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Whilst I have no wish to get involved too deeply in the mire of American politics, Trump is far more than another American politician and president.

He plays by his own rules and has virtually single-handedly taken on both the Democrat and the Republican parties and shaken the whole system by the scruff. 

He was also a great statesman who bestrode much of the world in 2017/18. Some think he may have shaken that world in like manner, if more quietly. So it is that this article from the Brownstone Institute has relevance to both the US and to the rest of the world, especially as one of the primary topics at issue is the US (and global) response to Covid.

Trump has questions to answer. Those answers should be very revealing, so perhaps the time has come to demand answers of him just as much as of everybody else.

Where are all the real free press journalists when we need them?