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  • Pandemic Truths are Patently Obvious


    Some videos are informative and some will bring the house down - this one falls squarely in the latter camp, so pay attention!

    Dr David Martin has been following the trail of Coronavirus-related patents for many years, and here in this virtual meeting with Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his team, he explains it all - and just when you think there can't be any more, he produces more.

    "... since 1998 we have been the world's largest underwriter of intangible assets used in finance in 168 countries; so In the majority of countries around the world, our underwriting systems, which include the entire corpus of all patents, patent applications, federal grants, procurement records, e-government records etc, we have the ability to not only track what is happening and who is involved in what's happening, but we monitor a series of thematic interests for a variety of organisations and individuals as well as for our own commercial use...  our business is to monitor the innovation that is happening around the

  • The Modelling of Science


    I've mentioned elsewhere how the art of modelling can be used in the service of science in a very useful and correct manner - this article explains how it is being done in a somewhat less rational manner - depending on your chosen objective of course.

    If your objective is not to study, uncover, and explain the truth of how the universe works, but to co-opt those called "scientists" to project your delusions, then read on.

    Dr Keith Scott-Mumby, an expat Mancunian who (as is the way with many Mancunians) exhibits a characteristic British bluntness, allows himself free rein in his latest newsletter.

    Worth a read, if only to be entertained on how the rot is spreading within global

  • As in the USA, so in the UK?


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  • EU Round-up with Yanis and Douglas


    Yanis Varoufakis is a formidable economist, author, and politician, who when Greek Finance Minister took on the EU on behalf of his Greek demos - and was defeated - appropriately one might think for all matters EU - by being let down (to be polite) by his own Prime Minister.

    Douglas Murray probably needs no introduction, is a champion of British independence and freedom of the individual, and also author of considerable renown.

    These are both hugely knowledgable and articulate guest and we are certain to learn something of interest from them no matter how well-informed we believe ourselves to be.


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  • Interview with the Nurse Who Asks Questions


    Unity News Network has tracked down the young lady who walks the country wearing the placards.

    A useful and sensible interview, and with someone who spends a lot of time talking to real people.



  • A New Use for Graphene?


    One of the problems we have in this world is knowing whom to trust, and our favourite whipping-boy in the lack of trust playground is of course "the government". These days however they seem destined to be overtaken by Big Pharma and their "regulatory" authorities.

    I'm not going to say much about this report except that it is certainly worrying.

    Is it true? I don't know. It's all based upon a single image from an electron-microscope, although they do estimate that the sample is "99%" graphene oxide, so they must have done some other analysis in order to quantify this.

    As always, it's OK to be undecided, and tuck it away for later reference if corroboration emerges.


  • WHO Audit Bombshell


    An independent audit of the WHO - how would that go?

    It seems it did not go so well:

    "The Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India conducted the WHO audit for the 2020 financial year"

    They found:

    “an increasing trend of cases of misconduct, especially relating to fraud, harassment, non-compliance to professional standards and sexual misconduct”

    "deficiencies in the quality assurance and technical evaluation of PPE procured on an emergency basis, a lack of bid objectivity in the procurement of COVID-19 test kits, inadequate

  • Geopolitical Covid and the CCP Centenary


    I am not aware of many sites that presume to tackle the geopolitical aspects of the Great Covid Game but this is one. I have no idea to what extent this guy is correct, but he seems calm and collected and he claims contacts that would certainly be unavailable to most, so no corroboration is possible. On the other hand, Robert David Steele ("ex" CIA!) speaks highly of him - make of that what you will.

    Nevertheless I offer you his thoughts on this basis - he might be right but he might be spinning a yarn. As so often these days the truth is hard to come by, so we must find it where we may.

    He is funded by the modest subscriptions of those for whom he publishes, so to get his full thoughts you would need to subscribe. Unless you incline to the idea that he is a fraud, I would recommend this.

    As always, it's

  • Challenge to the Coronavirus Act 2020 - Update


    The People's Brexit (should that be Covidexit now?) publish their update on the case initiated by them eleven months ago, to rule the Coronavirus Act 2020 Null and Void.

    As we might expect the Justice system and the government have not exactly put themselves out to expedite the matter, and the People's Brexit are now seeking leave to appeal the latest judgement handed down in April.

    This is the long haul, and is being publicly funded by those who care for our future.

    Read about the case and the latest update here.

  • Plus ça Climate Change, Plus c'est la Même Chose


    Climate Discussion Nexus picks up on an article in Market Watch which appears to be another out-of-place polemic explaining to us benighted slow-coaches how we must change the world to avert the imminent catastrophe.

    "Evict short-termism from human thinking and all will be splendid. Except if you want to look before you leap, don’t, because we must act in the short term and without sober second thought: 'The window for launching a climate revolution—and achieving an inclusive recovery from COVID-19 in the process—is rapidly closing.' And if it doesn’t, the government will slam it shut with you inside just in case"

    There is more of

  • Why the Inexplicable images on our Farms?


    It is generally known that in the summer months various mysterious crop "circles" manifest uninvited in our fields, (and not just in the UK, although we do seem to be favoured more than most).

    Debate (if we can still call it that these days) rages between those who insist that they are man-made in the dead of night by people wielding planks and lengths of string because there is no other rational explanation, and those who prefer to reconsider explanations previously regarded as irrational when the evidence indicates that the rational cannot be or is highly unlikely to be true.

    Collective Evolution fall into the latter camp, and invoke some startling evidence to support their claim. It could however be equally argued that the evidence supports the man-made claim in many ways.

    Still we are very definitely in the realm where the "man with plank" narrative has become an obvious impossibility, so we really do have to face the high probability of a new

  • Time for an Accounting - Dr Charlie Ward


    "The time has come the walrus said... "  Those not familiar with Lewis Carroll should take the time to read this poem - to the very end - before going any further.

    This little poem is a parable for our times, and the preamble to the state of our world today - or so many of us believe.

    Time will tell.

    Watch the latest message from Dr Charlie Ward, and ponder.


  • Walking the Walk Takes on a Whole New Meaning


    Don't talk to the police - and don't mention this patent (download): . . .


    If this is so, then truly we are "fearfully and wonderfully made".

    I haven't had the chance to try this for myself yet, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well


    Psalm 139 verse 14 may seem an unlikely title for this article, but it summed up my feelings after watching these videos.

    The first one starts out innocently enough, but steadily brings up the most unlikely connections until it left my mind in a whirl, my curiosity panting, and my impetuous spirit wanting another three score years and ten so as to investigate all the avenues of enquiry that had been so impertinently opened up.

    Live dangerously - watch it if you dare!


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    The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé


    Dr Steven Greer has devoted himself for many years to the investigation of UFOs and the associated paranormal phenomena.

    His investigations include the potential overlap of such matters with the activities of the "deep state" military-industrial complex which some believe to have swallowed untold billions of US taxpayer dollars, never to be accounted for. Other nations including the UK may not be entirely innocent either.

    The convergence of global politics, false flag attacks, "pandemics", and global societal breakdown seemingly driven by deliberate action globally suggests that we would be wise to educate ourselves about all these matters, and Dr Greer's contribution to this need is his new feature film which is being distributed free of charge via free-to-watch sites such as ours.


  • To Whom it May Concern - Now Hear This!


    This video is not for everyone.

    But for those who self-select, it is vital.

    It invites your participation, and you will want to participate.

    Be prepared to stop and rewind as required to make sure you get the message correctly.

    Be prepared to take notes (and ideally, screen-shots).

    "We are going to end the Bible"

    "I am the Trump Card"

    "But I can't do this without you"

    "All you have to do is get this message to the President"

    "... the war to end all war"

    "it's going to shake you to your core no matter how ready you think you are"

    Will Boris Open the UK up in July, or Does Lockdown Beckon?


    Well, don't ask me, I don't know!

    If past form is anything to go by then it's permanent lockdown all the way from here on, but as I'm looking on the bright side today I've chosen a cheerful aspect for the accompanying illustration cool.

    Today is US Independence Day and if Trump has anything about him he will have something up his sleeve to turn the tide, even if he doesn't fully come clean with us all at this stage.

    So in the absence of clear guidance, we resort to fake/not-fake views on the internet, and this one looks on-topic even if I can't vouch for his accuracy:

    "An ultimatum was given via the UN Security Council to the WHO, the Rockefellers, and Rothschilds to stop their depopulation vaccination campaign or their headquarters in Geneva would be vaporized in a flash.  The world has awakened to their Satanic genocide

  • Dr Sam White - the Hampshire Whistleblower


    Dr White was a partner in a GP practice somewhere in darkest Hampshire - until he resigned his position at the beginning of the year "because of the lies, and the lies over the last year or so have been so vast, it’s been impossible to stomach or tolerate".

    "It’s hard to go against the grain like this, but when I found out they were going to start testing the vaccine on children, I couldn’t sleep. I knew it didn’t matter what the results of the trials were, negative or positive, they would begin injecting children regardless. A healthy child is more likely to be struck by lightning than die of Covid. They don’t need an experimental vaccine that has no proven benefit"

    Conservative Woman

  • Climate & Covid Models: Science or Suspect?


    This rather begs the question of whether "models" are science, could be science, or can never be science.

    I would suggest that to qualify as science, they should have to be incorporated into the scientific method.

    The basic scientific method involves several stages, more or less as follows:

    1. Consider a problem
    2. Collect facts and data about the problem
    3. Formulate a hypothesis
    4. Make predictions using the hypothesis
    5. Test the predictions
    6. Repeat as required
  • Will Silicon Valley be the Next Detroit ?


    The Epoch Times posts an interesting interview with George Haber, "an insider in Silicon Valley for many years".

    If you want to know how it all works, how they analyse our activities andmonetize us ...

    "... it's not drinking, and it's not drugs, but it's actually a lot more dangerous in the long run, in my opinion..."

    "... these companies are monetizing your weaknesses... "

    "... hopefully it's only for money, but my impression is that it's not only for money, it's also for directing political choices and elections and so on..."

    Watch and learn.