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Deep Dives

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 2 - Vaccines Clones and the Cabal


    Those of us struggling to make sense of the current world goings-on realise that many of these don't make sense when considered against a traditional world view-point.

    Why did more or less the whole world in concert abandon all their prepared pandemic response plans in favour of previously deprecated measures like lockdowns and masks as soon as Covid-19 appeared?

    Why did the world's panic continue when the government's own skewed statistics showed that Covid is more or less as survivable as influenza (and much better than that for children)?

    Why did all medical regulatory bodies ignore and

  • This is How the World Will be Saved


    This is a post from Stop World Control - many have reportedly found it helpful.

    Equally, many will consider it unhelpful. Probably very few will agree with everything he says. 

    Nonetheless I consider it to be on the right side of current world events - at this time when our lords and masters are hell-bent on creating division where none previously existed, any thoughts that encourage us to hold together and act together in love and unity, come what may, are to be welcomed. That is the primary message that I accept, and the reason why I carry the post.

    See the original article.

  • Everything You Never Wanted to Know about This Global Psy-Op ...


    ... but you are going to have to find out sooner or later.

    Martin Geddes has helpfully summarised what Covid really means for humanity, and his opening gambit is arresting.

    However, as he equally helpfully points out, we have been here before, even if not on a global scale.

    "Governments routinely are captured by criminals and psychopaths, and turn on their population"

    Twas ever thus.

    The 2020s are however the first time in history that the necessary communications tools are available to permit the self-appointed elite to coordinate the job at global scale. Humanity's future is in the balance.

    Happily it is also the first time in history that the common peoples also have the communications tools to uncover and understand what is really going on, to spread the word, and to come together globally to reject these

  • The Bernician on the Delingpod


    Those unfamiliar with the Bernician should be aware that he is the one behind present moves to take members of the government and its advisers to court charged with crimes associated with their handling of the Covid "pandemic".

    We have reported previously on these matters - you may wish to review if you are unfamiliar with his activities.

    He has also taken legal action over The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

    Today we feature his recent outing on the Delingpod.

    It is quite long at the best part of two hours, but covers much of his life

  • Dr. David Martin - Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid


    We have reported on Dr David Martin's views previously, on the Stew Peters Show, and earlier when he gave evidence to Dr Reiner Fuellmich for the Corona Investigative Committee.

    The long and the short of his claims is that by following the trail of patents taken out in respect of the claimed 'novel coronavirus', he has concluded that the virus was never 'novel' and the pandemic was therefore unfounded.

    In this recent presentation below he has moved on from releasing the results of his investigations to declaring war on the influencers that have been managing aspects of the alleged pandemic.

    I have no way to verify his assertions one way or the other, so I do not

  • Highwire Episode 241 - Sins of Science - Sins of Education


    This episode is a genuine blockbuster that pins down so much that is wrong with our world today.

    If you think that this is just about "vaccines" and "Covid", think again.

    You may feel overwhelmed by the implications, but Del is providing pointers to how we will need to rebuild our attitudes to medicine, to government, and to the ways in which we raise and educate our children. 

    The old systems of top-down authority are so fundamentally flawed, even corrupted, that they must be discarded, and new ways of working based upon bottom-up paradigms are going to have to be invented and adopted by the responsible people - primarily parents and those responsible adults that are prepared to reclaim their sovereignty from the self-appointed "expert" and "governing" classes.

    This is the most daunting prospect, but it is also the most exciting and will depend upon the ambition and determination of each one us to join and

  • Dr Michael Yeadon Reviews the Covid Record


    At a time when the establishment is determined to vaccinate all our children against a disease from which they are in no danger, Dr Yeadon's review (July 2021) is an understandable, authoritative and devastating assessment of the Covid conumdrum.

    "there is no possible benign interpretation of this"

    "it's a straightforward respiratory virus, most people have completely ample immunity to repel it"

    "once you've been infected, you're immune. There's no uncertainty about it"

    "it's simply not true that the variants that it throws off as it replicates are sufficiently different from each other to represent any threat at all... it's impossible"

    (57 minutes)


  • Coming Soon ... The Covid Chronicles!


    Regular visitors will probably be aware that we have been delighted to feature many of Ivor Cummins' videos on the topic of Covid, and indeed on health in general.

    His outstanding research and wonderfully confident yet laid-back style of presentation marks him out as a truly extraordinary source of information, and the fact that he doesn't charge for his videos tells us that his approach is as unbiased as may be found anywhere.

    It may come as a surprise to some that Ivor is not medically qualified. That he can and does produce such commanding videos is probably at least partly because he does not share the medical profession's training, but investigates the art of health by applying scientific principles to the available medical and scientific literature.

    So today we hear that the feature length film of Ivor's pandemic is due for release... "shortly".

    The Covid Chronicles promises to be the

  • Propaganda and the 9/11 'Global War on Terror'



    ... "Academia was doing an extremely bad job in terms of really getting to the bottom of the levels of deception and propaganda that we've been seeing since 9/11 - there's an instinctive aversion among academics to study propaganda, and there's an aversion to studying deception and state level deception, especially when those deceptions are being carried out by their own government"

    "Presented by the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global ‘War on Terror’"

    This video is hosted by UK Column, and can be viewed on their site where more information is provided.

    The subject-matter starts with

  • The Bigtree Review of the W.H.O. 2019 Global Vaccine Safety Summit


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire brings us a review of the W.H.O. Global Vaccine Safety Summit. December 2019.

    This reminds us that the vaccine hesitancy problem was a feature before the Covid vaccines burst upon us, before they were mandated by various bodies both private and governmental around the world, and before sections of populations were motivated to march in their thousands around the world to defy the demand that the whole world should be vaccinated. Indeed the W.H.O. Safety Summit took place before the pandemic even (officially) started.

    It was taken so seriously that the W.H.O. debated it in front of the cameras.

    Did the W.H.O. heed the advice of their Summit?

    This is just two quotes, still topical today, almost two years later:

    "I spend a lot of time talking... with tech companies (Facebook, WhatsApp ... Weibo) they have a lot of fingers pointing at

  • Clif High and Greg Hunter - Red October - Collapse of Financial System, Big Health etc


    1932/33 on steroids? Not only Big Finance but also Big Health / Big Pharma?

    Breakdown of civilisation as at the end of the Bronze Age? 

    "... the disease itself is not causing that but the vax is..."

    "... we are already seeing an outrageous level of increase in death..."

    "... they're giving it[ivermectin] out in hospitals to people that have been vaxxed - they're not telling anybody, but they're doing it"

    "... there is a... level of vitamin D that you can have circulating in your blood that guarantees that you will not get the disease... they are saying that it's 50 nanograms per millilitre..."

    "... even if you've been injected... vitamin D... will... close the A2 receptor down... so the spike protein can't... attach..." 


  • Can the Unvaxxed Catch the Vaxx from the Vaxxed?


    I don't know, but there are some who think so.

    Greg Hunter with pharmaceutical and medical device analyst Karen Kingston.

    "Children never got Covid before. What they are getting is infected from their parents being vaccinated"

    "This is in the CDC's own data... published... a month ago"

    (1 hour)


    Related download (not specific to the Covid spike protein but demonstrating the effect):

    The immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins- what you don’t know can hurt YOU and the patient

  • Compendium of Corona Conspiracy


    Things are coming together. All the various strands that have been painstakingly deconstructed and reverse engineered are now being reconstructed and reintegrated by diligent independent researchers so that we may finally view the whole, with all its terrible import.

    The Covid-19 virus was the scare, the vaccines are the bio-weapon, the peoples of the world are the sheep whose lives health and freedoms are being destroyed, and the survivors reprogrammed to the New World Order's liking using 5G 6G etc - or so the story goes. 

    Is it true? Will anybody believe it?

    Readers of this site will find previous articles that corroborate some of the content, and there are more references within the document.

    Could we do anything to stop it?

    Now may not be the time to blindly and blithely assume that this is all a storm in a teacup that will be forgotten by next year and we can

  • AZ Maricopa County Election Audit Results - Full Presentation!


    The "Full Forensic Audit". Presented from a sceptical viewpoint. 

    "45% of our voters did not have any trust or confidence in our election"

    "... not only did they not cooperate with us, they even went so far as to sue us, to sue the Senate!"

    "This is the first time in the history of our country that an audit of this scale and magnitude has ever been conducted"

    If you just want to see the official proceedings, skip the first 35 minutes of lead-in interviews.

    (3 hrs 48 Minutes - this is the full official public presentation to the AZ Senate)

    And below we have a trio of sceptical pundits giving us the benefit of their viewpoint, which may be more

  • The Human Hive - Deep Woo Progress Dissected


    This is a deep dive into one person's view of the current state of the world.

    Beware strong language - if you don't like strong language (and the occasional slurping of coffee) you will almost certainly be offended by the concepts presented.

    The parallel between an insect hive and the way the world works (and has worked for many years, possibly centuries) is striking, and I think it provides quite a clear model for what we are going through at the moment.

    Still with us? Plenty of woo below, so - dive in!

    "... over these next few months, we will see the degradation and collapse of the Federal Reserve Central Bank system"


    See also:

  • All About Doing Away with Everything we Once Knew


    We haven't featured any contribution from Dana Ashlie for a long time - as it turns out, that's because she hasn't been so productive of late.

    But she's back, and talking to the most knowledgeable man on the planet on the topic of Technocracy (drum roll please!): Patrick Wood.

    Talking about the end of humanity as we know it.

    About the perversion of science to serve the global dictatorship in controlling humanity.

    About the perversion of medicine to keep the masses docile and obedient.

    About the replacement of money, economics, politics, and free thinking individualism by a global centralised pseudo-scientific technocratic control grid.

    About the dissolution of the family, the historic bedrock of the upbringing of the next generation, taking this regenerative function into the laboratory as a "scientific" process to

  • So What Exactly is the New World Order?


    The Glastonbury Symposium came up trumps (no, not that Trump) this year with a highly topical presentation which delves into what exactly the UN's Agenda 21 / 2030 means.

    Sandi Adams was a last-minute substitute for the originally slated speaker but she delivered in spades, revealing a very great deal about what the dry verbiage of the official publications actually means, for those of us who have no inclination to plough through the formal documentation for ourselves.

    Her web-site is a veritable cornucopia of relevant information - highly recommended.

    It's not until you understand the enormity of these schemes that you realise just what a vital service people like Sandi perform for the rest of us. We cannot repay that debt, but we can give her work the recognition that is clearly

  • Was the "Pandemic" Driven by the Prospect of Imminent Financial Armageddon?


    Whilst (inexplicably, since we acknowledge the need to re-elect them every now and then precisely because we don't trust them) many retain trust in our government and its associated national institutions, many others are now aware of the growing chasm between what the government says and what it does. Vaccine passports? We don't do that sort of thing in this country. They will now be introduced for large venues (and if we can get away with that then no doubt small venues too as soon as possible).

    We are guided by the science. In the light of the JCVI's recommendations on the vaccination of 12 -15 year-olds

  • The Search for the Ground Zero of Climate Change


    Climate Discussion Nexus investigates - the Antarctic? the Arctic? Greenland? Bangladesh? Well, no - the troposphere. More precisely, the tropical troposphere. 

    What were the 2007 IPCC predictions predicting? and what happened according to the temperature data measurements?

    "... basic problem with models is that they are not based upon fundamental physics, they are based upon approximations of what happens in the atmosphere..."


    Like / Dislike this video here.

  • Fake Virus, Trojan Vaccine, The End is Nigh


    Whoever created this video has done a sterling job on assembling the evidence, although the depressing background "muzak" is a turn-off.

    Nevertheless it's a compelling compilation on a very serious theme that I have not seen so much elsewhere, let alone so well sequenced - although you may choose to mute the sound for much of it (but don't miss Yuri Bezmenov's clips at 25 minutes onward!).

    How much of it is true? It's certainly hard to fault, and I suspect that you will all find something here to challenge your current viewpoint. 

    As always, you must make up your own mind.

    I recommend watching right through to the end (48 mins):