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  • Bankruptcy - and a New World Order - Now Looming?


    I don't pretend to understand the intricate financial detail involved, but it does appear that the "Old World Order" has run out of road - at least if Benjamin Fulford is to be believed.

    The remaining questions are 'how long will it take to die?' and 'what will replace it?'.

    "the West must decline further into chaos and mayhem before it will be possible to finally remove the last vestiges of ... mafia rule"

    Clearly it is not yet all plain sailing, and there will be a lot of reinventing of our global (not to mention national) arrangements to be done, but perhaps the ancien regime has now had its day and we must all work to ensure that its replacement is to our liking.

    "Asian and Western secret societies have already agreed in principle to a plan for what happens after the KM

  • Transhumanism - the Inevitable Ascent of Man ... to What Exactly?


    TransVision 2021 - Spain, October 8th - 10th

    Gadgetry on steroids - and we will be part of it.

    The question is, which part? Will we be pulling the strings or will we be puppets, with our strings pulled by the globalists' AI algorithms?

    Joe Allen writes for the Federalist, describing transhumanism as

    "a futuristic religion that exalts technology as its highest power"

    Commandments 1 to 3 of 10:

    1. I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me"

    2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or
  • White Coat Summit Asks All the Right Questions


    Dr Ryan Cole MD (pathologist, immunologist, virologist) tells it like it is. 

    "The spike is the toxin""we see a 200 times increase in myocarditis in our society right now"

    "this is a poisonous attack on our population and it needs to stop now"

    "... cannot find that for which they do not look"

    "Billions of dollars spent on advertising... where's the funding for real science?"

    "Where are the autopsies?"

    "They don't want you to see what we're seeing"

    "the shots dysregulate your immune

  • Road to Serfdom


    "In fact, it’s just plain stupid. And breathtakingly so"

    "But the worst thing about this plan is that it will do virtually nothing to improve the climate while it destroys much of the free-market economy"

    "In fact, what is coming to pass was best forewarned by late economist and Nobel laureate Friedrich von Hayek in his seminal 1944 work The Road to Serfdom"

    Yes, it's another article critical of "green" energy policies, and well worth reading, not for the green/ungreen arguments but for the unspoken assumptions upon which these arguments are put forward. 

    Well, they are spoken of now, and the

  • NHS - The App - Passport to Social Control?


    Once More Stew Peters burnishes his credentials as a global interviewer by taking on the features of the NHS App.

    Some thought that it would be expanded to cover a lot more than our health, but here already?

    Stew tells it like he sees it:


  • The Covid Conundrum


    Covid is polarising opinion.

    Those who trust the authorities and the NHS, and those who half-trust them but find the idea that they are actively acting against the population impossible to accept, these are on one side of the argument.

    Those observers who have watched the systematic overturning of good science and good statistical process for no good reason, along with the implicit chorus of "we are scientists and we say so" coming from official advisers in the face of medical practitioners 'at the coal face' around the world who are telling them that they have got it wrong. These observers are on the other side.

    Add to this mix the blatant censorship of views that contradict officialdom, add to this the blatant campaigns of fear that were and are being waged by governments to terrify us all into compliance with ever-changing rules and saturation advertising, add to these the use of force to ensure compliance in various countries, and we can see why the

  • President Trump Rally Des Moines, Iowa, October 9, 2021


    Love him or loathe him, The Donald is a force to be reckoned with.

    Here he is rousing the faithful in Des Moines, Iowa (hometown of our one and only Bill Bryson!).

    Is it election year? Is Biden holding rallies? To what purpose is he on the campaign trail?

    It's your judgement that counts.

    (2 hrs - you might want to skip the intro to minute 17 - we don't all have time for the wind-up act) 

  • Propaganda and the 9/11 'Global War on Terror'



    ... "Academia was doing an extremely bad job in terms of really getting to the bottom of the levels of deception and propaganda that we've been seeing since 9/11 - there's an instinctive aversion among academics to study propaganda, and there's an aversion to studying deception and state level deception, especially when those deceptions are being carried out by their own government"

    "Presented by the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global ‘War on Terror’"

    This video is hosted by UK Column, and can be viewed on their site where more information is provided.

    The subject-matter starts with

  • The Bigtree Review of the W.H.O. 2019 Global Vaccine Safety Summit


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire brings us a review of the W.H.O. Global Vaccine Safety Summit. December 2019.

    This reminds us that the vaccine hesitancy problem was a feature before the Covid vaccines burst upon us, before they were mandated by various bodies both private and governmental around the world, and before sections of populations were motivated to march in their thousands around the world to defy the demand that the whole world should be vaccinated. Indeed the W.H.O. Safety Summit took place before the pandemic even (officially) started.

    It was taken so seriously that the W.H.O. debated it in front of the cameras.

    Did the W.H.O. heed the advice of their Summit?

    This is just two quotes, still topical today, almost two years later:

    "I spend a lot of time talking... with tech companies (Facebook, WhatsApp ... Weibo) they have a lot of fingers pointing at

  • Europe - Flash-point for World War? or Covid Passports?


    Was war declared on the Polish Border with Belarus?

    Is Russia on course to overwhelm Europe (or at least take back the Ukraine?)?

    I'm far from being convinced but it seems that some  shots (maybe blanks) were fired - and the EU's puppet Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is imposing Vaccine Passports on all workers from 15th Oct. As distractions go it's probably pretty good.

    The ratchet is being tightened, and the UK is also pushing the vaccine passport idea by ensuring that Wales imposes them first, and England introduces them later as a

  • If I Ruled the World ...


    Well, who does rule the world?

    Maybe we should start by asking  -  who owns the world?

    This video is a few months old, but none the less relevant for that:

    (45 minutes)

  • Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020!


    MPs will be voting on renewing the Coronavirus Act on October 19th.

    Please sign and share this all over social and other media to have your voice heard !

    Write to your MP and share - this pernicious Act gives the government virtually unlimited powers to force their unwanted medication and absurd virus-control measures upon us.

    It must be repealed.


  • Is the Writing on the Wall for Retail Banking?


    The power of computing being now vastly in excess of what it was just a few years ago (I well remember when a hard disc would hold around 10 megabytes - now even I can easily afford a massively more reliable, physically comparatively tiny, storage device capable of handling a million times more data) it is technically perfectly feasible to give everyone an account at the central bank and do away with all the costs and complexity of the network of individual independent banks which currently serve our banking needs.

    Think how much money that would save!

    But would I benefit?

    Currently I don't overall pay any net charges to my bank (although some do, and the extent of free banking seems to be shrinking rather than growing these days). So any benefit would likely accrue to the service provider rather than the customer.

    Putting all the nation's banking eggs into one state/oligarchical monopolistic basket doesn't

  • Net Zero Watch!


    We have heard a lot about Net Zero recently and we will likely hear a great deal more as COP26 bursts upon the media scene at the end of October, so it is entirely fitting that we mark the launch of a new web-site that will monitor and analyse developments in government green policy and its effects on the real world in which we must all continue to live.

    So congratulations to the stalwarts at the Global Warming Policy Forum for setting up this initiative, and we wish them every success in their quest to inform public opinion and to bring reason and logic to this otherwise largely religious debate.


  • English Agriculture - 64 Years of Personal History


    Since we left the EU we also left the CAP. Since then the government and its civil servants have been occupied in devising what might unkindly be thought of as a composite policy of subsidy laced with a good measure of "green" objectives that I have never properly understood.

    Being of what some might consider advancing years I still remember the pre-CAP days before we joined the "Common Market". We had cheap imported meat from our erstwhile colonies (primarily New Zealand, Australia) and subsidies to British farmers so that they could cover the gap between their expenses of production and market meat prices. It seemed to me (being not at all farming oriented) that it worked well enough. All that changed when we joined the one-size-fits-all CAP and meat prices in the shops rocketed whilst New Zealand and Australia scrambled to find new markets for their produce.

    So I was interested to see

  • Ructions in the Royal Navy


    Admiral SIr Tony Radakin was accused of "undermining a Royal Marines Major General" according to the Daily Mail.

    "His appointment as Chief of the Defence Staff came days after the death of Major General Matt Holmes, 54. The former Commandant General of the Marines was found dead at his family home in Winchester, Hampshire, on Saturday. There were no suspicious circumstances"

    It would seem from the Mail's account that there was little love remaining to be lost between these two officers.

    The Mail reports "A directive from Sir Tony's office included a gagging order banning the Marines officer from discussing key issues with colleagues, including the commander of the US Marine Corps". 

    Why on earth would a high-ranking Major-General be prohibited from discussing matters military with US colleagues? It would seem that the prohibition possibly related to matters

  • WW4 - But There's No US Cavalry Coming Over the Hill This Time


    Harry Hopkins writing for TCW (previously "The Conservative Woman" - at least TCW is shorter) tells it as he sees it. It's not a fashionable viewpoint, but one suspects that if TCW is featuring his work then it's not too far from becoming a widely accepted viewpoint. Maybe even eventually a dominant viewpoint.

    One of the difficulties which this viewpoint faces in becoming more widespread is that, at first acquaintance, it seems too scary to contemplate. Perhaps not because we are actually frightened of it, but certainly because its implications appear so wide-ranging that we are not immediately prepared to consider turning our world-view upside down to accommodate it. At least not just yet...

    But problems that are not going to go away of their own accord must be faced down eventually, preferably before they become overwhelming. The earlier measures are taken to counteract it, to contain it, the easier it will ultimately be to deal with it.

    So relax, make

  • Green Taxes on Top of Price Rises "Could Trigger Social Disaster"


    In its latest UK News release the GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) warns "our" government that sending heating bills sky high by applying green levies on top of high and rising fuel prices may not be the best way to endear their policies to the people, already bruised and battered financially through lockdowns, pandemic costs, and the associated closures of small businesses.

    Being also bruised and battered by the effective curtailment of NHS and private hospital services that have sent waiting lists rocketing and patients both fuming and despairing, they may not be in any mood to indulge his government's reckless pursuit of zero carbon UK, when push comes to shove and the bills drop through the letterboxes of the nation.

    Does nobody remember Mrs Thatcher's

  • EU Poleaxed?


    Facts4EU brings us the story - Poland's Constitutional Court has ruled that Polish law has primacy over EU law!

    Naturally the EU hasn't taken that at face value.

    It appears that this dispute centres around the EU's insistence that Poland changes the way that it appoints its judges.

    Worse, it appears that the German Constitutional Court made a similar ruling last year. Did the EU manage to bring Germany to heel? Did it even attempt that feat?

    Does this latest move presage more unrest within the EU, or will it all be fudged over with liberal application of ambiguous and self contradictory reassurances?

    Read the story.

  • A Turning Point in World History


    Benjamin Fulford brings us up to date with his Friday video (free of charge!).

    And with the latest sabre-rattling, China vs Australia ...   I don't remember seeing that on the BBC!

    Perhaps they can't afford his access fees.