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  • In Memory of Dr Vladimir Zelenko 1973 - 2022


    A short celebration of Dr Zelenko's contribution to true medicine and to countering the pandemic, all courtesy of Stop World Control, where you can find the full story.

    (24 minutes)


  • The "One Health" Initiative


    Not content with human health, the UN is also co-opting food and agriculture, animal health, and the environment into a coordinated approach to the world's welfare.

    As so often with politicians, nothing that they say can be disputed in its own terms, for who can say that health, food, and farming are unrelated?

    Yet their track record says that the notions underpinning the specific implementations will be designed, not to benefit mankind in general, but to deliver more control into the hands of the UN and its agencies backers and partners.

    (3 minutes)


    Fulford on Friday 1 July 2022


    A thoughtful video this Friday - and the UK gets a mention in the Q & A session. 

    Worth watching, although if you wish to view it this week you will need a modest subscription to his service.


  • Nigel Speaks - The Prognosis for Energy (and Europe)


    The great entertainer has a field day - the combination of economic problems and political misdirection is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

    "Is this... America and the Western World struggling to continue to push its dominance on the world, and places like Russia and China waking up to the fact that we're a lot weaker than we think?"

    I'm not sure that he presents any new insights to readers of this site, but he does remind us that he is a tremendous loss to the EU Parliament...

    (11 minutes)


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  • Stop the Fraud! Government Must Do Something!


    My email box today included yet another worthy exhortation peremptory demand - this time to sign yet another petition to government to save us from fraud ourselves.

    Apparently too many of us are falling for scams, and it's up to the government to do something about it - in this case to "Create a new Fraud Minister to help tackle fraud".

    Likewise "Make it law that all UK banks have to pay back in full all victims of fraud".

    In other words, the fact that I've been scammed is nothing whatever to do with me and somebody else must ride to my rescue.


    I note that they are not even calling for more police to investigate frauds and catch the criminals responsible, which might seem a useful response.

    Everything that's Wrong with the World in 3 Minutes


    OK - this is actually about America, but so many of America's woes get mysteriously imported over here (not to mention elsewhere) that it's actually relevant to us as well.

    Don't blink or you'll miss something!

    (< 3 minutes)


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  • Update on Archie


    Archie Battersbee is the little boy at the centre of a legal wrangle over whether he should have his life support switched off.

    The Court of Appeal has ruled that the original case hearing should be rerun under a different judge on 11 July, withholding reasons for the decision until a later date.

    Keep up your prayers for his recovery.


  • What Might the Post-Imperialist World look Like?


    In one of their more readable offerings, LaRouchePAC offer us their suggestions following Vladimir Putin's recent remarks to the 25th St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    As well as helpfully defining the terms "neoconservative" and "neoliberal" for us, they then note that "the neoconservatives and neoliberals alike are only brain-dead carnival-barkers for an international empire of money".

    I can't help thinking that if only we plebs would grasp the simple notion that those who would control us really don't want anybody very intelligent passing on their instructions lest they should work out what was going on and break ranks, a great deal of life's problems would fall into place.

    "Europe had lost its sovereignty to that bureaucracy and adopted insane policies, such as its failed energy policies--to the point that the European

  • Mark Sexton Demands Action for Justice


    Following on from HMIC (Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary) placing the Metropolitan Police into "special measures"...

    Below is the text of an open letter from Mark Sexton to the acting head of the Met Sir Stephen House, and to the chair of HMIC Mr Andy Cooke, in relation to crime number 6029679/21 which we have covered previously:

    Dear Sir Stephen House, acting commissioner of The Metropolitan Police and Mr Andy Cooke, Chair of Her Majesties Inspector of Constabulary.

    I feel it is only right that I address both of you in the same correspondence

  • Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years


    We wait a long time for court judgements but like buses, when they come they come in a convoy.

    Here's another one - Ghislane Maxwell is sentenced to 20 years in prison for her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's activities.

    The Epoch Times reports.

  • Dr David Martin Explains the "Bioweapon"


    The overturning of "Row v Wade" threw the "liberals" into convulsions, but is that the end of the story?

    What else may be lining up to rattle their cage?

    How about some court judgements on the bio-weapon of terror and genocide, coming up 6 July in Federal Court Utah?

    "... a key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype... investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process"

    "... a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept the universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon, and that is their own words, not my interpretation"

    "... and then in 2016... at the same time ... had the patent for what's called Remdesivir, which was the

  • How Did the FDA Approve these "Vaccines" for Kids?


    Dr Clare Craig (diagnostic pathologist from the UK) tells Del Bigtree how it was done.

    "How bad is it?"

    "We couldn't have asked for a more messed up trial"

    "... let's not look at a clinical outcome as a primary measure, let's look at antibody blood tests... "

    "... it's not about protection, it's just a measure that they fancy using... "

    But it gets worse...

    (28 minutes)


  • Indoctrination at School?


    The education system is supposed to be the springboard from which the lives and careers of our kids are launched, so it's quite important that we should understand what goes on there.

    Of course, if you think that the State is perfectly competent to educate your kids then you send them to a state school and you can sit back and put your feet up, or you can send your kids to a private school and pay for the privilege.

    As a last resort you can home-school them yourself (unless you fall foul of the new provisions in the Schools Bill).

    Either way you probably get to attend a parents' evening where the teachers will tell you what they want you to hear, but what further access do you need and what questions are you entitled to expect an answer to when you believe you may have cause for worry?

    Lord Frost - A Genuine Free-Thinker?


    We have noted the deficiencies of the Online Safety Bill previously.

    Many now consider themselves homeless when faced with the current choice of political parties, and think it might be best to somehow do away with them altogether.

    Nevertheless it is heartening to hear about the occasional instance where the apparently iron grip of party group-think is challenged from an unexpected quarter, and it does beg the question "why him?". 

    Anyway, idle speculation aside, on with the show!

    (4 minutes)


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  • Fulford - "Fourth Reich Mourned"


    Readers may know the "Fourth Reich" better as the G7.

    "... we are dealing with the end of an era"

    With the war in the Ukraine hopefully in its last stages, it will be interesting to see whether Zelenskyy sues for peace or whether he is replaced by somebody who will.

    All in all a recommended edition of the Fulford Monday review, whether you are a subscriber to his service (when you get to read the whole thing) or not.

    (And if the latter - don't worry about nuclear armageddon - just know that its off the table)

    Small (recommended) subscription applies for full access.


  • Roe v Wade, Democrats v Republicans, Hegemony v Plurality


    Once a again John Rappaport lobs a grenade into the confusion and gets to the nub of the matter.

    What are we here for? How should we live? What is it we want a government to do for us?

    Politics is the battle of ideas, the reconciliation of conflicting imperatives, waged via the conflation of truths half-truths and outright falsehoods and the resulting confusion in the minds of the people.

    Rules of the game:

    • if they are telling fibs half-fibs or fibbing by omission then be wary
    • if they are creating confusion and obfuscation, be wary

    Roe v Wade is going to create a political tsunami of epic proportions that will bury (so they hope) the contention over the validity of the Nov 2020 elections for ever. 

  • Is the Fed Still on Firm Ground?


    The Federal Reserve of the USA is traditionally regarded as the most influential national central bank in the world.

    Due to its latest decision to raise interest rates, and to the huge volumes of financial securities it purchased under QE in earlier times of lower interest rates, the book value of those securities has taken a significant hit. They don't pay as much, so they would sell for less, giving the Fed a loss should it either decide or need to sell them. Technically it could decide not to sell them until interest rates drop again, thus avoiding realisation of any loss, but a forced sale before then would realise the loss.

    So will the Fed now run at a loss? Would it matter?

    Might it even become insolvent? What would that mean?

    These are a few of the most important questions of our time, and the AIER thoughtfully publishes an exploration of the implications. 

    Ukraine - How Did We Get Here?


    Prof John Mearsheimer tells it as he sees it in this well-researched polemic. What is the history behind the invasion of the Crimea, later of the Ukraine, and Putin's ambitions for that country?

    He presents a pretty comprehensive analysis of the politics economics and military situation, but this is founded on the traditional viewpoint that the Biden administration, comfortable in its political bubble of perceived invincibility, isn't about to collapse under the combined weight of the Bidens' alleged criminal activities in the Ukraine, and the possible decertification of the Nov 2020 election result.

    That assumption, although unspoken and perhaps unfounded, is critical, since without Biden in place any new administration would likely

  • You Can Trust Me - I'm a Journalist (!)


    Well, with summer now in full swing (unless you want to travel by train or plane... ) we have news!

    If you can trust it.

    The Press Gazette ("The Future of Media") reports on the tanking trust ratings earned by the various news-stand titles, and the current state of play for trustworthy TV news.

    It's an interesting analysis, one primary point being that (allegedly) the broadcast TV news tends to be believed more than the newspapers, and whereas a minority makes it over the 50% threshold, none can boast 60%.

    And if you are looking to identify the brands that increased their trust rating over the recent years, your hopefulness exceeds your realism.

    "Overall, the Reuters Institute report this year found that in part due to a decline in trust, nearly half (46%) of

  • When Push Comes to Shove, Does the Climate Change Narrative Still Stand?


    Perhaps it really does take a war to concentrate the mind.

    Human beings tend to follow their habits and rightly so - if it works don't change it. Habit enables us to navigate the daily routine without applying a great deal of thought to the process.

    The problem with that of course, is that when the process becomes inappropriate, the tendency is to continue as per established habit, which no longer produces the required result. 

    Rethinking established habits is hard work though, and we are not in general well disposed to volunteer for the task - and when the habit is a group-think affair, getting the group to rethink is an order of magnitude more difficult than just having one person do the rethinking. Now add in everybody's differing vested interests and we can see that the agreed way forward may be tricky to iron out.

    So a German scientist (from the relative financial security of retirement) making the case