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  • No Natural Limits ...


    Like buses, you wait a long time for them but then catastrophes come along in a bunch.

    Following "Covid" and "War", sure enough along comes another one, this time financial.

    If you want to know (some of) what is really going on... UK Column News today has the story, as well as more on "Covid", the involvement of the US in the sinking of the Moskva (inviting retaliation?), the expansion of the war, and the ongoing grandstanding on sanctions:





  • Pandemic Decade?


    If you have been following our site, then the video below will mostly retread old ground, ground that we have already covered over the last two years.

    The new bit is that there is a plan for yet more "pandemics" to follow - but that's been a reasonable assumption now for a while.

    If you are relatively new to our site or you simply want a quick catch-up of how we got here, then you may well find it a half-hour well spent. You will probably learn something new.

    For my personal taste it is too heavy on the background music (call me old-fashioned) but you can mute it and read the subtitles instead!

    (31 minutes)



  • Elon - Like Him or Not


    He's the name in the news - so what do we know about him?

    Not enough I suspect.

    I don't know how much of this is accurate (can you really build a city for $20 billion?), but nothing would surprise me anymore. Elon is not a man who is short on ambition.

    So let's make a start...

    (8 minutes)


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  • Climate Change - Is it Really Game Over?


    Dane Wiggington over at GeoEngineering Watch has been plugging away at this topic for a long time.

    And he does seem to be onto something - our skies are not clear as they should be, but partially obscured by particulates very apparently sprayed by aircraft.

    It's hard to imagine that this might be taking place without at least the tacit agreement of our governments - those very same governments that are so determined to demonise diesel cars for their particulate emissions.

    So is this spraying justified in order to save the planet from overheating? After all, killing a percentage of the population by means of respiratory disease might be justified if it protects the ultimate survival of humanity - right?

    Well, maybe wrong. Dane highlights a new angle on this topic which would turn the whole rationale for such geoengineering activities on its head.

    If we listen to a

  • All You Never Wanted to Know about the GREAT RESET


    This documentary is from October 2020, but better late than never!

    "They point out that the WEF's membership of 1,000 of the world's largest corporations are responsible for much of the environmental damage they now claim they will reverse"

    "Without democratic accountability why should we believe they would act in our interests?"

    "Global centralized economy with the core focus of 'sustainable development' across ALL industries AND daily societal life"

    "Vast increases in taxes and top-down spending creating inter-connected, sustainable prosperity"

    (since when have vast tax increases ever led to such?!)

    Actually, this is (in my view) quite a watchable video that brings out the main features of the WEF-UN-Corporate partnership that now threatens to overturn all democratic accountability

  • The Pursuit of Justice will Not be Abandoned


    Despite a rather rambling introduction, David Clews discusses the current situation with lawyer Anna de Buisseret.

    Covid passes, Digital Ids, Chemtrails, WHO Pandemic Treaty, just for starters.

    So how do all these matters impact on our legal situation in the UK?

    "... whether people been taught law at school? And the resounding answer is 'no they haven't, and not for generations, and in most countries'... "

    "The coroner should be investigating and the police should be investigating"

    She has a very interesting take on how we are clueless about the law and what the implications of this ignorance may be. Prepare to be educated and horrified in equal measure.

    (44 minutes)


    See also the article The Real Threat in the Ukraine Conflict  on Dr Robert's web-site.


  • Putin Failure?


    Strangely I haven't seen this report on the BBC, although it is on the Mail, and sundry regional UK newspaper sites as well as an abundance of foreign outlets.

    Perhaps the BBC will catch up eventually or perhaps they discounted the story as Russian propaganda in search of the sympathy vote...

    Still, it does seem to come at a bad time for the president and the world, so we await to see what unfolds.

    We wish the president a speedy

  • Farm Fare Failure Forthcoming?


    Make of these reports what you will, but this narrative seems to be supported by many factors currently.

    (14 minutes)


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    (15 minutes)


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  • Oh Shanghai, What has Become of Thee?


    I have happy memories of the time that I spent in Shanghai in 2004/5/6 when my then employer set up a factory in Pudong, across the river from Shanghai.

    Perhaps because I was a westerner,  I was always treated with respect and felt very safe, even to the point of using a bicycle to navigate my way around town, do my shopping and get to and from work (in all weathers). I well remember cycling back from a shopping trip when a crowded bus passed by with everyone shouting at me from the windows - slightly alarmed I stopped, to discover that my shopping bags had fallen of the back of the bike - I couldn't imagine any London bus passengers reacting in the same way!

    On another occasion I was similarly cycling back from the shops, this time in the pouring rain, when a police motorcyclist slowed alongside and accompanied me for a while....   whilst I was pondering what might be going to happen next he announced, very carefully in only slightly halting English: "possible you buy raincoat at the convenience

  • Russell-Jay:Gould and the US Election


    Many believe that the US election of Nov 2020 were stolen, even as the establishment and mainstream media insist otherwise.

    So what does Russell-Jay:Gould have to say about it? Quite a lot as it turns out.

    If you have not yet assessed Quantum Grammar - Incomprehension with Consequences? I recommend that you first do so. 

    "... the United States Post Office lapsed its authorisation to authorise the US Military, FEMA, or the civil servants around the former United States in 1999 when the US Post Office violated its own constitution in the presidential election of 2000, which means the charter and the shareholders and stakeholders for the federal contractors ended, which means that they are actually working in derelict without papers"      

    Quantum Grammar - Incomprehension with Consequences?


    This is all based upon a grammar.

    This grammar is based upon certain punctuation which appear unexpectedly (to those unfamiliar with the grammar) within the video below - if we are not looking out for this we will get rather confused!

    We are all familiar with the notion of spoken languages grammar (eg: Latin, French, German), some of us are familiar with the concept of grammar as used to define computer programming languages, but a far as I know this is the first grammar specifically introduced for legal contractual purposes.

    Words to look out for in this video:




    Russell Jay Gould (AKA

  • The Bernician Shares the Latest Delay to his Private Prosecution


    We have reported on this case previously.

    Whilst the glacial pace at which many legal cases proceed is common knowledge, the latest report from Michael O'Bernicia on his private prosecution of high-ranking folk for the "Midazolam Murders" shows just how the powers-that-be are now scraping the bottom of the excuses barrel.

    I have considered the application and I have now decided not to consider it …”

    If ever there was a case that more clearly demonstrated that "the law is an ass"(or worse) I have yet to see it - although no doubt there are learned brethren out there

  • "Proportionate Response" Headed for Britain?


    We noted a while ago that our government's obsession with stoking war rather than encouraging a negotiated peace in the Ukraine is perverse.

    UK Column reports in much the same tone.

    Ben Chapman of GB News reports (unsurprisingly) that Russia has a similar viewpoint:

    "Russian state TV appears to have urged the Kremlin to blow "boorish Britain" to smithereens over the country's support for Ukraine"

    Whilst the Satan-2 might be overkill, who can doubt that Russia would be entitled to take proportionate measures?

    "Russia has already issued

  • NATO "Senior Officers" Hostage in Mariupol


    Fulford on Friday - another useful summary of the state of the world from Ben.

    Plus some interesting nuggets on one of the "great and the good" who recently took over a major social media company amidst great angst from certain quarters.

    Onward and Upward!

    (modest subscription required)

  • We must Reimagine and Rebuild our Government without Them


    Two articles from the Daily Sceptic illustrate this with clarity:

    Losses to “Fraud and Error” From Taxpayer-Backed Covid Loan Scheme Estimated at £15 Billion. Where Did it All Go?

    Nobody asks "where did it all come from" because we know the answer - the benighted taxpayer will fund it one way or the other.

    Sure, some minor small fry have been "caught with suitcases stuffed with cash" but what about the major villains?

    So what to do? Must we join the criminal fraternity to defraud the government in order to stay afloat? Criminal activity does not attract me.



  • Potential Health Effects of SRM Aerosols


    This article is from January 2016.

    If PubMed have assessed the likely impacts then it is going on, and indeed we can see it with our own eyes.

    "Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale manipulation of environmental processes that affects the Earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of climate change"

    "Geoengineering approaches include solar radiation management, or SRM, and carbon dioxide removal... "

    "SRM techniques attempt to offset effects of increased greenhouse gas concentrations by reducing the proportion of incoming short wavelength solar radiation that is absorbed or reflected by the earth’s atmosphere ... Proposed SRM techniques include stratospheric aerosols, reflective satellites, whitening of the clouds, whitening of built structures and increasing plant reflectivity"

    "All SRM deployment

  • Ukraine - View from the Basements


    There is no way to verify this portrayal of life around Mariupol, you will have to decide for yourself whether to believe, reject, or something in between, but if it's a film set then it's pretty extensive.

    Is this what Boris' weapons shipments are being used for?

    "I consider it my duty to document all this, since I am lucky enough to live in such interesting times"

    (36 minutes)



  • Ukraine - Monkeywerx View - 27 April 2022!


    The goings-on surrounding Ukraine have been covered by UK Column, now we hear about the airspace situation from the man who monitors it day by day.

    He doesn't believe the press reports either.

    (21 minutes)


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