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  • Restore the Republics!


    This video is primarily for the American audience, but I think it adds substance to support our article on the English Counties Assembly, where the work of Anna von Reitz with the American state assemblies is noted. 

    Our governments are on course to be revised, rejuvenated, and returned to the care of the People. But will We the People be ready?

    (35 minutes)



  • Neil Oliver - A Storm is Coming


    A double-whammy this week. Neil as always is on the button.

    (18 minutes)


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    "This is a Good Thing"

    (11 minutes)


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  • George Galloway the Unmentionable - But Not Unelectable!


    Both Tory and Labour parties were not only trounced by George Galloway (12,335 votes and now inevitably, with the possible exception of Andrew Bridgen, every MP's favourite bogey man) but also by a virtually unknown independent in second place, David Anthony Tully (6,638 votes) - ie: 18,973 taken together - against 6,133 for both Tories and Labour combined.

    That is a result that absolutely defies the usual lofty glossing over and dismissal.

    Of course it's a "protest vote". It's also a "collapse of stout parties" vote.

    It says "NO NO NO" by a margin of 3 to 1 against the combined main parties, behind whom came the LibDems and Reform (the parties that we are supposed to turn to when dissatisfied with the main parties) with a mere 4,132 between them.

    And trailing behind them, in the far "also ran" distance, came the Green candidate with a risible 436. 

    Deep State on the Run? Fulford on Monday 4 March 2024


    Hold onto your hats!

    Ben's report this week points up a great deal of activity that does not augur well for the New World Order, AKA the Deep State, epitomised by the UN-WEF "partnership".

    "This ultimatum... comes in the wake of a comprehensive purge of high-level Khazarian Mafia leaders and military defeat in Ukraine"

    "... However, the battle is not over yet" 

    Modest subscription required.


  • NATO's War on Russia, Germany Spills the Beans


    "Everyone involved is therefore aware that they are waging war against Russia, i.e. the NATO-Russia war is already a reality. This means that Russia is also entitled to attack NATO targets. The fact that the Russian government has not (yet) done so indicates once again that Russia is pursuing a de-escalating course, while the West is fully committed to escalation"

    Well, that just about sums it up - we are waging an undeclared war on Russia, and trying to hide behind Ukraine. Russia knows it and has known it for some time, but has tired of pretending that it doesn't know.

    The only reason we can now say that we know is that Russia herself has published the proof, hinting that she may also know a great deal more about NATO's war planning that she is keeping to herself - after all, why give away all her secrets to the enemy? 

    We do know that Russia has been far better prepared to defend herself in terms of battlefield logistics than NATO has been to

  • Galloway Gallops Home - What Does It Mean?


    The election of the new Great British MP for Rochdale, and by a handsome majority, has ruffled feathers, even put noses out of joint.

    Rishi talks of extremism.

    Heaven knows what Sir Keir talks of as nobody seems to care.

    So it's left to Hyde Park Corner to make appropriate comment.

    (20 minutes)


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  • A Short History of Sweden, now Joined to NATO


  • Update from Costa Rica


    We recently reported on the court case being progressed in Costa Rica.

    The case has still to come to trial, but meanwhile Interest of Justice reports that they have filed for an injunction to stop the Covid "vaccines" on the grounds that they were never properly authorised, but were always experimental.

    Today's update provides more detail.


  • Parliament Debates Excess Deaths, Heart Disease (But not Cancer etc)


    The link (if any) between roll out of the jabs and increased levels of death by heart and circulatory disease was (perhaps somewhat grudgingly) debated, but no mention of excess deaths from other causes (such as cancer) which have been reported, and only a ministerial response to "write to" the MPs who raised specific queries.

    At this rate of progress we had better all start briefing our kids to ask for the full response "in due course" because we will all be deceased long before those in authority deem it necessary to actually produce the information requested.

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • Ukraine - Deal or No Deal?


    With talk of nuclear escalation much in the news these days, ZeroHedge reminds us that a Ukraine-Russia peace plan was reportedly substantially agreed within months of the initial Russian incursion, but that initial agreement was supposedly vetoed by Boris Johnson. Although what it had to do with him isn't at all obvious, it does tend to indicate that Ukraine is not its own master. 

    It doesn't say much for Boris Johnson either, although in fairness despite various reports to that effect, I have no proof of his involvement (but why wasn't he involved in facilitating a peace deal?).

    Add in widely reported US involvement in the 2014 Maidan revolution, and readers may draw their own conclusions.

    Since then, according to retired military experts Colonel Macgregor and Scott Ritter, "the West" has

  • Global Radiation Emergent - The Low-Down


    Humanity is at the cross-roads - and on board a bus being driven as hard and fast as possible into a future that nobody has tested for safety - despite "our safety" being the go-to excuse of our elites to lock us down, jab us with who-knows what, feed us with who-knows what, confine us to quarters, and generally ride roughshod over all our traditional time-honoured freedoms.

    Have we noticed yet?

    Or are we still too busy playing ever more responsive silly games on our phones?

    Do we the people have to separately investigate, conduct our own safety trials, determine any effects detrimental to the environment, document and prove the harm that any and each of these novel technological marvels may do to us and/or the environment, to the satisfaction of a legal system that takes forever, charges exorbitant fees, and may not even be fair and even-handed?

    If so, then what are our

  • Is There Light at the End of the Regulatory Tunnel Vision?


    Our MPs are famously inept, prone to being fillibustered by arcane rules and conventions, and strangely (unkind souls might think determinedly) blind to inconvenient truths, but surprisingly it does seem that at least some of them have cottoned on to the notion that a similar affliction has been endemic at the MHRA for some years now, as has been consistently highlighted by many  commentators on independent media, and notably by UK Column.

    If our MPs were not alerted by 77 Brigade / MI5 / Ofcom etc, then perhaps these too were asleep on the job?

    The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Pandemic Response and Recovery (yes, apparently there is such a group) has now, it would appear, indeed noticed. Up to a point.

    " 'far from protecting patients' the regulator operates in a way that 'puts them at serious risk' "

    Do I detect the sounds of stable doors being prepared for slamming shut well after the

  • Global Radiation Emergency


    "Global Radiation Emergency is a just-formed coalition of individuals, organizations and scientists on six continents whose mission is to save Planet Earth"

    "The Radio Wave Packet... will be a basic tool with which to penetrate the wall of denial, to place wireless technology alongside climate change on the world’s agenda of greatest assaults on life and most immediate threats to survival"

    This international initiative is formed to "do what it says on the tin".

    "We are an international coalition of organizations, scientists and individuals calling for an end to cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, satellites, and other forms of wireless communication"

    I know this sounds like another scare by the WEF designed to ensure our compliance with their all-controlling agendas - except that these EMFs are integral to their own control

  • Good News for All - Especially Farmers?


    Peace by International Treaty...

    Michael O'Bernicia explains his new legal jurisdiction to Richard Vobes.

    Prepare to be amazed - is Universal Community Trustthe answer for life, the universe, and the end for fraudulent government?

    Don't fight it, obsolete it!

    (57 minutes)


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    Also see the Great British Mortgage Swindle


  • Laugh or Cry?


    OK, I admit it, Nick Hubble is my favourite financial adviser - not, I should add, because of his financial advice (we don't do that on this site), but because his political analysis is so pointedly accurate. Perhaps he should be relabelled as a political commentator.

    On second thoughts, given the lamentable state of "left, right, left, right, left right left!" party politics to which official commentary confines itself in this country, it probably wouldn't be doing him any favours.

    No, he isn't party political, but he is a realist with his finger on the pulse of both the politics and the populace.

    "I’ve never seen so many top-down initiatives flop in such rapid succession"

    "For those of you who feel vindicated by all the changes happening around you, don’t. Because they aren’t finished with you yet..."

  • Will Costa Rica Hold their Pandemic Officials Criminally Responsible?


    There have been minor legal triumphs following the Covid injections, but no knock-out case so far.

    But the court cases keep coming, slowed by technicalities and procedural devices, but still they come.

    This one has been stalled for a while but is being reconfigured to come back to court in Costa Rica.

    It is centred on the pivotal point that these injections were never fully approved medical products, and were therefore in substance experimental, a status which demands much more careful handling both medical and legal.

    Interest of Justice reports.


  • The DVLA "Name Fraud"


    This alleged "name fraud" probably isn't limited in scope to the DVLA, it may be endemic to legal systems of the Crown in general, but we are discussing matters motoring here, so I'm not going to quibble.

    Who am I? Who are you?

    These are pretty basic questions in normal life, but rather more complex in legal definition. Indeed, some suggest that this question lies at the heart of much legal chicanery, as the man-on-the-Clapham-omnibus understandably fails to note the subtle legal distinctions at play in his legal identity.

    It's time to learn them - you may not legally be who you think you are!


  • Who Is "TV Licensing"? - Martin Strikes Back


    One needs to be very self-confident to represent oneself in Court, and navigate through the (usually unstated) legal presumptions and unfamiliar legal language that some might think masquerades as the King's English.

    One needs to be supremely self-confident to demand that the judge presiding your case recuse himself on the grounds of allegedly not applying the law with proper integrity.

    These matters are of vital interest to all of us - if the justice system is subverted, then we are all liable to be its victims at some point or other.

    Thus we note Martin's latest report on his ongoing brush with "TV Licensing" with interest.


  • Arab League Provides a History Lesson to the ICJ


    "... these are serious breaches of the right of self-determination, the prohibitions of racial discrimination and apartheid, and the right of return... "

    (26 minutes) 


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  • The True Voice of the Left: Yanis Varoufakis


    One of a very few people who are always worth listening to (especially when you disagree with them), Yanis is committed to "the left" rather than to those who merely profess to be of "the left". He isn't committed to just any "left", he is steadfastly committed to his "left", a right-thinking "left" (if that isn't an oxymoron) that is uncompromisingly founded on evidence, logic, and the benefit of the people.

    And Yanis certainly isn't afraid to do his own thinking - I suspect he found out years ago that he couldn't trust anyone to do his thinking for him - but he also explains himself clearly, coherently, and with conviction. 

    (70 minutes)


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