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  • The Undeclared NATO/UK War on Russia - How Will this End?


    The UK Column now explicitly draws the obvious conclusions:

    (86 minutes)



  • UK Column on the Importance of Ukraine to the World Government Summit


    The Monday news round up from UK Column focuses on matters surrounding the conflict in the Ukraine, supported by Vanesa Beeley and David Scott. Possibly even more thought provoking than usual.

    So why does Macron feature in this edition?

    I don't think you'll find such reporting on the BBC:

    Listen to the end for coverage of the  unfolding markets crash, the "family sex show" (supported by interesting funding), and so on.

    (1st 42 minutes of 85)



  • Chinese Lockdown


    Already 5 weeks long, the Shanghai lockdown morphs but continues.

    This report is from the James Neil Cooper channel.

    James has been reporting on China for years, mainly with regard to the Three Gorges Dam and associated matters such as flooding, so he is probably as well informed as anybody:

    (10 minutes)


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    Today's Daily Sceptic also features a couple of articles on the situation in China:


  • MHRA Seeking Your Views to Strengthen Conflicts of Interest Policy


    Yes really!

    Should we have more conflicts of interest or fewer?

    Should we be able to see those conflicts that are declared?

    Should there be (yet another) watchdog to verify and ensure that all such conflicts have been fully declared in line with the "appropriate guidance"?

    Given some of the dubious decisions that have graced the Covid gene therapies roll-out, this consultation deserves your serious attention.

    Will there be another survey along shortly on strengthening the statistical methods used by the regulators in coming to their flawed conclusions?

    Better still, should the proceedings of the regulators be conducted in public, and their reasoning opened up to public

  • Controlled G7 Regimes "Doomed"


    Monday again, so the Fulford report is out!

    Quite a blockbuster this week.

    "... if the global conflict is financial, the West has lost it already"

    "... when the US, Canada and England tried to stage a walkout of the G20 to protest against Russia, nobody followed"

    Plenty more here including the relationship between Afghanistan Pakistan and the US, and the recent ousting of prime minister Imran Khan (clue, he is devoted to cricket - if only the UK remained so devoted).

    Also the scuttlebut behind the "defeat" of Marine le Pen on Sunday... no real surprise there.

    "And much more" (yes, really) including the state of play in the Ukraine

  • The Basis for Common Law


    This is not a description of Common Law, but an exposition of the basis upon which Common Law is founded.

    Common Law is common to all nations, all genuine religions, all thinking beings (including ETs should we happen upon them!).

    It is the set of assumptions that are derived from the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" principle - in short, it embodies all the necessary principles by which we can all live with each other in harmony and equality of opportunity, and excludes any and all rules not necessary for that purpose.

    This little dissertation from the Democracy Defined Campaign elaborates on this theme with cross-reference to religious teachings of various faiths, and much historical development.


  • New Zealand Daily Telegraph Blows the Lid Off Covid Vaccines Cover-Up


    Until now the official press has kept schtum on the vaccine-related damage, even as the alternative news has been outing it.

    Now the DT New Zealand has come clean with a major report which quite clearly states the problem, and acknowledges that it's not just New Zealand, it's worldwide:

    "The biggest victims of this situation are now coming together, they are uniting to support each other, they are uniting to tell their stories, and they will be SILENT NO MORE"

    "This is simply information and evidence about one particular vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine"

    "The people of New Zealand MUST know the truth about what has really happened in this country"

    "Not what we have been told... on our television screens from the government’s ... ‘single source of truth’, and not what we have been told by our

  • Whither the Ukraine War?


    We have noted before how our government prefers to ship more armaments and weapons of destruction into this imbroglio, rather than encourage the protagonists to negotiate a lasting peace in good faith.

    The Minsk agreement of 2015 should have provided the basis for that negotiation, and still could.

    It seems that good faith is lacking in many quarters, and not just in the Ukraine.

    As this conflict drags on, should we in the UK still be stoking an impossible situation?

    Do we really suppose that Vladimir Putin is going to give up and go home any time soon?

    That simply isn't going to happen.


  • The Elephant in the Sky


    Unlike the picture, today has been free of linear artificial clouds, at least in this corner of Hampshire, but it's the first such day for a while. 

    The difference between real jet trails that are short and sweet because they evaporate, and the artificial trails that spread and disperse until they cover the whole sky has never been more obvious, perhaps because it has been rare to see them both together in the same sky. We do now, so that must be a step forward.

    Not noticed before?

    Smart-phones don't help - if you are looking down at your device, you are not looking up at the sky.

    This is not a merely local phenomenon.

    Dane Wiggington of GeoEngineering Watch has been flogging this horse for years. He has become a bit strident, but that of itself doesn't invalidate his

  • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


    ... and something mysterious certainly. Rather like the origins of this famous rhyme, the origins of the indigenous Australians are shrouded within the mists of great antiquity.

    Naturally, humans being inquisitive creatures, those mists simply act as an incentive for some to peer behind the uncertainty, to glimpse whatever facts can actually be reliably certified, and to construct appropriate hypotheses that may begin to illuminate our understanding of ancient history.

    So today I feature less doom and gloom and more hope and faith, as provided by Our Alien Ancestry, all the way from the antipodes, courtesy of our modern internet!

    Did you think that Australia was populated merely by savages until "discovered" by Captain Cook?


  • Fulford on Friday 22 April


    Benjamin Fulford paints an overall encouraging picture of world affairs.

    "... the only reason they're leaving that clown Johnson in place... "

    Modest subscription required. I know of no better value elsewhere.

  • Convergence - Are you Prepared?


    Clif High is a bit of a brain-box who some of us may have problems following once he gets going, but if you can keep up (or just let it wash over you!) he does make a lot of sense.

    Here he is on terrific form, even if he does attempt to converge a multitude of topics (that might usefully form a series of lectures) covering seemingly all of human existence past present and future, in less than an hour.

    As you might expect, there are a lot of converging concepts here, and that convergence will be resisted by the controlling powers because they will be exposed.

    He is also reassuringly grounded...

    "I'm not taking any of this sh*t that's coming out seriously, but we are winning"

    Brace, Converge, and Enjoy!

    (57 minutes)