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The Unelected

  • Censors' Charter?


    Toby Young (General Secretary of the Free Speech Union) takes a critical view of the On-Line Safety Bill in this Daily Sceptic report.

    " ... it’s a gold-embossed invitation to woke activists to censor the speech of their political opponents in the name of protecting vulnerable people from ‘harm’. Why a Conservative Government with an 80-seat majority is handing this weapon to its enemies is a mystery"

    No mystery Toby - the Tory leadership themselves have been swallowed by the blob and are now  an inseparable part of it.

    "What does the Government mean by ‘harmful’? The only definition the Bill offers is in clause 150, where it sets out the details of a new Harmful Communications Offence, punishable by up to two years in jail: ‘harm’ means psychological harm amounting to at least serious

  • Open the Gates for Pandemic Prevention


    Bill has laid it all out for us - all we need to do is just read his book to receive his wisdom - fortunately it has been published just at the right time to help us deal with the very serious threat of Monkeypox. Can this threat be countered before it becomes a pandemic?

    Of course all the usual suspects are queuing up to tell us how he is totally wrong and his solutions have been disproven, most recently by the response to the Covid pandemic, but we should remember that this isn't just Gates speaking, he has a great wealth of authoritative people behind him (the WEF, the UN, the WHO, plus sundry similar bodies that characteristically don't make the headlines, such as the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome etc, plus many distinguished academics such as Professor Neil Ferguson, and the full weight of the pharmaceutical industry), so we should pay close attention.

    For an untimely review of this book by some who do seem always to be at the forefront of those usual suspects,

  • Thinking of going to Uni? Read This First


    I've reflected only recently on my student days, but now I find myself posting another article that evokes another memory from those times.

    What is academia for? Does it fulfil the function?

    Uni was always sold as a place to go between finishing school and starting a career, a place where the clever and inquisitive should go to question the established knowledge, to push their understanding beyond the current boundaries, and to have fun doing it.

    Potentially difficult terrain though, especially when the answers to your questions on the established knowledge turn out to be inadequate. That would mean that a certain amount of established knowledge must be demolished before one's understanding could be pushed beyond the (revised!) boundaries, within an establishment notoriously averse

  • Everything We Are Told is a Lie? - The BBC told us in 1968


    I found this clip stirred memories for me, as in 1968 I had already been trained as a new-fangled "computer programmer" and I was about to start a sandwich course at a polytechnic for a BSc in "Computer Science and Data Processing" (which turned out to be more like Maths and Stats with some computing thrown in as an afterthought).

    Looking back to those days I would have rejected out of hand the idea that a computer could control anybody, even in the relatively elementary manner posited - they were nowhere near sufficiently sophisticated, there was no internet, and although radio comms as a technology was clearly feasible it certainly lacked the coverage (unless the controlled person would be held in confinement).

    We could just about run a payroll for a large corporation after months / years of development and testing, on machines that read their data off punched cards and then stored it on magnetic tapes - no ubiquitous discs for us at that time. Happy days!

    75th World Health Assembly - Geneva


    First Up

    Children's Health Defence brings us what must be a very strong contender for the 'Platitude of the Year Award': "Health for Peace and Peace for Health".

    "Strengthening preparedness for and response to health emergencies are a key theme of the Health Assembly"

    No surprise so far then.

    First up: a 44 minute discussion of experts on monkeypox - but you can skip the first 7 minutes because these were terminated abruptly by "technical problems" and the session restarted.

    Followed by:

    "Opening of the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly with Dr Tedros" and other assorted worthies (2 hrs 50 minutes)

    "Second Plenary Meeting May 23 at WHA75" (39 minutes of Dr Tedros)

    "Intro Video" (3

  • Covid Review - What is the Truth?


    The truth has been in short supply in recent years, perhaps especially in the scientific journals, so it's with some surprise that I note the publication of this highly critical editorial by Russell L. Blaylock (retired neurosurgeon) in a prestigious journal, Surgery Neurology International.

    It's a wide-ranging and thorough review of all the horrors that the "pandemic" was used to unleash on us.

    Some relevant points below but these are a long way from illustrating the full breadth and depth of the article, which pulls no punches.

    "Cancer patients are being told they should get vaccinated with these deadly vaccines. This, in my opinion, is insane"

    "It should be noted that no studies were ever done on several critical aspects of this type of vaccine"

    "Previous experience with the flu vaccines clearly demonstrates that the safety studies done by

  • "All Jabs Tested Found to Contain Nanorouters"


    Many of us have watched videos of strange particulates found in the "jabs" and have heard speculations about what they may portend.

    Ricardo Delgardo of La Quinta Columna (or for us Brits La Quinta Columna via Google Translate) explains the results of his investigations in this video.

    "Graphene oxide is extremely toxic, and the toxicity is also dependent on the electromagnetic radiation it absorbs"

    "... this graphene oxide can be stimulated remotely and wirelessly, using .. the new 4G, 4G plus and 5G technology... "

    "All vaccinated people send their data to an external server controlled by artificial intelligence...

  • Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave ...


    ... when first we practise to deceive.

    This article from the AIER concerns the misuse of regulation to impose rules and laws made for a different purpose altogether to force corporations to comply with what amounts to little more than the personal preferences of the regulators (or others in positions of authority).

    Nobody voted for this form of coercion, yet it seems to have become a favoured way to sidestep democratic accountability by others both within and without the USA.

    For example, who can forget Mark Carney of the Bank of England forecasting that those companies that did not embrace the "climate change" narrative would be bankrupted?

    The AIER draws attention to a not dissimilar situation within the USA: 


  • Federal Reserve or National Bank?


    The Federal Reserve is the bank that famously is neither federal nor a reserve.

    So what to do about it, and why?

    What is money for anyway?

    Does it matter who controls it?

    LaRouchePAC address this thorny problem:

    (30 minutes)


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  • The Second Declaration of Independence


    Read with emotion, and seemingly some slight intoxication, but the gist is very clear.

    "... it asserts that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION was formed illegally, that it is foreign owned and that its shareholders have been quietly at war with America for over 150 years... "

    (31 minutes)


  • New Normal Pandemic Dictatorship


    Once again, Neil Oliver nails it. 

    (9 minutes)


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  • The Cosmic Hoax


    In Down the Rabbit Hole 7 - The Conscious Cosmos we introduced Dr Steven Greer, who has been investigating paranormal activity and the relationship with undisclosed government projects for decades. 

    Whether you believe what he has to say or not, it is a fact the Donald Trump publicly announced the formation of the United States Space Force whilst in office, and it is the stuff of legend that the US military has been unable to account for prodigious quantities of money that have mysteriously "gone missing" over many years.

    "Connect the dots" as they say.

    This is where UFO controversy meets real world politics and global conspiracy theories - and I don't use that term in any disparaging sense - nobody ever abolished conspiracies to my knowledge nor did anyone ever have that

  • The New Normal Dictatorship


    I exaggerate only slightly - this article is actually entitled "The UK New Normal Dictatorship" but in truth there is nothing UK-specific here.

    "This makes it difficult for some people to recognise the nature of the totalitarianism that is being stamped upon our societies. This is a technocracy, more akin to the neocolonialism of a mega-corporation than history's previous autocratic military regimes"

    It has actually been about the corporations for a long time, as the British and Dutch East India Companies attest.

    "The G3P is a web of multinational corporations, tax-exempt foundations (philanthropists), private investors, think tanks, governments, non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and alleged charities"

    It is now so complex (not to mention ever-evolving and mutating) that

  • EU Digital Covid Vaccine Certificate Framework - Passport to Social Control?


    Go on, admit it, you're excited to read about this!

    Brought to us by Global Research, this article brings us up to date with the roll-out of the most important development in the EU for many years - the accession by the EU to the Global Health Governance measures currently underway at the WHO, in the form of the Pandemic Treaty, which will codify into international law control by the WHO over pandemic preparedness in all the treaty countries.

    Naturally this will be facilitated by the WHO’s QR Verification Code project, which is intent upon creating a global digital data bank of 7.9 billion people.

    "Both initiatives are to be carried out concurrently by the WHO in liaison with ID2020 and the Gavi Alliance,

  • Khazarian Mafia and World History


    Visitors to this site may be familiar with Benjamin Fulford's reports, which frequently mention the "Khazarian Mafia".

    Most of us had never heard of Khazaria, so a history lesson may be in order. Whilst I have read other reports covering some of the same territory, I would say that this article from Veterans Today is one of the most comprehensive and digestible narratives.

    As VT points out, the KM have repeatedly clashed with the Russians over the centuries - maybe this simple fact sheds light on the current conflict in the Ukraine. Russia vs Khazaria has form, and neither side seems likely to back down.

    The KM has also been active in the UK for centuries (according to VT), being one of the parties that had a interest in the English

  • 2000 Mules - Documentary


    The documentary that is said to prove that the US 2020 November election was stolen.

    I expect we are all fed up hearing that there was "no evidence of voter fraud".

    Put the kettle on, sit back, and submit to another hour and a half of reminders of US election fraud matters.

    Does it matter?

    Can you imagine a bigger upheaval to world affairs than "the Donald" being restored in the most dramatic come-back in history? 

    No corner of world will escape the fall-out.

    (89 minutes)


  • Ukraine - The Point of Conflict


    This article posted by Terry Boardman is an in-depth tour of the history of the global power-struggle between the elites of the UK, Europe, Russia, the far East, and (latterly) the US.

    LaRouchePAC have been fulminating about the perceived influence of the imperialist UK over the USA for some time, and it is becoming obvious that an unelected elite under the umbrella of the "New Word Order" (as currently fronted by Klaus Schwab but embodied by the western world's all-powerful corporate interests and their financiers) is intent on taking control of the UN by means of medical and legal dictatorship.


    Is Ukraine the tinderbox that will ignite WW3?

    The world does seem to be at a dangerous

  • Elon - Like Him or Not


    He's the name in the news - so what do we know about him?

    Not enough I suspect.

    I don't know how much of this is accurate (can you really build a city for $20 billion?), but nothing would surprise me anymore. Elon is not a man who is short on ambition.

    So let's make a start...

    (8 minutes)


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  • Quantum Grammar - Incomprehension with Consequences?


    This is all based upon a grammar.

    This grammar is based upon certain punctuation which appear unexpectedly (to those unfamiliar with the grammar) within the video below - if we are not looking out for this we will get rather confused!

    We are all familiar with the notion of spoken languages grammar (eg: Latin, French, German), some of us are familiar with the concept of grammar as used to define computer programming languages, but a far as I know this is the first grammar specifically introduced for legal contractual purposes.

    Words to look out for in this video:




    Russell Jay Gould (AKA

  • The Bernician Shares the Latest Delay to his Private Prosecution


    We have reported on this case previously.

    Whilst the glacial pace at which many legal cases proceed is common knowledge, the latest report from Michael O'Bernicia on his private prosecution of high-ranking folk for the "Midazolam Murders" shows just how the powers-that-be are now scraping the bottom of the excuses barrel.

    I have considered the application and I have now decided not to consider it …”

    If ever there was a case that more clearly demonstrated that "the law is an ass"(or worse) I have yet to see it - although no doubt there are learned brethren out there