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  • The Greatest Deception Ever Told?


    It's obviously impossible to verify most of this story, but if even half of it is true...

    You may need to pause it, run at reduced speed (they sped most of it up to reduce the run-time), and take notes. There are far too many linkages to remember in detail, but you can buy the book (published 2017, so you may only need to note down matters post Brexit)!

    This connects so many events and happenings of the last twenty years (and more) that it merits attention. You may need to reconsider everything you thought you knew.

    We did actually cover Boyd Anderson's story already in 2021 (2 hrs 4 mins), but it's too good a tale to let lie, and more

  • Dominic Dishes the Dirt


    Dominic Cummings issues a commentary on current and recent politics, and doesn't hold back (or does he?).

    He has some interesting propositions for you if you have the odd few grand laying around with nothing better to do, some of which may well turn out to be worthwhile (though I would want a bit more detail if I were to get involved... ).

    Whilst he fires plenty of arrows at the Covid scenario it is noteworthy that he never mentions the "v" word or the WHO or the global and completely novel nature of the Covid response - so nul points for totally missing the point. Maybe he was too close to the Covid action to notice the elephants in the Covid countermeasures corner? Or perhaps he just doesn't think bigly enough to escape the political assumptions upon which the system is built?

    He does recognise that it's the political system that's broken, but sadly he doesn't draw

  • Martin Geddes Takes on the Traffic Penalty Tribunal


    I guess this is a topic in which a large number of motorists will have an interest - if not today, then tomorrow!

    With "Low Emission" zones proliferating like the proverbial rabbits, there cannot be many who will never run foul of some restriction or other - even when well signed, it can be well-nigh impossible to scan all the street furniture, identify all the signs, then read and understand them, whilst simultaneously taking care to avoid rear-ending the vehicle in front.

    So Martin, having been picked out for driving his (not commercial) van in an area where only private cars are permitted free passage, has decided to contest the claimed infraction on the basis that his van is a private conveyance in all significant respects and is therefore permitted free passage.

    Of course, as he digs deeper he uncovers more issues... which seem as if they may have parallels with the Council Tax situation. Quelle surprise!

    NATO Planning for War with Russia


    It's now the talk of the town - the only question seems to be how long before battle commences outside of the Ukraine.

    Suddenly everybody seems to have "hypersonic" missiles and they are not afraid to use them.

    So how will the UK, having run down its forces over many years, not to mention sending all available spare kit and munitions to Kiev (and quite possibly Israel), propose to catch up with a Russia that has been planning to repel any NATO "aggression" for many years, and has already been on a war footing for around two years? 

    We keep being told that Russia isn't going to stop at annexing Ukraine, and that the rest of Europe will be next. In point of fact Russia has shown remarkable restraint in staying behind the Dnieper river and not pushing on to take Kiev... so far. It has also

  • World Cup Radiation Jump


    2024 February 9 -11 hosts the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Event, at which "world-class skiers from around the globe will gather at Lake Placid, New York for the purpose of jumping off a cell tower"

    What could possibly go wrong?

    "at the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex in Lake Placid, NY, I suddenly felt faint and dizzy, and began to lose my balance"

    Now imagine how many cell phone signals from a packed stadium will be irradiating the platform as the jumpers are poised to take off, perhaps literally for the rides of their lives?

    But it gets worse...

    Will it take deaths and injuries before somebody addresses this kind of culpable negligence? They won't be able to hide it if these athletes start falling in full view of

  • More Vaccine Data Released


    ICAN release their latest legal update, with more data collected by the CDC (but not previously released) concerning adverse reactions to the Covid "vaccines". A lot of detailed information, including lot numbers, and links to previously released data for Pfizer and Moderna.

    "ICAN recently broke the news that its legal team had wrangled detailed lot and dose data for the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines from CDC. Now, ICAN is happy to announce that we have likewise also obtained the critical lot and dose data for the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine"

  • Has the WEF Reformed?


    Watching the Javier Milei presentation of all the reasons why the free enterprise system always trumps socialism for the well-being of the people, one may be tempted to wonder about where the WEF sits today on the spectrum, given that they have been proposing a system of technocratic control over everybody in order to "save the planet" for some years. On the face of it, Javier's presentation doesn't fit the narrative.

    Or does it?

    Given that the theme for this year's gathering is to "Rebuild Trust" (an admission of defeat in itself?), Javier certainly tones down the rhetoric.

    But in key respects he does not conflict with WEF plans:

    • He professes support for monopolies.

      The world's history of monopolies isn't supportive. The monopolistic
  • All Round Review of Middle East Status


    Whatever we may think of the conflagration in the Middle Est, whichever side (or none) that we may support, it's difficult to argue that the forces of death and destruction are not expanding their influence.

    Much of the argument both in the press and in the ICJ seems to revolve around who takes the blame for this, very little about how to bring the conflict to a close.

    If the parties involved are determined to fight it out then that is what they will do, until that determination wanes or supplies run out. Those who provide those supplies should consider their responsibility for prolonging matters.

    (26 minutes)


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  • Javier Milei Speaks at Davos


    From the belly of the beast...

    ... a very interesting speech to the WEF by Argentina's new President.

    "Socialism is always and everywhere an impoverishing phenomenon that has failed in all countries where it has been tried out... "

    And he was only just getting started...

    "We have come here today to invite the rest of the countries in the western world to get back on the path of prosperity, economic freedom, limited government, and unlimited respect for private property - essential elements for economic growth "

    "... in concluding... do not be intimidated either by the political class or by the parasites who live off the State... the State is not a solution, the State is the problem itself ... "

    How did they slip this one in?! Well worth your time, but try to contain

  • Clash of the Cultures of Tomorrow


    In the Blue Corner - the MAGA movement, and populists the world over, whilst in the Red Corner, the WEF-UN allied with both the EU + western governments, plus corporate oligarchs led by Black Rock, State Street, and Vanguard.

    You could say that the irresistible force is squaring up against the immovable object. 

    Meanwhile outside the stockade, Russia China and the BRICS conduct manoeuvres... and may yet tip the balance decisively.

    To discuss the current situation, LaRouchePAC's Harley Schlanger talks to SGT Report.

    In a world where nobody seems to work for their ostensible masters, there's lots to discuss!

    (37 minutes)



  • A few Days old, but MPs are Discussing the Government's Latest Bill


    Not all MPs are knee-jerk supporters of this Government Bill.

    "A bill to prevent public bodies from implementing their own boycotts against Israeli goods has passed through the Commons, despite opposition from Tory MPs"

    That our government is even contemplating such a Bill seems inconceivable.

    If they don't want public bodies to take partisan sides in such matters, then that may well be arguable, but a one-sided ban favouring one specific party that may conflict with a local democratic mandate?

    (9 minutes)


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  • Ever Wondered How Much CO2 is Released by War?


    Lots of course. But how much is "lots"?

    S & P Global Commodity Insights has crunched to numbers for us, at least in so far as current wars are concerned.

    Our governments are apparently always perfectly able to accommodate several contradictory notions at the same time, so they will unhesitatingly act to "keep us safe" by going to war (not bothering about democratic mandates of course - no time for that) on behalf of their favourite protagonist(s), whilst at the same time telling us that we must achieve NetZero CO2(however they might eventually decide to define that in measurable terms)so out with the gas and in with the heat pumps frozen windmills and darkened solar panels.

    So far, two months of conflict in Gaza have generated "the equivalent of 75 coal power plants operating for a

  • UK Parliament Debates Mounting Excess Deaths


    Andrew Bridgen MP addresses the debate 9:30 am this morning in Parliament's Westminster Hall.

    (33 minutes)


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    Watch the full debate here (be sure to select the first debate listed on right-hand side)

    Read the transcript.

  • Get Those "Little Grey Cells" Working


    In compliance with our policy of encouraging our readers to do their own thinking, we turn our attention today to Tartaria, a region encompassed today by modern-day Russia.

    Who were the Tartarians, did they migrate all around the world, constructing magnificent buildings that worked in ways unimaginable to us today? What happened to them?

    I don't know the answers, but we do know that much of Tsarist Russia was destroyed by the Bolsheviks, with considerable loss of life.

    Much within this video seems plausible to me, but I have no firm opinion. Certainly it may be thought far-fetched, but after the last few years I have learned not to discount on that criterion alone...

    Make of it what you will.

    (44 minutes)


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  • Russia Reacts to UK-Ukraine Agreement on Security Cooperation


    Dimitri Medvedev (deputy chair of the Russian Security Council) responds to the Sunak-Zelenskyy agreement:

    ""What does this mean? It means only one thing – they risk running into the action of paragraph 19 of the fundamentals of Russia's state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence"

    Zero Hedge reports.


  • LaRouchePAC Addresses the State of World Events


    German farmers, the ICJ genocide trial, are European politics on the move?

    Where will the ICJ trial lead us?

    Why did the "US UK coalition" decide to bomb the Houthis in Yemen?

    By LaRouchePAC standards this is an above-average presentation that is actually interesting as well as informative! Let's hope they can keep it up...

    (2 hrs 20 mins)


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  • Madness ... or Badness?


    Neil Oliver tells it like it is - regardless.

    He raises so many elephants in the room that we aren't supposed to notice that I lost count.

    Madness, or badness? Does it even matter? The time for us to deal with all these is fast running out...

    (12 minutes)


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    Once again, Neil speaks for us all.


  • It's the Britkrainians!


    Britain and Ukraine have signed an


    So the UK continues to poke the bear with a broken stick.

    Does Rishi work for the British people and if so, where is his mandate to continue this failed proxy war?

    If not, then for whom does he work?

    These are not idle questions, they go to the heart of our democratic system. Do we