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  • Farage - Back on Unacceptable Form?


    GB News allows Farage to (albeit belatedly) mention the unmentionable, the unquestionable, the unconscionable, the in-your-face unacceptable... possible linkage of excess deaths to the you-know-what.

    Fasten your seat-belt.

    (8 minutes)


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  • Water Take-Over


    Primary water, the Great Man-Made River project, and more.

    This is a topic that needs a lot more exposure. There are a lot of allegations here:

    "... it was actually a huge monetary investment into controlling... and reducing the people's right to access this free resource... "

    "...  this document was found out of the United Kingdom and it talks about how corporate agencies would be used to take over the public water system in the cities throughout the United States, and who would be appointed to do that... "

    "... the infrastructure for both water and gas would be left unrepaired so that we would be easy pickings for public-private partnerships... "

    "... fracking is a new way to poison the groundwater aquifers... "

    "... what's extremely important to understand is the slow

  • Was the WHO Honestly and Legally Set Up?


    As everybody's favourite globalist health watchdog, heroically warning a distracted world about the imminent onset of a great string of dreadful pandemics that only top down controls by they themselves would be able to avert, the WHO may be the most misunderstood medical cash-machine in the world.

    Funded as it is by philanthropic foundations (with inextricable ties to massive pharmaceutical companies) and by member states, some small-minded people would query whether their primary concerns are actually for the worlds populations, or for their pharmaceutical connections.

    Now their serious efforts, to ensure that the global controls (IHR, Pandemic Treaty) necessary to "defeat the next pandemic" are achieved in time to make a difference, are being subverted by an attempt to show that some member states were never in fact legally set up as WHO members in the first place, and that the WHO itself may even have been improperly founded. Such people should realise that in the scramble to recover from the

  • Dr David Bell Educates our NHS Employees


    I hesitated over the wording of this title - should I use "Employees" or "Public Servants"?

    The distinction matters, because the former are primarily there to obey their masters in the (not inconsiderable) hierarchy of control, and the latter are primarily there to serve the people who turn up requesting help.

    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon” - Matthew 6:24

    Nor can you serve both the client and your employer unless their requirements are strictly aligned.

    We must each form our own opinion on whether that alignment exists within today's NHS (now subsumed within the

  • Another Take on Our Health (or Lack of)


    This is going to be controversial!

    I have no idea whether the ideas put forward in this tall tale are correct or incorrect - but I do give credence to the general idea that the modern medical industrial complex has seriously lost its way (assuming that it is motivated to support our health well-being and active life-span).

    Some now consider that parasites are the cause of a number of our human health problems, but whilst there is widespread acknowledgement that animal parasites do infect our pets and livestock, there may be some disagreement on the existence and extent of modern human parasites. For my part I would ask why humans should be any different from animals in this regard?

    This presentation from the Global Sciences Congress 1997 (Tampa) presents the case for human parasites and what to do about them.

    In the interests of balance, I should point out that Full Fact has

  • Russell Brands the Jabberwocky Psy-Op


    I think you will just have to watch this and come to your own conclusion... 

    (8 minutes)


    And by way of comparison for strictly educational purposes:

    (2 minutes)


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  • Dr Mike Yeadon Spells it Out


    Mike Yeadon has been outspoken about the Covid deception from the beginning. He explains some devastating conclusions which many still have a problem recognising.

    For my own part, like many others,  I came to much the same conclusions over much the same timescale from checking out the published statistics, and although I couldn't draw the same detailed analysis of the pharmacology, it was clear that this was a global hoax of a pandemic and not for good or acceptable purposes. Censorship of conflicting opinions is expensive, and not applied on that scale unless there is something that absolutely has to be hidden.

    This is a presentation that everyone should see, mark, and understand as if lives will depend on it - the sad truth is that they will.

    (21 minutes)

    Watch on Rumble.


  • 4th December Presentations for UK Parliamentarians


    "On 4th December 2023 UK MP Andrew Bridgen was joined in a special parliamentary meeting by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish and Steve Kirsch who gave their testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences"

    "...no live streaming or official recording of the event was allowed"

    "Two video presentations by Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Mike Yeadon were due to be shown, but unfortunate technical issues prevented this happening"

    Dr Yeadon's presentation is a model of clarity and carries possibly the most sobering message imaginable. 

    Watch Mike Yeadon's presentation, as remastered with rolling captions and hopefully without technical issues, here 

    It's Baffling - But Maybe Not Quite What You Think


    Ever been had?

    If you're looking for something but cannot find it... maybe you'e looking in the wrong place?

    (73 minutes)

    Watch here.

  • More on the China "Virus" Outbreak


    Dr Lee Merritt reinforces my own view - its likely a mind-virus, not a real infection but a reaction to radio frequency EMFs with not dissimilar symptoms to flu, which everyone will try to scare us is a virus requiring medical interventions... 

    Put some shungite or orgonite in your pocket, or wear as a pendant. Does it work? No idea, but for a few quid and no known downside risk, what are you waiting for?

    (5 minutes)



  • Yes, the MHRA is Asleep at the Wheel in Some Respects


    Probably not in all respects, but when it comes to its statutory obligations to ensure the safety of medicinal products it is hard to come to any other conclusion but that they were indeed asleep at the wheel.

    Nick Hunt writing for the Daily Sceptic reports on the indifference with which it appears to have approached its responsibilities in respect of the Covid protective inoculations.

    It would be unkind to suppose that it has been asleep in all respects though - it was quick enough to expedite approval for these shots, but of course it would be disingenuous to suggest that this had anything to do with their funding received from the pharmaceutical industry when it was obviously motivated by the need to protect the public from the "pandemic".

    Can anybody enlighten me as to when

  • China Virus Pandemic Mk 2 in Gestation?


    Déjà Vu anybody?

    WHO to declare a new pandemic in early 2024, just like in 2020?

    Chinese children reportedly very poorly of "pneumonia", hospitals overwhelmed...  just like November 2019?

    Sounds somehow familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

    "People are coming down with high fever there is lung inflammation but there is no cough. This is no normal pneumonia you see"

    Ah yes, I remember, it's possibly pneumonitis, as I remarked back in 2020 when Covid was in full swing.

    The Great Unexplained Cancer Mystery - Experts Determinedly Baffled


    It's old news by now for sure, but somebody needs to keep reporting it until it gets cleared up.

    For the best part of three years now, deaths from all causes have been by all normal statistical measures higher than they should have been, all other things being equal. So we may conclude that all other things have not remained equal.

    Children's Health Defence reports on a specific aspect of the current situation in the United Kingdom.

    "... the remaining 92% of coded deaths in 2021 and 70% of coded deaths in 2022 revealed “a strong signal of cancer deaths in the young. We show a large increase in mortality due to malignant neoplasms that started in 2021 and accelerated substantially in 2022"

    Now what could account for this concerning rise in the death rate starting

  • The Effects of WiFi - Should we be Worried?


    There is a lot of knowledge these days about the downside risks of high frequency radiation - especially of ionizing radiations such as gamma rays and x-rays.

    There are many who report that lower non-ionizing frequencies can also be damaging. But surely the WiFi frequencies that are now ubiquitous and allow convenient connection to the internet can't be damaging? After all, it's everywhere!

    Well, after watching this you may well not wish to let your child use a laptop actually on their lap - where it's very close to their reproductive organs, and damage there may render them sterile, unable to have children. No, this isn't new news either, it's actually old news, but as with so much news of this type these days, it seems that the relevant authorities are inexplicably (I believe that is the

  • So Are the Excess Deaths Really Caused by the Jabs?


    The inimitable Ivor Cummins discusses the data with Dr Pierre Kory.

    (29 minutes)


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  • "It's Absolutely All About the Money"


    UK Column (Brian, Alex and Debi) meets Jacqui Deevoy...

    Topic: NHS, care pathways, midazolam-morphine and others, "euthanasia" - or murder as Jacqui rightly remarks.

    How does she cope with such stories? How rare are they? (Not nearly rare enough)

    This is a UK Column "extra time" (ie: less formal) discussion that whilst normally restricted to UK Column members is exceptionally being made available for unrestricted access.

    (10 minutes)


    (Jacqui Deevoy's fundraiser is here and she has a show with 

  • What's Up with Glyphosate?


    Glyphosate, the herbicide that remains undead - even though following court cases it has been removed from Roundup available for retail, it's still being sold to farmers and is widely used (allegedly) on grains (wheat, oats, barley etc) to make them easier to harvest.

    Breakfast cereal anybody?

    Granola bar?

    Bread and Marmite, beans on toast?

    In fact, usage is so widespread that there is practically nothing we can buy that isn't contaminated to some extent, even organic grains, fruit, and vegetables.

    Of course, it's the extent that matters - organic tends to be much less contaminated than non-organic - and I'm sure that there is some non-organic produce that ranks equally low in glyphosate, it's just that it's not identifiable in the

  • What's Up with Ivermectin?


    I'm no expert and don't have the time to look into it in depth...

    ... but these days, nothing would surprise me!

    If you are inclined to do your own research, here are some links to get you started.


  • The Covid Confusions


    Laura Dodsworth has posted a personal reaction (not hers) to the Covid "pandemic", that well illustrates the state that some (previously trusting) people were driven into by the incessant and contradictory gaslighting put out by our government and its agencies (official and unofficial).

    Being by profession driven by logic and evidence, I personally was protected from this sort of confusion because I could see through the nonsense at an early stage, and from then on it was a case of keeping up with the evidence as it unfolded.

    However, for those who are are inclined, indeed have been trained/brainwashed by the media (and the education system?) for years to trust the government and its agencies, and to react emotionally to news reports, those had few mental anchors to enable them to make sense of the messaging.

    This lady has done us all a service by describing how she

  • The Whitewash Liberally Applied


    Baroness Hallett appears to be fulfilling her brief as Chairperson of the Covid Inquiry in spades, if the latest report from the Daily Sceptic is to be believed.

    Of course there can be no countering of official group-think, especially when that same group-think may have led to unconscionable crimes by the said officials, but is not the very purpose of the enquiry to hear the real evidence and to follow that evidence wherever it may lead, even to uncover and demonstrate possible perversity in the group-think itself?

    Well, maybe, or maybe not.

    "In one of the most jaw-dropping interjections of the inquiry to date, Baroness Hallett... pressed Sir Peter Horby, an esteemed epidemiologist at Oxford University, who had indicated that he believed universal masking was not a straightforward decision: “I’m sorry,