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  • Bitcoin - Trick or Treat?


    Bitcoin recently appreciated significantly when Elon Musk bought a vast tranche.

    Since then it's seemingly done nothing but go up in value. So what to do - is it about to collapse or will it go on up for ever and make its owners extravagantly wealthy?

    I have read many articles on crypto but I have not invested any actual money as yet. Should I now break the conservative habit and buy in?

    Catherine Austin Fitts gives us a wholly different take on what is going on here, and I suspect that her analysis will come as something of a surprise to many.

    She succeeds in relating the financial elements to  our real-life needs and experience, as well as to the global political and financial situation - she paints a very complete picture.


  • World Politics and the Distortion of Science for Political Ends


    When I was a schoolboy in the 1960s I was aware of Bertrand Russell as a prominent and opinionated leftie, but not being inclined in that direction I ignored him as being of no interest.

    Big mistake. Know thine enemy.

    Matthew Ehret (AKA the Canadian Patriot) has opened my eyes to his pernicious influence, influence which (whilst no doubt assisted by many others) seems to have now led us to the perversion of science known as the pandemic.

    That this perversion exists is not news to me, but that it had its roots so far back in history (and probably Russell was not the first to promote

  • Davos Culrure Clash - Xi and Putin Champion Harmonious Cooperation


    Davos has been "zooming" during January, and most of the world has been ignoring it I would venture to assert. Still, that's probably unwise, since the immensely rich, insulated, and arrogant tend to expose their unwelcome group-think there for those who take the trouble to pay attention, so if you want to know what they would have in store for us . . .

    Personally I belong in the "unwilling to watch all that stuff" camp but I'm very grateful to those such as Matt Ehret who do take the trouble. We are stronger working together in harmony, and that just about sums up the primary difference in attitude between the top-down authoritarian camp (you will be happy doing as you are told) and the bottom-up harmonious cooperation camp (let's all willingly cooperate in harmony to do what we do best).

    "This is the foundation of the “Sustained development” open system paradigm of Eurasia which stands in total contrast to the deconstructionist “sustainable development” closed system paradigm of the

  • New World Order - How to Get There Explained


    Great Reset - New World Order - Global Communism - World-Wide Fascism - World Domination - Conspiracy Theory?

    How did we get to where we are today? Does any of this ring true?

    "only men of superior intelligence should have the right to rule the world"

    "the move toward... communism would be gradual, in such a way that there would be no violent revolution, but at the end of the line they would have it, and nobody could say 'it happened on such and such a date' "

    "break their will to resist... by slowly infiltrating institutions, you put your people into government agencies, you insert your people into schools, your people into charitable organisations"

    "you have to make the majority feel like they are the minority

    "has everyone gone crazy or is it

  • What Exactly does "Sustainable Farming" Entail?


    Ice Age Farmer analyses the ownership of America's farmland, and examines what these owners intend to accelerate in terms of farming innovation.

    The UK Government's role in similarly modifying our own farming landscape also gets a mention.

    What do you think about it?

  • LaRouchePAC - the Empire's Great Reset


    The LarouchePAC site explains their viewpoint on the Great Reset as proposed by the World Economic Forum. Senator Lyndon Larouche believed that "the British Empire never disappeared—it simply adapted" by becoming a global financial empire (think City of London, Wall Street, the Vatican).

    "That imperial financial system owes allegiance to no nation-state, and it has underlings all over the world"

    "The agenda of the Great Reset is pure fascism: Rule by an oligarchy, the elimination of national sovereignty, the abrogation of personal liberty, a curtailment of science and industrial progress, and the systematic reduction of living standards, particularly in the United States and Europe"  - not to mention the abolition of democracy -

    "The “Great Reset Initiative” is nothing but a grab for power by the modern-day British Empire, the very

  • The Fork in the Road


    I have included"Great Reset" in the tags for this article because the fork in the road that the world now faces will lead to one Great Reset or another.

    Conspiracy theory? There are so many conspiracy theories coming together in 2020-21 that it's now high time to take them seriously - the downside risk is being exposed as far too enormous to blithely ignore.

    This young lady has a long history of researching the links behind the people behind the events, and I have a great deal of respect for her.

    This is her assessment of where current events may be taking America (and by extension, taking us) (20 minutes): 


  • Ann Delap: Cabal Video Series Parts 1-10 with Summaries


    The "Conspiracy" tag is where we explore the assertion that there is a secret group of people (the "cabal") which is bent on world domination - ruling as they see fit and therefore necessarily crushing democratic accountability in the process.

    Couldn't happen?

    Maybe Hitler, Pol Pot, the USSR and Mao couldn't have happened either, but they did.

    It's been a while (if we discount the Chinese Communists) since such a major dictatorship reared its head, so maybe we are overdue a resurgence - maybe even a global resurgence implemented via global political institutions (such as the UN) and huge mega-corporations of global reach (we know who they are) - and philanthropic foundations (not to mention the bankers, especially those "too big to fail").

    If these groups were to act in concert then what could they not achieve? Well, there is a missing piece of the plot as just described - true democratic government is

  • What's Up with the Great Reset?


    The AIER brings us up to date with the now overt relationship between the global Covid exercise and the Great Reset (as documented by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, AKA "Davos").

    "Spelling this out for those too stunned to take it in: this is an open admission that it benefits Schwab and Fauci’s political agenda to continue lockdowns as long as possible"

    Presumably not to mention any UK politicians that seem to be strangely addicted to imposing as many lockdowns as they can get away with, based on "evidence" that has an undeniable tendency to unravel within a few days of presentation.

    "Will they succeed? Is their behavior remotely justified? Does the pandemic really prove our society is fatally flawed? Why can’t they use the political system to gain majority votes if their agenda is so good?"

    (my highlight)

    Catherine Austin Fitts Confirms Goals Of Technocracy, Transhumanism


    "In a spectacular interview that has gathered over 2.2 million views within its first 2 weeks of release, Catherine Austin Fitts lays out the global master plan for Technocracy, Transhumanism and total control over humanity. This is a must-watch video"

    This video from Technocracy News lays it all out - it's a real eye-opener. She describes how the world's elite seem to be trying to get us to buy into their reset plans for world domination by (a) not telling us where they are actually leading us and (b) using fear of the pandemic to scare us into adopting more and more aspects of their ultimate control agenda without understanding whither they take us.

    There is much more - fascinating and very well argued - highly recommended.


    (You can't Like / Dislike this video any more as YT has taken it

  • Whose "Great Reset"?


    An article from Unherd explores some of the ramifications of our approach to the "Great Reset" - the author Gavin Haynes has a point, although I wonder whether he is over-analysing the situation to some extent.

    The trick in analysing any complex situation is to separate the important 20% of issues from the unimportant 80%, otherwise we simply get bogged down in circular argument from which escape can become ever more elusive.

    For me the most important point of all is that there is no "Great Reset" at present that is founded on any democratic legitimacy whatsoever - a point that should stop us all in our tracks.

    In turn, democratic legitimacy can only stem from an honest electoral process - and we can see that there are very serious questions over the honesty of elections in that supposedly most democratic of nations, the

  • The Abolition of Private Property is at the Core of Communism


    The Epoch Times reminds us that the WEF may be a long way from the cuddly benevolent guides to our future that they would have us believe.


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    Read the full Epoch Times article.

    It's a timely reminder that some of those who talk of saving the world are not motivated by empowering the individual - they want to seduce us through their beguiling arguments (who could

  • War on Animal Farms?


    Can pigs and poultry catch  and spread Covid-19?

    Should we be afraid?

    Yes, perhaps we should. The World Economic Forum tells us that we will stop eating meat and instead eat insects or lab-grown "meat" in order to save the planet. Could closure of our pig and poultry farms be the first step along this road? Or was the extermination of the mink farms in Denmark the first step?

    Ice Age Farmer puts two and two together, but does he make 5?


    Like /Dislike this video here.

    Check out the Ice Age Farmer's web-site.

    A Whirlwind History of America and the World since Lincoln


    I was always close to the bottom of the class in history whilst at school (and since I left school for that matter), so I find this historical discourse covers a great deal of ground that for me puts much of the last two hundred years of history into a meaningful perspective.

    Not only that, it brings perspective to both the geopolitical options and the nationalist/globalist dichotomy that the worldfaces in the present day - highly recommended.

    "As it is a truth of humanity that the upright and well-intentioned are comparatively passive, while the designing dishonest and selfish are the most untiring in their efforts, the danger of public opinion's getting a false direction is four-fold, since few men think for themselves"

    Some may think that this sentiment holds precisely true in today's world

  • Technocracy and the Great Reset (Do Not Miss!)


    If you have been wondering about who is pulling the strings behind the greatest incoming global reconfiguration of our lives, and probably of the century, then this is your chance to get to "know thine enemy".

    If you want to know about the "Great Reset" (synonyms: "Sustainable Development", "Green New Deal", "UN Agenda 2030"), where it came from and how we got here, and more importantly where we are going, you probably can't do better than listen to James Delingpole interview Patrick Wood (an expert in the Trilateral Commission) who has spent many years investigating the Technocracy movement which started out in the US in the 1930s.

    Necessarily this is a deep dive, but a mine of information. Unmissable!

    "this is the biggest intellectual sham of history"

    "read the UN Agenda 2030

  • The Plot to Steal America (and the World?)


    Are we facing a bid for Global Communism? Every day, as yet more evidence stacks up, it becomes harder to deny this.

    As in America, so in the UK, and elsewhere.

    If we think things are bad here, the clamp-down "down under" is lunatic by comparison (although Tier 4 Boris is doing his bit to catch up). So is this really a global coup, a coup that cannot ultimately succeed unless it first subdues America?

    Or is it just a "conspiracy theory" to be dismissed out of hand? As always, make up your own mind.

    Like / Dislike this video here. (Youtube permitting).

    Read more about it.