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  • 2023 - The Year The World Went Hungry?


    "The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) sounds a warning over a problem it caused in the first place, namely food disruption. How? By talking nations into restricting nitrogen fertilizer to grow bountiful crops"

    Whilst we in the affluent West (well, most of us anyway) have never know what it is to go hungry, many in less affluent countries (and some in the more affluent) could well be about to find out.

    This is what happens when global politicians declare "climate emergency", blame CO2, and then switch gears to abruptly take out supplies of... nitrogen fertiliser? No, me neither.

    It appears also to have escaped their notice that if they would only increase the amount of CO2 in our air, the green crops would thank them by growing enough food to feed the world (there's a reason that commercial greenhouses feed their plants extra CO2), but that's by the by.

    Macron - Climate Change - Clif High


    This is Clif High in slightly ranting mode, but he's always good value, and this time he pretty much demolishes the "Climate Change" assertions so beloved of the WEF in two simple figures on his whiteboard. He does take a while to get there but it's worth waiting for - just when you think he's lost it, he delivers the punch line.

    And it's not just about climate change.


    (27 minutes)



  • The End Times are Upon Us!


    I'm not keen on featuring the contribution below for a number of reasons, because for all this guy says (and he's an American who has no trouble pouring out his no doubt sincerely held beliefs so that we can all benefit from his enormous wisdom - if only we could slow him down and take a week or two to digest it all), his narrative is based upon a few unspoken points which seem to me to be highly questionable.

    But it does give me an opportunity to give a hobby-horse of mine an outing.

    If I had to profess a religion it would be Christianity - just not the perverted versions peddled by the great hypocritical religions that (a) used to burn their heretics to death ("judge not that thou be not judged") and (b) seek to persuade us that we are so helpless that we should simply cast ourselves into unquestioning faith in Jesus Christ (oh, and the Bible) in order to be "saved". That is redolent of the simplistic scams offered by charlatans proffering snake oil across the ages ("just take this 'free' injection

  • Everything We Knew Was Untrue


    Clif High reviews where we are in the unfolding reset and offers us his thoughts.

    As far as I can see his prognostications have so far turned out to be reasonably reliable, so I'm inclined to listen to what he says, and his predictions for the next year or two may surprise those who believe that the world will soon be back to normal. 

    According to Clif, nothing could be further from the truth, and those that are disinclined to review their habits and belief systems of a lifetime will be in for a very uncomfortable time.

    You have been warned...

    (39 minutes)



  • Shadowland - Clif High


    Once Again Clif High tells us how he sees the next stages of our world's Great Adventure, 

    First up he reviews the state of the world today...  and how we react to it.

    (34 minutes)


    (29 minutes)



  • First Wrong-Think, Now Wrong-Journalism


    Just Stop Oil may have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, but if you can't beat the protesters, then hassle the news.

    So next time you are stuck fuming in the traffic fumes on the M25 wondering about the cause of the blockage and keeping an eye on the rear-view mirror in case of emergency vehicles requiring prompt passage, remember that the boys in blue may be having a pretty difficult time up ahead arresting a journalist for doing his job reporting on the cause of the blockage.

    After all, when certain groups of protesters obviously enjoy the tacit support of the authorities, what is a poor copper to do when those protesters illegally block the Kings highway? It's a conundrum wrapped in an enigma wrapped within a labyrinthine excess of over-regulation topped by inappropriate police recruitment training and leadership.

    So once the first overriding priority to make the site safe for all concerned has been accomplished by ensuring that

  • So, After the Ukraine, Is Taiwan Next?


    The rumours that China will take Taiwan by force have been circulating for what seems like forever, but as the competition for the future mounts ever higher, are things about to happen in that arena, and if so, what exactly?

    Here to sort the likely from the preposterous once more is Colonel MacGregor, seemingly an ever popular fixture on the Redacted channel:

    (125 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday 11 Nov 2022


    Fulford presents his Friday video report and Q&A session.

    Some important advice for New Yorkers, and appropriate comment on the US mid-term elections.

    News from Brazil and Israel, together with some advice for Israelis.

    And more news for Europe, China, Japan.

    Modest subscription required.

  • Sanctions? What Sanctions?


    Alternative title: "Sanctions for thee but not for me?"

    This video speaks for itself...  but please don't throw anything at, or hit your screen...

    (14 minutes)


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  • MEP Anderson Strikes YouTube


    It's always good to hear of a successful skirmish against the mighty (anti-)social media cartels, and even better on the all-too-rare occasion when the protagonist is actually a member of the political classes, in this case MEP Christine Anderson. She has been putting Ms van der Leyen, Albert Boura (Pfizer) et al through the wringerof the EU parliamentary committee system.

    Who would have thought that a Parliamentary Committee could cause such upset? This may even be something that the EU does better than our own "mother of parliaments" in the UK, where the debate on vaccine safety was confidently talked out by those with ears and minds tight closed. 

    Well, YouTube considered

  • US Election Round-up - Defending the Republic


    Attorney Sidney Powell's Defending the Republic provides the non-mainstream view of the ongoing US election - and it's not bad news.

    There are any number of pundits giving their views on individual issues, but this is a round-up of the state of play at the end of the week, covering a breadth of items.

    Read on Substack.

  • Mahatmas of the Third Age Unite!


    "Mahatma" is the only word I could think of that encompasses both wisdom and spiritual enlightenment in one word (with the added benefit that it may also be globally understood) so "mahatma" (not "the Mahatma") it is.

    As an oldie myself, I often reflect that now that we are considered to be well past the age of raising a family, we would now do it rather differently from how we actually did it when we were newly minted (or perhaps not-quite-so-newly-minted) young adults. As the saying goes: 'You can't put an old head on young shoulders'. 

    So when we are children, we are moulded into the ignorant beliefs of our parents, and when young adults, in our arrogance we get to mould the next generation into our ignorant belief systems, and when we are old we get to hold our tongue whilst we watch the next generation mould their offspring according to their own

  • Trust me - I'm an Obstetrician/Midwife/Gynaecologist?


    There are many now who believe that the Covid jabs have led to increasing numbers of stillbirths and other issues around maternity care, but DR EMMA JONES writing for Unherd catalogues a history of problems in NHS maternity units going back well before the start of the "pandemic", from the point of view of one who has personally lived the experience.

    "I thought I had seen everything. But nothing prepares you for O&G"

    "This internal politics put lives at risk"

    "Once held up as a beacon of good practice, it is now seen as enabling the 'worst scandal in NHS history' "

    "Following publication of the report, ... Police were said have identified 823

  • Sexuality Education - Wales - UK - Podcast-athon!


    Child sexual education has been taken over by the State without so much as a by-your-leave from the electorate.

    Want to know more?

    Public Child Protection Wales has taken the bull by the horns with a 30-hour podcast-athon! Well, what else is to be done when you need funds to feed the lawyers?

    Nov 5th 30hr Podcast-athon to help raise funds for Public Child Protection Wales

    Round 2 Fundraiser for PCP Wales  (10 hrs 51 minutes)


    (NB: The gaps in the hours listed below are not found on Rumble)


  • Are Today's Nurses and Medicos Competent?


    We would all hope so, indeed we should demand so, since nurses need numerical ability in order to get the decimal point in the right place when administering drugs to patients - who may well not think (for any number of reasons) to check their work in this department.

    Startlingly, some experienced nursing professionals, writing in the Daily Sceptic, fear that nursing numeracy cannot at all be taken for granted.

    "When George Orwell’s Big Brother in Nineteen Eighty-Four taught that two plus two equals five, the point was that authoritarians can make people believe something they know to be untrue. If nurses are innumerate, a pandemic can be presented with whatever numbers that the Government wants to induce fear and compliance"

    "Don't be ridiculous!" I hear you say, but - "How many trotted out the mantra about the COVID-19

  • Climate Hesitancy? In a Politician?


    Apparently, it can happen, and indeed has happened, and to a very senior politician at that.

    Who would have thought it?

    For too long the costs of Net Zero policies have not been given adequate attention by policy makers or the media. There is far too much wishful thinking about pressing ahead with decarbonisation as quickly as possible, and too much demonisation of those who are asking legitimate questions

    Amen to that.

    The Global Warming Policy Forum reports.


  • Vaccine Hesitancy Ongoing? The Mystery Unravelled


    I hate to keep banging this drum but whilst the powers-that-be continue, so must we.

    The Daily Sceptic brings up a useful article (actually one among several in today's email) which reviews the reasons why some people may not be too keen on Covid vaccines, or even on vaccines in general.

    Vaccines have the distinction that they are a class of medical interventions that are routinely given to healthy people who are not sick - yet they pose risks to health that every authority acknowledges, in principle if not in practice.

    This means that any justification for such an approach must rely on good statistics properly and very carefully (it's a minefield for experts, let alone the man on the Clapham omnibus) gathered and analysed over the requisite period of time. This was clearly not practicable for the Covid shots

  • Dig Your Own Future


    (5 minutes)

     Source: Successful Garden Design

  • Another Reason NOT to Jab Our Kids


    ICAN draws attention to another side-effect of the jabs in kids - Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Whilst similar to the flu and not normally problematic, RSV can be serious in the "very young".

    Not that that has been recognised by the regulatory authorities...

    Read the ICAN Legal Update.


  • Fulford report - Monday 7 Nov 2022


    The "planetary liberation alliance" grows stronger, the NWO slavers are approaching the end of their plank.

    Rate of progress appears to depend upon the US mid-term elections tomorrow - if the clip included is anything to go by, this will be hard-won!

    And, just maybe, the war in the Ukraine may be petering out...    and he shares his view on Elon the Musk!

    An encouraging report that will be of interest to us all, whether or not we have a paid subscription (recommended).

    Well worth reading.