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  • Fulford - "Fourth Reich Mourned"


    Readers may know the "Fourth Reich" better as the G7.

    "... we are dealing with the end of an era"

    With the war in the Ukraine hopefully in its last stages, it will be interesting to see whether Zelenskyy sues for peace or whether he is replaced by somebody who will.

    All in all a recommended edition of the Fulford Monday review, whether you are a subscriber to his service (when you get to read the whole thing) or not.

    (And if the latter - don't worry about nuclear armageddon - just know that its off the table)

    Small (recommended) subscription applies for full access.


  • Ukraine - How Did We Get Here?


    Prof John Mearsheimer tells it as he sees it in this well-researched polemic. What is the history behind the invasion of the Crimea, later of the Ukraine, and Putin's ambitions for that country?

    He presents a pretty comprehensive analysis of the politics economics and military situation, but this is founded on the traditional viewpoint that the Biden administration, comfortable in its political bubble of perceived invincibility, isn't about to collapse under the combined weight of the Bidens' alleged criminal activities in the Ukraine, and the possible decertification of the Nov 2020 election result.

    That assumption, although unspoken and perhaps unfounded, is critical, since without Biden in place any new administration would likely

  • Breaking News - Istanbul and Tehran


    Apparently, according to Amir, the Mossad have been busy embarrassing the Iranians...

    I note his remarks on Mohammed bin Salman's relationship with president Erdoğan.

    (15 minutes)


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  • A Voyage Around the Great American Deception


    American history is littered with events large and small including political assassinations (JFK being the most notorious), Unidentified Flying Objects (or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena as we must now call them), unexplained crashed phenomena (AKA Roswell), alleged false flag events (most notoriously 9/11), and much else that defies agreed explanation. 

    That's a pretty broad spectrum of alleged phenomena, linked only by the inability of the various concerned parties to agree on their true nature.

    This video doesn't solve all the problems but it does present a reasoned and logical exploration that may help us all to think about the bigger picture.

    (28 minutes)


    Summer Solstice Update from Israel


    Israeli Government falls, all governments contrive to send fossil fuels by the least direct route possible, and the Iranian bomb approaches... not to mention the coming world war in Europe. Well, why should he not have an opinion on that as well?

    (19 minutes)


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  • Russia "Threatens" UK and US - Where is the BBC?


    As we on this site have suggested previously, Russia would be within its rights of self defence to target the UK in order to prevent us sending arms to Ukraine that could be used to hit targets within Russia.

    Now "Russia is making threats to strike because NATO it is supplying rockets to Ukraine that can hit Russia"

    "Why is the MSM underreporting this huge turn of events?" 

    We were warned in April.

    More from USA Watchdog (including some off-topic suggestions on Pfizer's manoeuvrings to wriggle out of its legal liabilities).

    Yes Russia did invade the Ukraine (long and complex history) and it

  • Whither the Clash of the Titans?


    Substack is the place nowadays for unconventional thinking, so what to make of the war in the Ukraine?

    Why hasn't Putin won yet?

    Will the plucky Ukrainian army push the Russians back into oblivion?

    Why is nobody making any progress?

    John's Newsletter puts forward another perspective, which given the West's propensity for shooting itself in the foot might just be on target.


  • Denmark Joins the EU Security and Defence Union


    At a time when Russia and NATO are eyeball to eyeball (or not, according to who you believe) in the Ukraine and various countries are denying that they want to join NATO (or being denied by Turkey), the game to sidestep this little hurdle is join by the EU backdoor.

    How so?

    The EU troops are mostly the same as the NATO troops - they merely deploy under different badges and (at least notionally) under a different command structure. 

    So if you can't join NATO, join the EU.

    Oh wait - Denmark is already a NATO member... so there must be another reason for joining the EU Security and Defence morass of complexity?

    I have to say it's hard to think of one, unless they fear (probably rightly) that being outside the EU structures means that

  • So What Else is Brewing Besides Ukraine Taiwan and Monkeypox?


    Well, since you ask, the Israel - Iran enmity looks like a good candidate.

    Not that I'm feeling that we don't yet have enough problems, but maybe forewarned is forearmed.

    I don't know this guy but he strikes me as genuine. Judging form his videos he's actually a bit of a Bible-bashing Israeli Christian, but he keeps his fingers on the political pulse as he lives in Israel, so he's a lot closer to the goings-on in that region than we are and he would be directly affected by events there.

    Probably worth taking note.

    (6 minutes)


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  • Weekend Round Up with UK Column - and Pfizer Shots for Babies?


    For a change it's the NHS (or UKHSA as we must now call it) and the Covid aftermath that takes pole position, with a very pertinent discussion on how the excess deaths of the second half of 2021 identified by a US life insurance company is being portrayed by the usual suspects. Yet the NHS still appears to be locked in terminal decline even though Covid deaths have declined and we were originally locked down to "save the NHS".

    Once again the evolving Ukraine situation and how that relates to UK and US foreign policy is investigated and the likely results set out - neither the Biden administration nor NATO nor Ben Walllace come out well. Russia on the other hand doesn't seem to be short of additional customers for the hydrocarbons that it used to sell to Europe. 

    And so on to the Bilderberg group (inclusive of Michael Gove, David Lamy, Mark Sedwill, Tom Tugendhat, and Jeremy Fleming (GCHQ) et al from the corporate and media worlds comprising the British contingent) and their meeting that will no doubt

  • Is a Real Negotiation About to Occur in the Ukraine?


    Is a turning point nigh?

    This article in Unherd which (in my jaundiced judgement) has normally followed the "We must drive Putin out at all costs" narrative (and still suggests that the Russian armed forces have taken a beating and are nearing the limits of their operational effectiveness) is nevertheless now arguing for a negotiated settlement that would be acceptable to Putin.

    "After all, the two sides have already reached agreement on the broadest issues: Zelenskyy has already stated that Ukraine will not join Nato and the Russian side has already accepted Ukraine’s entry into the European Union"

    Personally I was unaware of that second assertion (and if I were Putin I would be very slow indeed to concede it) but nevertheless we have here a plea for good sense and a negotiated settlement. 

    This strikes me as a

  • Geopolitical Update


    With world events moving quite fast we have to try to keep up, so i make no apology for yet again featuring a UK Column report from Wednesday.

    Don't get too hung up on the start of the programme where they take a (probably deserved) pop at a BBC reporter in the Ukraine - the subsequent section where Vanessa Beeley explains the way that the world's war-mongers are shaping up is quite masterly.

    It is quite clear that without propaganda, very few wars would ever have been possible.

    Oh, and Tony Blair is rumoured to be receiving a Knighthood from Her Majesty at Windsor on 13th June. Be there or be square.

    And more on matters medical and monkey p*x (or should that be b****x?). Is anything what it seems any more?

    And will there be an ambulance available when we need one? Worth watching.

    (90 minutes)


  • The Ukraine Pot Still Simmering Unpredictably


    UK Column (Monday) brings us up to date with the unfolding Ukraine conflict, and a sorry tale of confusion is evident.

    As ever, nothing may be quite as it seems.

    Boris still wants to supply ever more powerful artillery, but will such be effective against the new hypersonic missiles currently being demonstrated by Russia's navy?

    Plus the shootings in America and other items.

    (82 minutes)



  • Brexit Britain "Projects Power in the EU"


    This piece from the Campaign for an Independent Britain and based on research by Brexit Facts 4 EU I present without comment, as I am not qualified to comment (not that that would stop me, but on this occasion I think it best to leave you to form your own judgements).

    I find it interesting, but without any comparative information about what say France, Germany or Spain (to mention three at random) are doing, I think it isn't possible to conclude very much.

    See what you think.

    Still, there are some interesting nuggets on the

  • Inconvenient Truths About the Ukraine


    As the media (and many others) have been pulling out all the stops to "support the Ukraine", it has become pretty hard to find anyone who is prepared to take an even-handed viewpoint - you are either with them or against them - whoever "they" may be.

    The problem I have with that is that being "with them" these days is automatically to be put into the "we must send them more arms" warmongering bucket, and being against them is to be put in the "supporter of evil Putin" bucket.

    Apparently there isn't a "please stop the fighting and negotiate" bucket, and there now won't be until at least one side has been fought a standstill. Which side will that be?

    Judging by the surrender at the steelworks (what steelworks requires a labyrinth of underground tunnels?), it doesn't seem likely it will be the Russians.

    But just

  • A Military Veteran's View of the War in the Ukraine


    UK Column interviews Col. Richard Black who "served for 31 years in the US Marines and US Army JAG Corps, before entering politics".

    (55 minutes)



  • Nuclear Ultimatum


    Fulford this Monday pulls no punches:

    Destroy KM or face nuclear war Russia and China tell Pentagon

    "There was a noisy meeting in the Security Council at the request of Russia regarding the development of American biological weapons on its borders inside Ukraine"

    Has the show-down at the Kiev Corral finally arrived?

    Warning, some of the videos show harrowing scenes. 


  • Ukraine - The Point of Conflict


    This article posted by Terry Boardman is an in-depth tour of the history of the global power-struggle between the elites of the UK, Europe, Russia, the far East, and (latterly) the US.

    LaRouchePAC have been fulminating about the perceived influence of the imperialist UK over the USA for some time, and it is becoming obvious that an unelected elite under the umbrella of the "New Word Order" (as currently fronted by Klaus Schwab but embodied by the western world's all-powerful corporate interests and their financiers) is intent on taking control of the UN by means of medical and legal dictatorship.


    Is Ukraine the tinderbox that will ignite WW3?

    The world does seem to be at a dangerous

  • "Proportionate Response" Headed for Britain?


    We noted a while ago that our government's obsession with stoking war rather than encouraging a negotiated peace in the Ukraine is perverse.

    UK Column reports in much the same tone.

    Ben Chapman of GB News reports (unsurprisingly) that Russia has a similar viewpoint:

    "Russian state TV appears to have urged the Kremlin to blow "boorish Britain" to smithereens over the country's support for Ukraine"

    Whilst the Satan-2 might be overkill, who can doubt that Russia would be entitled to take proportionate measures?

    "Russia has already issued

  • Ukraine - Monkeywerx View - 27 April 2022!


    The goings-on surrounding Ukraine have been covered by UK Column, now we hear about the airspace situation from the man who monitors it day by day.

    He doesn't believe the press reports either.

    (21 minutes)


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