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  • What is the Origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus?


    Not everybody accepts that the SARS-CoV-2 virus even exists - and there may be good reasons to think that way.

    Such a position necessarily raises uncomfortable questions about what big pharma are actually putting in their jabs, but from the point of view of the man in the street, whatever is on the label we have no way of verifying the actual contents anyway so we either trust them or we don't.

    Nevertheless if we still have any trust in our medical establishments there is plenty of reason to suppose that all the medical authorities in the world are not wrong, so the question of where this virus came from is important. If it was of natural origin then that's one thing, but if it was created by humans in a lab that is quite another thing - and we have all heard of the virus lab in Wuhan, China, the city where the Covid-19 sickness was first identified.

    This site touched briefly on this topic area last month but we now have a new article that goes into this question of origin in considerable detail, for those who have a mind to inform themselves of the ins and outs - for those that don't, the

  • Covid Pandemic Segues into the New Green Deal


    Today's UK Column News takes up the messaging in the Queen's Speech, noting how the Covid pandemic measures will likely be used to reshape societal norms to facilitate the Government's green agenda and the move away from fossil fuels.

    The alleged use of "honeypot" groups on Facebook to attract "conspiracy theorists".

    The US National Institute of Health has confirmed the normal function of the immune system in creating antibodies in those who have recovered from Covid-19. Nice to know that our natural immune systems still work.

    But the antibodies produced in response to the inoculations are "different" . . .   it's not clear what that means, maybe they will protect you from future inoculations?

    Meanwhile they report that the NHS confirm that it's OK to give blood 28 days after a jab if you had mild side effects.

    Much more, including the influence of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on the UK pharma industry, regulatory bodies, and government advisers - no real surprise there, just confirmation that the whole establishment might seem to some to be riddled with conflicts of interest.


  • The Highwire - Autistic Children Find Their Voice!


    Covid inoculations - are they infectious?

    Autistic children - can they speak to their parents?

    You won't believe this - that isn't the half of it.

    For some families this really will change everything.

    All in the Highwire Episode 214 - watch!

    Below is the section on autism, and how one family made amazing progress:

  • NHS Covid - The Inside Story from UK Column


    Posted by UK Column on Tuesday 4th May.

    "I think that a lot of people think that the NHS is in complete control of this, and actually don’t realise that under emergency measures, they are told what to do"

    "I think the long-term safety effects of these injections is still not known, yet we can see that the short-term impact is huge. And we’re now moving into a territory where we are going into healthy, younger, fertile individuals, and — God forbid — children. And that, quite frankly, terrifies me"

    "People with dry, cracking hands from the amount of hand-washing that they’re having to do; constant face mask wearing, causing huge skin problems; massive headaches; a lot of people off sick — and the pressure that is going into the system is huge"

    "I feel like the fear has increased, because the propaganda and the news outlets and the pressure from the Government has increased. It’s almost like you’re seeing the fear and pressure increase at the same time. So, if you said to me, “How did people react in April last year versus how are people now?”, they’re much worse now in terms of their overall health, their mental wellbeing, and their fear levels"

    "I’ve had very rational conversations with my peers and then we can sit down a couple of days later and that rational conversation has gone. And I’m having an irrational one that doesn’t make sense; it’s based on fear or

  • CDC Comes Clean on PCR Test Cycles


    We have reported on the matter of the inaccuracy of the PCR test for Covid-19 before.

    "The PCR test is not actually designed to identify active infectious disease, instead, it identifies genetic material, be it partial, alive, or even dead.  PCR amplifies this material in samples to find traces of COVID-19"

    "If someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the case in most laboratories in Europe & the US), the probability that said person is actually infected is less than 3%, the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” (source)

    Now we have the CDC advising (some might say rather belatedly) how many amplification cycles should be used when running a PCR test for a "vaccinated" person.

    Now, why might a vaccinated person need a different number of cycles from a non-vaccinated person? The result of running different numbers of cycles for different categories of persons is to make the test more or less sensitive for that category.

    Thus if a non-vaccinated

  • The Truth About the Shots and their After-Effects?


    Drs Tenpenny, Northrup, Merritt, Palevski, Madej discuss the latest post-inoculation events situation.

    "When we look at the literature from 2020, we see that people were getting illnesses of blood disorders, lack of oxygen... this was not a viral illness, this was the clinical presentation of a poisoning of the blood...   this spike protein is not a naturally occurring thing, it is a man-made weapon"

    "we really don't have any idea what's in this thing, or these things - we think it's spike protein, but we generally have no idea"

    "we need to take the protection upon our own shoulders"

    It's really hard to know what is going on at the moment, largely due to the less than effective systems being used to monitor the expected after-effects of taking these novel inoculations. So we have reports coming from various different directions but the official channels are voluntary, little known, and not obviously followed up on a coherent basis.

    We are all at sea still and look likely to be so for a while yet, but meanwhile we must make the best of the information available, and at least try to keep up to date and stay aware of developments.

    I would be the first to acknowledge

  • A Pandemic of Vulnerability?


    Zach Bush meets Del Bigtree in Hawaii (wouldn't we all?) to discuss his views on the latest virus situation - and that's just the start.

    Their first encounterwe highlighted in December 2020 - in fact it's the only video that we have highlighted twice.

    Zach does have an excellent way of expressing himself and explaining his understanding of how our bodies function and how we relate to the planetary ecosystems of life - I have never found anyone else express this compelling vision (and no, that's not over-hyping it), let alone do it so cogently:

    "if you pile chronic inflammation and then pharmaceuticals on top of that then you create a perfect storm"

    "we may or may not have played a hand in creating the virus - we 100% created the vulnerability"

    "we are stepping ever nearer to this extinction cliff by this schism of belief that we are somehow separate from nature"

    "without the connectivity of humans, we lack perspective"

    "if your language is divisive, if your belief systems are divisive, then you are part of the problem"

    Zach moves on to discuss very pertinent points about "global

  • You are the Lab Rats, the Guinea Pigs


    Dr Carrie Madej interviewed on the Covid-19 vaccines - she gives clear and succinct explanations for some potential problems associated with these inoculations, so if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, this video (from 22nd February) is a good place to start:

    "I've never seen anything as frivolous or careless in medicine before"

    "they can bypass all the checks and balances we normally have for drug safety in the name of this emergency"

    "the experiment has not ended yet - we are the experiment"

    More videos here.


  • Is our Government's Covid Response Driven by Science?


    Well, that's a debatable point, but we now have confirmation that there are some in government who appear convinced that the current low level of Covid cases will not mark the end of the pandemic. How do they know? Is there any scientific paper that suggests that it will carry on for another year? Do they have so little confidence in their vaccines?

    Or do they have wind of some other factor that has as yet not revealed itself to the world at large?

    UK Column News present their update for today, 3rd May:



  • Mandatory Vaccination to be Brought In?


    Revised 2021-04-29, 2021-05-02

    When one writes to one's MP one might hope to receive a response that addresses one's specific queries, but it's probably no surprise to find that this is not always the case.

    Lockdown Sceptics recently highlighted just such an exchange of letters concerning the Covid vaccination campaign, and it makes for interesting reading:

    "I find it alarming that much attention is paid to the headline figures of relative risk reduction (RRR) with no mention of the absolute risk reduction (ARR). The RRR of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is 95.1% (CI 90.0%-97.6%, p=0.016). Dig a little deeper into the data and you learn that the ARR is only 0.7% (CI 0.59%-0.83%, p<0.001) and the number needed to vaccinate in order to prevent one infection is 142 (CI 122-170)"

    OK, risk of

  • Leigh Dundas Superstar!


    This is a few days old now (sometimes I have trouble keeping up).

    You too may have trouble keeping up with her rapid-fire delivery (she was time-limited) but stick with it, there are pertinent points that could be applicable in the UK shortly.

    Her presentation starts at 2 minutes in.


  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Covid


    A puzzling feature of the recent Oxford study into the effect of vaccinations on Covid prevalence is highlighted today by Lockdown Sceptics.

    The study investigated seven groups of people according the the length of time before and after jabs 1 and 2:

    (Group 1 was a control group, no previous positive test and no jab)

    • Group 2: more than 21 days prior to jab 1
    • Group 3: 21 or fewer days prior to jab 1
    • Group 4: 7 days or less after jab 1
    • Group 5: between 8 and 21 days after jab 1
    • Group 6: post jab 2
    • Group 7: not vaccinated but previously testing positive at some point

    Period of

  • Mark the Day - "Covid pandemic over in Britain, say experts"!


    The Daily Telegraph reports (paywalled) that an Oxford University Professor says that Britain has moved from pandemic to endemic.

    That would obviously be a momentous statement, implying that the emergency is over.

    It is already being fought tooth and nail.

    The vaccination programme (being credited by many for this situation) would have to be stopped as none are authorised for use outside of an emergency, and the remaining restrictions would be lifted as no longer required.

    Not so fast - the doomsayer in chief Prof Whitty, reported by the BBC unsurprisingly begs to differ. '

    "Prof Chris Whitty told MPs that would be dangerous and risk lives among the many vulnerable people not yet protected by the vaccine"

    Has he not heard how all those inour vulnerable groups have already been offered a vaccination?

    Here is our favourite former PM weighing in with his

  • AIER - The Lockdown Paradigm is Collapsing


    Many of us have known that it was unwise to throw most previously accepted epidemiology overboard at the first glimpse of the Coronavirus, and now the AIER confirms it - Lockdowns were unjustified.

    "We know for sure that the lockdowns imposed astonishing collateral damage. What we do not see is any relationship between lockdowns and disease outcomes"

    Quite so.

    "When the idea was first floated, it was greeted with ferocious opposition. Over time, the lockdown paradigm made progress, with funding from the Gates Foundation and more recruits from within academia and public health bureaucracies"

    "they were able to try out their theory on a new pathogen that emerged 15 years after the idea of lockdown had been first floated"

    "There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there concerning why the lockdowns happened. Many of them contain grains of truth. But we don’t need to take recourse to them to understand why it happened"

  • No Smoke Without Fire - Del Bigtree Landmark Covid Edition


    Del Bigtree produces the Highwire show every week, primarily acting as journalist watchdog for the American Medical Regulatory Authorities and pharmaceutical industries.

    It's his birthday - but don't be put off by the inevitable plaudits - there is a lot of meat in this week's sandwich:

    Dr Robert Redfield, former director of the CDC:

    • "I am of the point of view that I still think the most likely (origin) of this pathogen in Wuhan was from a laboratory... escaped... I do not believe that this somehow came from a bat to a human... and became one of the most infectious viruses that we know in humanity... I just don't think this makes biological sense"  (link)

    "What in the hell is the United States of America doing funding bio-weapon research in China?"

    "Why is that research being done"

    "When there is a lab release, why are we not asking ourselves - Is this really accidental"?

    New York Post:

    • "WHO's COVID 'investigation' was dishonest Chinese propaganda" (
  • No Smoke Without Fire - UK Column Covid Coverage


    This site reported in February on the UK Yellow Card System run by the MHRA for the reporting of adverse reactions to medication.

    This is essentially a passive system that relies on the general public (including medical staff and clinicians) to file reports on their own initiative.

    The MHRA claims to have additional proactive methods to ensure that the significant information about adverse events is captured. These amount to statistical studies based on medical records of GPs to flag up any likely linkage of subsequent sickness to vaccination, but frankly I am not convinced that an intention to mount ad hoc studies on an as needed basis to check out such identified linkages can be said to constitute timely and effective proactive monitoring appropriate to the current situation of mass vaccination.

    So - to vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

    The Covid vaccination programme is controversial for its relentless messaging to get all ages, even apparently down to babes in arms, vaccinated -

  • Green Certificates on the March in Europe?


    UK Column (again) bring us the latest news from the "great and the good" in the EU - the European Parliament is to be brought into discussions about the introduction of the (Covid) Green Certificate.

    Allegations of propaganda.

    Is Bitcoin in the cross-hairs as the enemy of Climate Change?

    And more . . . don't miss!


  • UK Column - NHS Whistleblower


    UK Column News - one of the few truly independent news outlets.

    Item 1 - NHS Whistleblower Report

    "I hate my job, I am currently ashamed to be a nurse, and every day I work for the NHS I feel greater despair and loathing"

    "My NHS colleagues have forsaken their duty of care, broken their code of conduct (hippocratic oath), and have been brainwashed... through propaganda and predictive programming"


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    If YT cancels it, find it here.


  • London Mayoral Candidates on London's Covid Measures


    Lockdown Sceptics put their Covid questionnaire to London's Mayoral candidates -


    • Should London be opening quicker than the current roadmap?

    • What changes would you like to see immediately?

    • What do you think have been the biggest mistakes of the lockdown?

    • Do you support vaccine passports for international travel?

    • Do you support vaccine passports for domestic use?

    • When do you think Londoners should return to the office?

    • When should international travel be restored?


    Strangely, they only sent the questionnaire to "sceptical" candidates, so the responses are a bit one-sided . . .


    All bar one responded.

  • Good Law Project Takes the Covid Tests Contract to Court


    The contract in question was placed by the government with Abingdon Health for the supply of rapid antibody tests.

    "The government failed to undertake any transparent or lawful process at all in respect of the award of the contracts"

    "the contract awards led to the grant of unlawful state aid (including Government subsidies for research and components), for which no justification whatsoever has been put forward"

    There is more of course.

    Read the latest update to this case here.