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  • What is Going on in Syria?


    Vanessa Beeley bring Redacted up to date with deep state activities to destabilise Syria, and Russia's response to these provocations.

    (17 minutes)


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    Time to audit where all the money and weapons that were "sent to the Ukraine" really end up.

  • Who Funds the "Fact Checkers"?


    The assertions presented here will probably come as no surprise to many, but it's good to see the financial trail behind those who would judge truth from narrative (or should that be narrative from truth?) that leads back to all the usual suspects.

    OK. it's from Australia, but one can bet one's bottom pound/dollar/shekel/yuan/zloty etc that it's the same globalists up to the same shenanigans the world over.

    Rebel News reports.

    (17 minutes)


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  • Lahaina Maui Destruction Revisited


    Sasha Latypova (of Pfizer investigatory fame) turns her attention to the strange selectivity of the destructionon the island of Maui.

    "What’s unique about this is the infrastructure of this town is intact. The gov buildings are fine, all roadways are fine and usable. Bridges are intact. The water treatment plant on top of the hill adjacent to school (east end of Lahaina) is fine. School is intact. The substation and solar farm next to school are intact"

    In fact, all the local authority infrastructure seems to have somehow escaped the unstoppable inferno that totally destroyed all the private property.

  • Sadiq's ULEZ Expansion on the Skids?


    Sadiq's Ulez mired in matters legal, councils uncooperative, infrastructure inadequate, and deconstruction physical by Londoners non-compliant? Not to mention a potentially huge budget deficit should motorists take it into their heads that they don't have to pay because they have no "meeting of minds" and therefore neither legally enforceable contract, nor perchance adequate signage informing them of their obligations...

    The Daily Sceptic reports.

    I don't suppose that Mayor Khan will draw any connection between the wishes of his Greater London voters and his legitimate authority to implement policies that nobody actually wants in a democratic mayoralty, but I don't doubt that the

  • Science by Censorship?


    Shock retraction!

    Climate Emergency reinstated!

    "The science" now unsullied by conflicting data!

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • Technology, Conscience, Divinity


    Martin Geddes with a podcast! Whatever next?

    In his own words, how he came to be where he is today.

    He covers everything from telephony to transhumanism, rational thought to consciousness to AI, religion to divinity.

    And a great deal more besides.

    (50 minutes)

    Festival talk on technology, conscience, divinity

  • Tavistock - the Master Manipulators


    Mass psychosis - Mind control - Media manipulation - Cultural programming - Brainwashing - Social psychiatry - Psychological warfare - Behaviour modification - and no doubt more ways of saying the same thing - controlling the thinking of humanity for their own ends.

    "Who are they"?



    Exactly. They are largely unknown because they keep themselves out of the limelight, out of the news, operating behind the scenes through front groups, especially the "secret" services, the global bankers, corporations, media, charitable foundations, and unelected NGOs the world over, not to mention the WEF and their placemen in national and local governments the world over.

    Today though they are getting an unaccustomed volume of publicity, just not in the increasingly lame-stream media.

  • Fulford Report Monday 28 Aug 2023


    With all eyes on the recent BRICS meeting, this report explores the current and incoming global geopolitics, set against the dying machinations of the globalist Khazarian Mafia fronted by the Biden regime / WEF / UN.

    Of special interest is the role that President Xi and China will play over this coming autumn of discontent, that seems highly likely as matters develop to a head.

    Will it be an autumn to remember, or one to forget?

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  • Virology - True or False?


    Regular readers will know that this site is highly dubious about the claims of a coronavirus rampant causing a recent pandemic. This doubt is fuelled by the obviously inadequate nature of the "test" by which the "infection" was "confirmed". The fact that "the science" never condescended to even consider this evidence indicated that this was an argument they would not willingly address, and we must assume that in all likelihood this was because they knew it was an argument that they could not win.

    This line of thought alone is sufficient to debunk the reality of the pandemic - especially as (prior to vaccinations being applied) the overall death rate remained largely within normal bounds - some pandemic!


  • The World According to Neil


    Neil Oliver as always comments with verve and aplomb on current events, recent and not quite so recent.

    (15 minutes)


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    (11 minutes)


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  • Let Me Count the Ways - in Which the US Constitution Has Been Violated


    This is pretty much a reverse chronological ("latest first") account of the subversion of the US Constitutional principles.

    How was it done?

    The only way it could be done - by corrupting all those in positions of power, both appointed and elected, together with the main opinion-formers - over decades.

    A most revealing read.


  • Mark the Dates!


    Courtesy of Martin Geddes, we have some projected dates for which the said happenings may or may not arrive on schedule.

    No events, no pack drill!

    Obviously this is for those who deny (or merely query) most of the government's narratives - you know who you are.

    I have no information currently (other than arcane stuff about site upgrades), so I'm happy to pass on what others have gleaned. 

    Stay cool.

  • This Site is now Upgraded - There is No Going Back!


    Actually, it doesn't look too bad, all things considered 😎. It could have been much worse.

    There's a few annoying formatting glitches but the styling has miraculously carried forward from the old version, apparently without breaking the system.

    So I'm reopening the site for public entertainment - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




    OK - I've made a few more tweaks to the presentation. As always it's a compromise, so I've lost the background colour (for now anyway) but

  • CBDCs by Stealth?


    Iain Davis reminds us that the Central Banks want us all on a central controllable currency (CCC?) and that they are likely prepared to do it under layers of obfuscation that look just like the current system where no central control over our individual spending is feasible.

    In Part 1 The Synthetic Hegemonic Currency is described. It's the death of the dollar and how the dollar, the hegemonic currency of years past, can be replaced as a basis for international trade.

    In Part 2 A Synthetic Hegemonic Currency For a Multipolar Global Economy he updates us on how the Central Banks will likely try to foist a CCC on us in disguise by replication of current central and retail banking structures (albeit linked one-to-one beneath

  • Mind-Machine Interface from Ancient Times


    Clif High back in inimitable form with an update on his investigation of ancient literature on a subject close to the WEF's heart!

    And it's not just audio, it's a real video - watch carefully. Especially if you want to know the real reason for circumcision (according to Clif).

    Watch whilst it's still up.

    (47 minutes)


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  • Dr Coleman Explains the Committee of 300


    How the world is truly governed?

    Together with a reminder of the meaning of the word "paranoid"... if you are not yet, you will be.

    "The descendants of the British East India Company today run the United States"

    (103 minutes)



  • Macgregor on Tucker


    Nothing much new here, but a wide-ranging review on a prestigious show.

    Forward as required.

    (52 minutes)

    Watch on X (formerly Twitter)


  • Russia on Covid Blame, Joe Biden on the New World Order


    We are deep into conspiracy land here, but Russia (despite sanctions!) is hardly an insignificant nation, and it has taken its case to the United Nations. 

    "Under the guise of monitoring disease, the US Deep State has proliferated the world with illegal biolaboratories engaged in inhumane research"

    One might, having regard to past form, write off the UN as a poodle of the western powers, but with a multitude of countries now queuing eagerly to join up with the BRICS, that seems certain to change.

    And with the old dollar-based financial system suffering more shocks every day, the writing does seem to be on the wall.

  • Romanian Rainwater


    Why would anybody want to analyse the rainwater in Romania?

    Well, if you are a die-hard conspiracy theorist and believe all the nonsense about "chemtrails" then I guess you probably would.

    Of course, although the said conspiracy theorists allege stuff like Graphene, Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Nickel and Arsenic, to name but a few, you wouldn't actually find anything other than water would you?

    Oh wait...

  • Fulford Report Monday 21 Aug 2023


    Now it's Russia that both needs and wants regime change before they will talk of peace deals.

    Well, would anybody be expected to negotiate in good faith with Biden?

    And Russia is open to providing independent and wanna-be independent nations with the tools to bolster that independence:

    "Russia is open to military and technical cooperation on equitable terms with all countries that are seeking to defend their sovereign interests"

    The Chinese may not be far behind.

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