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This is a mighty long article that in effect seeks to unravel how the Great (Political) Awakening will emerge from the current course of global geopolitics.

It's a big sweep and requires some determination to get through, but does it make sense?

Yes, it majors on the political situation in the USA, a situation which even we Brits, observing from our remote homeland across the pond and beset with all our own problems (perhaps pale shadows of the problems of USA Inc), recognise as both improbable and intractable.

Yet we share largely the same problems with many countries around the globe (immigration out of control, cretinous corporate/self-serving and yes dishonest and fundamentally unelectable politicians, dubious inordinately slow and expensive justice systems, local and national governments mesmerised by the WEF and Israel, etc).

"They" want us to continue on the old old Left vs Right (now "Extreme" Right) ideological battleground, whilst "We" the people have increasingly graduated to fight on the Right vs Wrong, Bottom-up vs Top-down, Freedom vs Coercion, Spiritual vs Material battleground. 

To fight on that battleground we (on both sides of the pond) are rejecting the false narratives and insisting as best we can on the truth, no matter how ugly, no matter how glorious or inglorious, even when found within ourselves. 

The truth may not set us free, but it is the prerequisite and we know that Right, even Extreme Right, beats Wrong hands down.

"I think my friend Chris Paul summed it all up quite nicely when he said, 'Joe Biden's fake presidency is so meaningless at this point that the State of the Union counts as noise and not signal.' "

" ... not to explore and explain the truth of the Russian Federation and its future role in the emergence of the multi-polar world order and the war on the Globalist Deep State, but rather to consider the story of Russia that the Collective Western Mind has been told and sold seemingly for time immemorial"


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