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  • A Tribute to David Ray Griffin


    "One of the great pioneers of the 9/11 Truth Movement, David Ray Griffin, passed away on November 25, 2022. He was 83 years old"

    I was interested not so much in the announcement, but in the report that he had worked at the Claremont School of Theology:

    "Fifty years ago we organized the Center for Process Studies that undertook to help scholars in many fields of study to understand that shifting from mechanistic to organic theory in the way Alfred North Whitehead had developed would benefit their work. The scientific evidence is that the world is made up of interrelated events (or processes) rather than tiny bits of separate static matter"

    Now that got my attention, because where I used to work in manufacturing, the process was key to the quality of the end product, whether that product was a TV set or a packet of teabags or a new computer system. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense - you have to perfect the process to perfect

  • ICAN Legal Update on Merck's Vaccine Production Plant


    "The inspection uncovered a number of highly disturbing findings, including unsanitary practices, mislabeled vaccine products, unqualified workers, mold contamination, bacteria contamination, and failure to report or investigate production issues"

    "Merck’s West Point facility still remains in operation today"

    A damning report.


  • How the Sanctions on Russia are Biting in Moscow


    Rebel News Reports from the belly of the beast...

    (6 minutes)


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  • Technate Checkmate?


    This is an article about the "Technate" as it might be applied in the continental United States.

    This is of course a theoretical discussion, even if some might think that the technocrats such as the Dr Faucis of this world have been running the US for the last several years.

    I suppose that this is the difference between "technocracy" or rule by technocrats (which might compete in a multicratic political system with other "crats" such as autocrats and democrats) and the Technate: the ultimate triumph of the technocrats over all other crats.

    Of course, in the end there is either freedom or serfdom, and the Technate ends up as simply yet another means of establishing an all-stifling form of autocratic top-down rule, this time by technocratic dictatorship.

    Throughout human history, people at the bottom of the power pyramid have enjoyed limited freedom of behaviour, and the autocrat has enjoyed limited powers of

  • We're in Great Shape But It's Up to You - Get off Your A***s & Do What You Have to Do


    "Put up a video, go hand out a flyer, whatever you need to do, but do it"

    "Stop talking - do it - but definitely stop complaining"

    Riccardo Bosi sets the scene for the next six months starting now.

    It's a racing certainty that this also applies in the UK.

    (5 minutes)



  • BMJ Weighs in on mRNA Jab - Risk/Benefit Analysis


    Risk / Benefit analyses have been remarkable throughout the Covid experience by their total absence (please correct me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if

  • Hard Videos - But What to Do?


    Some videos are a bit too in-your-face for some, and this may be one of them, but...

    ... is there anything said in this clip that is untrue, disingenuous, or misleading?

    This has been going on for years and "our" government has never matched its rhetoric with any effective action. It's very hard now to conclude that they are not saying one thing to our faces and doing something else again - and again - and again.

    There comes a time when governments must listen to the people. Or be seen as a tyranny.

    (1 minute 30 seconds)


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  • Hard Truths for the EU Parliament


    In four minutes this professor, speaking for the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, skewers this institution - not with academic learning, but with basic analysis and common sense, plainly spoken.

    Would that all videos were so succinct and to the point!

    (4 minutes - he obviously overran!)


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  • Debi Evans Discusses the NHS with Roy Lilley


    Between them they probably have as much experience of the NHS as any two people you could hope to find, one from the front line and the other from what we might loosely term the management end.

    We can probably all agree that the NHS does appear to lurch between crises and panicked monetary infusions by government.

    So is the NHS model of "free at the point of use" as directed by the government still a viable (let alone desirable) model?

    "... the sky is dark with chickens coming home to roost ...

    "... it's not just because they are exhausted over Covid, it's because they can't sleep at night because they are being asked to do things that they're not feeling safe or confident in doing"

    "... it's just hopelessly clunky and horrible... "

    "... but they don't do that now, it's all done

  • Why the Albanian Invasion?


    Reports have it that many of the illegal migrants landing on UK south coast beaches are from Albania.

    Albania does seem a long way away, and I'm sure it has a rather warmer climate than the UK, so what is it that propels so many to try their chances with a long and no doubt tricky journey and the risk of a ducking in the decidedly unwelcoming waters of the Channel?

    This is a rather important question, as the answer may tell us much about the way the UK is perceived abroad and the state of the world elsewhere.

    So this article in Unherd is a timely piece even if it does leave me wanting to know a bit more.


  • How the EU/UK Poor Subsidise the Rich?


    Investigate Europe spills the beans on the ways in which EU national governments all seem to support the property-owning classes at the expense of the proletariat. 

    All part of the great governmental scam that keeps the elite subsidised and the poor in their place? Or all done for the benefit of the wider population by supporting a supply of well-maintained affordable housing?

    So who does your member of parliament work for?

    Being no expert in UK property taxation I'm not going to make any unfounded statements, except to say that (a) property investment in the UK has traditionally been seen by many as a route to prosperity and (b) I doubt if the UK government is fundamentally any different to other European governments in this matter.

    I've no doubt though that this is all in furtherance of the famous EU interpretation of the "level playing field", and its

  • Fulford Monday Report - 5 Dec 2022


    Ben's report this week rounds up the change of mood in China, reviews the state of play in Brazil, and notes the possibilities in Russia, Europe, Ukraine and Israel.

    It all adds to the sense of impending change unfolding, although it may not favour the Klaus Schwabs of this world...

    Modest subscription required.


  • Beelzebub's Brainwashing Coven?


    All the tyrannical tin-pot dictators that would have ruled the world had one thing in common - they wanted to destroy the influence of families and control the messaging that the impressionable minds of our kids will soak up.

    In the age of ubiquitous television, parents have been put under increasing pressure - and the ability to set their kids down in front of the TV for an hour or so of Children's Hour and the like while the adults got on with their chores (or had a well-deserved break) was more or less irresistible. I myself have happy memories of watching "Hopalong Cassidy" (in the monochrome of the day) after school as a regular feature.

    Of course over time the pressure increased as more and more mothers found it necessary to go out to work (strange that - I would have thought that with the increasing affluence of the post-war years, one salary would have become ever more than enough to enable mothers to stay at home for their kids whilst they were young, but somehow the reverse seems to have

  • What's Really Going on Inside the Information Blizzard?


    Connect-the-dots sleuth Amazing Polly lives up to her nomenclature in spades in this little monologue.

    Does she draw connections in all the wrong places, or is the world still trundling bemusedly into the dystopian technocratic command and control world slavery system, or...  is something else going on?

    Get your wet towels to hand, set aside preconceptions, dowse all distractions, and take the plunge...

    (42 minutes)



  • Dark Age Incoming - Thanks WEF-UN-EU


    This isn't any longer a time to laugh at the antics of the globally self-important - it's time to chuck them out before they destroy our civilisation.

    Clayton Morris of Redacted spells out the glad tidings for those lacking situational awareness.

    I don't normally feature his offerings that include long (and frankly irrelevant to most) messages from his sponsor because it detracts from our perception of his independence, but to be honest the message is pretty incontrovertible now and needs as much air-time as possible - next years crops (ie: our food) depend upon the continuity of this years farmers, and that continuity is under attack like never before.

    As usual he is refreshingly direct and to the point in his delivery, an example many others might usefully take to heart cool.

    (9 minutes excluding sponsor's

  • PR - Solution, or Distraction?


    Another email plopped into my inbox - probably yesterday, maybe before - exhorting me to support their latest project - Proportional Representation! And guess what? I'm invited to send them money!

    Well I'll be jiggered, I didn't see that coming...

    Now, I'm all for solutions, but they have to be solutions that work, and we've been around the proportional representation loop before, so what's different this time?

    Maybe I'll pass up this opportunity to "make a difference". Still, as a confirmed critic of the current political settlement in this country, I probably ought to explain my thinking.

    Before we can address a problem we have to understand it. We have to diagnose the problem, identify the underlying cause(s), and then we can check whether the proffered solution actually addresses the causes - if it doesn't, then we know what not to do.

    So what are the

  • David Icke on the Onward March of Global Fascism


    Love him or hate him, David has been at the forefront of the exposure of the global project to convert the world into a global-corporate-fascist-government slave colony, seemingly from time immemorial.

    He is also very articulate and clearly expresses his views. We may not always agree with everything he says, but does he have the right to say it?

    Free speech has become a bit like Brexit - of course we are all free to express ourselves - or to live free of control by the EU - but of course (!) there are limits (which may be invented/interpreted differently to suit the elite at any time).

    It used to be that the law clearly recognised that the freedom to only speak without offending anybody is not worth having. In recent years the invention of "hate speech" and other more or less elastic definitions of speech that some people won't like has reached an incomprehensible level of ever mutating convolution, designed to keep us constantly confused and scared to

  • Punch Back Harder


    Martin Geddes' latest round of email exchange with Durham County Council over non-payment of Council Tax is presented for our entertainment and our education.

    Since it is asserted that Council Tax does not actually entail a legal obligation to pay it, Martin is putting the system through its paces for us all to learn from, thereby in my view performing a significant public service.

    I doubt that "the system" will agree:

    "This is an existential crisis for the councils, legal system, politics, and government"

    "It is part of a far wider scam whereby the state is harvesting all of us for taxes"

    "... the public is wising up to how corrupt and unconstitutional administrative courts are just a front for organised crime... "


  • Make of This What You Will ...


    This is "advanced conspiracy theory" - that perhaps only a minority will find credible. I feature it not because I know it's right, but because even if nobody accepts it, those who have seen it may be better prepared if it comes to pass.

    From my viewpoint, it's all unproven theory and there are a great many strands to it. Some of those strands may be familiar, and many may seem outrageous - take from it what you will, but for me there is no real argument that the world faces a huge reset, and the primary decision is "whose reset will that be and what will it look like?".

    It's beyond my pay-grade to say what will happen with much certainty or to suggest a time-frame, but I would suggest that the WEF-UN "Great Reset" is going under the bus, along with much else.

    Does this affect the UK?

    "... we're going to see more and more militaries become actively involved in their governments... first in the background

  • The Biggest World News Story - and Not on the BBC?


    Well, it either isn't the biggest story, or the BBC is asleep at the wheel...  and we know what happens when drivers fall alseep.

    Well, if it isn't the biggest, it's hard to think of a bigger one, although perhaps not absolutely impossible (should China stage a revolution to topple the CCP for example).

    Well, it's only Musk cleaning the stables at Twitter...

    ... except that it isn't, because it involves the corruption at the highest levels of the US Federal Government under the Biden pretendency, and probably prior under the Trump presidency.

    Of course that could not have taken place under the watchful eyes of a vigilant free press, so either it didn't, or the free press was neither watchful nor vigilant, for whatever reason.

    Once again there are many facts to be established and holes in the story to be filled in, but it's not that difficult to make sense of whom