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  • Is The "Big Guy" in Official Trouble?


    What a difference an election makes.

    "Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan hold a press conference announcing the investigation of Hunter Biden"

    The GOP now controls Congress.

    Fox News reports.

    (35 minutes)


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  • Joe Biden Headed to Supreme Court?


    "This action is against 388 federal officers in their official capacities which include President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Michael Richard Pence (“Respondents”)... "

    "Respondents were properly warned and were requested to make an investigation into a highly covert swift and powerful enemy, as stated below, seeking to destroy the Constitution and the United States"

    "... During this Proceeding over 100 members of U.S. Congress claimed factual evidence that the said election was rigged. The refusal of the Respondents to investigate this congressional claim (the enemy) is an act of treason and fraud by Respondents"

    "Due to the fact that this case represents a national security breach on a unprecedented level like never before seen seriously damaging and violating XXX and coincidently effects every citizen of the U.S.A. and courts of

  • US Senate Votes to END the COVID "Emergency"!


    We thought it would never happen, but maybe elections (no matter how badly run) do matter after all.

    The "national emergency" that turned out to be for a virus that was no more deadly than the annual flu has been relentlessly extended every time it threatened to expire, for no obvious reason (other than to prolong the legal ability to push vaccines under an Emergency Use Authorisation).

    "The Senate passed a measure in a 62–36 bipartisan vote to end the emergency, which was initially declared on March 13, 2020"

    ...thus putting them on a collision course with "President" Biden, who has threatened a vetoI wouldn't doubt that the new House of Representatives will align with the Senate on this issue, so we'll see how long the Pretendency holds out.

    High time.

  • MEP Anderson Strikes YouTube


    It's always good to hear of a successful skirmish against the mighty (anti-)social media cartels, and even better on the all-too-rare occasion when the protagonist is actually a member of the political classes, in this case MEP Christine Anderson. She has been putting Ms van der Leyen, Albert Boura (Pfizer) et al through the wringerof the EU parliamentary committee system.

    Who would have thought that a Parliamentary Committee could cause such upset? This may even be something that the EU does better than our own "mother of parliaments" in the UK, where the debate on vaccine safety was confidently talked out by those with ears and minds tight closed. 

    Well, YouTube considered

  • Sexuality Education - Wales - UK - Podcast-athon!


    Child sexual education has been taken over by the State without so much as a by-your-leave from the electorate.

    Want to know more?

    Public Child Protection Wales has taken the bull by the horns with a 30-hour podcast-athon! Well, what else is to be done when you need funds to feed the lawyers?

    Nov 5th 30hr Podcast-athon to help raise funds for Public Child Protection Wales

    Round 2 Fundraiser for PCP Wales  (10 hrs 51 minutes)


    (NB: The gaps in the hours listed below are not found on Rumble)


  • For the Globalists Bureaucrats et al: Beware Claim of the Life


    "But as is said, freedom is not given, it is taken. And, we must take back our freedoms"

    "... the people in the spotlight are too busy talking to listen"

    "[Russell created the Quantum Grammar and Claim of the Life system so that we have a chance to learn how to live in peace by communicating in a mathematically certifiable construct... "




  • Whose Rules WIll We Follow?


    Language can be a beast.

    As anyone who has ever written an email can probably attest, the meaning that we attribute to that email can be completely misinterpreted by the recipient. It turns out that words and phrases can mean different things to different people, and misunderstandings are consequently not uncommon, even without the assistance of Google Translate.

    Part of the problem is context - if I say something in the course of a conversation, the listener will automatically try to understand it in that context. Emails may not provide that luxury.

    Part of the problem may be cultural, as words can have different meanings or even nuances for different cultures.

    Sometimes it's just sloppy sentence construction, as in "alumni of academia like John Hopkins" - where its unclear from the grammar whether the qualification "like John Hopkins" applies to "academia" or to "alumni".


  • The Council of Europe - on It's Last Legs?


    Firstly, the Council of Europe is not to be confused with the European Council (which is the EU's highest committee of Heads of State).

    The Council of Europe was formed in 1949 (well before the EU) to promote democracy and human rights, and it boasts a Parliamentary Assembly. The UK retains its membership of the Council of Europe.

    "This Assembly retains at least one important prerogative, that of electing the judges to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)"

    A prerogative that may not have been always conscientiously exercised.

    Of course, the Covid pandemic has left its mark on this

  • Covenants - Prerequisite for the New World?


    Martin Geddes is in effect sharing his journey of awakening with us, and I am grateful to him for opening his heart and mind to us, for that makes it easier for us to understand our own progress and the progress of those near and dear to us.

    It's not always simple. Here he is talking of the difference between contracts (so beloved of our legal beagles that they seek to entangle us in acres of notorious fine print hidden behind a tick-box before we can so much as order a bar of soap on-line) and covenants.

    Various dictionaries seem to consider that a covenant is a contract, but nuances are important here.

    The original Covenant (as far back as written records reveal) is probably the Biblical covenant between God and his biblical families and peoples,

  • A Relaxed Ramble Around our Covid Policing


    James Harvey has been making a name for himself (Students Against Tyranny, Voice of Wales, UNN) by taking the weapon of publicity to the authorities, and if you have a mind to spend a half hour listening to this interview you will learn how some of those who were arrested at the 2020 Covid demonstrations experienced our police and judicial systems.

    It's an interview that makes a pleasant change from the polemics of the commentators, and brings out the human aspects of these experiences in a manner that I found quite engaging.

    Our future is safe with young people like these.

    And it's not all bad news!

    (32 minutes)



  • This is not Legal Advice


    I found this article of interest, not because I am fascinated by the complexities of law but because it seems that these largely unknown unrecognised and unacknowledged complexities may be cause for serious concern, given that the ostensible function of a court is to achieve justice.

    I'm sure there is a lot more here than meets the eye, but some of the historical developments noted certainly provide an interesting glimpse of the legal mindset as it has evolved over the years.

    I'm sure that this website holds many more items of interest for those that wish to explore further.

    Canon 3228 : The Twelve Presumptions of Court


  • Reiner Fuellmich Leaves the Corona Committee - 2


    We first reported on this from the viewpoint of Reiner himself, so today we redress the balance by bringing you Viviane Fischer's explanation of the rift.

    A sorry tale indeed, and one that should never have been allowed to fester for so long.

    As always, it's your judgement that counts.

    (10 minutes) German with English subtitles


    And here, Reiner responds more directly to Viviane's assertions. The subtitling seems to be by AI and is tricky to follow, but you do get the gist... 

    Reiner Fuellmich Leaves the Corona Committee!!


    Many who have followed the work of the Corona Investigative Committee will be dismayed by the news that it appears that it is breaking up.

    I think that's the only way that we can describe the situation where the main man is leaving.

    Times change, and people naturally regroup as required in order to meet the challenges of those times. The Corona Committee was formed to deal with the Corona crisis, but that was 30 months ago. What we are seeing here seems to be as much about regrouping to address the challenges of the Great Reset which have gained public traction over the lifetime of the Corona Committee, as about anything else.

    "Viviana Fischer is now in control of the Corona Investigative Committee"

    "Reiner is creating International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC), broadening the scope to look

  • Injections Under Coercion Are Illegal


    So what's new you ask?

    And anyway, the UK isn't demanding coerced injections any more...   but if any employer in the UK is so doing (or tries it on once more), the law (according to "down under") is on your side.

    No, it's not really anything new, but it is a new twist that potentially evens the argument. Instead of arguing against your possibly remote and effectively faceless employer, you can argue with the person waiting to inject you.

    This could even the odds up considerably.

    Of course the Australian precedent may not be recognised in a UK Court, but coerced medical intervention (especially with a needle) has always been considered assault and battery under Common Law (in my understanding).

    So ask the person wielding the needle their identity and tell them that you are being coerced to take the jab, pointing out that they will be guilty of assault if they do

  • Daily Sceptic - Just Too Sceptical?


    And not just the Daily Sceptic - the Free Speech Union and Toby Young himself have been adjudged too free with their speech - or something; the reasoning behind this is about as clear as mud, so it's pretty obvious that it doesn't stand up.

    In this case it is Paypal that is reportedly acting as judge jury and executioner, no appeal possible.

    So if you had a regular donation to either the Daily Sceptic or the Free Speech Union, you will have received an email from Toby directly - if you haven't had the email then you are not affected.

    Under Law it should be open to Toby to sue Paypal for restitution and damages. It would be for Paypal to demonstrate that their terms and conditions had indeed been broken. Under our official legal  system this is inordinately expensive, but in a Common Law Court it should be feasible, and simple enough, although enforcing judgement would be

  • King Charles in Hot Water?


    Announcement by the International Common Law Court of Justice.

    This site has no opinion on such proceedings, except to say that the charges are indeed extremely grave and the function of the Court is to try them in public to see whether there is any truth in them. If there is none, then the charges should be rejected.

    Let justice be done and be seen to be done. 

    Certainly it would be impossible for the King as constitutional monarch to be tried by his own Courts in the UK.

    In this instance, this does not appear to be a trial, it is simply an investigation by a tribunal. Presumably if the tribunal concludes that a trial is necessary, it will be called for a later date.

    It should be stated that

  • Common Law Court


    Learn about Common Law Courts.

    No, it's not a court, it's a process legal under common law for the people to hold their own courts.

    Common Law Court is also an administrative organisation that provides educational and other services relating to Common Law. 

    This Q&A video introduces us to their activities and you can visit their Common Law Court website for the full information.

    (28 minutes)

    Watch this video here.

    NB: The URL for the CLC Currency is https://clc-currency.uk/ 

  • 9/11 - 21 Year Anniversary Review


    The destruction of the twin towers in Manhattan resulted in the deaths of around 3000 people, ushering in the "war on terror". 

    It was followed up by an official report that many in the civil engineering fraternity flat-out rejected as totally implausible.

    The official blanking of all the professional criticism that ensued raised the alarming thought that this was an inside job that had to be kept covered up come what may.

    This sober film has been made to show the world why that narrative is still unbelievable and still contended, 21 years later.

    "... there is no obligation for the government to issue a truthful report"

    (2hrs 43mins)


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    Unless you are well-advise or well-versed or both, probably best not to try this at home!

    Unhappily this is not helped by the poor video quality, but I guess it was shot on a mobile phone. It makes it difficult to pinpoint the precise legal arguments, but I'm certain that this case will not be the last of its kind.

    Here is another case (Council Tax) that is wending its way through the courts:

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