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  • Armed Forces Reform


    Now that the UK has "left the EU" our defence policy is as opaque as ever, and our defence budget will no doubt now be more stretched than ever given the predations of government policy in response to Covid.

    So whither now our armed forces, and in particular, the army?

    Adrian Hill writing for Briefings for Britain outlines some draft proposals for maintaining our fighting capability whilst significantly reducing manpower costs but maintaining numbers - a fine trick if it could be pulled off!

    He sensibly contrasts the UK approach with the techniques adopted by other countries, and concludes that we have much to learn if only we had the will to do so.

    Read all about it.

  • EU Defence - Read the Small Print


    David Banks writing for Brexit Watch reviews the current state of our "withdrawal" from EU defence initiatives, and finds the usual ambiguity (some might think disparity) about our military relationship with the EU post-"Brexit".

    Of course, a military relationship doesn't just cover troop and equipment deployments, it must also cover inter-operability, common specifications, procurement and defence contractors.

    If we can't manufacture our own arms and equipment then we will be beholden to the EU for such supplies - which could therefore be withheld in the event of policy differences. In any case, what chance do we think UK defence contractors would have of being chosen by the EU to supply their needs? In the short term they might have little option in specific areas but longer-term contracts could be progressively withheld until our defence industries become unviable are bought for consolidation within the EU or elsewhere. Rolls Royce is already

  • David Ellis Report: Skynet


    David Ellis reporting today on defence matters for UK Column.

    He helps us understand terms such as Skynet, Space Operations and Multi Domain Integration. He also brings us up to date with the European Defence Union . . .


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    I think David is right that if the US is going to join forces with the EU then NATO is dead, long live Defence Union.

    On the other hand I can't see the US wanting to play second fiddle in the command structure, so Defence Union will be a different beast. How different?

    Well, who will be the next US President?

    If Biden scrapes in then Defence Union will be the Globalist Defence Union, bending recalcitrant states to the Globalist agendas.

  • "Official Letters Show Ministers are Still being Misled on ... EU Defence"


    Brexit Watch publishes a "drains-up" assessment of misunderstandings (and misinformations?) concerning the UK's commitments to EU Defence Union post Brexit.

    Are they being hyper-sensitive when there is "nothing to see here"? Or are elements of "our" government machine still manoeuvring to keep our MPs and the public and maybe even our ministers in the dark over the future of our armed forces?

    The fact that there would seem to be a continuing news black-out about our post-Brexit military relationship with the EU (a topic which has always been excluded from the "Brexit negotiations") may tell those of us who harbour suspicions all we need to know.

    If even some of these assertions are true then surely this amounts to criminal fraud on a grand scale?

    It is a well-recognised principle of international law that an agreement based upon a

  • Is there some Good News on defence at last?


    Brexit Watch notes a Reuters report that our government has "told the EU that the UK will not participate in EU military missions". 

    Fake News? or Welcome News? If the latter then it is likely highly significant and breaks with a long tradition of speaking of independence whilst acting as if dependent in military and foreign policy matters.

    But as yet it is only a report . . .    is it based on an authoritative announcement?

    As Brexit Watch remarks, there are many implications to this, so we await developments before booking our post Brexit post Covid post Life-on-Earth celebrations laughing.

  • Defence