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Great Reset

  • "Millions Will Die!"


    Personally I'm getting very bored with this dialogue of the deaf, where one camp shouts at the other and the other shouts back, heedless of the requirement to acknowledge the doubts and difficulties and yes, even the evidence and the logical arguments.

    This site sets a good deal of store by evidence and logic (I can't help it, it's a working life-time of training), so shouting interminably across the fence isn't my cup of tea.

    "Climate change" is a wonderful propaganda weapon in so far as the workings of the climate is probably the most complex topic known to man, so unfounded assertions based upon dubious modelling are notoriously difficult to prove or disprove in the absolute. So the onus falls upon the deniers to disprove the assertions of remote global authorities, whereas the onus of proof should be falling on those who would demonise the past decades of advancement of healthy civilisation and consign our future prospects of health and global sufficiency to the scrap-heap.


  • "Everybody Woke Up Today ... We Have No Defence ..."


    Scott Ritter explains exactly why he believes that the Iranian response to Israel demonstrates that the balance of military power has been reversed.

    (53 minutes)


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    This next video is an extended analysis of the military and geopolitical situation in the wake of the exchange of hostilities between Israel and Iran - including what it means for Europe and the Ukraine.

    Yup, it's a Scott Ritter overload, but if you want perhaps the best analysis available, what choice do we have?

    Mark Steele - Geordie Antidote to the Deep State?


    OK, it helps if you happen to be an expert in regional "English" (which I am not), but I just about managed to keep up with this one.

    Mark Steele of Save Us Now infamy, scourge of Gateshead Council, and electronic warfare expert who has forgotten nothing of his craft, shares his assessment of the current war of the Deep State vs the People with Ana Maria Mihalcea.

    Do give it a go, you are sure to learn something new from this presentation - once you get used to deciphering the Geordie.

    (65 minutes)



  • Neil Lays it Out


    Neil Oliver with another hard to hear monologue, asking many questions that will never be answered by any of the usual suspects.

    Pfizer, Cass, NHS... to name just a few.

    Have they no shame? 

    (19 minutes)


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  • The Perils of Nuclear


    No, not bombs - base load!

    The sleuths at Fortune and Freedom have been sorting through the entrails of what passes for government energy policy, and have doubts that more nuclear power plants is the answer to the intermittency of renewables.

    This one is a bit technical, but one can see their point. Well, points actually. Flexible response of power generation is necessary when the wind stops blowing and hail destroys the solar panels (or night-time occurs).

    Can nuclear solve the intermittency conundrum? Even if the government could miraculously change its record of failure in delivering major projects, with immediate

  • If you would know who controls you, see who you may not criticise


    "If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise" -Tacitus

    (16 minutes)


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  • The Storm is Upon Us


    Pascal Najadi interviewed on the current state of the unseen war.

    "This is our last Communication before The Current Wartime President and our Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald J. Trump addresses the world today April 15th 2024 as the Commander-in-Chief and Supreme Commander of the current and ongoing Global Defence War Earth Alliance."


    (78 minutes)



  • Fulford Report Monday 15 April 2024


    Drones, cruise missiles, and coke bottles?

    With the ICC in the Hague not playing ball with Israel, the conflict in Gaza entering the end-game, and Iran showing the temerity to answer back for Israel's attack on its diplomatic mission in Damascus, the media are in full-on propaganda mode today.

    One certainly gets the sense that things are not going Israel's way nearly as much as they would like.

    "This theater though, hides a very real war that is... heading for a climactic battle... "

    There is plenty this week to pique your interest.

    Modest subscription required.


  • The Cass Review - Portent of Transanity?


    The Cass Review, as I need hardly remind everyone (!) is an "Independent review of gender identity services for children and young people".

    Quite why we old relics are excluded from gender identity services, or perhaps merely from the independent review, is unclear, but maybe lack of demand had something to do with it, even though that same lack of demand didn't seem to stop them including children and young people.

    Or maybe we old relics were too stuck in our ways to be manipulated into having ourselves so hideously reassigned, we may never know. Surely more research is needed?

    Anyway, the review may not have turned out too favourably for the woke crowd, for whom nothing as traditional as the concept of a man and woman getting together to create a family and further the human race independently of state control, can be left unchallenged and

  • Time Flies, But Remember Lockdowns


    We all know that our memories fade over time, and most of us are probably only too happy to forget the lockdown idiocies (not to mention turmoil) that swept the nation, and indeed much of the world, in 2020.

    Yet if we so blithely discard our recollection of these restrictions, how will we be protected against such extremes in the future? Or could we simply rely upon the official Covid Inquiry to fill the gap?

    Surely the events of 2020 should be in effect a vaccination of the population that protects us from ever permitting such nonsense to recur in the future? No It wasn't exactly safe, but if nobody remembers, thenit will not be effective either.

    An important observation I suspect.

  • Capitalism of the Future?


    Before plunging into this one we need to understand a few definitions.

    "Capitalism" can have more than one meaning depending upon context.

    Let's start with the traditional meaning, which roughly speaking equates to free trade within a marketplace.

    Free trade is dependent on the concept of "property", something which is "owned". I can't trade something unless I own it. I can only own it if I made it, or if I bought it, or if I was given it as a gift, or if I inherited it. (Some societies might include finding it abandoned, but subject to conditions, which is essentially a minor peripheral argument)

    In England we have the ancient and honourable tradition of Market Towns, which were permitted to hold regular markets where people from the neighbourhood could come to buy and sell, or simply barter their wares. Everyone knew the routine that in that place on that day they could all come and get what they needed in

  • The Big Green Sausage Machine


    Another country, another council bemused, befuddled, and brainwashed by the green blob.

    What is the defence? We must insist upon due diligence and democratic accountability.

    Due diligence - check out what we are told and importantly, check out the counter-narratives. Which is plausible, which is actually proven? Or are neither proven? If not proven, then is the the proposed change of status quo justified on balance?

    Assess both the upside scale of the opportunity and the downside of getting it wrong.

    Democratic accountability - explain our recommendation, the counter-recommendation, the consequences of both, and put it to a vote of our constituents.

    Now if we are just installing traffic lights, the downside of getting it wrong is probably relatively trivial, but if our constituents lives are going to be seriously changed then give them both barrels (both sides of

  • Tavistock


    An ancient stannary town in Devon, home of the cream tea...  or something else?

    Mark Devlin spills the beans...   but beware, the rabbit hole runs very deep indeed.


    (82 minutes)


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  • NHS - The Face of Fascism to Come


    Ben Rubin explains "our" NHS, for those who haven't quite realised what has been going on for many years - under governments past and present of all stripes.

    Now we know exactly why the only "cure" for the NHS which is ever promoted by politicians is to spend more money on it. (Are we looking forward to our general election later this year?)

    So where does all this money go?

    And is money laundering the only problem, or is there more... ?

    (39 minutes)

    Delingpod Revisited

  • Another Reason Why Renewables are just So Much Hot Air


    Has the onward march to our Net Zero future got  bogged down in the quicksand of government "incompetence"?

    Every passing day it seems that more reasons emerge to indicate that Net Zero is the impossible dream.

    The latest dive behind the scenes into what is actually going on (or not going on) comes courtesy of Fortune and Freedom.

    "Renewable energy projects are taking decades to connect to the electricity grid. High voltage lines are proving as popular as wind farms"

    You could say that it's gridlock.


  • The Day of the Eclipse - Fulford Report - 8 April 2024


    There must be not a few subscribers wishing that this eclipse took place yesterday and we might know a bit more of the aftermath for this report!

    "There can be no doubt this eclipse is not an ordinary event. It passes over seven towns called Nineveh, a Babylonian city mentioned in the bible as the center of sin and depravity. It also passes through seven towns called Salem, known in the bible as the dwelling place of god"

    Only in America!

    There is still a lot going on, and "it ain't over until the fat lady sings"!

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  • Oregon Redefines the War on Farmers


    Rule 1 - heap up the regulations

    Rule 2 - make them as complex as possible

    Rule 3 - wage lawfare

    Something similar coming to the UK soon I don't doubt.

    (21 minutes)


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    Go figure.


  • Capitalism Has Already Ended - What Comes Next?


    And is "what comes next" already here?

    Today we feature the only modern economist worth listening to, or at least the cream of the cream of such a grouping should there be more than one.

    As befits an economist, he also has an unmatched understanding of modern politics and geopolitics, since politics and economics are in effect two sides of the same coin, and both disciplines rely on the understanding of the motivations of the masses.

    Yanis Varoufakis learned his trade the hard way as Finance Minister of Greece when the EU famously "bailed out" the Greek banks from their banking crisis - some suggest not ultimately to the benefit of the Greek people, but to enable the Greek banks to meet their obligations to other EU banks.

    He has also authored some very readable books on economics/politics 😎.

    "It's not a market, it's an algorithm".


  • "A Charnel House of Needless Death"


    "This four part series is intended as your briefing, under fire, to prevent a new European War, a collapse of the dollar, and the continuance of the mind destroying surveillance state"

    LaRouchePAC are taking the battle for all our futures to the US People and to Congress.

    "On Tuesday, April 9th, the U.S. Congress will return to Washington. $61.4 billion in new funding for the Ukraine War is the main item on the “must pass” Washington agenda"(my emphasis)

    UK and US governments really are committed to war with Russia, regardless of the inevitable consequences. War with a Russia that by any measure has already been grievously provoked. Russia knows who has done that provoking, but has not yet responded.

    Be in no doubt that they will respond at a time of their choosing.


  • Monetary Mayhem, or Monetary Revolution?


    It looks like we will get one or the other.

    The BRICS countries have already started the process of stabilising the global currency base by linking their currencies to hard assets, which makes them interchangeable at (relatively) stable exchange rates. A bit like (but not the same as) the old Bretton Woods system where participating currencies were linked to the US Dollar which in turn was linked to gold - and which started to fall apart when certain countries started to suspect that the gold which the USA was supposedly holding for them might not actually exist... and demanded it be delivered back.

    Bretton Woods was replaced by the "petro-dollar" whose value was supported (but not fixed) by other countries' need to use dollars to pay for middle east oil (from Saudi Arabia most famously).

    Now that much of the world's oil is traded in other currencies in place of the dollar, financial stability is become polarised - the BRICS (based on hard assets) are