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Great Reset

  • Over the Clif - World War WEF


    Sweden reclassifies immigrants...  Australia, Brazil...  China protests spreading - code red on the QR codes.

    Antarctica, Ukraine, world update. How much of this to believe is unknowable, but as always there's plenty here to provide food for thought.

    And some fascinating notes on "BAAL" from South America...

    "This war involves cleaning up our past, finding out what true human history is... "

    "Hopefully, this will be the last of the world wars"

    (48 minutes)



  • You Couldn't Make It Up - Unless You Are the Dutch Government


    We haven't historically heard much about the global warming effect of nitrogen but the Dutch are hearing about it in a big way.

    Now nitrogen can indeed be involved in warming (nitroglycerine being a cause of extremely rapid warming being a case in point) but nitrogen in gaseous form in fact constitutes the major part of the atmosphere and doesn't normally burn in oxygen at all (just as well!). That hasn't changed any time recently to my knowledge.

    Nitrogen is also the central constituent of ammonia, which is asserted to be a greenhouse gas, but the principal greenhouse gas is (drum-roll please!) water - and I await with interest the WEF-UN's plans to remove this primary threat to the planet from the planet.

    Perhaps in time we will be informed that the useless windmills which have been erected all around our shores in the vain hope of providing abundant reliable green power to our nations will soon be repurposed to drain the oceans...   (and,

  • The NWO - 20th to 21st Century


    Much has been written about the twentieth century, the secret intelligence agencies, the New World Order...

    This little video attempts the heroic feat of presenting the key points within a miserly 2hrs and 6 minutes.

    "Disinformation is not necessarily a lie... " and not necessarily a recent phenomenon, even if it has recently been repurposed to discredit the truth rather than propagate the lie.

    "Entertainment has always been used to capture the minds of humankind... "

    " .. especially true in the realm of what used to be called propaganda, and now can simply be called 'information'... "

    "... they have the world in a trance watching the train-wreck in slow-motion, and the audience is on the train... "

    "... this amendment legalised domestic propaganda on the American public

  • CBDCs Incoming!


    For those not already au fait with CBDCs, the Corbett Report runs through some of the main features.

    Learn about the split circuit monetary system, how it currently works, and why a CBDC could demolish the split circuits, folding all of our money back into the Central Bank. Cash would in the extreme be eliminated altogether and everybody's individual account would be held at the central bank.

    Well, we are talking about a variety of account types here (current accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts) - would they all be held at the central bank?

    And if all accounts are held at the central bank, what functions (if any) would the commercial banks still provide? Or would they simply become branches of the central bank for all practical purposes?

    With the bank knowing the purpose of every transaction, could they really control our spending according to their whim and fancy? Such a control system would be orders

  • If You Really Want to Know What's Going On


    The world is in upheaval.

    Governments are being seen to turn against their people, who are responding accordingly. Worldwide.

    The imprecise talk of the New World Order that has been simmering for years (along with the "war on terror") has reached a new height since the formal partnership between the WEF and the UN. The seemingly unlikely talk at Davos that had previously been ignored as absurd has been brought to the fore.

    Those not familiar with the above should probably watch the second video below before taking on the first, so if you are unaware of the implementation of the Great (unwanted) Reset by the Davos elite, then watch the second video first.

    This first video summarises how it is being countered. (Allegedly). 

    "We are going to get every last one of them and ensure that nothing like this can ever occur again"


  • Died Suddenly - The Stew Peters Film


    (68 minutes) - Warning - Not Suitable for Children -

    and I guess for those adults who cannot cope with this scale of evil.



  • The Digital Panopticon is Already Here


    London number 3, New Delhi number 1 in the world.

    If you want to know (or if you don't) this is where we already are.

    It's been installed all around us and it's already being improved.

    We just haven't been told yet - Big Brother has been automated...

    "we are living in a digital panopticon"

    (78 minutes)



  • What are the Real Roots of the WEF Corporate Takeover?


    For aspiring egg-heads and those who would like to explore how the world reached the current crisis of competing models of world control (not to mention the underlying ideas and principles that drive these movements), this interview session by Reiner Fuellmich, with Rodney Atkinson (brother of Rowan Atkinson - who knew?!) and Alex Thomson (of UK Column fame) delivers the goods.

    (1 hr 40 mins)



  • Another View of Klaus Schwab at the G20 World Leaders Forum in Bali


    Remind me, when did Klaus become elected to world leadership?

    And why Bali? It does seem like an awful waste of a good resort...

    Redacted have a relaxed way of reporting on serious matters, and I think that their style makes very pleasant change from intermoanable doom and gloom (yes, I just mistyped that, but I liked the result!), so here they are:

    (24 minutes)


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  • "Political Corruption at the Highest Levels"


    Jeffrey Epstein is the criminal that the justice authorities don't seem to want to do anything about.

    So he had an island to which he flew many of the (probably misnamed) "great and the good" (according to the flight logs) for purposes about which we can only speculate (although Epstein had a certain reputation and the authorities were crawling all over the place after his arrest so there can't have been anything that they didn't notice).

    So Jeffrey himself was imprisoned and died in controversial circumstances, and his right-hand accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell was also convicted and imprisoned, and then... nothing.

    Nobody else involved?

    No evidence?

    What about all the people on the flight logs?

    Well, if the authorities don't want to take any of this any further, it's up to the people, and fortunately there are people

  • The FTX Crypto Collapse - Brownstone Investigates


    The FTX crypto collapse has ruffled many feathers, lost its customers a great deal of money, and no doubt prompted many people to look a little deeper into what went on.

    Including the august Brownstone Institute, whose founder (no less) Jeffrey A. Tucker has put fingertips to keys to bring us what he has discovered (I've no idea whether he lost any money, but he's certainly been "following the money").

    "there were deep connections between FTX and Covid that have been cultivated for two years"

    "Why was a crypto exchange so interested in the debunking of repurposed drugs in order to drive governments and people into the use of patented pharmaceuticals... "

    Just the tip of the iceberg actually...

    "I think you get the idea. This is all a

  • China Shows the Way


    China is well down the one-way street toward the technocratic state. All the principles are in place, we are just waiting for the technology to be perfected and rolled out into the population. After all, smartphones are so bulky and unreliable - they can be lost, dropped, run out of battery, or be confiscated. Worst of all, they can be ignored.

    How much better to inject the population with electronics that can merge with any and all parts of you, relay your vital functions to the authorities, and even "augment" your brain to function as required by the authorities central AI control!

    "The fate of America is being made in China, our role model for all things dystopian"

    This statement however is wrong. It's not just the model for America, it's the model for the whole world.

    And the G20 is bent on making it happen - first up, the undead vaccine passport "to facilitate travel" (if you are approved by the

  • Fulford on Friday 18 Nov 2022


    A useful and interesting report this week reviewing the recent G20 meeting, the state of the various heads of state (including the major players), and the current geopolitical situation.

    As always, the devil is in the detail, and certainty is a rare commodity, but the questions are relevant and worth the wait.

    Modest subscription required.


  • Lest We Forget


    (31 minutes)

    We may as individuals forgive those who have wronged us as we feel appropriate to our circumstances. That is our freedom and our right.

    We should however never forget the extraordinary level of brainwashing, nudging, opprobrium, name-calling, and indeed threats and actual violence that were directed to those who merely pointed out that there was no evidence to support the effectiveness of the measures being imposed, to support the attempts to cajole us into taking an experimental medical intervention (in blatant contravention of the Nuremberg Codes), to support the alleged safety and efficacy of the alleged vaccines, to support the elimination of all alternative medical therapies other than vaccines, or even to support the alleged danger that the virus was supposed to pose to us all.

    Nor must we forget the extraordinary attempts to completely censor all opinion contrary to the official line, even when cogently argued by exceptionally

  • So What Was FTX and Does It Matter?


    Bix Weir (yes, him again) talks to Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) about the financial implications of the FTX insolvency.

    But wasn't FTX something to do with crypto? I don't "do" crypto so why would that affect me? 

    If it affects the banks, then it affects "me".

    Are we prepared?

    How do we prepare for a financial implosion that could (and may well) bring down all the major financial institutions in short order?

    (34 minutes)



  • Clif High - Trump Back?


    Clif is his own man, working with his own tools, taking orders from no man (as far as I can see).

    Here he is pontificating on the growing financial and pharmaceutical crashes.

    Bix is the finance man who makes it his business to analyse the Gold-Silver-Crypto topography.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!

    But what's looming "out there" in January...?

    Yes, much of this is speculation, but I can't think of many who are better qualified to indulge.

    Batten the hatches, this is going to be orders of magnitude more scary and confusing than where we are now.

    (61 minutes) 



  • 2023 - The Year The World Went Hungry?


    "The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) sounds a warning over a problem it caused in the first place, namely food disruption. How? By talking nations into restricting nitrogen fertilizer to grow bountiful crops"

    Whilst we in the affluent West (well, most of us anyway) have never know what it is to go hungry, many in less affluent countries (and some in the more affluent) could well be about to find out.

    This is what happens when global politicians declare "climate emergency", blame CO2, and then switch gears to abruptly take out supplies of... nitrogen fertiliser? No, me neither.

    It appears also to have escaped their notice that if they would only increase the amount of CO2 in our air, the green crops would thank them by growing enough food to feed the world (there's a reason that commercial greenhouses feed their plants extra CO2), but that's by the by.

    The End Times are Upon Us!


    I'm not keen on featuring the contribution below for a number of reasons, because for all this guy says (and he's an American who has no trouble pouring out his no doubt sincerely held beliefs so that we can all benefit from his enormous wisdom - if only we could slow him down and take a week or two to digest it all), his narrative is based upon a few unspoken points which seem to me to be highly questionable.

    But it does give me an opportunity to give a hobby-horse of mine an outing.

    If I had to profess a religion it would be Christianity - just not the perverted versions peddled by the great hypocritical religions that (a) used to burn their heretics to death ("judge not that thou be not judged") and (b) seek to persuade us that we are so helpless that we should simply cast ourselves into unquestioning faith in Jesus Christ (oh, and the Bible) in order to be "saved". That is redolent of the simplistic scams offered by charlatans proffering snake oil across the ages ("just take this 'free' injection

  • Sanctions? What Sanctions?


    Alternative title: "Sanctions for thee but not for me?"

    This video speaks for itself...  but please don't throw anything at, or hit your screen...

    (14 minutes)


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  • Mahatmas of the Third Age Unite!


    "Mahatma" is the only word I could think of that encompasses both wisdom and spiritual enlightenment in one word (with the added benefit that it may also be globally understood) so "mahatma" (not "the Mahatma") it is.

    As an oldie myself, I often reflect that now that we are considered to be well past the age of raising a family, we would now do it rather differently from how we actually did it when we were newly minted (or perhaps not-quite-so-newly-minted) young adults. As the saying goes: 'You can't put an old head on young shoulders'. 

    So when we are children, we are moulded into the ignorant beliefs of our parents, and when young adults, in our arrogance we get to mould the next generation into our ignorant belief systems, and when we are old we get to hold our tongue whilst we watch the next generation mould their offspring according to their own