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  • Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer


    A rather depressing but some might think all-too-predictable analysis of the new trade deal with New Zealand is offered by Brexit Watch.

    "Who negotiated this deal, the EU?"

    A fair question. Still, over the next 4 to 8 years (why so long?) tariffs on nearly all of New Zealand's products will be removed, although it seems that some quotas may remain.

    So from all parties' point of view, traders and producers will have time to review supply chains and bring in controlled change. One can always argue about the details, but clearly an abrupt removal might be a source of unwanted disruption.

    There again, the world is being disrupted with supply chains already in some turmoil, so one wonders whether we might need a bit more flexibility.

    How Does this Differ from Open Borders?


    "the so-called ‘High Potential Individual’ visa... would allow graduates of universities around the world to come to the UK to work in jobs at any skill or pay level for two to three years"

    "this is being enacted with minimal checks and balances, including….

    • NO annual cap on numbers (even with 70% of the public wanting such a cap – Deltapoll, 2019).
    • NO minimum salary requirement(even though the lack of one will open UK workers to the real risk of being undercut by cheaper overseas staff).
    • NO need to secure a job before coming (even as 64% of the public say non-UK workers should have to have a job offer from an approved employer before coming here (YouGov, February 2020).
    • NO protection for the UK jobskeekers(even though nearly eight in
  • Brexit Britain "Projects Power in the EU"


    This piece from the Campaign for an Independent Britain and based on research by Brexit Facts 4 EU I present without comment, as I am not qualified to comment (not that that would stop me, but on this occasion I think it best to leave you to form your own judgements).

    I find it interesting, but without any comparative information about what say France, Germany or Spain (to mention three at random) are doing, I think it isn't possible to conclude very much.

    See what you think.

    Still, there are some interesting nuggets on the

  • Eat Your (Edited) Genes


    Maybe you welcome gene-edited plants (initially), or maybe you don't, depending on your faith in "the science" to bring us safe and improved foods.

    If "the science" is exemplified by the rigor displayed recently by the global medical establishment then maybe we shouldn't be queuing up to applaud this latest initiative.

    Of course there is scientific rigour and rigor mortis, and sadly it may be necessary to remind some of our appointed scientific experts of the difference.

    In rigor mortis, the limbs become stiff and inflexible (much like the assurances of late from our medical establishment, politicians, and other appointees to high public positions, when confronted by independent experts and lay people alike) whereas in science, the rigour originates from the practice of gladly submitting any particular theorem to any and all challenges freely accepted, and seeing whether or not it stands up to the evidence of experiment and experience, and the application

  • EU Digital Covid Vaccine Certificate Framework - Passport to Social Control?


    Go on, admit it, you're excited to read about this!

    Brought to us by Global Research, this article brings us up to date with the roll-out of the most important development in the EU for many years - the accession by the EU to the Global Health Governance measures currently underway at the WHO, in the form of the Pandemic Treaty, which will codify into international law control by the WHO over pandemic preparedness in all the treaty countries.

    Naturally this will be facilitated by the WHO’s QR Verification Code project, which is intent upon creating a global digital data bank of 7.9 billion people.

    "Both initiatives are to be carried out concurrently by the WHO in liaison with ID2020 and the Gavi Alliance,

  • Covid Pass to be Mandatory in the EU?


    From Global Research:

    Mandatory vaccination for the EU just went through under the radar

    Whilst I can't vouch for the bit about abolishing cash, nor can I say that it won't happen.

    Extension of EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation 

    COVID-19: Council agrees to extend the Regulation establishing the EU Digital COVID Certificate


  • Rwanda - Transit Point in the Channel?


    Of course, what could possibly go wrong?

    Priti Patel surely cannot win this one. 

    Fly the illegal channel migrants to Rwanda for processing (out of sight, out of mind?), wait for the media to highlight the appalling conditions in which they are held, then fly them back again? And if their asylum claims are rejected, where will they be released?

    And how much would all this cost?

    Nigel Farage doesn't think she can either. Not for the first time, he hits the nail on the head.

    Our politicians can wriggle and squirm all they like but they only confirm just how out of touch with reality and the popular mood they really are.


  • The EU Tightens its Grip


    Brexit is a work-in-progress - except that this term implies progress, whereas it appears to be going into reverse.

    Of course it depends on whose viewpoint you are taking - from the EU's perspective it is advancing its agenda to break Northern Ireland away from the UK.

    From this report it would appear that the EU is unilaterally tightening up the red tape to make it stupidly expensive to import goods from the UK across that border in the Irish Sea.

    Will anybody in government get a grip on this situation, or will they simply string out the already interminable nonsense with more rounds of meaningless negotiations?

    The EU have made their intent abundantly clear.

    We should either pull the plug on the protocol and have done with it, or wrap up the province in a nice

  • EU Parliamentarians Call for Ursula von der Leyen to Step Down


    "Freedom loving MEPs demanded the immediate resignation of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who failed to disclose communication with the CEO of Pfizer. They also called for an ending of imposition of EU's Digital Covid Certificate which is useless, unnecessary and discriminatory. One MEP also called for a compensation fund for the COVID vaccine injured and they all ended with a rising encouragement to the freedom loving truckers of Canada. (Press conference - Strasbourg, 16 February 2022)"

    "-00:32 - MEP Stasys JAKELIŪNAS (Greens, LT)

  • Austria, Land of Music, Lakes and Mountains ... and Suppression


    Think of Austria, think of the skiing, the music, the Sound of Music, the sunshine and fresh mountain air.

    Today Austria is implementing mandatory vaccination for a disease that kills almost nobody below the average life expectancy, backed by draconian fines.

    "Last weekend, the Government ... passed one of the most repressive laws in Western Europe since 1945"

    "... the Constitutional Minister, had said in November 2021 that 'the introduction of compulsory vaccination naturally interferes with fundamental rights' ... she added ... that the step wa

  • Nigel Farage gives the 4th Annual Jillian Becker Lecture


    Nigel is like Marmite - you either love him or hate him.

    He is perhaps the most successful politician of the 21st century. The establishment took us into the EU - Nigel took us out (with a little help from his friends) and he did it in some style.

    Watching him tonight, I am reminded that he knows how to work a crowd!

    Here he is giving the 4th Jillian Becker Lecture for the Freedom Association - and he hasn't lost his form.

    Introduced by David Campbell-Bannerman (you can skip the 9 minute introduction if you wish):

    "... there is a problem... over the course of now nearly 50 years, the state has just got bigger, and bigger, and bigger... and all that politicians do, and all that lobby groups do, is to constantly campaign for the state to get bigger still... and I sense that one of the reasons that people... don't value freedom, and don't value liberty, is

  • Reminder of the Benefits of Brexit - Boris Take Note


    Brexit Facts 4 EU 

    "It was refreshing on the second anniversary of our official departure from the EU to see the UK Government finally getting round to putting out some communications material going beyond the glib statements we are all used to"

    "To help readers see what more there is we thought today we would field our first eleven of additional entries to the list of Brexit benefits – and we’ll keep publishing more when we feel the achievements are in danger of being forgotten"

    The list of EU financials for which we would have been liable is not trivial, but also not normally to the forefront of everybody's mind. None the less they would have constituted a significant drain on our resources, already hugely over-stretched by the Covid response.

    Which reminds me - the UK was one of the first to access Covid vaccines (not everybody thinks that these were a good idea, but we got them done with

  • The Small Potatoes of the NI Protocol


    "The seemingly innocuous matter of seed potatoes"

    Brexit Facts4EU highlight one of the many seemingly interminable issues that absolutely defy logical resolution - the thwarted export of seed potatoes from Scotland to Northern Ireland(and indeed to the Irish Republic and the EU).

    I will spare you the details (read the article for these) but we all know that if reason and logic were the only factors of importance we would never have agreed to the NI Protocol in the first place. It was always there to nag away at our terrible democratic decision to leave the warm bureaucratic embrace of the EU, with a view to ultimately confusing us into believing that we should in due course return to the fold. Or to force Northern Ireland into the EU alongside Southern

  • EU Parliamentarians Review Covid Status in Italy & EU



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  • More EU Nationals Being Refused Entry to UK


    Brexit Facts4EU reports on something our government may be getting more right...  the numbers of EU nationals being stopped, questioned, and even refused entry on arrival (excluding channel dinghy crossings obviously) is trending upwards.

    Whilst I have no idea whether the figures being reported are any higher or lower than they should be, we can at least see that something has changed since we left the EU.

    "The Home Office is believed to be applying a more thorough approach in questioning arrivals from the EU regarding the true intentions for their visit, including looking for visitors who are actually seeking work without the correct documentation or the right to do so"

    "The Home Office and the Home Secretary, Priti

  • New Year Message from the Bruges Group



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  • Nigel and Alp Review the Thorny Problem of Immigration


    Alp Mehmet, himself a child of an immigrant family, now chairman of Migration Watch UK, discusses the problematic UK immigration issue with Nigel Farage.

    An interesting conversation, especially as he rose to a senior government appointment within the Foreign Office, thus qualifying him to view the issue from the position of the establishment.

    So how did he come to chair Migration Watch and argue for "proper" immigration controls?

    (12 minutes)


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  • Out with Boris, In with the EU?



    Whilst many in politics and the civil service undoubtedly would welcome a return to the warm and cuddle enfolding arms of the EU, I suspect that the British public would have something to say about that.

    How it would unfold I don't know, but Joe Public has been well and truly stirred of late into considerable distrust of our politicians, and rejoining in the absence of another referendum must be a step too far.

    Of course they could maybe manipulate the vote...   but this is still the United Kingdom for all the efforts of the civil service, Tone Blair, the EU, the political parties, Nicola Mark and Sadiq. 

    The Salisbury Review raises the spectre.

    Bring it on!


    Energy Charter Treaty - Ungreen & Unwanted but Unfazed


    What Energy Charter treaty? Never heard of it

    Investigate Europe draws the veil aside...

    "After two years of dialogue, no deadline has emerged to reform and modernise this pact, which allows big emitters to sue states for enacting green reforms"

    To me, that sounds like a ball and chain around the ankle of the green agenda. 

    So it's no further surprise to know that many states are seeking to renegotiate the treaty to permit more "clean green" energy and less "unclean" energy, and still less of a surprise to learn that the "big emitters" are dragging their feet.

    "Just in Europe, the treaty protects

  • The Eurozone's Ever Expanding Financial Black Holes


    Bob Lyddon writing for Brexit Watch lifts the lid on some of the EU's financial aspects that many would prefer to keep under wraps. The problem is that such aspects have a tendency to burst through their wraps at times of stress, and it's clear that current times do indeed involve more stress than usual - indeed, so much stress that most people prefer not to notice it any more, because there is little that they can individually do about it.

    Still, the stresses are not yet abating, and we would be wise to think about these issues - the UK is still on the hook for some not insignificant liabilities, courtesy of Theresa's Withdrawal Agreement, even as subsequently amended by Boris, so yes, this involves us.

    Mind you, I'm not sure that supervision by any "global financial regulator" is the answer - would they not be just as likely to try to bury the offending issues under yet more layers of impenetrable financial-speak