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Greater Reset!

  • Fracking Company Finds Big Fine


    Opponents of fracking say it's 'too dangerous'.

    The cold and miserable say 'do it - we're cold and winter is upon us'.

    The government says 'we'll regulate it'...

    The people say 'you think we're going to trust you?!'.


    And yet...  nothing is without risk.

    And I'd bet that there must be plenty of fracking projects that don't pollute.

    So if mistrust in the government is the stumbling block, can we take them out of the equation?

    Why should it be the government that regulates everything? Could not the local populace reach an agreement with the oil explorers concerning who would

  • The Gap Between Reality and The Illusion is Narrowing


    Martin Geddes, interviewed by Martin Bernstein, on the nature of the world's current collective experience and where this experience is going to lead us.

    Seen through the prism of his own individual awakening, his personal experiences, and his professional defenestration, he leads us on the journey that we are all facing (or worse, still having to face even if we don't yet fully realise it).

    The meaning of Q, the acronyms (WWG1WGA), Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, 9/11, Geoffrey Epstein et al, Trump, the world history that we think we understand, and then the real history (and thus the knowledge necessary to reconcile the state of the world today with the way that we got here).

    There's a lot of material here both historical, criminological, technical, sociological, psychological, political and indeed spiritual.

    Yes, it's necessarily quite long! But he's a very open and human person and in

  • Brazil in Tranquil Turmoil


    There has (as far as I know) been little to no reporting of this gigantic event in the UK, but this confrontation is openly between the people versus the elite.

    Following the election results in Brazil which were declared to favour candidate Lula da Silva, candidate Bolsonaro appealed to the Supreme Court for an investigation, but was awarded an impossibly large fine for his trouble.

    The population have now been appealing to the military, in overwhelming numbers, to sort out the establishment. So far, the stalemate continues.

    Rebel News reports:

    (21 minutes)



  • Is This Your Higher Calling?


    If this is for you then I think you will know it once you get into it.

    If it's not for you then think about it anyway - after all, as the Bard wrote centuries ago:

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

    If that were not true, then what would be the point?

    (26 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday 25 Nov 2022


    A worthwhile report today with some serious points that will be of interest in the UK and other parts of Europe.

    Not to mention China.

    Modest subscription required.


  • CBDCs Incoming!


    For those not already au fait with CBDCs, the Corbett Report runs through some of the main features.

    Learn about the split circuit monetary system, how it currently works, and why a CBDC could demolish the split circuits, folding all of our money back into the Central Bank. Cash would in the extreme be eliminated altogether and everybody's individual account would be held at the central bank.

    Well, we are talking about a variety of account types here (current accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts) - would they all be held at the central bank?

    And if all accounts are held at the central bank, what functions (if any) would the commercial banks still provide? Or would they simply become branches of the central bank for all practical purposes?

    With the bank knowing the purpose of every transaction, could they really control our spending according to their whim and fancy? Such a control system would be orders

  • If You Really Want to Know What's Going On


    The world is in upheaval.

    Governments are being seen to turn against their people, who are responding accordingly. Worldwide.

    The imprecise talk of the New World Order that has been simmering for years (along with the "war on terror") has reached a new height since the formal partnership between the WEF and the UN. The seemingly unlikely talk at Davos that had previously been ignored as absurd has been brought to the fore.

    Those not familiar with the above should probably watch the second video below before taking on the first, so if you are unaware of the implementation of the Great (unwanted) Reset by the Davos elite, then watch the second video first.

    This first video summarises how it is being countered. (Allegedly). 

    "We are going to get every last one of them and ensure that nothing like this can ever occur again"


  • Not Our Future


    Watch the Video - Sign the Pledge 

    It's not immediately clear where this pledge is leading, but who could disagree with the sentiment and the hall of fame who are already signed up?

    Especially when so succinctly expressed!

    (90 seconds)


    Sign the Pledge!

  • Fulford on Monday 21 Nov 2022


    An interesting report this week, suggesting that the end may be approaching. 

    Of course, it's the usual suspects who still stand in the way, but for how much longer?

    Modest subscription required.

  • Everything We Knew Was Untrue


    Clif High reviews where we are in the unfolding reset and offers us his thoughts.

    As far as I can see his prognostications have so far turned out to be reasonably reliable, so I'm inclined to listen to what he says, and his predictions for the next year or two may surprise those who believe that the world will soon be back to normal. 

    According to Clif, nothing could be further from the truth, and those that are disinclined to review their habits and belief systems of a lifetime will be in for a very uncomfortable time.

    You have been warned...

    (39 minutes)



  • Shadowland - Clif High


    Once Again Clif High tells us how he sees the next stages of our world's Great Adventure, 

    First up he reviews the state of the world today...  and how we react to it.

    (34 minutes)


    (29 minutes)



  • Fulford on Friday 11 Nov 2022


    Fulford presents his Friday video report and Q&A session.

    Some important advice for New Yorkers, and appropriate comment on the US mid-term elections.

    News from Brazil and Israel, together with some advice for Israelis.

    And more news for Europe, China, Japan.

    Modest subscription required.

  • Fulford report - Monday 7 Nov 2022


    The "planetary liberation alliance" grows stronger, the NWO slavers are approaching the end of their plank.

    Rate of progress appears to depend upon the US mid-term elections tomorrow - if the clip included is anything to go by, this will be hard-won!

    And, just maybe, the war in the Ukraine may be petering out...    and he shares his view on Elon the Musk!

    An encouraging report that will be of interest to us all, whether or not we have a paid subscription (recommended).

    Well worth reading.


  • Fulford on Friday 4 Nov 2022


    This could be called the Empire Strikes Back edition...

    Lots going on, and as we can see in the news, little of it good.

    Nevertheless the message overall is upbeat.

    Small subscription required.


  • Halloween Horror Show Collapsing?


    Benjamin Fulford's Monday report doesn't pull any punches.

    The criminals that have become used to getting their own way are no longer in control. The world isn't having it any more.

    This week's report is worth accessing even if you don't subscribe to his site - the first section is available to all, as usual, and this week doesn't shy away from "hard truths".

    Perhaps unlike last Friday's video, this report is no placeholder.

    A modest subscription is required (recommended) to read the full article.  

    As always, discretion is advised. No one source of information in this fractious world has the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


  • Fulford on Monday 24 Oct 2022


    This week his report confirms (as if needed!) the general chaos in UK politics, EU politics, and the ongoing collapse of the Zelenskyy regime in the Ukraine.

    Legal moves in the US add to the pressure on the banking cartels, and an American oil family's influence is on the wane.

    And of course he shares his notes on the CCP's plenary session in Beijing.

    Modest subscription required.


  • So How Old is Humanity Really?


    The origin of humanity is a topic of considerable debate, but the late David Boyle impresses as somebody who has done his homework, even if his interviewer hasn't quite learned to stay out of his way once he is in full flood.

    In all truth I didn't find the interview format particularly prepossessing, but many people will find something of interest in this presentation, particularly those who are into topics of ancient Egypt. The analysis toward the end of an ancient relief wall-carving, which I confess I had to play twice before I got the message, is pivotal.

    And closer to home, you may never view Avebury in the same light again...

    (32 minutes)

    View this video here.


  • Billy Carson Challenges Our World-View


    Billy Carson does seem to have made a considerable study of a world history that defies the normal narrative. Author of the "Compendium of the Emerald Tablets - A Beginner's Guide", here he describes some "newer" discoveries to tax our credulity. Being American he speaks fast enough to defeat the subtitling algorithm rather too frequently, but the video is already an hour long, and he does cram in a lot of information...

    (60 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday 21 Oct 2022


    A wide-ranging round-up at this volatile time in our history, when nobody can predict very much with any certainty and the future looks bleak in many aspects.

    At least Mr Fulford seems well-informed and evidence driven.

    Modest subscription required.

    Also this week, posts in "Letters to the Editor" is worth reading for good news from New Zealand.

  • For the Globalists Bureaucrats et al: Beware Claim of the Life


    "But as is said, freedom is not given, it is taken. And, we must take back our freedoms"

    "... the people in the spotlight are too busy talking to listen"

    "[Russell created the Quantum Grammar and Claim of the Life system so that we have a chance to learn how to live in peace by communicating in a mathematically certifiable construct... "