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  • Maricopa County Voter Canvass Results


    It's ten months since the ill-fated US Presidential Election of 3rd Nov 2020 and despite many reports and assertions the first major audit - Maricopa County Arizona - has still not formally reported.

    For those of us who think it's high time we heard something, this is something, albeit probably lacking in official authorisation. So we must assume that it is a leak - either information or disinformation, we don't know.

    So the best we can say is that if we trust it, it likely points the way to an explosive result when the official audit report is released. If we don't trust it, the official report may turn out to be a damp squib.

  • So What Exactly is the New World Order?


    The Glastonbury Symposium came up trumps (no, not that Trump) this year with a highly topical presentation which delves into what exactly the UN's Agenda 21 / 2030 means.

    Sandi Adams was a last-minute substitute for the originally slated speaker but she delivered in spades, revealing a very great deal about what the dry verbiage of the official publications actually means, for those of us who have no inclination to plough through the formal documentation for ourselves.

    Her web-site is a veritable cornucopia of relevant information - highly recommended.

    It's not until you understand the enormity of these schemes that you realise just what a vital service people like Sandi perform for the rest of us. We cannot repay that debt, but we can give her work the recognition that is clearly

  • A Rare and Vital Win for the Future


    This success story well illustrates the truth that incessant propaganda over many years can lead even the finest lawyerly minds to join the most dubious of band-wagons.

    Of course if

    (a) you believe the hype about the "settled" nature of probably the most complex science known to man (settled according to the many climate science models, which inevitably perform exactly according to the wishes of their designers - we have explored how models may not be science elsewhere) and

    (b) that legal coercion is an acceptable way to enforce an entirely political agenda, 

    then you will share the delight of the climate zealots who still believe that our world

  • The Global Financial System - Is the Fog Clearing?


    There have been rumours galore of a new "Quantum Financial System" for some time now, mostly built upon a somewhat simplistic narrative involving "black hats" and "white hats". Meanwhile the world's current financial system seems to lurch from one crisis to another until it now must surely be running on empty.

    So what is going on in the world of high finance?

    This video is refreshing in so far as it does present a more complex and nuanced picture than we have seen before. I don't know the lady concerned and can't corroborate any of this, but this does seem to be more grounded than many such conversations.

    I present it for your interest - it's your judgement that counts:

  • Another Viewpoint on the Global Crisis according to Benjamin Fulford


    This week Mr Fulford has provided an audio report which covers a lot of ground.

    You can find the original article here (but to read it all you need a subscription) and audio here.

    He certainly provides a plausible narrative, but as I have noted earlier, it isn't possible to cross-check with other sources...   so you will need to trust your own judgement on this one.


  • Was the "Pandemic" Driven by the Prospect of Imminent Financial Armageddon?


    Whilst (inexplicably, since we acknowledge the need to re-elect them every now and then precisely because we don't trust them) many retain trust in our government and its associated national institutions, many others are now aware of the growing chasm between what the government says and what it does. Vaccine passports? We don't do that sort of thing in this country. They will now be introduced for large venues (and if we can get away with that then no doubt small venues too as soon as possible).

    We are guided by the science. In the light of the JCVI's recommendations on the vaccination of 12 -15 year-olds

  • Monday was a Glorious Warm Day, But Brought Cold News


    I know this because I took advantage to get back into the saddle and pedal my way around the local topography, resplendent in green and brown (the farmers were busy harvesting) and generally beautiful to the eye and challenging to the legs in equal measure.

    It was a day when the call for power should have been pretty low, since no heating would be required, although perhaps there was some demand for air-conditioning. 

    Anyway, the sunshine was abundant and surely all those solar panels would be pumping the electric juice?

    Apparently not. It seems that solar was meeting less than 12% of our energy needs, and wind-power not even 2%. Gas was meeting just under 50% of demand but at a high price amid high global demand (if it's high now, how much higher will demand climb in the

  • Grave Concerns about the Handling of the COVID Pandemic in the UK


    This article features an open letter to the governments of the United Kingdom, from over one hundred surgeons, doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics. and others, explaining exactly the many facets of government pandemic policy-making that have been ill-founded, ineffective, damaging and disastrous overall.

    This is a hard hitting tour de force that notes every unsupported deviation from normal practice, every suppression of cures other than those promoted by "big pharma", and the "inappropriate and unethical use of behavioural science to generate unwarranted fear".

    "Dr. Tess Lawrie, of the Evidence Based Medical Consultancy in Bath, presented a thorough analysis of the prophylactic and therapeutic benefits of Ivermectin to the government in January 2021. More than 24 randomised trials with 3,400 people have demonstrated a 79-91% reduction in infections and a 27-81% reduction in deaths with Ivermectin"

    "Many doctors are understandably

  • USA Election Audit Progress


    Whilst we await the outcome of the Maricopa County audit in Arizona with bated breath (well, maybe not - I for one can't bate my breath for that long) that doesn't mean to say that there is no progress elsewhere.

    In Wisconsin for instance.

    "Wisconsin Republican state legislators approved an audit of the state’s 2020 presidential election results, to begin in the coming weeks"

    Anybody who thought that Maricopa would mark the end of the USA election saga needs to recalibrate expectations - this will be a long hard road.

    Read all about it.

    See also this report from Tennessee, where a

  • 1961 or 2021? Hard to Tell ...


    Address "The President and the Press" Before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, New York City

    April 27, 1961
  • Fracas at South Kensington Underground station exit


    I wasn't there, but it looks like it didn't go well.

    Make of this what you will:


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  • Ukemi Woo - What Happens Next?


    Clif High isn't everybody's cup of tea but believe me, his is one of the more accessible "conspiracy theorist" voices out there! He would probably take issue with the description "conspiracy theorist", but take off the quotes and he is theorising about a possible conspiracy (if anybody can tell me when conspiracies were abolished, let me know).

    He does base his work on an analysis of internet message traffic, so it's not all baseless imaginings.

    There does seem to be a view "out there" that things may be going to happen between now and the New Year (and no doubt beyond) but it's easier to discuss matters imminent than matters distant. Clif High is a voice that I respect, but is he right? Well, at least he appears sane and well-reasoned, even if this video starts a little slowly with a long

  • The Legal Implications of Jabs for Our Kids - Anna de Buisseret


    The JCVI has come out against the unrestricted jabbing of 12-15 yr olds, but the intention is clear for the 16 and 17 yr age groups and the Government has instructed Chris Whitty et al to come up with some reason for over-ruling the JCVI on 12 - 15 yrs.

    Anna has something to say about inoculating these age groups:

    "Silence is a war crime"...

    "... there's no way that any child up to the age of... 18 can be considered to be

  • The Taliban and the USA - How Did That Happen?


    This latest observation on the situation in Afghanistan comes from an unexpected source and a writer of appropriate ethnicity - he seems to speak from the heart and lays out his own reasoning and conclusions in a very readable style.

    I have no comment to make on whether his conclusions are correct, but I do subscribe to the view that until we understand the motivations and traditions of the Afghans themselves, we will continue to reap failure from our efforts in that region, whether cultural, diplomatic, or military.

    Worth reading.

  • The Search for the Ground Zero of Climate Change


    Climate Discussion Nexus investigates - the Antarctic? the Arctic? Greenland? Bangladesh? Well, no - the troposphere. More precisely, the tropical troposphere. 

    What were the 2007 IPCC predictions predicting? and what happened according to the temperature data measurements?

    "... basic problem with models is that they are not based upon fundamental physics, they are based upon approximations of what happens in the atmosphere..."


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  • What Lies Behind the FDA Approval of the BioNTech Comirnaty Vaccine?


    In the public understanding, the BioNTech vaccine is the one for which Pfizer has an Emergency Use Authorisation. 

    In the legal understanding, is that actually the case? It appear that it may not be.

    In the real world is it physically the case? This may not be clear-cut either!

    Technocracy News digs up the drains beneath this FDA "approval" and explains their understanding of what is going on here, and why.

    I have to say it's one of the most complete analyses that I have seen. It's necessarily fairly complex but that comes with the territory.

    Although the FDA decision has generate much confusion, it may not have generated enough, and many may be unaware that the legal implications are not the same and legally the current Pfizer product with the EUA does not carry the same legal terms and conditions as the BioNTech Comirnaty product (which is not yet

  • Indian Bar Association Sues WHO Chief Scientist and Others


    Technocracy News publishes a report that seems to have eluded the mainstream western press.

    The Indian Bar Association has taken the bull by the horns, suing the WHO Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan "accusing her ... of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin".

    This is the first legal action that I am aware of that takes any authority to task for suppression of prophylactic treatments for Covid-19. 

    Perhaps it will be the first of many.

    Read the full

  • The Jabbatoirs are Coming for our Kids - Can I Hold Them Off?


    Many organisations are now set on mandating Covid jabs for employees, and the government seems set on requiring them for schoolchildren.

    In my opinion, the notion of jabbing children with these experimental inoculations which have only emergency authorisation amounts to a criminal act on many counts:

    1. These vaccinations have unknown long-term safety profiles

    2. There is no current emergency that justifies their use for this purpose under the existing EAUs

    3. Children are at no significant risk from Covid-19

    4. Vaccination may not prevent onward transmission of the virus by the vaccinated - indeed it may enable the vaccinated to harbour larger concentrations of the virus whilst remaining asymptomatic

    5. Children are at demonstrable risk from the vaccines, even if the MHRA
  • The Fulford View of Global Insanity In the Wake of the Biden Catastrophe


    Benjamin Fulford's world view is probably unlike anybody's (or anybody that you may have heard of).

    I flag it as "Conspiracy (theory)" because it is impossible for ordinary mortals to verify and cross-check much of it with independent sources, but to ignore it would be to deprive my readership of an unconventional view-point that is both entertaining and seems to fit a great deal of what has been afflicting our benighted world in recent years - so I encourage the adventurous to read on (even to purchase a subscription so you can read it all), but if you are still wedded to mainstream media then it's obviously not for you... 

    His two most recent are linked below (and fascinating reading they are too) but if you have a subscription you can read all his latest blog entries here.

    I make no claim as to his accuracy or truthfulness - those are for you to

  • The Destruction of Western Civilisation Proceeds


    Alex Story writes short piece for Brexit Watch which nails exactly what is going on in the western pseudo-democratic world.

    "In an interesting turn, they affirm that meteorology, one of the most complex areas of scientific endeavour known to man, is 'settled' whilst simultaneously asserting that sex, hitherto the most settled field of biology, is 'fluid' and, therefore unsettled"

    For "meteorology" we could equally well substitute "climate change".

    I think it sums up exactly how the subversion process is being slowly but assiduously rolled out across the western nations by their own institutions, backed up by the one hundredth of one percent who effectively own all the earth's money and resources.

    The primary battleground is for our schoolchildren - and not just for their mental and