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  • Clif High - Deep Dive from Evolution to Devolution


    Clif High is always good value - he is so knowledgeable that we are sure to learn something interesting, and he has this knack of putting matters into historical context so that it makes sense.

    Here he is with Sarah Westall expounding on a range of topics that defy coherent description, but which all impact on the current state our world today. You won't even notice as he segues effortlessly through his topics to explain his perceptions.

    Part One

    (51  minutes)


    Part Two

    (98 minutes)



  • Wakefield - How Goes the Campaign?


    Unherd gives deputy editor Jacob Furedi the freedom to tell the Wakefield by-election as he sees it - and a veritable picture of hopelessness engendered by the UK's political system emerges in all its doleful malevolence.

    The electors know full well that their choice is fixed in advance by the parties, and neither party will change anything to their liking.

    Whilst our voters fail to set up an alternative election of genuine local independent candidates to rival the official election system, they are stuck with a choice that nobody wants and the powers-that-be will win yet again.

    This system of political parties is moribund and nothing will change until this is recognised.

    Short of a gigantic whirlwind taking out all the rotten aspects of the current system, change will not come until we the people organise to create it. We could make a start by electing only independent candidates. Given the other choices

  • Judy Mikovits Unloads on Stew Peters


    Judy Mikovits first came to prominence when she clashed with Toni Fauci and lost.

    Since then she has remained in the background but never stopped her work.

    Here she spills the whole hill of beans on the Stew Peters show - and it's worse than anybody has so far explained.

    "What is it that they hope to... gain from all of this?"

    "What is it that is moving all these people to go along with this mass murder?"

    (33 minutes)



  • GeoEngineering - Deep Dive


    We've all seen the jet trails in the sky that somehow spread into a haze across huge areas.

    They are not condensation trails - those quickly evaporate in most conditions.

    Our government has denied (2020) that they are are involved:

    "The government is not deploying SRM, and has no plans to do so"

    - but that rather begs the question: "who is doing it, and why?" and maybe "why are you so unconcerned?"

    (4 hrs 28)



  • What We Are Up Against


    Dr Mercola has been beating the drum for real scientific medicine for many years, and Patrick Wood is the expert on the transhumanist agendas adopted by the WEF-UN partnership and presented in coded inoffensive terms with which at first sight nobody could disagree. Who would not want the world to be fed, to be healthy, and to be empowered? If only the envisaged actions would support such noble objectives!

    "The COVID pandemic was a coup d’état by the technocratic cabal that is behind the global takeover agenda, referred to as The Great Reset"

    "The Great Reset ... agenda is to implement a global type of totalitarianism based on technocratic and transhumanist ideologies"

    "Technocracy... requires social engineering to work ... Controlling the populace is crucial"

    Update CRN 6029679/21


    Mark Sexton's complaint to the Metropolitan Police was rejected back in February.

    This prompted a well-earned riposte from Philip Hyland of PJH Law later that month pointing out essentially that the action amounted to an obstruction of justice.

    Since that time the original complainant Mark Sexton has written to complain (download) to the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) - no response has yet been forthcoming.

    He also made a complaint to the police for Perverting the Course of Justice, to similarly little effect.

    Archie Battersbee


    This case is going to appeal, but if you are so inclined, a heartfelt prayer to your deity of choice for Archie's timely recovery could help render the whole legal battle null and void.

    We know that many kids due to their youth can be remarkably resilient, and I think it appalling that the medical authorities appear determined to ignore this potential for a delayed recovery. 

    "Many individuals have failed this test only to wake up later, in one case, hours before their organs were due to be donated"

    (6 minutes)


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  • Doctors for Covid Ethics - Fourth Symposium


    They don't do things by halves.

    Here we have seven hours of material, which I'm guessing the average person doesn't necessarily have spare at the end of the week!

    Happily someone has split the proceedings into three, which at least makes it seem more manageable, and means that skipping through to where you left off last time will be a bit easier.

    You can download the participants and schedule here.

    Part 1 (2 hrs 45)

    11 mins      Introduction

    14 mins     Dr Bhakdi  -  the Fundamental Mechanism of Damage

    24 mins     Michael Palmer  -  Irrefutable Proof of Causality


  • Saving the NHS One Doctor at a Time


    Sebastian Rushworth MD takes us on a quick tour of the doctor's patient-view, both as it is and as it might be in a better world.

    That someone should need to point out these home truths shows us a few things that we might not realise, but following on from these are some steps that we should hope that doctors would always practise as a simple matter of maintaining their professional standing.

    After all, are they doctors, or are they just the sales arm of the pharmaceutical industry?

    Food for thought indeed.


  • Fulford on Monday 13th June 2022


    If it's Monday then it's time for the Fulford report.

    A good read this week, and a goodly crop of comments - of course to read the full article before next Monday you will need a subscription, as always.

    This week he paints a reasonable picture of how the current world power-plays may roll out, which we might have guessed but it's good to have Ben's substantiating viewpoint.

    In final victory for hippy generation, Western policy will become “make love not war”


  • Is the NHS Beyond Saving?


    The NHS brooks no argument. It has been elevated by the politicians (who as a group set it up) and by the media (who should know better - it is their job as a "free press" to hold the powerful to account) to the status of sacred cow, a status so elevated that it is beyond rational scrutiny.

    And that is the key point - it is so ridiculously dysfunctional and in-your-face institutionally dishonest that in our dystopian world nobody dares point up its obvious, and some would now suggest criminal, failings.

    So it's no surprise to see the nobodies of this world stepping forward to do what needs to be done, nobodies such as UK Column, Daily Exposé, Daily Sceptic and many others too numerous to mention, but you know who you are.

    Today we have Ann Bradshaw writing in the Daily Sceptic with a review of the 

    " ‘landmark’ review into health and social care leadership led by General Sir Gordon Messenger and Dame Linda

  • Sudden XX..X Death Syndrome?


    Well, if they suddenly die, what else would we call it? 

    (6 minutes)



  • The Culling of Humanity?


    You know it makes sense... or does it?

    (31 minutes)


  • A Crime Against Humanity?


    Infertility - the alternative to genocide.

    (29 minutes)


    Draw your own conclusions.


  • Russia "Threatens" UK and US - Where is the BBC?


    As we on this site have suggested previously, Russia would be within its rights of self defence to target the UK in order to prevent us sending arms to Ukraine that could be used to hit targets within Russia.

    Now "Russia is making threats to strike because NATO it is supplying rockets to Ukraine that can hit Russia"

    "Why is the MSM underreporting this huge turn of events?" 

    We were warned in April.

    More from USA Watchdog (including some off-topic suggestions on Pfizer's manoeuvrings to wriggle out of its legal liabilities).

    Yes Russia did invade the Ukraine (long and complex history) and it

  • Whither the Clash of the Titans?


    Substack is the place nowadays for unconventional thinking, so what to make of the war in the Ukraine?

    Why hasn't Putin won yet?

    Will the plucky Ukrainian army push the Russians back into oblivion?

    Why is nobody making any progress?

    John's Newsletter puts forward another perspective, which given the West's propensity for shooting itself in the foot might just be on target.


  • Grand Jury Closing Episodes


    Dr Fuellmich's Covid Grand Jury has now closed its presentations of the evidence.

    This is a Grand Jury.

    The purpose is not to return a verdict of guilty or innocent, but to put the prima facie evidence before a jury, whose task is then to determine whether or not indictments should be raised for the prosecution of the accused.

    Who is on the jury? We are.

    Let us take our responsibility seriously:

    • to judge the case on the basis of the evidence presented
    • to bear in mind that there is no evidence presented in defence of the accused because this is not a trial
    • to answer the question - does the evidence warrant the holding of trials to prosecute the accused?
    • to ensure that justice is both done and seen to be
  • Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer


    A rather depressing but some might think all-too-predictable analysis of the new trade deal with New Zealand is offered by Brexit Watch.

    "Who negotiated this deal, the EU?"

    A fair question. Still, over the next 4 to 8 years (why so long?) tariffs on nearly all of New Zealand's products will be removed, although it seems that some quotas may remain.

    So from all parties' point of view, traders and producers will have time to review supply chains and bring in controlled change. One can always argue about the details, but clearly an abrupt removal might be a source of unwanted disruption.

    There again, the world is being disrupted with supply chains already in some turmoil, so one wonders whether we might need a bit more flexibility.

    So What's All This About MonkeyPox?


    Once again we turn to the indefatigable Amazing Polly for the low down on the latest medical scare currently being inflated out of all proportion by the global medical authorities.

    Do we still believe that they have our best interests at heart?

    We had somewhere around 1000 cases globally (reportedly) a few days ago, and already they are sowing the mental seeds that this is a terrible disease on a par with "leprosy and plague" not to mention malaria. Ooooh Err!

    So what's the truth?

    We won't know for a while, but their track record in "gain of function" so far doesn't suggest that this will be the BIG ONE. More probably another damp squib one. Time will tell.

    (35 minutes)


  • Depopulation Beckons?


    The Covid "pandemic" will undoubtedly go down in history as a most nefarious event that demonstrated beyond question that the very highest levels of national and global government are not beyond the reach of organised crime.

    How we deal with that situation in the future remains to be resolved, but if government by the elite doesn't work then perhaps we should try government by the people?

    Whatever that means, it must of necessity involve a huge program of decentralisation so that the "levers of power" become too many, too numerous, and too jealously owned by the locals to ever again be co-opted by the few.

    But I digress.

    The world is still coming to terms with the damage inflicted

    (a) by the virus (not very much - hardly noticeable in statistical terms) 

    (b) by the associated jabs that have been foisted upon the world