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US Election

  • Mind Your Ps and Qs


    This video is not for everyone - for a start it's over three hours long and most of us don't have that sort of spare time unless we really are wanting to know more about the topic.

    But it is a presentation by somebody who does claim to have made a considerable study of the subject matter, and I've only really found one other who has done the same.

    So which Ps and Qs are we talking about here? 

    Popcorn and Quavers?

    Perceptions and Quandaries?

    Presidents and Q(ANONs)?

    This is a deep dive indeed - and it's about all of these things (but I don't think it covers the snack versions).

    " ... the most sophisticated, widespread, psychological

  • Making Sense of History


    It has been said that history is rewritten by the victors, but this exposition suggests that it is written by those who never - ever - give up.

    Whilst this covers a good few centuries, its unifying theme is clear and almost certainly controversial (although the idea that the Vatican has been involved in historical power struggles is not at all controversial to the English).

    This is a veritable tour de force, first posted on Bitchute 15 months ago, and recently reposted. Whatever your religious beliefs or none, this is primarily a historical video that I suggest is required viewing - after all, it might just be substantially accurate...

    (2 hrs 54)



  • Are You a Citizen of California, or a Citizen of the UNITED STATES?


    We in the UK might equivalently ask "are you a citizen of England / Scotland / Wales / Northern Ireland, or are you a citizen of the UNITED KINGDOM?

    Are we free if we have to pay taxes under coercion?

    Are we free if we have to obey the commands of our government under coercion?

    Are our make-believe democratic governments really only the "acceptable" face behind which the bankers exert the real control?

    It's your decision.

    (16 minutes)


    Below is the Derek Johnson video referred to above, concerning the status of Donald J. Trump.  Yes it's a bit long, so it takes second place in this article - not everyone has the time.

    SELECTION CODE - The Movie


    This video is all about the US Election Fraud issue - an issue which isn't apparently guided by the evidence, but by political allegiance.

    If there was nothing to hide, why bother to hide it?

    Let's have the evidence (if any) out in the open where everyone can see it for what it is.

    Until then, the accusations and insults will continue. This is surely the biggest and most dishonestly handled issue in the USA today, and I can't see how they can allow this to fester indefinitely.

    This video gives us a potted history of US voting, the politics of voting, and the evidence for (and humour around) corruptible voting.

    "[S]ELECTION CODE is a political thriller uncovering a secret so critical to the survival of America it transcends political parties. It is not about correcting the past. It’s about correcting the future"

    If the US Pays the Ukrainian Army, at What Point Does the US Wage War on Russia?


    Despite reports of specific Ukrainian "victories", UK Column remains unimpressed.

    UK Column News Monday 15th August:

    (69 minutes

    US Election & Immigration: 36 mins

    Online Safety Act: 48 mins

    Free Speech Hypocrisy: 54 mins

    Economic News: 63 mins)



  • Meltdown in the US?


    Not to be outdone in the Meltdown Stakes, the USA is also becoming overtly rebellious about the overreach of its Federal Government.

    "Gone is any pretense of “serving” the public. That’s been replaced with the tyranny of lording over the public, threatening them, coercing them or just shoving guns in their faces to loot their belongings like what happened at Mar-A-Lago"

    The FBI raid on Trumps residence is not the cause, but the proximate trigger that is galvanising the States to serve notice that they won't stand for it any more.

    Is it all a storm in a teacup? Apparently not:

    "The IRS [Internal Revenue Service, approx equivalent to our HMRC], for example, is running help wanted ads for tax enforcement agents who are “willing to use deadly force” against the American people"

    Of course, the Constitution is clear -  the Feds have strictly

  • Mar a Lago "Raided by FBI"


    One supposes that the FBI must have had a reason to do this, the only question is whether it was a good or a bad reason.

    After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid at my home was not necessary or appropriate

    For a "former" president of the United States to be raided is unheard of.

    If this is a prelude to his arrest, I can't think of a better way to provoke a civil uprising in America.  

    (3 minutes)



  • "January 6th" Documentary - Just Out


    The events of January 6th 2021 at the Capitol have gone down in history either as the day of the Great American Insurrection, or as the Great American Fake Insurrection, depending on who you believe.

    Today there are still maybe 50 prisoners held post the event, allegedly in isolation in inhuman conditions, who have not been brought to court.

    This documentary, using footage taken on the day, tells the story of the Fake Insurrection, and those who still languish behind bars 18 months after the event, "awaiting trial":

    (46 minutes)



  • A "True" History of the United States


    It has been well recognised that if we don't know the history of how we got here, we can't work out where we should be going.

    LaRouchePAC offer us their version of the "true history" of the USA, and of course it includes their dealings with British Governments.

    Their history is to a great extent also our history.

    This is the short version:

    (38 minutes)


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    See also the long

  • Ukraine - How Did We Get Here?


    Prof John Mearsheimer tells it as he sees it in this well-researched polemic. What is the history behind the invasion of the Crimea, later of the Ukraine, and Putin's ambitions for that country?

    He presents a pretty comprehensive analysis of the politics economics and military situation, but this is founded on the traditional viewpoint that the Biden administration, comfortable in its political bubble of perceived invincibility, isn't about to collapse under the combined weight of the Bidens' alleged criminal activities in the Ukraine, and the possible decertification of the Nov 2020 election result.

    That assumption, although unspoken and perhaps unfounded, is critical, since without Biden in place any new administration would likely

  • The US Supreme Court Delivers Judgements


    a) The infamous Roe vs Wade judgement has been overturned - this in effect permits individual states the right to determine their own laws relating to termination of a pregnancy.

    b) The Second Amendment covering the citizens' right to bear arms has been upheld, with the New York restrictions on "concealed carry" being overturned as restricting the right to self-defence and therefore incompatible with the Constitution.

    Two resounding (if much delayed) victories for the traditional American Constitution.

    Some of the dissenting opinions are interesting not because they dissent but because the reasoning behind the dissent fails to

  • USA Update June 2022


    This update from Defending the Republic (Sidney Powell - that infamous "conspiracy theorist") is worth reading, for those with an interest in the alleged heist of the US Election.

    Topic updates include:

    • Dominion Voting Systems
    • Monkey Pox (Dr Malone - again)
    • "How the Covid Vaccines Kill"
    •  Joe Biden's Train-Wreck Economy
    • The Sussmann case verdict
    • Shootings in Chicago

  • Did Italy (and others) Cooperate to Steal the US Presidential Election for Biden?


    How absurd is such an allegation?

    For example, how did the candidates fare at their rallies (bearing in mind that "Covid" was in full swing). Here is a picture from one of Biden's socially distanced rallies - of course, his supporters may have been prudently staying at home:

    Meanwhile Trump had to make do with stadia packed with supporters prepared to brave the Covid danger to support their candidate:

    It's well reported that this scenario was commonplace during the campaign.

    Can we trust the reports? There were certainly too many to ignore, but they may have been selectively

  • Khazarian Mafia and World History


    Visitors to this site may be familiar with Benjamin Fulford's reports, which frequently mention the "Khazarian Mafia".

    Most of us had never heard of Khazaria, so a history lesson may be in order. Whilst I have read other reports covering some of the same territory, I would say that this article from Veterans Today is one of the most comprehensive and digestible narratives.

    As VT points out, the KM have repeatedly clashed with the Russians over the centuries - maybe this simple fact sheds light on the current conflict in the Ukraine. Russia vs Khazaria has form, and neither side seems likely to back down.

    The KM has also been active in the UK for centuries (according to VT), being one of the parties that had a interest in the English

  • 2000 Mules - Documentary


    The documentary that is said to prove that the US 2020 November election was stolen.

    I expect we are all fed up hearing that there was "no evidence of voter fraud".

    Put the kettle on, sit back, and submit to another hour and a half of reminders of US election fraud matters.

    Does it matter?

    Can you imagine a bigger upheaval to world affairs than "the Donald" being restored in the most dramatic come-back in history? 

    No corner of world will escape the fall-out.

    (89 minutes)

     Correction - This video may be watched for a fee here.

  • Russell-Jay:Gould and the US Election


    Many believe that the US election of Nov 2020 were stolen, even as the establishment and mainstream media insist otherwise.

    So what does Russell-Jay:Gould have to say about it? Quite a lot as it turns out.

    If you have not yet assessed Quantum Grammar - Incomprehension with Consequences? I recommend that you first do so. 

    "... the United States Post Office lapsed its authorisation to authorise the US Military, FEMA, or the civil servants around the former United States in 1999 when the US Post Office violated its own constitution in the presidential election of 2000, which means the charter and the shareholders and stakeholders for the federal contractors ended, which means that they are actually working in derelict without papers"      

    CNN, New York Post Break the Biden Lap-Top Story into the Open


    One more "conspiracy theory" segues seamlessly into "conspiracy fact".

    Mainstream media (CNN et al) pick up the story.

    Restricted Republic lays it out for us:

    (25 minutes)


    Just to underline the point, more information in this video:

    (9 minutes)


    Can the Great Pretender Joe Biden survive the opening of Pandora's box? 


  • The Legal Case of the Century?


    What took him so long?

    The 45th President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Donald J. Trump files a case in the United States District Court Southern District of Florida demanding damages and a criminal trial by jury of the defendants, namely Hillary R. Clinton and many other associates businesses and individuals, who were involved in fabrication of the "Trump-Russia" narrative before and after the 2016 election.

    Will the Court hear the case?

    How many years of litigation may we expect?

    View/Download the 108 page document here.

    The Mail has the

  • Wisconsin to Up-end the Biden Pretendency?


    What with everything else going on the US Election of Nov 2020 has faded into the background a bit, but news from Wisconsin may be about to change that.

    "During his opening testimony, Justice Gableman listed a series of unlawful acts that took place during the 2020 presidential election"

    "Our recommendations are fairly predictable considering what we just covered… The elimination of WEC (Wisconsin Election Commission)… At this point, I believe the legislature ought to take a very hard look at the option of decertification of 2020 Wisconsin Presidential Election"

    Gateway Pundit brings us up to date:


  • A Reminder of What Was, What Has Receded - and What is Yet to Come?


    (18 minutes)

    Donald Trump's Inauguration, January 2017:

    "We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mystery of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow"

    "We will face challenges, we will confront hardships, but we will get the job done"


    In case you forgot, this will remind you that the plan will be entirely accomplished.

    Everything is on track.

    Nothing is off limits.