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  • Trump on Boris


    I prefer not to indulge in articles which relate to our politicians and party politics, but I'm happy to make an exception for this one.

    If (like me) you missed the recent GBNews Laurence Fox interview with the Donald (1 hr), Mahyar Tousi brings us up to date specifically on his reflections about Boris:

    (4 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday 7 Oct 2022


    Identity theft rules...

    Chinese politics explained.

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  • It's the NHS Jim, But Not as We Know It


    This is a must-read update from Debi Evans, courtesy of UK Column, that brings us up to date with the maulings/reorganisations that our "much loved" NHS offerings are shortly to suffer/introduce.

    As seemingly always nowadays, the emphasis is on removing the need for anybody to actually see anybody in the physical world, replacing the familiar Doctor's waiting room with a plethora of unfamiliar digital access mechanisms that ensure that you will probably never again see the same person twice. Indeed you yourself will no longer be a person, just an avatar in a metaverse watching an advice video, speaking with an AI, or (if lucky) another avatar.

    Do read on (deep dive!), you won't want to miss this historic update.


  • Drill Baby, Drill!


    Net Zero Watch tells it like it is, but will anybody listen?

    Relying for energy on those whom you regard (rightly or wrongly) as enemies doesn't seem like a good idea.

    Exploiting your own domestic energy supplies is therefore the key to prosperity.

    It's a testament to the relentless brainwashing of past decades that this needs to be said at all, but it's also a truism that we don't appreciate what we have until it's taken away from us.

    Download the report.


  • Nordstream 2 is Dead - Long Live Nordstream 2!


    Ooops - apparently "they" only breached 3 of the four pipes. Perhaps Germany may get some gas after all...  and de-industrialisation may be staved off, at least for a while.

    (14 minutes)


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  • The UN Unmasked


    No normie in their right mind takes a blind bit of notice of the proceedings at the WEF-United Nations, couched as they invariably are in dry and frankly turgid UN-speak, using words and phrases that seem wholly unobjectionable, even desirable, to any normal thinking person. Behind these phrases however lurk specific agendas and intentions which if spelt out would incite disbelief and fury.

    The Brownstone Institute republishes a Substack article by Dr Robert Malone, who points up the wholly unscientific idea that the UN now believes that it controls "the science" and can demand that no "other science" should be accessible.

    In other words, group-think officially guaranteed.

    If this isn't the pinnacle of absurdity and arrogance I don't know what is.

    The implication is that only UN-affiliated "scientists" trained and paid by UN-affiliated institutions can be allowed to voice their UN-approved opinions in the

  • NHS - One Foot In the Grave?


    The NHS has always come in for a certain amount of stick, and some suggest that if a service is free at the point of use then it will inevitably be overwhelmed because the means of rationing a finite resource is simply moved from money to queuing. 

    Others think that anything organised by "the government" is bound to fall over sooner or later due to both ever-changing political meddling and management by a remote multi-layered bureaucracy in semi-perpetual reorganisation. There is obvious truth in this - when did you ever hear about a shortage of NHS managers? Or about a new government that didn't have some pet scheme to "fix the NHS"?

    In past times when I used to knock on doors to campaign for Brexit, I was "treated" to some horrific stories of those who had been unable to access any sensible treatment from the NHS. I wasn't specifically talking about the NHS but these stories came out anyway. 

    Have things improved since then?


  • Neil Oliver - Double Billing


    I'm a couple of days late posting these monologues, but they are none the worse for that.

    First up - musings on our money ...

    (9 minutes)


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    And now, musings on what "green" means in practice...

    (16 minutes)


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  • Whither Ukraine Now?


    Clayton Morris does the research for us so that we don't have to pull it all together for ourselves:

    (39 minutes)

    "How far have these... stalwarts of journalism fallen?"


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  • 9/11 Parallels with Covid?


    Arguably (but less arguably every day now) both these events are believed by many to be engineered disasters initiated by forces clandestine.

    Richard Gage, architect, addresses the question from the starting point of the 9/11 events in Manhattan in 2001.

    None of this is new, but it's a useful reminder, all in one place.

    Look out for the section on predictive programming towards the end - that hasn't yet received that much publicity.

    (48 minutes)



  • Another Perspective on Our Fractured World


    Who were the "Khazarian Mafia", who are they, and where are they now?

    I have not seen this thesis linked in this way previously, but it draws together a great many threads that previously seemed very like loose ends, and casts world history in a new light, even if in 15 minutes it necessarily leaves out a large amount.

    Useful but not comprehensive, and in the realms of joining the dots rather than presenting firm fact. Much of it is also proposed by Clif High (recommended), who seems to know all about everything.

    The inimitable Max Igan narrates...

    (15 minutes)



  • Will the Pound Join the Control Grid?


    This is a bit like "Banking for Dummies" and shows how banking transfers work, but it is also "Control Grid for Dummies" which shows how a control system is being constructed under CBDCs - the Central Bank Digital Currencies.

    Time to wise up.

    (15 minutes)


  • The Global Test by Torture


    Part 25 (yes, there really are so many, and no doubt there will be more... ) of Sequel to Fall of the Cabal is released. You can catch it there, or watch it here.

    The science of torture is not just ad hoc unpleasantness, it is also precise psychological conditioning based upon manipulation of our emotions and starvation of our powers of rational thought and spiritual independence.

    Our news media frame their reports to provoke emotion rather than to present the facts and the reasoning. We get the emotional stimulae but the information that would enable us to react rationally with independent analysis and spiritual acumen is withheld.

    Today's real weapon of war is psychological conditioning. Was this the real purpose behind the Great Covid Event?


  • A Brief Look at Vortices


    What has Tesla got to do with this?

    For  budding mathematicians this may well provoke your interest. As is often the case, the simplest processes progress to create apparent complexity, even beauty!

    (30 minutes)


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    Explore more here!


  • When Will the Real Ukraine War Start?


    Clayton Morris of Redacted floats the ridiculous (?) idea that Russia hasn't started its war yet. After all, according to Mr Putin the events so far were simply a limited military intervention which has pushed back the Ukrainian forces that were shelling the Donbass for the last eight years, and cleaned out a number of biolabs.

    Now however, following the inclusion of the rebel areas back within Mother Russia where by all accounts they much prefer to be, any attempt by the Ukraine to regain these territories by force will be regarded as an attack on Mother Russia and thus an act of war.

    The game has changed dramatically.

    (27 minutes)


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  • Where Does America get its Energy?


    We are grateful to Climate Discussion Nexus for this succinct little video that tells the truth about the success of America's vast investment in "green" energy projects over the last decades, and how much more green energy now contributes to their economy.

    So will the US be able to make up the European deficit caused by the destruction of the Nordstream2 pipelines?

    "The United States is short of gasoline on purpose... "

    "... making the USA the largest natural gas producer in the world... "

    "... that extra production allowed the US to [almost halve] its coal consumption ... " 

    (11 minutes)


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  • We Are All Doomed!


    Matterhorn Asset Management has been looking after its clients physical gold and precious metals for years. 

    So they know a thing or two about these markets and financial markets in general.

    Their latest article reviews current markets in accordance with the broad sweep of historical precedent, and finds them wanting.

    "The above scenario is the inevitable consequence of a world that has lived above its means for a century and especially since 1971"

    The purpose here is not to cry doom and gloom but to warn their customers (and us!) of what they believe is likely to happen in the coming months and years. And of course they exist to persuade you to buy gold and have them store it for you - but few of our readership will be in that category, given their minimum holdings rules

  • Burning Forests Is Not Green and Never Will Be


    It always struck me as a daft idea that felling and burning  "renewable" forests whilst promising to plant more and more trees wherever there is a "spare" patch of land and paying farmers to grow trees i.p.o. food is good, whilst just burning coal and gas is bad.

    Even assuming that you grow as much wood as you burn (highly doubtful - trees take years longer to grow than to burn) you would still get the same amount of CO2 (or less!) into the atmosphere by not bothering and continuing to burn the coal and gas. Even the pollutant content would be worse from burning wood than from coal and gas. 

    Why not just burn the coal or gas and keep the existing forests to take up the CO2? And think of the fuel (and CO2) that would be saved by not transporting the wood pellets half-way across the world.

    OK I simplify, but I'm in the right ball-park. The BBC admits it all:


  • "Surrender or Die"


    The crisis is now, the final moves are taking place and cannot be stopped.

    The Monday Fulford Report is not for the faint-hearted and may not be for you if you haven't been following the global battle for Freedom against Slavery and Death. 

    Just a reminder - I can't verify any of this, although I suspect that Mr Fulford is better informed than most.

    Modest subscription required.


  • Covenants - Prerequisite for the New World?


    Martin Geddes is in effect sharing his journey of awakening with us, and I am grateful to him for opening his heart and mind to us, for that makes it easier for us to understand our own progress and the progress of those near and dear to us.

    It's not always simple. Here he is talking of the difference between contracts (so beloved of our legal beagles that they seek to entangle us in acres of notorious fine print hidden behind a tick-box before we can so much as order a bar of soap on-line) and covenants.

    Various dictionaries seem to consider that a covenant is a contract, but nuances are important here.

    The original Covenant (as far back as written records reveal) is probably the Biblical covenant between God and his biblical families and peoples,