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  • 17 States Join Texas Bid to Supreme Court to Sue the Battleground States to Protect the Integrity of the Election


    The state of Texas has bid to sue the "battleground" states where election law as set out in the Constitution was allegedly not adhered to.

    Seventeen other states have joined in to support this action and

    Financial Wipe-Out?


    This perhaps self-interested piece by Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management provides a useful and perhaps timely reminder of the current seemingly precarious world of financial investments.

    Note that financial corrections are not by and large destructive of real assets - they are simply revaluations that bring market prices back to earth to provide a more realistic basis for the markets to do their

  • Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co-signing the petition


    If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

    It's an old adage, but an adage that has stood the test of time.

    Will "the vaccine" stand the test of time?

    Drs Wodarg and Yeadon don't like what they see and "filed an application with the EMA, the European

  • A Quick Skate through History - Alan Sked Reviews The State of Politics Today


    Alan Sked, the academic founder of the Anti-Federalist League which subsequently morphed into UKIP, reviews the state of politics today for Brexit Watch, with special attention to the state of politics north of the border.

    He reminds us of a lot of good points which underscore the impracticability of top-down centralised government by the elite, and expose the folly of the push toward Scottish independence.

    Alberta Premier Explains the "Great Reset"


    The premier of Albert, Canada has made a video putting forward his view of the Great Reset, thus joining the ever-growing ranks of "conspiracy theorists" who think that "they" are "out to get us". When such views break into the mainstream we know that something is up, and he doesn't hold back:

    Like / Dislike this video here. (Youtube permitting).

    Why did the West Copy China's Covid Lockdown?


    The AIER address the problem of why the WHO and Western nations broke from all previous epidemiology and instituted draconian lock-downs as adopted by the Chinese government when they realised that things were getting out of control.


  • A Turning Point: Fraud Evidence Pours Out in Battleground States


    The US election is beset by problems.

    The mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic were quick to declare Biden the new president-elect (why wait for the official processes to complete?) but since that time more and more evidence has been coming out that the election may have been a giant hoax, with Trump votes dumped and switched in dubious machinations within the electronic voting systems whilst suspiciously large numbers of mail-in ballots were found in the last moments (allegedly all for Biden).


  • The New World Order Is The Great Reset, Conspiracy No More


    So what is the "New World Order"?

    Here is a viewpoint from Sean Stone from across the pond who tries to put the NWO into some historical context, albeit from an American perspective.


  • The Onward March of the "Governmentalities"


    Alastair Crooke (not to be confused with the late great Alistair Cooke!) writing for Strategic Culture Foundation delivers a thoughtful discourse on how "the elites" of global governance try to (more or less surreptitiously) mould our attitudes and

  • European Arrest Warrant to Continue Post Brexit?


    Some of us have been concerned for many years now that our perfidious Parliament will allow the EAW (European Arrest Warrant) to live on well beyond its Brexit end-by date.

    Torquil Dick-Erikson writing for Brexit Watch now discloses the confirmation that as far as HMG is concerned "There is no intention for extradition to any EU jurisdiction after the end of transition period to be made

  • Covid Vaccines - Boon, Irrelevance, or Disaster?


    The Drive for the Covid Vaccines

    Regardless of what we think about the cause of the peak in April, we are now in December and observing what has every appearance of a normal profile of winter deaths from respiratory infections (covid + flu + rhinovirus etc).

    I’m by no

  • Covid - View from the Bottom


    PHE national Influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report Week 48

    Public Health England’s week 48 (up to week 47) report on “flu-like”

  • "The Donald" Tells the Presidential Election How It Is


    President Trump gives the world his take on the presidential election.

    Anyone that believes that he will concede doesn't realise that this is the culmination of everything that he has set in motion in his first term, and the gateway to everything that he will do in his second term.

    Conceding the election is the last thing on his mind. Exposing the rampant illegal fraud is

  • British Law and Democracy Further Eroded?


    Jonathan Saxty writing for Brexit Watch draws our attention to the differences that the Swiss canton system bestows upon Swiss democracy, as compared to our own system.

    He also draws attention to the 

  • EU Defence - Read the Small Print


    David Banks writing for Brexit Watch reviews the current state of our "withdrawal" from EU defence initiatives, and finds the usual ambiguity (some might think disparity) about our military relationship with the EU post-"Brexit".

    Of course, a military relationship doesn't just cover troop and equipment deployments, it must also cover inter-operability, common specifications, procurement

  • Trump at the WEF in Davos and at the UN, 2018 & 2020


    To remind ourselves how we got here, I have linked the speeches delivered by "the Donald" to both the World Economic Forum (a.k.a. "Deep State") and the United Nations (a.k.a. the "Great Unelected" through which some think the "Deep State" is trying on the current Covid coup du monde).

    Trump spoke at the UN and the WEF in Davos in both 2018 and 2020:

    Trump in Davos 2018: