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  • How we Came to Stop Worrying and Love Klaus Schwab?


    Many of us are unaware of how Klaus came to claim power over the UN, and thus potentially over the world, but Johnny Vedmore in an extraordinary article charts his rise and rise along with Henry Kissinger, J.K. Galbraith, and Herman Kahn, from the ashes of WW2 to become a principal partner of the United Nations.

    Purists might complain (and do - see the comments!) that he has left this and that and whoever out of the picture, but in the end you have to draw the line somewhere.

    I'm no historian and cannot vouch for his accuracy, but this has got to be the right article at the right time. It raises all sorts of questions and gets us thinking about the central notion that the world is a complicated place (true) that requires extremely clever and complicated people to guide and govern it by all and any means necessary; we currently seem to be suffering the extremely nasty effects of the latter proposition and will have to find the way to ensure that it is undone with as little further consequential damage

  • If Freedom depends upon Truth, What is the Truth?


    We spend a lot of time promoting freedom and decrying those people and concepts that limit our freedom, but what does it mean to be truly free?

    We also spend a lot of time suggesting that we should make up our own mind about the articles and information that comes our way, because our freedom to choose wisely is totally dependent upon our ability to discern truth from falsehood and to interpret correctly those nuances of meaning that might not be entirely familiar to us.

    Freedom is of little use if we cannot discern the truth upon which to base our decision-making, so meaningful freedom requires access to truth, which these days appears to be deliberately hedged about on many major issues of the day by the authorities. 

    Socrates is reported by Plato to have believed

  • Michael Yeadon on the Covid Fraud


    On this site over the last years we have rehearsed almost all aspects of the Covid scenario, but it's worth featuring Mike Yeadon again to provide a quick tour of the principal factors that alerted him to the "collusion and malfeasance" that he saw emerging, and the reasons why he determined that the pandemic was being used for population control.

    One or two of these aspects might be put down to accident or ignorance, but when nothing about the handling of the pandemic makes sense then when you put it all together it becomes incontrovertible.

    "... there is no safe way to combat a pandemic with a vaccine... "

    "... all four companies did the same thing... and they are not stupid people... "

    "... they don't have the data, they didn't do the experiments, they did not meet any kind of sensible set of regulatory guidelines even in an emergency, and in many cases there are

  • Free Thinkers Only - Upon What Beliefs Was The USA Founded?


    "When philosophical reason is clear and certain by intuition or necessary induction... no subsequent revelation supported by prophecies or miracles can supersede it" - John Adams

    The United States of America is regarded as a Christian nation, and indeed is famous (or infamous according to your persuasion) for its Christian evangelical churches, and yet... did the Founding Fathers found its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution on Christian beliefs?

    Certainly the Biden Pretendency doesn't appear to be driven by the principles of the Christian faith, but they don't seem to want the existing Constitution either.

    The principles of national governance are now of the utmost importance if the US (and perhaps many other nations of the world) are about to rid themselves of the current unfathomable networks of globalist corruption, and reconstitute for the future.

    How should those

  • David Kurten Rants for Good Sense


    David Kurten (Heritage Party Leader) sets it out.

    Covid - Ukraine - Monkeypox - and how we can confront such scams.

    This site does not support any political party - that is a decision for the individual elector - but it's great to hear somebody from the political scene standing up and telling it like it is.

    But why do we have to hear it from a minor party and not from Her Majesty's official opposition?

    In the absence of an opposition missing in action (or even defected to the enemy), we the people are the opposition now.

    Thank you David for spelling out the unpalatable truth with such clarity, brevity, and sincerity.

    (22 minutes)



  • "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome"


    Medical Newspeak is working overtime, and there are no prizes for guessing the reason.

    Dr Ryan Cole decries the "Centre for Deception and Confusion" to USA Watchdog.

    "Dr. Cole is seeing dramatic increases in all types of illness such as aggressive cancers, heart disease, strokes, brain problems and autoimmune disease to name a few"

    "Our country doesn't even have a code for vaccine injury"

    "The reason cancers are taking off like wildfire... we've suppressed the immune system that would normally keep these cancers in check"

    "... you will never have an effective vaccine against a coronavirus... "

    (68 minutes)



  • Denmark Joins the EU Security and Defence Union


    At a time when Russia and NATO are eyeball to eyeball (or not, according to who you believe) in the Ukraine and various countries are denying that they want to join NATO (or being denied by Turkey), the game to sidestep this little hurdle is join by the EU backdoor.

    How so?

    The EU troops are mostly the same as the NATO troops - they merely deploy under different badges and (at least notionally) under a different command structure. 

    So if you can't join NATO, join the EU.

    Oh wait - Denmark is already a NATO member... so there must be another reason for joining the EU Security and Defence morass of complexity?

    I have to say it's hard to think of one, unless they fear (probably rightly) that being outside the EU structures means that

  • Fifteen Insights into our Human Condition


    It's taken him 15 years to note these but it's nevertheless a rather good collection of truths about humanity that maybe we would rather not recognise.

    It's a lighthearted ramble around the human psyche and entertainingly presented - watch, laugh, and ruefully admit that - yes - as Dr Kiosk used to declaim as everybody made a dash for the doors...  "We Are ALL GUILTY" !



  • So What Else is Brewing Besides Ukraine Taiwan and Monkeypox?


    Well, since you ask, the Israel - Iran enmity looks like a good candidate.

    Not that I'm feeling that we don't yet have enough problems, but maybe forewarned is forearmed.

    I don't know this guy but he strikes me as genuine. Judging form his videos he's actually a bit of a Bible-bashing Israeli Christian, but he keeps his fingers on the political pulse as he lives in Israel, so he's a lot closer to the goings-on in that region than we are and he would be directly affected by events there.

    Probably worth taking note.

    (6 minutes)


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  • Weekend Round Up with UK Column - and Pfizer Shots for Babies?


    For a change it's the NHS (or UKHSA as we must now call it) and the Covid aftermath that takes pole position, with a very pertinent discussion on how the excess deaths of the second half of 2021 identified by a US life insurance company is being portrayed by the usual suspects. Yet the NHS still appears to be locked in terminal decline even though Covid deaths have declined and we were originally locked down to "save the NHS".

    Once again the evolving Ukraine situation and how that relates to UK and US foreign policy is investigated and the likely results set out - neither the Biden administration nor NATO nor Ben Walllace come out well. Russia on the other hand doesn't seem to be short of additional customers for the hydrocarbons that it used to sell to Europe. 

    And so on to the Bilderberg group (inclusive of Michael Gove, David Lamy, Mark Sedwill, Tom Tugendhat, and Jeremy Fleming (GCHQ) et al from the corporate and media worlds comprising the British contingent) and their meeting that will no doubt

  • How Does this Differ from Open Borders?


    "the so-called ‘High Potential Individual’ visa... would allow graduates of universities around the world to come to the UK to work in jobs at any skill or pay level for two to three years"

    "this is being enacted with minimal checks and balances, including….

    • NO annual cap on numbers (even with 70% of the public wanting such a cap – Deltapoll, 2019).
    • NO minimum salary requirement(even though the lack of one will open UK workers to the real risk of being undercut by cheaper overseas staff).
    • NO need to secure a job before coming (even as 64% of the public say non-UK workers should have to have a job offer from an approved employer before coming here (YouGov, February 2020).
    • NO protection for the UK jobskeekers(even though nearly eight in
  • Is a Real Negotiation About to Occur in the Ukraine?


    Is a turning point nigh?

    This article in Unherd which (in my jaundiced judgement) has normally followed the "We must drive Putin out at all costs" narrative (and still suggests that the Russian armed forces have taken a beating and are nearing the limits of their operational effectiveness) is nevertheless now arguing for a negotiated settlement that would be acceptable to Putin.

    "After all, the two sides have already reached agreement on the broadest issues: Zelenskyy has already stated that Ukraine will not join Nato and the Russian side has already accepted Ukraine’s entry into the European Union"

    Personally I was unaware of that second assertion (and if I were Putin I would be very slow indeed to concede it) but nevertheless we have here a plea for good sense and a negotiated settlement. 

    This strikes me as a

  • Andrew Wakefield talks to Clive


    Andrew Wakefield is the notorious doctor who in the late 1990s first raised a query about whether or not the MMR vaccine was linked to the rise in autism.

    The result was a firestorm of disapproval and denial.

    Later on the inimitable Del Bigtree of the Highwire took up the cudgels to bring the truth to the people in the teeth of officialdom and the media, but it's not often that we can hear from the man whose life was for ever changed by that original suggestion that vaccines might not have been as safe as we were told that they were.

    Now he tells us how the global authorities have been allegedly vaccinating people against pregnancy...

    On the plus side both he and Clive are delightfully calm and measured in their delivery, even as they discuss the possible horrendous consequences. 

    Geopolitical Update


    With world events moving quite fast we have to try to keep up, so i make no apology for yet again featuring a UK Column report from Wednesday.

    Don't get too hung up on the start of the programme where they take a (probably deserved) pop at a BBC reporter in the Ukraine - the subsequent section where Vanessa Beeley explains the way that the world's war-mongers are shaping up is quite masterly.

    It is quite clear that without propaganda, very few wars would ever have been possible.

    Oh, and Tony Blair is rumoured to be receiving a Knighthood from Her Majesty at Windsor on 13th June. Be there or be square.

    And more on matters medical and monkey p*x (or should that be b****x?). Is anything what it seems any more?

    And will there be an ambulance available when we need one? Worth watching.

    (90 minutes)


  • Calling Starseeds and Lightbeings ...


    May I firstly say that as far as I know I am firmly rooted in this world and have zero awareness of being a starseed, lightbeing or anything so connected, but these are uncertain times and I cannot deny that such may exist on this earth, even if I have no knowledge of it.

    Indeed I have posted before on the likelihood that ETs exist (not necessarily but probably here at some point past present or future) simply because logic suggests to me that in all likelihood they must.

    So whilst I take articles such as this with a degree of scepticism, I don't discount that others have gifts that I do not and that such articles may have validity. I think the bard had it right - "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy".

    Personally I find the positive messaging encouraging and helpful, but

  • The Second Elizabethan Age


    On occasions such as this it is customary to devote a few words to the monarchy.

    Few would argue with the notion that our monarch is remarkably long-lived, has endured for longer than any previous since the kingdom was established, and has earned the love and respect of the majority of her subjects.

    Most of us if offered the job of being her successor would probably turn it down flat as being too stifling - we would rather not be imprisoned in Buckingham Palace, even given the occasional alternative of Windsor Castle, Sandringham, or Balmoral, and we might baulk at having to open that den of misrepresentatives, Parliament, every so often, reading a speech that someone else of questionable good sense has written for the occasion.

    And as for running the Privy Council, probably the less said about that the better, as always.

    Transatlantic Summit IV Challenges Human Blights


    Here we have two videos from ECLJ (European Centre for Law and Justice) director Gregor Puppinck speaking firstly at the Transatlantic Summit, followed secondly by his speech at CPAC, both in Hungary.

    Firstly on a topic we have reported on before, but here he is speaking at the recent Transatlantic Summit (a global gathering of those concerned for the future of the human rights movement) in Budapest, on the goings-on that his organisaton has uncovered in the recent past within both the EU and the UN.

    (13 minutes)


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    USA Update June 2022


    This update from Defending the Republic (Sidney Powell - that infamous "conspiracy theorist") is worth reading, for those with an interest in the alleged heist of the US Election.

    Topic updates include:

    • Dominion Voting Systems
    • Monkey Pox (Dr Malone - again)
    • "How the Covid Vaccines Kill"
    •  Joe Biden's Train-Wreck Economy
    • The Sussmann case verdict
    • Shootings in Chicago

  • Del on Davos - and Monkeypox


    The inimitable Del Bigtree, along with Jeffrey Jaxen reviews the Davos powerfest - worried about the "next pandemic"? Well, yes and no.

    As Bill Gates admitted, they didn't make such a good fist of the vaccines for the last one.

    (19 minutes)



    Of course, given the burgeoning scare du jour, we can't ignore the monkeypox issue - especially as they ran a monkeypox simulation in 2021 - Del gets some thoughts from Dr McCullough. A bit of a shame that these Yanks can't debate without shouting at each other, but it's what they say that counts, not how they say it