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  • Sonia Poulton Speaks


    "What kind of investigative journalist are you if the government aren't watching you?"

    A good question.

    The answer is quite long at 1 hr 20m, and won't meet with universal approval by any stretch of the imagination, but if it's OK for YouTube to host then I guess it's OK for everyone.

    For those unfamiliar with her work, Sonia has been engaged in the investigation of crimes such as child abuse and associated activity for many years, famously but by no means limited to the Madeleine McCann case, and in the course of which she has run up against the alleged involvement of people in high places.

    "... I was given access to a BBC laptop... captured all the minutes of meetings between BBC executives and the government ... I was able to see how in charge of things the government were in terms of the BBC... "

    So how many people in the UK are

  • Was the WHO Honestly and Legally Set Up?


    As everybody's favourite globalist health watchdog, heroically warning a distracted world about the imminent onset of a great string of dreadful pandemics that only top down controls by they themselves would be able to avert, the WHO may be the most misunderstood medical cash-machine in the world.

    Funded as it is by philanthropic foundations (with inextricable ties to massive pharmaceutical companies) and by member states, some small-minded people would query whether their primary concerns are actually for the worlds populations, or for their pharmaceutical connections.

    Now their serious efforts, to ensure that the global controls (IHR, Pandemic Treaty) necessary to "defeat the next pandemic" are achieved in time to make a difference, are being subverted by an attempt to show that some member states were never in fact legally set up as WHO members in the first place, and that the WHO itself may even have been improperly founded. Such people should realise that in the scramble to recover from the

  • 2023 Ends, 2024 Beckons


    I doubt that I am the only person to have noticed the steadily falling numbers of a variety of common garden birds over recent years. Time was when driving across country in summer months we would need to scrape the dead flies off our windscreens - there were even special cleaning products available that claimed to assist in this task. 

    No longer - the insect population is severely reduced these days, but nobody seems to take any note.

    No doubt there is linkage here with the falling avian population - fewer insects means less food for birds. Not that they don't eat seeds and berries as well, but every little helps as they say, and many blooms (of insects and flowers) are seasonal. A seasonal gap in the food supply isn't something that any life form can benefit from.

    I'm not saying that I understand all of these intricacies, but it is clear that something amiss is ongoing, and it could be the birds and insects are the canaries in the coal mine, a warning

  • Fulford at Christmas 2023


    My apologies for taking Christmas Day off 🙂.

    It seems that Benjamin Fulford did not, so here we present his Christmas 2023 report for Monday 25th December.

    "... both China and the West (the rest of the world not so much) need to completely change their long, short and medium turn economic plans"

    "The victors in the war against the KM are now presenting plans that are astonishing in their scale and ambition"

    "Once the plans on how to accomplish this are worked out, the result will make the Cambrian explosion look like a champagne bubble by comparison"

    We stand on the threshold of a new age, a new era, a new eon perhaps.

    Buckle up. Do we trust any government that relies on coercion to take us into

  • Reminder - Covid Was a DoD Project


    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!

    Brownstone Institute reminds us of the work done by Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt (as reported here earlier).

    If you are not familiar with this yet, then steel yourself for the most outrageous Covid revelation so far.

    Whether or not you consider that the "emergency" justified the actions taken, did it justify

  • The Great Game Continues


    Putting much of the seemingly senseless activity of recent years into an overarching context, this article from Zero Hedge paints an admittedly complex picture that does knit a large number of seemingly disparate threads together.

    It's about power, and who controls that power.

    This level of global politicking is above my pay grade, but there does seem to be great deal going on these days that could well herald a marked shift in the global order of things.

    Luongo: No One Has Really Grokked How Big The Suez/Houthi Gambit Is


  • For the Esotericist


    If you fancy a bit of brain-hurt, this may be for you.

    Be warned, it traverses a great deal of history, mythology (what is mythology?) and of the "hidden knowledge" so beloved of the many and various incarnations of the secret societies that have flourished and withered over many centuries - making sense of it is problematic to say the least.

    Still, without wishing to assert that any of it is actually true (truth here must be entirely dependent upon the interpretation of each individual reader!), it does make for a diverting and indeed challenging read in the wake of this winter solstice, when the Sun reverses its course and the days start to become longer once more. Is this anything to do with Lucifer, the "bringer of light"? Or just the same old cycle of the heavens...

    Make of it what you will. They were not called

  • Another Untouchable


    We don't do party politics on this site.

    This is not party-politics, it's democracy vs fascism.

    We have all seen "the annointed ones" (of both parties) coming in the past, we knew that they were inevitable, and we were not surprised when they were guided deftly in as the "leader who would change everything".

    From Heath to Thatcher, Blair to Brown, Sir Keir is but the latest in a long line. Prepare to be underwhelmed...

    I don't follow the fortunes of our politicians with any enthusiasm, so cannot say if the assertions made in this video are correct. But I do assert the pragmatic truth of that old joke "how do you know when a politician is lying?...

  • The Untouchables


    A bank with a long, long history, going well back into the tangled days of empire, dating right back to the early days of Hong Kong as a British colony. The story of the bank in many ways reflects the story of the empire.

    This exposé may not be entirely accurate, it's up to you to form your own view.

    (58 minutes)


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  • Failure to Prevent Fraud - Now an Offence


    It's not often that I approve of some criminal measure or other that our Government proposes, but I make an exception for these aspects of theEconomic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023, which introduces a new offence of failure to prevent fraud.

    It also introduces some measures designed to protect against vexatious litigation (by those with deep pockets) intended to silence criticism or investigative journalism (by those with shallow pockets), AKA Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation

  • Deep Fake News on its Way!


    Our readers will probably have already realised that much of "the news" we hear and see today is fake, but perhaps the AI will do a better, more polished, more assured job of it than us humans? After all, humans are liable to "tells" - those involuntary facial (or other) twitches that the subconscious mind automatically performs when it knows its human is lying.

    Any self-respecting AI should be immune from that.

    Technocracy News and Views comments:

    "In the future, AI will write news stories and present them with deep fake AI news anchors. As AI improves, you will be unable to discern what is fake and real. Some experts are forecasting that as much as 80 percent of the news will be delivered this way by 2028. Layer on the AI bots that will comment on the AI-generated stories, and you will see reality fading out in your rearview mirror. ⁃ TN Editor"

    I think this a good point, but are we not some way

  • Smart Meter Update


    The House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts reports on the smart meter roll-out (October 20th).

    "The Government’s original target was to effectively complete the rollout by 2019. However, it has adjusted its deadlines three times and reduced its target installation levels for smart meters from “all homes and small businesses” in 2019, to its current target of 74.5% of homes and nearly 69% of small businesses to have smart meters by the end of 2025"

    "At the end of March 2023, more than a decade after the rollout started, only 57% of all electricity and gas meters were smart"

    "The extent of smart meter installation varies across Great Britain, from 5% in the Isles of Scilly to 69% in Chesterfield as at March 2023"

    "... the responsibility for consumer engagement rests primarily with Smart Energy GB (a not-for-profit organisation funded by

  • A New Age Beckons - Same as the Old Age?


    The Indomitable Richard Vobes shares his vision of a future that could be ours - if we want it?

    Do we want it? Could we achieve it? How would we get there?

    The future belongs to the dreamers, because without a dream, what kind of future could we possibly create? 

    Perhaps our present has shown us the kind of future that awaits if we fail to dream our dreams, and to act upon them...

    (11 minutes)


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  • "There's Some Strange Stuff Going On Here"


    So what "strange stuff" might be going in within the hallowed walls of Westminster Hall in Parliament?

    The long-awaited Parliamentary debate on e-Petition 635904 on the proposed WHO measures (including the so-called "Pandemic Treaty" and the changes to the International Health Regulations) took place yesterday Monday 18th December.

    We applaud Dr John Campbell for publishing selected speeches from this debate (which would otherwise be long and perhaps difficult to navigate - but there is a link below 🙂).

    If you ask me, these 3 speeches represent Parliament at its finest - concise, clear, and on point. Strange stuff indeed...

    1) Mr Philip Davies MP (Shipley)(10 minutes)



  • Fulford Report Monday 18 Dec 2023


    This week's report is no doubt eagerly awaited, yet whilst it does yield numerous nuggets of news it is still obvious that the war continues.

    Clearly it cannot end until the US and other major KM-controlled western governments are removed... but there is good news on this front:- it does appear that at least one major nation has bitten (is biting?) this bullet!

    Can the remainder be far behind?

    Modest subscription required


  • The Space Between Me and Reality


    For those becoming discombobulated by a realisation that our world is not run the way we thought it was, and still coming to terms with the new reality...

    This substack isn't directly applicable but does deal with the writer's approach to the uncertainty involved in dislocation.

    "The place I’m in feels liminal; not quite done with the past and not yet having created a new life here"

    "the myriad ways in which my body and heart and spirit are supporting me and carrying me onward, if only I can take the time to listen"

    "I feel help coming from so many other forces too: particularly from friends; from the trees, the waters and the land I’m on; from the movement of the stars reminding me of deep time and space"

    This piece probably isn't for

  • Rolling Thunder of Propaganda


    Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) interviews New York University (NYU) Professor Mark Crispin Miller, an expert in propaganda, who reviews recent US history from that viewpoint.

    "To say the press has failed abysmally is actually giving them too much credit. They have been instrumental throughout this nightmare, whose aim is radical depopulation and destruction of democracy"

    Not much compromise on sugaring the pill here then.

    (1 hour)



  • Elon Lays it Out


    Elon Musk performs for an Italian audience (in English!):

    (39 minutes)


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  • None of the Above!


    For those dissatisfied with our "democracy", one of the problems that presents is how to demonstrate that dissatisfaction at the ballot box without voting for somebody that has little or no public standing.

    It is true that one can spoil one's paper, which whilst it does indicate dissatisfaction is also not very effective, since the reasoning behind such spoilage cannot be reliably ascertained and is never formally reported (except to the candidates in person at the count). In short, dissatisfaction thus demonstrated is readily brushed aside, and many who don't want to vote for any candidate on offer will simply stay away from the poll and thus be (wronly) presumed disinterested.

    But what if...
    ... there was a NOTA (none of the above) option on the ballot paper in addition to the names of the candidates? Well, probably not of itself effective, since this too could be brushed aside...
    ... unless of course NOTA could actually be elected!


  • Struck by the Law of Unintended(?) Consequences


    Get your new gas boiler installed before 31st December, or it may cost you!

    Why? Well, government meddling of course. 

    Gas is "BAD" so must be phased out - but the government doesn't want to look bad to the voters (you could have fooled me) so instead of demanding a tax on gas boilers, it's going to tax fine the manufacturers for not installing enough heat pumps. 

    Since the manufacturers must still make a profit...

    The Daily Sceptic reports.