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  • Fulford on Friday 21 Oct 2022


    A wide-ranging round-up at this volatile time in our history, when nobody can predict very much with any certainty and the future looks bleak in many aspects.

    At least Mr Fulford seems well-informed and evidence driven.

    Modest subscription required.

    Also this week, posts in "Letters to the Editor" is worth reading for good news from New Zealand.

  • Clif - High - Thoughts on the Current Situation


    No one theme dominates this discourse, but he does touch on a few current issues that may be of interest:

    (49 minutes)



  • Eco-Loons for Ever!


    Jeff Taylor blows his stack over the recent gluing of "Eco-loons" to London roads, to the evident satisfaction of the police in attendance.

    But he also draws attention to a real problem (plus more) with electrics cars...

    "These costs are xx times the benefits, even when using the government's own valuations of the environmental benefits"

    ... not to mention a few problems with our politicians.

    The overall "carbon reduction"? Hmmmm.

    And the final comments on our political systems? That's for all of us to judge.

    (12 minutes)


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  • Gain of Function, Future Proves Past?


    Another "Gain of Function" virus project, that has had little to no publicity, emerges.

    Should we be worried? Since this modified virus has not (yet) been released, and as the original virus on which it was based was hardly more lethal than the flu, perhaps not.

    It must be far more important to halt the mRNA gene editing shots that are still being rolled out to age groups that can overall only be harmed by them. So is this latest revelation primarily a distraction exercise at the moment?

    And BTW, how did they know about the "omicron variant" back in 2020? Was any of this pandemic stuff unplanned?

    (22 minutes)



  • EU Parliamentarians Eviscerate the Official Lies


    Christine Anderson (Germany), Francesca Donata (Italy), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (Croatia), Stasys Jakeliūnas (Lithuania), Cristian Terhes (Romania) lay out the lies for us in all their pathetic detail.

    Wonderful to see that there are MEPs still determined to tell the truth despite all official obfuscation denial and discouragement.

    Their presentation of the truth regardless of whom they may upset is outstanding. True and fearless democrats all.

    (40 minutes)



  • Time for the Return of Farage?


    Dan Wooton talks to Nigel - is it a coup? would he return to politics?

    Do we need a new "centre right" political party to kick the Tories into touch?

    (Or do we need to kick the whole rotten system into touch? Sadly this option wasn't discussed)

    (10 minutes)


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  • Round-Up of GMO Crops - What Do they Deliver?


    Round-Up (for those unaware) is a herbicide that (a) farmers spread over their crops and (b) contains glyphosate (commercial product only) which courts have found to be a carcinogen and have awarded damages accordingly.

    Big Agri has also developed GMO crops that are glyphosate-resistant, so they score twice - sell the farmers a herbicide and sell them herbicide-resistant seeds!

    (Not so different from Big Pharma, whose doctors end up prescribing drugs to mitigate the side-effects of other drugs... )

    The IRT (Institute for Responsible Technology) suggests that this isn't such a good idea, and put forward pertinent points in support of their case.

    I suggest that heaping technology solution upon technology solution is an inherently idiotic approach (unless you are

  • Where Are the MHRA's Vaccine Safety Reports?


    "the MHRA set out an excellent plan for safety monitoring of the Covid vaccines which was required because of the minimal safety data from trials and the planned extensive rollout"

    After two years, they are well overdue. Did they send them by rail? By Carrier Pigeon?

    "The only publications from the MHRA in the last two years on safety have been the Yellow Card reports and even these do not divulge the number of people affected or the seriousness of the reports"

    HART (the Health Advisory and Recovery Team) wants answers, but I'd bet a pound to a penny that none will be forthcoming.

    "Where are these weekly analyses of GP data, proactive surveys of the vaccinated and academic studies of large medical databases? We’re approaching two years into the rollout – where are all these promised reports? And why is no one apart from HART and a smattering of others asking these

  • For the Globalists Bureaucrats et al: Beware Claim of the Life


    "But as is said, freedom is not given, it is taken. And, we must take back our freedoms"

    "... the people in the spotlight are too busy talking to listen"

    "[Russell created the Quantum Grammar and Claim of the Life system so that we have a chance to learn how to live in peace by communicating in a mathematically certifiable construct... "




  • Distasteful As It May Seem ...


    ... the Hunter Biden "laptop from hell" seems destined to play a huge part in the future of the USA, and of the world, including us here in the UK.

    So gentle readers, we cannot ignore it. But where to start?

    Marco Polo has done us all a service by combing through it and producing a report.

    I can vouch for none of it obviously, not having (thankfully) had a copy to analyse, and even If I had, time would not be available for such a huge undertaking.

    Make of it what you will.


  • Whose Rules WIll We Follow?


    Language can be a beast.

    As anyone who has ever written an email can probably attest, the meaning that we attribute to that email can be completely misinterpreted by the recipient. It turns out that words and phrases can mean different things to different people, and misunderstandings are consequently not uncommon, even without the assistance of Google Translate.

    Part of the problem is context - if I say something in the course of a conversation, the listener will automatically try to understand it in that context. Emails may not provide that luxury.

    Part of the problem may be cultural, as words can have different meanings or even nuances for different cultures.

    Sometimes it's just sloppy sentence construction, as in "alumni of academia like John Hopkins" - where its unclear from the grammar whether the qualification "like John Hopkins" applies to "academia" or to "alumni".


  • CDC Releases V-Safe Vaccine Data to Court Order


    We have heard of the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), but V-Safe?

    V-Safe is another self-reporting system:

    "People were asked to install the V-safe app on their smartphones and then self-report if they have any negative effects from the experimental mRNA shots"

    but whereas very few had heard about VAERS, (which consequently had a very low uptake), ten million people participated through the V-Safe app.

    "That’s a huge sample size for a medical study"

    So why would the CDC be so reluctant to release the results that they needed a court order (courtesy of an action by ICAN) to do so?


  • Latest View of the Ukraine from Israel


    Russia is hitting the Ukrainian electricity infrastructure.

    And reminding Israel that support for the Ukraine will not be the way to Russia's heart.

    Amir Tsarfati reports on the unfolding situation from the Israeli viewpoint.

    Whatever your viewpoint, his analysis seems to be fairly accurate overall.

    (21 minutes)


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  • The Fulford Monday Report 17 Oct 2022


    For a different point of view about world events Benjamin Fulford is hard to beat.

    That doesn't mean to say that he gets everything spot on correct, but I suggest that he may well be in the right ball-park on the major issues.

    With the war in the Ukraine, the changes triggered by the death of Her Majesty, the ever-growing absurdity of "ruling" politicians in the UK and USA, and the onward march of the BRICS toward economic cohesion, the world is certainly at a turning point.

    Mr Fulford tells it as he sees it (modest subscription recommended).

  • The Living Collective


    If Clif High and Martin Geddes deal with the spirituality of the individual, does that spirituality of a group of individuals create a spirituality of the crowd?

    Certainly there is evidence that a group can work as one in surprising ways - we only have to consider the movements of a shoal of fish or a murmuration of starlings to understand that the individuals in the group are not synchronised by eyesight or sound or any of the usual senses, so is a similar phenomenon discernible in humans?

    The Pulse brings us up to date with some startling research that should make us sit up and pay attention:

    "as we practice heart coherence and radiate love and compassion, our

  • Grappling the Big Ugly


    We are at the peak of collectivism, and we are grappling with it in order to preserve / regenerate our right to do our own thinking, come to our conclusions, and live our lives accordingly.

    As a one-time fencer, the concept of grappling with one's opponent is a bit foreign, but close-quarter fencing (as may ensue following a failed attack) is probably the closest it gets. It's messy!

    Clif is a great raconteur, and his ruminations on grappling and karma are captivating (depending on your inclination!):

    (44 minutes)


    Clif isn't one to talk too directly of matters spiritual, although his discussion on karmans (or I should say karma) comes very close. 

    By comparison, Martin Geddes is rethinking his world on

  • "Well, Oi Think the Arnswer Loise in the Soil"


    I guess that this title was one of the most memorable quotes from the BBC's Gardener's Question Time, and probably the most insightful. Not being a gardener, I never deliberately listened to that programme, but nonetheless the quote has embedded itself firmly in my psyche. Why? Well, isn't it a simply outstandingly obvious truth?

    You want better plants? Firstly, cultivate better soil.

    So why do farmers persist with using artificial fertilisers on exhausted farmland to compensate for poor soil conditions?

    Charles Eisenstein writing for The Defender (Children's Health Defense) reports from the heartland of US farming, Kansas.

    The collapse of the land's fertility led to the collapse of the communities that lived there.

    "I got the impression that the heartland is like a supersaturated solution ready for a phase transition. A mote of dust, a small vibration touches

  • The Prototype Smart City?


    The Netherlands is forging ahead, reportedly under the guidance of the WEF, with a 5G smart network, but without any public consultation, let alone consent.

    "the municipality of Apeldoorn and RadioLED signed a secret agreement in 2021, giving RadioLED permission to install 500 small transmitters (square white boxes) on lampposts"

    Not all of the citizenry are impressed:

    "One of the initiatives of this working group is the petition 'Stop Smart City Apeldoorn and the rollout of the boxes of RadioLED'"

    Strangely, no politicians seem concerned that there has been no public debate about this development - you would think that such debate would be meat and drink to the political classes, but apparently not. 

    Who needs politicians anyway? Perhaps the good burghers or Apeldoorn will find a way to deal with this intrusion on their lives without

  • Europe Needs More Gas - But Where From?


    Fortune provides a downbeat analysis of Europe's options for energy supply in winter 2023/24...

    "Any hope that flows along the Nord Stream could resume before next winter were effectively dashed at the end of September when the pipeline was damaged and began leaking hundreds of thousands of tons of methane into the North Sea"

    (but note that apparently one of the four pipes may still be operational)

    But while Nordstream may remain largely inoperable for a time even if Ukraine makes peace with Russia, there is more downside to come if they don't:

    The main fear is

  • Good Morning CHD - Episode 156 with John O'Looney


    We have featured John O'Looney before, but his testimony is clear, succinct, and as compete a story as we are likely to get on the damages that he attributes to the quaxxines.

    He has seen it all, and he tells it all. He's quite extraordinary, and very lucid.

    (64 minutes)

    "They are hiding it, they are complicit in it... and they are still trying to ... cajole, coerce and frighten ... people into getting more poison"

    "They want to sterilise them... "

    And finally, his take on the current 'energy crisis'...

    "The idea is to make the cost of living so expensive that you're reliant on the State, and the only way that you can get those finances from the State is to be vaccinated and to have your digital passport, and be part of the digital financial system they're about to set up...