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  • Ukraine War Just Escalated - Nova Kakhovka dam Destroyed


    Crimea now reportedly without a fresh water source.

    Not to mention flooding, and water used for cooling a nuclear power plant.

    This will not end well.

    (21 minutes)


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  • Motivational Globalist Socialist Video


    It was never about our health, it was about training us into unthinking compliance.

    Literally unthinkable compliance.

    Absolutely real.

    Only we the people of humanity stand in their way, but humanity has no place in their globalist future.

    It's not just about America, it's about the world.

    Whether or not we agree with all the ideas expressed herein, I suspect that we can agree with the notion that the world faces a fork in the road. A choice ultimately between the route toward top-down control by the self-appointed few, and the route toward bottom-up control by and for the many.

    "What does it mean to master the future?"

    (101 minutes)


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  • For the Highest Good


    This may not be for you...

    But for those whose minds are not quite locked shut, this may well be of interest.

    "There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

    I have no such experience, so I offer offer no comment, but it's your view that matters.

    (60 minutes)


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  • Brutal Analysis of American Foreign Adventures by a US Patriot


    Ukraine will wake the Europeans (eventually) to the calamitous nature of America's foreign interventions (aided and abetted by UK and EU politicians).

    This is a masterclass in the last three quarters century of history, covering the failings of our western corporate leaders, the seemingly limitless corruption of our western political classes, the dominance of the military-industrial complex, and the total failure of western leadership to manage the resulting mess.

    All this, from Vietnam through Afghanistan, Kuwait, Irag, the Middle East, (not to mention Kosovo, Libya, and several others) and culminating now in the destruction in Ukraine, this two-part video reviews the historical record, how it came about, and whither it has led us.

    The second part reviews the picture on the ground in the Ukraine, and how it may or may not develop - that topic has been covered already to some extent, and it hasn't turned against Russia's favour. Really, it adds a bit

  • Is Zelenskyy in League with Moscow?


    Scotland Today reports on a conspiracy theory that is apparently under investigation in Kiev.

    It's a brave bit of reporting, given that Volodymyr is such a central character in the Russo-Ukraine conflict that has proved so disastrous both for the Ukrainians and (to a lesser extent) for much of Europe.

    If the case is proven, then the knock-on effects would potentially bring down a number of western governments... so I wouldn't expect this to be admitted publicly any time soon. We await developments.


  • Follow the Science ...


    ... down the Publication Hole?

    We are admonished to "follow the science" repeatedly, especially in recent times when apparently political decisions (lockdowns et al) were more or less nakedly dressed up as "science" despite "the science" that was widely recognised only months previously being entirely different...

    How did that happen?

    Net Zero Watch (no, this actually isn't about climate-you-know-what) brings us an amusing (depending upon your sense of humour) but instructive ("follow the science!") and "important" (probably depending upon your paymasters) paper by W.M. Briggs that describes (yet another) "scientific" investigation into (wait for it... ) the reliability or otherwise of the "published science".

    Surely a topic that is well overdue

  • Fulford on Monday 5th June 2023


    Benjamin's report today is disappointing but not unexpected...

    I suspect that many people are reaching the point where they are losing faith, not knowing any more whom to believe, realising that in fact, nobody knows the answers that we all want.

    In many ways this makes some sense - and it has been said many times by various sources that until the world's populace has been driven to the "brink of the precipice", they are not going to be receptive to the shock of the new.

    Whilst many have been peering over the edge for a while now, there are plenty who are still oblivious - or who don't like heights and dare not look, even though they may be growing uneasy.

    It has been truly said that the Divine Timing is unknowable.

    Watch and Pray.   (Modest subscription

  • Another Documentary on the Covid Pandemic


    This site has been reporting on the Covid pandemic from the autumn of 2020, and I have no wish to cover old ground on this topic, but this is a new documentary which covers most of the main points in one video. 

    If you need a reminder, or want to suggest a video that covers most of the main points, then this may be for you. Be warned, it's revelations are appalling, unbelievable, but absolutely necessary viewing for those new to the topic.

    (53 minutes)



  • Are They Trolling Us?


    Daily the news is full of ever more ridiculous pronouncements by politicians, to the point that one really must wonder if they are taking the p**s.

    Nigel fields some easy questions from Nick... but where do we go from here?

    (13 minutes)


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  • Quebec Military in the Lead?


    Fake news, or the start of the end-game?

    You decide.


  • Dr Reiner Fuellmich Strikes Down Under


    A New Zealand Maori Court seems an unlikely venue for holding the Deep State operatives to account, but in the world of legal precedent this may be seen as an opportunity.

    Step 1 - Assert their authority as the Maori nation (Declaration of Independence 1835)

    Step 2 - Prosecute the miscreants on the merits of the case

    Stop World Control reports...

    (65 minutes)

    (and no, she's not wearing a face mask!)



  • Matt Ehret Discusses the British Monarchy and Empire


    Matt is a Canadian historian of encyclopedic knowledge, with some rather unconventional views that many may feel unwarranted; but what he has to say isn't based on mere conspiracy theory, it's based on his interpretation of a great deal of circumstantial evidence - "you shall know them by their fruits".

    (See also this analysis of Britain's second empire) 

    Perhaps Matt's perspective isn't so far-fetched...

    (56 minutes)



  • Vatican, Nazis, Swiss Banks and More Explained


    This video from an event in 2000 recounts history from the personal perspective of someone who spent his life somehow becoming familiar with WW2 and subsequent events unfolding, as described in this rather unusual and engaging presentation. 

    Of course, as in all matters involving high politics and intelligence agencies, it's up to us to determine how much truth and/or disinformation is revealed...

    Nevertheless, it offers a welcome respite from some of the rather more in-your-face reporting that current affairs tend to generate.

    (48 minutes)



  • PCPW at Parliament Square!


    An excellent report from PCPW on the 17th of May protest outside Parliament - 

    "It should never have been necessary in any country that prides itself on fair play and decency to have to campaign and gather in public to advocate for the safety of children"

    Indeed so, yet we have now come to the stage where black is white, up is down, and wrong is right. There is no rhyme or reason to it, except to convince people that the battle is lost, even kids are fair game, and resistance is futile.

    Wrong on all counts.


  • "NATO Attacks Moscow" - Redacted


    The latest developments in the Ukraine, following the fall of Bakhmut. 

    How deep does NATO involvement go? 

    UK and US politicians haven't exactly distanced themselves from the conflict at any time since it started, apparently believing (along with all our famously "independent" and "unbiased" and now unquestioning media) that negotiations with Russia to end it would not somehow be appropriate.

    (25 minutes, plus additional topics)



  • The Global Fascist Biosecurity State


    David Scott (in a suit?!) for UK Column interviews Simon Elmer in this somewhat academic discussion around the latest form of fascism to strike our world.

    "Fascism has gone global"

    (78 minutes)



  • Clash of the Narratives ... or of the Facts?


    Ambassador Andrei Kelin interviewed by the BBC's impartial Laura Kuenssberg.

    It's not my place to comment, so I won't.

    It's for each of us to make up our own minds.

    (30 minutes)


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  • Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser


    Every once in a while we need to step back from the brink and remind ourselves just what a familiar yet naggingly strange world we live in.

    And when the reminder comes in serious form humourously presented, our cup runneth over.

    (Still, you do have first to get past the "word from our sponsor", but it's worth it)

    (56 minutes)


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