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  • Are we Subjects of a System of Subinfeudation?


    Martin Geddes asks how our system of government became corrupt, and notes how that corrupt system was legally ended with the execution of King Charles I. You may argue that what followed was no better, but that doesn't invalidate the legal principle, it merely describes the result at the time.

    Martin then enlightens us about an Act of Parliament passed in 1649, which may open a whole new can of worms...

    In the mention of this he states:

    "So 'we the people' are sovereign, and act as principal, delegating this sovereignty to government, our agent"

    Well, not as I understand it, although this does bring out another aspect of the corruption of our constitutional arrangements: Government and Parliament are emphatically not the same thing.

    Under the separation of powers, Parliament proposes legislation which is then

  • A Look Back in Appreciation


    Lord Lawson of Blaby, now sadly passed on, left the UK a much better place than he found it, and laid some impressive foundations of common sense upon which to argue the case against the Climate Agenda. 

    In those days the use of common sense was still acceptable, if possibly discouraged - who could now envisage cutting taxes to transform the economy and improve the lot of the working people?

    It was common sense that led him to question the notion that we should turn the entire economy upside down and frantically build more and more windmills with no clear notion of how much it was all going to cost, or when the saving of the planet could be definitively accomplished.

    Over the last thirty years common sense has taken a beating, as it had to, in order for the sacred Climate Agenda to be

  • Another View from Gaza


    This is another opinion from personal experience of the Hamas/Gaza/Israel problem.

    He strikes me as sincere, and his viewpoints are from his own very direct experience.And his experience is from both sides of the fence.

    Whether he draws the correct conclusions from his experience is something to ponder - the Deep State runs very deep and knows no national boundaries. We know that their modus operandi is to play both sides to achieve their ends, and to state that doesn't invalidate anything presented here.

    "Hamas without chaos cannot survive"

    (5 minutes)


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  • Together Takes the Argument Into Parliament


    " 'Clean' Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics is the second joint report produced by Climate Debate and Together and reveals how a small number of the world’s billionaires are shaping UK air pollution policies by funding partisan groups to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds"

    Andrea Jenkins MP introduces Ben Pile's report to MPs.

    How did that happen?

    What is the UK 100?

    "... they're not running these pledges past the voters... "

    I wonder why not ...

    I looked for their membership list but found the FAQs, however, I

  • Is it Ethical to Suppress the Consideration of Ethics?


    Read the title again. 

    Then wonder how such a question is even possible.

    But it gets even worse.

    The story of the suppression is itself (allegedly) being suppressed...

    Yes, you guessed, Covid comes into the mix here.

    But read it for yourself, and form your own viewpoint.


  • Ben Fulford - Friday Sitrep 24 Nov


    Unusually, Ben has posted a Friday video to Rumble - its' an interesting report.

    (20 minutes)



  • The Great Unexplained Cancer Mystery - Experts Determinedly Baffled


    It's old news by now for sure, but somebody needs to keep reporting it until it gets cleared up.

    For the best part of three years now, deaths from all causes have been by all normal statistical measures higher than they should have been, all other things being equal. So we may conclude that all other things have not remained equal.

    Children's Health Defence reports on a specific aspect of the current situation in the United Kingdom.

    "... the remaining 92% of coded deaths in 2021 and 70% of coded deaths in 2022 revealed “a strong signal of cancer deaths in the young. We show a large increase in mortality due to malignant neoplasms that started in 2021 and accelerated substantially in 2022"

    Now what could account for this concerning rise in the death rate starting

  • The Illusion of Reality


    At grave risk of alienating around 90% of my readership...

    ... today we explore what may (or may not) be the true nature of our earthly reality.

    Certainly in a world in which our mainstream media are adept at misrepresenting reality in order to sway our thinking in directions that our puppeteers wish us to support, reality has been shown in recent years to be elusive.

    It's a bit tricky to navigate this topic because it's so difficult (likely impossible) to prove what the true nature of reality may actually be, so ultimately we may have no way to decide one way or another... but perhaps that is the ultimate challenge?

    However we do have a (possibly "the") master "conspiracy theorist" to guide us in our quest, so all is not lost, it merely requires an adjustment to the controls of our mindset. Don't forget, if it all becomes too much, simply hit the STOP button and move on to the next article in our

  • The Effects of WiFi - Should we be Worried?


    There is a lot of knowledge these days about the downside risks of high frequency radiation - especially of ionizing radiations such as gamma rays and x-rays.

    There are many who report that lower non-ionizing frequencies can also be damaging. But surely the WiFi frequencies that are now ubiquitous and allow convenient connection to the internet can't be damaging? After all, it's everywhere!

    Well, after watching this you may well not wish to let your child use a laptop actually on their lap - where it's very close to their reproductive organs, and damage there may render them sterile, unable to have children. No, this isn't new news either, it's actually old news, but as with so much news of this type these days, it seems that the relevant authorities are inexplicably (I believe that is the

  • One Small Town Comes to England!


    We covered the concept of One Small Town earlier this year, and now the idea is being launched in Gloucestershire.

    Richard Vobes colludes with Michael Tellinger to bring us the good news - stand by to learn about a new way of living:

    "... when you start to implement it, things change very quickly"

    (53 minutes)


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    It's easy for armchair critics to poke sticks at the concept here, but if we compare it

  • Debate the Emotions - WW3 Depends on Us


    I'm all for rational debate, but when the emotions overrule the preparedness to listen, rational debate becomes... difficult.

    The Israel vs Hamas debate has a high emotional content on both sides which doesn't actually facilitate the exchange of ideas and arguments in reasoned debate, because the protagonists are far more focused on making their own points than on listening to their opponents points and forming rational responses.

    Surely this is why we have rules of debate in parliaments and in the United Nations that focus on allowing each in turn to have their say, uninterrupted.

    When reporters take sides and become emotionally driven protagonists in the debate, journalism suffers. If their audience is to have a fair chance to calmly weigh the pros and cons presented by each side, then they need to conduct themselves to favour rational debate over and above the need to score points for "their team".


  • The State of Palestine Speaks at the UN


    (11 minutes)


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  • Whither UK Politics Now?


    As per usual, or even more strongly than usual, many view the current state of British politics with dismay.

    The Tories are haemorrhaging support, but few believe that Sir Keir would make a better fist of running the country. 

    Clearly some "outside-the-box" thinking is required, and I believe I may have hit upon the exact solution that would lead the nation beyond the current political impasse - and solve the Tories' "red wall" conundrum into the bargain!

    Difficult times require difficult measures, but if we are to unite around a revised political settlement then all parties will need to share the pain for the greater good. So without further ado let me put forward a truly different proposal that will bring stability to our national institutions of government whilst also healing old

  • Post Brexit Review with Nigel


    Nigel Farage with a succinct review of Brexit as it has (and hasn't) unfolded.

    He rightly points up the problem of getting our politicians in Parliament to actually both represent and implement the will of the people.

    Of course he doesn't touch on the reasons why they don't, so until we can get a proper handle on that, it's going to be business as usual. Still, as far as it goes, it's a fair summary.

    (10 minutes)


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  • Scott Ritter - on Israel and Everything


    Two videos featuring Scott today...

    Scott on Israel (hold on to your hat!) This is going to be very unpopular in official circles.

    Scott on Israel plus everything else - Zionism, American exceptionalism, free speech, Elon Musk / X, Scott Ritter's safety, and much more besides.

    Scott is one of those people with whom one may not always agree, but one does recognise that he is usually very well informed and he exhibits exceptional clarity of thought and presentation - and yes, sometimes he unhappily does get a bit overheated. Nobody's perfect.

    There is over two hours worth of material here, so choose how much you want to watch.

    First up: Scott on Israel vs Hamas, where lies the moral high ground, how is the Middle East reacting, how is the world reacting. If you are easily disturbed by forcefully presented views on Israel, you may take offence at this, but

  • Fulford Report Monday 20 Nov 2023


    Another upbeat report concerning the undercurrents of present global geopolitics.

    To go alongside today's Telegraph headline story:

    Israel on brink of deal to free hostages and pause fighting

    Modest subscription required for full access.


  • To Solve the Israel-Gaza Problem, First Understand It


    I claim no special insight into the workings of the Middle East, other than what has been abundantly clear for many years - that the Great Powers have been manipulating matters in the region ever since WW1.

    The American Lyndon LaRouche apparently had a long-standing position on the matter, and since his passing, the LaRouche Political Action Committee has maintained his work, and comments on the current crisis from a relatively detached perspective.

    Is it accurate? I don't know, but as far as I can see it does largely fit the overall facts as we know them.

    Worth reading.


  • Freedom in Sunderland


    More reflections from the local northern front-line, from Martin Geddes.

    Classical neo-communist "architecture", black and white photography, and it looks as though it's been raining...

    Stalwarts all.

    Not exactly upbeat, but redeemed by the final picture in the park.

    On such as these depends the future of our children.


  • Eternal Gratitude to Our Great Leader, Klaus Schwab!


    Whatever you think of the World Economic Forum, the world is set on course for great change - the only question is, where will this change take us?

    Here we have a review of the future according to the WEF - there is of course another vision of the future, as recorded in the Bible, although that perhaps takes more effort to understand being written in rather more picturesque language that requires careful interpretation - a difficult task these days.

    So perhaps we have to choose our preferred psy-op - will we choose the WEF psy-op that seeks to persuade us that they have our future already wrapped up under their experts, or will we choose the anti-WEF psy-op which refutes the ultimate centralisation of all control over humanity?

    Whatever, here we are concerned mainly with the vision of the WEF:-

    Glory to the New World Order! Hail our Great Leader - Klaus Schwab!


  • Down the Rabbit Hole - and Into the Planet!


    (Let me start with the customary suggestion - readers are advised to read my other 'Down the Rabbit Hole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the Rabbit Hole - 1, before continuing)

    This video is a round-up of many of the stories about what may lie beneath our feet, and who may have lived there, even who may live there still... there is now so much published information that it seems unreasonable to dismiss it all out of hand as "baseless conspiracy theory" - although it seems equally unreasonable to assume that everything published is invariably true!

    This idea actually has a long history of investigation and discoveries - ancient multi-story underground cities have been revealed in Turkey and probably elsewhere, even the lost civilisation of Atlantis was said to be linked around the world by subterranean railways... indeed they were also said to be more technologically