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Greater Reset!

  • Fulford Weekly Report - Monday 20 March 2023


    If you want to know how the global revolution is going, this is the report for you.

    The pace of collapse is increasing, whilst the machinations of those who still would rule the world continue.

    Modest subscription required.


  • Clif High - This is How it's Going to Be


    Mass awakening, fall of the political ideologies, dollar hyper-inflation, collapse of government-funded, Trump Cities, academies collapse, real science rebuilt/revealed, detox from DS, demise of the central banks, Trump, vaccines, greatest ever depression...

    (48 minutes)



  • Fulford Weekly Report Monday 13 March


    The Silicon Valley Bank is as one might expect front and centre, but probably only the tip of the iceberg of impending failures. Funny how directors managed to sell most of their shares prior to the event becoming public knowledge.

    More financial crunches will inevitably follow. Credit Suisse has been fingered elsewhere in the news recently, and Deutsche Bank seems to have been flirting with disaster for an eternity... (my speculations - they won't necessarily be next and there are plenty more with big derivative positions). 

    Meanwhile the rest of the world is reconfiguring for the dawn of a new geopolitical era.

    Keep calm and carry on... (modest subscription required for full access).


  • Emergency injunction and tribunal order was served to WHO and all Criminal Defendants listed


    "BREAKING NEWS: Emergency injunction and tribunal order was served to WHO and all Criminal Defendants listed below to immediately cease and desist a criminal conspiracy to commit war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and to arrest and incarcerate these criminal defendants"

    (The International Tribunal is separate from the International Criminal Court, which despite representations has so far, to my knowledge, failed to act).

    The list of alleged criminal defendants is long global and inclusive, and the initiative seems to result from action taken by Pascal Najadi in Switzerland.


    Blaine, WA 98230

    Dream On!


    What was, what is, and what might be...

    Richard Vobes shares his "nocturnal experience".

    Perhaps we should all be getting a bit more sleep!

    (13 minutes)


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  • Fulford Monday Report - 6 Mar 2023


    This week Ben reports on the unfolding (allegedly) banking collapse:

    "A full-fledged bank run on Credit Suisse is now underway... "

    Whilst the KM continues to try to extort money from wherever it can.

    "This implosion is not just about high-level gangsters but is likely to lead to the removal of most of the so-called leaders in the world... "

    Modest subscription required to read the full article.


  • If This is True, the World has Flipped!


    I haven't followed Charlie Ward for quite some time (I found him somewhat repetitive), but I don't write him off either - and David Kurten has been doing what he was drawn to do with tenacity. I respect both of these gentlemen, although I wouldn't necessarily give credence to everything that they say (or anyone else says). 

    Still, what they say in this video (if true - and to me it makes perfect sense) tells us that the world is over the hump, out of the creek, and forging ahead on the open sea - it's just not yet public knowledge.

    But note that it's toward the end of the presentation that the nuggets are dropped .

    (49 minutes)



  • Trump: "Now, We are Going to Complete the Mission"


    Short and purposeful.  

    (4 minutes)


    UN Agenda 47 (1992).

  • Fulford Report Monday 27 Feb 2023


    Aficionados of Ben's reporting should not miss today's report.

    With the feud between the KM and humanity gathering pace, China steps in to call for calm.

    "The destruction of a Western city is subject to a complete news blackout... "

    As always, a modest subscription is required to access the complete article.

    But be warned - he has new and completely different web-site presentation, so you will have to overcome your disbelief and learn new navigation skills! 


  • Down the Rabbit Hole 9 - When the Mob Rises Up!


    Our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series deals with matters that many would dismiss as fanciful speculation of unproven (and even unevidenced) nature - wishful thinking on steroids if you like.

    Yet there is a great deal of it "out there".

    I personally am not so arrogant as to dismiss it all out of hand - there are many things we don't understand about this life, and grounds to believe that much has perhaps intentionally been hidden from us.

    There are also many things going on right now that we don't fully understand, and for myself I have learned of so many matters unsuspected since I started this site, that I can no longer dismiss the outlandish as... well, merely outlandish. My outlandish may be somebody else's lived experience.

    From ancient artefacts and

  • China Tells Us What It Thinks of the US


    We might all think we know what China thinks, but I suspect we have not seen it spelled out in such detail in black and white.

    So here, straight from the horse's mouth as it were, is the uncensored opinion of the government of the People's Republic.

    Why does it matter?

    With the world in geopolitical turmoil over the war in Ukraine, the troubles in the Middle East, and the outright undermining of the constitutions of both the US and the UK, the non-Anglo-Saxon world is realigning itself along BRICS lines, in opposition to the A-S domination of the UN and its associated institutions.

    China being the most populous country on earth (even if India is snapping at its heels in this respect),  controlling the lion's share of the world's manufacturing industry, and with unhappy historical memories of the western world (colonialism, opium wars, etc), we do well to try to understand their views and motivations. Some may

  • Slavery is Optional - TV Licensing Plot Thickens


    As tragic events continue to unfold globally, NATO (still!) pushes WW3 via the Ukraine, and the UK political parties (still!) plumb ever greater depths of incoherence, it remains appropriate to remind ourselves of matters spiritual.

    For those of you who have not yet sussed our Rolling submenu (craftily hidden beneath the Latest main menu item!) I would direct you towards Martin Geddes, who is very generously chronicling his own journey towards the spiritual so that we too may benefit from his experiences.

    I think you may agree that it is no mean thing to open up your personal journey to public inspection as Martin has done - and continues to do - and I salute him for it.

    What has TV licensing to do with matters spiritual? Maybe it's symptomatic of the basic need to distinguish right from wrong, fraud from honest endeavour, and generosity

  • The Fulford Report - Monday 20 Feb 2023


    Plenty of scary reports from Eastern Europe, and more scuttlebutt from intelligence sources which even if accurate merely tells us what those sources would like us to believe.

    What does seem to be true is that the pace of change is increasing, and it seems likely that there is a great deal (some good, some bad) that we are not being told.

    Worth a glance.

  • Another Take on the Current Situation


    Mr Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong, outlines his vision of the purpose of humanity, the Universe, and where we are in the current universal life-cycle.

    For my own part I have learned to respect the principle of intellectual humility. We all have something to offer and baggage (Latin: impedimenta - which I think says it all) to hinder our progress.

    I'm sure that Mr Li is no different in that respect, but to us in the West his viewpoint may seem ignorant and outrageous in a number of respects. I don't share that opinion. His cultural background differs from ours but rather than dismiss it out of hand, perhaps we should celebrate our points of agreement before we highlight our differences.

    One of our shared beliefs may well be in the "end of times" scenario. The book of Revelation ought to be

  • The Great Awakening


    Yes, it's that man again - Richard Vobes takes on a new interviewee in Martin Geddes, ex IT / telecoms expert, investigator of the Q phenomenon, "conspiracy theorist", now spiritual adventurer, also blogger, author, and photographer.

    If this doesn't turn out to be interesting then I don't know what would be.

    (54 minutes)


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    Post interview, Martin posted his reactions to his substack page.


  • What is Government For?


    Richard Vobes, interviewer par excellence, talks with William Keyte, for a third time.

    This time it's about why we have government, what "government" should really be for, and why we are in our current situation.

    As always, well worth your time, particularly because if we are ever going to get out from under an abusive style of government, then we as "the people" will need to understand how we got here and work out how we get the change that we want. If ever we can decide what we really do want.

    And surely that is exactly the problem - people have become so accustomed to the way things are that somehow we will have to educate ourselves about how we got to where we are now, before we can work out how we will change society to get to where we really want to be.

    And Richard would seem to be as close to the right man for the job as we are likely to find anywhere. Does he realise just how important he

  • Fulford Report Monday 13 Feb 2023


    Another encouraging report from Ben.

    End game nears as Khazarian Mafia pulls fake invasion card

    (Modest subscription required for full access)

  • Fulford Monday Report 06 Feb 2023


    Another positive report from Benjamin this week, although as the earthquakes in Turkey and Kazakhstan indicate, the road to global liberation is still not secured free of major hazard.

    Whether we believe that earthquakes can be instigated by man or whether they remain uncontrollable acts of Nature, there is certainly a suspicion that Ben may be onto something here.

    As always, be aware that in war, no source of information can be considered to be 100% trustworthy - truth is always the first casualty.

    Modest subscription required to view the complete article.


  • Fulford Report Monday 30th January 2023


    Another report not to be missed today.

    As always, much of this cannot be verified...  war these days is always about misinformation and deceit of the enemy. Why would the "white hats" or "black hats" broadcast their intentions? 

    Parts of it are unsuitable for children.

    Modest subscription required to read the full report.


  • For we Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood, but Against ... Spiritual Wickedness in High Places


    How do we survive in these times of misinformation, threats from those who would rule us, destruction of our wealth, false imprisonment for the unlucky, and outright usurpation of our historical rights and freedoms?

    Increasingly I have found myself looking to counter falsehoods with the truth, right over wrong, love  generosity and tolerance over hate meanspiritedness and indifference, awareness of the possible limitations of our current beliefs and systems of governments, and ultimately, a simple faith that things will turn for the best when enough people join in this spirit.

    A simple faith that I find even begets a certain measure of serenity.

    The words of St Paul may be unfamiliar to those who were not brought up in a religious environment, but they do seem eerily prescient of our current times.