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Another precision piece from the Brownstone Institute that confirms precisely what is going on at the WHO. Readers of our site will already know what we think of that body, but it's always good to see the logic behind the situation laid out so clearly, and to get an update on current status.

It is (of course!) a declaration on "pandemic preparedness". We haven't had a pandemic of significance in the last hundred years, but all of a sudden we must expect a whole slew of them? I have yet to see their evidence for this proposition upon which they expect us to lavish £$€¥billions.

Orwell would be disappointed to note that despite his best efforts, we failed to heed his warning. His vision of "Newspeak" is only slightly off the mark when considered against modern NWO speak, which also utilises long tracts of bland-speak impenetro-speak and somno-speak to put us off ever looking at it.

"Their Pharma sponsors reasonably expect to make several hundred billion more dollars from these actions, so we can be confident that emergencies will be declared ... they are signaling how these new powers will be used. We are to believe the world is such that only the abandonment of our rights and sovereignty, for the enrichment of others, can save us"

A masterly exposition.



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