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  • The Gaslighting Goes On .. and On ...


    Wear masks, don't wear masks, lock down, don't lock down, social distance etc etc.

    Now the Daily Sceptic tells us how those who hope we have short memories are trying to spin away the blame.

    It wasn't the non-pharmaceutical interventions that did the damage, but the fear of the virus... so it was our fault for believing the incessant fear-mongering?

    If this wasn't published in a reputable journal (!) I would think it a well-timed way over-the-top outrageous spoof, but these days one has to move with the times and recognise that what passes for politics is actually just attempted mind-control. If the peasants are revolting against it, then mind-control harder!

    Or have I flipped and become mentally incoherent in a totally unwarranted search for the last vestiges of sanity, where

  • The Latest Twitter on the Musk Take-Over


    Everybody has no doubt heard by now that Musk has ejected a goodly few (or more) from Twitter since he took control of the company.

    Personally, given the golden goodbyes the principal management received, I doubt that they will be sleeping on the street yet awhile, but who knows?

    Apparently the shares responded positively, although the NYSE has indicated that they will no longer be listing Twitter's shares. Another lifetime ban?

    What other plans might the dark side have in store for the little bird?

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • The Economics and Politics of the Free Lunch


    The Politicians and Bankers and their ilk have been dining at our expense for decades. Just how that system has become as invisible (to the average Joe) and exponentially more dangerously (and likewise invisibly) close to implosion can be traced to its ever-increasing complexity.

    Why is it a problem? Because those that run it have lost their sense of responsibility (or failed to nurture it). There was always another wheeze which could be invented to tide it over (whilst making bags of money before the implosion arrived), the problem being that such schemes invariably morphed into Ponzi schemes (even if not originally devised as such).

    Egon von Greyerz (of Matterhorn Asset Management) brings us up to date.

    "No banker, no company management or business owner ever has to take the loss personally if he makes

  • Do the Democrats Want War?


    It turns out that he answer to this question depends upon whether the word "Democrats" refers to the Democratic Party, or the voters preparing for the November elections.

    "The Pentagon is now moving to use nuclear weapons even if the other side does not have them or does not use them"

    "It is a huge ... issue in the Democrat party, especially in places like New York City, which is #1 on the nuclear exchange hit list"

    Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) brings us up to speed on this and more:

    (58 minutes)



  • Swiss Study - "All Covid Jabs Cause Heart Injury"


    Or, to put it another way, even if they don't kill or disable you, you still are not out of the woods.

    "New evidence has emerged that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are routinely injuring the heart of all vaccine recipients, raising further questions about their safety and their role in the recent elevated levels of heart-related deaths"

    But is this really an effect of the Covid infection, as those who can see no vaccine harm under any circumstances might suggest? Not so fast...

    "... even though Australia had not had significant Covid (only 30,000 reported infections and 910 deaths) prior to mid-2021, it still saw a trend in excess non-Covid deaths beginning in June 2021"

    The Daily Sceptic brings us

  • Can we Duck and Dive Around the Great Reset?


    "Prof Frank Furedi, Ben Pile, Dr Tara McCormack, Matt Gubba Guest Videos from Nick Hudson (SA) and Michael Driver (UK) Chaired by Alan Miller"

    #together bring its panellists together. A bit slow to start but very revealing.

    "... globalism from the top down is just another version of all the things that failed in the last century, be they fascism, communism, and so on... "

    "... the Universe has a tendency towards beauty, towards complexity, and most of all towards higher levels of consciousness, and this is something that we witness every day... "

     (1 hr 53 mins)


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  • Fifteen Minutes to Batten the Neighbourhood


    The latest wheeze to encourage us to stay at home explained by David Kurten.

    "a draconian clampdown on freedom of movement"

    "Oxford and Canterbury... all of a sudden are implementing zones in their cities"

    "... are going to give cars permits... not allowed to go... in your car... to another zone more than 100 times per year"

    "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help" - Ronald Reagan

    (10 minutes)


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  • "Easy to verify ... from an Irrefutable Source"


    The Daily Sceptic highlights some official data that demonstrates exactly why we (and our friends and acquaintances) should perhaps be leery of getting any more jabs.

    No conspiracy theories, no dubious medicos that want to plough their own furrow, no unauthorised data sources.

    "Information like this seems to me to be the kind of thing people are looking for, particularly now as they become increasingly hesitant about getting ever more shots of vaccine"

    A useful article that many of us could perhaps adapt to meet our own needs to communicate within our circles.

    Useful not just  because it provides a handle on the effectiveness of the treatment, but also because it highlights a respectable practical and superior

  • What???!!!!



    Should we be encouraged?

    As with seemingly everything these days, stand by for more absurd convolution than anybody would (in more normal times) believe possible...

    (23 minutes)


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  • The UNN Responds to IMPRESS


    IMPRESS is the "Independent Monitor for the Press" (Wikipedia).

    "We help to build understanding and trust between journalists and the public - and provide the public with trusted sources of news"

    They have "excommunicated" UNN for breaches of their code of journalism or some such, it isn't exactly clear why, although "vaccines" and "the Ukraine" seem to be high on the list.

    One wonders whether "independent analysis" and "having the brass face to publish it" might also be featuring some where on their dislike list? Or perhaps their definition of "independent" and David's definition may not be entirely compatible?

    Not one to let an opportunity go to waste, David Clews (love him or hate him) has penned a detailed

  • Report of the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse - October 2022


    The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) has published its final report.

    It can be downloaded here.

    There is also a Rapid Read, and an Executive Summary.

    Just a few quotes from the Executive Summary:

    "The deviousness and cruelty of perpetrators

  • The Parliamentary Debate on e-petition 602171 on the Safety of Covid-19 Vaccines


    Today's debate in Parliament on the safety of the jabs.

    Readers will form their own conclusions about the level of interest that MPs in general display on this topic.

    Starting with what some may consider a totally complacent presentation on behalf of the official position, this debate does include some well argued points presented by those MPs who made the effort to attend:

    "Let's look at the facts, and not just be beholden to the MHRA... " 

    "The Government seems to be in denial about the risks from these vaccines"

    "The Government refuses to provide specialist help for these vaccine victims"

    "Many people now would not touch a booster with a barge-pole - and I include myself amongst those... "

    "Large numbers of doctors and health

  • Fulford on Monday 24 Oct 2022


    This week his report confirms (as if needed!) the general chaos in UK politics, EU politics, and the ongoing collapse of the Zelenskyy regime in the Ukraine.

    Legal moves in the US add to the pressure on the banking cartels, and an American oil family's influence is on the wane.

    And of course he shares his notes on the CCP's plenary session in Beijing.

    Modest subscription required.


  • "Economic Collapse Averted, US and Australian Debt Paid off"


    This is either the biggest red herring to be dragged across the world just now, or it's the first glimpse of how things are going to pan out for the better in the weeks and months to come - no need to decide just yet, further conformation will either come pretty quickly or it will probably not come at all - I will be keeping an eye on Ben Fulford's report tomorrow.

    We have reported on Anna von Reitz's activities before, so these articles may be worth a quick review.

    Certainly there is a historical situation that after the American Civil War the (broke) Congess (illegally?) contracted with their erstwhile masters in Europe to run their government for them in return for the taxes collected by a new Internal Revenue Service, the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc was born, and a subtly revised Constitution was

  • Lockdowns For Ever!


    The Daily Sceptic reminds us that the EU can be relied upon to completely destroy civilisation as we once knew it.

    Not content with wiping out it's energy supply chains it now sets itself up for round two of medico-maniacal measures to stifle its populations and small businesses through new winter lockdowns - no doubt in the noble cause of saving both ourselves and the planet.

    I suppose if we all have to stay at home then keeping the exterior doors shut will have the minimal effect of retaining a smidgeon more precious but hard-come-by warmth, but the cost would be insufferable and I can't see the Europeans standing for it, "legally-binding treaty" or not.

    Meanwhile in the UK once the Tories have completed their implosion and let Sir Kier loose at the controls, we too will be subject to the "lockdown, lockdown harder" mentality to "save the UKHSA" whilst he "negotiates" our happy return into the EU fold - on the EU's terms of course. Goodbye Pound

  • Scientists Call for Moratorium on 5G Roll-Out


    The Defender (Children's Health Defense) publishes an update on the sorry story of the reckless roll-out of the 5G networks - reckless in as much as the authorities at the Federal Communications Commission have deliberately failed to ensure that these wave-bands will be safe in general usage.

    "The authors of a peer-reviewed study published Tuesday warned about the risks of exposure to radiation from 5G technology and said their research shows existing exposure limits for wireless radiation are inadequate, outdated and harmful to human health and wildlife"

    Scientists Call for Moratorium on 5G After Study Shows Regulators Ignoring Health Risks of Radiation

    This comes as no

  • So How Old is Humanity Really?


    The origin of humanity is a topic of considerable debate, but the late David Boyle impresses as somebody who has done his homework, even if his interviewer hasn't quite learned to stay out of his way once he is in full flood.

    In all truth I didn't find the interview format particularly prepossessing, but many people will find something of interest in this presentation, particularly those who are into topics of ancient Egypt. The analysis toward the end of an ancient relief wall-carving, which I confess I had to play twice before I got the message, is pivotal.

    And closer to home, you may never view Avebury in the same light again...

    (32 minutes)

    View this video here.


  • Billy Carson Challenges Our World-View


    Billy Carson does seem to have made a considerable study of a world history that defies the normal narrative. Author of the "Compendium of the Emerald Tablets - A Beginner's Guide", here he describes some "newer" discoveries to tax our credulity. Being American he speaks fast enough to defeat the subtitling algorithm rather too frequently, but the video is already an hour long, and he does cram in a lot of information...

    (60 minutes)


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  • View From Behind the Donbass Front


    The war in the Ukraine has been a long time coming - so what has been going on? What will be going on?

    And where does all the kit that the West sends to the Ukraine end up?

    This is the view from an American(!) on the far side - you won't find it on the BBC, and I have no way to verify what is said. But at least it's in English. It's your judgement.

    "Russell "Texas" Bentley is an American who has served in the DNR militia and has seen the entire conflict in the Donbass from 2014 on"

    (32 minutes)




  • The "CDC Unleashes Hell upon Children"


    The title sounds a bit melodramatic, but in the light of

    (a) the microscopically insignificant risk of Covid-19 to babies, toddlers, and children of all ages, and 

    (b) the vastly higher risk of horrible adverse events including but not limited to death, blindness, heart problems, cancers, and almost any other ailment you can think of...

    I recommend that this article should be taken very seriously.

    See also the view from the U.K. Medical Freedom Alliance.

    Look at it this way:

    What is the upside possibility of benefit?