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The Unelected

  • Is There Light at the End of the Regulatory Tunnel Vision?


    Our MPs are famously inept, prone to being fillibustered by arcane rules and conventions, and strangely (unkind souls might think determinedly) blind to inconvenient truths, but surprisingly it does seem that at least some of them have cottoned on to the notion that a similar affliction has been endemic at the MHRA for some years now, as has been consistently highlighted by many  commentators on independent media, and notably by UK Column.

    If our MPs were not alerted by 77 Brigade / MI5 / Ofcom etc, then perhaps these too were asleep on the job?

    The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Pandemic Response and Recovery (yes, apparently there is such a group) has now, it would appear, indeed noticed. Up to a point.

    " 'far from protecting patients' the regulator operates in a way that 'puts them at serious risk' "

    Do I detect the sounds of stable doors being prepared for slamming shut well after the

  • Good News for All - Especially Farmers?


    Peace by International Treaty...

    Michael O'Bernicia explains his new legal jurisdiction to Richard Vobes.

    Prepare to be amazed - is Universal Community Trustthe answer for life, the universe, and the end for fraudulent government?

    Don't fight it, obsolete it!

    (57 minutes)


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    Also see the Great British Mortgage Swindle


  • Who Is "TV Licensing"? - Martin Strikes Back


    One needs to be very self-confident to represent oneself in Court, and navigate through the (usually unstated) legal presumptions and unfamiliar legal language that some might think masquerades as the King's English.

    One needs to be supremely self-confident to demand that the judge presiding your case recuse himself on the grounds of allegedly not applying the law with proper integrity.

    These matters are of vital interest to all of us - if the justice system is subverted, then we are all liable to be its victims at some point or other.

    Thus we note Martin's latest report on his ongoing brush with "TV Licensing" with interest.


  • Whither England?


    Encyclopedia Britannica does a fair job (in my humble opinion) of reviewing this sceptred isle - our ancient land of myths and legends too many to review here.

    We who still dwell here, some aghast at the changes being foisted upon us by an establishment apparently driven berserk by who knows what devilish intent, others keen to embrace the white-hot up-ending of previously established societal norms and balances, all now are confused about whither we are headed.

    Will we be scorched by climate change, devastated by nuclear war, driven insane by unending conventional war that will bleed us dry of children wealth

  • Food for Thought


    This article by Dr James Alexander for the Daily Sceptic seems guaranteed to offend almost everybody, so congratulations to the author on stirring the pot of the nation's preconceptions so thoroughly.

    He does among much else (correctly in my view) have something to say about the "Freemasons", who in their current forms may be regarded as roughly contemporaneous with the Zionist cause, although some say that they have historical roots going back much further, to the ancient world, maybe even beyond. 

    There are however some important others that somehow escaped his attention, so allow me to remedy that situation before we go further.

    He has for reasons unaccountable left the Zionists out of it, which may be regarded as a major omission since whether you support Zionism or not, its influence over more than a century (presently culminating in another highly divisive conflict in the

  • Timely Reminder - The NHS Really Was Overwhelmed by Covid!


    That the NHS was overwhelmed in early 2020 is, in my view, completely obvious.

    The question however is:

    Overwhelmed by what?

    By a novel and deadly virus...   or by a well-planned tsunami of authoritative propaganda that swept aside all doubts and reasonable concerns?

    It's for you to decide.


  • Fulford Weekly Report - Monday 19 Feb 2024


    Much speculation about what may be going on behind the scenes, but little firm news this week.

    As always however, worth reading, if only for the revealing videos on what the Israelis really think about Gaza. I think that the ICJ needs to bite the bullet, but they must be under enormous pressure to fade away, because if they do bring in the big G verdict, that gives the citizens of multiple countries all the legal justification they need to stop funding their Israel-supporting governments with tax payments.

    Modest subscription required.



  • The Case for Dyson Farming


    Sir James is not known as a conformist, so it's no surprise that his farming venture is unconventional with a technological bent.

    If you ever wondered from whence your midwinter strawberries were sourced, this may be your answer.

    I get the distinct feeling that his approach to farming may not be wholly welcomed either by traditionalists or by technophobes, but NWO farming it probably isn't, since he still raises cattle and sheep, provides habitat for insects, and does seem to want to avoid the use of chemicals.

    An interesting approach that needs to be carefully assessed.

    Would we prefer our farms owned by Monsanto?

    Can he do for farming what his household cleaners did for domestic cleanliness? I suspect that a farming world in turmoil should ultimately benefit from an influx of new ideas, whether or not his present vision finds ultimate

  • Government by Regulatory Pyramid


    This is not party-political (in the sense of one political party competing against another).

    It is party-political in the sense that the concept of "the political party" has been and is still weaponised against the demos in order to invert the official relationship - so that the people become the servants of the government rather than vice versa.

    It is the case that most recent Acts of Parliament already give ministers the power to vary or remove existing clauses and insert new clauses without necessarily having to submit their suggestions for debate in Parliament. It is sufficient to publish the proposals to MPs, who need to demand a debate within a short time frame in order to get one. Since MPs are busy people who don't necessarily want to "rock the boat", these changes may well be allowed through without debate.

    Technically therefore such Acts of Parliament may be very significantly updated, without effective scrutiny, since ministers may make use of

  • I Hope It's Not Catching


    Dr Angus Dalgleish explains for the Daily Sceptic quite a lot about virology that I might take the time to quibble with.

    He also reviews the WHO's obsession with disease X, noting the emergence of very disturbing stories that some conspiracy theorists may regard as fear-mongering designed to drive a popular demand for the safety supposedly derived from control of the global medical response by the same WHO that made such an excellent job of defending us against the Covid menace. 

    So is this yet more propaganda to push us into the arms of those who would rule the world, or does he have a good point to make?

    Sadly I'm not going to spoil the ending - you'll just have to read it for yourself!


  • Organised Crime Revealed in Plain Sight?


    A very hard-hitting, hard to watch report from UK Column covering chapter and verse of the Covid "pandemic" vaccines trials, and subsequent approvals under Emergency Use Authorisation by the MHRA.

    "The FoIA request was eventually granted by court order through the PHMPT's attorney, Aaron Siri. The judge in the matter required the FDA to release all 451,000 pages of information over eight months, despite the FDA planning to retain the data for 75 years"

    Yes, there's a lot of detail here but in summary form (phew!), all based on documented results from many thousands of volunteers for the original Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials.

    It's a long presentation at a little over one hour, but keep going because the final summary of how the "outbreak" went all the way from "we've got a

  • Richard Vobes Nails the World's Postmaster General


    No, don't worry, nothing to do with the Fujitsu system and the Royal Mail's conflict with their local postmasters, this is your introduction to the now-space.

    So listen up as the Richard:Vobes interviews Russell-Jay:Gould, proponent of the quantum-grammar.

    "... the Post Offices of the world control the country's military... "

    "... the United Nations is a fraudulent organisation that has zero authority to do anything - because they can't read and write... "

    "... you're using a lot of terms that are completely new to me... "  (and so say all of us!)

    (57 minutes)

    Good Luck!


    Fulford Monday Report - 12 Feb 2024


    "There can be no doubt now that regime change is happening in the Western world"

    The pace of change is increasing and keeping tabs on everything is correspondingly difficult.

    The farmers revolts are spreading, with even the English emulating their Gallic friends across the channel (although I have yet to see reports of English town halls being treated to a brisk hosing down with legendary farming materials - maybe they still have some tips to learn from the Yetties). 

    And of course "that interview" unaccountably seems to be causing ructions amongst certain groups, even if Mr Putin was very circumspect in his history lesson. It doesn't seem to have done his popularity any harm.

  • The Shape of Global Leadership


    Jacob NordandGård guides us through the G7, G20, BRICS, WEF, BIS, IMF, UN, WHO...

    It's a long video at a little over two hours, but it's a (weasel word alert!) "complex" topic.

    "Crisis creates opportunity" so perhaps it's no surprise that we have a long sequence of crises that must be overcome by those who would rule the world. Clearly they are indispensable!

    So put the kettle on, make yourself comfy, and settle down for a relaxed session that lays bare the way that the elite are pulling the strings of puppetry around the world via these important global groupings. Just don't nod off or you won't know if you missed something important...

    (2 hrs 23 miins)



  • Freedom of Expression in Legal Dystopia


    Once upon a time (and not so long ago) judges in Britain declared that freedom of speech without the freedom to offend was not worth having.

    But under what circumstances does one man's "hate speech" override another's "freedom of speech"? It's a question that our parents/grandparents would not have understood, but with which we today must grapple.

    Back in the day, Britain's judiciary used to take a robust view on people who decided to be offended by mere words. Provided that there was no incitement to commit a crime, Joe/Jemima Citizen was invited to take the rough with the smooth and grow a thick skin. It's a clear and unambiguous approach that used to put everyone on an equal footing in law, and facilitated full and frank discussion around many topics that some believe have become treacherous legal minefields

  • Urban Gardening in Dystopia


    "A new University of Michigan-led international study finds that fruits and vegetables grown in urban farms and gardens have a carbon footprint that is, on average, six times greater than conventionally grown produce"

    They're coming for our cabbage patch!

    Patrick Wood (Technocracy News and Trends) reports...

    The totally irrational war on carbon is already destroying farmers all over the world because, they say, “the food system generates about 35 percent of total global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.” Now they are claiming that your urban garden is SIX TIMES WORSE! Brace for an all-out effort to ban or limit urban gardens for personal food production. I can already hear the climate crazies chanting, “Eat ze bugs!”

    Univ. of Michigan spun this study out of

  • Farming in Dystopia, with Natalie and Ivor


    Yes, today our cup runneth over, with Natalie from Redacted interviewing the ever-reliable Ivor Cummins about the state of farming in the Irish Republic, as well as in the UK. What a pleasure to hear two sane and competent people speaking of the unspeakable in a sane and competent, even rather light-hearted, manner.

    Of course, the farmers of the EU also get a mention... as do all the usual suspects...

    "... The only thing that can push back against that now is ... "

    (18 minutes)


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  • Actionable Intelligence?


    The Fulford Report this week purports to provide detailed information on the suppliers of the substance that it appears Big Pharma has been unable to synthesise (and for which Count Dracula might have had a penchant).

    I have no information beyond that provided by Ben in the public domain, so as always its up to you to decide whether or not to give him any credence.

    Suffice it to say that Ben is getting serious.

    (Modest subscription required for access to full report)


  • You Are a Beneficial Owner - What Could Possible Go Wrong?


    When is an owner not an owner?

    It's a relevant question in these fraught financial times.

    If the banking system goes belly up (and who would bet against it?) what do we get left with?

    Do we own the stocks and bonds in our pension schemes?

    Do our pension funds own the stocks and bonds held within their schemes?

    The world runs on faith in our financial systems, but are these systems worthy of our trust?

    "... the customers assets are taken without the knowledge of the customers, transported... free of payment... used by somebody else and put at risk... "

    "... a derivative is a financial contract written about the behaviour of something else... "

    "... you are 'not exposed' to the failure of a counterparty

  • It's the WEF Jim, But Not as We Know It


    A very unexpected speech at last week's WEF in Davos, a speech that took on all their false doctrines head on.

    It takes a while to get going, but it is certainly a massive (and welcome) break from their tradition.

    "... in power not to guide sheep, but to awaken lions"

    What could be further from their intention?

    (Brought to us by yet another YouTuber of whom we have likely never previously heard, who nevertheless sets the scene pretty well)

    (12 minutes)


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