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  • Legal Investigation Update from Dr Reiner Fuellmich


    Dr Fuellmich is probably the pre-eminent Covid lawyer world-wide, who formed the Corona Investigative Committee in Germany soon after the pandemic started.

    Since then they have been painstakingly collecting and marshalling the evidence from around the world that the pandemic may not be all that it has been cracked up to be.

    Here is the latest interview brought to us by Mike Adams of Brighteon:

    "... we have come to the conclusion... that these are crimes against humanity, probably the worst ever committed..."

    "... in my view it's turning already..."

    "... they raided the offices of the judge who simply did his job... "

    (one hour)


  • Regulation - on Behalf of the Vaccine Industry or of the Public?


    This article asserts what many have suspected - the MHRA is derelict in its official duty.

    "Rather than answering any of the questions or supplying documentation, however, the MHRA responded with generalities regarding usual process, and devolved their responsibilities to Public Health England, providing for a tangled web of deflection"

    "However, based on their FOI responses, the MHRA appears not to have analyzed any raw data at all"

    Perhaps even this site may have conducted more analysis than the MHRA?

    And this on following up with a further FOIA to Public Health England:

    "The PHE response goes on to state 'In accordance with Section 1(1)(a) of the FOI Act, PHE can confirm it does not hold this information. It is not the case that PHE had access to the full Pfizer dataset'"

    There is much more.


  • Plea from the People's Lawyers - "Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void"


    The below is posted verbatim from their latest newsletter issued via Crowdjustice: 

    "Update on The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void!
    To our Wonderful Supporters,
    Just to let you know that we are still fighting against the tyranny that has been imposed upon us by this Government of Occupation! Do not be fooled by their lies about no more lock downs or no 'vaccine passports' etc!  We do not comply and we do not surrender to their dictates and demands or believe their lies! We will also not surrender ourselves or our children to their lethal injections!
    We also have some Aces up our sleeves that we will shortly be revealing that will give 'them' some big shocks and some big problems!
    As Dr Vernon says, "you are not alone and together we will win this"! 
    It is more important than ever that people get to know about our legal action and it would be amazing if you could:
    • Send this email to everyone you know and ask them to support our case to end this tyranny and insanity and,
    • Share our link on Facebook:
  • AIER - On the Biden Vaccine Mandate


    "Since when does the United States President have this kind of authority? There is literally nothing in the Constitution that enables anything even close to this sort of thing. The President is tasked with executing the laws passed by the Congress, not writing them himself, and there is nothing in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution enabling Congress to mandate anything like this either"

    In summary, if the mandate flies then the Constitution is toast, If it doesn't then the Biden Pretendency is toast.

    Given the growing number of States that are queuing up to take these measures to the courts, it's not hard to see which way the wind may be blowing.

    Read the article.


  • Legal Challenge to Vaccine Roll Out to Healthy Children


    Law or Fiction report that hey have been instructed to challenge the vaccine roll-out to healthy children.

    "... the Judge initially considering the papers has for the time being refused the application for a hearing to consider pausing the roll out. The legal team has filed an urgent application to the Court to reconsider that decision"

    "The documents ... expose some of the important information not widely known or reported in the mainstream media"

    Read the report. This includes the documents referred to above.


  • Jabs for Kids to be Approved?


    We have covered the proposal to vaccinate all kids from 12 years upwards previously (here here and here).

    The JCVI agreed with our standpoint (although they drew the line at saying that vaccines were more dangerous than Covid, they recognised the high level of uncertainty and the insignificance of the likelihood of any benefit). In a sane world, that would have been it.

    Yesterday, the Times reported that

    "Chris Whitty is expected to recommend next week that children aged 12 and over be vaccinated after expert advisers told him it would benefit their mental health, education and social development".


  • Was the "Pandemic" Driven by the Prospect of Imminent Financial Armageddon?


    Whilst (inexplicably, since we acknowledge the need to re-elect them every now and then precisely because we don't trust them) many retain trust in our government and its associated national institutions, many others are now aware of the growing chasm between what the government says and what it does. Vaccine passports? We don't do that sort of thing in this country. They will now be introduced for large venues (and if we can get away with that then no doubt small venues too as soon as possible).

    We are guided by the science. In the light of the JCVI's recommendations on the vaccination of 12 -15 year-olds we are asking someone else to see if they can find a reason to vaccinate 12 - 15 year olds. But parents will have to give their consent. Oh wait - children under the age of 16 can be

  • Grave Concerns about the Handling of the COVID Pandemic in the UK


    This article features an open letter to the governments of the United Kingdom, from over one hundred surgeons, doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics. and others, explaining exactly the many facets of government pandemic policy-making that have been ill-founded, ineffective, damaging and disastrous overall.

    This is a hard hitting tour de force that notes every unsupported deviation from normal practice, every suppression of cures other than those promoted by "big pharma", and the "inappropriate and unethical use of behavioural science to generate unwarranted fear".

    "Dr. Tess Lawrie, of the Evidence Based Medical Consultancy in Bath, presented a thorough analysis of the prophylactic and therapeutic benefits of Ivermectin to the government in January 2021. More than 24 randomised trials with 3,400 people have demonstrated a 79-91% reduction in infections and a 27-81% reduction in deaths with Ivermectin"

    "Many doctors are understandably cautious about possible over-interpretation of the available data for the drugs mentioned above and other treatments, although it is to be noted that no such caution seems to have been applied in relation to the treatment of data around the government’s interventions (eg the effectiveness of lockdowns or masks) when used in support of the government’s agenda"

    Quite so.

    This letter should become a standard reference, documenting all the many aspects

  • The Legal Implications of Jabs for Our Kids - Anna de Buisseret


    The JCVI has come out against the unrestricted jabbing of 12-15 yr olds, but the intention is clear for the 16 and 17 yr age groups and the Government has instructed Chris Whitty et al to come up with some reason for over-ruling the JCVI on 12 - 15 yrs.

    Anna has something to say about inoculating these age groups:

    "Silence is a war crime"...

    "... there's no way that any child up to the age of... 18 can be considered to be Gillick Competent" (to give informed consent):

  • What Lies Behind the FDA Approval of the BioNTech Comirnaty Vaccine?


    In the public understanding, the BioNTech vaccine is the one for which Pfizer has an Emergency Use Authorisation. 

    In the legal understanding, is that actually the case? It appear that it may not be.

    In the real world is it physically the case? This may not be clear-cut either!

    Technocracy News digs up the drains beneath this FDA "approval" and explains their understanding of what is going on here, and why.

    I have to say it's one of the most complete analyses that I have seen. It's necessarily fairly complex but that comes with the territory.

    Although the FDA decision has generate much confusion, it may not have generated enough, and many may be unaware that the legal implications are not the same and legally the current Pfizer product with the EUA does not carry the same legal terms and conditions as the BioNTech Comirnaty product (which is not yet available).

    Besides all that, the trials which underpin these products are incomplete and in many respects inadequate to demonstrate safety in the areas of usage now anticipated:

    "the idea that the FDA is even considering approving the shot for children as young as 12 — and are running trials on babies — is completely incomprehensible"

    Given that various bodies are keen to mandate "the vaccine" for employees and

  • Indian Bar Association Sues WHO Chief Scientist and Others


    Technocracy News publishes a report that seems to have eluded the mainstream western press.

    The Indian Bar Association has taken the bull by the horns, suing the WHO Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan "accusing her ... of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin".

    This is the first legal action that I am aware of that takes any authority to task for suppression of prophylactic treatments for Covid-19. 

    Perhaps it will be the first of many.

    Read the full report.

    Note also the subsequent legal notice (download) of 13 June 2021 "for Contempt served upon to Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Dr. Sunil Kumar"

    "Contempt of Court and aggravated offences against humanity by spreading disinformation about the drug ‘Ivermectin’, despite having full knowledge of the Judgment passed by the Hon’ble High Court of

  • The Jabbatoirs are Coming for our Kids - Can I Hold Them Off?


    Many organisations are now set on mandating Covid jabs for employees, and the government seems set on requiring them for schoolchildren.

    In my opinion, the notion of jabbing children with these experimental inoculations which have only emergency authorisation amounts to a criminal act on many counts:

    1. These vaccinations have unknown long-term safety profiles

    2. There is no current emergency that justifies their use for this purpose under the existing EAUs

    3. Children are at no significant risk from Covid-19

    4. Vaccination may not prevent onward transmission of the virus by the vaccinated - indeed it may enable the vaccinated to harbour larger concentrations of the virus whilst remaining asymptomatic

    5. Children are at demonstrable risk from the vaccines, even if the MHRA are criminally negligent in not following up their yellow card reports to establish and publish the true extent of that risk

    6. In the absence of such follow-up by the MHRA, how can the principle of "informed consent" be respected? The data is available to the MHRA but the analysis is not publicly available to those who are to be vaccinated

    7. There is scant serious evidence that adults are at significant risk from children passing
  • The Fulford View of Global Insanity In the Wake of the Biden Catastrophe


    Benjamin Fulford's world view is probably unlike anybody's (or anybody that you may have heard of).

    I flag it as "Conspiracy (theory)" because it is impossible for ordinary mortals to verify and cross-check much of it with independent sources, but to ignore it would be to deprive my readership of an unconventional view-point that is both entertaining and seems to fit a great deal of what has been afflicting our benighted world in recent years - so I encourage the adventurous to read on (even to purchase a subscription so you can read it all), but if you are still wedded to mainstream media then it's obviously not for you... 

    His two most recent are linked below (and fascinating reading they are too) but if you have a subscription you can read all his latest blog entries here.

    I make no claim as to his accuracy or truthfulness - those are for you to judge.



  • Covid-19 - What do the Vaccinations Actually Achieve?


    This is a question whose answer seems very much to depend upon who is providing the answer.

    The AIER has crunched the numbers and come up with some simple scatter charts that illuminate just how much variability exists across the USA.

    "The correlations, however weak, are apparent from even a casual inspection of the plots"

    "An employer would have to have a workforce of at least 4,543 people to have an average expectation of preventing a single death from Covid-19 by forcing all employees to complete vaccination"

    "It is quite likely that significant complications from the vaccine may exceed the average expectation of deaths prevented"

    "No Institutional Review Board would approve a clinical study conducted in the same manner as these vaccine programs"

    A worthwhile read.

  • Judge Files Covid Vax Complaint against Portuguese Government


    The Daily Sceptic reports today on a legal development in Portugal.

    Judge Files Complaint Against Portuguese Government For its ‘Criminal’ Mismanagement of the Covid Crisis

    If you can read Portuguese then you can visit the original article for the link to the original PDF file.

    If you can't read Portuguese then just for our readers, here is an English translation of that PDF file.

    Don't say I don't look after you cool.

    This is a comprehensive complaint dealing with a large number of issues of illegality.

    Readers may remember that Portugal has form in challenging the global Covid narrative. It will be interesting to see how far this new complaint goes and whether it gains any traction within a sensible timeframe.


  • Fake Virus, Trojan Vaccine, The End is Nigh


    Whoever created this video has done a sterling job on assembling the evidence, although the depressing background "muzak" is a turn-off.

    Nevertheless it's a compelling compilation on a very serious theme that I have not seen so much elsewhere, let alone so well sequenced - although you may choose to mute the sound for much of it (but don't miss Yuri Bezmenov's clips at 25 minutes onward!).

    How much of it is true? It's certainly hard to fault, and I suspect that you will all find something here to challenge your current viewpoint. 

    As always, you must make up your own mind.

    I recommend watching right through to the end (48 mins):

  • Former Pfizer Employee - “Checkmate, Game Over, We Win”


    Stew Peters interviews a "whistleblower" who spills the alleged beans about the Pfizer shot - are the 'Covid-19 breakthrough' cases we currently hear so much about really vaccine adverse events?

    The 9/11 attacks caused 2977 victims, "that day will never be forgotten",

    "the 1900 Galveston hurricane... killed anywhere between six and twelve thousand people and is recorded as being the most deadly event in the United States - until now"

    "this so-called 'FDA approved vaccine' has recorded more deaths than any of these horrific tragedies, and it's not even talked about"

    "these serious adverse events... in October 2020 the FDA... said: ' look, here is about two dozen serious adverse events we need to look for from these injections' - and they happen to match up with what the Mayo Clinic is calling 'Covid-19 breakthrough'"

    "they are 100% unequivocally approved, the Pfizer BioNTech BNT162b Covid-19 vaccine has been approved as of August 23rd 2021 as per letter from the FDA... this is a standard FDA authorisation letter"

    "what's in these vaccines is going to be known in the next two weeks at the latest"

    "those safety strategies, those safety protocols that were put in place were thrown out of the window"

    Oliver, Oliver, Wherefore Art Thou, Oliver?


    Would the world turned upside down not see the Aussies on top? Sadly although they have had their world flattened (if not turned upside down) they are not currently on top.

    Sitting here in relatively relaxed Blighty it's easy to forget that the rest of the world is far from being relaxed - various states in the US are trying to emulate Australia whilst many others are as relaxed as we are; Canada is also on track to emulate the Aussies and as for New Zealand - well, words do not suffice. Europe is little better with many protesting the "Macronovirus" and with Pass Sanitaire in the ascendant.

    The Daily Sceptic reminds us of the situation down under by publishing a piece by Australian writer Steve Waterson, who paints a sorry picture of life under the Covid Heel.

    We in the UK would do well to eschew any complacent assessment over whether the screws will not be tightened here once more. It won't be long before first signs of resurgence in the usual seasonal respiratory illnesses begin to appear in the charts, and we have

  • What is Going on with the Mass Psychology of the Corona Crisis?


    Yet another interesting exploration of the Corona Crisis with Dr Reiner Fuellmich. One might have thought that all the aspects have been explored by now but not so - Professor Mattias Desmet lifts the lid on the mass psychosis that in many respects has enabled the crisis to unfold over 2020/21 without effective let or hindrance, despite the serious doubts about the veracity of the pandemic narrative that have been raised by many eminent and well-qualified specialists in their field.


    Like / Dislike this video here.

  • FDA "Approval" for Pfizer Jab Encounters a Storm


    Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show identifies "at least 20 crimes in the package insert" for this "FDA approved" vaccine:

    "they disclose nothing of what they are legally obligated to do"

    "available data... administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy" and "it's not known if it is excreted in human milk"

    RedPil78 claims to have read the whole letter from the FDA to Pfizer, and claims that the "new" approval amounts to nothing more than a long-winded restatement of the existing emergency use approval:


    There again, in the fog of war the truth is always the first casualty.

    We just need to find out who is telling the porkies, but so far, that's beyond me.

    What I would say is that nothing alters the fact that there is no adequate long-term safety record associated with this jab, and it would appear that the FDA on this ground alone would have no business granting a full approval (or even an emergency use approval except perhaps in limited