

    There's a great deal of good sense, good information, and

  • Deep Fake News on its Way!


    Our readers will probably have already realised that much of "the news" we hear and see today is fake, but perhaps the AI will do a better, more polished, more assured job of it than us humans? After all, humans are liable to "tells" - those involuntary facial (or other) twitches that the subconscious mind automatically performs when it knows its human is lying.

    Any self-respecting AI should be immune from that.

    Technocracy News and Views comments:

    "In the future, AI will write news stories and present them with deep fake AI news anchors. As AI improves, you will be unable to discern what is fake and real. Some experts are forecasting that as much as 80 percent of the news will be delivered this way by 2028. Layer on the AI bots that will comment on the AI-generated stories, and you will see reality fading out in your rearview mirror. ⁃ TN Editor"

    I think this a good point, but are we not some way

  • Dr Mike Yeadon Spells it Out


    Mike Yeadon has been outspoken about the Covid deception from the beginning. He explains some devastating conclusions which many still have a problem recognising.

    For my own part, like many others,  I came to much the same conclusions over much the same timescale from checking out the published statistics, and although I couldn't draw the same detailed analysis of the pharmacology, it was clear that this was a global hoax of a pandemic and not for good or acceptable purposes. Censorship of conflicting opinions is expensive, and not applied on that scale unless there is something that absolutely has to be hidden.

    This is a presentation that everyone should see, mark, and understand as if lives will depend on it - the sad truth is that they will.

    (21 minutes)

    Watch on Rumble.


  • Ivor Explains the Goings-on in Ireland


    Is Ireland trailblazing the shape of things to come in the EU (& UK once David Cameron has taken us back in)?

    It's your view that counts.

    (16 minutes)


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  • Is it Ethical to Suppress the Consideration of Ethics?


    Read the title again. 

    Then wonder how such a question is even possible.

    But it gets even worse.

    The story of the suppression is itself (allegedly) being suppressed...

    Yes, you guessed, Covid comes into the mix here.

    But read it for yourself, and form your own viewpoint.