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  • Trust the Science!


    One of the iron rules of IT systems is eloquently and succinctly stated:

    "Garbage in, Garbage out"

    It's a truism that applies more widely, and perhaps we should be removing our trusting blinkers more frequently and subjecting a great deal more of what is reported to us as "science" to some searching scrutiny. This is after all the very foundation of good scientific method, in acknowledgement of the propensity of humanity in all innocence to make mistakes.

    The Daily Sceptic has been scrutinising the latest Oxford Vaccine Effectiveness Study.

    If like me you have begun to feel confused by the apparently conflicting effectiveness results reported by so many different sources from many different arenas, then this little exercise in critical scrutiny is

  • CovJabs for Kids? Call to Arms for All Parents


    This site has made no secret of the fact that the government's intention to jab everyone down eventually to babes in arms before Christmas (I'm extrapolating here, but only to be consistent with recent history) cannot under any version of arithmetic known to man be justified.

    It's as stark as that.

    TCW (formerly known as "Conservative Woman") crunches the numbers available and comes to much the same conclusion.

    Add in the now admitted truth that the jabbed can still pass on the lurgy just as readily as the unjabbed and any semblance of reasoning behind this campaign has already flown right out of the wide open window.

    All of which leaves us to speculate about why the

  • Does Thermodynamic Incompetence Stand in the Way of Our Geopolitical Future?


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) thinks that it probably does. They believe that the government's prioritising of Wind and Solar renewables (both intermittent and inherently unreliable) over a robust combination of renewables underpinned by reliable thermodynamic power sources such as natural gas and nuclear, will likely cost the UK our geopolitical status, since the affordable and reliable availability of power underpins confidence in our economic and global leadership.

    This is a concept that China and India, both intent on building more coal-fired power-stations, fully understand.

    I would hesitate to place all our reliable power generation eggs in the nuclear basket however - whilst small modular reactors are fine in principle, Windscale is still home to ponds full of spent nuclear fuel that nobody seems either to know what to do with or to want to talk

  • Sensory Solutions for the Season


    At this time of year, with the summer beginning to fade and the autumn, that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, beckoning, many of us turn our thoughts to nature's bounty and wish that we were more knowledgeable about such matters.

    Being as guilty as the next man of lacking any serious knowledge of our native seasonal resources, I am happy to feature the Sensory Solutions Blog as a small acknowledgement of my ignorance, in the hope that some may hereby be enticed into learning more about this fascinating subject.

    Keeping well-grounded has never seemed more important than now, and the Seed Sistas offer us all a blend of practical mysticism that I find very appealing. More power to their elbow!

  • Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium - July 29th - 30th


    This Symposium took place on 29th and 30th of July, so yes, I'm a little late in the day with this one.

    "Presented by Doctors for Covid Ethics and hosted by UK Column, the COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Symposium took place on July 29th and 30th"

    29th July - Day 1:

    Session 1 - The False Pandemic with Prof. Martin Haditsch and his discussion partners: Sucharit Bhakdi, Michael Palmer, Ulrike Kämmerer, Denis Rancourt, Harald Walach, Sam White, Thomas Binder, Charles Hoffe

  • Decline and Fall - Conservatives No More


    Today's Daily Sceptic highlights an article by Dr James Alexander, who reviews the history of the Tory Party and proposes a way to relate it to the current corporate cronyism that masquerades as the Conservative Party to its somnolent voters.

    Whilst I wouldn't necessarily agree with all aspects of his analysis (and I wasn't around in the 19th century so I can't vouch for the historical accuracy) I do think that the overall thrust of his argument is broadly valid - until he comes to "Court vs Country". These are I think not terms which in today's world have much currency - they hark back to past times no longer with us and to which most people do not relate.

    So whilst he quite accurately notes:

    "Johnson has presided over the establishment of an entirely technocratic politics of problem-and-solution which is, alas, not a

  • Update - Additional claim made to the International Criminal Court for crime of Genocide against UK Government


    Unity News Network today reports an updated request to the ICC in the Hague that they investigate certain members of the UK Government for complicity in "genocide, crimes against humanity, and breaches of the Nuremberg Code".

    Their original request was acknowledged in April but has since been neither accepted nor rejected.

    "Given the very substantial amount of new evidence and information that has come to light since we originally issued our Request in April, we made the decision to issue a further claim to the ICC"

    "We are pleased to announce that we have now been joined by lawyers who have filed ICC Requests from Slovakia, France and the Czech Republic and on the 12th of August 2021, we sent a letter to the ICC requesting that we be allowed to submit a joint claim"

    "... we have brought to the

  • Ivor Cummins Reviews the Pandemic for Galway Bay FM Radio


    In this review of the pandemic, the unflappable Ivor Cummins walks us through the progress of the pandemic from the start through to the vaccines. 

    "... a massive over-deployment of 'emergency use' medication"

    Succinct and unmissable.


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  • Rule by the EU is Dead, Long Live the United Nations!


    It's like cycling in the hills - you crest one brow only to find another one looming right ahead. 

    The UK has (we trust finally) won the formal battle to leave the EU. The almost terminal political indigestion this caused to our ruling elites of all stripes will not be forgotten.

    Now we have a clear view of the medical technocracy mountain right ahead in the shape of the UN/WHO/IPCC seemingly bent on world domination, and we are to be vaccinated with ever decreasingly effective pharmaceutical inventions until either we, or the multitudinous Covid variants, die of old age or worse.

    And we have multiple versions of passport control in preparation internationally to ensure our compliance.

    The Campaign for an Independent Britain

  • Woo, Over-Woo, Woo D'État


    Clif High is somebody whose work we have featured before. Strangely, he bases his work on analysis of internet traffic - in other words, on good data.

    He doesn't quite define what he means by "woo", but I would suggest an up-welling of popular view-point in response to their perception of the unfolding situation, namely, the collapse of the mainstream narrative under the weight of the state's lies and contradictions.

    There are not many people who even pretend to undertake similar research, let alone those who can articulate his findings and place them within a historical perspective.

    He also introduces a number of assumptions about the underlying causes with which you may be unfamiliar - work with him for a while if you can - he isn't necessarily talking about your views, he's talking about the views that have currency in the internet traffic.

    Whether or not you agree with his viewpoints, he certainly provides

  • Only Overwhelming Resistance Can Stop Technocracy’s Demonic Assault On Humanity


    Technocracy News and Trends publishes a stark and direct message to each one of us. The globalist technocrats (the WEF, the bankers, the major financial institutions, and those who pull the strings behind the scenes) have gone too far now to turn back, so they will double down on their efforts to control us.

    Only the opposition of all the population acting in concert as individuals can turn the tide, by simply refusing to comply, and refusing to discipline others who do not comply. Only the exercise of the individual will on a grand scale will defeat their plans. 

    This is the ultimate test of the power of the individual against the power of those who falsely claim to speak on behalf of the collective, and who thereby seek to impose their will on the collective.

    The forces have been marshalled, the

  • Children's Health Defense & EHT Win Judgement Against the FCC


    In this long-running case (we reported on it in January 2021) CHD and the EHT argued that the FCC had acted perversely and illegally in not updating their safety limits for EMF radiation (cell towers, wi-fi etc) to take account of more recently available evidence that such radiation can cause adverse health effects at limits far below the set guidelines.

    "The court ruled that the FCC failed to consider the non-cancer evidence regarding adverse health effects of wireless technology when it decided that its 1996 radio frequency emission guidelines

  • Update from the Cyber Symposium - Arizona Legislators on [the] Forensic Audit


    The US election of 3rd Nov 2020 must be the most contentious election of the 21st Century.

    The Arizona audit of the Maricopa County election has become infamous.

    The reports from this forensic audit are now being released, and this presentation from Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium brings us up to date.

    The fate of the world may depend upon the results of the disputed US election - best to pay attention:

  • How an Entire Population Falls into Mass Psychosis



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    Find more from After Skool here.

  • The Highwire - A Sea of Lies?


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire reviews the state of the "pandemic": science, pseudo-science, political science.

    "the viable virus couldn't be isolated"

    "the Delta variant... has rendered any chance of attaining herd immunity 'impossible'"

    "it is disappointing that herd immunity has not been achieved through vaccination... only one other way is able to achieve herd immunity, to allow the virus to spread throughout the community"

    "the statistics don't bear that out. Parents have no need to be fearful of the Delta variant"

    I wish he could present in a rather more measured and calm manner, but the content is the important material:

  • Brexit, Immigration Trends, Population Change


    The latest paper from Migration Watch "Immigration and population change in the UK's towns and cities" contains a great deal of detail and paints a picture of immigration being encouraged in practice by our government even as its words pretend that they are determined to get it under control.

    There is plainly much to get one's head around but the message is unambiguous - most our present population explosion and the associated demand for housing is driven by immigration.

    I note that the UK (at around 280 heads per sq kilometre) is already one of the most densely populated countries in Europe - if we exclude the minor nations then England (407 heads/km2) carries the lion's share of that population, and of the main

  • The Political Price of Green "Net Zero"


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) press release notes the oncoming political pressures on the Conservative Party if Boris continues with his stated plans to move the UK to "Net Zero".

    As most normal people know, the costs will be vast and will fall disproportionately on the ordinary citizenry.

    Even if the government ministers and their advisers haven't noticed, Tory MPs have and are making their views felt.

    Whilst this is good news, a loss to Labour at the next election doesn't seem likely to redress the situation in the eyes of the voters since the Left are perhaps even more determined to push ahead with "green" initiatives than the Right, so the calculation may be that the public has no choice and will get the green

  • Clif High - This is Information Warfare - Largest Naval/Military Protective Op Ongoing


    "What happens over the next two weeks is key"

    "This war is an information war... all other wars took place within this one"  

    "The self-organising collective... has been battling the globalists... if one had within that collective military intelligence... at some point it would be necessary... to provide a pathway for information to go to the populace... to start seeding the populace for the expected counter-insurgency operations..." 

    "... and on Oct 31 2017, it [the self-organising collective, now known as "Q"] announced itself"

    "... in order to support the information war,  we have pre-positioned our actual physical assets so that it will hopefully remain an information war, and that's where we are right now"

    "... this has been planned since the 1900s..."

    Dr. Dan Stock Tells us How Respiratory Viruses Work


    A very straightforward, easy to understand presentation on how a respiratory virus such as the coronavirus works, and which counter-measures are effective.

    "... people that have recovered from Covid-19 infection actually get no benefit from vaccination at all, no reduction in symptoms, no reduction in hospitalisation and suffer 2 to 4 times the rate of side-effects if they are subsequently vaccinated..."

    "... the policies that you are basing on are totally counterfactual..."

    (you may want to skip the advertisement that follows the doctor's presentation)


  • Fluoride - Health and Care Bill - Centralisation


    Health and Care Bill: water fluoridation

    A Policy Paper published on 19th July "explains how the government plans to transfer responsibility for water fluoridation from local authorities to the Secretary of State".

    "The World Health Organization recommends a maximum level of 1.5 milligrams of fluoride per litre of water (mg/l)"

    "The Water Industry Act will maintain the duty on the Secretary of State to monitor and report on the effects of water fluoridation every 4 years"

    "... the purpose of the water fluoridation clauses in the Bill is to give Secretary of State the power to directly introduce, vary or terminate water fluoridation schemes"

    Fluorine of