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Greater Reset!

  • The Not-so-Obvious Establishment


    De-brainwashing may be a technique that may not be immediately familiar to most of us.

    Dr Shiva isn't everybody's cup of tea but he does have a well-thought-out logical approach (one of the reasons why I respect him as an analyst and teacher).

    This presentation won't be news to many of us but there are certainly plenty of us who do need to take this message on board.

    If "we the people" want to control our government then we need to learn how to do that.

    What do we have at the moment? Effectively, the same old same old:

        "Bread and circuses"   -   the Roman empire

        “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances … ”     -    the Bard


  • Why Do We Need a Ruling Class?


    Why do we need a government?

    Not quite the same question, but when we notice that it doesn't matter whom we elect, we still get the same set of policies (with one or two obvious tweeks to make them look different), it becomes obvious:-

    A government is required so that the ruling class can continue to govern whilst maintaining the illusion that it's our elected government and if we don't like what it does, well it's our fault for electing them.

    "Humanity wasn't supposed to be a domesticated species, owned by a ruling class... "

    Now that's fighting talk...

    (16 minutes)


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  • World Offensive Against the Forces of Darkness


    If you want to read some positive reporting instead of the interminable nonsense about fake pandemics, then Benjamin Fulford is suggested for you.

    A Canadian journalist and resident of Japan, he claims contacts in security services the world over and produces material unavailable elsewhere.

    Whether it is accurate or not... perhaps we will eventually discover. I suspect it is as accurate a picture as is probably available to you and I, but perhaps some of the detail may be slightly adrift, but no matter.

    He does require a modest subscription but it's a sub I am happy to suggest is worthwhile :)

    This is today's report.

    Don't miss it!

  • Germany Rising!


    (19 minutes)


    (55 minutes)



  • The Antidote to Technocracy, Politics, Religion, and Everything Else?


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    Will it ever catch on?!

  • Kondratieff Waves meet the World of Woo


    The self-organising-collective meets the communist academic's financial system melt-down.

    Not for the first time, Clif High gives us a masterclass, this time in how he sees the approaching economic and financial chaos and the subsequent resolution.

    He is his own man and makes some pertinent points about how the system may fail and how "the Donald" may be seeking to guide our expectations. 

    As always, it's your judgement, I am not going to take sides in how this situation is going to develop.

    Buckle up - this "q uack-up" is getting nearer by the day... and in terms of time-frame I note that both he and Ben Fulford are postulating not dissimilar expectations.

    (1 hour)



  • Winter Solstice in UK - Summer Solstice Down Under - Happy Christmas?


    OK - I'm a day ahead of myself, but the Solstice will be upon us by the time most of you read this.

    Once again it's Monday and Benjamin Fulford has filed his report.

    And what a report!

    The first section is free to read, the second is paywalled - his modest subscription is worthwhile in my view, if only because he doesn't take prisoners.

    "This is some of the evidence that will hang them!"

    There, that should pique your interest!

  • Fate - or Free Will?


    There are two conflicting viewpoints about whether the future is pre-ordained or malleable.

    Those who think "it's too hard, whatever I do it won't make any difference", and those who take the view that "if we all act together, we can change the course of history".

    The huge demonstrations in London (I know, I was there) and elsewhere around the country and around the globe earlier this year are testament to what we can achieve when we all come out of our comfort-zones and come together to make a difference. At that first demo nobody knew how many would turn up, but we turned up anyway and gave ourselves (and the world!) a huge surprise.

    What does it take? Faith in our fellow men and women (and anyone else who feels excluded by those classifications - forgive me for not keeping up).

    The Brownstone Institute offers us much the same message this morning,

  • New Complaint to ICC re: UK Crimes Against Humanity


    A previous request to the International Criminal Court in the Hague as far as I know has not been progressed, although they were sent a reminder.

    Now we hear of another approach "alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK".

    I would expect that these separate requests would be rolled together prior to being heard, but what do I know?

    The point is that the

  • Christine Lagarde - Klaus Schwab - to Lead World Economic Reform?


    Well, the Monday report from Benjamin Fulford is a corker!

    Miss Lagarde and Herr Schwab turned?

    MSM about to turn?

    What is the world coming to? There is more...

    Today's free-of-charge Fulford Report spills some beans but to get the whole hill of beans you will need a modest subscription to his service - recommended, especially these days.

    Please remember that none of this information is corroborated as far as I know - although he does provide links to various sites, the major revelations allegedly from security service informants are not verified.

    As always, proof of the pudding is in the eating - but perhaps this year's Christmas pudding will be an improvement on last year 

  • Did Little Fiji Just Kick Off the Greater Reset?


    If you didn't yet read UN / WHO R.I.P. - Long Live the GPRC / GHWC !  then perhaps it would be as well to do so before going any further.

    Indeed, at time of writing, the subject matter is the lead article on the GPRC home page.

    Fiji has had a troubled history as part of the British Empire, then the Commonwealth, and now as an independent republic.

    Their indigenous people had little use for money and recent governments have not managed the monetary situation very well (join the club!).

    I'm no expert on Fijian politics, so it's best if I leave the task of further explanation in better hands.

    "The GIA has ratified intelligence agencies in every country in the world and stands as the only legally recognized

  • UN / WHO R.I.P. - Long Live the GPRC / GHWC !


    This could well be HUGE!

    The old world order is being bypassed and obsoleted.

    The New World Order (no, don't panic, not under Klaus Schwab) is being instituted.

    Will this be for good or for ill? That is for each of us to decide.

  • The Monday Fulford Report


    On Mondays I usually feature a report from Benjamin Fulford (Canadian journalist resident in Japan) who hasn't yet failed to deliver a fascinating account of what he sees going on in our benighted world.

    The timing works well usually, since Japan time is well ahead of UK time and by the time I get to my PC he has already filed his report some hours ago.

    Tonight's report doesn't disappoint, but new readers should be aware that to read the full report, a modest subscription to his site is required.

    Those who already number themselves amongst his subscribers should be warned that this week, his report includes graphic content that they may (if they are like me) prefer not to view. Discretion is advised.


  • This is How the World Will be Saved


    This is a post from Stop World Control - many have reportedly found it helpful.

    Equally, many will consider it unhelpful. Probably very few will agree with everything he says. 

    Nonetheless I consider it to be on the right side of current world events - at this time when our lords and masters are hell-bent on creating division where none previously existed, any thoughts that encourage us to hold together and act together in love and unity, come what may, are to be welcomed. That is the primary message that I accept, and the reason why I carry the post.

    See the original article.

  • "War" to End the Old World?


    The Monday Fulford Report today really must be read.

    "A formal declaration of war ... has now been made against the...  Fourth Reich"

    If that doesn't get your attention, nothing will.

    But don't worry - this is a war that has been fought for some years now - this just formalises it. I doubt that the tanks will be rolling any time soon (although there might be some governments around the world that might find them parked on their lawns outside parliament one morning?).

    Don't miss.


  • Highwire Episode 241 - Sins of Science - Sins of Education


    This episode is a genuine blockbuster that pins down so much that is wrong with our world today.

    If you think that this is just about "vaccines" and "Covid", think again.

    You may feel overwhelmed by the implications, but Del is providing pointers to how we will need to rebuild our attitudes to medicine, to government, and to the ways in which we raise and educate our children. 

    The old systems of top-down authority are so fundamentally flawed, even corrupted, that they must be discarded, and new ways of working based upon bottom-up paradigms are going to have to be invented and adopted by the responsible people - primarily parents and those responsible adults that are prepared to reclaim their sovereignty from the self-appointed "expert" and "governing" classes.

    This is the most daunting prospect, but it is also the most exciting and will depend upon the ambition and determination of each one us to join and

  • How Fares the Transition to the New World Order?


    The Fulford view of global politics as it is "really" being played out beneath the surface is giving us a glimpse of the unseen struggle for the planet's future - we can see in the newspapers how the various ships of state are deployed afloat and where the surface storms are blowing, but that tells us nothing of the hidden activities in those depths where little light penetrates and surface waves are of little consequence.

    So today (one day late!) Benjamin Fulford provides another update from his intrepid submersible on how the Neptunian powers are navigating the undercurrents and which faction/s may be in the ascendant.

    Of interest may be supporting reports that I have seen that Governor Gavin Newsom of California  hasn't been seen in public since he had a "booster shot" in late October, and various others have become similarly invisible recently. All to the good we hope.

    Read Ben's 

  • SOS Australia 4th Dec


  • Collapse of the Old World Order Proceeds Apace


    The G-20 becomes the showpiece for a dysfunctional global order

    Not to mention the COP26 meeting this week in Glasgow.

    Journalist Benjamin Fulford brings us up to date with the current state of play, which reportedly hinges on the bankruptcy, or impending bankruptcy, of the key players.

    It is inevitable that bankruptcy intertwined with power politics at the highest global level will make for some turbulent times to come - even if as everybody hopes any actual war can be avoided. We should prepare as best we can.


  • Mel K and Benjamin Fulford Discuss the State of the World


    Mel K interviews Ben Fulford:

    See also Ben's weekly Monday update (partially paywalled).