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  • Tartary the Mysterious


    One of the enduring mysteries of our time is the mystery of Tartaria.

    We know that it existed, and appeared on many old maps.

    We know that is was huge (at least in geographical area).

    And not much else...

    And yet, much remains around the world that might (or might not) be associated with it. Now I'm neither historian nor geographer, but I do find it quite extraordinary how little we seem to know about Tartaria - we know far more about the ancient cultures around the Mediterranean, supposedly two thousand years ago, than about the largest country (possibly excepting China) that existed up to only 200 years ago.

    So has something been hidden from us? Is history as we know it bunk? Or what?

    In the absence of real information, conspiracy theories will flourish simply because man is an inquisitive being, and will try to

  • Government by Regulatory Pyramid


    This is not party-political (in the sense of one political party competing against another).

    It is party-political in the sense that the concept of "the political party" has been and is still weaponised against the demos in order to invert the official relationship - so that the people become the servants of the government rather than vice versa.

    It is the case that most recent Acts of Parliament already give ministers the power to vary or remove existing clauses and insert new clauses without necessarily having to submit their suggestions for debate in Parliament. It is sufficient to publish the proposals to MPs, who need to demand a debate within a short time frame in order to get one. Since MPs are busy people who don't necessarily want to "rock the boat", these changes may well be allowed through without debate.

    Technically therefore such Acts of Parliament may be very significantly updated, without effective scrutiny, since ministers may make use of

  • I Hope It's Not Catching


    Dr Angus Dalgleish explains for the Daily Sceptic quite a lot about virology that I might take the time to quibble with.

    He also reviews the WHO's obsession with disease X, noting the emergence of very disturbing stories that some conspiracy theorists may regard as fear-mongering designed to drive a popular demand for the safety supposedly derived from control of the global medical response by the same WHO that made such an excellent job of defending us against the Covid menace. 

    So is this yet more propaganda to push us into the arms of those who would rule the world, or does he have a good point to make?

    Sadly I'm not going to spoil the ending - you'll just have to read it for yourself!


  • Organised Crime Revealed in Plain Sight?


    A very hard-hitting, hard to watch report from UK Column covering chapter and verse of the Covid "pandemic" vaccines trials, and subsequent approvals under Emergency Use Authorisation by the MHRA.

    "The FoIA request was eventually granted by court order through the PHMPT's attorney, Aaron Siri. The judge in the matter required the FDA to release all 451,000 pages of information over eight months, despite the FDA planning to retain the data for 75 years"

    Yes, there's a lot of detail here but in summary form (phew!), all based on documented results from many thousands of volunteers for the original Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials.

    It's a long presentation at a little over one hour, but keep going because the final summary of how the "outbreak" went all the way from "we've got a

  • Psychological Astrology - The Answer, or Another Psy-Op?


    Many may doubt any linkage between the science of psychology and the mysteries of astrology, although it's also fair to say that some have unkind views about both disciplines.

    Richard Vobes plunges heedless into the quagmire, interviewing a psychological astrologist who makes a surprisingly perceptive case for the relevance of her discipline to current times.

    This is well outside my own life experience, but certainly qualifies as something that makes you go "Hmmmm".

    So if you are feeling open-minded (and I can think of worse ways to spend my time!)... plunge in.

    (62 minutes)


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  • Miscellaneous Musings


    Richard Vobes addresses where he sees us standing at the preset time, what he and we might try to do differently, and whither our country, not to mention the world, may be bound.

    In short, he's taking stock.

    It's something we all need to do, at appropriate points, and perhaps now is as appropriate a point as any.

    (16 minutes)


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  • Everything We Never Wanted to Know About the WHO


    Personally I'm pretty fed up with the unstoppable folk at the WHO (and the UN and their multiple associated agencies and corporate associates with massive vested interests). It's high time they met with the irresistible force of mass non-compliance.

    Their incessant obsession about pandemics and their supposed expertise giving them sole untrammelled authority to

    (a) identify and declare a pandemic and
    (b) dictate the interventions that we must all submit to in order to survive it

    are become frankly boring. The are boring precisely because the WHO etc are impervious to rational argument, and push on with the same old same old regardless of all logical persuasion.

    Their claim to be worthy of such powers can be refuted by simple logic in a few lines:

    1. They are (we must assume and assert) human, and humans are infamous for their propensity to make errors,
  • In the Public Interest


    It is a basic tenet of our legal system that justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done.

    This "being seen to be done" cannot merely be interpreted as "being seen by the legal profession to be done" since the whole point of the principle is that the public should not lose confidence in the independence of the judiciary.

    Whose responsibility is it to ensure that justice is seen to be done, and what safeguards are in place to ensure that when it isn't, something appropriate is done about it?

    I am no lawyer, so will not comment on the correct legal interpretation of the case in question, but to my untutored mind it does appear that in this case, justice might not have been seen to be done. The very fact that a noted independent journalist thinks so is to my mind prima facie evidence for this.

  • Colchester Council - Starring on YouTube


    A Colchester activist explains how to attend council meetings and support them in taking decisions that are well-informed and in tune with their public.

    Don't start from where you want them to get to, start from where they are and guide them. It's a process, not a sprint.

    Rachel Matthews explains how they developed the art of working with their council for better outcomes, by making sure that they understand the issues and do the due diligence before committing to expensive action that may be unpopular.

    (28 minutes)


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  • No Cattle, No Beef, NOCA Your Rights


    With the European (plus British and Irish) farmers on the march against government overreach, now is perhaps a good time to review the kind of steps that can be taken legally to discourage heavy-handed government measures based upon pretexts that may not actually stand up to scrutiny in depth.

    For example, take Bovine Tuberculosis, the cause of which is/was said to be the "reservoir" of the disease in wild badgers, which prompted the extensive culling of badgers in recent years. 

    Being not a farmer myself, I haven't heard of any particular widespread situation related to Bovine TB, and as far as I know the WEF has not yet mandated the destruction of our cattle for any reason other than excessive flatulence.

    But in case I am behind the curve here, I draw attention to the Bernician's

  • Reflections on a Grand Day Out


    This piece really doesn't need any embellishment from me - it stands complete on its own ground.



  • Richard Vobes Nails the World's Postmaster General


    No, don't worry, nothing to do with the Fujitsu system and the Royal Mail's conflict with their local postmasters, this is your introduction to the now-space.

    So listen up as the Richard:Vobes interviews Russell-Jay:Gould, proponent of the quantum-grammar.

    "... the Post Offices of the world control the country's military... "

    "... the United Nations is a fraudulent organisation that has zero authority to do anything - because they can't read and write... "

    "... you're using a lot of terms that are completely new to me... "  (and so say all of us!)

    (57 minutes)

    Good Luck!


    Fulford Monday Report - 12 Feb 2024


    "There can be no doubt now that regime change is happening in the Western world"

    The pace of change is increasing and keeping tabs on everything is correspondingly difficult.

    The farmers revolts are spreading, with even the English emulating their Gallic friends across the channel (although I have yet to see reports of English town halls being treated to a brisk hosing down with legendary farming materials - maybe they still have some tips to learn from the Yetties). 

    And of course "that interview" unaccountably seems to be causing ructions amongst certain groups, even if Mr Putin was very circumspect in his history lesson. It doesn't seem to have done his popularity any harm.

  • The End of Climate Change, or the End of the World - or All Three?


    So the Trial has ended in Washington DC, and justice has been served... or rather, Mark Steyn has been served with hefty punitive damages for daring to point up the unlikely "science" behind the by now age-old hockey-stick graph. 

    The Daily Sceptic has a useful report, noting the disparity between the $1 million punitive damages awarded and the actual damages award (think of the same amount but minus the "million" qualification). We may all come to our own viewpoint on whether or not this represents actual justice as we would recognise it.

    Mark Steyn's own website makes some excellent points, including that he (like Julian Assange?) might as a journalist have been thought to be protected by the First Amendment.


  • Once WW3 is Over


    Once WW3 is Declared Over...  what then?

    I don't know, but if we really have no "authorities" to turn to... then it really will be government of the people by the people and for the people, because there won't be anybody else!

    Are we the people prepared?

    Richard Vobes begins to put us into the frame of mind.

    (10 minutes)


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  • This is War - But Not as We Imagined It


    To some extent we have covered this before...

    ... but it's always good to see others putting out the same message.

    Pascal Najadi joins the AJ Roberts Show to explain the truth that nobody will believe - that WW3 has been waged for some years and is (hopefully, allegedly) now coming to a close in 2024.

    That's not to say that it's over, or that there won't be a great deal of sweeping up to do in 2024/5 and onward, but maybe the active stage is over (or will be closed shortly) (whatever that may mean). 

    "The Law of War Manual of the United States Military is in force"

    "If you don't now read what we disclose then you will have a hard time to get to grips with what is soon coming to surface... "

    A Battle Won, the War Continues


    The EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, in response to blockades by farmers all around Europe, has lifted some of the planned restrictions sufficiently to persuade the farmers that they have won enough, and can get off her doorstep and back to farming.

    But what has really changed? 

    "... the European Commission offered some concessions to the agricultural sector — but said it will not scale back its plan to cut 90% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2040..."

    To achieve that, the death by a thousand cuts will need to continue, until the farmers are too weak to mount such protests again (Heaven knows how much the farmers had to spend on time and diesel to mount this one).

    They need to use the upcoming elections to ensure that the usual suspects are removed from the EU parliament in June, but given that their authorities may not be above rigging such elections, that may be easier said than done.

  • "This Will Go Down as a Biblical Crime"


    "We follow Government policy"

    Dr John Campbell interviews John O'Looney, funeral director. 

    It seems that the only difference between this and "disease X" is the preparedness of officialdom to talk about it.

    Nothing new here, except the latest information on official exchanges. A reminder, if any were needed, of the dedication of our governing authorities to our welfare and safety.

    (32 minutes)


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  • Tucker Explains the State of the United States


    If you watched the Putin interview, then what you got primarily was Vladimir Putin. That was as it should be.

    So to redress the balance, this is Tucker Carlson, absolutely nailing today's zeitgeist.

    Classic Tucker.

    (25 minutes)


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  • The Unfolding UK Police State


    "Under this law, authorities in London have granted themselves the power to surveil, harass, and ultimately imprison any British citizens they wish on similarly suspicionless grounds"

    The National Security Act 2023 is now law (since July 2023).

    One might be forgiven for thinking that we are at war, but with whom?

    Perhaps not yet with Russia (although it does get an honourable mention) but that may simply be for want of trying, or perhaps outright incompetence. Don't encourage them.

    Perhaps with Tucker Carlson? Certainly there are those who might hope so.

    Or perhaps the EU is suspected of infiltrating its agents in a bid to