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Free Citizen

  • Make of This What You Will ...


    This is "advanced conspiracy theory" - that perhaps only a minority will find credible. I feature it not because I know it's right, but because even if nobody accepts it, those who have seen it may be better prepared if it comes to pass.

    From my viewpoint, it's all unproven theory and there are a great many strands to it. Some of those strands may be familiar, and many may seem outrageous - take from it what you will, but for me there is no real argument that the world faces a huge reset, and the primary decision is "whose reset will that be and what will it look like?".

    It's beyond my pay-grade to say what will happen with much certainty or to suggest a time-frame, but I would suggest that the WEF-UN "Great Reset" is going under the bus, along with much else.

    Does this affect the UK?

    "... we're going to see more and more militaries become actively involved in their governments... first in the background

  • The Biggest World News Story - and Not on the BBC?


    Well, it either isn't the biggest story, or the BBC is asleep at the wheel...  and we know what happens when drivers fall alseep.

    Well, if it isn't the biggest, it's hard to think of a bigger one, although perhaps not absolutely impossible (should China stage a revolution to topple the CCP for example).

    Well, it's only Musk cleaning the stables at Twitter...

    ... except that it isn't, because it involves the corruption at the highest levels of the US Federal Government under the Biden pretendency, and probably prior under the Trump presidency.

    Of course that could not have taken place under the watchful eyes of a vigilant free press, so either it didn't, or the free press was neither watchful nor vigilant, for whatever reason.

    Once again there are many facts to be established and holes in the story to be filled in, but it's not that difficult to make sense of whom

  • What is the WHO?


    The Corbett Report does a good job in a half-hour or so of checking out how the WHO was founded, what it stands for, and how it goes about its business.

    We are sure to be reminded of something salient to today's world status - concepts such as the "bio-security paradigm" are unpacked for inspection. 

    Such matters have been long in the gestation (aided as required by the apparently inevitable mutation of pandemic definition).

    "... people still I don't think have their full mind around it... "

    Published August 21 2020.

    Not to be missed even then!

    (35 minutes)




  • BREXIT in Whose Dock?


    The CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) in alliance with Brexit Facts4EU, notes that whilst the Northern Ireland "protocol" is in force, we have not left the EU.

    You could say that GB has left the EU, and NI has been left behind - but that ignores the fact that the trade between NI and GB, which is entirely an internal matter for the UK, is subject to EU rules.

    Oh, and the Good Friday Agreement, which has been widely credited with ending many years of violence, has also been overridden, since Northern Ireland was not consulted about this supposedly de facto undermining of the Act of Union, under which the province became an equal part of the United Kingdom.

    It further appears that there are

  • Green Project on the Ropes?


    This site has never made a secret of our distrust of the Green narratives. None of the apocalyptic predictions of rising sea levels, overheating climate, polar bear extinctions etc have come about, and the "great and the good" still buy waterfront mansions with complete insouciance - don't they know that rising sea levels will wash them away?!

    Now the self-inflicted energy crisis is concentrating the minds of industrialists, if not yet (or ever) of politicians, and it is dawning on them that the proposed switch to EVs is unsustainable without the gas to power them (and of course there is the comparatively minor matter of getting enough lithium... ).

    Sensibly China India et al are not at all inconvenienced as they (rightly) have no qualms about building coal-fired power

  • Tourist Industry in Crisis - What's Happening to our Hotels?


    We have observed the constant influx of illegal migrants being ferried to our shores by our Border Force, the RNLI, and the French, and this flow has done nothing but grow in recent years, despite our Government ineffectively handing ever more money to the French to close it down - and then feigning (there is no longer any other word for it) surprise that this solution still does not work.

    The UK has a history of accepting refugees over centuries past, and of integrating them into our society to the extent where we consider them British - indeed, we may be surprised to learn of their immigrant status. They come (presumably) because they believe that we are nice people and the UK is a good place to live, and historically they either share our values or they come to share our values.

    Nevertheless, if we are a country of law and order, then we cannot permit or condone illegal immigration.

    We have now reached the point that our own government that we

  • Blogs that Make You Go Hmmmm...


    Jon Rappoport is not a conventional person. 

    He doesn't hold authority in high esteem (or any esteem at all!) - unless he can find truth and integrity in that authority's pronouncements. And he's his own judge on that.

    If you were to ask me, I would say that in these troubled times, this is an attitude to which we should all aspire, even if we cannot yet see our way to full achievement of such aspiration.

    I'm not sure that Jon has approved of any authority in recent years, other than perhaps some independent self-made authorities that also follow the evidence wherever it leads them.

    After what seems like an eternity of Covid authorities rampant, he reposts a blog from February 2020 wherein he reviews what he thinks of the Covid scenario (just at the time that the vaccines were beginning to be rolled out).

    "This article is a kind of summary of where I stand, at

  • Fracking Company Finds Big Fine


    Opponents of fracking say it's 'too dangerous'.

    The cold and miserable say 'do it - we're cold and winter is upon us'.

    The government says 'we'll regulate it'...

    The people say 'you think we're going to trust you?!'.


    And yet...  nothing is without risk.

    And I'd bet that there must be plenty of fracking projects that don't pollute.

    So if mistrust in the government is the stumbling block, can we take them out of the equation?

    Why should it be the government that regulates everything? Could not the local populace reach an agreement with the oil explorers concerning who would

  • Over the Clif - World War WEF


    Sweden reclassifies immigrants...  Australia, Brazil...  China protests spreading - code red on the QR codes.

    Antarctica, Ukraine, world update. How much of this to believe is unknowable, but as always there's plenty here to provide food for thought.

    And some fascinating notes on "BAAL" from South America...

    "This war involves cleaning up our past, finding out what true human history is... "

    "Hopefully, this will be the last of the world wars"

    (48 minutes)



  • You Couldn't Make It Up - Unless You Are the Dutch Government


    We haven't historically heard much about the global warming effect of nitrogen but the Dutch are hearing about it in a big way.

    Now nitrogen can indeed be involved in warming (nitroglycerine being a cause of extremely rapid warming being a case in point) but nitrogen in gaseous form in fact constitutes the major part of the atmosphere and doesn't normally burn in oxygen at all (just as well!). That hasn't changed any time recently to my knowledge.

    Nitrogen is also the central constituent of ammonia, which is asserted to be a greenhouse gas, but the principal greenhouse gas is (drum-roll please!) water - and I await with interest the WEF-UN's plans to remove this primary threat to the planet from the planet.

    Perhaps in time we will be informed that the useless windmills which have been erected all around our shores in the vain hope of providing abundant reliable green power to our nations will soon be repurposed to drain the oceans...   (and,

  • Information, Disinformation, and Controlled Opposition


    The "Died Suddenly" film recently featured on this site (and many others) is coming in for some stick.

    It's true, it's a minefield out there, and I welcome the opportunity to reiterate the underlying truth of this 3-D world - there is no such thing as certainty (except in relation to "death and taxes", although even here there are some who think otherwise - and who am I to deny them?!).

    Any site that claims to be able to always distinguish the truth from the falsehoods is a site that I would regard with extreme suspicion. That is why I conclude that the people with the ultimate responsibility to perform this impossible feat is the ultimate reader, since any intermediary will be subject to (a) their own individual prejudice and (b) possible subversion by vested interests.

    (The same logic applies to philosophical /

  • The Gap Between Reality and The Illusion is Narrowing


    Martin Geddes, interviewed by Martin Bernstein, on the nature of the world's current collective experience and where this experience is going to lead us.

    Seen through the prism of his own individual awakening, his personal experiences, and his professional defenestration, he leads us on the journey that we are all facing (or worse, still having to face even if we don't yet fully realise it).

    The meaning of Q, the acronyms (WWG1WGA), Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, 9/11, Geoffrey Epstein et al, Trump, the world history that we think we understand, and then the real history (and thus the knowledge necessary to reconcile the state of the world today with the way that we got here).

    There's a lot of material here both historical, criminological, technical, sociological, psychological, political and indeed spiritual.

    Yes, it's necessarily quite long! But he's a very open and human person and in

  • The NWO - 20th to 21st Century


    Much has been written about the twentieth century, the secret intelligence agencies, the New World Order...

    This little video attempts the heroic feat of presenting the key points within a miserly 2hrs and 6 minutes.

    "Disinformation is not necessarily a lie... " and not necessarily a recent phenomenon, even if it has recently been repurposed to discredit the truth rather than propagate the lie.

    "Entertainment has always been used to capture the minds of humankind... "

    " .. especially true in the realm of what used to be called propaganda, and now can simply be called 'information'... "

    "... they have the world in a trance watching the train-wreck in slow-motion, and the audience is on the train... "

    "... this amendment legalised domestic propaganda on the American public

  • ICIC - Nanotech in the Vaccines? Dr Fuellmich Investigates


    There has been a great deal of speculation about both the content / effects and the motivation behind the vaccines, much of which has led many previously level-headed and eminently well-qualified people to come up with some quite extraordinary findings and theories.

    Findings and theories which many find so absurd and unexpected that they write them off as "nobody could / would do that".

    So would I, but - I have a method for assessing such apparently absurd theories and it goes like this:

    a) What is the likely upside (ie: benefit) if the theories being questioned are true?

    b) What is the corresponding downside (ie: catastrophe) if the theories are true?

    If neither upside nor downside are very significant then even if the theories are true we don't really need to worry so we can dismiss them in safety, but if the upside would be awesome or the downside catastrophic

  • A Level-Headed View of the Chinese Protests


    For some strange reason the mainstream media have been all over the Chinese Covid protests (although they are and have been resolutely AWOL when Covid protests occur in multiple western nations).

    That circumstance alone gives me pause for thought.

    We will see how matters turn out, but meanwhile Clayton Morris of Redacted gives us his rather more nuanced viewpoint:

    (15 minutes)


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    Another viewpoint, this time from the James Neil Cooper channel:


  • Concerned About RSE/CSE in Your Child's School?


    Public Child Protection Wales has published some very pertinent information which I suspect may well be relevant also in England and quite possibly Scotland, although I don't doubt that Scottish law may differ in the details.

    Worth a look, if only to establish that yes, thus is all being driven by the UN, whatever we may or may not have been told, and there may well be ways to opt out.

    Well done Wales.


  • Switzerland in the Cross-Hairs?


    The Fulford Monday report is a must-read this week, even if you don't have a subscription.

    We might be expecting the Russians to roll up the Ukraine, but Switzerland?

    Worth reading, modest subscription recommended.


  • BREXIT - A Personal Reflection


    A good friend of mine emailed me a link this morning with a "must read" recommendation.

    Well, one person's "must-read" is sometimes another's "must-bin", but on this occasion I agreed completely. In fact so completely that I decided to feature it for your attention also, dear readers. 

    Now it must be well-known by now that BREXIT under Mrs May (but Wouldn't) was a convoluted and incomprehensibly byzantine Hotel California agreement that defied logical analysis. That agreement was then picked up by Boris with the catch-phrase "Let's get BREXIT done!" upon which (despite those making a valiant last stand for a real BREXIT) he was voted in by a landslide.

    This is the story told by Evelyn Farr (AKA Caroline Bell) who had the temerity to analyze the said

  • Lockdowns Unproven, Not Adopted


    Sweden was alone in Europe in not throwing all its established epidemiology out of the window as the pandemic hysteria took hold in 2020, as was Boris...  until he mysteriously changed his mind when the "experts" ganged up on him with Prof. Ferguson's now discredited modelling projections.

    Redacted review the current state of play in "our NHS" against the current state of play in Sweden.

    (11 minutes)


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  • Buy Direct from your Local Farm


    This seems like a worthy initiative, so I thought it worth highlighting.

    It won't be of interest unless you can identify a local producer near to you (or one who will accept orders for delivery) but if you don't check you'll never know!

    Produce and Provide.

    Happy Christmas!