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Deep Dives

  • Does Money Grow on Trees?


    If you know how the banking system works then you know its central deliberate design flaw.

    My first job was as a trainee bank clerk - knowing nothing about banking I was put to work on the Enquiries desk...

    Maybe they wanted to keep me ignorant. They certainly succeeded in convincing me that working for them was time wasted.

    The simple con is that money doesn't grow on trees, it' much easier than that. It appears in computers with a few stokes of the keyboard - then you have to pay it back plus interest. With such a business model, how can banks fail?

    It's hard, but they engineer it! And since they are too big to fail, governments co-opt us to bail them out.

    Funny how governments always seem to work to the disadvantage of the people.

    Now factor in the credit-card economy where the bankers take a percentage of every

  • Life is an Urban Network?


    Some might say that life these days is whatever you can get away with.

    Mark Anderson writing for UK Column gives us a quick tour of the U7 - the urban seven network of cities that some think have ideas above their station, harping back to the times of independent city states that existed before the formal concept of the nation was forged by agreement, by war, or by any other means of extending the reach of one's power.

    We sometimes forget that the nations of Europe were originally far more fragmented than they now are.

    But whilst the U7 does seem to hark back to those times, we do have to ask ourselves how much legitimacy they have in the eyes of their citizens? After all, they do seem to espouse the top down dogma of the globalists rather than the bottom-up aspirations of their people (ULEZ anybody?).

    And is that not the primary battleground of our modern world? The Globalists want top-down one-size-fits-all

  • Life is a Pyramid


    This is a stunning exposition, let down it must be said by poor sound and vision at critical points - but stick with it, the bits that can't be seen are drawn out in added diagrammatic superimposition in due course.

    You may need to watch this more than once...  but if unexplained synchronicities fascinate, then this is for you!

    But why do I have the uneasy feeling that he has merely scratched the surface of knowledge still to be uncovered?

    (53 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole - in Search of the Annunaki


    If you are not familiar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" articles, you may want to peruse a few of them before you undertake this one.

    I feature them not because I think them correct, but because I'm not prepared to dismiss them out of hand merely because they seem outlandish. It is clear that "science" does not understand the origins of humanity, and in the face of obvious evidence that somebody built many megalithic structures for purposes unknown all over the globe at some time in pre-history, we have to assume that there is much that currently we do not understand.

    If by some chance some of these theses should turn up and hit us in the face, it might be best to have some prior awareness...

    Billy Carson, American researcher of pre-history, author of the Compendium of the Emerald Tablets a

  • A King for Our Time?


    What of our Kings, and their relationships with the England of times past?

    For Charles I it ended in civil war and execution, for the nation of England it was turmoil, death, and a period of military rule. Followed by the restoration of Charles II and Royal Rule... 

    So what next under Charles III? The acclamation of the populace at his coronation was perhaps less than overwhelming, and his support for the dubious agendas of the WEF is clearly divisive.

    Maybe we should remember that God is not mocked

    (1 hr 50 mins)


    Is the Pretendency Going Down?


    This is a bit rambling over the introductions for my taste, but Mike Gill explaining the Pandora Papers is the substance and it doesn't disappoint. Not only that, he takes it slowly enough to make it comprehensible to those unfamiliar with the integration between the government agencies and financial corruption.

    It starts with the routine mortgage scams that seem to endemic in the western world, but it moves on to how the corruption works at the highest level.

    Not suitable for children. Make what you will of it.

    (58 minutes)



  • A Prophecy from 2015 - the Corruption Will Fall


    Karen Hudes worked at the World Bank, had a ring-side view of global corruption, and in 2015 gave this video interview about what she uncovered.

    Don't miss.

    (43 minutes)


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  • Good King Charles' Charitable Enterprises


    I have (perhaps somewhat tastelessly) remarked previously that it can be difficult to discern the practical difference between Charles being led by the WEF and the WEF being led by Charles.

    It doesn't really matter since they are apparently joined at the hip, and invariably push the totally fascist concept of government and corporate oligarchs uniting their efforts to bring in a global New World Order, all for our own good of course. 

    You might say that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but there is - and that is that all development, other than that approved by those who rule, is blocked and we all become slaves to the ruling elite. Life in recent centuries has been an uneasy compromise between top-down control and bottom-up innovation, but the paucity of new innovation that actually threatened the elite has been notable. Yes we have had lots of innovation (TV, phones, smartphones,

  • As Individuals We are on a Personal Journey


    These are momentous times, we have lived through momentous times, and more momentous times seem to beckon - so how do we cope with all this momentousness?

    We probably all have our own default reactions, with some blanking them out and continuing with life as far as possible as normal, some becoming rebellious and even contentious, and some introverting to analyse exactly what we are feeling, why we are feeling it, and how we are reacting.

    As an introvert myself, I belong in the last group. So it would appear does Martin Geddes, whose latest reflections on his journey he has generously shared with us. I think he's a brave man - I wouldn't like to bare my soul to the public quite this way - but marriage makes one more circumspect since others would be affected, and it would be inappropriate unfair and unnecessary to open too much to public scrutiny.

    But I relate to his philosophical leanings. I have learned to accept myself as I am with all my imperfections

  • England, Your England!


    The Church of England, the Queen (or King) of England, the Bank of England, and so on - we don't speak of the Bank of the UK, or even the Bank of Britain.

    Somehow the the relics of the old superiority of the English over the other nations of the UK is still apparent in our national naming conventions - after all, the outlying bits were all conquered by messy force of arms as much as by agreement ("here's an offer you can't refuse"), and the old enmities have been buried beneath time and common cause in adversity. Only the Irish managed to shake off the shackles that bound them, but maybe it took the Irish potato famine to goad them into it.

    And "England" is by far the greater part of the UK however you look at it, whether by land mass, or population, or gross national product (whatever that may be!). 

    Who are the English that allow their rulers to submit to firstly the EU, and lately the WEF-UN partnership that if anything pose a far greater and more

  • The EU Parliament - International Covid Summit III


    A presentation of the Covid history presented by those MEPs who were alert, conscientious, and not afraid to speak their minds, and by a number of subject matter experts in their field. We have featured many of these already elsewhere but here they are all together.

    Prepare for an extraordinary education.

    (8 hrs 39 mins)

    Watch on CHD TV.

    If you need a deep dive on the Covid shenanagins, then this is it!


  • Old Media to New - But Who will be Pulling the Strings?


    It is well known by now that the major news media companies are not interested in reporting the news, only in making it up to suit their corporate (secret service?) masters.

    The events of recent years have brought this sorry state of affairs to the fore, and a new raft of independent media companies have launched to enable the population themselves (those that wish it) to create their own media. But all this takes money and resources, and the funding is ultimately controlled by the same bankers corporates and oligarchs who fund the existing media, now in decline.

    So who is actually manoeuvring to profit from and control the new, brash, up-and-coming media? And where are they likely to take it? Will we ever have a truly free and impartial media dedicated to truth? Is such a thing even possible?

    Whilst we don't know the answers to all of these questions just now, the indefatigable Amazing Polly has at least begun to prise the lid off this can of worms

  • Covid - Counting the Cost


    We know that the cost of Covid measures (value for money or not) has been sky high.

    We know that the damage to the economy, to schooling, to the elderly was enormous.

    But for a global assessment, we are indebted to UK Column for pulling together as complete a picture as I have yet seen.

    "Since Covid–19 was recognized in Western countries in early 2020, expenditures on public health in many of them have more than doubled, imposing over $500 billion in monthly costs on the global economy"

    " Food and non-alcoholic beverage prices rose by 14.6% in the 12 months to September 2022"

    "in February 2020, there were already 4.43 million people on a

  • Ancient (and not Quite so Ancient) History


    These two videos ambushed me this morning.

    On the face of it neither of them grabbed my attention, but I wasn't feeling my best (late night last night) so it was convenient to indulge YouTube with some leisurely viewing, apropos of nothing in particular.

    Serendipity - the art of encountering fortuitous happenings!

    These are long videos, and in a (rather extended) weak moment I watched them both to the end. They are not related except in as much as they deal with a broad sweep of history, but the presentation and subject matter is complementary.

    The first is an interview of talking heads, and is probably the easier to follow, whilst the second is in lecture format (albeit quite informal) but it does have an annoying habit of showing the lecturer rather than the slides he is talking about.

    And ignore the intro, it's nothing to do

  • Trump Agenda 47 to Revive the Post-Globalist American States!


    The good folks at LarouchePAC are undoubtedly good folks but unhappily somewhat low-key, even on occasion stultifyingly boring - there, forgive me, but I said it.

    That's not however to say that they are wrong, inconsequential, or can be safely ignored.

    If Trump has an Agenda 47 then I'm pretty sure we should be taking a vigorous interest.

    So what is this Agenda 47? 

    If "the Donald" will forgive me, I summarise briefly below:

    • A new generation of 10 new "Freedom Cities" (to be commissioned after a design competition)
    • VTOL vehicles as the next generation of personal transport
    • Air mobility revolution to transform commerce
    • Dramatic lowering of cost of living
    • Baby
  • The Origins of World Control


    This is a long and convoluted story, so make of it what you will. 

    Whilst it necessarily skips over vast tracts of history, much of the history of recent centuries is widely recognised. Now may be a good time to review it.

    This is the type of new world order that I can support:

    "America was the greatest nation in history, because our people have always believed... that tomorrow can be better than today, and every one of us has a personal moral responsibility to make it so"

    But maybe that isn't the type that our leaders and manipulators have in mind for us:


    Mazzini Autofizza Furti Incendi Avvelengmeni
    (Mazzini authorises thefts fires and

  • Andrew Bridgen Speaks to Brian Gerrish


    Reluctant rebel and ex-Tory MP Andrew Bridgen tells UK Column his story.

    It's well worth watching, although it remains unclear exactly why virtually all other MPs meekly parroted the government line, despite the evidence that almost nothing about this pandemic was routine, logical, or even valid. Astonishing.

    Drawing comparison with the thalidomide debacle:

    "I don't have a word for that level of Evil, Brian"

    "... that sovereignty belongs to my constituents... "

    (62 minutes)

    Watch the report here.


  • Programmed to Obey (2)


    Richard Vobes talks to Mark Lawrence, a counter-terror surveillance operator with experience from the Middle East.

    "In modern history I'd say this is one of the biggest cons I've ever seen... "

    "Government overreach on a massive scale... "

    Lets' hope that Rumble is less pernickety than YT.

    (63 minutes)



  • The Ten Rules of Commerce


    Since just about everything somehow seems to be reduced to "commerce" these days, these rules could be important!

    I am no lawyer so I cannot and will not offer legal advice, but I found this presentation interesting, as it offers a number of principles that seem to make sense of how the legal systems work.

    Make of it what you will...

    (2 hours!)


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  • Programmed to Obey


    Richard Vobes talks to Mark Lawrence, a counter-terror surveillance operator with experience from the Middle East.

    "In modern history I'd say this is one of the biggest cons I've ever seen... "

    "Government overreach on a massive scale... "

    (63 minutes)


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