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  • UK Column News 1st July 2024


    Special Edition, recorded live at Sounds Beautiful Festival:

    Lots of truth and good advice in this edition!

    (83 minutes)



  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... to the Real World History?


    (Readers are strongly advised to read my other 'Down the Rabbit Hole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the Rabbit Hole 1, before continuing)

    Today's offering leads to a series of articles beginning with an piece on the the Grand Jury of the People's Court of Public Opinion (sounds like the event we covered in full in 2022). 

    This is from a Czech website (Tip - Chromium-based browsers such as Brave can translate these pages but it seems that Firefox users may be out of luck - use button at end of page address, or maybe use the browser menu button).

    This is just the first article... at the foot of each article is a link to the next (previous in posting time) article - just

  • Destruction of the Twin Towers - Roland Angle's Review


    Roland Angle, board Chairman of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, talks about why the destruction of the twin towers has lost none of its contentious attributes in the nearly 23 years since it happened in 2001.

    On the one hand we have the official government enquiry which attributed the collapse of the three World Trade Centre buildings (WTC1 WTC2 WTC7) to fire, and on the other hand we have the professional qualified engineers that were (and are still) adamant that fire alone could not possibly account for the observed collapses - and indeed that video evidence strongly suggests that they fell into their own footprint as a result of controlled demolition.

    We have covered the events of 9/11 and the subsequent controversies previously, but the official narrative remains the

  • The Great Reset is Taking Shape ...


    It was either going to be the New World Top-Down Order of the Blair - Cameron - May - Boris - Bush - Obama - Clintons - Kissinger - Schwab - Rockefellers - Rothschilds brigade of Khazarian Zionists and Eugenicists, or it would be the opposite, an expertly crafted and skilfully engineered demolition, on behalf of the freedom of the people, of the centralized power structures of those self-appointed global elites who thought that they would rule the world - AKA the global corporate oligarchs (Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum (now "in partnership" with the United Nations) the list goes on... ).

    How were these centralized power structures built in a world of democratic governments? By ancient secret societies and modern secret services of the world who, whilst nominally under

  • Another Year, Another Global Hoax Revealed?


    Another hoax?

    Covid and Climate Change not enough? 

    Actually, this one is way way old...  as old as the nuclear industry.

    Is what he says really true? 

    I don't know, but nothing these days would surprise me... make of it what you will.

    Video of Mr Galen Windsor, of the Manhattan Project and various civilian/governmental nuclear facilities since the end of WW2. One can see how old the film is as it has obviously been digitised from an original photographic master... 

    (91 minutes)


    Russia Russia Russia and WW3


    Ivor Cummins introduces Alex Krainer, who as a hedge fund manager put two and two together to make WW3, didn't like it, and decided to do what he could to expose it.

    Do you remember Bill Browder and Sergei Magnitsky? Follow the money...

    This doesn't bring anything critical to the table today, but does hark back to the period following the fall of the USSR, when Putin was trying to undo the damage to Russia that resulted from Boris Yeltsin's opening of the country to the sale of its assets to western oligarchs through agents like Bill Browder. Had those sales been completed, then without a shot being fired the UN-WEF would have owned Russia as well as the West. Yes, Putin was one of Klaus Schwab's Young Global Leaders, but we now know that he didn't follow through as Klaus intended, quite the reverse. Putin stood in the way

  • Country Bumpkins of the Far Right on the Ascendant?


    Investigate Europe is a "cross-border team of reporters, editors and producers... delivers in-depth investigative journalism from a changing Europe. Our reporting shines a light on the untold stories, unchecked institutions and hidden structures shaping the continent today".

    So it has come to pass that they now shine their "light" upon the resurgent "far right" of rural communities across the EU who disagree with the major themes of the day as promoted by the official leaders of the Union. A worthy cause no doubt, yet the report somehow seems to avoid any contact with the specific issues that may lie behind this regrettable resurgence of support for "far right" parties.

    We have featured articles from Investigate Europe before, when their reporting did seem to be interesting and informative.

  • Veteran Journalist Chris Hedges Reviews Today's Issues


    Israel/Gaza/Iran, Julian Assange, American imperialism, Israeli influence, etc etc.

    A wide-ranging review of today's ills, and how we got here.

    (80 minutes)


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  • Systematic Corruption?


    Richard Vobes investigates... the worst type of corruption.

    This needs to be investigated and heard in open court so that justice can be seen to be done. It is intolerable in a civilised society that such accusations can be left to fester unaddressed.

    (57 minutes)


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  • If you would know who controls you, see who you may not criticise


    "If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise" -Tacitus

    (16 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole to .. the Vedas and Great Tartary!


    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of the earlier articles here, starting with nbr 1. Many may consider these propositions extreme, but the question is, can they be disproved?

    Could they be possible, and if so, what would be the implications? 

    If the implications would be trivial, then who cares? But if they would be earth-shaking, perhaps we should take note.

    That said, the ancient writings such as the Bible certainly do exist, and some have been translated.

    "Today we are living in a... time of awakening. It is called the morning of Swaroga and it has been happening since 2012"

  • Speech Banned? Placards to the Fore!


    Martin Geddes has been to Bonnie Scotland (well, Edinburgh) again, this time to report on the protests about Humza Yousaf, now First Minister of Scotland and widely associated with a recent innovation in Scottish Law that some feel may hamper "free speech" in Scotland. 

    It's a cracking report, with a goodly selection of placards that survived the wet weather remarkably well. I defy you to keep a straight face!

    I also think that the lessons he draws are very pertinent:

    "If you accept one lie as truth, it will be leveraged to allow any deception to become doctrine"

    Enjoy the show!


  • Is Your Council Free Speech Compliant?


    Free speech used to be taken for granted, thanks in large part to sensible legal precedents set by sensible judges in times past, who opined that the right to speak only without offending was not worth having. Now a quick internet search for "the right to speak only without offending was not worth having" pulls up a myriad of articles about how to speak without causing offence, but none about the status quo ante, so far has the needle been pushed away from previous precedent.

    And yet, whilst offence may or may not be "offered", it doesn't instantiate unless "taken" - and these days it doesn't even have to be offered to be taken, it can be taken anyway. Therefore in principle, the party that "gives" offence isn't able to judge whether or not "offence" will be taken. One can guess, but one cannot be reasonably sure either way.


  • Chris Hedges Reports on the News


    "I remember 25, 30 years ago we used to point to the BBC as the counterpoint to the biased and propagandistic US media, I would say now the BBC is as bad as any... "

    "... that means that these propaganda narratives may be more pervasive than ever, but I think they are more mistrusted and disdained than ever as well... "

    Chris Hedges interviews Ali Abuminah, "a Palestinian-American journalist and the co-founder of The Electronic Intifada".

    This initially impresses as being as dry as dust, but actually it's a pretty clear exposition of how propaganda has progressively swamped actual news journalism over recent times, to the point now where independent journalism has been comprehensively banished from mainstream media outlets. Stick with it, and hear the ways in which media manipulation is used to frame public opinion being coolly and meticulously dissected.

    "The media has become a far

  • Tucker Explains the State of the United States


    If you watched the Putin interview, then what you got primarily was Vladimir Putin. That was as it should be.

    So to redress the balance, this is Tucker Carlson, absolutely nailing today's zeitgeist.

    Classic Tucker.

    (25 minutes)


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  • Is Putin a Conspiracy Theory?


    Tucker Carlson is perhaps the biggest name in town right now. Over the years he has made himself a household name simply by being authentic, staying true to his good sense, and "telling it like it is".

    So Fox fired him.

    Now he has dared to travel across the world into the lion's den itself to interview possibly the most important man on Earth right now - in the teeth of official opprobrium from all the vested interests of the West (especially those with Zionist connections - or am I just paranoid?).

    I don't expect this interview to be revealing any great new unsuspected truth (of course I could be wrong) but it would be the first by a prominent (and importantly: trusted) western journalist who has enough reach to sway western public opinion.

    And there have been enough snippets somehow leaked in advance to whet our appetite and big up our interest 😎. Yes, this is going to be important, and it has seemingly been

  • Tucker Trails His Interview with Vladimir


    The much-trailed Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin has proved to be a little elusive. Some channels claim to publish a transcript - or a part transcript, but the real thing doesn't yet seem to be available.

    Tucker says he will publish on TuckerCarlson.com and on X (formerly Twitter).

    Meanwhile, here is the official low-down on this interview from Tucker himself (aided by Redacted)!

    (14 minutes) 


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  • Why Should We British Worry About German Politics?


    Our newspapers and media stations don't report on what they don't see as relevant, but German politics, like seemingly all nations' politics these days, is apparently controlled by the WEF-UN "partnership". It is very similar to British politics, in as much as the political classes are all parroting the Climate Change propaganda as though they unquestioningly believe it. Diversity is good, except for diversity of opinion, and especially diversity of politics.

    It's a religion, or perhaps more accurately the biggest cult we have ever encountered, whereby the cult leaders brainwash everybody to believe (and obey) their leadership unquestioningly, and heretics (those who do ask awkward questions) are not tolerated. They have the cheek to call this new form of politics "democracy". "Autocracy" might be closer to the truth.

    Germany is the stand-out example of a leadership that brooks no opposition and ...

  • Dams Break Slowly, then Suddenly


    Some things take an exorbitantly long time to get resolved.

    Take the case (currently in the news) of the Post Office managers who were pursued through the courts for imaginary losses that never existed, but were reported as deficient by the new Post Office computer system - and the courts agreed that the computer was infallible and therefore they were guilty. As an IT systems engineer of many years standing, I cannot conceive of how any competent (and honest) IT professional could possibly stand up in court and swear that his system was infallible. It also beggars belief that it could have got to court if either P.O. management or their accountants had been both competent and honest. 

    Yet somehow it did. So who was professionally deficient and how? In the way of matters governmental, we will probably never find out, and that too should no longer be tolerated.

    "It seemingly did not occur to anyone to ask why over 750 managers with hitherto unblemished

  • Lahaina - 5 Months on


    If anyone doubts that the USA government is pulling out all the stops for the displaced of Lahaina, this report should clarify the matter.

    Nick Sotor reports from Maui for Redacted:

    (12 minutes)


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