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  • Is the Wind Industry Running Out of Wind?


    Net Zero Watch bring us the latest result of wind power generation auction, and it doesn't bode well.

    If wind is so cheap and plentiful, why are providers not queuing up to reap the profits?

    As ever, it's the subsidies that seem to be the problem. But if it's really so cheap and plentiful, why the need for subsidies?

    And if it still isn't cheap and plentiful after so many years of subsidies, it's a fair bet that it never will be.

    Will this circus ever end? Perhaps when the auctions finally run out of bidders?

    So what's the alternative? Send the link to your MP.


  • "Energy Bill", or "Energy - Dictatorial Powers - Bill"?


    Another critique of the Bill - this time from the Daily Sceptic. As you might expect, it's sceptical.

    The war is not between Left and Right, the war is between centralisation (empowerment of the few) and freedom (empowerment of the many).

    The Bill wants to impose the elite's favoured "solutions" upon the many, and it will as always end in disaster, because they never choose their "solutions" either wisely or appropriately. Despite having all the best advisers at their beck and call ready to advise them, their solutions are invariably political and one-size-fits-all because without that - well, I guess we have no need of them!

    They are behaving like zombies that cannot see or hear any conflicting evidence. Maybe we really do have no need of them.

    If we find our own solutions then we will quickly pick up on those whose solutions work best, and these solutions will be copied because they work

  • The Last Word on Climate Change?


    "If only!" I hear you cry.

    Nevertheless those who profess to know best and therefore feel no need to listen to anyone else are still plodding relentlessly on in their irrelevant unscientific way - though sadly not irrelevant to our future prosperity and comfort, possibly even to our survival (many more die from cold than from excess warmth).

    So who better to clearly and calmly summarise the salient facts as we know them than Ivor Cummins?

    (20 minutes)


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  • Never Mind the Quaxxines ... What About the Rest of It?


    With many questioning the efficacy of "the jabs", what does that say about the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial-regulatory complex in general?

    Pfizer in particular is infamous for its past court judgements.

    And if one branch of their product tree is so questionable, what other branches should we also be looking at?

    Many pharmaceutical drugs are now aimed squarely at those who are not ill (vaccines head the list) and those who are not ill but may be "pre-ill" - for example, "pre-diabetic", or with elevated markers ("high cholesterol" etc) that are assumed to be indicative of incoming poor health and that of course can be "combatted" with more drugs such as statins.

    The financial benefits to big pharma

  • More on the Energy Bill


    David Kurten introduces us to the ramifications of the Energy Bill.

    The devil of course is in the detail - "energy smart regulations" will allow ministers to set up draconian energy rules and targets that everyone must comply with without ever going back to get authority from Parliament.

    This is dictatorship by statutory instrument. Including new fines and imprisonment for non-compliance. Without explicit parliamentary approval.

    Worth watching.

    (23 minutes)


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    Nigel Farage isn't impressed either...


  • Excess Deaths and Covid Jab Status


    We have waited a long time for someone to connect the dots.

    Remember, it is the responsibility of the MHRA to monitor the results of the distribution of medicines - including those labelled as vaccines - to pick up any safety signals and ensure that potential problems are investigated.

    The ONS has published statistics on excess deaths that can be correlated with the different rates of vaccine uptake across the age ranges.

    So, the analysis is based upon the principle that if there is no connection between vaccine uptake and excess deaths, then the excess deaths would not obviously be related to the vaccinated/unvaccinated status of those who died, and the percentage of excess deaths in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated groups will be (more or less) expected to be the same as the overall proportion for these groups combined.

    So if the proportion of excess deaths overall is 10%, then both the unvaccinated

  • Carbon Offsets are a Shell Game? No Longer!


    Shell Plc have faced reality.

    "Shell... has quietly shelved the world's largest corporate plan to develop carbon offsets"

    "Shell has struggled to find projects that meet its standards for quality"

    "The pullback reflects... an admission that the prior goals were simply unattainable"

    Well, at least they have chosen to admit the truth that others still seek to ignore.

    Will this start a trend? Or will the multiplicity of offset scams stubbornly endure in the face of reality? Would that not amount to misleading investors? With possible legal consequences that would be - shall we say - significant?

    Zero Hedge

  • Harbingers of the End of the World as We Know It


    Nothing is as it seems, and nothing is accidental.

    Max Igan reviews the horrific recent events around the world.

    Nothing particularly new here, but pulling it all together creates an arresting narrative.

    At least Max is (mostly) cool calm and collected, as always.

    "There're going to bring these fires back in Australia"

    "Don't give these corporate parasites the opportunity to modify our Constitution"

    (77 minutes)



  • Politico Comments on the Energy Bill


    The Energy Bill is due for more Parliamentary debate this month, allegedly.

    It's a complex beast, and apparently required in order for us to make up for the loss of EU legislation "following Brexit".

    Is it all about investment?

    A delay on the Energy Bill will have a massive ripple effect on the rest of the energy sector... Why would you invest in the U.K. when we don’t have an incentive package that matches the IRA [the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act] or EU’s Net Zero Industry Act, and now we don’t even have the legislation, maybe, to back it up?"

    So investment necessary to reach "net zero" might be imperilled?

    “The important reforms and measures it includes are needed more than ever after the energy crisis to help accelerate the energy

  • Neil Tells It Like It Is


    Another pin-point polemic that skewers "our" government and "our" national leaders.

    And all those that still think that we live in a democracy.

    Listen carefully, or you will miss something important.

    "Tell them they can stick the whole joyless totalitarian hypocritical anti-human lot of it where the sun don't shine"

    Amen to that.

    (12 minutes)


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  • Fulford Report Monday 4 Sep 2023


    Ben's report this week indicates incoming turbulence among those who would still be the movers and shakers of this world - but who are beginning to resemble a cartoon character in the Wile E Coyote tradition. Please don't laugh - this is serious after all.

    "Many deep state people were expecting money from the Rockefellers today [September 1st] but NOBODY got a penny-they went all around the world to various banks and found out their accounts were either not there or drained of funds % of the money the IRS collects is supposed to go to Rocky’s banks but not anymore"

    Is there any light at the end of this cartoon tunnel? (Modest subscription required)


  • Energy Bill


    Your energy bill?

    No, "our" Energy Bill - Bill 340 as currently wending its way through "our" UK Parliament.

    The Bill that would regulate seemingly every possible aspect of energy provision throughout the realm for many years to come.

    Sponsored by both the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (now split up - see link) and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

    (Is there more to this reorganisation than meets the eye? I note that "Responsibility for national security and

  • Dr David Martin Explains Covid et al


    Here Dr David Martin reminds us that Covid was nothing to do with health (unless it was our mental health) - it was all about (a) our obedience to authority and (b) the jabs. A useful round up of everything that took place, should we never have noticed or should we need reminding.

    This cannot be over until justice has been served.

    (72 minutes)



  • The Delingpod - Featuring Brian Gerrish


    The story of Brian Gerrish, his time in the Navy, his time as a journalist at UK Column, and his viewpoint on how our UK government really operates.

    "... you're talking about a multi-billion pound industry... children as a commodity are worth a fortune"

    And that's not the half of it.

    If you want to know how our governing classes operate, watch to the end.


    (2 hrs 1 min)



  • "We Are ... Still a Member of the European Project"


    Just in case anybody is still unaware, Mahyar Tousi spells out the effectual truth for us:

    "We are apparently still a member of the European Project"

    (except of course our "membership" doesn't extend to allowing Nigel Farage or any other UK MEPs back into the European Parliament - it's an "à la carte" unofficial membership with all the costs and responsibilities - such as open borders - and none of the benefits)

    Quelle Surprise.

    (7 minutes)


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  • "The Net is Mightier Than the Sword"


    James Corbett reviews the history of an ancient aphorism, and explains how his network of open-source sources enables him to deliver state of the art journalism.

    There's been a lot of water under the bridge since 2014 (when this video was made), and the deep state is now desperately trying to put the cork back into the social media bottle - but is it too late?

    (11 minutes)



  • Bloomberg Pulling Sadiq's Strings in London?


    Why is Sadiq Khan railroading his "clean air" agenda through in London?

    London is the only (as far as I know) C40 city in the UK, so far.

    "C40 is a global network of nearly 100 mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis"

    Of course London is a major world city - the WEF's C40 project could hardly be considered credible without it, so they have their puppet in place as mayor (but did he campaign for election as the "WEF stooge" offering C40 City status?). 

    No matter - he has powerful backing from non other than Michael R Bloomberg (no doubt intervening to champion the interests of

  • Motivations Driving the Ukraine War


    Thrive was founded by independent researcher Foster Gamble many years ago to investigate what really goes on in the world.(Watch the resulting documentaries here)

    As part of his personal Free to Thrive blog, he has published what he considers to be the top ten reasons behind the Ukraine war.

    No big surprises here, but laid out with exceptional clarity and leaving little room for doubt.


  • From Inside the Belly of he Beast


    Former London banker Alexander Pohl explains his journey of awakening - from wide-eyed ingenu to old hand who knows how the system is worked to the benefit of the unscrupulous.

    "... there's a lot of dark stuff in these companies' supply chains... it's all about money... "

    He tried to escape - but found that the system was following him...

    "... then I was left with Sweden"

    (92 minutes)

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  • They Always Plan Events in Advance


    Event 201, where the "great and the good" got together in 2019 to plan how a new pandemic should be handled, effectively heralded the Covid "pandemic".

    The shaping of public opinion is a trademark of the secret services - that is clear from Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA took control of the American media. Why do that unless you want to manipulate public opinion?

    Of course, the British are alleged to have helped the Americans to set up the CIA after the end of WW2. So have the British secret services been up to the same kind of tricks as their counterparts in the USA?

    Tricks that may go well beyond the mere manipulation of public



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