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  • Covid Jabs - The Collusion to Deceive is Being Exposed


    "In the days leading up to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approval of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. and U.K. health officials entered into a 'mutual confidentiality agreement' to keep vaccine adverse events under wraps"

    "It would be very helpful if our Office of Vaccines could receive additional details [redacted] from MHRA [UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency] under the terms of our mutual confidentiality agreement."

    So on the face of it, our MHRA was colluding with US FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) to hide adverse reactions to the jabs.

    That's just the tip of the iceberg.

    No doubt more evidence will come to light in due course.


  • Covid - Counting the Cost


    We know that the cost of Covid measures (value for money or not) has been sky high.

    We know that the damage to the economy, to schooling, to the elderly was enormous.

    But for a global assessment, we are indebted to UK Column for pulling together as complete a picture as I have yet seen.

    "Since Covid–19 was recognized in Western countries in early 2020, expenditures on public health in many of them have more than doubled, imposing over $500 billion in monthly costs on the global economy"

    " Food and non-alcoholic beverage prices rose by 14.6% in the 12 months to September 2022"

    "in February 2020, there were already 4.43 million people on a

  • John Mappin Speaks his Mind


    John Mappin speaks to Flyover Conservatives - but I guess many of us are flyover conservatives now.

    Very interesting.

    The tide is turning in the UK and Europe.

    (34 minutes)



  • German Press and Perseus Group Take up the Story of Vaccine Injury


    In what seems likely to mark the start of full public recognition of the harms caused by the C jabs, the German press now find themselves competing to make sure they are not left behind the curve. 

    After all, the job of the press is to report the truth and hold the powerful to account - and they have a lot of lost time to make up.

    Now that a major European country is piercing the veil of press censorship, can the others be far behind?

    The Daily Sceptic has the story.

    Also the UK story that the Perseus Group ("a

  • The Deep State - What It's Done, Where It's Going


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich, here speaking to "Man In America", gives a more or less comprehensive run-down of the events of recent years, what they may mean, and how it will likely (even inevitably) turn out.

    Whether or not we agree with the metaphysical speculations is for each of us to determine, but the overall logic expounded by Dr Fuellmich is the main show here.


    (72 minutes)



  • Covid - Lest we Forget ...


    (8 minutes)



  • Pfizer Unravelled


    "The Pfizer documents contain evidence of the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our species"

    "Pfizer knew... one month after roll-out... that the vaccine didn't work to stop Covid"

    "... they identify that the third most common side-effect of the vaccine is Covid"

    "Within a month or two, Pfizer was getting so many reports of adverse events... that they needed to hire 2400 full-time staffers in order simply to process the paperwork... "

    "Pfizer knew in May 2021 that the vaccine had caused heart damage in 35 minors within a week after the injection"

    "Pfizer and the FDA shared these documents"

    "These materials bio-distribute throughout your body in 48 hours"

    "Lipid-nano particles are designed

  • Mike Yeadon - Sane or Defective?


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich interviews Mike Yeadon.

    There's nothing new here, except the wisdom of hindsight which allows the whole narrative to be presented as a reasonably coherent whole.

    This site has been saying much the same from 2020, inspired by the work of Dr Yeadon and others.

    But it's worth saying again now, because the fear factor has been dissipating over time, and as a result, more people will now be prepared to consider the simple facts and where they lead. It's not an argument based on complex science, it's mostly based on common sense.

    The main features of the psychological operation are discussed, and the way in which these were manipulated to achieve the compliance that was required. 

    The last people to see the truth will probably be those who have been embedded within the medical and vaccine establishments, simply because they have the greatest personal

  • Covid Vaccines - The Writing is (Finally) On the Wall


    Daily Express breaks the taboo with an article by Professor Angus Dalgleish on the aftermath of the Covid jabs.

    "Why are they still being offered when the yellow card system as the MHRA has far more yellow card adverse reactions reports than all the other vaccines ever made available over the last 50 years in the UK?"

    Many of us have been asking this for a long time, but better late then never.

    "This alone should have led to the total cessation of the vaccine programme, as was the case in the 1976 swine and flu outbreak in America"

    "I believe that we reached this point with the Covid vaccine 18 months ago"

    "We have been brought up on a diet of ‘follow the science’ through this pandemic but there now appears to have been no science performed whatsoever, at any stage - it is pure political hegemony"


  • This is Unrestricted Warfare


    Anna de Buisseret tells it like it is.

    Very measured, very logical, very basic, very informative.

    And common sense.

    Essential viewing.

    (26 minutes)



  • What Does the Vaccine Industry Think of Vaccines and "Vaccine Hesitancy"?


    Set aside your preconceptions, and enjoy this discussion on the vaccine industry, from the point of view of - the vaccine industry.

    The Pulse has done us a favour here, since most of the contributions on this debate have been, shall we say, somewhat polarised.

    Whichever side of the debate (or echo-chamber!) you may be on, "know thine enemy" is good advice.

    The UKHSA gets specific mention...

    (39 minutes)


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  • Better Way Conference 2022 Aftermovie


    A conference of health professionals, journalists, truth seekers and activists of all descriptions.

    Better Way Conference is an initiative of World Council for Health& EbMCsquared.

    View the 58 minutes of the 2022 conference, reviewing the status of the medical establishments worldwide at that time.

    "The WHO has a historical legacy of mismanagement and corruption that is rooted in conflicts of interest"

    "... WHO is all about human rights and sovereignty... they're not... what we are saying is that what you are doing is wrong... you have had your time ... and we're going to pressurise our World Health Assembly delegates to withdraw... We don't want our funding going into any organisation... that essentially is going to

  • Meanwhile, Down Under


    Jacinda may have transferred her affections from New Zealand to Prince William, but her lockdowns legacy lives on in the NZ courts.

    I wonder how long that will last?


  • $ Billions In Economic Damage, Millions Injured Or Disabled


    Ed Dowd, formerly of Black Rock, and his associates have investigated the likely damage in the USA from the Covid vaccines roll-out.

    Don't panic, it's the USA not the UK, but bearing in mind that the UK has approximately 20% of the population of the US, as a first very rough approximation the UK may have suffered in the region of  20% of these figures, even if no UK officials want to depart from the now facile but uninformative "safe and effective" narrative.

    There is still work to do, and perhaps Andrew Bridgen MP has started it.

    Zero Hedge reports.


  • Sir Christopher Chope Excoriates the Government


    In a very parliamentary performance before a packed almost empty chamber, Sir Christopher addresses perhaps the most significant, most divisive and potentially devastating (for politicians) and sadly only too devastating (for the victims) topic that parliament as a whole clearly prefers not to face - almost matching the level of non-attendance that Andrew Bridgen inspired when he recently drew attention to statistics indicating the true nature of the "protection" afforded by the latest booster jabs. 

    Sir Christopher was highlighting the need to overhaul and make functional the compensation scheme for the vaccine-damaged. 

    That most of these victims have suffered from the Covid jabs is unsurprising given (a) the high numbers of the jabbed (b) the numbers who have received multiple jabs and (c) the novel nature of the

  • Injured by the Vax? You Can Still Sue


    Yes, "our" government has of course given the pharmaceutical companies indemnity from prosecution (how is that in our interests? I only ask because I would like to know) but that doesn't necessarily preclude those injured from suing for additional losses over and above the standard one-size-fits-all government-stipulated limit of £120K.

    The Daily Sceptic reminds us of this point, and notes that victims of the Astrazeneca jab are indeed mounting legal action against the pharmaceutical company for damages above that limit.

    "Lawyers representing the group, who are pursuing personal injury compensation in addition to a Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme claim, argue that the AstraZeneca vaccine was 'not as safe as the public were entitled to expect' and that the case is not about finding fault 'but about the reasonable expectation of safety'. They claim people were provided with a false picture of safety and efficacy and expect the number joining the lawsuit to increase."


  • So Who Was the Organ-Grinder?


    More follow-on in the wake of the Hancock WhatsApps is provided by Alex Starling, writing in the Daily Sceptic, who rightly identifies Hancock as a low-level player whose role was simply to do as he was told, not ask any difficult questions, and (one suspects) be rewarded by making quite a few essentially illegal bucks on the side via dubious procurement contracts.

    I find his analysis persuasive, and note with some satisfaction that he does indeed go beyond the simplistic but unsatisfactory notion of "incompetence" and asks the serious question: "Who was the organ-grinder" that issued Matt (directly or indirectly) his instructions?

    He is also kind to Chris Whitty, noting that "Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty advised government ministers

  • Problem - Reaction - Solution



    Andrew Bridgen MP addresses an empty House:

    (24 minutes)


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    Reaction - Solution

    Richard Vobes ruminates on the latest situation:

    (21 minutes)


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  • Propaganda - Don't Look There, Look Here


    Propaganda is much in the news these days, but many cannot see it.

    Many expect that our official bodies will tell us the truth, but it doesn't take very much investigation to reveal that...  they don't.

    They repeat the favoured assertions that are untrue, then construct arguments upon the foundation of sand that they chose, in order to prove the official narrative.

    Covid is a case in point, the official assumption being that the test does not lie. That falsehood was exposed early on by Mike Yeadon et al, but the media sail blythely on seemingly unaware. But it's their job to be aware. If I can be aware, they can too. So we deduce that they don't want to be aware.

    Even the WHO admits that in a "low incidence" population (such as the asymptomatic!) where you

  • Pantomime Isn't Dead - It's Just Bigger than Ever Before


    We have commented before on the Hancock WhatsApps, and it's always gratifying when others come up with a similar analysis.

    "For understandable reasons, however, the degree of deception that I've just described seems impossible for most people to get their heads around"

    Which may account for the remarkable observation of how few such others there seem to be.

    Plenty are quite prepared to go to the halfway house - the house of incompetence ('they mean well but they're useless rather than criminal') - but few venture the last few steps to declare the whole Covid exercise a gigantic fraud, and our "illustrious leaders" members of a global mafia for whom scamming the