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The EU is notoriously dismissive of its populist parties, and the UK is well out of it (at least legally out of it - politically it is obviously still a work in progress, that some suspect may outlast the EU itself).

I suppose that the British have a bit of a reputation for independent thinking - although not always right-thinking. I suppose that our struggle for independence (ie: getting out from under) has been going on ever since the Romans invaded, and for all I know it may even predate those times.

But it is now clear that independence is a multi-layered concept - we regained our legal nationhood from the legal clutches of the EU, but not yet our political independence from their top-down political thinking - that very plainly still has to be resolved, and that resolution is a battle not only for our nationhood but also for fundamental truth and integrity within our governing institutions. We need to recognise and understand who really governs us, and how they do it, before we will be able to wrest back our right to govern ourselves as we see fit.

That is a wholly different struggle from the historical battles that were fought for our "independence" and "freedom" in past ages.

Or is it? Perhaps it is just another battleground of the same struggle, a battleground that in past ages we didn't perceive as clearly as we are beginning perceive it today.

Nick Hubble from Fortune and Freedom reviews the events in Europe that preceded and in some ways set the stage for the English Civil War, which was indeed a battle over how we were to be governed, and has parallels with our modern world. 

Whilst those parallels are indeed apposite, our struggle for truth, integrity, and bottom-up governance is now coming to the fore as never before. And it is being fought, indeed must be fought, on a global scale.

What will success look like?

When we can provide a different answer to that old joke: "How do you know when a politician is lying?" we will know that we have made progress.