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There comes a time when we must call out stupidity, especially when it is clearly part of an unstated agenda, and thus deliberate.

" ... pro-abortion MPs, Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, have tabled two extreme abortion up to birth amendments in an attempt to hijack the Government’s flagship Criminal Justice Bill"

The "abortion debate", characterised slightly less than fully appropriately by the slogan "my body my choice" has been pushed for many years, but when parliamentarians try to insert changes to the rules (to push the envelope into the range of viable births) via amendments to other Bills, and the RCOG decide to discipline medics who report illegal abortions to the relevant authorities, something is clearly adrift with the nation's moral compass, not to mention its legal compass and medical compass.

So without wishing to get entangled in the weeds of the abortion controversy per se (I am after all merely an ignorant male father who decided as a result of direct experience that a father may not in general be best qualified to attend a hospital birth), I do think that (a) abortion, far from being encouraged, should be a last resort after all other avenues have been explored, (b) society needs to ask itself whether its current attitude to sex outside stable relationships is too permissive, and (c) this is a debate that separates the human from the academic theoretician.

After all is said and done, abortion can have terrible consequences, primarily for the mother (and  let's not forget the baby) but also for other individuals concerned, and, should the birthrate sink too low, for society and the nation as a whole.

Still, given a political class that thinks that war with Russia is probably a good idea, abortion limits may not be our primary concern in the near future ...

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