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Greater Reset!

  • Fulford Report Monday 20 May 2024


    Another Monday, another Fulford Report.

    Headline event is the helicopter crash with the deaths of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and others. It's probably too soon to be certain of the facts but it certainly isn't going to stop speculation nor reduce tensions in the area.

    Meanwhile the ICC turns up the pressure on both Israel and Hamas leadership, and President Zelensky is president no more as his term has expired. And Russia wants him for "war crimes".

    Lots of new angles this week! (Modest subscription required)

    As always, make of it what you will.


  • Lord Frost Speaks


    Lord Frost is the man who was perhaps most central to actually getting us out of the clammy embrace of the European Union. As such he has a track record which demands some respect.

    OK, our exit was "negotiated"  in probably the worst possible way, but I believe that aspect of the process wasn't within his brief.

    I suppose that many hope or have faith that Lord Frost is not a typical politician, but is perhaps a more traditional politician for whom his responsibilities to the peoples of these isles matters. We need all the help we can get, even from politicians within the system, so perhaps we should wish more powers to his elbow.

    None of which is to say that I would expect him (if elected) to make much difference - the forces of darkness seem to be too far embedded within the woodwork of our institutions for one man to overthrow, and overthrow does seem to be what we need.

    Still, what do I know? Never say

  • The Great Reset is Taking Shape ...


    It was either going to be the New World Top-Down Order of the Blair - Cameron - May - Boris - Bush - Obama - Clintons - Kissinger - Schwab - Rockefellers - Rothschilds brigade of Khazarian Zionists and Eugenicists, or it would be the opposite, an expertly crafted and skilfully engineered demolition, on behalf of the freedom of the people, of the centralized power structures of those self-appointed global elites who thought that they would rule the world - AKA the global corporate oligarchs (Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum (now "in partnership" with the United Nations) the list goes on... ).

    How were these centralized power structures built in a world of democratic governments? By ancient secret societies and modern secret services of the world who, whilst nominally under

  • Clif High Speaks to Dr Naomi Wolf About the Universe


    Clif is the only man I know who has (a) been able and (b) dared... to explain the mysteries of the universe, our place within it, and how 3D life death and time work to school us to ever greater perfection and power over the ages, all without resort to religious dogma. A dangerous man indeed, especially if you are of a dogmatic persuasion.

    All presented in the most matter of fact manner and based on his own experiences, rational thought, evidence, and logic. He bridges the gaps between "sciences" "religions" and "spirituality" (demolishing some long-held popular notions in the process) - whether we think he's onto something is up to each of us, but for my money (OK, his work is free of charge) he's one of the best revolutionary philosophers out there.

    As a bonus he runs through his current projects and keys us up for the incoming events that his work leads him to expect. Don't dismiss out of hand, he was right about last October...

    It's a bit of a

  • Fulford Report - Monday 13 May 2024


    "The white hat victory in the battle for the planet Earth is now becoming obvious in multiple ways"

    "There are many other signs of KM defeat we will discuss below. The implications of this are far bigger than most people realize"

    So, will the ancien regime go out with a bang or a whimper?

    Will we even need to notice?

    Modest Subscription Required...

  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... to the Greatest Reset Ever Told


    (Readers are strongly advised to read my other 'Down the RabbitHole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the RabbitHole 1, before continuing)

    Pascale Najadi plunges into the murky waters of the deepest darkest most ancient conspiracy theories - and the most... unpleasant... beyond doubt.  

    Pascale is a little difficult to follow in some places, and many, perhaps the majority, will take time to come to terms with all this. To say that it  is "the greatest story ever told" is probably an understatement.

    It's also the first time I've ever seen Riccado Bosi permit himself to be upstaged!

    It is rather long; and many will say "utter nonsense", but maybe,

    The End is Nigh, and the New Hard Behind It - Fulford 6 May 2024


    It's all over bar the mopping up?

    Who has a mop big enough?

    Reinventing the World isn't exactly a minor operation, so we must pray that (a) somebody somewhere has a transition plan and (b) everybody involved is involved on the basis of mutual respect and mutual cooperation for the good of humanity.

    It's a tall order, but someone has to tackle it, and the usual suspects are neither suitable nor (hopefully) available any more.

    And we the people must step up if we don't want another top down global bureaucracy of the elite to decide how the future is to be run.

    Maybe it doesn't yet qualify as "Bibilical", but it will have to be the biggest reinvention of global governance since the invention of royalty if it is to persist.

    "The white hats have won the secret war for the planet Earth. We are now in an interregnum...

  • "This is Not Another Four Year Election"


    I believe that that statement was uttered by "the Donald" on taking office in 2016. Well he was right, it has been almost eight years since he made that statement, and whilst lots of water has flowed beneath the bridge since then, "we the people" seem to be still saddled with the seemingly ever more incompetent (some would say venal) bunch of politicians that we have always had to endure since time immemorial.

    So this is the presentation that explains exactly why it has taken so long, put together by a couple of self-taught experts (one military legal, one financial) who know their onions. It's not rocket science, but it does take some concentration to track the thread.

    And yes, there's a lot of moving parts to this operation.

    The result? It's back to basics... and let justice be done though the heavens fall!

    "...  this is not for the next four years, this is for the common good of everybody and our

  • The Sunk Capital Conundrum


    OK, strictly we are talking here about cities on a seashore, but I couldn't resist the headline 😎.

    Yes, it's time to divert down the climate change rabbit hole of the always expanding body of predictions that they would rather we forget... this time about the "rising sea level".

    Please pay attention, this is serious.

    (10 minutes)


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  • Scott Ritter Delivers a Short History of the Ukraine


    There's a good deal of background that most people in the West don't appreciate today, yet this history provides the context from which the current war in the Ukraine has arisen, "... a war decades in the making".

    Add in the activities of the CIA...   and you have perhaps a primary understanding of the history of Eastern Europe since the fall of the USSR through the eyes of Vladimir Putin.

    "The system of government was inherited from Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin... was not able to totally purge this corruption from the Russian enterprise. He is now going to do this"

    "Everything the West thought they were trying to achieve... backfired... Russia emerges as one of the strongest most cohesive nations in the world"

    "What do you think Minsk was about?"

    Oh, and...

    "Africa is

  • Fulford Report - Monday 29 April 2024


    "His resignation triggered 'a wholesale tsunami or clear out at Director General of Military Intelligence around the world… they are all gone' "

    Will the ICC issue arrest warrants for Mr Netanyahu and others? 

    That would put UK government and the Biden regime squarely on the spot. 

    As ever, it's not over until the "fat lady sings"; meanwhile the remaining KM are still finding money down the backs of other people's sofas, so the sooner somebody turns up a fat lady who can sing, the better for all concerned.

    Modest subscription required.


  • The Purpose of Life, the Universe, and Everything


    Martin Geddes reviews a fraught trip down to his old college, for a formal dinner no less.

    It didn't turn out quite as he expected...


  • Reminder - We Didn't Come All This Way to Give Up Now!


    24 April 2021 - London 3 years ago today!

    Note the comments...

    (6 minutes)

    Humanity on its Feet | Oracle Films | London 24.04.2021

  • Fulford Report - Death by a Thousand Cuts Continues - Monday 22 April 2024


    "... the Russian, Chinese, UK and US navies etc. are all cooperating against a common enemy... "

    Meanwhile the money-laundering in Washington DC continues, but as with all ponzi schemes it buys less and less time...

    For the details and some startling world statistics, don't miss this report (modest subscription required).


  • "Everybody Woke Up Today ... We Have No Defence ..."


    Scott Ritter explains exactly why he believes that the Iranian response to Israel demonstrates that the balance of military power has been reversed.

    (53 minutes)


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    This next video is an extended analysis of the military and geopolitical situation in the wake of the exchange of hostilities between Israel and Iran - including what it means for Europe and the Ukraine.

    Yup, it's a Scott Ritter overload, but if you want perhaps the best analysis available, what choice do we have?

    The Storm is Upon Us


    Pascal Najadi interviewed on the current state of the unseen war.

    "This is our last Communication before The Current Wartime President and our Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald J. Trump addresses the world today April 15th 2024 as the Commander-in-Chief and Supreme Commander of the current and ongoing Global Defence War Earth Alliance."


    (78 minutes)



  • Fulford Report Monday 15 April 2024


    Drones, cruise missiles, and coke bottles?

    With the ICC in the Hague not playing ball with Israel, the conflict in Gaza entering the end-game, and Iran showing the temerity to answer back for Israel's attack on its diplomatic mission in Damascus, the media are in full-on propaganda mode today.

    One certainly gets the sense that things are not going Israel's way nearly as much as they would like.

    "This theater though, hides a very real war that is... heading for a climactic battle... "

    There is plenty this week to pique your interest.

    Modest subscription required.


  • Is Organic Still Organic?


    Sir Julian Rose, long-time supporter and practitioner of organic farming on the Hardwick Estate, reviews how he became involved in organc, through to today's organic scene - and and how to transition from conventional to organic... 

    And what exactly is the government's "Green New Deal"?

    "... subsidy does create slaves... "

    Original article on UK Column.

    (64 minutes)



  • The Great Awakening - What is it?


    The great preachers of times gone by (one thinks of John Wesley, Charles Grandison Finney, Billy Graham, to name but a few of a great many) have been credited with prompting religious Christian revivals in times past, and I suppose that those revivals could reasonably be described as religious awakenings. Some might describe these men as Bible-bashers, since the Good Book was the primary source of their instruction. 

    No doubt they were also motivated by what they regarded as the shortcomings of their times and of the societies to which they ministered, and certainly their preachings included much fulmination against the sins of the world, set against the story of the birth and crucifixion of Christ, and his resurrection by which "evil was defeated" - and only those sinners who confess his name can be saved from "eternal damnation". Heady stuff (and in my view, not entirely accurate... read your bible carefully to see what Jesus is recorded to have actually said).

    Our world today seems by contrast to

  • The Day of the Eclipse - Fulford Report - 8 April 2024


    There must be not a few subscribers wishing that this eclipse took place yesterday and we might know a bit more of the aftermath for this report!

    "There can be no doubt this eclipse is not an ordinary event. It passes over seven towns called Nineveh, a Babylonian city mentioned in the bible as the center of sin and depravity. It also passes through seven towns called Salem, known in the bible as the dwelling place of god"

    Only in America!

    There is still a lot going on, and "it ain't over until the fat lady sings"!

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