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  • Everything About the New World Agenda


    If you have been following this site you may know much of this already, but Stop World Control has pulled together much of the history of the quest for world domination, together with the means now being deployed to achieve it, in a nicely presented (albeit with a few typos) but humungous page covering all the main bases.

    The "what", the "how", the "who", the "where", the "whither" and the "insanity" are all covered, together with some suggestions on how to get it all stopped.

    Steel yourself.

    Worth reviewing.


  • UK & EU Energy Costs Explained by Yanis Varoufakis et al


    Yanis Varoufakis is always good value for sound logical analysis and excellent clarity of exposition.

    Here he examines the UK's simulation of a competitive power market. Want to know why you're paying more for power? 

    Pay attention...   and be prepared to be amazed.

    "... if you do that... we would have had back in March a reduction... in the average price of electricity, of more than 50%... without any subsidisation... without the state borrowing money... without anything"

    "This is a clear-cut case of destroying the capacity of the majority of Europeans to make ends meet... "

    "The only people who benefit from the sanctions on Russian gas and oil, are the Russian oligarchs and the European oligarchs"

    (56 minutes - 24 minutes of Yanis Varoufakis, 5 minutes of Johannes Fehr re Germany,

  • Reiner Fuellmich Leaves the Corona Committee!!


    Many who have followed the work of the Corona Investigative Committee will be dismayed by the news that it appears that it is breaking up.

    I think that's the only way that we can describe the situation where the main man is leaving.

    Times change, and people naturally regroup as required in order to meet the challenges of those times. The Corona Committee was formed to deal with the Corona crisis, but that was 30 months ago. What we are seeing here seems to be as much about regrouping to address the challenges of the Great Reset which have gained public traction over the lifetime of the Corona Committee, as about anything else.

    "Viviana Fischer is now in control of the Corona Investigative Committee"

    "Reiner is creating International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC), broadening the scope to look

  • Ukraine - the Smothering of Bodies, Hearts, Minds, and Souls


    Celia Farber of the Truth Barrier is someone that expresses those feelings of unease and concern that many of us feel but rarely articulate - and then goes and does something about them.

    Her recent contribution on Substack reflects much that many think about the situation in the Ukraine, and then goes on to address the points raised.

    "... the hawks are literally in every inch of mind and air-space, making sure you can’t even think about wanting to understand “both sides” of the conflict, never mind the shocking, twisted history of Ukraine and the US"

    Unmissable reading.


  • Charles - The Great Reset Champion


    King Charles has a history of support for the WEF. Indeed, not just support, but active involvement in promoting its aims and agendas.

    On the face of it, that is now a huge conflict of interest for a monarch of the United Kingdom. 

    We are supposed to be a democratic country under a constitutional monarchy, but there is nothing discernably democratic about the WEF.

    Are we worrying over nothing?

    The People's Voice provide a short summary of his involvement with the WEF, featuring the (as he was then) Prince of Wales himself. 

    So we can judge for ourselves.

    (11 minutes)


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  • War by Misinformation


    The Chris Hedges Report delves into the whys and wherefores of media reporting purposes in the Ukraine war.

    War will inevitably be affected by public opinion, as was demonstrated by the Vietnam war when a great protest movement helped to bring it to an end.

    Chris Hedges interviews Patrick Lawrence, both of them veteran reporters of previous conflicts who can compare current press methods and practices with those of yesteryear.

    Some of us remember the BBC's intrepid war correspondent Kate Adie - the absence of front-line reporters such as Kate from the Ukraine is remarkable for any leading news organisation, but unforgivable for our "national treasure". I'm not necessarily saying that Kate was an unbiased war correspondent (my memory isn't that good and I was less critical in those days), but she was at least nominally reporting from the front.

    This is perhaps a bit laboured, but if you stick with it I think

  • Ze Big Enchilada


    Clif High ruminates on the expected failure of the deep state to comprehend why their plan for world domination will eventually fail.

    Failure upon failure.

    (41 minutes)



  • The Ukraine War According to Tucker Carlson


    Tucker has a reputation for plain speaking.

    A negotiated settlement? We have previously stated our conviction that the UK should support the principle of self-determination for the people of Donbass (just as we allowed a referendum for the Scots to decide whether they should leave the UK). A negotiated settlement should be feasible.

    But Boris / Biden had different ideas.

    Tucker spells it out:

    "... we're funding this war, we could end it, they're choosing not to"

    (18 minutes)


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  • Yes, CO2 Is Green!


    The "Green" movement may need to be renamed - maybe the "Browns" or perhaps the "Yellows".

    As everybody used to know before the days of global amnesia, carbon dioxide is the very fuel that enables plants to survive and indeed to thrive. If atmospheric CO2 were to halve from current levels we would be perilously close to plant die-off and staring at global starvation.

    Since it appears that many of us need reminding of this basic truth, the Daily Sceptic reviews some of the latest scientific studies (where would we be without them?) which purport to show that the world is becoming greener than ever despite CO2 levels that still remain stubbornly close to their all-time (geologically speaking) low. It seems we might comfortably withstand an atmospheric CO2 level an order of magnitude higher than the present, although we might need to take a machete to the jungle growth in order to get to work.


  • Injections Under Coercion Are Illegal


    So what's new you ask?

    And anyway, the UK isn't demanding coerced injections any more...   but if any employer in the UK is so doing (or tries it on once more), the law (according to "down under") is on your side.

    No, it's not really anything new, but it is a new twist that potentially evens the argument. Instead of arguing against your possibly remote and effectively faceless employer, you can argue with the person waiting to inject you.

    This could even the odds up considerably.

    Of course the Australian precedent may not be recognised in a UK Court, but coerced medical intervention (especially with a needle) has always been considered assault and battery under Common Law (in my understanding).

    So ask the person wielding the needle their identity and tell them that you are being coerced to take the jab, pointing out that they will be guilty of assault if they do

  • Fulford on Friday 23 Sep 2022


    With the world in flux the Fulford report this week is particularly relevant.

    Will the real Donald Trump please step forward?

    Last rites for the Khazarian Mafia? Push is coming to Shove and it may not be elegant.

    "... a lot will happen between now and [next week]

    As always, a modest subscription is required.

    Plenty of food for thought this week.


  • Greecing the Wheels of Democracy


    Yanis Varoufakis, one time Greek Finance Minister, author, economist, philosopher, and improbable politician working tirelessly for truth and the people (and virtually an honorary Englishman thereby, and also by spending some formative years in Mrs Thatcher's Britain) brings us up to date with some unhappy undemocratic unaccountability issues at the highest level in the politics of his native land.

    Many enter politics for power, but Yanis entered politics for the people. He is a all-too-rare breed, and in my view his books are highly to be recommended.

    His latest article in Unherd recounts the murky political goings on in the pursuit of power in Greece.

    Why should such events in far-away holiday destinations matter to us in the UK?

    We might also ask why events in even-further-away and less familiar Ukraine should matter to us.

    Although Yanis doesn't mention the

  • Peace Through State Care?


    I don't think there is anything new in this video that has not been said elsewhere, but sometimes its useful to recap on past events that would otherwise be swallowed up in the maelstrom of past history.

    "... it all makes sense only when you force yourself to think the impossible" - Dr Mike Yeadon

    (85 minutes)


  • Peace Through GITMO?


    Janet Ossebaard (of Fall of the Cabal fame) is not your average conspiracy theorist, but a dedicated researcher of the truth who has done far more to spread the said truth than any mainstream media.

    I don't suppose she gets everything right, but I accord her huge respect. If this video came from anybody else, I would hesitate to feature it, but maybe it's time to face facts.

    Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

    And it's your view that counts...

    (2 hrs 38 mins)



  • Peace Through Lockdown?


    Globalists seeding the narrative?

    Not sure that all the arguments presented are valid but the thrust is in the right direction.

    (27 minutes)


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  • Peace in Our Time


    John Rappaport is an infamous blogger whose prodigious output results from many years of investigative journalism.

    This piece reviews past wars and how they were financed and supplied - maybe we could do with a similar review of where the warring parties in the Ukraine are getting the wherewithal to pursue their murderous intent.

    "War, what is it good for? With the same elites backing both sides, it’s good for business. It’s good for creating chaos and destruction. 

    It’s good for launching new global organizations, in the aftermath; organizations that exert a level of control and reach that didn’t exist before. 

    It’s good for launching organizations like the United Nations and the European Union and the World Trade

  • Daily Sceptic - Just Too Sceptical?


    And not just the Daily Sceptic - the Free Speech Union and Toby Young himself have been adjudged too free with their speech - or something; the reasoning behind this is about as clear as mud, so it's pretty obvious that it doesn't stand up.

    In this case it is Paypal that is reportedly acting as judge jury and executioner, no appeal possible.

    So if you had a regular donation to either the Daily Sceptic or the Free Speech Union, you will have received an email from Toby directly - if you haven't had the email then you are not affected.

    Under Law it should be open to Toby to sue Paypal for restitution and damages. It would be for Paypal to demonstrate that their terms and conditions had indeed been broken. Under our official legal  system this is inordinately expensive, but in a Common Law Court it should be feasible, and simple enough, although enforcing judgement would be

  • Worldwide Rally for Freedom - London


    Rebel News UK covers the latest march last Saturday 17th September.

    (13 minutes)


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  • The New World Religion Gets the Go Ahead


    I suppose it's entirely logical that after the NWO we now meet the NWR - the New World Religion.

    What is a "religion"?

    Maybe we should start by asking what a religion is not...

    A religion is not based on logic and irrefutable scientific evidence. It may be based upon ancient scriptures, but humans are notoriously fallible and so cannot be trusted to transcribe the "word of God" without deliberately or inadvertently corrupting it. So we must make the best of what we have and create dogmas that reflect our intentions. 

    Organised Religion is based primarily upon dogma. Doctrines that may or may not be true, but are held to be true as an act of faith. You accept them or you don't.

    Organised religions (Catholic Church etc) lay great store by their dogma, and control their adherents by priests who have been carefully trained to indoctrinate their flock in their dogma.

  • Vladimir Putin Uncut


    The Russian president explains his thinking and his actions in escalating his approach to the Ukraine conflict.

    (22 minutes)


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