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  • White Coat Summit Asks All the Right Questions


    Dr Ryan Cole MD (pathologist, immunologist, virologist) tells it like it is. 

    "The spike is the toxin""we see a 200 times increase in myocarditis in our society right now"

    "this is a poisonous attack on our population and it needs to stop now"

    "... cannot find that for which they do not look"

    "Billions of dollars spent on advertising... where's the funding for real science?"

    "Where are the autopsies?"

    "They don't want you to see what we're seeing"

    "the shots dysregulate your immune

  • NHS - The App - Passport to Social Control?


    Once More Stew Peters burnishes his credentials as a global interviewer by taking on the features of the NHS App.

    Some thought that it would be expanded to cover a lot more than our health, but here already?

    Stew tells it like he sees it:


  • The Bigtree Review of the W.H.O. 2019 Global Vaccine Safety Summit


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire brings us a review of the W.H.O. Global Vaccine Safety Summit. December 2019.

    This reminds us that the vaccine hesitancy problem was a feature before the Covid vaccines burst upon us, before they were mandated by various bodies both private and governmental around the world, and before sections of populations were motivated to march in their thousands around the world to defy the demand that the whole world should be vaccinated. Indeed the W.H.O. Safety Summit took place before the pandemic even (officially) started.

    It was taken so seriously that the W.H.O. debated it in front of the cameras.

    Did the W.H.O. heed the advice of their Summit?

    This is just two quotes, still topical today, almost two years later:

    "I spend a lot of time talking... with tech companies (Facebook, WhatsApp ... Weibo) they have a lot of fingers pointing at

  • Vaccine Ingredients Include ...


    This is an article from an source unrelated to the subject matter, but which nevertheless includes cross-references to its original sources, of which there are a variety, including well-respected medical publications.

    It ties in with other information that has been surfacing recently (for example, that Japan discovered that their Moderna vaccines were contaminated with microscopic shards of metal). It appears to be reasonably carefully researched.

    So what do we get? We get an analysis of all the ingredients that were found in the leading four vaccines, broken down by vaccine company.

    It's quite a list, with both surprising and worrying contents, including a whole list of ingredients that were not declared by the vaccine companies concerned, notable among these being graphene oxide and

  • Jabs for Kids to be Approved?


    We have covered the proposal to vaccinate all kids from 12 years upwards previously (here here and here).

    The JCVI agreed with our standpoint (although they drew the line at saying that vaccines were more dangerous than Covid, they recognised the high level of uncertainty and the insignificance of the likelihood of any

  • FDA "Approval" for Pfizer Jab Encounters a Storm


    Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show identifies "at least 20 crimes in the package insert" for this "FDA approved" vaccine:

    "they disclose nothing of what they are legally obligated to do"

    "available data... administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy" and "it's not known if it is excreted in human milk"

    RedPil78 claims to have read the whole letter from the FDA to Pfizer, and claims that the "new" approval amounts to nothing more than a long-winded restatement of the existing emergency use approval:


    Trust the Science!


    One of the iron rules of IT systems is eloquently and succinctly stated:

    "Garbage in, Garbage out"

    It's a truism that applies more widely, and perhaps we should be removing our trusting blinkers more frequently and subjecting a great deal more of what is reported to us as "science" to some searching scrutiny. This is after all the very foundation of good scientific method, in acknowledgement of the propensity of humanity in all innocence to make mistakes.

    The Daily Sceptic has been scrutinising the latest Oxford Vaccine Effectiveness Study.

    If like me you have begun to feel confused by the apparently conflicting effectiveness results reported by so many different sources from many different arenas, then this little exercise in critical scrutiny is

  • Sensory Solutions for the Season


    At this time of year, with the summer beginning to fade and the autumn, that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, beckoning, many of us turn our thoughts to nature's bounty and wish that we were more knowledgeable about such matters.

    Being as guilty as the next man of lacking any serious knowledge of our native seasonal resources, I am happy to feature the Sensory Solutions Blog as a small acknowledgement of my ignorance, in the hope that some may hereby be enticed into learning more about this fascinating subject.

    Keeping well-grounded has never seemed more important than now, and the Seed Sistas offer us all a blend of practical mysticism that I find very appealing. More power to their elbow!

  • Fluoride - Health and Care Bill - Centralisation


    Health and Care Bill: water fluoridation

    A Policy Paper published on 19th July "explains how the government plans to transfer responsibility for water fluoridation from local authorities to the Secretary of State".

    "The World Health Organization recommends a maximum level of 1.5 milligrams of fluoride per litre of water (mg/l)"

    "The Water Industry Act will maintain the duty on the Secretary of State to monitor and report on the effects of water fluoridation every 4 years"

    "... the purpose of the water fluoridation clauses in the Bill is to give Secretary of State the power to directly introduce, vary or terminate water fluoridation schemes"

    Fluorine of

  • Covid Shots lead to Adverse Events - but How Many and How Serious?


    It's eight months now since the Covid inoculation programme commenced and we are older and (to a limited extent) wiser.

    The regulatory bodies are pleased to repeat the mantra that all vaccines have adverse events and they set up an expensive IT system to record them. The result we may presume is the MHRA's Yellow Card reporting system, to which we have previously drawn attention, and which has been covered by a recent UK Column News report which (at the 42 minute mark) features responses from Dr Sarah Branch, MHRA Director Vigilance and Risk Management, and also (at 53 minutes) from the CEO of the MHRA, Dr June Raine.

  • Covid Face Masks for Children - Results - And More!


    Ivor Cummins presents:-

    Experimental Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children

    A Randomized Clinical Trial

    from the JAMA Network


    Of especial interest to parents!


    Don't worry - he picks out the bits you need to know:


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  • Covid Vaccines Effects in Young Adults & Children - & the WHO View


    For a review of the various unwelcome and unwanted adverse effects experienced by young people after their Covid "vaccinations" I am indebted to Children's Health Defense and their newsletter of today.

    "can cause organ damage"

    "lipid nanoparticles accumulate in... ovaries"

    "teens vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna at higher risk of heart inflammation"

    "athlete... facing 'very different future' after second dose of Pfizer vaccine triggers myocarditis"

    "19-year-old... dies from heart problem one month after second dose of Moderna vaccine"

    Read the full Newsletter.

    Note also

  • CDC Releases Revealing Emails to ICAN


    The link if any between vaccines and autism has long been contentious.

    On the one hand there are those who compare the rising numbers of vaccines delivered against the rising number of children diagnosed with autism, and on the other we have the regulatory authorities steadfastly denying any link, apparently on the basis of "not proven".

    Good luck telling that to the parents of children who developed autism soon after having them vaccinated.

    Now ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) has received emails from the CDC in response to an FOIAR (Freedom of Information Act Request) that casts doubt on the way in which the CDC has administered its procedures:

    "On August 27, 2014, Dr. Thompson, provided a statement through his attorney that the CDC “omitted statistically significant information” showing an association between the MMR vaccine and autism..."

  • Genome Generation GB - Government by Genomics?


    Brain Gerrish of UK Column discusses with researcher Debi Evans the upwardly mobile genomics industry in the United Kingdom, and where it's going, and how a data bonanza derived from the massive government Covid testing programme may be feeding it with all our DNA.

    Full article here.

    Whilst I am sure that they are probably on the right track, I can't help but think back twenty years to 1990s/ 2000s when the first mappings were undertaken. At the time the newspapers were full of articles that promised tailored medicines for the individual and novel cures for all sorts of diseases, and here we are in 2021 rebooting the whole tired narrative.


  • Pfizer Vacccine to be Approved by FDA?


    "Approaching what appears to be the imminent licensure of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, ICAN’s legal team submitted a Citizen Petition demanding essential and specific data be required by the FDA before it licenses a vaccine for COVID-19.  These requested data are vital to ensuring both safety and efficacy of the vaccine before any approval by the FDA."

    I'm not at all clear why this licensure should be imminent when the stage 3 trials are not yet scheduled to be completed, but let that pass.

    The point is that if the FDA grants full approval then it becomes far easier to mandate the vaccine on the unvaccinated, maybe through employment conditions travel conditions, health service conditions or any other means.

    I also have no doubt that approval by our UK MHRA will be a

  • After Fake News, Fake Meat?


    Children's Health Defence publishes a report that the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in the USA has approved a novel GMO product for use in fake meat burgers. Clever scientists and technologists can do many things but infallible wisdom is not necessarily amongst their primary attributes.

    "Impossible Foods’ rat study was not large or long enough to meet minimum FDA requirements, yet still showed some concerning health risks"

    " ... these highly processed junk foods are a disaster for both human health and the environment"

    "Impossible Foods has even been granted Child Nutrition Labels, paving the way for their products’ use in K-12 schools"

    Well, they get up to all sorts of things in the US but how does that affect us here in the UK?

    As we have seen in the past, these US-based innovations have a habit of crossing the Atlantic in short order, especially if there is money to

  • Where Lies the Division Between Fraud and Science?


    This is a deliberately provocative question.

    The scientific method is clear - the facts must be clearly established, the assumptions (or axioms) clearly stated, and the theory must be repeatedly demonstrable in practice by other researchers working independently.

    The same basic principles apply in the associated branches of engineering, otherwise it would be impossible to manufacture any product to a consistent standard.

    In the physical sciences (physics, chemistry etc) we have engineers (electrical, mechanical, chemical etc) who make use of the science to fabricate maintain and (occasionally) repair the useful products that we have now carelessly come to take for granted.

    In the medical sciences we have . . .   not engineers, but clinicians of various persuasions who provide conflicting advice on what makes us ill and how we might recover our health.

    I don't think

  • Covid - The Brian and Ivor Review


    Now that we have a year of Covid hype and fear-mongering under our belts, two well-grounded experts take a look at what happened and why perhaps they happened. Maybe this will inform us as 2021 develops further:


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  • Vitami D - At the Heart of Human Biology and Health


    Ivor Cummins has become famous for his meticulous analyses of the statistics in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, and many have found him a very reassuring fount of good sense.

    Here he turns his attention to the critical role that Vitamin D (and its co-factors) plays in keeping us upright and fully operable. Very illuminating.

    He also teaches the story on how sunshine (or lack of it) promotes the photosynthesis of vitamin D (and more) within the human body. Bookmark the page.


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  • Evidence that Chicken Pox Vaccine Should Not Have Been Licensed


    ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) yesterday published a legal update on its Sept 2018 FOIA request to the FDAto obtain copies of the clinical trials relied upon to license the varicella vaccine in 1995.

    Yes, it has taken the best part of 30 months for the FDA to provide the necessary information, but that information has now been forthcoming.

    "The FDA’s basis for licensing VARIVAX is incredible when considering that: (i) states mandate by law that millions of children receive VARIVAX every year; (ii) Merck cannot be sued for most injuries caused by this product under federal law; and (iii)  Merck’s sales