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  • How Many More?


    Neil Oliver reminds us that the Covid business is unfinished, and will not be finished until the many outstanding questions are (a) acknowledged and (b) answered - and not by the apparently heavily skewed and seriously deficient Covid whitewash "enquiry".

    Not to mention all the many outstanding questions that we are not permitted to raise about other elephants of various hues still proliferating around the room...

    Will 2024 will be the year that the dam breaks, unleashing an unstoppable tsunami of truth?

    (11 minutes)



  • I Wasn't Going to Put This Up, But ...


    ... the entertainment value is just too great to ignore!

    We all need a bit of levity in these dark days, so we must take it where we find it, and as so often, Richard Vobes and his guest don't disappoint.

    As sometimes happens, there is an enormous amount of good sense in what this gentleman stands for, and part of his attraction is undoubtedly the subtle mix of pantomime, preposterous assertion, Biblical lineage, and sheer outrageous chutzpah, all leavened with a great dollop of sorely needed sanity and good sense. He sounds like just the sort of fellow to whom the whole British Commonwealth might relate and accord him a gigantic acclamation, were he somehow to be given half a chance... failing that, someone should make him into the next "Carry On!" film.

    Only problem is, he already has a rival for the throne...


  • Hoaxology?


    This article is kind-of surplus to requirement, since even if it didn't exist there is to my mind ample proof that Covid was never a real thing - otherwise why would they need to bend all the rules you could think of (and several that you couldn't) worldwide,to ensure that everyone that had any kind of positive PCR test (a test that was never proven accurate by any measure!) would be counted as a Covid case?

    But for good measure, here is an article by "dpl" who points up the embarrassing alleged truth that in addition to no virus at any time having actually been isolated, many studies over the years have shown no contagion due to viral transmission (of multiple varieties) although they obviously tried very hard, and none seem to have actually demonstrated contagion.

    So if a virus has never been isolated nor been shown to be contagious, where does

  • Letter from Sweden


  • What is "Informed Consent"?


    In the aftermath of the Covid imbroglio (not to mention the Nuremberg trials) we are now aware I think that our medical profession (egged on by sundry "experts" government officials and other agencies) fell very short of advising everybody of the real risks of the "emergency use authorisation" "vaccines", with consequences that they seem very keen not to explore.

    So it is indeed (as it always was) up to "we the patients" to ask the right questions when we are offered a treatment by "our" NHS, or by any other health practitioner.

    But - what are the right questions?

    Inevitably perhaps, it's not as clear-cut as we might like, and I doubt very much if anybody is taught about this in school these days (nor were we in my schooldays either). But not asking the right questions (and not recognising unsatisfactory answers!) can have severe life-changing consequences - and it won't be much consolation to be told that that consequence is "very

  • A Tale of a US Lawsuit


    Dr Shiva Ayyadurai relates the story of his lawsuit against Twitter (as it was then) for censoring him at the behest of the US government.

    There's a lot going on here, but it does illustrate the lengths that "the establishment" goes to in order to cover their tracks.

    "... all these guys are part of one collective network of elites... "

    "... this is classical limited hangout... " 

    "... Elon Musk still has a backdoor portal to Twitter open ! "

    "... they do not want us to build a bottom-up movement because that is the only way we will be able to shatter the swarm... "

    " Here's what's going on at a much more devious level, that's why we have to waken to this... "

    There's a great deal of good sense, good information, and

  • Zombieland


    This is a sober but heart-stopping review of the state of America (but not limited to America) induced, laid bare, by the Covid pseudo-pandemic.

    (If you think it was a real pandemic, then you're maybe on the wrong web-site)

    How could so many fall for such a huge hoax, a hoax that really didn't require very much investigation to detect the anomalies and downright falsities upon which it depended?

    If I knew it, why didn't you? To ask that is neither to score a point nor to criticise, but it's a question that needs an answer if we are not to fall for the future hoaxes that are almost certainly being lined up for us.

    "I just want to take a moment to note how profoundly strange and unprecedented this all is"

    "Fertility has collapsed in this country as the clot shots impact fertility, change menstrual cycles, and cause miscarriages. Yet the National

  • South Africa's Case Against Israel


    Here we have the documented case against the state of Israel, which has been accused of breaching the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

    The International Court of Justice in the Hague has scheduled a first hearing on 11th/12th January.

    The presenter outlines a long litany of death and destruction which most civilised people may probably agree do amount to genocide.

    Whether such destruction is warranted may be confused in the public mind by all manner of considerations, but the legal position is clear - the crime of genocide is never warranted, no matter the provocation.

    It's easy to get emotional about such events, but the legal case must be determined in accordance with the transgressions of the

  • Farage - Back on Unacceptable Form?


    GB News allows Farage to (albeit belatedly) mention the unmentionable, the unquestionable, the unconscionable, the in-your-face unacceptable... possible linkage of excess deaths to the you-know-what.

    Fasten your seat-belt.

    (8 minutes)


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  • SitRep America


    Mike Steger reviews the current state of America (and the world).

    LaRouchePAC really do need to better presenters, but what they say is more important than how they say it.

    Notwithstanding, if you feel like skipping the introduction (first 9 minutes), then you know what to do.

    Where America goes go we also...

    (34 minutes)



  • Drawing the Line in the Desert


    The Sykes - Picot line?

    No, the Neom futurist linear city.

    This report is from October, but I don't doubt they've been forging ahead since.

    It presents with undertones of a glossy travelogue / sales pitch, but what else would we expect given the scale of the undertaking?

    Strange how they have decided to house the construction workers in a new-build facility that looks remarkably like an old city, with parks, sports pitches and entertainment blocks, but maybe I'm missing something.

    Still, when finished, using the inbuilt rail system people will be able to travel from one end of the city to the other in "20 minutes" - although it seems to me that if you want to get off at an intermediate point, at an average speed of 500 km/hr you might have to look slippy when

  • Water Take-Over


    Primary water, the Great Man-Made River project, and more.

    This is a topic that needs a lot more exposure. There are a lot of allegations here:

    "... it was actually a huge monetary investment into controlling... and reducing the people's right to access this free resource... "

    "...  this document was found out of the United Kingdom and it talks about how corporate agencies would be used to take over the public water system in the cities throughout the United States, and who would be appointed to do that... "

    "... the infrastructure for both water and gas would be left unrepaired so that we would be easy pickings for public-private partnerships... "

    "... fracking is a new way to poison the groundwater aquifers... "

    "... what's extremely important to understand is the slow

  • Death of the EV?


    And it may be best if you make sure you aren't driving it when it dies...

    Zerohedge reports on a winter driving experience that the author probably wished he hadn't had, but it highlights the quite simple primary reasons why EVs as currently powered by battery simply aren't a very workable idea, unless you just want to use it as a local runabout. Even then, can you afford a new battery when the original battery dies?

    There was much talk originally of swapping batteries in and out at service stations, which would solve some of these problems at a stroke and seems to be being adopted in China's EV market (although I don't remember just now where I read that). But western manufacturers never adopted that solution, which seems somewhat perverse, although the problems of swapping multiple physical battery sizes at service stations would quickly become impracticable should more than one size be involved.

    Maybe EVs are a solution in search of a problem? It

  • The Fulford New Year Report 2024


    Ben's New Years Day report makes for sobering reading.

    "The British Commonwealth, Asian secret societies, the Russians, the Pentagon and other power centers say they support a white hat proposal for a new planetary arrangement"

    As always, the devil is in the detail...

    The world being carved up by the "Great Powers" to suit their own ends is what got us into this mess in the first place, one might think, so one may wish to tread carefully. Still, it's hard to see how we can put "we the people" in charge overnight - there will have to be a very carefully crafted transition plan.

    Will war be abolished overnight? It's hard to see how just at present, but 2024 has only just begun...  (modest subscription required).


  • The Road to Perdition, Or to a Brighter Future?


    With a New Year comes new opportunity, or so we all hope, but there are as many ways of viewing such opportunities as there are individuals in the population.

    By its very nature a parliamentary democracy encourages divergent opinion, and the battle of ideas rages incessantly, to and fro, back and forth, left to right, right to left.

    But what is the major conflict that never (in recent times anyway) dares speak its name in the hallowed halls of Parliament? Certainly it is the conflict between individual freedom and centralised authority, between diversity of approach and top-down control, between an abundance of choice and a standardised result that is imposed as effectively the only option on offer (so much for "diversity" and "inclusion"). Yes, they speak the words, but by their actions shall you know them.

    Still, there are limits are there not? 

    Anarchy must be held at bay or chaos will rule the land, and

  • Geddes vs "TV Licensing"


    Continuing the Great TV Licensing Saga, Martin Geddes outlines his case against the Courts for permitting Capita to act as principle in the case of Geddes vs the BBC (AKA "TV Licensing").

    It revolves around the identity of "TV Licensing" - is it Capita (a BBC subcontractor) or is it the BBC?

    If the latter, then Capita would have no standing in the courts to sue on behalf of "TV Licensing", which is alleged to be a mere trademark of the BBC, and thus of itself not a legal entity.

    And Martin has copious evidence to prove his point.

    Legal arcanery? Upon such does justice hang in our courts of law. Words are important -  a word out of place may

  • Council Tax Conundrum


    Council tax, liability notice, legal requirements...

    How can such a simple question become so complex?

    Richard Vobes set a hare running with his recent video on "unenforceable" council tax demands, a video which was very promptly "rebutted" by Black Belt Barrister.

    To clear up the confusion (further muddy the waters?) PEACE KEEPERS go back to first principles of law below to explain what is lawful and what is not, depending as always upon the precise facts of each case. I recommend reviewing the above two videos before watching their contribution below.

    "Acts of Parliament are a collective expression of the multiple mind"


  • Geddes End of Year Update


    Martin Geddes has been busy in 2023 taking his demands for equal justice under the law through the courts for various issues - Council Tax, BBC Licence Fee, plus investigative work on the "Palnackie Pirates".

    Neatly foiling my attempts to link articles into a coherent sequence by subject, he today publishes a composite end of year report summarising the status of each of these projects.

    Follow Martin's Report here.


  • The Lair of the Beast


    This site has noted the extent of the modern British Empire before... but that concentrated mainly on the financial empire, and that didn't go nearly far enough.

    A bit later (mid 2021) we reported speculation about what the future might bring post-Covid, and that wasn't far out either, but nonetheless still painted an incomplete picture.

    30 months on and we now have LaRouchePAC setting out the globalist control mechanism, centred on the UK, the City of London, from whence post WW2 the state of Israel was manipulated into being. This in association with the UK-US "special relationship" set up the foundation for US Wars on Terror, the Zionist conspiracy that now faces a major, possibly final, crunch as the world rejects the thrusts to (a) eliminate Gaza, and (b)

  • This Should Upset the Apple Cart


    In the holiday spirit we continue with another article that a great many may find absurd, offensive, unnecessary, and so on.

    I'm not going to make any comment on any of that, but I do believe that there are many references in ancient literature (yes, including the Bible) that support Clif High's thesis here. It's not the proverbial "rocket science", but it does conflict squarely with the notion that the King James Bible is the unadulterated "Word of God". If you are firmly wedded to that notion and firmly resolved to treat any conflicting idea as the "work of the Devil", then I suggest that you skip this article. 

    If I am guided by evidence and logic, rather than the dogma of the "KJV immaculate", then logic says that between the original Bible texts being written and the KJV translation being completed, there was ample opportunity for the Devil to work his mischief (and/or for humanity