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  • Latest SitRep on the Ukraine War


    The war front has been, perhaps surprisingly, relatively static, but that doesn't mean that nothing has been going on.

    The Russians have no interest in incurring unnecessary casualties, and seem to be fighting the Ukrainians into the ground using superior firepower from a distance, a war of attrition. Once the Ukrainians run out of western supplies, the Russians will be able to move with relative impunity. The big question is how long that will take.

    (26 minutes)


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  • Scott Ritter Explains the Ukraine War in the Context of Global Power Rivalries


    The war in the Ukraine has been dragging. It's now over one year old, and the protagonists are slugging it out in and around, over and possibly even under Bakhmut, to little apparent gain of territory.

    There are videos "out there" that profess to report on new Ukrainian offensives, and other videos that profess to report the state of play remaining massively in favour of Russia. 

    But there are few that set the Ukraine conflict in the perspective of the global power-play that has been taking place ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Experts on both matters are thin on the ground, but Col Macgregor and ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter are both well informed and convincing.

    In this video Scott Ritter brings us up to date on how he sees the Ukraine war from the perspectives of (a) boots on the ground (b) supply logistics (c) Nato politics and the provision of more munitions and weapons to Zelenskyy (d) the US politics of the Pentagon and (e) the

  • A Russian View of the Conflict in Ukraine


    Russian political philosopher Aleksandr Dugin interviewed by RT, including a useful geopolitical analysis contrasting Russian objectives with Western objectives, and the reasoning behind why Russia is taking on the Ukraine alone.

    (24 minutes)



  • "Why Russia's Ukraine Invasion was Legal"


    Matt Ehret is a very accomplished Canadian historian. He has given evidence to Reiner Fuellmich's Covid Court of Public Opinion, written on Eugenics Transhumanism and the 4th Industrial Revolution, and much else besides. 

    Here he explains exactly why he asserts that Russia's current action in the Ukraine is legitimate under international law. As a Canadian with no particular axe to grind on this matter, perhaps he has a point, although because certain concepts such as "aggression" are not legally defined under matters UN, there will be those who deny this logic for their own

  • NATO Scuppering Ukraine Negotiations?


    "It's insanity - that's where we are... "

    "Ukraine is dead as an independent nation... "

    (15 minutes)


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  • Raymond McGovern Addresses the United Nations Security Council


    Ex CIA officer addresses current and past events affecting Russia-US relations.

    (17 minutes)


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  • Calling All Landlords ...


    Not content with booking all available hotel accommodations for the UK's young male immigrants of fighting age, Serco now need YOUR properties.

    Yes it's your patriotic duty to house these defenceless foreigners (regardless of how many of our own veterans are sleeping rough on the streets).

    After all, our government shepherded them over from France under appalling conditions, and they took an enormous risk to get here, so the least we can do is to keep them warm and comfortable (and at Government expense - you won't be left out of pocket) until...  well, we're not exactly sure what or when - you could be in line for years of government-funded risk-free tenancies!

    And they bring welcome diversity in untold respects. What's not to like?

    Hurry whilst the offer lasts.

  • Trump: "Now, We are Going to Complete the Mission"


    Short and purposeful.  

    (4 minutes)


    UN Agenda 47 (1992).

  • President Putin Addresses the Federal Assembly


    This is a comprehensive review of Russia's understanding of the history leading-in to the war in the Ukraine. Whether you support Russia or the West, this is an essential update from the principle protagonist.

    Will we see a similar wide-ranging response from a western leader? 

    (1hr 54 mins)



  • Undead WHO "Pandemic" Treaty Incoming?


    Where America leads, the UK follows.

    This treaty has been subject to much (conflicting) reporting of late, but this is the latest.

    The WHO Director-General (currently Tedros) can unilaterally declare a pandemic.

    Member states of the WHO would then be obliged by treaty to implement all measures dictated by the WHO.

    (14 minutes) 


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  • Russia-Ukraine Explained in 4 Minutes


    A brief exposé of the history behind Russia's intervention in the Ukraine.

    (4 minutes)


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  • HAARP - Played by Angels or Demons?


    The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have made the news recently, but there have been many others around the world in recent times.

    Much speculation has been centred on the assertions that at least some of these have been created deliberately. How on earth is that done? By using electromagnetic waves at enormous power to mess with the ionosphere, it is asserted that earthquakes below the heated area may be triggered. You wouldn't need power to move the tectonic plates, just enough to trigger release of the building tension between adjacent plates.

    The HAARP (high frequency active auroral research program) installations around the world are supposed to be for monitoring and research purposes, but they are connected to electrical supplies capable of massive power - such as might be required to attempt such feats as to trigger an earthquake.

    Ukraine - The Untold Story?


    The Western media companies like to portray Russia as the aggressor in the Ukraine - but is that so?

    As ever, the true situation seems to be more complicated, or perhaps less reported.

    Mike Whitney writing for Global Research paints a different picture that certainly adds additional nuance to the situation, or even overturns the western narrative completely:

    "... has anyone in the western media reported on the fact that Putin invoked UN Article 51 before he launched the Special Military Operation?"

    "No, they haven’t, because to do so, would be an admission that Putin’s military operation complies with international law"

    Worth reading.

  • Ever Wondered What a Hot WW3 Looks Like?


    Ukrainians are finding out.

    This is not for the faint of heart, but it is where US UK and EU funds and materiel for the Ukraine ends up.

    Is it value for money?

    (8 minutes)


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  • Why Was the Army Deployed Against British Citizens?


    77th Brigade - Oh what a tangled web the government has woven.

    "Countering Covid misinformation" was evidently a pastime endemic across media, social media, and government, none of which seems to have had a robust lawful basis in the traditional British sense of supporting our freedom of speech; nevertheless the government seems to have deemed that none of that was enough to suppress contrary opinions so they would have to utilise the army - despite that being explicitly a forbidden tactic absent the consent of Parliament.

    Nevertheless questions were it seems asked in Parliament - so if Parliament was aware and yet did nothing, does that constitute implied consent?

    Perhaps nobody knew what the appropriate constitutional provisions were and how a correct challenge should be made? Or were they all too busy working from home?

    Nor was this solely an exercise in support of the pandemic in any case - "77th

  • Nordstream 2 - The Miscreants Identified? - 2


    Ian Rons writing for the Daily Sceptic has some serious issues with the Seymour Hersch revelations reported recently.

    All good information no doubt, and well beyond my powers to unravel, so (as always) readers must come to their own conclusions.

    One thing seems certain - there will be more argument over the "who dunnit" aspects of this caper that seem sure to keep the pundits buzzing a while longer.


  • Nordstream 2 - The Miscreants Identified?


    Independent longstanding journalist Seymour Hersch claims the laurels for the first definitive description of how the culprits took down the Nordstream 2 pipeline...  and who they were.

    Also the incoming war with China, events in Haiti, and - boosting Australia!

    Redacted reports:

    (1 hr 20 minutes)



  • Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Revisited


    "It almost seems that the leaders have been selected for incompetence ... "

    That's a quote that I think will resonate with many.

    "... In an already ongoing military conflict we should not provoke the other side in attacking these harbours... "

    "... we are in a situation where very easily things can turn very nasty at short notice... "

    (70 minutes)



  • "People are Dying in Huge Numbers"


    Monday's UK Column News reports on the devastation being wrought in the Ukraine by Russia.

    The meat-grinder closes around Bakhmut whilst NATO argues over provision of a handful of tanks.

    Where is the sense of proportion?

    "NATO is suffering from its own propaganda"

    Where is the truthful fearless and unbiased BBC?

    (87 minutes)


    Well the BBC may be missing in action but Graham Phillips reports from Soledar as best he can following the Russian advances.

    The following text is from Graham's Telegram channel:


  • The Fulford Report Monday 23 Jan 2023


    "This is the big story behind all the news about the US debt limit being reached, the defeat of Ukraine and the takedown of the fake Biden regime"

    "Years of research uncovered the fact Rockefeller interests are behind many, many crimes including the spread of cancer. At the beginning of the 20th century, only one out of 19 people got cancer. Now it is one out of every two people. Needless to say “curing cancer” is now one of the most profitable businesses of the pharmacidical corporations they control"

    "The Rockefellers also stifled human progress by suppressing energy technology that threatened their control via oil"

    "This is a desperate attempt by the Rockefellers to prevent bankruptcy by forcing everyone to use digital central bank currencies they plan to issue"

    "The bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board means the entire US financial system is