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  • Politico Comments on the Energy Bill


    The Energy Bill is due for more Parliamentary debate this month, allegedly.

    It's a complex beast, and apparently required in order for us to make up for the loss of EU legislation "following Brexit".

    Is it all about investment?

    A delay on the Energy Bill will have a massive ripple effect on the rest of the energy sector... Why would you invest in the U.K. when we don’t have an incentive package that matches the IRA [the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act] or EU’s Net Zero Industry Act, and now we don’t even have the legislation, maybe, to back it up?"

    So investment necessary to reach "net zero" might be imperilled?

    “The important reforms and measures it includes are needed more than ever after the energy crisis to help accelerate the energy

  • "We Are ... Still a Member of the European Project"


    Just in case anybody is still unaware, Mahyar Tousi spells out the effectual truth for us:

    "We are apparently still a member of the European Project"

    (except of course our "membership" doesn't extend to allowing Nigel Farage or any other UK MEPs back into the European Parliament - it's an "à la carte" unofficial membership with all the costs and responsibilities - such as open borders - and none of the benefits)

    Quelle Surprise.

    (7 minutes)


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  • Brexit On Course for Reversal?


    We made a brief comment previously on the Sunak Northern Ireland Protocol agreement (the "WIndsor" agreement) but now we have a rather ore complete assessment of what it means, courtesy of Global Britain. No, it isn't good news for our future independence, but is that what you were expecting?

    "There was a break in Johnson’s deal, imperfect as that was. We had the legal right to rip it up. Now Sunak’s deal cannot easily be broken as the EU authority over Northern Ireland and critically the sole authority of its Court of Justice will be embedded in international law"

    So one of the major safeguards for our independence has been cut away, leaving the way open for as much future harassment as the EU sees fit to

  • Has Mr Sunak Now Achieved Brexit?


    After so many years of tortuous negotiations with an EU that still and always resents our leaving, the Northern Ireland Protocol Question has been fixed!

    But has it been truly fixed, or has it been fixed into permanent position?

    The very fact that the EU has approved it indicates the latter. The EU does not do climb-down, and see the matter as furthering the probability that sooner or later, Ireland will have to be reunited - under their governance of course.

    That means that the "solution" needs to keep the pot simmering, even if it does go some way toward resolving the incompatibility with the Good Friday Agreement. Future wrangling over detail should ensure plenty of opportunity for both simmering and complexity to flourish.

    Of course the other option - Irexit - also remains available and may make economic sense, even if currently politically impossible. A combined independent Ireland outside both the UK and

  • The Dangers of the European Arrest Warrant


    The UK has nominally at least left the EU, but I'm not aware that we have repealed the legislation that gives power to the EAW within the UK (NB: according to Trevor, Boris did take the UK out of the EAW).

    Brian Gerrish of UK Column brings us up to date...

    (70 minutes)



  • A Sham and a Deceit?


    The CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) publishes their view on why the Northern Ireland Protocol is no more than "a sham and a deceit".

    Harsh words, but apparently warranted none the less.

    Surely our friends and partners across the Channel would never indulge in such measures?

    Well, of course not Minister. 


  • Merry Christmas EU! - From the British Government


    In 2016 against all published expectations and in the teeth of "advice" from the massed ranks of the Great and the Good globally, the UK voted to leave the EU.

    Quelle Horreur!

    How could we possibly succeed without being subject to the wise instruction of the EU Commission?

    Outside the infinite wisdom of the ECJ?

    And above all, without the doughty rhetoric of Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament to entertain us?

    What then unfolded was perhaps the most extraordinarily illuminating Parliament of political and legal contortionist thearter of modern times, which tried everything possible to appear to be leaving the EU whilst determined to remain within its control. 

    Ultimately, the Great and the Good decided that the only way they could achieve that aim was to allow Boris Johnson to "take us out" in legal terms whilst taking

  • Hard Truths for the EU Parliament


    In four minutes this professor, speaking for the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, skewers this institution - not with academic learning, but with basic analysis and common sense, plainly spoken.

    Would that all videos were so succinct and to the point!

    (4 minutes - he obviously overran!)


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  • BREXIT in Whose Dock?


    The CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) in alliance with Brexit Facts4EU, notes that whilst the Northern Ireland "protocol" is in force, we have not left the EU.

    You could say that GB has left the EU, and NI has been left behind - but that ignores the fact that the trade between NI and GB, which is entirely an internal matter for the UK, is subject to EU rules.

    Oh, and the Good Friday Agreement, which has been widely credited with ending many years of violence, has also been overridden, since Northern Ireland was not consulted about this supposedly de facto undermining of the Act of Union, under which the province became an equal part of the United Kingdom.

    It further appears that there are

  • BREXIT - A Personal Reflection


    A good friend of mine emailed me a link this morning with a "must read" recommendation.

    Well, one person's "must-read" is sometimes another's "must-bin", but on this occasion I agreed completely. In fact so completely that I decided to feature it for your attention also, dear readers. 

    Now it must be well-known by now that BREXIT under Mrs May (but Wouldn't) was a convoluted and incomprehensibly byzantine Hotel California agreement that defied logical analysis. That agreement was then picked up by Boris with the catch-phrase "Let's get BREXIT done!" upon which (despite those making a valiant last stand for a real BREXIT) he was voted in by a landslide.

    This is the story told by Evelyn Farr (AKA Caroline Bell) who had the temerity to analyze the said

  • Lockdowns For Ever!


    The Daily Sceptic reminds us that the EU can be relied upon to completely destroy civilisation as we once knew it.

    Not content with wiping out it's energy supply chains it now sets itself up for round two of medico-maniacal measures to stifle its populations and small businesses through new winter lockdowns - no doubt in the noble cause of saving both ourselves and the planet.

    I suppose if we all have to stay at home then keeping the exterior doors shut will have the minimal effect of retaining a smidgeon more precious but hard-come-by warmth, but the cost would be insufferable and I can't see the Europeans standing for it, "legally-binding treaty" or not.

    Meanwhile in the UK once the Tories have completed their implosion and let Sir Kier loose at the controls, we too will be subject to the "lockdown, lockdown harder" mentality to "save the UKHSA" whilst he "negotiates" our happy return into the EU fold - on the EU's terms of course. Goodbye Pound

  • UK Military Now Signed Up to the EU


    PESCO is part of the EU Defence Union, and Liz Truss has reportedly just signed us into it.

    "This is massive, because... you are unifying our military with the rest of Europe, to come under EU Command and Control"

    "Nobody has consulted the public... "

    "... it's going to change, and it's going to change rapidly"

    (37 minutes)


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  • Charles - The Great Reset Champion


    King Charles has a history of support for the WEF. Indeed, not just support, but active involvement in promoting its aims and agendas.

    On the face of it, that is now a huge conflict of interest for a monarch of the United Kingdom. 

    We are supposed to be a democratic country under a constitutional monarchy, but there is nothing discernably democratic about the WEF.

    Are we worrying over nothing?

    The People's Voice provide a short summary of his involvement with the WEF, featuring the (as he was then) Prince of Wales himself. 

    So we can judge for ourselves.

    (11 minutes)


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  • And Still They Keep Coming


    UNN reports on the ongoing flood of immigrants being welcomed by HMG.

    "The Channel hoppers are almost exclusively fighting-age men; many have the hardened look of soldiers"

    I can't vouch for the "hardened look" personally, and it's a subjective opinion, but we surely didn't vote to leave the EU in order to install an open-door immigration policy for migrants who bypass the normal immigration procedures.

    "My guess is that this vast young male influx is to populate a New Model Army, for which internal military action is planned in the near future. And perhaps this inverted  D-Day will be sooner than you think"

    Now he's well into the realms of outright speculation, but I'm not going to say that he's wrong - it's certainly all very concerning.

    Word on the back-channels does seem to support an acceleration of events this month.


  • How Will the Policies of Governments Affect Our Food Supply?


    With the UK announcing its new farming support stance (support for nature, less so for food production) and EU governments in hot pursuit of the WEF-UN Agenda 2030 Climate Change narrative and provoking lively protests from their farming communities, now sounds like a good time for us to review the likely effects on our UK food supply and prices.

    Brexit Watch have opened this debate with a review of the way things are going...

    "... as the UK is presently facing a ‘cost-of-living-crisis’ which includes higher food prices, then surely it should be a good thing the UK will have ample supplies of food, if not fuel, from countries unaffected by the present supply-chain disruptions in Europe?"

    "... with fuel shortages, drought (yes, the EU has a water shortage as well), high fertiliser prices and

  • The Sustainable Farming Incentive - "Full Guidance"


    The UK government has released "full guidance" on its Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme (for England).

    This is "the first of 3 new environmental schemes being introduced under the Agricultural Transition Plan. The other 2 schemes are Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery."

    "We are phasing out subsidies so that we can invest the money in farm productivity, the environment, and animal health and welfare" - New farming policies and payments in England

    EU on the Skids?


    In 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU. Many may argue that we never really left in practice, despite Boris' posturings, and some argue that with a new PM in the hot seat we may be set fair to rejoin, but it seems that other countries have had enough of the EU as currently constituted.

    Hungary has taken a dramatic step which amounts to a declaration of determined intent:

    Orban’s Hungary votes to abolish current EU Parliament and end “ever closer union”

    With Draghi already busted and Macron on the slide, can other countries be far behind?

    Or will the EU be fatally compromised by Russia's stranglehold on the gas pedal? Or by their revolting national citizenry? Or by the stresses and strains imposed by the military

  • Are the BRICS Just the Same Globalists Under a Different Hat?


    One of the petitions (to those who masquerade as our government) that I have not yet seen raised might be a petition urging the UK to join the BRICS (Brazil Russia India China) group of nations - in other words that group of nations that appears to be forging a new path to the future rather than clinging to the outmoded and failing power-groupings of the past.

    Of all the European nations, Britain may well be among those best placed to do exactly that following our exit from the EU.

    Some may find this suggestion tasteless, made as it is whilst the UK is clearly engaged in an even more tasteless proxy war with Russia, but this is (at least for now) merely a philosophical issue which doesn't detract from the primary argument.

    In any case, there is no case for casting aside logical thought and philosophical enquiry because there is a war on - wars are never won by building strategy upon untruths.

    In fact, the

  • Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer


    A rather depressing but some might think all-too-predictable analysis of the new trade deal with New Zealand is offered by Brexit Watch.

    "Who negotiated this deal, the EU?"

    A fair question. Still, over the next 4 to 8 years (why so long?) tariffs on nearly all of New Zealand's products will be removed, although it seems that some quotas may remain.

    So from all parties' point of view, traders and producers will have time to review supply chains and bring in controlled change. One can always argue about the details, but clearly an abrupt removal might be a source of unwanted disruption.

    There again, the world is being disrupted with supply chains already in some turmoil, so one wonders whether we might need a bit more flexibility.

    How Does this Differ from Open Borders?


    "the so-called ‘High Potential Individual’ visa... would allow graduates of universities around the world to come to the UK to work in jobs at any skill or pay level for two to three years"

    "this is being enacted with minimal checks and balances, including….

    • NO annual cap on numbers (even with 70% of the public wanting such a cap – Deltapoll, 2019).
    • NO minimum salary requirement(even though the lack of one will open UK workers to the real risk of being undercut by cheaper overseas staff).
    • NO need to secure a job before coming (even as 64% of the public say non-UK workers should have to have a job offer from an approved employer before coming here (YouGov, February 2020).
    • NO protection for the UK jobskeekers(even though nearly eight in


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