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  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... with Q


    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of the earlier articles here, starting with nbr 1. Many may consider these propositions extreme, but the question is, can they be disproved?

    Could they be possible, and if so, what would be the implications? 

    If the implications would be trivial, then who cares? But if they would be earth-shaking, perhaps we should take note.

    The implications here are about as serious as we might imagine, + 100%...

    ... but don't panic...

    "As I continue to re-emphasise, we are in full control of this war. Everything we are being shown now has taken place whilst the

  • "How I Assisted Colchester Council"


    Rachel Matthews entertains Clive de Carle, Matt le Tissier, and Richard Vobes...

    (17 minutes)



  • "US's 'Silent Escape' from Ukraine"


    Col Macgregor - "we will leave the way we did when we left Vietnam".

    I think that says it all.

    (18 minutes)


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    (11 minutes)


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  • Scott Ritter - Hamas Made a Horrible Calculated Decision ...


    Scott Ritter brings us up to date on what he sees happening in Gaza, now and in the near future.

    "There will be no returning to the status quo once this war is over... "

    (28 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... to Wherever, Whenever


    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of the earlier articles here, starting with nbr 1. Many may consider these propositions extreme, but the question is, can they be disproved?

    Could they be possible, and if so, what would be the implications? 

    If the implications would be trivial, then who cares? But if they would be earth-shaking, perhaps we should take note.

    So today we feature the experiences of Dr. David Morehouse, "renowned author and foremost expert in Remote Viewing and Spiritual Transformation"...

    ... with (you guessed it) a certain TLA.

    If you automatically refute seemingly

  • Our World, and How to Leave It


    Our world has seemed to be run by those who manipulate the money supply in order to impoverish the poor and enrich the rich. The scam is run on long timescales, typically longer than the average lifetime, possibly longer than many lifetimes...  thus providing a degree of protection from the intelligent human who never experiences the full progression until his old age, at which point he/she is typically retired and feeling too old to do anything about it.

    In this interview, Michael O'Bernicia tells the story of how he came to not only discover and analyse the age-old scam, but also to devise and implement the antidote that he suggests will put an end to it.

    In some ways the Universal Community Trust has similarities to Michael Tellinger's One Small Town initiative, being global in focus

  • A Spanner in the Greenworks?


    More from Net Zero Watch - or, to dig a little deeper, from the Royal Society, no less.

    They have uncovered a problem with the modelling of methods to deal with the intermittency of "renewables". Yes, it's odd that isn't it? But it's becoming almost routine rather than unprecedented to find problems with "the modelling" these days.

    I suspect that because modelling is (or can be) rather complex, the public has a tendency to consider it something that scientists do and it must therefore be "scientific" - but that is an error. It might reflect science if done well, or it might just reflect the prejudice and/or error of the modeller. And if the modeller is modelling something that isn't fully understood in the first place, well...  the result isn'tlikely to be very close to useful.

    In this case, they

  • The Impact of Energy


    A short but educational film on the impact of energy availability on human society.

    A useful but uncomplicated review of the basic principles and the relationship between energy and humanity down the ages.

    (14 minutes)


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  • Neil and George Discuss Politics


    " demagogue... someone who appeals to prejudice rather than rational argument... "

    Hark at the pot calling the kettle black, one might reasonably think. This seems to be the standard modus operandi for many politicians.

    It's an old but valid adage that elections are lost rather than won. In this case, it fell to George Galloway and a previously unknown independent candidate to benefit from the ongoing collapse of rational politics in the UK. 

    Long may the squirming continue...

    (17 minutes)


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  • Fulford Report Monday 11 March 2024


    The fakery continues, with nobody really able to distinguish true from false. 

    Is Benjamin himself real, or an AI fake? Who can say?

    And does he actually say whatever his contacts in the secret services / societies want him to tell us?

    None the less it's an interesting report this week, and the second time that residents of California may wish to take note...   and more training for the rest of us to differentiate "what is" from "what isn't".

    Modest subscription required.


  • Is This the Future of the World Wide Web?


    Is this another Great British initiative that will lead the world? Or perhaps at least our understanding of it?

    "This is insane"

    It's also mind-bendingly fascinating. Is this going to make the plans of the WEF for man-machine integration completely obsolete?

    Prepare to be baffled...

    (15 minutes)


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  • The Religious Imperatives Behind the War in the Middle East


    The Gaza conflict is seen by many as intractable, but the source of that intractability is not necessarily prominent in our thinking.

    If we cannot understand it, then we will likely be blind-sided by developments. Stephen Gardner interviews Robert Spencer, "expert on Islam and Jihad".

    (NB since nobody these days seems to be truly independent of attachment to either side, as always we should take claims made here about this conflict with a pinch of salt - it's your viewpoint that counts)

    (24 minutes)


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  • But It's to Save the Planet!


    The CCC (the Government's Climate Change Committee) has a problem.

    It is legally obliged to solve an intractable issue.

    Nuclear takes too long to implement, "renewables" are too intermittent, and everything else creates CO2 which cannot be released. So what to do with it?

    Carbon capture is a safe political solution in so far as it has always been assumed that new technologies will be invented to solve the problem of sequestration. By extending this assumption, nobody need look too closely at the implications, so "job done" for today.

    However, time waits for neither man nor novel technologies, so the CCC has had to do a bit more assumption-wangling to make it look like it has some plausible solution that could solve this tricky situation.

    Essentially, by compressing this terrible CO2 to a sufficient degree, it can be pumped underground into

  • Posthumanism Fast Approaching ...


    Does anybody really understand AI?  Doubtful.

    Is AI really exemplified by the AI apps that have so far been released by the Googles and Microsofts of this world for the public to play with?  Very Doubtful.

    Are "they" really planning to build an internet of AI that can monitor and control, even generate,  everything we can see and everything we can upload, even (eventually) everything we can think? Tick.

    Isn't that insanely technically challenging and probably untestable?  Tick.

    And could it work?  Maybe, in parts...

    So it will take them for ever to get it to that point? Probably.

    So we have time...  Sorry, Nope.

    The truth is that it wouldn't matter to

  • If You Are Still Hesitating to Give Your Kid the Shot ...


    It's been a while now since Covid hit the world, so if you are in the minority who still wonder whether you shouldn't just get on with it and take your child to the medics to get the protection on offer, then this quick read is for you!


  • A Tale of an Elderly Mishap


    So what has become of "our" NHS?

    A cautionary tale indeed, and some good advice to boot.

    "State-nominated priest is the Noctor. I am surrounded by so many, I no longer remember what all their acronyms mean. Nurse ACP & ANP, non-nurse PA & HCA, Paramedic FCP & AP, etc"

    Of course, you are not supposed to remember what all these TLAs mean. The only truth you need to know is that medicine has now been reduced to the application of protocols appropriate to the symptoms, each with its own specialist expertise and TLA.

    And if you have a handy test that can simply be applied and assumed to be 100% accurate regardless of the circumstances, then so much the better.

    Medicine has been rigorously oversimplified by managerial classes obsessed with reducing waiting times and maximising throughput and efficiency (not to mention simplifying construction of the

  • Freedom of Choice? Of Course Sir, Tory Labour or LibDem?


    I suspect, I hope, I have faith that political life in this country is growing up.

    In many places now we see the stirrings of disillusion, the crumbling of the assumption so assiduously cultivated until now, that having a choice of political parties at elections equates to freedom of choice.

    What matters to the man on the Clapham Omnibus is not the colour of the party in power, but whether its policies are to the overall benefit of the people. We see now more clearly than perhaps ever before that on the policies that matter to the WEF, all major parties are at one with the monarchy.

    There was a time when Parliament was happy to project the views of the people to the monarch and act as a restraint upon the monarch's power - Charles I took the fall in 17th century to achieve that status quo, yet here we are in the twenty first century with Charles III in close cahoots with the WEF corporate global oligarchs, and a supine Parliament in full lockstep with

  • WEF: Wildly Expensive Failure


    Definition of insanity: - keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    After innumerable years of government subsidy for developing "renewables" as a power source to replace "fossil" fuels, one might begin to understand that if we don't have progress now that "fossil" fuels are as expensive as they have been for many years (thanks to our benighted leaders' obsession with weakening Russia by all means possible) then it seems reasonable to suspect that "renewables" are not going to cut the mustard. Not now, not ever, certainly not any time soon.

    So since the convoluted strike price mechanism so clearly failed, the government is taking action to reprioritise fuels that workdouble down on renewables by increasing the subsidies. Evidently, despite telling us all

  • Net Zero Farmers?


    What do we want our farmers to do?

    Do we want them to grow food?

    Or do we want them to curate the countryside, growing trees and wildlife at the expense of food, so that we can live as stone-age hunter-gatherers?

    Most European farmers seem to have concluded that they don't want to return to the stone age, and they suspect that we wouldn't want to either.

    They also suspect that growing plants that take up CO2 isn't the disaster that has been portrayed.

    I can't think what has possessed them to think that way when the great and the good at that fount of global instruction the WEF, have so clearly determined where they want us to go, but perhaps we should, in the interests of inclusivity, listen to their

  • When Technocrats Sunk Their Claws Into President Donald Trump And He Rolled Over