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  • Will the Houthis of Yemen Defy the UK-US Coalition?


    The news pages are full of analysis of the latest strikes against the Houthis. On the face of it, it's a most unequal war - but so is the Israel-Gaza conflict, and it's not clear after three months how that is going to end (other than in more death, more destruction, more bitterness, more recrimination).

    "I don't know what the US and UK can achieve in a couple of hours of bombing that the Saudi led coalition could not achieve against the Houthis in eight years" - a conflict that also generated accusations of genocide...

    (13 minutes)


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  • Russia Reacts to UK-Ukraine Agreement on Security Cooperation


    Dimitri Medvedev (deputy chair of the Russian Security Council) responds to the Sunak-Zelenskyy agreement:

    ""What does this mean? It means only one thing – they risk running into the action of paragraph 19 of the fundamentals of Russia's state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence"

    Zero Hedge reports.


  • Madness ... or Badness?


    Neil Oliver tells it like it is - regardless.

    He raises so many elephants in the room that we aren't supposed to notice that I lost count.

    Madness, or badness? Does it even matter? The time for us to deal with all these is fast running out...

    (12 minutes)


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    Once again, Neil speaks for us all.


  • It's the Britkrainians!


    Britain and Ukraine have signed an


    So the UK continues to poke the bear with a broken stick.

    Does Rishi work for the British people and if so, where is his mandate to continue this failed proxy war?

    If not, then for whom does he work?

    These are not idle questions, they go to the heart of our democratic system. Do we

  • War on Yemen


    It is clearly seen as axiomatic these days that there is no need to negotiate a peace deal when you can simply send aircraft to bomb the unruly natives into submission. It's quicker than tiresome and complicated negotiations involving multiple parties where we don't really understand the issues involved, and it looks & feels like decisive action - initially.

    History demonstrates that you still end up with negotiations eventually, and never mind that the Saudis have been bombing Yemen for years without managing to resolve very much, despite being right next door by comparison with the UK, and familiar with the local issues.

    The Telegraph reports:

    (4 minutes)


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  • Israel Presents its Case at the ICJ


    British barrister Professor Malcolm Shaw KC represents Israel at the ICJ.

    (3 hrs 11 mins)


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  • Scott Ritter Takes Questions on Phone-In


    Featuring questions on current events, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, and whether he would run for President in 2028.

    Not all questions/answers are equally illuminating, but an inevitably interesting session.

    (35 minutes)



  • Israel on Trial at ICJ


    Irish lawyer Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh KC is reportedly part of South Africa’s legal team that has lodged an application against Israel, with respect to their actions in Gaza, in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague.

    The allegation is "genocide".

    This is her address to the ICJ.

    (30 minutes)


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  • Another Kennedy Conspiracy Theory


    It's been a while since I decided that nothing would faze me any more, but this is maybe a worthwhile use of your time, since we have no real idea how things are going to turn out - except that events in America may determine events around the world. Who knows how the Joe Biden pretendency is going ultimately to pan out?

    Yes it's a conspiracy theory, but well presented by somebody who has clearly spent a great deal of time on researching it.

    And yes, the truth can be stranger than fiction...

    (90 minutes)



  • Trump Card Plays in Middle East?


    Mahyar Tousi, independent journalist, reports on his interpretation of the latest announcement from the U.A.E.

    Clearly it would make sense for some avenues of communication with Israel to be kept open, since in war events can turn on a six-pence and comms may prevent bad decisions from being executed.

    (32 minutes - first 10 minutes is sufficient)


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  • Letter from Sweden


  • South Africa's Case Against Israel


    Here we have the documented case against the state of Israel, which has been accused of breaching the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

    The International Court of Justice in the Hague has scheduled a first hearing on 11th/12th January.

    The presenter outlines a long litany of death and destruction which most civilised people may probably agree do amount to genocide.

    Whether such destruction is warranted may be confused in the public mind by all manner of considerations, but the legal position is clear - the crime of genocide is never warranted, no matter the provocation.

    It's easy to get emotional about such events, but the legal case must be determined in accordance with the transgressions of the

  • SitRep America


    Mike Steger reviews the current state of America (and the world).

    LaRouchePAC really do need to better presenters, but what they say is more important than how they say it.

    Notwithstanding, if you feel like skipping the introduction (first 9 minutes), then you know what to do.

    Where America goes go we also...

    (34 minutes)



  • The Lair of the Beast


    This site has noted the extent of the modern British Empire before... but that concentrated mainly on the financial empire, and that didn't go nearly far enough.

    A bit later (mid 2021) we reported speculation about what the future might bring post-Covid, and that wasn't far out either, but nonetheless still painted an incomplete picture.

    30 months on and we now have LaRouchePAC setting out the globalist control mechanism, centred on the UK, the City of London, from whence post WW2 the state of Israel was manipulated into being. This in association with the UK-US "special relationship" set up the foundation for US Wars on Terror, the Zionist conspiracy that now faces a major, possibly final, crunch as the world rejects the thrusts to (a) eliminate Gaza, and (b)

  • This Should Upset the Apple Cart


    In the holiday spirit we continue with another article that a great many may find absurd, offensive, unnecessary, and so on.

    I'm not going to make any comment on any of that, but I do believe that there are many references in ancient literature (yes, including the Bible) that support Clif High's thesis here. It's not the proverbial "rocket science", but it does conflict squarely with the notion that the King James Bible is the unadulterated "Word of God". If you are firmly wedded to that notion and firmly resolved to treat any conflicting idea as the "work of the Devil", then I suggest that you skip this article. 

    If I am guided by evidence and logic, rather than the dogma of the "KJV immaculate", then logic says that between the original Bible texts being written and the KJV translation being completed, there was ample opportunity for the Devil to work his mischief (and/or for humanity

  • Fulford at Christmas 2023


    My apologies for taking Christmas Day off 🙂.

    It seems that Benjamin Fulford did not, so here we present his Christmas 2023 report for Monday 25th December.

    "... both China and the West (the rest of the world not so much) need to completely change their long, short and medium turn economic plans"

    "The victors in the war against the KM are now presenting plans that are astonishing in their scale and ambition"

    "Once the plans on how to accomplish this are worked out, the result will make the Cambrian explosion look like a champagne bubble by comparison"

    We stand on the threshold of a new age, a new era, a new eon perhaps.

    Buckle up. Do we trust any government that relies on coercion to take us into

  • The Great Game Continues


    Putting much of the seemingly senseless activity of recent years into an overarching context, this article from Zero Hedge paints an admittedly complex picture that does knit a large number of seemingly disparate threads together.

    It's about power, and who controls that power.

    This level of global politicking is above my pay grade, but there does seem to be great deal going on these days that could well herald a marked shift in the global order of things.

    Luongo: No One Has Really Grokked How Big The Suez/Houthi Gambit Is


  • Scott Ritter Gives Us All an Education


    Starting with Israel v Hamas and the Middle East, moving on to Ukraine, Russia, and other issues, this is a broad sweep starting with an in-depth analysis of Israel v Hamas and moving on to other topics, including the EV market in China. Well, I guess somebody had to do it.

    (2 hrs 10 mins) 


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  • Deep State Unveiled in Digestible Video Clips


    Tavistock, Deep State, the Cabal... whatever we want to call it - what is it?

    It's complicated, but for those who don't want to wade through hours-long presentations, this Swedish group has put together a slew of individual sessions each exploring a limited aspect of the whole.

    And it's in English! What's not to like?

    Episode 1- What is the Deep State?


    Episode 2: There is a company called Ericsson

    Modern History Explained?


    The Tavistock conspiracy theory isn't new, but some think it is closely interwoven into the fabric of the last century...

    Is it true? If you can stand the awful and intrusive (yes I'm showing my age here) tinkly muzak which "graces" this video, watch and make up your own mind...

    (18 minutes)