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Conspiracy Corner

  • The Human Hive - Deep Woo Progress Dissected


    This is a deep dive into one person's view of the current state of the world.

    Beware strong language - if you don't like strong language (and the occasional slurping of coffee) you will almost certainly be offended by the concepts presented.

    The parallel between an insect hive and the way the world works (and has worked for many years, possibly centuries) is striking, and I think it provides quite a clear model for what we are going through at the moment.

    Still with us? Plenty of woo below, so - dive in!

    "... over these next few months, we will see the degradation and collapse of the Federal Reserve Central Bank system"



  • How the World Really Works - according to ZeroHedge


    This article doesn't really need much introduction, so I won't waste my typing on it except to say that it's probably the most concise and readable exposition of the "conspiracy theory" mechanism of world power-play that I have seen.

    It is of course for you to judge how true this theory may be.

    Worth reading

    On the other hand...  

    there are signs that the carefully constructed web of disinformation control is beginning to crumble. Here is

  • July Uncorroborated Global Conspiracy Update


    We have all (or if you are new to this site, nearly all) heard of the WEF's (World Economic Forum) much hyped Great Reset which the world awaits in calm trepidation, but "conspiracy theorists" also track what we have for want of a better term dubbed the Greater Reset.

    Which reset will win out? It seems that our world is not going back to the "old normal" any time soon, and probably never will.

    So what is the latest word on Conspiracy Street?

    Benjamin Fulford has the update.

  • Geopolitical Covid and the CCP Centenary


    I am not aware of many sites that presume to tackle the geopolitical aspects of the Great Covid Game but this is one. I have no idea to what extent this guy is correct, but he seems calm and collected and he claims contacts that would certainly be unavailable to most, so no corroboration is possible. On the other hand, Robert David Steele ("ex" CIA!) speaks highly of him - make of that what you will.

    Nevertheless I offer you his thoughts on this basis - he might be right but he might be spinning a yarn. As so often these days the truth is hard to come by, so we must find it where we may.

    He is funded by the modest subscriptions of those for whom he

  • The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé


    Dr Steven Greer has devoted himself for many years to the investigation of UFOs and the associated paranormal phenomena.

    His investigations include the potential overlap of such matters with the activities of the "deep state" military-industrial complex which some believe to have swallowed untold billions of US taxpayer dollars, never to be accounted for. Other nations including the UK may not be entirely innocent either.

    The convergence of global politics, false flag attacks, "pandemics", and global societal breakdown seemingly driven by deliberate action globally suggests that we would be wise to educate ourselves about all these matters, and Dr Greer's contribution to this need is his new feature

  • To Whom it May Concern - Now Hear This!


    This video is not for everyone.

    But for those who self-select, it is vital.

    It invites your participation, and you will want to participate.

    Be prepared to stop and rewind as required to make sure you get the message correctly.

    Be prepared to take notes (and ideally, screen-shots).

    "We are going to end the Bible"

    "I am the Trump Card"

    "But I can't do this without you"

    "All you have to do is get this message to the President"


  • This Will Blow You Away!


    This guy is just amazing - he's either the biggest con-artist ever or he needs watching closely in case he revolutionises the whole world in ten years flat . . .

    But whether he does or not, he is very good entertainment cool

    See what you think!


    Like / Dislike this video here.

  • Miami Building Collapse


    The BBC has the story.

    If anybody feels some déjà vu after watching this, compare the way that this building fell with the 9/11 Twin Towers collapse. Even the BBC picks up the point.

    It appears to have the hall-marks of a controlled demolition - a neat vertical collapse into its exact footprint. No ragged falling at one side, no asymmetry to speak of, in fact - seemingly not unbalanced in any way.

    The second section indeed seemed to begin to topple sideways, but then corrected itself! How would that

  • The Resurrection of the 99% - And Much Else Besides


    John L. Petersen (futurist) talks to Robert David Steele - and vice versa.

    This may be a bit dark, but it does end on an optimistic note.

    There are a lot of ideas here that will be contentious to many, so be prepared to suspend disbelief for a while. These predictions are said to be based upon evidence, and their proponents do allegedly have a track record for accuracy.

    I have no corroboration one way or another, It's your judgement that counts. Having said that, I don't see anything in the world today that seriously conflicts with this narrative.


    Martin Armstrong...

  • The 'True Story' Behind Flight MH370 - Boyd Anderson


    Buckle Up!

    This is a two hour deep dive into the story of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 (and much more besides), and how it fits into the global situation since unfolding, according to Boyd Anderson.

    There is (or was?!) a shorter version of this story here (only one hour).

    He is, I note, trying to sell his book - I don't doubt it's a good read, but - there's no way I am going to vouch for

  • WW3 - or Something Else?


    Never before have the world's governments contrived - with the aid of global institutions such as the UN, the WHO, global NGOs such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and global corporate interests such as the big pharmaceutical companies - to destroy the existing economic and political order on a global scale through the apparent use of lies, misinformation, double-speak, fear, confusion, and outright in-your-face censorship.

    It is perfectly clear that we are no longer living in ordinary times.

    New concepts of nebulous clarity (such as "hate speech") have been proposed and indeed  written into law.

    New legislation is proposed to counter "on-line harms", to enable censorship to be applied to on-line publishing of hitherto perfectly legal

  • Are We Witnessing the Dawn of a New/Old Age?


    My capacity to believe new conspiracy theories every day is becoming severely tested by a number of Bitchute videos that introduce some remarkable connections between past and present.

    I don't write an article about every one as they tend to disqualify themselves as being too discomforting for the majority, too unbelievable to gain any traction, or too complex for most of us to get our head around, but I have to admit that this one (whilst satisfying some of these disqualifying aspects) seems so well supported by circumstantial evidence, strange connections, and astounding coincidence that I offer it for your entertainment.

    After 2020 we all need a bit of good cheer, and nothing cheers like a good mystery with an unlikely twisting/turning plot with diverse characters leading up to a surpise ending (not

  • Where Lies the Division Between Fraud and Science?


    This is a deliberately provocative question.

    The scientific method is clear - the facts must be clearly established, the assumptions (or axioms) clearly stated, and the theory must be repeatedly demonstrable in practice by other researchers working independently.

    The same basic principles apply in the associated branches of engineering, otherwise it would be impossible to manufacture any product to a consistent standard.

    In the physical sciences (physics, chemistry etc) we have engineers (electrical, mechanical, chemical etc) who make use of the science to fabricate maintain and (occasionally) repair the useful products that we have now carelessly come to take for granted.

    In the medical sciences we have . . .  

  • The Conspiracy Theory to End them All


    This conspiracy theory is far too big to be ignored.

    There is too much supporting circumstantial evidence for it to be discredited on a mere whim.

    The best way to get to grips with this is probably to watch this video, then to follow up on the various web-sites. It's a long haul, best taken in stages.

    It has been said that everything we have been told is a lie - is this confirmation?

    After you have watched this you will have a choice:

    • No, it's just too preposterous, it cannot be true - I reject it

    • It's utterly preposterous but there is a lot of supporting evidence . . .    I want more