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  • David Scott Tells it How it Is


    Davis Scott, stalwart of UK Column, tells us something about his history, reviews how he got involved in journalism, and spills a great many beans about the state of the British State today.


    (54 minutes)



  • The New Age of Heresy


    "There are conversations that we should be having"

    Quite so.

    Andy Thomas is an accomplished author, event organiser, presenter and free-thinking human being who challenges conventions and debunks the need for compliant thinking.

    His style is to present both sides of an argument, sometimes to the frustration of those who think the argument already over, but quite in keeping with his objective of encouraging us all to inform ourselves, to question the narratives that we are fed, and to form our own views of the world.

    We should all be aware of Andy.

    (71 minutes)


    Is the Bank of England Back on Track?


    The B of E is forecasting increasing inflation, allied with a recession, and has raised interest rates into the teeth of the oncoming financial storm.

    Nigel Farage, discussing the issue for South Bank Investment Research, is (as one might expect) unimpressed. 

    Now I don't want to endorse any financial commentator but Nigel is essentially a politician and this is a result of the political decisions of the last.... well, half century at least. We may not share his views but he makes some good points.

    One can interpret the entrails until the cows come home (as almost everybody undoubtedly will) but taking into account the medical narradigm that the WHO (most likely in alliance with the NHS) still hopes to impose on us this autumn (Monkeypox anybody?), what this really demonstrates is that our global systems (political, economic, monetary,

  • Mar a Lago "Raided by FBI"


    One supposes that the FBI must have had a reason to do this, the only question is whether it was a good or a bad reason.

    After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid at my home was not necessary or appropriate

    For a "former" president of the United States to be raided is unheard of.

    If this is a prelude to his arrest, I can't think of a better way to provoke a civil uprising in America.  

    (3 minutes)



  • John Pilger Speaks to the South China Morning Post re the Ukraine


    This video is a month old already - but he presents his views in a calm measured fashion, and Julian Assange gets a mention.

    He also brings a historical perspective to the changes that have taken place in western journalism over his career, and how he sees the political situation in Australia.

    "We must be sceptical of absolutely everything"

    (20 minutes)


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  • It's a Drag - But Is It a Benefit?


    "Drag Queen Story Hour is a Cultural Shift... "

    It certainly is. But is it more than that?

    Confusion reigns here - are we talking drag or are we talking LBGTQ+, or something else entirely?

    It is true that parental judgement is paramount here - if no parents let their children attend, what then?

    But there are serious questions about the appropriateness of inviting pre-pubescent children and immature teenagers to view non-mainstream (yes, most kids do still grow up to be heterosexual) sexualized "entertainment" (or should that read "propaganda"?).

    The idea of exposing immature kids to LGBTQ+ ideas in combination with men pretending to be sexually-charged women strikes me as a surefire recipe for sowing confusion.

    Some might consider that getting kids used to getting up close and personal with a man in a sexual

  • Another Discredited Undead Idea Disinterred


    • Reducing collisions
    • More opportunities to walk or cycle
    • Improved health and well-being
    • Safer streets
    • Safeguarding the environment

    So what could all this be about?

    "Reducing emissions from transport requires fundamental change that reaches deep into society and the lives of individuals"

    And there I was thinking that if we all bought electric cars the emissions would cease... apparently not.

    Of course, if we all have to drive around in 3rd gear, we know that from past experiments with 20 mph limits (and speed humps) that the emissions will go up due to the inefficiency of the infernal combustion engine at higher rpm (although those few who can afford to drive electric vehicles may indeed use

  • Central Banks Digital Currency, Gold and Silver, and Cash


    Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog dot Com) interviews Catherine Austin Fitts about her Year in Review, in which they discuss cash, gold and silver, and the incoming Digital Central Bank Currencies ("... they are not currencies... ").

    "... these guys have created a global money-pumping system which is completely above the law... "

    (Is it just me that finds the system that CAF is describing redolent of the global "rules-based order" that Theresa May was so keen to enforce?)

    Of course the Central Bankers would love to implant us all with micro-chips so that they can control our spending and thus control us - and we won't be able to buy or sell any good or service without this "mark of the beast", otherwise that control would be imperilled.

    "One thing the Bible makes clear is it will at times look hopeless, but it

  • "Hello Humans!"


    Yes, it's the indomitable Clif High with some more well-founded observations about the state of play today, and first up:- a quicky on why we all need to support CASH.

    Of course, many of us are already on board with this idea, but it's a useful reminder.

    (8 minutes)


    Next up: how the narradigm has been fixed for centuries to keep us where the elite want us:- willingly at their beck and call.

    Yes, it's a composite of "narrative" and "paradigm" and probably overdue, so I welcome it as perfectly expressing the concept of a paradigm that's based on nothing but a (quite possibly bogus) narrative.

    As ever. Clif throws in an illuminating history lesson for free - is there anything this man

  • The MHRA Has No Clue about Safety or Duty


    "I’m retired but I worked for 20-plus years in a safety critical sector where I was legally accountable for the safety of hundreds of products which I authorised for use. So I know a robust safety management system when I see it.  From what I’ve found out about the MHRA, I don’t think its safety management is as robust as those responsible for it seem to think"

    I'm thinking that in the face of the evidence this must qualify as the most understated observation of the year. I would go much further, and charge those in authority with dereliction of duty amounting to culpable homicide.

    "This means that it is either defaulting against the Human Medicines Regulations or it’s got someone to approve it not doing the statutory audits while it’s busy monitoring the Covid vaccines rollout"

    “The MHRA does not hold a process for investigation of individual Yellow Card reports"

    Or not monitoring

  • The Conspiracy Theory of Everything



    This is a trifle old (March 2021) and a trifle long (at not much short of 4 hours), and I confess that I haven't watched it through to the end (there are still only 24 hours in the day!).

    Nonetheless if you have the interest to explore the concepts presented (not to mention the spare time)...

    "... transcended people do what is hard, and that's why their lives are easy - people in suffering do what is easy, and that's why their lives are hard... "

    "... in the disconnection of the soul, the ego runs rampant, and this is the source of our suffering... "

    "... light must be brought to darkness, and the darkness must be faced, if we ever wish to solve our problems for good... "

    (NB: I'm not sure that the graphics add much except distraction - you may decide to sit back with some

  • So You Think You Know the Basis of the American Revolution?


    James Logan, "the American philosopher you don't yet know", is featured by LaRouchePAC in this timely review of the philosophical roots of the American War of Independence.

    I confess it's a new one on me too - the more articles I research the more I learn.

    The soul of America is the notion that the Creator created us in his own image. Think about it - does this not mean that we have the powers of creation too?!

    Obviously not currently to the same extent, but in embryonic form, certainly.

    No wonder the globalists want to jab those powers to death any which way they can, because if they don't, we will overwhelm them.

    Interestingly, James Logan has his modern counterpart in John Rappaport, whose

    Another Big Pharma Cash Cow - literally


    There's more ways of making a killing than jabbing humans...

    How about you jab our food instead?

    A quick read of this article from CHD brings home the enormous opportunities for vaccine sales to farmers and the previously unimagined lengths to which they may go to apply them... your boiled egg may never seem so appetizing again...

    The Defender has the story.

  • Lines to the Max


    "Babies being born and having their arms amputated, this is what it we've come to folks... "

    Make of this what you will:

    (57 minutes)



  • Weather Modification


    From a chemtrail-doubter comes a fresh look at weather-modification in general - from those who basically admit to it.

    Of course, it would seem that there are also those who may not admit to it... but that topic is for a different article.

    From a straightforward if possibly incomprehensible kind of guy, his surprise is what really took my attention.

    (34 minutes)


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  • The New NHS - There to Serve - or to be Served?


    Founded in 1948, subjected to "radical modernisation" kicked off under Blair in 2000, given a new "long term plan" by Mrs May in 2019...

    We should by now have an NHS healthcare system that's the envy of the world, right?

    OK, we've had a pandemic (or two if you believe Tedros) since then, but after various pandemic planning exercises these were surely taken care of?

    Or is it yet another demonstration of the inverted objectives that seem to characterise so many government responsibilities (free speech, immigration control, defence, Brexit, policing etc) these days?

    "it is a plan for the NHS, not a plan for the whole of the nation's health or the whole care system"

  • Dr Garry Nolan Talks Unidentified Effects with Tucker Carlson


    Those of us who are sceptical of the UFO phenomena may like to review this - it doesn't answer many questions but it surely does ask them.

    "Whatever it is it's clearly been here for some time... "

    (56 minutes)


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  • The War for the World?


    I think it fair to say that almost nobody fully understands the state of our modern world and whither it is bound, and after watching this I'm pretty sure that you won't either, but perhaps it may help begin to make some sense of future events as they unfold...

    Set aside your preconceptions, and make of it what you will.

    (17 minutes)



  • WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones


    (56 minutes) Not suitable for children.

    "This evil has evolved into a capitalist enterprise"


    Watch, weep, wake.

    It's not confined to the USA.


  • The Sustainable Farming Incentive - "Full Guidance"


    The UK government has released "full guidance" on its Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme (for England).

    This is "the first of 3 new environmental schemes being introduced under the Agricultural Transition Plan. The other 2 schemes are Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery."

    "We are phasing out subsidies so that we can invest the money in farm productivity, the environment, and animal health and welfare" - New farming policies and payments in England

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