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  • Fulford Monday Report - 14 Aug 2023


    Ben's report this week is one of the last of the pre-written variety (but none the worse for that) and has an addendum on the recent disastrous fires on Maui Hawaii in which so many died.

    It also offers some thoughts based on post-war history about the kind of economic reforms that may be implemented post crisis.

    Of course, as always, to access the full report you will need a modest subscription to his site.

    We hope he has had a refreshing holiday, and look forward to his return next week.


  • UK Column Meets Jemma Cooper


    Brian Gerrish swaps notes with ex-BBC journalist on the strange state of UK journalism.

    "Fortune favours the brave"

    "We need to see if you're one of us"

    "... the merging of man and machine... were not far off that... "

    Slightly incestuously perhaps, one journalist interviewing another. The trouble is that is they are both talking from a similar perspective, so it's a bit of an agreement-fest. Nonetheless it's a very interesting conversation that brings out those triggers in life that provoke severe change of direction. 

    (67 minutes)



  • Can China + Saudi Bring Peace to the Ukraine?


    With Russia presenting an immovable object, the irresistible force of the Ukrainian armed forces backed by NATO seems to have met its match. Yet the USA-UK axis has betrayed no inclination to move for peace.

    Ukraine however must be looking at its backers and wondering if they have enough Ukrainian lives left to make any more war?

    Surely there are people in the Ukraine who will be looking for a way out?

    Step forward China / Saudi Arabia to broker a talks process to hopefully lead to a ceasefire, followed by a peace agreement.

    (10 minutes)


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  • The Maui Fire Devastation - Hawaii


    The recent loss of life to fire in Hawaii has stunned the world.

    The BBC has reported on it, hinting at - inevitably - "climate change".

    But were there other factors at play? The number of trees that survived more or less unscathed right across the area does look pretty remarkable.

    Health Impact News reports.

    "... again and again we're seeing that the footage just doesn't add up in terms of natural fire behaviour... "

    "... are there no fire-fighting facilities at all on the island of Maui?"

    Make up your own

  • A Short History of the Deep State in the USA


    Oklahoma bombing, JFK, CIA, FBI, LBJ, 9/11, "and much more"...

    Ted Gunderson, law enforcement officer, private investigator, righteous sleuth, spills the beans... 

    ... and there's a LOT of beans.

    "... my dog likes you, I like you... "

    "... this is a spiritual war... "

    This is a repost of an original video. Watch it all.

    (55 minutes)



  • Where Are Gilbert and Sullivan When We Need Them?


    This tale of dastardly deeds and piratical purposes cries out for that good old-fashioned operatical treatment that was so well-received (and effective) in times of yore.

    Are there no budding composers and librettists who can step forward to fill this yawning gap in our modern pantheon of raucous pop and discordant noise?

    Plot? "Plot" you say? You want a plot?

    Is there a shortage of plots?!

    Perhaps we only have to look in the right place, and we will find a veritable cornucopia of plots!

    But maybe we can help out today with a neatly packaged, scumbag filled, byzantine assemblage of legal twists, important actors, nefarious motivations, occult collusions and yes, that vital lowly hero who selflessly stands against the impossible odds, determined to secure the eventual inevitable triumph of light and love over venality, subterfuge, and darkness - simply because it

  • Covid Legal Case in the Netherlands


    Legal cases all around seem to have run into the sands of obfuscation/oblivion, but there are more of them coming to the fore.

    Here is one from the Netherlands where the whole apparatus of government (not to mention the WEF's Bill Gates and Albert Bourla) seems to be being sued for their alleged Covid crimes. Although it's a civil case for damages and restitution (such as may be possible), it's certain to have a big impact if successful.

    Read the Summons.

    "This procedure is the first procedure in the world, in which the plaintiffs explain extensively and substantiated that Covid-19 is not a disease but is part of the project Covid-19: The Great Reset. Each of the defendants is sued jointly and privately by the plaintiffs because of the participation in this project alleged by the

  • Explosive Speech in Australian Senate


    Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick with some sound common sense in the Australian Senate.

    Funnily enough he looks almost as lonely as Andrew Bridgen MP when he was speaking in the House of Commons, and seems to be just as unpopular with the Australian leadership.

    He's certainly mentioning a very great deal more than has been previously mentioned.

    Onward and upward!

    (14 minutes)


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  • IPCC Report AR6 Taken to Task


    CLINTEL (Climate Intelligence - an independent foundation in the fields of climate change and climate policy to generate understanding of the causes / effects of climate change and the effects of climate policy) bring us their studious assessment of the recent AR6 report from the IPCC.

    They have written (download) to Professor Dr. Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC, to express their specific criticisms, concluding:

    "We regrettably conclude that the IPCC has failed to follow this advice and the AR6 exhibits the same flaws as before, namely biased selection of evidence, failure to reflect genuine controversies and failure to give due consideration to properly documented alternative views"

    Strong stuff.


  • Nigel on the State of British Banking/Corporate Culture


    Fortune and Freedom is an independent financial publication, but finance is now centre stage in our national life, because our modern society cannot function without banking services across the internet.

    No banking service, no ability to manage your money. It really is that simple.

    As individuals we could in theory pay cash for all our day to day purchases, but we all need a bank account for our incoming salary / pension / benefit payments, and a counter or ATM somewhere where we can withdraw that money as cash.

    Therefore, banking provision is to all intents and purposes an essential public utility service, like water, power, and drainage, without which modern life is neither feasible nor acceptable. It is the bedrock upon which all commercial transactions of any size above the minutiae of the trivial personal purchase are founded, and without which they become impossible. 

    Andrew Bridgen MP on the State of British Politics


    Once a very lonely voice in the House of Commons, Andrew Bridgen has nevertheless stuck to his guns, and to his quest to uncover the truth about the Covid jabs.

    It's very good to see other MPs also beginning to come forward with public statements. Maybe now is a good time to write (once more?) to your MP and put them on the spot; a spot which is no doubt becoming less comfortable with each passing day.

    It is a truism that collapse first happens imperceptibly, then slowly, and then suddenly. How far off now is that last appellation?

    Andrew updates Richard Vobes on the latest situation:

    (54 minutes)

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  • Down the Rabbit Hole - into a Deep Fake World


    (New readers may like to check out the other articles in our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series, where we look at out-of-the-usual issues that many dismiss as absurd, but which seem remarkably resilient and are not easily disproved - forewarned is forearmed!)

    This starts off talking about cloning... but it's not just about clones, it's about all aspects of the deep fakery that may or may not be infiltrating our senses in these days of revelation of uncomfortable truths.

    We don't have to believe it all - but it would seem to be wise to at least recognise the possibilities...

    Viewers are warned that this is not all easy viewing. Either move on elsewhere, or...

    ... keep calm and carry on.

    (2 hours 39

  • The Door to Global Control


    The United Nations isn't known for underestimating either its omniscience or its incredible management abilities to deliver whatever it deems necessary for the unfortunate peoples of the world - peoples that its sponsors seem to consider supernumerary - a gigantic overload on the capabilities of mother Earth to support them all.

    So its latest proposals to set up an "Emergency Platform" for taking world control by the scruff whenever any "Complex Global Shock" is deemed incoming is only the logical and sensible action to take, and no doubt grateful national leaders all around the world will happily endorse this proposal (a) because it's the easy thing to do and (b) because they prefer to listen to the charlatans at the UN than to their own populations.

    I note the weasel word "complex" snugly ensconced within the incoming verbiage.

    Meaning of "complex":

    "don't you worry your simple

  • The Realpolitik of Joe Biden's Climate Stance / China Income


    "... no real services ever provided... "

    "... Biden admits he wants to erase all oil drilling in America... "

    "... however, if he wants to make a real difference... he's going to have to get the rest of the world to come on board, especially China, India and Russia ... " (good luck with that)

    "... back off impeaching Joe Biden... "

    Well well - this is just confirmation of much that has been obvious for some time.

    Make of it what you will.

    (9 minutes)


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  • Covid - the Undead Pandemic that Refuses to Die (in the Minds of "Regulators")


    Words fail.

    A new Covid "booster" jab - for children? 

    Children who by every known metric were never (even at the height of the "pandemic") at any serious risk from Covid are being invited - nay, "bribed" even - to take part in a trial for a new Covid "booster" that will certainly come with associated and probably serious "side effects". Only for the "unlucky few" of course.

    A "booster" that is only required because the original jab didn't provide the promised protection.

    Would you go back to eat in the same restaurant that served you a bad meal the first time?

    The White Rose takes this suggestion apart.

    Meanwhile Conservative MP

  • Who is the Real Vladimir Putin?


    Is "Biden" the real Biden? Is "Macron" the real Macron? Is "Putin" the real Putin?

    Are any of our world leaders actual the real deal?

    Or are they all puppets anyway, controlled by a central secret intelligence agency? 

    "All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players... "  -As You Like It

    Startling idea perhaps, but read on...

  • CO2 Masterclass



    Dr Patrick Moore, "Dr. Patrick Moore - Co-Founder and former President of Greenpeace, Director of the CO2 Coalition, Senior Fellow of The Heartland Institute, and author of 'Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom' "

    In this video he brings a much-needed historical perspective to global temperatures, CO2 levels, polar bears, ocean temperatures, carboniferous deposits on the ocean floor, and the way in which humanity may (or may not) have been responsible for saving the planet from a disastrous CO2 famine.

    Not to mention the Great Barrier Reef... the Great Pacific Garbage Patch... etc etc


    (81 minutes)


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  • Fulford Report Monday 7th Aug 2023


    This week we have another prewritten report to fill the gap provided by Ben's holiday.

    All we never wanted to know about the globe's secret societies! Well, last week's report was about much the same topic, but I suggest that the two should be read together.

    Plus some bonus news items this week from the faithful Windlander.

    Modest subscription required.

    (There is more "from Ben" this week on our Telegram channel)


  • Debanking Supplants Debunking?


    Perhaps the debunking was becoming too hard, too ineffective?

    "... nearly one million accounts have been closed over the past four years...  this figure may be underestimating the true scale of account closures, given that it only reflects accounts closed over concerns of financial crimes, and therefore would not include cases... [where] bankers determined that he did “not align” with the bank’s values... "

    Read the Story.

    Watch the video:

    (4 minutes)


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