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US Election

  • The Plot to Steal America (and the World?)


    Are we facing a bid for Global Communism? Every day, as yet more evidence stacks up, it becomes harder to deny this.

    As in America, so in the UK, and elsewhere.

    If we think things are bad here, the clamp-down "down under" is lunatic by comparison (although Tier 4 Boris is doing his bit to catch up). So is this really a global coup, a coup that cannot ultimately succeed unless it first subdues America?

    Or is it just a "conspiracy theory" to be dismissed out of hand? As always, make up your own mind.


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  • AG Barr Given the Push, Trump Urged to Act


    The Epoch times reports the departure of Attorney General Barr before Christmas, and in a useful editorial sets out the case for the President to act to save the republic:

    "At its root, the current danger is not about whether Biden or Trump wins.

    It is not about the Democratic or Republican parties.

    The United States is facing an evil force that wants to destroy our country and in fact destroy all good things in humanity.

    This election is the climax of the battle between freedom and communism, between good and evil"


  • Sidney Powell on 2020 Election, Lawsuits, Supreme Court, & Gen. Flynn


    If you want to get the story of election fraud "straight from the horse's mouth", then you have come to the right place:

    And for those who want to know how we got here:


  • Supreme Courts Reject Lawsuits


    1. The Supreme Court of the United States has denied the request by the state of Texas to sue the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin over alleged election irregularities that would risk the outcome of the presidential election and thus deny voters in Texas a free and fair election.

    2. The UK Supreme Court similarly declined to hear Simon Dolan's appeal for a judicial review into UK Lockdowns.

    Nineteen Republican state attorneys general backed Texas in the US lawsuit whilst twenty Democrat state attorneys backed the defendant states. The Epoch Times has the story.

    (Breaking news: The Texas

  • The Problem of Systematic Corruption


    What is Systemic Corruption?

    The American Institute for Economic Research publishes a piece that dares to mention the unmentionable - the possibility that entire systems of government can be corrupt from the top down.

    That's a most unwelcome thought as it puts our previous world-view under the microscope and threatens to have us re-evaluate our long-standing assumptions about the way in which we are governed. Surely in a democracy systemic corruption is impossible?

    Well is it?

    Many of the world's institutions are not democratic. The UN, the WHO, the WEF, the many mega-corporations now global in their reach are all unelected, as are the many "not for profit" global charities and philanthropic outfits and "think tanks" that we read about daily in our newspapers.

    The AIER

  • 17 States Join Texas Bid to Supreme Court to Sue the Battleground States to Protect the Integrity of the Election


    The state of Texas has bid to sue the "battleground" states where election law as set out in the Constitution was allegedly not adhered to.

    Seventeen other states have joined in to support this action and President Trump has indicated that he will intervene also to protect his rights as an affected party.

    Because this is one (or more) states suing other states, this case must be heard in the Supreme Court of the United States and cannot be heard in any state court - thus it goes right to the top right away.

    Also they don't have to show evidence of fraud to prove the point, only to show that the election

  • A Turning Point: Fraud Evidence Pours Out in Battleground States


    The US election is beset by problems.

    The mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic were quick to declare Biden the new president-elect (why wait for the official processes to complete?) but since that time more and more evidence has been coming out that the election may have been a giant hoax, with Trump votes dumped and switched in dubious machinations within the electronic voting systems whilst suspiciously large numbers of mail-in ballots were found in the last moments (allegedly all for Biden).

    Lawfare has ensued and continues, and rightly so - if the election really was swung by nefarious means then it is hard to imagine a greater crime, so the law must run its course and be seen to do so.

    Alongside this process an information war is raging with the mainstream media on the one hand supporting the "nothing to see here" narrative and Facebook, Google et al censoring the alternative message on social media.

    "The Donald" Tells the Presidential Election How It Is


    President Trump gives the world his take on the presidential election.

    Anyone that believes that he will concede doesn't realise that this is the culmination of everything that he has set in motion in his first term, and the gateway to everything that he will do in his second term.

    Conceding the election is the last thing on his mind. Exposing the rampant illegal fraud is no less than his duty.

  • This is not meant for you


    The author, Martin Geddes, is a British Computer Scientist and a rather unusual man.

    He has probably spent more time than most in reassessing his views on life and reconstructing a world view based on the evidence as he sees it.

    He has trodden a path that very many of us are now having to contemplate, so if you don't fancy starting from scratch, his web-sites offer us a crash course in the re-evaluation of our world.

    https://www.onq.martingeddes.com/            https://www.martingedd.es/

    I would love to see his analysis on the state of play in the United Kingdom,

  • The US Election Process - Biden or Trump?


    For those wondering about the state of the US Presidential Election (and who isn't?), this video walks us through the remaining process. It's a fascinating crash summary of the US electoral process alongside the legal manoeuvering.

    How will this process play out?

    Will it deliver President Biden or President Trump?

    The video Is a bit of a ding-dong  between opposing positions, doesn't shy away from any of the legal and real world issues, and does predict an outcome with a good measure of confidence - very interesting (70 minutes):


    Well, Youtube strikes again - but you can watch it

  • Contrasting Views on Trump


    Much hinges on the result of the elections in the USA. We have a rough idea now that even if Biden wins the presidency (eventually) he will have problems getting legislation through - the Republicans seem on course to retain control of the Senate and maybe even gain control of Congress.

    So what of Trump? Two articles today pose contrasting viewpoints:

    Chuck Baldwin writing for chuckbaldwinlive.com makes the case that Trump wasted the last four years, failed to "drain the swamp", and "did more to promote Zionism than any other president in U.S. history".

    larouchepac.com in their lead article for 11/11 note that amidst the

  • Tucker Tells it How It Is


    Tucker Carlson is one of the few US commentators who will give voice to those whom the rest of the mainstream media will not. Here is his independent view on the current state of the Presidential Election:

    "the only solution is honesty"

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  • USA "Vote Rigging" 2020


    For those that would like a concise and comprehensible summary of the main points of disputation in the US presidential election, Independence Daily offers us this article by Rodney Atkinson.

    Clearly from this distance we can see that whether or not vote-rigging took place (I suspect that Rodney may have only just scratched the surface) there will be resulting lawfare aplenty as "the Donald" has declined to endorse Joe B's "win" in the teeth of the assumedly incontrovertible (driven by the MSM) popular acclaim of team Biden-Harris.

    I note sadly that our own Boris has jumped the gun by sending his congratulations to the dynamic duo despite the Electoral College having yet to pronounce upon the matter. I suppose that they only have the last word and will be forced into line behind the popular/confected (take your pick) momentum. Boris will have to hope so.

  • Dispatches from the War . . .


    . . . but from the war on what?

    John Rappoport may seem uncompromising but is he wrong? He makes a great deal of sense to me, so I have little hesitation in featuring items from his blog on this site even though not everyone will agree with everything he says.

    He doesn't pull any punches.

    Here are his latest thoughts on vote fraud, lawyers, COVID vaccine, Biden plan, police powers, the Constitution. To which one might add the media attempting to usurp the power of the Electoral College to announce the next president of the United States - and various politicians from around the world falling in

  • Trump on the Brink?


    Dr Charlie Ward may not be known to many but his approach to life and the US Election is to say the least unconventional.

    But is he on the right track? He certainly seems to be very well informed.

    We will very soon find out, but my money is on Dr Charlie for giving us the real news.

    "Turn the TV off and start to find peace".

    Are you listening BBC?

    I predict a lot of very red faces in the media (and in politics) on both sides of the Atlantic before very long.

  • Bonfire of Our Freedoms - Parliament Nods it Through - Plus Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota


    On this 5th day of November 2020 we mark the fact that Parliament for a second time simply nodded away our freedoms, with no real attempt to question the validity of the undoubtedly controversial "science" that our Government (Boris and Matt) is relying on, or to ensure that the collateral damage that will inevitably ensue has been properly assessed against the alleged risks to health and to the NHS.

    Parliament now cannot escape the charge that it is either complicit or asleep on the job.

    Viv Evans in Independence Daily sums up the thoughts of many.


    Also today Professor David Miles CBE is interviewed on

  • The Covid Face of Socialist Tyranny


    Now does seem to be the time to wonder why our supposedly democratic UK government is so hell-bent on locking everyone down, despite the now pretty clear fact that "the pandemic" blew itself out in June.

    But wait - the second wave is upon us! Cases are shooting up! Deaths are rising! Not just in the UK either, all of Europe is within its grip!

    At this point I call upon the ever beguiling and unflappable Ivor Cummins to straighten out the facts from the hysteria:


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    To confirm his point, here is the graph of excess deaths of all causes for England (PHE's Weekly national Influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report - up to wk 42):


  • Freedom, Trump, Alliance, Globalists vs Nationalists


    Latest situation report from the USA  - an eye-witness account (not forgetting Planet X!). This isn't political Democrat vs Republican, it's criminal: mafia vs rule of law. This is global communism vs national freedom. Whose side are you on?

    (27 minutes)



  • Prosecute Them?


    It doesn't get more serious than this -  a call to prosecute leading Democrat politicians and their alleged co-conspirators just prior to voting for the next President of the United Sates?

    And a follow-up article (2020/10/20) to ram the point home!

    What is the world coming to?

    It cannot happen at this stage as it would be seen as interfering in the democratic process, but are there the grounds to do it?

    If there are then the voters are entitled to know, otherwise the State of the Nation should be prosecuted for election meddling - with stakes so high, someone will certainly be for the high-jump.