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  • The Magic of Fiat Money and Banking

    OK, what follows here is my own analysis of how the banking system with fiat money works.

    I've decided to put my career as a banker (six months as a wet-behind-the-ears school leaver working in a London branch of one of the major UK banks) on the line, and discuss what I now regard as banking "sophistication".

    Many column inches have been devoted to this elsewhere but I want to simplify it so that any school-leaver today can understand it. Whilst the overall situation is (weasel word warning!) "complex", the principles involved are simple enough.

    I may fall short, since the argument depends upon the "dismal science" of economics, but someone has to do this. When learned accountants think that the way it works currently is all perfectly fine, I am concerned - have they mastered all the sophistication of book-keeping and accounting, only to miss the most basic of the basics?

    Read on, and see if you agree with my analysis...

  • The Science from NZ - for Those Still Baffled


    This presentation is from a whistle-blower in New Zealand.

    This interview starts with an emotional overload that, whilst understandable, doesn't add any information - to be cruelly practical, if you skip the first 8 minutes you will still catch all the important information.

    It puts the notion of excess deaths into perspective, all supported by the government's own data.

    (64 minutes)



  • It's Baffling - But Maybe Not Quite What You Think


    Ever been had?

    If you're looking for something but cannot find it... maybe you'e looking in the wrong place?

    (73 minutes)

    Watch here.

  • More on the China "Virus" Outbreak


    Dr Lee Merritt reinforces my own view - its likely a mind-virus, not a real infection but a reaction to radio frequency EMFs with not dissimilar symptoms to flu, which everyone will try to scare us is a virus requiring medical interventions... 

    Put some shungite or orgonite in your pocket, or wear as a pendant. Does it work? No idea, but for a few quid and no known downside risk, what are you waiting for?

    (5 minutes)



  • Yes, the MHRA is Asleep at the Wheel in Some Respects


    Probably not in all respects, but when it comes to its statutory obligations to ensure the safety of medicinal products it is hard to come to any other conclusion but that they were indeed asleep at the wheel.

    Nick Hunt writing for the Daily Sceptic reports on the indifference with which it appears to have approached its responsibilities in respect of the Covid protective inoculations.

    It would be unkind to suppose that it has been asleep in all respects though - it was quick enough to expedite approval for these shots, but of course it would be disingenuous to suggest that this had anything to do with their funding received from the pharmaceutical industry when it was obviously motivated by the need to protect the public from the "pandemic".

    Can anybody enlighten me as to when

  • Eat Less Meat - Save the World?


    One of the many puzzles that beset those who would wish to understand the basis for the campaign to stop us eating meat is - to put it as simply as possible - Why?

    The alleged requirement to stop producing CO2 from power plants is at least clear enough a proposition to understand, even if it doesn't appear to be based on any actual supportable science, ie: evidence truth and logic.

    But if bovine emanations are truly a likely cause of global catastrophe (given that we are of course already on course to achieve Net Zero power production by whenever) then how come the world in centuries past didn't succumb to the emanations of the vast bison herds that used to roam freely across North America prior to the advent of the Pilgrim Fathers? Not to mention the European bison that used to roam Europe in earlier times. And while we are on such topics, what about the Indian elephants, African elephants, antelope, wildebeests, hippos, rhinos, giraffes and like herds of wild herbivores that used to

  • Thought for 2024



  • Fulford Report Monday 27 Nov 2023


    In what must rank as probably his most significant report so far, Ben reveals a swathe of blockbusting news that suggests that the world as we knew it is approaching a welcome end.

    Key to this (along with much else) seems to be news that the Russians are breathing down Mr Netanyahu's neck from the Golan Heights, making clear their active interest in ending the Israel/Gaza hostilities.

    Even Joe Biden is reported elsewhere to be nudging to extend the ceasefire.

    Also, the deep state seem to have had enough:

    "... head of the British and French branches of the Rothschild family, is offering to hand over control of the Western financial system to the Planetary Liberation Alliance "...

  • When Will Net Zero Transport Lead to Net Zero Government?


    The answer to this question is of course "not whilst there is a single MP left in Parliament who believes he knows better than his constituents... ".

    To which observation we should add "... and controls the education system that so clearly brainwashes our children to believe the authorities rather than training them to learn to think for themselves".

    Harsh words? Well, Net Zero Watch helpfully publish "The War on the Car" by James Rupert, a paper that reviews the history of personal motoring and the government's incessant (and usually misguided) meddling with it.

    The motorist was indeed originally cemented as a product of the government's own intervention in transport policy in the 1960s, when Dr Beeching was brought in to put an end to local railways, and motorways were constructed (at vast government expense that could have been used to modernise the railways) so that the private motor car could compete with even the main lines for intercity

  • The Global Coup D'État


    The Jacob Nordangård Newsletter of 26 November 2023.

    Covering the Rockfellers, the Covid "vaccines", the state of Palestinian opinion following the Hamas attack on Israel, the transhumanist death cult and that other long-forgotten war between Russia and the Ukraine, still rumbling unpleasantly in the background of fickle media attention.

    Recommended reading.


  • A Propos of Nothing, This is Something


    Who is Klaus Schwab? Who is George Soros? What are they up to?

    This is a bit long and involved, but that's what it is. George and Klaus, both stalwarts of the WEF, have been around a long time and have been involved in may things. 

    Where do they now aspire to take us?

    Make of it what you will...

    (23 minutes)



  • Is the EU Beginning to Crack Up?


    Well, they did it.

    The Dutch have decided that they would rather keep growing tulips than turn their agriculture over to the WEF, live in 15 minute ghettos and eat bugs, and who could reasonably disagree?

    Spiked relays the good news from the Netherlands.

    Of course the rearguard action will be demented, because the EU cannot afford to lose the Netherlands to sanity since illogical dogma characterises the whole project. If democracy is determined by the will of the people, and the people have misspoken, then the people must be made to speak again until they get it right, as the Irish are doubtless recalling.

    Stand by for things to get a bit nasty - I don't doubt that the Dutch are preparing.


  • Are We Ready for Hypernovelty?


    Sarah Westall interviews Clif High, covering a great deal of ground in three parts.

    Parts 1 and 2 are freely available and linked below, part 3 is for subscribers to Sarah's paid substack. It's up to you whether you want to take out that subscription (although there is the 7 day free trial if you want it).

    This is a fascinating interview, not to be missed, not for the faint of heart, nor for the irreparably religious... and even the religious may wish to know what the others are foretelling.

    If you want a glimpse into what we may be in for over the next few years, I know (in my misguided opinion) of no better guide than Clif High, and Sarah asks all the right questions.

    Each video starts with a snippet from the interview to whet your appetite (which makes it seem a bit disjointed until you realise what's going on) followed by the message from her sponsor(s) (we all have to make a living) followed by the

  • China Virus Pandemic Mk 2 in Gestation?


    Déjà Vu anybody?

    WHO to declare a new pandemic in early 2024, just like in 2020?

    Chinese children reportedly very poorly of "pneumonia", hospitals overwhelmed...  just like November 2019?

    Sounds somehow familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

    "People are coming down with high fever there is lung inflammation but there is no cough. This is no normal pneumonia you see"

    Ah yes, I remember, it's possibly pneumonitis, as I remarked back in 2020 when Covid was in full swing.

    Are we Subjects of a System of Subinfeudation?


    Martin Geddes asks how our system of government became corrupt, and notes how that corrupt system was legally ended with the execution of King Charles I. You may argue that what followed was no better, but that doesn't invalidate the legal principle, it merely describes the result at the time.

    Martin then enlightens us about an Act of Parliament passed in 1649, which may open a whole new can of worms...

    In the mention of this he states:

    "So 'we the people' are sovereign, and act as principal, delegating this sovereignty to government, our agent"

    Well, not as I understand it, although this does bring out another aspect of the corruption of our constitutional arrangements: Government and Parliament are emphatically not the same thing.

    Under the separation of powers, Parliament proposes legislation which is then

  • A Look Back in Appreciation


    Lord Lawson of Blaby, now sadly passed on, left the UK a much better place than he found it, and laid some impressive foundations of common sense upon which to argue the case against the Climate Agenda. 

    In those days the use of common sense was still acceptable, if possibly discouraged - who could now envisage cutting taxes to transform the economy and improve the lot of the working people?

    It was common sense that led him to question the notion that we should turn the entire economy upside down and frantically build more and more windmills with no clear notion of how much it was all going to cost, or when the saving of the planet could be definitively accomplished.

    Over the last thirty years common sense has taken a beating, as it had to, in order for the sacred Climate Agenda to be

  • Another View from Gaza


    This is another opinion from personal experience of the Hamas/Gaza/Israel problem.

    He strikes me as sincere, and his viewpoints are from his own very direct experience.And his experience is from both sides of the fence.

    Whether he draws the correct conclusions from his experience is something to ponder - the Deep State runs very deep and knows no national boundaries. We know that their modus operandi is to play both sides to achieve their ends, and to state that doesn't invalidate anything presented here.

    "Hamas without chaos cannot survive"

    (5 minutes)


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  • Together Takes the Argument Into Parliament


    " 'Clean' Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics is the second joint report produced by Climate Debate and Together and reveals how a small number of the world’s billionaires are shaping UK air pollution policies by funding partisan groups to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds"

    Andrea Jenkins MP introduces Ben Pile's report to MPs.

    How did that happen?

    What is the UK 100?

    "... the're not running these pledges past the voters... "

    I wonder why not ...

    I looked for their membership list but found the FAQs, however, I

  • Is it Ethical to Suppress the Consideration of Ethics?


    Read the title again. 

    Then wonder how such a question is even possible.

    But it gets even worse.

    The story of the suppression is itself (allegedly) being suppressed...

    Yes, you guessed, Covid comes into the mix here.

    But read it for yourself, and form your own viewpoint.


  • Ben Fulford - Friday Sitrep 24 Nov


    Unusually, Ben has posted a Friday video to Rumble - its' an interesting report.

    (20 minutes)