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  • New Climate Paper May Account for Unusual Patterns ...


    Well I'm not going to get involved in this one.

    Climate Science being the most convoluted and complex topic known to man, with so many supporting and conflicting variables both known and unknown, the only warming that we can be certain about is that caused by the outpourings of our politicians media pundits and pseudo-scientists as they pontificate over the latest intricacies and minutiae of their conflicting positions. Or possibly cooling if we account for the opportunity cost of them not talking about something else entirely.

    It is in fact as stated somewhere previously the perfect hoax - both too complex for conclusive analysis, and too long-term for accurate testing, thus susceptible to neither proof nor disproof. It's a genuine fools errand that cannot be conclusively gainsaid, and thus perfect for

  • Is the Real New World Order About to Come Together?


    So who is it that's pulling it all together?

    Well, if you want to build a New World, you are going to need BRICS...

    Redacted lays it out for us...

    (8 minutes + the "message from the sponsor")


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  • An Economic Analysis of Global Boiling


    Fortune and Freedom is primarily an independent financial/economic collection of journalists of various associated subject-matter expertise. It has a long history, but (no doubt due to its independent streak) it has always looked to identify the issues below the surface that the mainstream media choose not to highlight - for such are the issues that the financially savvy may profit from.

    Of course, economics and politics are two facets of the same coin these days, since monetary management is pivotal to both; and now that government seems to have transitioned almost openly from democratic to corporate, this linkage is absolutely consequential.

    Personally, I myself have a great deal of respect for Nick Hubble, here interviewing Brandon Smith of Alt-Market, and discussing the current tendencies of corporate government to want to micromanage each one of us individually through technology rampant. Nick comes from a personal international background which gives him insights that stay-at-homes such as

  • Reiner Fuellmich Interviews MK Ultra Survivor


    Cathy O'Brien has lived through more than anyone should have to live through - child abuse - paedophilia - torture - occult rites - MK Ultra mind-control.

    Why is this important? These factors are utilised by those in power to draw suitable candidates into their web of corruption and blackmail through which they can potentially control anyone and everyone in any position of power and/or influence.

    As practised by powerful families over many generations. It goes back a long way, including the post-war Operation Paperclip.


    Make of this what you will...

    (88 minutes)



  • Hawaii - Tip of the Weather Warfare Spear?


    In the absence of a proper unbiased investigation into the causes and circumstances of the Maui conflagration, we have to make do with whatever reporting and speculation we can muster, and then it's up to each of us to draw whatever conclusions we feel most likely.

    My own feeling is that whilst the survival of much greenery interspersed between the burnt out houses and cars would seem to indicate the use of DEWs (directed energy weapons) to pin-point accuracy, there may well more than one factor at work, and it does appear that there was planned concerted action to (a) maximise the death and destruction (b) prevent the use of mitigation measures. Could weather warfare also be involved?

    Dane Wigington can present as a bit of a repetitive broken record, but he is probably one of the most knowledgeable on the possibilities, as he has been following the climate engineering stuff for years.

    With fires breaking out seemingly all over the western world, we

  • Maui - Where are the Military?


    In the immediate aftermath of the fire, we are getting disjointed reports of what is / is not happening.

    As of yesterday, it appears that aid mobilisation is at best patchy and at worst not coming. Now it is true that Hawaii is right out in the Pacific, so we'll see how matters progress.

    Two videos:

    1 (8 minutes)


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    2 (9 minutes) 


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  • So You Think You Know Your AI?


    AI has become a bit of a bogeyman, used to scare us all into thinking that we will soon be thrown on the scrap-heap of history when our jobs are taken by automation/artificial intelligence.

    Is there any truth to this suggestion?

    Or is it all a wild over-hyping that will fizzle out in the cold light of reality?

    What is "intelligence" anyway?

    Does it differ from wisdom?

    What will we do if/when the mundane is covered by automation and we don't need "the daily round, the common task" in order to survive? The answer will depend upon who garners the fruits of its labours - will they be reserved for the elite of the WEF-UN partnership

  • The Covid Gateway to the 4th Industrial Revolution


    Frontline Doctors is another grouping of medics who actually practise medicine and who have been countering the mainstream narrative on Covid - uncovering some unimaginable facts which even diehard "conspiracy theorists" hadn't thought to dream up.

    "The CIA is absolutely behind the advancement of these genetic vaccines... We’ve had a depopulation agenda in the US since the 1970’s – The whole storyline about depopulation is real"

    "We need criminal investigations in every state where the vaccines were advanced and that includes every state in the United States" (Funny that - I was saying the very

  • UK Democracy is Busted - What to Do?


    First up is a contribution from Martin Geddes that examines in some depth the Woke spirituality-free  agenda that is being foisted on the public by an unempathetic agglomeration of globalist institutions whose primary objective seems to be to break down our spirituality (in so far as it already exists) to make way for the WEF's transhumanist agenda (21 2030 2050 or 20-whatever).

    It's a long in-depth analysis that tackles the issues on a personal level that humans of all stripes and none can relate to, and indeed have been relating to over many years in a rather unstructured and ad hoc manner.

    It sets the scene for my second article by Matt Goodwin, who comes from the party-political milieu  that coincidentally he too finds to be failing, and indeed his argument

  • PCR Test Reminder


    Way back in 2020 we published the assertion that the PCR test was inaccurate and unsuitable for purpose.

    Amazingly no "scientific" refutation of that assertion has ever to my knowledge been published, but we have today a new paper that makes exactly the same point:

    COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

    Now all that is required is to follow the logic of the situation... if the test is meaningless, then so is the pandemic.

    Are there any reasonable grounds for believing that the global pandemic pushed by all the medical and governmental authorities (in conjunction with a global campaign

  • "This was a Fraud Against 'We the People' "


    Russel J Gould, "World Postmaster General", would reform our understanding of the decidedly arcane history of the rules of commerce, of flags, and of the bankruptcy of the United States of America (was there ever a time when the USA was not bankrupt?!).

    Fascinating stuff and not to be lightly dismissed, as much history seems to be interwoven within these threads.

    Does this point to a new beginning following the current global crisis?

    I still don't believe that I am qualified to answer that question, but somewhere along the way there do seem to be implications that must be unravelled. Should we just sweep it all away and reinvent from scratch? Probably (in my view) safer to start from where we are with somebody who actually seems to understand the principles and legal niceties that must be accommodated if further strife down the road is to be

  • Fulford Monday Report - 14 Aug 2023


    Ben's report this week is one of the last of the pre-written variety (but none the worse for that) and has an addendum on the recent disastrous fires on Maui Hawaii in which so many died.

    It also offers some thoughts based on post-war history about the kind of economic reforms that may be implemented post crisis.

    Of course, as always, to access the full report you will need a modest subscription to his site.

    We hope he has had a refreshing holiday, and look forward to his return next week.


  • UK Column Meets Jemma Cooper


    Brian Gerrish swaps notes with ex-BBC journalist on the strange state of UK journalism.

    "Fortune favours the brave"

    "We need to see if you're one of us"

    "... the merging of man and machine... were not far off that... "

    Slightly incestuously perhaps, one journalist interviewing another. The trouble is that is they are both talking from a similar perspective, so it's a bit of an agreement-fest. Nonetheless it's a very interesting conversation that brings out those triggers in life that provoke severe change of direction. 

    (67 minutes)



  • Can China + Saudi Bring Peace to the Ukraine?


    With Russia presenting an immovable object, the irresistible force of the Ukrainian armed forces backed by NATO seems to have met its match. Yet the USA-UK axis has betrayed no inclination to move for peace.

    Ukraine however must be looking at its backers and wondering if they have enough Ukrainian lives left to make any more war?

    Surely there are people in the Ukraine who will be looking for a way out?

    Step forward China / Saudi Arabia to broker a talks process to hopefully lead to a ceasefire, followed by a peace agreement.

    (10 minutes)


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  • The Maui Fire Devastation - Hawaii


    The recent loss of life to fire in Hawaii has stunned the world.

    The BBC has reported on it, hinting at - inevitably - "climate change".

    But were there other factors at play? The number of trees that survived more or less unscathed right across the area does look pretty remarkable.

    Health Impact News reports.

    "... again and again we're seeing that the footage just doesn't add up in terms of natural fire behaviour... "

    "... are there no fire-fighting facilities at all on the island of Maui?"

    Make up your own

  • A Short History of the Deep State in the USA


    Oklahoma bombing, JFK, CIA, FBI, LBJ, 9/11, "and much more"...

    Ted Gunderson, law enforcement officer, private investigator, righteous sleuth, spills the beans... 

    ... and there's a LOT of beans.

    "... my dog likes you, I like you... "

    "... this is a spiritual war... "

    This is a repost of an original video. Watch it all.

    (55 minutes)



  • Where Are Gilbert and Sullivan When We Need Them?


    This tale of dastardly deeds and piratical purposes cries out for that good old-fashioned operatical treatment that was so well-received (and effective) in times of yore.

    Are there no budding composers and librettists who can step forward to fill this yawning gap in our modern pantheon of raucous pop and discordant noise?

    Plot? "Plot" you say? You want a plot?

    Is there a shortage of plots?!

    Perhaps we only have to look in the right place, and we will find a veritable cornucopia of plots!

    But maybe we can help out today with a neatly packaged, scumbag filled, byzantine assemblage of legal twists, important actors, nefarious motivations, occult collusions and yes, that vital lowly hero who selflessly stands against the impossible odds, determined to secure the eventual inevitable triumph of light and love over venality, subterfuge, and darkness - simply because it

  • Covid Legal Case in the Netherlands


    Legal cases all around seem to have run into the sands of obfuscation/oblivion, but there are more of them coming to the fore.

    Here is one from the Netherlands where the whole apparatus of government (not to mention the WEF's Bill Gates and Albert Bourla) seems to be being sued for their alleged Covid crimes. Although it's a civil case for damages and restitution (such as may be possible), it's certain to have a big impact if successful.

    Read the Summons.

    "This procedure is the first procedure in the world, in which the plaintiffs explain extensively and substantiated that Covid-19 is not a disease but is part of the project Covid-19: The Great Reset. Each of the defendants is sued jointly and privately by the plaintiffs because of the participation in this project alleged by the



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