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  • Calling All Budding Gardeners - Power Up Your Plants!


    It's a nightmare of conflicting advice - we know how it goes - we determine to do something in the garden this year, to grow stuff, to eat some home produce. So we find some nice looking plants at Tesco or wherever, buy some compost, take them home and plant them in the garden (if we can find room) or in a tub on the patio, we water them, we tend them, and (if we are lucky) one of them survives and we finally harvest around 3 raspberries.

    What did we do wrong? Did we over-water them? Did we under-water them? Should we have used more plant feed? Less plant feed? Who knows?

    Perhaps we need to go back in time to a better age when qardening was, well, more organic.

    Or perhaps we need to overcome decades of garden mismanagement and approach things differently?

    Here's a guy who has some simple ideas and grand claims - but haven't we heard them all before?

    I suspect that

  • CDC Cannot Substantiate Safety of Aluminium Adjuvants


    Given that the UK appears to routinely rubber-stamp the American health regulatory agencies, this should be of concern to us all.

  • NATO Scuppering Ukraine Negotiations?


    "It's insanity - that's where we are... "

    "Ukraine is dead as an independent nation... "

    (15 minutes)


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  • Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives - Now Swallow the Limited Hangout


    The news is full now of the Hancock WhatsApps which purport to explain the unconscionable decisions made by the then Health Secretary, particularly in regard to the now infamous operation to get the elderly out of hospitals and into care homes.

    This is ultimately a revelation of insufficient substance. The term "Limited Hangout" comes to mind.

    Is it all about diverting us into looking into the intricate details of some sub-events that can be blamed on "incompetence", or perhaps on the negligent criminality of some minor bit-player, who can be thrown under the bus to satiate the mob's lust for vengeance and thus protect the main players who operate in the background?

    It seems that Matt Hancock is to be the first such victim, and he will be lucky

  • Raymond McGovern Addresses the United Nations Security Council


    Ex CIA officer addresses current and past events affecting Russia-US relations.

    (17 minutes)


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  • No to NATO - No to War!


    The extent to which protests against the Ukraine war haven't happened in the UK has been quite surprising, considering that the UK has no obvious interests in the Ukraine and that country is not a member of NATO. 

    Yet our current crop of weasel-worded politicians of all major parties, who haven't even made a show of trying to negotiate a peace deal, have supported piling in with £billions munitions howitzers missiles "training" and tanks - all in the name of defending "freedom" from "mad bad Vlad" despite the fact he poses no obvious threat to the UK.

    But maybe we can see the first stirrings of serious dissent appearing - welcome dissent if it opens up the real arguments on both sides of the issue to public debate.

    So kudos to Rebel News for covering this event, and nul points to the intrepid unbiased BBC et al who were conspicuous by their absence.

    This devastating proxy war could spark a nuclear conflict,

  • Calling All Landlords ...


    Not content with booking all available hotel accommodations for the UK's young male immigrants of fighting age, Serco now need YOUR properties.

    Yes it's your patriotic duty to house these defenceless foreigners (regardless of how many of our own veterans are sleeping rough on the streets).

    After all, our government shepherded them over from France under appalling conditions, and they took an enormous risk to get here, so the least we can do is to keep them warm and comfortable (and at Government expense - you won't be left out of pocket) until...  well, we're not exactly sure what or when - you could be in line for years of government-funded risk-free tenancies!

    And they bring welcome diversity in untold respects. What's not to like?

    Hurry whilst the offer lasts.

  • Has Mr Sunak Now Achieved Brexit?


    After so many years of tortuous negotiations with an EU that still and always resents our leaving, the Northern Ireland Protocol Question has been fixed!

    But has it been truly fixed, or has it been fixed into permanent position?

    The very fact that the EU has approved it indicates the latter. The EU does not do climb-down, and see the matter as furthering the probability that sooner or later, Ireland will have to be reunited - under their governance of course.

    That means that the "solution" needs to keep the pot simmering, even if it does go some way toward resolving the incompatibility with the Good Friday Agreement. Future wrangling over detail should ensure plenty of opportunity for both simmering and complexity to flourish.

    Of course the other option - Irexit - also remains available and may make economic sense, even if currently politically impossible. A combined independent Ireland outside both the UK and

  • CDC Cannot Substantiate Safety of Covid Boosters


    Given that the UK appears to routinely rubber-stamp the American health regulatory agencies, this should be of concern to us all.

  • The Great Global Warming Swindle


    This video "premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4", was uploaded to YouTube 2018.

    Another excellent account of the political history (Lord Monckton) behind the Climate Change narrative can be found here.

    And a short summary of how the techniques of propaganda have been and are still being used to scam us all in 20th and 21st century.

    The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007) full documentary:


  • Excess Deaths - Parliamentary Non-Answers and More


    "How can the Chef Medical Officer get this wrong?"

    and more...

    (12 minutes)


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  • Trump: "Now, We are Going to Complete the Mission"


    Short and purposeful.  

    (4 minutes)


    UN Agenda 47 (1992).

  • Fulford Report Monday 27 Feb 2023


    Aficionados of Ben's reporting should not miss today's report.

    With the feud between the KM and humanity gathering pace, China steps in to call for calm.

    "The destruction of a Western city is subject to a complete news blackout... "

    As always, a modest subscription is required to access the complete article.

    But be warned - he has new and completely different web-site presentation, so you will have to overcome your disbelief and learn new navigation skills! 


  • The Most Egregious Example of Propaganda


    The problem with "Climate Change" is that we fall into the trap of arguing the toss on the basis of "the science" (which is monstrously complex and therefore impossible to prove, and - more to the point - very hard to disprove in the minds of most).

    But the truth of the matter is that it isn't science, it's propaganda.

    So let's look at it from that viewpoint...

    What is propaganda?

    Neither more nor less than the art of deluding the public to believe something that isn't true. The Nazis of Germany in WW2 are reputed to have been adept at this skill (but I don't think they were by themselves). What was their secret?

    "tell a lie big enough and repeat it until people believe it"

    Obviously, the ideal world for the propagandist is one in which the media of the day are controlled. In Germany in 1940 the

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 9 - When the Mob Rises Up!


    Our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series deals with matters that many would dismiss as fanciful speculation of unproven (and even unevidenced) nature - wishful thinking on steroids if you like.

    Yet there is a great deal of it "out there".

    I personally am not so arrogant as to dismiss it all out of hand - there are many things we don't understand about this life, and grounds to believe that much has perhaps intentionally been hidden from us.

    There are also many things going on right now that we don't fully understand, and for myself I have learned of so many matters unsuspected since I started this site, that I can no longer dismiss the outlandish as... well, merely outlandish. My outlandish may be somebody else's lived experience.

    From ancient artefacts and

  • China Tells Us What It Thinks of the US


    We might all think we know what China thinks, but I suspect we have not seen it spelled out in such detail in black and white.

    So here, straight from the horse's mouth as it were, is the uncensored opinion of the government of the People's Republic.

    Why does it matter?

    With the world in geopolitical turmoil over the war in Ukraine, the troubles in the Middle East, and the outright undermining of the constitutions of both the US and the UK, the non-Anglo-Saxon world is realigning itself along BRICS lines, in opposition to the A-S domination of the UN and its associated institutions.

    China being the most populous country on earth (even if India is snapping at its heels in this respect),  controlling the lion's share of the world's manufacturing industry, and with unhappy historical memories of the western world (colonialism, opium wars, etc), we do well to try to understand their views and motivations. Some may

  • Are We Heading Into a Constitutional Crisis?


    We've been seeing a lot of Richard Vobes recently, but that's because he's exploring topics of which we really should be aware.

    Here he is with constitutional experts William Keyte (again) and Justin Walker (Hardwick Alliance) (again) to talk about the Coronation Oath, which, together with Magna Carta 1215 and Common Law, form the bedrock of our constitutional system of law.

    What Oath will King Charles swear on his coronation, and how will it sit in relation to the Oaths of previous monarchs? How will this affect his duties as monarch and his relationship with Parliament? Will it even be made public?

    Or will it open the door wide to effective (if unlawful) Parliamentary tyranny?

    Why is this important (indeed vital for the future of our nation), and what about his relationship with the WEF?

    It turns out that there is a lot to unpack here, some of which perhaps isn't

  • A Cautionary Tale of Convoluted Connections


    Winter isn't over yet, but it is starting afresh for Andrew Stephenson.

    As I have no firsthand knowledge of the case I will leave it to Martin Geddes (no, I'm not part of his team, but he does write excellent material so I find it hard not to feature his work) to explain.

    Suffice it to say that it demonstrates the way in which corporate powers have seemingly tuned their use of obfuscation and complexity to turn the idea of a fair trial on its head.

    Thus effectively weaponising the judicial system against the individual.

    Martin doesn't specify the type of court involved here, merely stating that it was a civil case.

    Worth reading.


  • The Conflation of Rational Emotion with Support for the Unsupportable


    It now seems to be the sole approved (or at least the default) modus operandi of our government, when it requires to encourage the impression of public support for its insupportable policies.

    By evoking our sympathy with the victims, it spuriously seeks to suggest support for its policies.

    In this case conflating genuine public sympathy for the victims with support for its deliberate policy of waging a proxy war with Russia in the Ukraine. Yes I have every sympathy with the people affected but I denounce their policy of war with Russia on the grounds of outright fraud.

    The Russians made very serious attempts post 2014 to bring peace to the region by negotiating and concluding the first Minsk agreement. When that fell apart they returned to the negotiating table and agreed the Minsk II agreement.


  • Death of Net Zero Predicted


    This news will no doubt come as a horrible shock to many, but it's hard to argue with the cold facts.

    No doubt that is exactly why the supporters of Net Zero don't like to talk about the facts, preferring to emphasise the emotional arguments - but when were wars won by emoting?

    As they were never taught in school, emotions are useful for driving your attention and purpose, but thereafter we need evidence logic analysis planning and execution to get to where we want to be.

    The 'orrible Nigel, erstwhile scourge of the EU, now (some think prematurely) retired to journalism, spills the ghastly truths that climate change campaigners won't touch:

    (15 minutes)


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