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  • A Short History of Sweden, now Joined to NATO


  • Ukraine - Deal or No Deal?


    With talk of nuclear escalation much in the news these days, ZeroHedge reminds us that a Ukraine-Russia peace plan was reportedly substantially agreed within months of the initial Russian incursion, but that initial agreement was supposedly vetoed by Boris Johnson. Although what it had to do with him isn't at all obvious, it does tend to indicate that Ukraine is not its own master. 

    It doesn't say much for Boris Johnson either, although in fairness despite various reports to that effect, I have no proof of his involvement (but why wasn't he involved in facilitating a peace deal?).

    Add in widely reported US involvement in the 2014 Maidan revolution, and readers may draw their own conclusions.

    Since then, according to retired military experts Colonel Macgregor and Scott Ritter, "the West" has

  • Arab League Provides a History Lesson to the ICJ


    "... these are serious breaches of the right of self-determination, the prohibitions of racial discrimination and apartheid, and the right of return... "

    (26 minutes) 


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  • The True Voice of the Left: Yanis Varoufakis


    One of a very few people who are always worth listening to (especially when you disagree with them), Yanis is committed to "the left" rather than to those who merely profess to be of "the left". He isn't committed to just any "left", he is steadfastly committed to his "left", a right-thinking "left" (if that isn't an oxymoron) that is uncompromisingly founded on evidence, logic, and the benefit of the people.

    And Yanis certainly isn't afraid to do his own thinking - I suspect he found out years ago that he couldn't trust anyone to do his thinking for him - but he also explains himself clearly, coherently, and with conviction. 

    (70 minutes)


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  • "In El Salvadore, Globalism is Already Dead"


    President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele addresses CPAC after his recent re-election victory.

    "The next person into the United States must not only win an election, he must have the vision, the will and the courage to do whatever it takes"

    "... we have to remove corrupt judges and corrupt attorneys and prosecutors"

    (24 minutes)


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  • "Farmers are Sleepwalking into the Crisis"


    We haven't heard much from our farmers here in the UK, despite the fact that European farmers across the board contnue, shall we say, to make their displeasure known. 

    Richard Vobes sets out to remedy this situation.

    Some very interesting points are raised here - our farmers too have been psy-opped in ways that we might not suspect!

    "... the challenges for the general public are astronomical..."

    (61 minutes) 


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  • "We are Literally Funding the Chaos that We're Experiencing"


    Stephen Gardner is updated by Colonel Tony Shaffer on the latest geopolitics of the Middle East.

    Despite the title, this isn't really about Russia-Ukraine (that's been a done deal for a while).

    (26 minutes)

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  • The Shortage of Ukraine's Soldiers


    Neil Oliver reviews the endless Ukraine war and resulting shortages. From whence will more youths and young men people be found to man populate the front lines that must be defended, and the "initiatives" that will be required to be "hurled" at well-dug-in Russian defences in order to "throw them back" over the border? Ukraine has exhausted its stocks (and fired its C in C - was he saying too much truth too openly?).

    Russia has been preparing, learning, and training for these events for many months now.

    The UK & USA have been deploying little more than propaganda. When the chips fell for Nazi Germany, how did the propaganda fare against the trained Russian and allied troops in volume?


  • New Zealand Court Sees the Vaccine Mandate Light


    "The New Zealand Court of Appeal has ruled against the NZDF's Covid-19 vaccination mandate, citing breaches of rights"

    "New Zealand... has made a decent ruling where they decided the government did not use the least burdensome method by imposing vaccine mandates. The court was only asked to stop the mandates and it complied"

    Read all about it.


  • The State of Israel / Palestine


    This topic arouses much one-sided opinion, whichever party (or none) to this long-standing conflict one may support.

    On the one hand we have Hamas who inflicted a military incursion on Israel back in early October last, resulting in some deaths and taking a limited number of hostages.

    On the other hand we have Israel who in self defence has seemingly set about an unrestricted war on the whole Gaza strip, apparently conflating "Hamas" with the entire Palestinian population so that the latter becomes the target for elimination. 

    Yes, it's vastly more complex than these over-simplified statements, but space here prohibits an in-depth analysis even were I capable to provide such a thing.

    But events move on, and the International Court of Justice in the Hague, following their original hearing of South Africa's assertion that Israel is conducting a genocide in Gaza, subsequently issued a demand that Israel should

  • Colonel Macgregor Gives us the History Lesson that Putin Omitted


    There's so much in this interview that we are all sure to learn something new, to learn more about the historical events that brought us to where we find ourselves today, and how (but not why) we seem determined to keep digging despite the size of the hole that we are already in. The "why" is a seriously large omission that lies at the heart of current events and future direction.

    A tour de force.

    (42 minutes)


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  • The Tucker Putin Interview


    The much anticipated interview is here.

    President Putin delivers a two hour interchange with Tucker, which includes a potted history lesson of the last centuries, plus the more recent history which has brought us to where we are today.

    (2 hrs 7 mins)



    strictly for conspiracy theorists only...

    Jean Claude (from Beyond Mystic) discusses the interview with Janine - whether or not we believe in tarot cards, this does raise some hugely important points which if

  • Care Pathways for Our Elderly


    Care pathways have become a bit of a euphemism these days for disposal of those elderly for whom the State has no further use, and who are unable to stand up for themselves. It may be controversial but there is a groundswell of opinion that doesn't disbelieve that this took place during the Covid years. 

    But does it continue today?

    Jacqui Devoy reviews the state of play with Brian Gerrish (audio only).

    "This is what's happening, they all close ranks - the police, the NHS, the Coroners, the Courts, the pathologists... once one gets uncovered they all get uncovered"

    "... if you're 80 or above... you automatically score 5...  It's very easy to put someone on... one of these... death pathways... " 

    "... Matt Hancock ignored all that and implemented NG163 anyway... NG163 is identical to the Liverpool Care Pathway...

  • Tucker Trails His Interview with Vladimir


    The much-trailed Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin has proved to be a little elusive. Some channels claim to publish a transcript - or a part transcript, but the real thing doesn't yet seem to be available.

    Tucker says he will publish on TuckerCarlson.com and on X (formerly Twitter).

    Meanwhile, here is the official low-down on this interview from Tucker himself (aided by Redacted)!

    (14 minutes) 


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  • Fight the Climate or Fight Putin?


    The penny is dropping, so to speak.

    We can fight the climate (and lose!) or fight Mr Putin (and lose). Or of course we can pretend to fight both, but everybody would see through that...  wouldn't they?

    War requires energy and in quantity, but "green" doesn't deliver.

    And it isn't merely about steel, although that comes into it depending upon whether Mr Putin would allow us time to prepare. 

    But why would he? He wouldn't. He strikes me as being very rational, particularly about defending Russia and the Russian Federation. So unless we believe that he is only bluffing about defence (which flies in the face of his track record so far) we would be well advised to negotiate a proper defence understanding with him - you stay out of our back yard (which doesn't include the Ukraine) and we will (for a change) stay out of yours. And allow "mutual" inspection...


  • Democracy on a Knife-Edge


    Financial advisers and their newsletters are not normally regarded as founts of political truth, being not primarily concerned with politics, but with investment opportunities.

    That seems to have changed, and I don''t apologise for featuring this piece today, since it is 99.9% about the current state of world politics (and you can pass over the 0.1% investment note without really noticing). 

    Why so? The truth these days is that political overreach has far more sway over investment returns than the usual economic and commercial factors. In fact, almost everything you can think of has been politicised for better or for worse, including your sex at birth, your pronouns, "pandemic preparedness" and climate

  • Lahaina - 5 Months on


    If anyone doubts that the USA government is pulling out all the stops for the displaced of Lahaina, this report should clarify the matter.

    Nick Sotor reports from Maui for Redacted:

    (12 minutes)


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  • Will Legislation Overcome the Laws of Nature?


    It's a silly question really - the laws of Nature are "immutable", at least as far as human beings are concerned.

    So perhaps the government really have set themselves up for an epic fail, even by their own abysmal standards of creating projects that don't work and/or don't come in on time and within budget (yes, such things are possible given reasonable project planning and management that respects the laws of Nature).

    The question of course, given that the Government is (at least in its own thinking) all powerful, how much damage it will wreak to the nation and to the population in its attempt to support the unstoppable legislation when it meets the immovable object of the laws of Nature?

    And in fact it's much worse than that - it's not just one Government that is hell-bent on this disastrous course, it is pretty much all (largely western) governments, all besotted by the pronouncements of the UN-WEF partnership and their various unaccountable

  • Sergei Lavrov - Whither the Ukraine Conflict?


    If you would defeat your enemy - or make peace - first understand your enemy.

    Sergei Lavrov explains Russia's current position to the UN Security Council.

    First the short version:

    (31 minutes)


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    The full report of the same:

    (2 hrs 7 mins)