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  • The Applied Psychology Behind the Covid Project


    The current government advertising about the Covid "pandemic" is very long on emotional blackmail and very short on factual accuracy (in my honest opinion).

    I think we should be worried by this.

    The Government is a very powerful institution and if it isn't treating us, the citizenry (their employers), with honesty, then we have to ask serious questions about their motivations,

  • The Deaths of Lock-Down Revealed?


    A few days ago the headlines were full of the news:-

    "100,000 dead in the UK from coronavirus"

    The death-toll attributed to the Covid pandemic in the UK was on every masthead, and

  • Down the Rabbt Hole . . . Trump and the Cabal


    Every once in a while we find a presentation which, while couched well within "conspiracy theory" territory, challenges us to dispute its logic whilst highlighting the seemingly impossible task of making sense of the truth, sorting the wheat from the chaff, understanding our existence and the world as they actually are rather than as we assume that they are - and perhaps concluding that we are simply not in any

  • Dr Fuellmich Serves Cease and Desist Papers on Professor Christian Drosten


    Professor Drosten was the co-author of the Corman-Drosten paper which first described the RT-PCR test protocol for the SARS-Cov-2 virus. That protocol was quickly adopted by the WHO as their recommended test.

    That original paper was critically reviewed in November 2020.


  • Class Action Covid Lawsuit in the USA?


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who also practices in California.

    He is particularly concerned about the relevance of the PCR test when used as a means of assessing cases in the general population, and for the economic and personal damage caused by lock-downs.

    Read about his

  • State of the World - Hugo Talks - Soft Cheese?


    I don't often include videos that make slightly rambling discourse about the current state of the world, but this one does seem to touch on a lot topical issues . . .

    Make of this what you will.


  • SARS-Cov-2 - Asymptomatic Transmission - True or False?


    Recently we have seen many full-page advertisements in the British press which feature the claim(above a very disturbing image of an elderly person in an oxygen mask) that:

    "Around 1 in 3 people who have Covid-19 have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing"

    Let's examine this claim dispassionately.

    Covid-19 is the disease caused by

  • Lambeth: LIVE from the Brian For Mayor Digital Battle Bus


    Brian Rose is out on the road again pushing his campaign for election to Mayor of London.

    You may recall that we reported on his arrest whilst campaigning a couple of days ago. After reviewing the legal aspects he is out again in his

  • Environmental Health Trust et al v. Federal Communications Commission


    The EHT court case against the FCC - first report from the hearing in Washington DC.

    The EHT has published an article including two video reports, one assessing the way that the hearing went, the other an audio recording from the hearing itself.

    I found that latter quite revealing - to a laymen such as myself it seems extraordinary that the FCC (which one might have expected to have expertise in telecomms technology) should have relied on the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) to

  • America is Opening Up!


    Well, the truly cynical (yup, guilty as charged!) might think, now that Biden is installed in the White House, that the need for the Covid virus has gone away.

    But whatever the reason, the news that America is finally coming round to opening up is surely very welcome, as it puts pressure on the rest of the world to do likewise, and eases at least some of the relentless pressure applied to the population so far.

    OK, release is bound to come bundled with unwelcome restrictions that the

  • New World Order - How to Get There Explained


    Great Reset - New World Order - Global Communism - World-Wide Fascism - World Domination - Conspiracy Theory?

    How did we get to where we are today? Does any of this ring true?

    "only men of superior intelligence should have the right to rule the world"

    "the move toward... communism would be gradual, in such a way that there would be no violent revolution, but at the end of the line they would have it, and nobody could say

  • UK bill allowing for child spies is ‘really quite Orwellian’


    We have reported on this matter previously but the message bears repeating - we are already living in a police state, we just haven't realised it yet.


  • Post Hoc Analyses of Brexit - Wolfgang Streek


    We feature today two articles by Wolfgang Streek of the Max Plank Institut.

    Firstly an analysis of the mutual incomprehension evident in the attitudes that the British and EU elites had for each other prior to and during the Brexit process, as published by SideCar.

    I'm not sure that I would

  • Bombshell! WHO Information Notice Undermines UK Government's Pandemic Narrative


    The WHO slipped out an Information Notice (coincidentally on the day of Joe Biden's "inauguration") which drives a coach and horses through the Government's pandemic narrative.

    We have been subjected to an unprecedented onslaught during January by the main-stream media, with regular double-page spreads ramming home the message that Covid is a deadly enemy that is spreading uncontrollably (during lock-down?) and burying the NHS in an alleged tidal wave of Covid patients.

    Even the



    London Mayoral Candidate Brian Rose has been stopped by policefrom campaigning for the London Mayoral election.

    How is this not a flagrant violation of our political rights?


    It may seem a long time ago now, but the message remains valid. 

    This is not a battle for good health. This is a battle against the

  • All the World's a Stage - and All the Men and Women Merely Players ...


    Making sense of the departure of Donald Trump and the "inauguration" of Joe Biden presents a difficulty, whatever viewpoint you take of American, indeed world, politics.

    Maybe we should take a step back, and review what has actually happened:


    Like / Dislike this video

    Treasure Trove of Evidence Exposes & Confirms Massive Voter Fraud


    This won't be for everybody, but this post from My Patriot Network provides links to a great deal of evidence about the frauds that allegedly took place in the US presidential election.

    Sidney Powell's evidence,

    Rudy Giuliani's videos,

    Peter Navarro's reports,

    And (inevitably!) "more"!

  • Landmark Case Against the FCC - Appeal Hearing


    This case reaches the appeals court shortly, and the EHT provides links to all the evidence and to the livestream on Monday 25 January 9:30am EST (14:30 GMT).

    Read all about the Monday hearing.

  • Covid - Project Fear on Steroids


    It was the Brexit campaign that brought the term "Project Fear" into common currency, but some may well feel that Brexit was only a warm-up exercise for the "Great Covid Fear" that now stalks the news media, and by extension the nation, and indeed seemingly the whole world.

    The "We are All Going to Die!" hyperbole might normally be regarded as a hysterical over-reaction to a coronavirus with a well documented survival rate well above 99% for the vast majority

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