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  • Another Documentary to Tell Us What is Going On


    No, it's not merely about the pandemic. It's about why the pandemic was created.

    "No-one is ever going to educate you on how to overthrow them"

    "... to turn self-contained healthy humans into poisoned, ignorant consumers completely dependent on the institutions for their survival"

    "... they steal openly through fees, licences, and taxes, and covertly through inflation, fractional reserve lending, bail-outs... "  

    "... you never buy anything with money, you buy it with the hours of your life you used to get that money... "

    "... the livestock population is getting too large and too wise to control effectively... "

    "... the media simply changed the topic of the global conversation... "

    "... you are more likely

  • A Booming Business in These Post Pandemic Days?


    In case you thought that John O'Looney is an outlier, or the phenomenon might be unique to the UK, Principia Scientific International reports exactly the same boost for the same businesses:

    "Funerals are a solid but slow-growth business, and the trend toward cremations hasn’t helped,” writes Alex Berenson on his Substack. “But between 2019 and 2021, SCI’s earnings per share more than doubled, from $1.90 to $4.57"

    Whilst that doesn't necessarily imply that the numbers being buried have doubled, it does imply a significant growth in numbers.

    This US based report notes the "elevated numbers of consumers".

    This video

  • Climate Emergency, Public Procurement, Private Pockets?


    Whilst one may be a supporter of Net Zero if one considers the need to be proven and the promoters (the WEF-UN partnership) to be trustworthy, one may also suspect that governments and "public-private-partnerships" could be used to funnel public cash into private pockets via payment for bogus services, possibly via short-lived limited liability companies.

    Indeed, given the size of some of these contracts it's quite hard to see how such large sums could otherwise be spent to so little effect.

    So if the Net Zero scam can be purposed to bring more clarity (and hopefully integrity) to the opaque world of the award of public contracts, then in principle one should support that.

    The Good Law project has demonstrated in the past how much Covid procurement was "mishandled" using favoured

  • Political Show Trial - the Jan 6 Committee


    Diana West explains the situation in America to Peter Mcilvenna.

    What is the Jan 6 Committee, what is it up to and why is it so controversial?

    "I couldn't believe that there were 900 that are languishing in gaol, without any rights... "

    "America has unravelled ... we are actually occupied by a revolutionary force... the historical parallels to the Great Terror of the French Revolution... are quite strong"

    "... we are looking at the consolidation of a revolutionary commune, very much like what we saw in the French Revolution... "

    (49 minutes)



  • Geoengineering, or Geocide?


    Must we add yet another layer of global crime to those of which we are already only too well aware?

    Harsh weather events have been no strangers in recent times to Australia, California, Texas, France, Portugal, and many other places no doubt.

    This year Europe seems to have been the target of diminished rainfall to the point that the river Rhine is so low that commercial carrying is becoming impracticable, and no doubt the vineyards are praying for rain (although not too much!).

    Now it seems likely that such events as drought and flooding may be being used to ensure minimal to zero harvests in various parts of the world (perhaps in an effort to make insects seem palatable to us?).

    USA Watchdog talks to veteran

  • Dr. Ryan Cole On Post-Jab Cancer Explosion And Excess Mortality


    We have all heard by now that the jabs can give us myocarditis and related heart conditions, that they don't do your immune system any good, and that in point of fact because the "spike protein" circulates in the blood (when it doesn't clot it) to all parts of the body, it can cause mayhem more or less anywhere.

    It also seems to be true that it may be the cause of the unexpected and "unexplained" increases in cancer, recently acknowledged in the statistics, from new cases to unexpected relapses in patients that had been in remission.

    Here Dr Ryan Cole tells us what he knows about the jabs and cancer:

    "These aren’t pure products... When Pfizer submitted vials to the European Medicines Agency to look at purity … they were in the 50% range … The TGA in Australia looked at it and said,

  • Digital World Brain? Bring it On!


    I hesitate to bring you more of the same ilk, because there can't be too many who haven't yet read about the UN's obsession with linking us all up to a world government internet that will "enhance" our thinking heating and eating choices to be more in line with their Agenda 2030.

    To this end we will all be offered (or maybe jabbed with) a human interface and control chip that will do away with the need for bank cards, mobile phones and such-like - just wave your hand at the check-out and you will be told if your purchase is acceptable, and your account will be posted accordingly.

    Did the system make a mistake? Of course not, so no need for tiresome help lines manned by human operators, just accept the decision and move on. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is too important to become snared in human foibles and frailties.

    Indeed, you can see why enhanced controls are needed because the

  • If the US Pays the Ukrainian Army, at What Point Does the US Wage War on Russia?


    Despite reports of specific Ukrainian "victories", UK Column remains unimpressed.

    UK Column News Monday 15th August:

    (69 minutes

    US Election & Immigration: 36 mins

    Online Safety Act: 48 mins

    Free Speech Hypocrisy: 54 mins

    Economic News: 63 mins)



  • The Plutocratic UK


    This site has argued that the UK has long lost touch with democracy.

    Whether we ever had democracy (ie: whether our UK parliament was ever populated by true representatives of the people) is a question that we could debate for ever, but the events of recent years (since we slowly morphed into a subservient member of the EU, and endured multiple parliamentary seizures trying to leave without actually leaving) have shown that we are no longer run by our own representatives.

    Thomas Fazi (Italian, since you ask) writing in Unherd agrees, and doesn't mince his words either:

    "The West’s survival depends on freeing ourselves from the grip of this parasitic, cancerous elite — and of their political henchmen"

    Thomas also writes for a number of other publications, and has

  • Down the Rabbit Hole with Ben


    Benjamin Fulford is a serious journalist, and someone who quite possibly has the best grasp of global geopolitical dynamics anywhere to be found.

    He is currently (it being summer) enjoying a traditional summer holiday, but meanwhile he has pre-written and pre-recorded his usual weekly articles and videos.

    His Monday article this week (you can skip the initial videos) will be found challenging by many, possibly to the point of outright rejection, but the trouble is that his logic does as always seem impeccable.

    In this article he doesn't update us with the latest goings-on, rather with the ancient goings-on of old. His conclusion will up-end the world-view of not a few, and will shock many to their very marrow.

    But my old friend Mr Logic is not to be overcome - if Ben is wrong then he is wrong because of information unknown or assumptions unwarranted, not because of faulty reasoning.


  • German Insurer Hit by Huge Rise in Vaccine Claims


    As if more evidence were needed, the German Techniker Krankenkasse insurer confirms that claims for vaccine damage rose form 13,777 in 2020 to 437,592 in 2021 - based on confirmed diagnoses.

    "Approximately 11 million people are insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse. 473,593 cases of medical treatment resulting from vaccination thus amounts to around one in every 23 people vaccinated, assuming all 11 million are vaccinated"

    Need one say more?

  • What a Load of Hot Air!


    This article concerning the emissions of volcanic CO2 takes on the emissions from the IPCC climate consensus that volcanic CO2 is but a tiny fraction of man's CO2.

    That may be a long way from the truth, given that volcanic emissions have been calculated on the basis only of eruptions, whereas plenty of emissions occur outside the scope of erupting volcanoes - volcanic vents and geysers, and even, as the Greeks may attest, ancient oracles all emit volcanic gases more or less all the time, and of course we shouldn't omit to include the emissions from climate zealots that insist that "WE ARE ALL GUILTY!" whenever their pet theories (AKA "consensus science") are challenged.

    Now it is problematic to distinguish volcanic CO2 from fossil CO2  since it seems that these share the identical isotopic fingerprint (ie: they are identical!) so once released into the atmosphere they cannot be told one from the other. 

    Neil Oliver - Time to Face the Truth


    When nothing the governing classes do works in our favour, perhaps it's time to consider that it is deliberate action to attack us, rather than simple incompetence.

    Hard to argue.

    (11 minutes)


    Like /Dislike this video here.


  • 6029679/21 - Update from Mark Sexton


    Update from the Telegram Channel 6029679/21:


    "Update today, Friday the 12th of August 2022.

    Since July the 20th 2022 and our visit to Charing Cross police station.
    (Another 30 day ban from 13/07/22 just finished).

    1, no contact or update from The Metropolitan Police, no contact from inspector McManus, email received from PC Clark dated 23/07/22 confirming receipt of emails with the new evidence from Dr Wagh and Canadian data analyst Christine Massey. Nothing at all since, despite the many promises to engage and provide updates.

    2, reply from Baroness Hallett’s team regarding the independent public inquiry into the pandemic.
    “They suggest I contact the police if I am alleging crimes are being committed”

  • The Ecology of the WEF is Bunk - Revelations Accelerate


    Clif High in one of his more direct and lucid expositions confirms the impracticality of the WEF designs for the future, why they must fail, and how humanity must survive the next winter(s).

    The coming crucial months will be interesting.

    (29 minutes)



  • Lest We Forget


    I haven't posted that much on the Covid Vaccines recently because (a) if you still think they are beneficial you are very fast asleep and (b) repetition clogs the site unnecessarily.

    Still, it's still true that the vaccines all seem to be both criminal and poisonous so we feature this reminder from the Daily Sceptic for those who may be new to the idea, or who may be unconsciously bending back toward the oft-repeated narrative propagated by the corporate-media-crony-government axis.

    The two salient facts are that:

    (a) Covid is no worse that the flu (and evidence strongly suggests that it was indeed the flu, rebranded) 

    (b) the vaccines are unnecessary at best (and evidence strongly suggests that they kill many more people than would have died without them, and

  • China Eyes up Taiwan ... and Joins Russia Against the WEF


    The CCP was created originally by the western "swamp" to spread communism in the aftermath of WW2 (some allege) and to become the test bed for technocratic population control methods.

    The WEF has since been created to form the public face of the swamp-owned western corporates who intend to achieve world dominance through their Great Reset via control of the UN.

    What we don't know currently is the state of control of the WEF backers over the CCP within China - the recent "Covid lockdowns" in Shanghai and elsewhere were probably connected with internal political purges - what we don't know is who was purging whom.

    But Russia is not known for its support of the WEF and it does appear that it is cooperating with China to form a financial and trading power block that is ostensibly based upon the free cooperation of independent nations, rather than nations that have been surreptitiously controlled by the swamp since WW2.

    Meltdown in the US?


    Not to be outdone in the Meltdown Stakes, the USA is also becoming overtly rebellious about the overreach of its Federal Government.

    "Gone is any pretense of “serving” the public. That’s been replaced with the tyranny of lording over the public, threatening them, coercing them or just shoving guns in their faces to loot their belongings like what happened at Mar-A-Lago"

    The FBI raid on Trumps residence is not the cause, but the proximate trigger that is galvanising the States to serve notice that they won't stand for it any more.

    Is it all a storm in a teacup? Apparently not:

    "The IRS [Internal Revenue Service, approx equivalent to our HMRC], for example, is running help wanted ads for tax enforcement agents who are “willing to use deadly force” against the American people"

    Of course, the Constitution is clear -  the Feds have strictly

  • Zero Gas, Zero Carbon, Zero Food, Zero Life


    What's not to like?

    The European governments have driven themselves into this cul de sac simply by their knee-jerk reaction to Russia's activities in the Ukraine - activities that should have been predictable given the history of that region.

    The UK may be outside the worst of it for now but if we keep stoking the flames of war by sending ever more arms to Zelenskyy (which he may be using to shell a nuclear power plant!), we won't be outside for long.

    There is no reason (other than paranoid NATO generals and a corrupt-beyond-belief US administration) to continue this war - we should be pressuring Zelenskyy to sue for peace on the basis of self-determination for the regions involved. The UK acknowledged this principle when we gave the Scots their IndyRef - we have no cause to prolong this war further and it is demonstrably not in our or Europe's

  • Reversing Autism / Vaccine-Induced Autism?


    We haven't featured Dr Fuellmich recently but he is still working, and this session 116 is potentially very important.

    Autism is an undoubted and growing curse, and anything that makes a dent in this tendency is to be welcomed.

    Dr Wodarg correctly gives the witness a hard time, but that doesn't invalidate the process of collecting the evidence that is available, nor does it invalidate that evidence even if it may not be strictly conclusive in a court of law.

    "... the human body has the capability of repairing itself from absolutely anything... "

    "... they can't transfect all of them - this is why they want repeated injections, because this is a cloning process, and they have to keep the body poisoned in order for this technology to work... "

    "... when the body is put back into a state of homeostasis (or balanced pH) then the