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  • Tourist Industry in Crisis - What's Happening to our Hotels?


    We have observed the constant influx of illegal migrants being ferried to our shores by our Border Force, the RNLI, and the French, and this flow has done nothing but grow in recent years, despite our Government ineffectively handing ever more money to the French to close it down - and then feigning (there is no longer any other word for it) surprise that this solution still does not work.

    The UK has a history of accepting refugees over centuries past, and of integrating them into our society to the extent where we consider them British - indeed, we may be surprised to learn of their immigrant status. They come (presumably) because they believe that we are nice people and the UK is a good place to live, and historically they either share our values or they come to share our values.

    Nevertheless, if we are a country of law and order, then we cannot permit or condone illegal immigration.

    We have now reached the point that our own government that we

  • So, After the Ukraine, Is Taiwan Next?


    The rumours that China will take Taiwan by force have been circulating for what seems like forever, but as the competition for the future mounts ever higher, are things about to happen in that arena, and if so, what exactly?

    Here to sort the likely from the preposterous once more is Colonel MacGregor, seemingly an ever popular fixture on the Redacted channel:

    (125 minutes)


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  • Fulford report - Monday 7 Nov 2022


    The "planetary liberation alliance" grows stronger, the NWO slavers are approaching the end of their plank.

    Rate of progress appears to depend upon the US mid-term elections tomorrow - if the clip included is anything to go by, this will be hard-won!

    And, just maybe, the war in the Ukraine may be petering out...    and he shares his view on Elon the Musk!

    An encouraging report that will be of interest to us all, whether or not we have a paid subscription (recommended).

    Well worth reading.


  • A Geopolitical "Brains Trust" from Israel


    The state of the world today, discussed in Israel by a distinguished panel of international "experts".

    Make of this what you will...

    (58 minutes)


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  • Ukraine Deep Dive


    For those who may not be familiar with the background to the current situation in the Ukraine, the Chris Hedges Report provides an alternative view, a mix of past and current.

    Dull but informative.

    (34 minutes)


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  • Another Perspective on the Ukraine War


    "The Ukrainians have no chance whatsoever ... "

    "... the only way that Ukraine has a chance against Russia is if they drag us all into the war with them"

    "... they're just going to use Ukraine to the last Ukrainian... "

    (40 minutes)


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  • Something We Were Not Told About the Pandemic?


    Including who was in charge of the pandemic response, apparently.

    Of course the lead was taken by America, but evidence has been uncovered that the Anthony Fauci - Deborah Birx duality was not in charge.

    It seems that the legal situation was changed, effectively by presidential fiat:

    "An astonishing Government document dated March 13th 2020 ... reveals that United States policy in response to SARS-CoV-2 was set not by the public health agencies... but rather by the National Security Council"

    "The NSC does not include as regular attendees any representatives from public health related agencies"

    "... on March 18th 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – which comprises the CDC, NIAID, NIH and other ... agencies – had no official leadership role in pandemic response"


  • Finances Teetering, Black Markets Thriving, EU Burbling


    It has been reported that the Bank of England has been intervening in the markets in order to stave off the collapse of pension funds and linked financial institutions. 

    Who controls the B of E? 

    Find out what UK Column think of this and other pressing questions in today's news programme.

    Be aware - home truths abound.


  • Ukraine - UK Involvement?


    Britain's politicians have very apparently been pushing war rather than peace in the Ukraine, and has reportedly been sending financial support and weapons.

    This video proposes that our involvement goes much further...

    (19 minutes)


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  • Ukraine - The Game Has Changed


    After the recent bombardment that left Ukraine with much reduced power and water supplies, and much additional damage to infrastructure and command-and-control targets, Colonel Douglas MacGregor briefs Redacted on the likely future events.

    "Mr Zelenskyy is in a panic"

    (24 minutes)


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  • So How is WW3 Getting Along?


    Redacted reveals what Vladimir Putin tells us he is now up to, and how it is going.

    There is some very interesting footage which puts a big question mark over how the Crimean bridge was destroyed.

    Draw your own conclusions:

    (36 minutes)


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  • UK Military Now Signed Up to the EU


    PESCO is part of the EU Defence Union, and Liz Truss has reportedly just signed us into it.

    "This is massive, because... you are unifying our military with the rest of Europe, to come under EU Command and Control"

    "Nobody has consulted the public... "

    "... it's going to change, and it's going to change rapidly"

    (37 minutes)


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  • Russian Defence Ministry Update on Latest Clashes


    Russian Defence Ministry Update on Latest Clashes:

    (5 minutes)



  • Chinese Police in Canada and Elsewhere?


    Hold on to your credulousness ...

    "China has opened dozens of overseas police service stations in about 30 nations around the globe in order to 'monitor' its citizens living abroad"

    Rebel News reports from Toronto:

    (8 minutes)


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    Read the report.

  • Drill Baby, Drill!


    Net Zero Watch tells it like it is, but will anybody listen?

    Relying for energy on those whom you regard (rightly or wrongly) as enemies doesn't seem like a good idea.

    Exploiting your own domestic energy supplies is therefore the key to prosperity.

    It's a testament to the relentless brainwashing of past decades that this needs to be said at all, but it's also a truism that we don't appreciate what we have until it's taken away from us.

    Download the report.


  • When Will the Real Ukraine War Start?


    Clayton Morris of Redacted floats the ridiculous (?) idea that Russia hasn't started its war yet. After all, according to Mr Putin the events so far were simply a limited military intervention which has pushed back the Ukrainian forces that were shelling the Donbass for the last eight years, and cleaned out a number of biolabs.

    Now however, following the inclusion of the rebel areas back within Mother Russia where by all accounts they much prefer to be, any attempt by the Ukraine to regain these territories by force will be regarded as an attack on Mother Russia and thus an act of war.

    The game has changed dramatically.

    (27 minutes)


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  • Navy Secures the UK


    Operation Joint Warrior!

    "The biggest military exercise in the UK... [has begun] as more than 11,000 sailors, soldiers and aircrew wage a 12-day ‘war’ around the British Isles"

    Will they have enough assets to intercept and deter the fleets of migrant inflatables currently invading our south coast?

    Did they recommission HMS Warrior from her duty as tourist attraction in Portsmouth harbour to lead this massive exercise? 

    "They are joined by vessels from the US, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, France and Latvia"

    Perhaps HMS Warrior was considered too outdated after all.

    Shame really - one can only imagine the looks on those migrant faces as that umpteen-cannon steam and sail leviathon chuffs down on their insolent inflatable... and the order wafts across the placid

  • LaRouchePAC - Trump Should End the War Now


    "if you can’t figure out how to not blow up the world, how can you possibly be deemed competent to hold public office?"

    That's a sentiment that is admirably concisely expressed, and it's amazing just how few of our western politicians pass the test.

    We who think so are apparently not alone.

    "We are currently witnessing widespread and escalating opposition to NATO’s war taking place throughout Europe.  Demonstrations against the war and its accompanying green genocide policy for Europe’s coming winter have broken out throughout the continent, numbering in the hundreds of thousands of participants"

    "Ukraine, despite massive propaganda to the contrary, is losing this war, and it could never win based on the actual correlation of

  • Call for a Referendum!


    The Covid screws may have been loosened but the same censorship is evident on the Ukraine issue - no viewpoint other than the mainstream Russia Bad / Ukraine Heroic is permitted to be shared around.

    Our government has no mandate from the people to sideline negotiations and to continue their proxy war against the Russians.

    A referendum to decide the frontier issue was good enough for Scotland and there is no reason that the same is not good enough for the Eastern regions of the Ukraine. We had the chance to cooperate with Russia to negotiate a peace deal on that basis and to act as peacemakers, but Boris chose not to - Putin has now held his own referenda with predictable results.

    "... the dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This

  • If You Are in a Hole - Stop Digging!


    Unless of course you are a politician - as we all know, the normal rules of life on Earth never apply to them.

    At the start of the "military intervention" in Ukraine, peace talks were held and seemed to offer reasonable hope of a negotiated solution - until western politicians (reportedly not least Boris Johnson) leaned on Zelenskyy to scupper the process. 

    Boris could have joined forces with Putin to support a referendum along the lines of the Scottish referendum on self-determination (if it was good enough for the UK then why not for the Ukraine?) but chose not to for reasons that seemed to amount to little more than "Putin Bad - Zelenskyy Good".

    The Ukraine-Russia spat is on the face of it nothing to do with the UK. Ukraine is not a member of NATO. The UK is not a neighbouring territory with "interests". For the UK to intervene to facilitate a negotiated and peaceful resolution would be reasonable ("blessed are the peacemakers"), but to intervene to