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  • The Bernician Moves Hancock Case to the Court of Public Record


    We have reported on this case before.

    If memory serves, the Bernician started his case alleging "the Midazolam Murders" before Mark Sexton began his for the more general Covid restrictions. Doesn't time dull the memory?!

    His efforts were rebuffed out of hand by Westminster Magistrates several times.

    So now he has moved to convene a Grand Jury court of public record, which will mean that according to our constitution, the authorities will be duty bound to hold a trial.

    "nobody will stand in the way of our Private Criminal Prosecutions this time"

    How precisely that will pan out remains to be seen.

    (The video below is just the first of several -

  • Down the Rabbit Hole - to the Moon?!


    (New readers may like to check out the other articles in our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series, where we look at out-of-the-usual issues that many dismiss as absurd, but which seem remarkably resilient and are not easily disproved - forewarned is forearmed!)

    Ah yes, the enigmatic moon - silently patrolling our night (and day!) skies, ever waxing and waning, mysteriously controlling the female cycle, for ever guiding our tides and giving life to our beaches.

    Some say even influencing our farming practices and mental states...   is there anything the moon doesn't poke its nose into? 

    Of course NASA have already been to the moon haven't they? (Or have

  • Are We Aiding and Abetting Child Slavery?


    "The Modern Slavery Act will give law enforcement the tools to fight modern slavery, ensure perpetrators can receive suitably severe punishments for these appalling crimes and enhance support and protection for victims. It received Royal Assent on Thursday 26 March 2015"

    " * require businesses over a certain size to disclose each year what action they have taken to ensure there is no modern slavery in their business or supply chains(my emphasis)

    " * create an independent anti-slavery commissioner to improve and better coordinate the response to modern slavery"

    Yet we still import batteries that include cobalt inside all kinds of modern electronics that I have no doubt source that cobalt from mines in the Congo, which

  • "Unlawful and Possibly Criminal"


    Dr Anna Loutfi of The Bad Law Project explains what is going on in our schools in their attempt to teach PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic since you ask).

    It seems to be inexplicably linked with RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) and HE (Health Education).

    Full disclosure - the Bad Law Project has links with the Reclaim Party. This site does not support any political party, but we are concerned about the state of our education system, upon which the government is always happy to impose its own brilliant ideologies, so on balance we are happy to feature this video.

    Of course, the government doesn't invent its ideologies, it imports them from... well, anywhere really, but

  • "Agent Zelensky" - Part Two


    Part One here.

    Part Two follows...  and the muzak is... tolerable.

    (45 minutes)



  • Update Following the 2nd Attack on the Crimea Bridge


    Scott Ritter updates us on the recent developments, including a brief history of the origins of this struggle for good measure.

    Is Odessa now in the target sights?

    (23 minutes)


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  • Storm Incoming?


    These last years have opened our eyes to the fact that our governments do not work for us, they work for the globalists. Who runs the globalists? There are articles elsewhere on this site that may give us some thoughts about that, but for current purposes it doesn't really matter.

    What does matter is breaking their hold over us.

    It seems that the time is near.

    Mark Sexton and others have been instrumental in assembling the evidence of wrong-doing in the UK, and submitting it to the Metropolitan Police and other police forces around the country (Crime nbr 6029679/21).

    Others have also

  • You Will Know Them by Their Fruits


    Matthew 7:15-20

    My worst subjects at school were history and geography. So I'm not a historian and cannot claim any historical insight for myself.

    Nevertheless I received a Christian upbringing for which I am grateful - I find the teachings of Christ as recorded in the Bible to be relevant practical and sensible. As for the rest of it, I retain my right to suspect that over the long course of history, translation, and "interpretation", "mistakes" will have been incorporated.

    When we review the long history of European Christianity we can see that it has been an unending power struggle, complete with religious wars and the persecution and burning of heretics who displeased the various religious authorities, and foremost amongst the latter we must rank the Vatican. These persecutions were not the fruits of Christ's teachings,

  • The People Strike Back?


    The "radical left" AKA the communist/socialist/extreme-woke have been having it all their own way for what seems to some like an eternity, although in its in-your-face extreme form it is only a few years old.

    Aided and abetted by governments elected on quite different promises, they have been pushing their nonsense via non-government channels in academia, the media, the social media, and even so-called health services that in practice have a monopoly on "the truth" as handed down to their patients.

    Still, society has so far largely refused to break down, although the French have been having their difficulties recently over the perceived effects of largely uncontrolled migration.

    Instead, the "far right" (or as we used to know it, "the right", who value independence, the family, parental responsibility, free speech, and an education that inculcates the ability to learn through questioning investigation and logical deduction) has been staging a come-back,

  • Fulford Report Monday 17 July 2023


    It appears that the Ukraine war is about to be (probably messily but by no means too early) terminated, that NATO has given up on a kinetic WW3, there is therefore hope for peace, and if Russia gets her way, hope for biological weapons criminal trials.

    Still, corporatism has still not been dented and the UN-WEF Climate-Change psychos are still spreading their ridiculous fear as far and wide as they may.

    It's a pity there is no international treaty against the psychological manipulation of the public.

    A report with lots to interest us this week (modest subscription required for full version).


  • Zelensky - Agent of the British Crown?


    Scott Ritter spills the beans, albeit to a dire soundtrack.

    This is part one, covering the alleged involvement of MI6 in the Maidan revolution, the subsequent demonisation of and split from Russia, Russia's annexation of the Donbass and Crimea (did we really expect it to give up the base of its Black Sea fleet?), and the ensuing war (that the Ukraine seems to have comprehensively lost, and that the UK is now escalating, sending cruise missiles that could carry significant payloads deep into Russia).

    (36 minutes)





    This is one of those terms that has been sculling around for some time without many people paying much attention or gathering much understanding. Will currency be gold-backed? Are debts going to be forgiven? If so, how and why? 

    Often associated with its big brother GESARA - the difference being simply that N is for National and G is for Global.

    So if you want to know more (and I recommend it, as its probably coming down the tracks as fast or faster than CBDCs) then this set of videos from 2021 (when we were otherwise distracted) is for you.

    If you aren't a fan of "the Donald" then brace to suspend your disbelief for a short while... if you want to get ahead, follow the money!

    This is an American viewpoint, but the principles are relevant to Global GESARA as well. I'm thinking that NESARA will be introduced in the US first, with the rest of the world following shortly afterwards.


  • Down the Rabbit Hole - Why Are We Here?


    This is a startling outline of a bigger story that would no doubt be a block-buster compendium that might keep us entertained for years, but it is necessarily limited to something that we can read in a few minutes.

    I have no corroboration other than snippets that I've heard here and there that I no longer remember except as snippets, so if it works for you that's great, if it doesn't then ignore it.

    New readers may like to read some of our previous "Down the Rabbit Hole" articles, where we dare to explore notions that we cannot confirm but which do on some level seem plausible, even though outside (perhaps well outside!) our normal experience.

    As an overarching explanation for what we know of our history and what we know of current goings-on (probably very little on both fronts), I find this article

  • To Grow Good Crops - First Grow Good Soil


    There is no way that I am qualified to comment on matters horticultural, but simple logic would assert that Gardeners' Question Time probably had it right with their famous quote "Well, I think the answer lies in the soil".

    Stands to reason really - if the soil isn't right then plants will have problems.

    So how to get the right soil? Well, how did techniques work in times past?

    Richard Vobes investigates...

    (64 minutes)


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  • Legal Turmoil Incoming Down Under?


    Constitutions are important.

    What happens if/when it is found that the government departed from the Constitution over 40 years ago?

    I have no corroborative information, but it sure is an interesting question...

    (45 minutes)


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  • Global Insanity Incoming?


    The WEF-UN partnership has become infamous for its gatherings at Davos wherein they talk about all kinds of far-fetched nonsense a long way from one's everyday life, and it's tempting for us feet-on-the-ground plebs to treat it as nonsense whilst we get on with our said everyday lives.

    Still, they are an exceptionally well-connected bunch, they have no concept of recognising democratically elected governments (except to "penetrate" them to work in the WEF-UN's own interests) and seemingly have all the money in the world to spend to bring their fantasies to fruition, fantasies that we are beginning to realise threaten our lives in countess ways.

    Stop World Control has done a neat job of pulling together the threads by which their power-grab will be accomplished, and a salutary presentation it is.

    "The billionaires who claim they want to save the planet, are the very ones who have been destroying it"

    Should the IPCC Cloud its Thinking?


    It's an irrelevant question if you believe that the IPCC is a political organisation that ensures its modellers simply produce the answers that their funding agencies require, but if you still believe that it's all totally above board scientific and impartial, then maybe this article goes some way toward explaining the disparity between the alarmist predictions of the said modelling and the actual progress toward climate armageddon exhibited by the real world.

    This site still maintains that since climate science is probably the most complex topic known to man, and in light of the abysmal track record of climate predictions to come true so far, the whole idea that "the science is settled" amounts to utter and demonstrable nonsense.

    But there are still scientists who are modest enough to acknowledge that they don't necessarily have a handle on the full picture.

    So they do what they can to counter the bogus certainty of the politicians with a reasonable

  • Was Covid a Military Operation?


    The implications of that question are far-reaching indeed.

    If true, then the world we live in today is not the world we thought we lived in yesteryear.

    It implies that the military is running many countries world-wide, and not just in the USA. That the civilian governments are subservient to the military and not vice versa. That democracy across the world is a sham. That a "one-world" military is already here and already out of control.

    In fact I find it pretty hard to come to any other conclusion once all the evidence is taken into account.

    It also begs the question - just who does this military work for? 

    The Brownstone Institute,

  • Ukraine, World Geopolitics, WW3 Closer


    NATO rejects Ukraine, but does everything else to escalate tensions with Russia...

    Where will this end?

    Maybe closer to home than we think if Ukraine starts bombarding Russia with serious ordnance provided by NATO. Those provider nations must expect to become targets themselves.

    (28 minutes)


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  • Polish MEP Confronts EU Parliament


    Ryszard Legutko MEP explains why it doesn't work in measured, even sad, tones.

    No doubt he will be ignored, but it's nice to see that there are still MEPs that can both see what is going on, and are not afraid to continue to say so.

    (6 minutes)


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