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Conspiracy Corner

  • Mind Your Ps and Qs


    This video is not for everyone - for a start it's over three hours long and most of us don't have that sort of spare time unless we really are wanting to know more about the topic.

    But it is a presentation by somebody who does claim to have made a considerable study of the subject matter, and I've only really found one other who has done the same.

    So which Ps and Qs are we talking about here? 

    Popcorn and Quavers?

    Perceptions and Quandaries?

    Presidents and Q(ANONs)?

    This is a deep dive indeed - and it's about all of these things (but I don't think it covers the snack versions).

    " ... the most sophisticated, widespread, psychological

  • Lazy Crazy Days ... and Gas Pipelines


    Sabotage? Earthquake? Happenstance? Search for the Guilty? Punishment of the Innocent? Praise and honour for the non-participants?

    Neil McCoy-Ward sorts the facts from the fancies...

    (20 minutes)


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    One point he doesn't mention is the Great Reset as promoted by the WEF. If multiple huge corporates which depend upon energy and fossil fuel all suddenly find themselves with impossible business models, then bankruptcies beckon, and bankruptcies mean banks and ultimately central banks. 

    We watch how this plays out in calm trepidation

  • Why Would the US Need Germany & the EU at Odds with Russia?


    The struggle to set ones enemies against each other in order to gain significant advantage to oneself regardless of the cost to others, is as old as the hills. It maybe regarded as the primary methodology of those who would rule the world, since it gives them exactly what they want - preeminence and supremacy.

    In keeping with this principle, here is a viewpoint that promotes the idea that through NATO, Germany (and Europe) have been manoeuvred into self-destructive sanctions against Russia to keep them at odds, even though this is clearly in neither party's interests.

    Why on earth would that be in anybody's interests?

    We should note that the think tank allegedly behind the plan has denied

  • Yes, CO2 Is Green!


    The "Green" movement may need to be renamed - maybe the "Browns" or perhaps the "Yellows".

    As everybody used to know before the days of global amnesia, carbon dioxide is the very fuel that enables plants to survive and indeed to thrive. If atmospheric CO2 were to halve from current levels we would be perilously close to plant die-off and staring at global starvation.

    Since it appears that many of us need reminding of this basic truth, the Daily Sceptic reviews some of the latest scientific studies (where would we be without them?) which purport to show that the world is becoming greener than ever despite CO2 levels that still remain stubbornly close to their all-time (geologically speaking) low. It seems we might comfortably withstand an atmospheric CO2 level an order of magnitude higher than the present, although we might need to take a machete to the jungle growth in order to get to work.


  • And Did Those Feet in Ancient Times Tread Upon England's Mountains Green?


    If this site hasn't yet challenged your thinking sufficiently, then I think that this particular video may do the trick.

    It's is a bit slow to get started, and it's not clear where the narrator is going, but eventually the proposition being put forward dawns upon the consciousness like a phantom thought-form emerging from the primordial gloom... or may be I'm just slow on the uptake.

    You may want to restart the video to pick up on the details that you missed first time through.

    Preposterous? Aye, and then some.

    But it's an idea which is not without mythological integrity, so where did that mythology originate?

    And if we would take note of Michael Tellinger's assertion that the word "mythology" originally had a different meaning altogether, then suddenly the preposterousness takes a very noticeable jolt. Not fatal, but a jolt none-the-less.


  • Something to Remember When The Future Looks Grim


    This has got to be the greatest conspiracy theory of our times, and probably since the great flood in the time of Noah.

    Many people will be shocked and outraged by this content because it challenges everything we believe about the world we have lived in all our lives. If you are not yet prepared to consider wholesale revisions to your worldview...  best leave this page now.

    "Everything ... and I mean everything, is a lie"

    It's a story of dreadful crimes against children that have been endemic for centuries, even millennia.

    It's also the story of the Cabal's plan to depopulate the earth and enslave what remains of humanity as their "servants" under the technocratic control of AI.

    It's also a story of remarkable courage, decades of planning, and astonishingly bold action to bring all that to an abrupt (on the historical scale) and final end -

  • Who is Q? What is the Plan for the Vaccinated?


    This is a measured and calm review of the deep state and its ambitions to rule a depopulated world.

    Also the push-back from the antidote to the deep state: the Q team (whoever they may be) and what has been happening since the assassination of President Kennedy.

    This has been a clandestine war from the very beginning -  a beginning that goes back millennia at least to biblical times.

    This war is coming to a head as we live and breathe - a war to end all wars, and to end the influence of institutional evil that has been festering within the halls of power from earliest known times.  

    We indeed live in the most "interesting" of times.

    In only 30 minutes much is left unsaid, but the primary message concerns the fate of the jabbed - how will the negative effects of the injections be countered?

    Operation "warp speed" was

  • Are You a Citizen of California, or a Citizen of the UNITED STATES?


    We in the UK might equivalently ask "are you a citizen of England / Scotland / Wales / Northern Ireland, or are you a citizen of the UNITED KINGDOM?

    Are we free if we have to pay taxes under coercion?

    Are we free if we have to obey the commands of our government under coercion?

    Are our make-believe democratic governments really only the "acceptable" face behind which the bankers exert the real control?

    It's your decision.

    (16 minutes)


    Below is the Derek Johnson video referred to above, concerning the status of Donald J. Trump.  Yes it's a bit long, so it takes second place in this article - not everyone has the time.

    Down the Rabbit Hole - and Into the Earth?


    There are many provocative ideas in this video, and all, some, or none of them maybe true. But wherever the truth may lie, it's a good exercise for the mind to think about what is being said here, and determine (a) what we can rule out (b) what we can think about further, and (c) what we should rule in. 

    I'm not making any suggestions either way, but if any of this should turn out to have substance, we may be in for even more interesting times than we have so far grappled with!

    "Current models of Earth's interior are not facts, they are theories... "

    (44 minutes)


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  • The New Age of Heresy


    "There are conversations that we should be having"

    Quite so.

    Andy Thomas is an accomplished author, event organiser, presenter and free-thinking human being who challenges conventions and debunks the need for compliant thinking.

    His style is to present both sides of an argument, sometimes to the frustration of those who think the argument already over, but quite in keeping with his objective of encouraging us all to inform ourselves, to question the narratives that we are fed, and to form our own views of the world.

    We should all be aware of Andy.

    (71 minutes)


    The Conspiracy Theory of Everything



    This is a trifle old (March 2021) and a trifle long (at not much short of 4 hours), and I confess that I haven't watched it through to the end (there are still only 24 hours in the day!).

    Nonetheless if you have the interest to explore the concepts presented (not to mention the spare time)...

    "... transcended people do what is hard, and that's why their lives are easy - people in suffering do what is easy, and that's why their lives are hard... "

    "... in the disconnection of the soul, the ego runs rampant, and this is the source of our suffering... "

    "... light must be brought to darkness, and the darkness must be faced, if we ever wish to solve our problems for good... "

    (NB: I'm not sure that the graphics add much except distraction - you may decide to sit back with some

  • Dr Garry Nolan Talks Unidentified Effects with Tucker Carlson


    Those of us who are sceptical of the UFO phenomena may like to review this - it doesn't answer many questions but it surely does ask them.

    "Whatever it is it's clearly been here for some time... "

    (56 minutes)


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  • The War for the World?


    I think it fair to say that almost nobody fully understands the state of our modern world and whither it is bound, and after watching this I'm pretty sure that you won't either, but perhaps it may help begin to make some sense of future events as they unfold...

    Set aside your preconceptions, and make of it what you will.

    (17 minutes)



  • Use DisCERNment


    After the "moon landings", do we now have the "Higgs boson"?

    This interesting article from the Millenium Report asks a lot of obvious questions that perhaps won't make them any friends in high places.

    What do we know about the large hadron collider?

    It's vastly expensive

    It's a tax-payer's money-pit

    It's far too horribly complex for mere mortals to understand

    It "found" the Higgs boson (for which it had been looking for years... )

    Nobody can see what it actually does (as it's buried underground)

    Not that different from the moon landings project then? Or even the internal workings of big government?


    So is it perhaps yet another means to launder tax-payers' money through to

  • A Voyage Around the Great American Deception


    American history is littered with events large and small including political assassinations (JFK being the most notorious), Unidentified Flying Objects (or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena as we must now call them), unexplained crashed phenomena (AKA Roswell), alleged false flag events (most notoriously 9/11), and much else that defies agreed explanation. 

    That's a pretty broad spectrum of alleged phenomena, linked only by the inability of the various concerned parties to agree on their true nature.

    This video doesn't solve all the problems but it does present a reasoned and logical exploration that may help us all to think about the bigger picture.

    (28 minutes)


    A Whole New Perception of the Reality of Fakery / Fakery of Reality


    Some of us "know", and some of us are beginning to suspect, and some of us think it's a ridiculous conspiracy theory that can safely be ignored.

    However far down this rabbit hole you have ventured (or not), this presentation will likely cause you to reassess your viewpoint - always assuming of course that it isn't faked...  but wouldn't that...   ?

    (2 hrs 17 mins)



  • Everything We Are Told is a Lie? - The BBC told us in 1968


    I found this clip stirred memories for me, as in 1968 I had already been trained as a new-fangled "computer programmer" and I was about to start a sandwich course at a polytechnic for a BSc in "Computer Science and Data Processing" (which turned out to be more like Maths and Stats with some computing thrown in as an afterthought).

    Looking back to those days I would have rejected out of hand the idea that a computer could control anybody, even in the relatively elementary manner posited - they were nowhere near sufficiently sophisticated, there was no internet, and although radio comms as a technology was clearly feasible it certainly lacked the coverage (unless the controlled person would be held in confinement).

    We could just about run a payroll for a large corporation after months / years of development and testing, on machines that read their data off punched cards and then stored it on magnetic tapes - no ubiquitous discs for us at that time. Happy days!

    The Cosmic Hoax


    In Down the Rabbit Hole 7 - The Conscious Cosmos we introduced Dr Steven Greer, who has been investigating paranormal activity and the relationship with undisclosed government projects for decades. 

    Whether you believe what he has to say or not, it is a fact the Donald Trump publicly announced the formation of the United States Space Force whilst in office, and it is the stuff of legend that the US military has been unable to account for prodigious quantities of money that have mysteriously "gone missing" over many years.

    "Connect the dots" as they say.

    This is where UFO controversy meets real world politics and global conspiracy theories - and I don't use that term in any disparaging sense - nobody ever abolished conspiracies to my knowledge nor did anyone ever have that

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 8 - Halls of Records


    Yes, this is follows-on from Down the Rabbit Hole 1 thru 7.

    I'm not a fan of Dr Michael Salla (his habit of interrupting his interviewees, when I would quite like to hear what they have to say, is frankly annoying), but perhaps this video is an idea whose time has come - and he isn't interviewing!

    (7 minutes)


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    If you are drawn to this, then you may also like

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 7 - The Conscious Cosmos


    In our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series we have introduced a number of concepts that many would consider outrageous (being so far outside our day-to-day experience), yet which cannot perhaps be disproved by applying facts and logic.

    Therefore we cannot reject them out of hand.

    Indeed in some cases the application of a little elementary logic suggests that although some of these concepts do not in general manifest in our experience, the likelihood that they do exist seems high. 

    We must also consider the not inconsiderable body of myth and legend with which the various traditions of humanity abound, such as angels, ghosts, star people, leprechauns, goblins, fairies, gods and demons and no doubt other entities that for the moment escape me. They will all have some basis in history even if that basis is long