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Great Reset

  • Down the Rabbit Hole and into the Underworld


    What lies behind the Epstein case?

    Why do allegations of ritual satanic abuse (whatever that is) keep arising, yet somehow never seem to lead to any convictions?

    Why do today's pop artists and artistes so often seem to feature themes of the devil?

    Most extraordinary of all perhaps - why did the official opening ceremony of the St Gotthard Tunnel feature such extraordinary scenes? One might have thought that on such an occasion a traditional Christian blessing by a suitably important local Bishop might have been more appropriate.

    Does this have any links to the current trends toward what many consider to be the transsexual perversion, the transgender agenda?

    I personally have no information, but I do detect a troubling undercurrent of increasingly in-your-face

  • The UN from the Inside - What it's All About


    Many of us may have suspected this for some time, but suspicion is not evidence.

    Reiner Fuellmich here interviews Călin Georgescu from Romania, who has (almost) 18 years of experience in serving the UN.

    (11 minutes)


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  • Education, Educashun, Edoocashen


    We Brits have long looked on as "our" government progressively moved the goalposts to introduce "relationships" learning into our schools curriculum, at each stage widening the definition and insisting on ever earlier engagement with our kids, right down to primary school age. I'm not sure whether "Drag Queen Story Hour" has yet materialised into the curriculum but I've reached the understanding that there are no limits other than those that we the people will set, by protest and non-compliance.

    To say that this is an agenda which the vast majority never asked for and which has been introduced as quietly as possible is a reflection of how "our" government operates in multiple areas - in fact this has become (or perhaps always was) their de facto modus operandi. More and more we the people are reduced to mounting spontaneous rearguard actions against their most egregious projects, whist many others

  • How to Create a Banking Crisis from a Scamdemic


    The inimitable John Rappaport joins the dots that link the banking crisis with the Covid Lockdown measures.

    If you thought that lockdown was all about health then I guess you haven't been paying attention. Yes it was also about compliance, closing down small businesses (leaving the market and much of the high street open for big businesses to move in), and not to mention the wreaking of financial havoc.

    So how did that work?

    So what might be the next step in the Central Banking tip-toe?

  • Neom - Nirvana or Nightmare?


    Neom - the new 500 km city in the sands...  from the Arabs who used to live in... tents?

    Everything you need within 5 minutes! Wow - no need to ever go anywhere else! Eat your heart out, Oxford. Rethink your petty ambitions Canterbury! Nobody will want to live in your tiny backwardness when they can live in Neom!

    Who needs the Sir Francis Chichesters or the Sir Ranulph Fiennes of this world past, when we could live in Neom?

    Still, it's only three minutes long, so I'm sure that there are yet more delights that they didn't have time to mention - I wonder what they are?

    (3 minutes)


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    A Short Presentation on the History of All Things "Sustainable"


    The inimitable Ivor Cummins introduces around 100 years of history - how the world became embroiled in the current battle of competing World Orders...

    Bilderberg Group - Club of Rome - Council of Foreign Relations -Trilateral Commission - WEF

    Problem - Reaction - Solution

    Build Back Better

    Featuring all the usual suspects, plus a few you may not previously have connected.

    Fasten your brain belts please and plunge in!

    (48 minutes)


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    Smart Cities, or Freedom Cities? - Real Choice at Last?


    It's a tough one - do we want to live in a Smart City as envisioned by Klaus Schwab, or a Freedom City as envisioned by Donald J. Trump?

    No contest you might think - I'll take the concept championed by the undisputed champion of free America...

    ... but, shouldn't we just take a quick peek at the small print first?

    First up - the Brownstone Institute examines the "Smart City", where "smart" (as we are becoming accustomed to realising) means "surveillance", probably allied to "control". Still, with all one's needs met, what's not to like?

    Second up - the Trumpian "Freedom City". Obviously that would be a quite different proposition, but 

  • Fulford Report Monday 27 Feb 2023


    Aficionados of Ben's reporting should not miss today's report.

    With the feud between the KM and humanity gathering pace, China steps in to call for calm.

    "The destruction of a Western city is subject to a complete news blackout... "

    As always, a modest subscription is required to access the complete article.

    But be warned - he has new and completely different web-site presentation, so you will have to overcome your disbelief and learn new navigation skills! 


  • You Don't Want to Know This


    Your - our - dystopian micro-future awaits.

    Patrick Wood, having studied it for years, is probably the most informed person about technocracy, and here he offer us an exploration by Spartacus of the possibilities, in more depth than many may care to fathom.

    When they talk of synthesis of the organic with the digital, they are not stopping with nanoparticles...

    I'm writing this on a somewhat clunky old-fashioned computer that takes up a nowadays unwarranted acreage of my available desk-space - but this form of desktop can still be bought by gamers sold on extracting the last vestige of speed to drive their all-consuming passion. At a cost of course.

    But by engineering it at the molecular level instead of the scales currently possible with today's silicon-chippery, it could be reduced in size to something rather more like - say - a fingernail. And by integrating it into the body's DNA as a biodigital construct

  • Undead WHO "Pandemic" Treaty Incoming?


    Where America leads, the UK follows.

    This treaty has been subject to much (conflicting) reporting of late, but this is the latest.

    The WHO Director-General (currently Tedros) can unilaterally declare a pandemic.

    Member states of the WHO would then be obliged by treaty to implement all measures dictated by the WHO.

    (14 minutes) 


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  • Destination of Humanity?


    When I was in my teens I was always a bit flummoxed by the TV series "The Prisoner".

    I couldn't see the point in a nameless person held captive within a nameless but apparently comfortable - even luxurious - village.

    Where was the action? Plenty.

    Where was the good guy? Patrick McGoohan. Number six.

    Where were the bad guys? Only the minions were ever in evidence, never the big bad bosses.

    Where was the victory of good over evil? Nowhere to be seen - it was a never-ending dystopia.

    It broke the mould of TV adventure series where the goodies always triumphed over the baddies, so there appeared to be no point in watching it - we knew how each episode would always end: more of the same.

    So why watch it?

    Now in 2023

  • State of the Covid Nation / World


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire summarises the state of America in the wake of the Covid experience, all in less than 15 minutes! Don't blink or you'll miss something.

    In so doing he speaks for many around the world, and readers will note that the UK experience has paralleled the US more or less in lockstep, in certain areas less rigorously applied, but to substantially the same effect.

    (16 minutes)



  • C40 Cities - Sadiq Khan - The Conspiracy Theory


    Oh dear.

    It seems that no responsible politician can make any innocent move to improve our environment these days without becoming the butt of a fresh conspiracy theory.

    Everybody knows that "the Science is Settled", so how is it that whenever any responsible politician takes some small step towards limiting emissions, some disgruntled amateur sleuth pops up to try to trash his efforts by throwing up all sorts of inconvenient facts that he's dredged up in a mere hour or two fumbling around on the internet?

    You really couldn't make it up.

    (30 minutes)


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  • "Know Who You Are Before Someone Says to You Who You Are"


    Everything You Never wanted to know about the United Nations - the political arm of the World Economic Forum. Unmasked.

    It's even about life, the universe, and everything...

    I am privileged to say that established followers of this site will probably know much of this already, but this is a dedicated exposé by an erstwhile inside specialist of the UN who was independent-minded enough to see that their actions belied their narratives (interviewed here by Dr Reiner Fuellmich).

    Whether or not this type of presentation appeals to everybody I cannot say ... personally I have seen too many images of attractive young people slo-mo-ing through sunny cornfields... but I cannot fault any part of the message, and I guess that many different styles of presentation will be required to

  • Pencil Me In


    The technocrats who would rule the world may not understand that they do not understand.

    What you don't understand you cannot control.

    They would control the world through their AI algorithms - but could the AI understand the manufacture of something as simple as a pencil?

    Could it really track its "carbon footprint" (or whatever other notional key performance indicator(s) they may from time to time dream up)?

    Well, perhaps for a pencil it could be done? After all, it's simply a question of breaking the problem down into its constituent parts, tracking each individually, and then apportioning some part of the cost of each constituent to the resulting pencil. Yes, this would be a multi-levelled process but in principle...

    But what about the accuracy of the necessary assumptions underlying each individual part? For instance, the costs of the pencil factory. What

  • New World Order - A Useful Summary


    "We are living in the midst of a Cabal-directed Death Cult"

    "The majority of the people haven’t noticed yet. But the awakening has begun"

    So who are the prime movers in this "death cult" and whom do they serve?

    Regular readers of this site will no doubt be well-informed about this already, but Global Research have put together a useful summary that (a) isn't to long (!) and (b) covers the main points.

    Indeed, it also explicitly associates NATO as a primary enforcement arm of the cult that has been used in the past to deal with nations that do not

  • Another Unequivocal Safety Signal Slips Out


    One for those of us planning our summer get-aways perhaps?

    The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority), having mandated the quaxxine for all its pilots against its own rules (which prohibit a pilot from flying if he/she has undertaken any unauthorised medication - the jab having only an EUA is not fully authorised), now seems to be in some sort of difficulty.

    It has widened the CKG limits that a pilot must satisfy in order to remain medically approved to fly.

    "When asked about the change, the FAA couldn’t justify it"

    Maybe they needed more pilots to keep flying?

    "My best guess ... is that over 50M Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from the shot"

    "The fact that

  • Ultra Large Emissions Zone


    Whilst the Mayor of London may want to hobble motor transport within the metropolis, it seems that not all local councils are on board with this scheme.

    Sutton council: "We are taking this step to send a strong signal to the mayor that he must start listening to local people"

    Harrow council: "Our growing coalition of London councils are not satisfied with the justification for the expansion and remain strongly opposed to it"

    It's encouraging to see local councils stepping up to demand some democratic legitimacy for these policies - write in to your councillors to show them your support!

    And if your council supports the ULEZ, write and tell your councillor why you disagree.

    Full article

  • Oxford Mass Leafleting Completed


    In a project to explain the purposes and implications behind Oxford's plans to introduce motor travel restrictions within it's boundaries, a vast team of volunteers requested by Not Our Future turned up on time and in full and leafleted the entire city on Saturday 8th January.

    As if it were all in a day's work.

    Full report here.

    Rebel News were there to report on this extraordinary event.

    (13 minutes)



  • So, Despite the War in the Ukraine, the CBDCs Are in LockStep to Replace the Dollar Order?


    Despite the appearance of being at loggerheads over the Ukraine, Taiwan, and whatever other flashpoints may yet surface, and despite the BRICS countries moving ahead with their own basket of interchangeable currencies supported by "hard assets" and the Western nations still wedded to their essentially worthless paper, is there really uniformity of approach to base the new world financial system on the existing Central Banks and the Central Bank of the Central Banks, the Bank of International Settlements?

    Would that not simply leave the foxes in charge of the hen-house?

    "it was the West's sanctions that helped the BRICS nations achieve a long-held monetary policy objective, In June 2022 the BRICS member states announced their plans to establish an alternative to the IMF's special drawing rights (SDRs). A basket