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  • The Fulford Monday Report - 29 May 2023


    A roller-coaster of a report this week, indicating many things that we thought true to be false, alongside evidence that more bad actors are being uncovered world-wide. The landscape is changing.

    How much longer can this tottering edifice continue to totter?

    Hopefully, we will find out soon...

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  • WHO to Protect Us from "Infodemics"


    Are there any lengths to which the WHO will not go to protect us from...  well, anything they don't like?

    Apparently not.

    It seems that they noticed that during the recent "pandemic" there was a certain amount of disagreement, even push-back against their pandemic narrative, and, well, if that sort of thing happens again at the next pandemic (which we are assured is definitely incoming, although the reasoning behind that assertion remains unexplained and therefore unsupported) then who can predict how matters will turn out?

    Hence the need (according to the WHO) for PRET (the "Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats" - catchy titling still isn't their forté).

    Becker News (no, me neither, but the mainstream

  • Neil Oliver On A Roll (or two!)


    Comment from me is superfluous - Neil is far more capable than I to expess his views.

    (12 minutes)

    Watch this video on the "green agenda" here.

    (YouTube doesn't permit it to be embedded! Perhaps you should be protected from too much straight thinking?)

    (11 minutes)


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  • Lord Frost - Is Net Zero Compatible with Mass Prosperity?


    Will Lord Frost be the last honest politician standing?

    "Lord Frost delivered the 2023 Annual GWPF Lecture to an audience in central London on the evening of Thursday 25th May"

    "... 30 years dealing with the EU gives you a very good nose for bad economics, for lobbying, rent-seeking, for la pensée unique, for corporatism, and indeed for a suspicion of capitalism and markets... "

    "... whether we in the West can sustain the confidence to face our challenges and to succeed as the world’s leading economies and societies... "

    Quite so.

    Where does confidence come from? 

    Do we become

  • Down the Rabbit Hole - Into the Hive Mind


    Setting aside my preconceptions... there is good logic in this one!

    Whatever preconceptions you may be carrying, just check out the logic here. We should always think for ourselves, we should not accept unquestioningly anything that we are told - by anyone - and really, that is exactly her message.

    Does it stack up? Go figure.

    (8 minutes)

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  • The Murky Waters of the Universe, Life, and Everything


    This is a bit long at 90 minutes, but he covers a great deal of ground at quite a pace - please try to keep up!

    The inimitable Michael Tellinger delves into pre-history, and pulls out some extraordinary stones,  interesting theories, and astounding connections - yes, it appears that "they" may have really lied to us about everything...  and we may never be the same again. It will be a brave new world, but not as Aldous Huxley documented it.

    Fasten your seat-belts and plunge in...

    (91 minutes)


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  • The Murky Waters of Council Tax "Liability Orders"


    The Martin Geddes Council Tax saga takes another turn around the vortex.

    Is this a "steady eddy", or is it liable to collapse one way or the other?

    Martin takes time out to regale us with the latest (not entirely fulsome) data request response from the man from the ministry.


  • "People are Sobering Up, But Will We Sober Up?


    Colonel Macgregor reviews the situation around the Ukraine (again).

    (19 minutes)


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  • Cornwall Ups the Anti!


    The fight is moving from the national level to the local level.

    Local councils will now be in the firing line, and Cornwall has thrown down the gauntlet, "pledging its support for local farmers and the role they play in the local economy".

    "There is no county farm that survives solely from arable in Cornwall"

    "The motion in Cornwall was first proposed by Conservative councillor... and was passed almost unanimously"

    Tories take note.

  • World Homicide and Oppression


    "Philipp Kruse is a Swiss Attorney. After a career in commercial and constitutional law, he dedicated his life to challenge the path Switzerland is moving along with many other nations. He has run several cases in relation to regulations impacting children, constitutional controversies and is leading several initiatives supporting activists"

    UK Column article on the legal push-back against world domination in Switzerland.

    (25 minutes)


  • How Do You Shut Down the Traffic(king)?


    A system seemingly as old as the hills and just as hard to knock over.

    Martin Geddes brings us up to date with the view from the bottom, the view of those who have encountered the system at first hand, who have experienced it as individuals, and have been through it and know it very personally.

    "There is a national emergency that most people cannot comprehend"

    "We are stonewalled by the authorities at every opportunity"

    "We cannot let this continue ... every town and city in the entire country is the same"

    This is the story of our times, we just never knew it.


  • How Do You Shut Down the Biggest Ponzi Scheme?


    Banking crisis slow rolling to... what exactly?

    This is speculation, but sometimes speculation gives us a hint of what we might be facing.

    A financial crash has been mooted for some time now - higher interest rates mean fewer loans, fewer loans means a reduction in the available money supply - leading to deflation, and bankruptcies - and fewer loans... 

    "... for a period of time you're going to be on your own... "

    Bill Holter speculates with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.

    (39 minutes.)



  • Dr Aseem Malhotra Tells Rebel News How It Is


    Dr Malhotra is a latecomer by some standards to the deficiencies of the medical establishment, but it seems that he is making up for lost time.

    An excellent interview.

    (19 minutes)



  • Where Are All the Good Guys?


    Despite appearances, this is essential viewing.

    It's short, but very pointed.

    And probably very timely.

    Or just a "conspiracy theory".

    It's not a prediction - much of it has allegedly happened already, behind the scenes.

    Do not miss, or you may find yourself flummoxed by incoming events - globally. 

    (13 minutes)


    In similar vein - The Great Awakening - Trailer

    (3 minutes)



  • Does Money Grow on Trees?


    If you know how the banking system works then you know its central deliberate design flaw.

    My first job was as a trainee bank clerk - knowing nothing about banking I was put to work on the Enquiries desk...

    Maybe they wanted to keep me ignorant. They certainly succeeded in convincing me that working for them was time wasted.

    The simple con is that money doesn't grow on trees, it' much easier than that. It appears in computers with a few stokes of the keyboard - then you have to pay it back plus interest. With such a business model, how can banks fail?

    It's hard, but they engineer it! And since they are too big to fail, governments co-opt us to bail them out.

    Funny how governments always seem to work to the disadvantage of the people.

    Now factor in the credit-card economy where the bankers take a percentage of every

  • A Taxing Correspondence - Continued


    Martin Geddes is in dispute with Durham County Council over the alleged debt that he owes them in respect of Council Tax unpaid.

    He is chronicling his challenge to this allegation.

    Previous episode here.

    In response to his FOIA enquiry as to whether they have a policy document which describes how correspondence to the chief executive is handled, they have become all coy and uncooperative, producing all manner of diversionary reasons why they can't answer this simple question.

    This is entertaining, provided only that it is happening to somebody else.

    Do they advance good reasons for denying his request, or is there something else going on here?

  • The 50 year Gestation of the Technocratic Putsch


    A couple of articles from Patrick Wood arose in my inbox today, the first summarising the 50 year globalist project to turn the UN into one-world-(unelected)-government "for our own good", the second illustrating the chicanery used to further their ends: the Libor crisis.

    Whilst there is nothing much new here, Patrick provides a useful reminder of both the historical context and the underhand methodologies that underpin the unfolding plans for world domination. Now, where is James Bond when we need him?

    The Club Of Rome, Climate Hysteria And Global Governance

    It Was Central Banks That Rigged The 2008 Lehman Brothers Crisis


  • Fulford Report Monday 22/05/2023


    Benjamin's assessment of the G7 (panicked), the state of Ukraine (outfought), the state of Zelensky (out of country) and the state of the USA (out of oil, out of cash, out of time).

    Other than that...

    Modest subscription required.


  • Durham


    The wait has been extraordinarily long (what was it about again?) but it is finally released.

    John Durham's report on FISA-gate is out.

    So what happens? Very little so far.

    "Durham proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the entire Trump Campaign-Russia collusion investigation ... was a total hoax ... by a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, acting in collusion... "

    But we knew much of that when the Mueller investigation came up with precisely - nothing.

     "Such an overt retaliatory action by the DOJ ... would not have been possible had Durham done his job and prosecuted those responsible for the illegal

  • MHRA - Enabler - of What Exactly?


    As always we are indebted to UK Column for publishing articles which explore the truth behind the "at the speed of science" production and distribution of the jabs.

    Along the way we have learned how the system was managed within the USA, and we have learned how the UK Government has been busy reconstructing the UK regulatory system for the white hot "Life sciences" revolution that would make us all very rich indeed (always assuming we invested in the correct corporations).

    Now we learn how the "newly independent" UK is streamlining its

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