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  • 9/11 In Context


    It might be also called a short history of the 20th century.

    Or a brief introduction to the development of the war machine.

    The machine that brought us to where we are today.

    And that has, ultimately, exposed the existence of the "Deep State".

    (1 hr 34 mins)



  • Syria!


    We have become accustomed to sporadic reports from Syria, some alleging chemical attacks, some alleging incursions by terrorists, and more. Vanessa Beeley has featured on UK Column for some time, reporting on these events, whilst mainstream media has reported a different version of events.

    Of late, Syria seems to have been stabilised to some extent through by support from Russia.

    Yet the troubles continue.

    Perhaps this video will shed some light on what has been going on. 

    I present it as is without verification. It's your judgement that counts.

    (88 minutes)



  • "We Are Past the Time When Reform Was Possible"


    Neil Oliver is outspoken and indeed speaks for many - but are we really past the time for reform?

    Dominic Cummings makes a case for limited reform - it's an extensive case, but perhaps it qualifies as a limited hangout - a last-ditch attempt to persuade us that reform is coming - but without mentioning that it perpetuatesstillthe underlying problem.

    Many believe it now very obvious that those who control the Parties control Parliament, by controlling the selection of candidates for election, and by whipping MPs to vote as directed by the Party. Elections provide the veneer of competition and a largely fake responsibility to constituents. Until this changes, MPs are the Party's MPs, and the Parties are

  • The Wars of the Bankers?


    Once again Ivor Cummins brings us a lucid and compelling theory - this time not by himself, but introduced by himself - behind the wars of the past centuries, and the theme underlying them all.

    It's as short and succinct as can be expected, but a bit of a roller-coaster given the extent of the timescale covered. Don't blink, or you'll miss one .

    (46 minutes)


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  • The Shape of Wars to Come?


    This site has remarked upon this topic before, but it hasn't really gained much mainstream coverage. Still, we now have some reporting that work by "German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists" is being used by the UK military and the German Bundeswehr working together to "to understand how human augmentation emerging technologies could affect the future of society, security and Defence".

    Given the state of the war in Ukraine, how likely do we think it is that that benighted country is going to be used, or is already being used, as a testing-ground for such technology?

    If they are, however hesitantly, now floating the idea across the general public, then it's a reasonable bet that this is already happening, "for our safety" of course.

    And if the trials in theatre prove successful, then roll-out will commence in earnest.

    Should we be worried? Forces personnel have no choice when medical preventative measures are required of

  • "We Are ... Still a Member of the European Project"


    Just in case anybody is still unaware, Mahyar Tousi spells out the effectual truth for us:

    "We are apparently still a member of the European Project"

    (except of course our "membership" doesn't extend to allowing Nigel Farage or any other UK MEPs back into the European Parliament - it's an "à la carte" unofficial membership with all the costs and responsibilities - such as open borders - and none of the benefits)

    Quelle Surprise.

    (7 minutes)


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  • Motivations Driving the Ukraine War


    Thrive was founded by independent researcher Foster Gamble many years ago to investigate what really goes on in the world.(Watch the resulting documentaries here)

    As part of his personal Free to Thrive blog, he has published what he considers to be the top ten reasons behind the Ukraine war.

    No big surprises here, but laid out with exceptional clarity and leaving little room for doubt.


  • What is Going on in Syria?


    Vanessa Beeley bring Redacted up to date with deep state activities to destabilise Syria, and Russia's response to these provocations.

    (17 minutes)


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    Time to audit where all the money and weapons that were "sent to the Ukraine" really end up.

  • Dr Coleman Explains the Committee of 300


    How the world is truly governed?

    Together with a reminder of the meaning of the word "paranoid"... if you are not yet, you will be.

    "The descendants of the British East India Company today run the United States"

    (103 minutes)



  • Macgregor on Tucker


    Nothing much new here, but a wide-ranging review on a prestigious show.

    Forward as required.

    (52 minutes)

    Watch on X (formerly Twitter)


  • Romanian Rainwater


    Why would anybody want to analyse the rainwater in Romania?

    Well, if you are a die-hard conspiracy theorist and believe all the nonsense about "chemtrails" then I guess you probably would.

    Of course, although the said conspiracy theorists allege stuff like Graphene, Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Nickel and Arsenic, to name but a few, you wouldn't actually find anything other than water would you?

    Oh wait...

  • An Economic Analysis of Global Boiling


    Fortune and Freedom is primarily an independent financial/economic collection of journalists of various associated subject-matter expertise. It has a long history, but (no doubt due to its independent streak) it has always looked to identify the issues below the surface that the mainstream media choose not to highlight - for such are the issues that the financially savvy may profit from.

    Of course, economics and politics are two facets of the same coin these days, since monetary management is pivotal to both; and now that government seems to have transitioned almost openly from democratic to corporate, this linkage is absolutely consequential.

    Personally, I myself have a great deal of respect for Nick Hubble, here interviewing Brandon Smith of Alt-Market, and discussing the current tendencies of corporate government to want to micromanage each one of us individually through technology rampant. Nick comes from a personal international background which gives him insights that stay-at-homes such as

  • Reiner Fuellmich Interviews MK Ultra Survivor


    Cathy O'Brien has lived through more than anyone should have to live through - child abuse - paedophilia - torture - occult rites - MK Ultra mind-control.

    Why is this important? These factors are utilised by those in power to draw suitable candidates into their web of corruption and blackmail through which they can potentially control anyone and everyone in any position of power and/or influence.

    As practised by powerful families over many generations. It goes back a long way, including the post-war Operation Paperclip.


    Make of this what you will...

    (88 minutes)



  • Hawaii - Tip of the Weather Warfare Spear?


    In the absence of a proper unbiased investigation into the causes and circumstances of the Maui conflagration, we have to make do with whatever reporting and speculation we can muster, and then it's up to each of us to draw whatever conclusions we feel most likely.

    My own feeling is that whilst the survival of much greenery interspersed between the burnt out houses and cars would seem to indicate the use of DEWs (directed energy weapons) to pin-point accuracy, there may well more than one factor at work, and it does appear that there was planned concerted action to (a) maximise the death and destruction (b) prevent the use of mitigation measures. Could weather warfare also be involved?

    Dane Wigington can present as a bit of a repetitive broken record, but he is probably one of the most knowledgeable on the possibilities, as he has been following the climate engineering stuff for years.

    With fires breaking out seemingly all over the western world, we

  • A Basis for Peace in the Ukraine? Don't Count on It


    Scott Ritter reminds us of the futility of war and the futility of NATO, which appears intent on driving both Ukraine and itself into the ground.

    It's hard to argue.

    (32 minutes)


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  • Can China + Saudi Bring Peace to the Ukraine?


    With Russia presenting an immovable object, the irresistible force of the Ukrainian armed forces backed by NATO seems to have met its match. Yet the USA-UK axis has betrayed no inclination to move for peace.

    Ukraine however must be looking at its backers and wondering if they have enough Ukrainian lives left to make any more war?

    Surely there are people in the Ukraine who will be looking for a way out?

    Step forward China / Saudi Arabia to broker a talks process to hopefully lead to a ceasefire, followed by a peace agreement.

    (10 minutes)


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  • The Maui Fire Devastation - Hawaii


    The recent loss of life to fire in Hawaii has stunned the world.

    The BBC has reported on it, hinting at - inevitably - "climate change".

    But were there other factors at play? The number of trees that survived more or less unscathed right across the area does look pretty remarkable.

    Health Impact News reports.

    "... again and again we're seeing that the footage just doesn't add up in terms of natural fire behaviour... "

    "... are there no fire-fighting facilities at all on the island of Maui?"

    Make up your own

  • A Short History of the Deep State in the USA


    Oklahoma bombing, JFK, CIA, FBI, LBJ, 9/11, "and much more"...

    Ted Gunderson, law enforcement officer, private investigator, righteous sleuth, spills the beans... 

    ... and there's a LOT of beans.

    "... my dog likes you, I like you... "

    "... this is a spiritual war... "

    This is a repost of an original video. Watch it all.

    (55 minutes)



  • Middle East Perspective from an Israeli Christian


    Another world perspective from a perpetual hot-spot.

    He starts with a quick round-up of all the guilty parties that want to censor everything so that we can all believe everything that we are supposed to believe. Marianna Spring on steroids!

    I don't accept that Amir is right about everything, but I do tend to believe that his heart is in the right place. And he is very disposed to follow everything currently occurring in the Middle East - he lives there, so can't afford to deceive himself (even if he does). 

    There's a lot of rhetoric here, which may or may not indicate an ability to deliver the promised destruction. 

    (48 minutes)


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  • The Door to Global Control


    The United Nations isn't known for underestimating either its omniscience or its incredible management abilities to deliver whatever it deems necessary for the unfortunate peoples of the world - peoples that its sponsors seem to consider supernumerary - a gigantic overload on the capabilities of mother Earth to support them all.

    So its latest proposals to set up an "Emergency Platform" for taking world control by the scruff whenever any "Complex Global Shock" is deemed incoming is only the logical and sensible action to take, and no doubt grateful national leaders all around the world will happily endorse this proposal (a) because it's the easy thing to do and (b) because they prefer to listen to the charlatans at the UN than to their own populations.

    I note the weasel word "complex" snugly ensconced within the incoming verbiage.

    Meaning of "complex":

    "don't you worry your simple



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