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  • More Mayhem at the Met?


    According to the Mirror:

    "A Met Police chief and two retired officers have been accused of being in a paedophile ring"

    According to Breitbart:

    "... one of the suspects [was] found dead the day he was due to be charged"

    "He had not faced any other criminal or conduct matters during his Met career"

    So, no smoke without fire perhaps? 

    New World Order - A Useful Summary


    "We are living in the midst of a Cabal-directed Death Cult"

    "The majority of the people haven’t noticed yet. But the awakening has begun"

    So who are the prime movers in this "death cult" and whom do they serve?

    Regular readers of this site will no doubt be well-informed about this already, but Global Research have put together a useful summary that (a) isn't to long (!) and (b) covers the main points.

    Indeed, it also explicitly associates NATO as a primary enforcement arm of the cult that has been used in the past to deal with nations that do not

  • What is "Normal Mortality" and Is it Changing?


    "2022 Was a Normal Year for Mortality in England and Wales"


    "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"?


    With "excess deaths" allegedly running at circa 1000 per week above the expected rate, how can this be?

    And what is "Age-standardised mortality" anyway?

    According to the WHO:


    The age-standardized mortality rate is a weighted average of the age-specific mortality rates per 100 000 persons, where the weights are the

  • What's Up with the Old Bill?


    The Met has been in the news recently, and for all the wrong reasons.

    How such men can exist within a force that is at least nominally dedicated to protecting the public is a question that needs answering.

    By press accounts this officer was "unmasked as one of Britain's worst serial rapists". Which implies that more than one such crime may have been committed whilst he was a serving police officer. Which may also imply that some within the force may have been turning a blind eye.

    I have no information but as things stand I am not reassured.

    This subsequent interview with ex-police whistle-blower John Wedger also does not reassure.

    John Wedger also worked for the Metropolitan Police

  • Another Perspective on Climate Change (from the EU)


    AKA Move along please, nothing to see here...

    (2 minutes)


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  • Climate Change - An Israeli Perspective


    This is a considerable discussion (some think made more pertinent by Greta's recent arrest!) where an Israeli academic is interviewed by an Israeli Christian missionary.

    This is a wide-ranging discussion that probably touches on any climate question that you can think of.

    "... you need to dig into the data "

    "... we need power when we need power... "

    "... more people die from cold than from heat... "

    "... is CO2 really something that causes temperatures to rise?"

    (76 minutes)


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  • Pandemic of Government?


    "The Truth About the Covid-19 Pandemic from Within the NHS (Ex Director of End of Life Care at one of the Largest Hospital Trusts in the UK)"

    This is a first hand account of the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic from an NHS employee.

    It makes for fascinating reading.

    "In 2016, the British government proposed and piloted a change to the process of how deaths were certified across all hospitals in the UK"

    "The MCCD states the cause of death"

    "The only definitive way of determining a ... cause of death is to refer the deceased patient to HM Coroner (if certain criteria are met), for HM Coroner to accept and take on the case, resulting in a Post Mortem"

    "... the government would now hire and pay one Medical Examiner, to sit in every hospital and write all MCCDs

  • Nigel Speaks


    In a wide-ranging discussion on the state of the world today (excluding the Ukraine war), Nick Hubble and Nigel Farage bring us up to date with Nigel's thinking on UK government policy, US politics, and perhaps the biggest ever elephant in the global sitting room: the phenomenon of unexplained excess deaths that nobody seems to think is of any interest whatever.

    (13 minutes)


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  • NHS Reform? Not if it Gives Control Back to Patients


    Nicely complementing the article on the culpability or otherwise of the MHRA, the Daily Sceptic's "In-house doctor" traces the history of how the NHS was, from the beginning, more or less designed to remove control from the patient and give it to "the authorities".

    Since that time there have been many "reforms" along the way but none of them have ever been permitted to return any meaningful measure of control back to the patient. "The authorities know best" has been the unspoken rule throughout and "reforms" are always one-way toward more centralised control.

    All attempts to suggest that "the authorities" might learn from alternative systems for the provision of "health care" around the world (or even just across the channel where France seems to do it better than the UK) have been accorded lip service, but nothing has come of it. But even other systems across the world still suffer from the medical monopoly of the big corporates - big pharma, big insurance, big government, big

  • MHRA Back-Pedalling?


    “All the Covid vaccines and therapeutics authorisation decisions were taken by the Licensing Minister and were not delegated”

    Which rather begs the question: "On whose advice did the minister take these decisions?". Surely not without advice from its own regulators?

    Given that the MHRA are supposedly responsible for regulating new medical products and that the JCVI have their own say somewhere in the mix, it probably isn't exactly clear in the minds of the public exactly where the dividing lines are/were drawn.

    So it must be good to see that some clarity is (perhaps slowly) being uncovered via FOI requests to shed light on this obfuscation of

  • Zeitenwende Works?


    Another (albeit indirect) comment on Ukraine's ability to "win the war", this time from a source that does seem to subscribe to the "Ukraine good, Russia bad" narrative.

    In the spotlight is Germany, whose Herr Scholz doesn't seem to have his heart in this war.

    In a situation where some suspect the Nordtream pipeline destruction was perhaps engineered by the USA to keep Germany from allying too closely with Russia (Germany + Russia = unstoppable?) it might be considered not unreasonable (even if unmentionable) that Herr Scholz may be looking to the future and thinking that with allies like Joe Biden, would a rapprochement with Mr Putin really be any worse than Germany's post-war subjugation by / alliance with NATO? Or might it be vastly preferable?

    Unherd brings us their analysis.

    Either way,

  • Reality Werkz Perfek


    Clif High provides another inimitable ramble around the current fall of the global control matrix.

    The mental construction of a world where we all comply with the world government(s) under the illusion that they have our best interests at heart and anyway there is no other option...  that construction is collapsing under the weight of all its inherent contradictions as they are relentlessly being exposed.

    There's a bit more to it of course, but you don't have to agree with all his reasoning - just enjoy his idiosyncratic universe-view that is unlike any other. Along the way we may begin to understand why we are all here, the purpose of life, the universe, and everything ...  and why the WEF cannot succeed.

    (56 minutes)



  • Another Unequivocal Safety Signal Slips Out


    One for those of us planning our summer get-aways perhaps?

    The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority), having mandated the quaxxine for all its pilots against its own rules (which prohibit a pilot from flying if he/she has undertaken any unauthorised medication - the jab having only an EUA is not fully authorised), now seems to be in some sort of difficulty.

    It has widened the CKG limits that a pilot must satisfy in order to remain medically approved to fly.

    "When asked about the change, the FAA couldn’t justify it"

    Maybe they needed more pilots to keep flying?

    "My best guess ... is that over 50M Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from the shot"

    "The fact that

  • Unequivocal Safety Signals for Heart, Blood, and Reproduction


    I wonder if this latest scientist to break cover and criticise the quaxxines will fare any better than all the previous attempts to pierce the wall of unreasoning "safe and effective" repetition that so infuses our "truthful and unbiased" (but ever vigilant for "misinformation") media corporations?

    Who will hold the media to account?

    "the MHRA is at pains to emphasise that the Yellow Card data cannot be used to calculate true rates of adverse effects or to compare the safety of the different vaccines"

    "I view the MHRA’s statements as a challenge"

    "Some 18 months after the first FOI request, the MHRA has at last released information gathered by the C-19YC scheme that is sufficiently detailed to allow independent analysis and calculation of safety signals"

    As so often, it falls to the Daily Sceptic to

  • A Polite Interview with Mr Bourla in Davos


    Lots of questions, but it'snot so much what he says, as what he doesn't say.

    In some interviews, body language is all.

    (6 minutes)


  • Nazi Germany is Back?


    Children's Health Defense reports from Germany.



  • Trusted News Initiative in the Dock


    The Trusted News Initiative is a corporate cartel of big legacy media companies (including the BBC) that sought to deny any platform to alternative voices that disagreed with the government-approved narrative:

    "[to stop the] tidal wave of unchecked [reporting] that's being piped out mainly through digital platforms"

    Robert F Kennedy Jnr is chief litigation counsel for Children's Health Defence and has filed an anti-trust lawsuit on behalf of a number of alternative digital media organisations.

    "Although we are ostensibly all rivals and competitors with each other, the existential threat to all of our business models comes from thousands of independent news sites who are not only providing all this content that people are reading but they are also diminishing trust in our organisations, and the way that we can destroy them... stamp them out and choke them... is to deny them platforms on the social media sites because [on] those platforms...

  • Build Back Better - Our Local Communities


    The Build Back Better mantra was before they decided to get started on the Ukraine, but as an adjunct to the 15 minute cities initiative I'm guessing that BBB hasn't gone away.

    What does it mean?

    Does it have any meaning, or is it just a lot of hot air to keep us talking about nothing and everything whilst the powers-that-be get on with whatever they really want to do?

    The Guildford Society in September 2021 discussed how the town centre masterplan would incorporate the 15 minute city principles, and the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government set out its stall for BBB in our high streets, complete with a foreword by Boris Johnson, prime minister of the day:

    "... we have prioritised measures that help give councils and communities the flexibility and support they need to bring out the best for their local areas"

    "We want to help areas create a vision that brings together

  • Ultra Large Emissions Zone


    Whilst the Mayor of London may want to hobble motor transport within the metropolis, it seems that not all local councils are on board with this scheme.

    Sutton council: "We are taking this step to send a strong signal to the mayor that he must start listening to local people"

    Harrow council: "Our growing coalition of London councils are not satisfied with the justification for the expansion and remain strongly opposed to it"

    It's encouraging to see local councils stepping up to demand some democratic legitimacy for these policies - write in to your councillors to show them your support!

    And if your council supports the ULEZ, write and tell your councillor why you disagree.

    Full article

  • Anecdotal


    I  guess that people will just have to keep making these videos until the penny drops and the public takes matters into their own hands.

    Read the full article here.

    (82 minutes)


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