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  • Problem - Reaction - Solution



    Andrew Bridgen MP addresses an empty House:

    (24 minutes)


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    Reaction - Solution

    Richard Vobes ruminates on the latest situation:

    (21 minutes)


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  • The Transgender Truths that We Need to Know


    Trans man Scott Nugent explodes the myths and the truths behind the transgender movement, particularly the campaigns to persuade kids that changing their gender is a good idea.

    Everybody should watch this twitter video, but be warned - it isn't for the faint of heart.

    But it is unmissable.

  • "Euthanasia Violates Fundamental Rights"


    No ifs, no buts, according to the ECLJ. 

    "This principle was reaffirmed in the aftermath of World War II, after doctors were convicted at Nuremberg for euthanizing disabled people. This principle does not provide for any exceptions to euthanasia"

    "The decriminalization of euthanasia is not only a systematic violation of human rights, but also an extremely serious cultural and legal regression"

    They point out the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 2): "No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally".

    The ECLJ is mounting a campaign to  remind the UN of its responsibility to support the right to life, especially for the vulnerable, the elderly, and/or the disabled.

  • The UK Has a Third World Medical System?


    Ukrainian refugees (it is reported) will fly back to the Ukraine for medical attention. Rather than face the NHS dinosaur, they prefer to face the risk from Russian missiles.

    For a country fighting the foe of all foes, that seems remarkably insouciant, even in places removed from the Eastern Front.

    I wonder if we Brits could do that ..?

    After all, if you are potentially facing a life-threatening problem, you might decide that the risk (and cost) is worth it.


  • After 5G - What May 6G Look Like?


    Courtesy of Technocracy News and Trends, this is a perhaps long overdue exploration of the nature of 5G and how 6G may have to perform in order to take a market position that justifies its expense.

    6G is supposedly 100GHz and higher - yet 5G mostly remains below 6GHz as currently rolled out, although the specified range is up to 100GHz - and bear in mind that domestic wi-fi routers today work at the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges.

    So 5G mobile telephony isn't currently much of a leap forward, although it does require many more base stations down your street for the higher wavebands (in the tens of GHz ranges) not yet copiously rolled out.

    The power requirements for 6G will also be an order of magnitude higher than the current 5G as rolled out today - the higher the carrier frequency, the greater the power transmitted (and the more careful of safety concerns we need to be - not that anybody "in charge" seems to have paid any attention to safety matters so

  • Largest Pyramid is in ...


    ... Egypt Bosnia?

    If you are interested in our ancient history, then this is for you.

    And just as in Egypt, water seems to play a major part in the pyramid's operation.

    What is that operation?

    The hypothesis put forward will take your breath away - and does it have parallels with the Thunderbolts project?

    And that's just the start...

    What are the implications for our health? More than you might

  • True Health Requires Lung Health


    As an asthmatic, this video is of great interest to me, but great lung function is a prerequisite to anybody's good health, not to mention fitness.

    And it's true that asthma is not an incurable disease (unless you were my doctor - I made great strides by ignoring his advice and doing what ever I could think of to improve my immune system).

    And in these stressful times, a simple breathing technique that reduces stress is a useful skill - and there's a great deal more in this video than breath-work.


    (36 minutes)


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    An Artificial Market for Artificial Foods - Why?


    Was anybody clamouring for artificial food, lab-grown meat, ground insect flours, vege-burgers etc etc

    Should we be concerned?

    Who is investing in it?

    Who is producing it?

    Who is regulating it?

    More to the point, who is buying and eating it? And do they know it?

    (46 minutes)



  • CDC Cannot Substantiate Safety of Aluminium Adjuvants


    Given that the UK appears to routinely rubber-stamp the American health regulatory agencies, this should be of concern to us all.

  • CDC Cannot Substantiate Safety of Covid Boosters


    Given that the UK appears to routinely rubber-stamp the American health regulatory agencies, this should be of concern to us all.

  • Excess Deaths - Parliamentary Non-Answers and More


    "How can the Chef Medical Officer get this wrong?"

    and more...

    (12 minutes)


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  • Covid - Climate Change - Propaganda


    The Daily Sceptic Newsletter today highlights some pertinent pieces that neatly skewer the most egregious canards of our time.

    Is there nothing that the powers that be get right?

    I won't comment on them individually, because in truth there is nothing very new to say (and it would take too long), but taken as a whole they do make one wonder if there is today any matter the news / government propose that doesn't warrant the greatest possible level of scrutiny and distrust.

    One might think it an exaggeration to say that "they have lied to us about everything" but... is it really?

    It's your judgement that counts. Not the government's. Not the NHS's. Not the WHO's. Not the UN-WEF partnership's.

  • What is Government For?


    Richard Vobes, interviewer par excellence, talks with William Keyte, for a third time.

    This time it's about why we have government, what "government" should really be for, and why we are in our current situation.

    As always, well worth your time, particularly because if we are ever going to get out from under an abusive style of government, then we as "the people" will need to understand how we got here and work out how we get the change that we want. If ever we can decide what we really do want.

    And surely that is exactly the problem - people have become so accustomed to the way things are that somehow we will have to educate ourselves about how we got to where we are now, before we can work out how we will change society to get to where we really want to be.

    And Richard would seem to be as close to the right man for the job as we are likely to find anywhere. Does he realise just how important he

  • The "Pfizer Defence"


    Sasha Latypova delivers 25 minutes on the results of her investigations into who exactly was pulling the strings of the warp-speed vaccines, and how it went.

    We have noted her work previously, but it is worth repeating as she reveals processes methods and controlling interests hugely at variance with our reasonable expectations.

    At 24:25: Pfizer's declaration in court: "We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered"

    (25 minutes)



  • If You Live Life to Excess, Is This What You Get?


    Maybe it is.

    Certainly something is going on here, although living life to excess in the wake of the Covid pandemic doesn't immediately strike one as likely.

    Richard Vobes treads the line between perception, interpretation, reasonableness, and platform guidelines:

    (9 minutes)


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  • State of the Covid Nation / World


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire summarises the state of America in the wake of the Covid experience, all in less than 15 minutes! Don't blink or you'll miss something.

    In so doing he speaks for many around the world, and readers will note that the UK experience has paralleled the US more or less in lockstep, in certain areas less rigorously applied, but to substantially the same effect.

    (16 minutes)



  • Fake Diseases, Fake Medicine?


    John Rappaport is a journalist of very longstanding.

    (For those new to the topic, Technocracy News and Views is at the forefront in reporting on transhumanism)

    John doesn't take prisoners (which is why no "reputable" mainstream media will publish his work).

    The greek text of Revelation 18/23 uses the greek word φαρμακεία (pharmakeia) to indicate "sorcery".

    Sorcery isn't merely a magical art - it is also the art of deception (as any stage magician will testify).

    Speaking of "Babylon, the mighty city", Revelation 18/23 prophesies her destruction, listing all the inhabitants who will be extinguished, finishing with:

    A Conversation of Consequence


    Clive de Carle and Richard Vobes - what could it possibly mean?

    (91 minutes)



  • Make Light of Your Food, or Food of Your Light?


    Now and then I come across a presentation that turns everything I thought I knew upside down - this is (almost) one of them.

    From Dr Jerry Tennant I learned that the body works primarily on an electrical basis, from others I learned about mitochondria being the power within the cell, and from others still I learned that the cells of our body probably communicate using electromagnetic means (ie: light).

    From Arthur Firstenberg I learned that there is a serious case to be made that the alteration of our electromagnetic environment over many decades has been the cause of much illness - and in effect amounts to environmental destruction.

    This presentation takes the topic to a whole new level -

  • The Mystery Deepens ... Where is Sherlock Holmes When We Need Him?


    "Mortality rates across the UK reached their highest level since 2010, according to an analysis of data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)"

    "I’m pretty sure they don’t have an NHS in Ireland, where excess deaths are also competing with pandemic levels... "

    "So, can you think of anything that happened globally which might be causing excess deaths to be higher than during the pandemic?"

    "... while everyone is talking about it, nobody wants to do the work to find out the cause"

    "'I think the government should be looking at it' say the Australian actuaries who usually investigate such matters for the insurance industry"

    "But the Australian government’s investigation into Covid carefully cut out excess deaths from its terms of reference"