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The war in the Ukraine has been dragging. It's now over one year old, and the protagonists are slugging it out in and around, over and possibly even under Bakhmut, to little apparent gain of territory.

There are videos "out there" that profess to report on new Ukrainian offensives, and other videos that profess to report the state of play remaining massively in favour of Russia. 

But there are few that set the Ukraine conflict in the perspective of the global power-play that has been taking place ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Experts on both matters are thin on the ground, but Col Macgregor and ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter are both well informed and convincing.

In this video Scott Ritter brings us up to date on how he sees the Ukraine war from the perspectives of (a) boots on the ground (b) supply logistics (c) Nato politics and the provision of more munitions and weapons to Zelenskyy (d) the US politics of the Pentagon and (e) the post-perestroika arms control treaties (which he as an inspector had a hand in implementing) which have now been repudiated.

If you want to know what is going on (and whether NATO will get its nuclear war), this must be one of the more informative videos out there:

(39 minutes)


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