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  • Pfizer on the Skids?


    I'm breaking a rule here - I prefer to avoid speculation, but this is only partly speculation - Pfizer's stock price has already dropped fairly precipitously, albeit from a high level. Is this the price activity of a successful company beloved of its customers (and investors), or is there more to the story?

    Of course it could be that with Covid now languishing in the past, the scope for selling vaccines is simply greatly diminished, so future profits are not looking so rosy. Still, regardless of what the ordinary person may think of the vaccines, they do tend to be sold to governments behind closed doors, so the stock price is really dependent upon what the governments think is the scope for vaccines in the future. It's not so obvious that they have lost faith in the concept.

    "Since November of 2022, Pfizer has deviated from the trend of the

  • Dr Woldarg - the Covid View from Germany


    Dr Wolfgang Wodarg reviews his experience of Swine flu - and later Covid - from his practice in Germany.

    From the early days he and and Dr Mike Yeadon collaborated to write to the EMA to demand the suspension of the vaccine trials.

    Here he reviews with Catherine Austin Fitts the circumstances of the WHO's history of creating panic to sell "flu vaccines".

    Centralizing Public Health Control With Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg


  • Virology Debunked?


    Koch's Postulates. vesicles, exosomes, whatever, don't bombard me with technical terms, just tell me whom I can trust.

    Sadly trust is in short supply now because many of us have decided that we cannot any longer simply trust those who say we can trust them. 

    Dishonesty is endemic. Politicians and estate agents tend to head the list of people that we don't necessarily trust to keep their word, and cowboy builders are legendary.

    But politicians are of especial interest as they are supposed to be at the very top of the tree of power, so we must at least consider that being there may be no guide to probity, and suffice it to say that famous and "trusted" politicians have been prosecuted and found guilty of crimes. A number are openly mocked and vilified by many. Alleged crimes include going to war without due cause - for example, in Iraq, where Saddam Hussein was later exonerated of possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    So what is there to keep any area of public life free of falsehood? In the end, only public vigilance. Even professional associations,

  • Why Was the Lucy Letby Case for Sale?


    Cheshire police/CPS haveauctioned the film rights for their investigation, with ITV placing the winning bid"

    So who exactly is profiting from this case that "brought the UK’s worst child killer Lucy Letby to justice" ?

    Is this the totally impartial police/CPS who have no motivation other than their altruistic desire to see justice done though the Heavens fall? Or did they either explicitly or implicitly collude with the Countess of Chester neonatal unit to deflect the blame for what

  • The Last Word on Climate Change?


    "If only!" I hear you cry.

    Nevertheless those who profess to know best and therefore feel no need to listen to anyone else are still plodding relentlessly on in their irrelevant unscientific way - though sadly not irrelevant to our future prosperity and comfort, possibly even to our survival (many more die from cold than from excess warmth).

    So who better to clearly and calmly summarise the salient facts as we know them than Ivor Cummins?

    (20 minutes)


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  • Never Mind the Quaxxines ... What About the Rest of It?


    With many questioning the efficacy of "the jabs", what does that say about the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial-regulatory complex in general?

    Pfizer in particular is infamous for its past court judgements.

    And if one branch of their product tree is so questionable, what other branches should we also be looking at?

    Many pharmaceutical drugs are now aimed squarely at those who are not ill (vaccines head the list) and those who are not ill but may be "pre-ill" - for example, "pre-diabetic", or with elevated markers ("high cholesterol" etc) that are assumed to be indicative of incoming poor health and that of course can be "combatted" with more drugs such as statins.

    The financial benefits to big pharma

  • Excess Deaths and Covid Jab Status


    We have waited a long time for someone to connect the dots.

    Remember, it is the responsibility of the MHRA to monitor the results of the distribution of medicines - including those labelled as vaccines - to pick up any safety signals and ensure that potential problems are investigated.

    The ONS has published statistics on excess deaths that can be correlated with the different rates of vaccine uptake across the age ranges.

    So, the analysis is based upon the principle that if there is no connection between vaccine uptake and excess deaths, then the excess deaths would not obviously be related to the vaccinated/unvaccinated status of those who died, and the percentage of excess deaths in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated groups will be (more or less) expected to be the same as the overall proportion for these groups combined.

    So if the proportion of excess deaths overall is 10%, then both the unvaccinated

  • Dr David Martin Explains Covid et al


    Here Dr David Martin reminds us that Covid was nothing to do with health (unless it was our mental health) - it was all about (a) our obedience to authority and (b) the jabs. A useful round up of everything that took place, should we never have noticed or should we need reminding.

    This cannot be over until justice has been served.

    (72 minutes)



  • Virology - True or False?


    Regular readers will know that this site is highly dubious about the claims of a coronavirus rampant causing a recent pandemic. This doubt is fuelled by the obviously inadequate nature of the "test" by which the "infection" was "confirmed". The fact that "the science" never condescended to even consider this evidence indicated that this was an argument they would not willingly address, and we must assume that in all likelihood this was because they knew it was an argument that they could not win.

    This line of thought alone is sufficient to debunk the reality of the pandemic - especially as (prior to vaccinations being applied) the overall death rate remained largely within normal bounds - some pandemic!


  • Andrew Bridgen MP on the State of British Politics


    Once a very lonely voice in the House of Commons, Andrew Bridgen has nevertheless stuck to his guns, and to his quest to uncover the truth about the Covid jabs.

    It's very good to see other MPs also beginning to come forward with public statements. Maybe now is a good time to write (once more?) to your MP and put them on the spot; a spot which is no doubt becoming less comfortable with each passing day.

    It is a truism that collapse first happens imperceptibly, then slowly, and then suddenly. How far off now is that last appellation?

    Andrew updates Richard Vobes on the latest situation:

    (54 minutes)


  • mRNA Results ... of Injection of Women and Mothers-to-be


    "... we exposed the most vulnerable to new risks that outweighed by far the original pandemic risks"

    "Today, more and more [results] of coronavirus measures pop up in our official statistics but few are interested to know"

    This is something that we should all know, as it strikes at the heart of humanity's future.

    Read the report.

    Watch the video:

    (56 minutes)



  • The True Origin of Money?


    Richard Vobes interviews Michael Tellinger, proponent of the Ubuntu "one small town" movement.

    "... it [money] arrived as a fully evolved, fully planned, premeditated tool of enslavement "

    "... we're not opposing the system, because if you do that you're going to lose"

    Essential viewing.

    (72 minutes)


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  • The Bernician Moves Hancock Case to the Court of Public Record


    We have reported on this case before.

    If memory serves, the Bernician started his case alleging "the Midazolam Murders" before Mark Sexton began his for the more general Covid restrictions. Doesn't time dull the memory?!

    His efforts were rebuffed out of hand by Westminster Magistrates several times.

    So now he has moved to convene a Grand Jury court of public record, which will mean that according to our constitution, the authorities will be duty bound to hold a trial.

    "nobody will stand in the way of our Private Criminal Prosecutions this time"

    How precisely that will pan out remains to be seen.

    (The video below is just the first of several -

  • "Unlawful and Possibly Criminal"


    Dr Anna Loutfi of The Bad Law Project explains what is going on in our schools in their attempt to teach PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic since you ask).

    It seems to be inexplicably linked with RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) and HE (Health Education).

    Full disclosure - the Bad Law Project has links with the Reclaim Party. This site does not support any political party, but we are concerned about the state of our education system, upon which the government is always happy to impose its own brilliant ideologies, so on balance we are happy to feature this video.

    Of course, the government doesn't invent its ideologies, it imports them from... well, anywhere really, but

  • Another Sweet Conspiracy Theory?


    As if we didn't have enough conspiracy theories already, do we really need another one?

    Well, maybe we do. The track record of conspiracy theories being found to be true has a consistency that is somewhat startling, so I think we should take them seriously.

    This is about an alternative sweetener, but with a difference. Many are already aware of the dangers of artificial food additives / substitutes, particularly artificial sweeteners. Avoidance of artificial sweeteners (and artificial anything else) is, it would seem, a good idea.

    But what of a natural sweetener such a stevia? Wouldn't that be a perfect alternative to the evil sugar? What could possibly go wrong? 

    (9 minutes)



  • The War for Hearts Minds and Souls


    For me, it was Covid that declared the opening of hostilities.

    When it became clear that we were all to be jabbed for a fake pandemic, one had to ask "what will be in those syringes"? It didn't seem likely that it would be anything to our advantage.

    And so it has proved. Cui bono?

    The UN-WEF-WHO is trying desperately to lock us into legal submission, but as the primary factual result of their performance on Covid seems to be reports from around the world of elevated death from all causes strangely coincidental with the start of the vaccination programmes, I'm in no hurry to sign up.

    With a political establishment that was firstly only too willing to lead us by the nose into institutions that morphed into the EU; and was, secondly, spectacularly unwilling to actually implement Brexit in any meaningful manner, I see no cause at all to permit them to subjugate us to the