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  • The Second Declaration of Independence


    Read with emotion, and seemingly some slight intoxication, but the gist is very clear.

    "... it asserts that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION was formed illegally, that it is foreign owned and that its shareholders have been quietly at war with America for over 150 years... "

    (31 minutes)


  • Some Legal Distinctions that May Surprise


    An interesting excursion around the basics of modern law - we should all be aware if we are to take responsibility for our own lives.

    OK, this is US-centric but much of it also applies to the UK.

    It also sheds more light on the relationship of courts to banks and postmasters...

    "You know what we haven't done the last 100 years?

    "We haven't corrected any of their errors"

    "This government works off of unrebutted presumption"

    "What is the legal definition of the word 'legal'?"

    "It is the undoing of God's Law"

    "Policy Revenue Collection Agent"

    Do not miss...

    (2 hrs 25

  • It's Not Over Until It's Over


    In the UK it's spring going on summer - down under it's autumn going on winter.

    An epic rant from Australia, pointing out that those in power have no intention of relaxing their agenda, and that the populace in certain countries are demonstrating that they have no intention of taking it any more.

    All that needs to happen is that the powers that be cut off the food and fuel supply.

    "You do not want to be in the cities when this happens"

    "... we don't know how crazy it's going to get yet... "

    (62 minutes)



  • New Normal Pandemic Dictatorship


    Once again, Neil Oliver nails it. 

    (9 minutes)


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  • The Cosmic Hoax


    In Down the Rabbit Hole 7 - The Conscious Cosmos we introduced Dr Steven Greer, who has been investigating paranormal activity and the relationship with undisclosed government projects for decades. 

    Whether you believe what he has to say or not, it is a fact the Donald Trump publicly announced the formation of the United States Space Force whilst in office, and it is the stuff of legend that the US military has been unable to account for prodigious quantities of money that have mysteriously "gone missing" over many years.

    "Connect the dots" as they say.

    This is where UFO controversy meets real world politics and global conspiracy theories - and I don't use that term in any disparaging sense - nobody ever abolished conspiracies to my knowledge nor did anyone ever have that

  • The New Normal Dictatorship


    I exaggerate only slightly - this article is actually entitled "The UK New Normal Dictatorship" but in truth there is nothing UK-specific here.

    "This makes it difficult for some people to recognise the nature of the totalitarianism that is being stamped upon our societies. This is a technocracy, more akin to the neocolonialism of a mega-corporation than history's previous autocratic military regimes"

    It has actually been about the corporations for a long time, as the British and Dutch East India Companies attest.

    "The G3P is a web of multinational corporations, tax-exempt foundations (philanthropists), private investors, think tanks, governments, non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and alleged charities"

    It is now so complex (not to mention ever-evolving and mutating) that

  • Can You Claim Back Your (Quantum?) Life?


    This is an asked-slightly-tongue-in-cheek:question, but it opens up a fascinating box of quantum grammar and legal intricacy that probably escapes us all.

    We have mentioned the quantum:grammar before.

    I mention that because if you haven't read that yet, what follows will be utterly incomprehensible.

    If you have read it, it will be only mostly incomprehensible.

    It is based upon the situation in the US where every citizen is said to be pledged to the Federal Reserve as collateral against the national debt - hence every birth certificate is held by the Bank so (in simple terms) they know where to collect.

    Since the US was allegedly bankrupted in 1999 I assume that means that all US citizens now

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 8 - Halls of Records


    Yes, this is follows-on from Down the Rabbit Hole 1 thru 7.

    I'm not a fan of Dr Michael Salla (his habit of interrupting his interviewees, when I would quite like to hear what they have to say, is frankly annoying), but perhaps this video is an idea whose time has come - and he isn't interviewing!

    (7 minutes)


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  • Stories from Lockdown


    Lockdown was effectively a multi-pronged attack on our civilisation.

    Family suddenly counted for nothing, the State for everything.

    These are a few of the stories of individual families that were denied their humanity, perhaps even the life of a relative.

    They are but a small fraction of the human tragedy that was imposed on a trusting population, and they must be heard.


  • Why We Need to Stop the WHO's Pandemic Treaty


    The WHO are pushing at an open door with their proposed pandemic power grab treaty, upon which we have reported before.

    The World Council for Health (a kind of anti-WHO alternative body) lay the implications out for us and suggest what we should be doing to oppose this.

  • A New Take on White Supremacy?


    It is something that most climate scientists don't much investigate, but CO2 is not the most significant factor in heat conservation and may not be the primary factor in global warming.

    Everybody noticed (or used to before they started living inside when the ambient temperature outside drops to uncomfortable levels), clear and starry nights are cold and dry whilst cloudy nights are relatively warm since clouds block terrestrial heat radiation. Likewise cloudy days are relatively cold because the warm sunshine cannot penetrate the cloud layer too well.

    Yes, water in the form of cloud cover is acknowledged (even by scientists) to have a greater effect on ambient temperature than CO2.

    So how do the climate scientists factor in the possible variation in cloud cover over the last century?

    I'm sure it's an idea

  • Clif High Delves into History, Suffers a Unscheduled Interruption


    The religious persecutions of the Cathars in the dark ages is an horrific tale, and caused many to flee for their lives. Essentially the Catholic church, the "Holy Father", mounted a crusade to exterminate them as heretics (since they would not bend the knee). Maybe they were onto something, in fact it's hard to think from Clif's exposition that they could agree with the Holy Father on anything very much.

    Once you have listened to this you may not agree with the Cathari either, but Clif certainly spins an engrossing story that ultimately affects him personally, the world of medicine profoundly, and the world in general totally.

    If Clif is right (and I suspect he is pretty close) then we will all have a great deal to both  learn, and to unlearn. There won't be any escape, so - bring it on!

    (83 minutes)


  • Ukraine - The Point of Conflict


    This article posted by Terry Boardman is an in-depth tour of the history of the global power-struggle between the elites of the UK, Europe, Russia, the far East, and (latterly) the US.

    LaRouchePAC have been fulminating about the perceived influence of the imperialist UK over the USA for some time, and it is becoming obvious that an unelected elite under the umbrella of the "New Word Order" (as currently fronted by Klaus Schwab but embodied by the western world's all-powerful corporate interests and their financiers) is intent on taking control of the UN by means of medical and legal dictatorship.


    Is Ukraine the tinderbox that will ignite WW3?

    The world does seem to be at a dangerous

  • Thoughts on Toxic Perfectionism


    This article took me back to my own student days in the late 60s early seventies. But my purpose is not to reminisce.

    We were encouraged to think that students go to uni, and workers go to work, but we are all students now. Indeed, those of us who no longer aspire to the student mentality are tired of living, doomed to cement our ignorance and repeat our failures.

    The Daily Sceptic brings us a piece written by a student:

    The Toxic Perfectionism Young People Have Learned From Social Media and Covid Conformity

    I suppose that if I were to nit-pick (moi?!) I would disagree with the implied denigration of perfectionism - as