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  • World Parliamentarians Excoriate the WHO


    "Centralisation causes nothing but misery because it destroys the mechanisms of error correction leading to doubling down on flawed policies"

    (13 minutes)



  • Vobes Investigates - A Home Education Support Service


    Hope Sussex was founded to support those parents who wanted to take their children out of the public and state education systems, those who were prepared to do what had to be done to bring up their own children for themselves in accord with their own beliefs and principles.

    Clearly the Universe has smiled upon their efforts.

    (28 minutes)


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  • Texel Island Update


    In August last year we featured Arthur Firstenberg's newsletter concerning the destruction of bird colonies on Texel island (Netherlands).

    Of course it was attributed to the deadly "bird flu" (be very afraid) but equally of course no alternative explanation was officially considered by the authorities, despite the coincidental arrival of brand new 5G masts on Texel.

    This year there is good news...  but equally, the problem has not gone away, merely morphed according to topology and intensity.

    But if "bird flu" is a fiction, what of human flu and all the other multitudinous "flu-like" indispositions that may from time to time affect us?

    If we

  • Tapping in to Our Potential


    Yes, there's no escaping the inimitable Richard Vobes.

    Here he is exploring yet another aspect of the human condition that we don't normally think about, but which could for some, perhaps for many, bring resolution to problems which we might previously have considered too deep-seated and too little understood to be properly addressed.

    (70 minutes)


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  • A Touch of Magic


    Touching isn't really a part of today's everyday life - and I guess that that's one reason for the popularity of dogs and cats - our pets are almost the only living beings (apart from spouses) that it's OK for us to touch and play with.

    Add in our traditional British reserve - and indeed aloofness - and it's clear that we have obstacles to overcome before we in the UK can get tactile.

    Helen Prosper from 'A Touch of Gentleness' explains, and there's more to it than we might expect!

    A fascinating presentation.

    (34 minutes)


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  • Catastrophe in Schools?


    Our schools are apparently bending over backwards to accommodate the self-identity preferences of school-kids, no matter how unusual.

    It is reported that there has been some brouhaha over the desire of one young lady to self-identify as a cat. She was (reportedly) supported by her teacher who strongly disagreed with another class member who considered the cat identity ridiculous, and insisted that her unusual identity is perfectly valid and acceptable. 

    Now most people would probably think that this is all a lot of nonsense that should be firmly squashed, the girls and boys should be firmly told that they are human, and that's an end of it.

    But although everybody is getting mighty steamed up about all this, I think the cat-girl is absolutely

  • Dr Peter McCullough Shreds the Quaxxines


    Dr McCullough addresses the Pennsylvania Senate on the Vaccines:

    (56 minutes)


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  • The Appeal of Apeel


    CHD TV interviews Christof Plothe D.O. who explains where Apeel came from, how a tiny start-up became an instant hit, the links to the WHO (how did you guess?) and other notable "usual suspects".

    It is applied (in separate forms) both before harvest and after harvest...

    Can be used on organic produce, (despite its pesti-/fungi-cide content?).

    Won't wash off.

    Oh, and it's "carbon friendly"...

    There's no full list of ingredients to bother our pretty little heads with, but all the regulators think it's absolutely fine so there's no cause to worry, right?

    "... you don't see any of these substances on the website of Apeel, but the patent itself ... in order to produce these substances even several heavy metals are being used... "

    "... we are left to a

  • Breaking All Records ...


    ... for maladministration?

    But perhaps as it was a "pandemic" there was neither time nor need for the bureaucrats to follow their own bureaucratic procedures for the protection of the public?

    A year after ICAN asked the question, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) responded with the time-honoured report:

    "A search of our records did not locate any documents responsive to your request"

    Read the ICAN Legal Update.

    I wonder if the MHRA falls similarly short? Would you bet that they don't?


  • Forensic Analysis of Vaccine Regulatory Failure in The USA


    It's been a long time in the making, but it's a hum-dinger, a triumph of logic and evidence over blah-speak.

    Aaron Siri runs us briskly through the long and sorry story.

    We are left wondering how any government could have come to the decisions that Congress came to with respect to the problems that the vaccine industry was facing over three decades ago.

    We in the UK might ask why the UK followed a similar route?

    It's very simple - but how could it happen?


    1 hr 57 minutes.


  • Why are the Wheels on the Green Bus not Turning?


    It seems that it it isn't just in the UK where the promises of alternative warmth from non-fossil-fuel sources are lacking in the actual delivery.

    All around the world the actualité is coming home to roost and even the politicians, try as they might, are finding that they can't spout sufficient hot air to keep their constituents warm and cosy.

    It's a sad story, but obviously it can't be their fault, since being politicians they can surely find someone else to take the blame?

    "There’s a lot of talk of a “transition”, and a lot of enthusiasm for it. There’s just no transition"

    "... atmospheric CO2 continued to rise, indeed rose faster than at any point since 1850 yet the increase in temperature stopped"

    MEPs for Non-Compliance!


    MEPs Cristian Terhes and Christine Anderson address the world:

    "... every single lie is being repeated... "

    (17 minutes)


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  • Cornwall Ups the Anti!


    The fight is moving from the national level to the local level.

    Local councils will now be in the firing line, and Cornwall has thrown down the gauntlet, "pledging its support for local farmers and the role they play in the local economy".

    "There is no county farm that survives solely from arable in Cornwall"

    "The motion in Cornwall was first proposed by Conservative councillor... and was passed almost unanimously"

    Tories take note.

  • World Homicide and Oppression


    "Philipp Kruse is a Swiss Attorney. After a career in commercial and constitutional law, he dedicated his life to challenge the path Switzerland is moving along with many other nations. He has run several cases in relation to regulations impacting children, constitutional controversies and is leading several initiatives supporting activists"

    UK Column article on the legal push-back against world domination in Switzerland.

    (25 minutes)


  • Dr Aseem Malhotra Tells Rebel News How It Is


    Dr Malhotra is a latecomer by some standards to the deficiencies of the medical establishment, but it seems that he is making up for lost time.

    An excellent interview.

    (19 minutes)



  • MHRA - Enabler - of What Exactly?


    As always we are indebted to UK Column for publishing articles which explore the truth behind the "at the speed of science" production and distribution of the jabs.

    Along the way we have learned how the system was managed within the USA, and we have learned how the UK Government has been busy reconstructing the UK regulatory system for the white hot "Life sciences" revolution that would make us all very rich indeed (always assuming we invested in the correct corporations).

    Now we learn how the "newly independent" UK is streamlining its

    When is a Virus Not a Virus?


    Challenge everything. If it stands up, believe it (until it falls down!). If it collapses, discard it.

    That's roughly what we all have to do these days if we want to understand what's going on in our benighted world.

    I have long suspected (proof is one thing, working assumption another) that the Covid-19 SARS-COV2 never existed, because if it did exist there would have been no need to design a test that was fairly obviously unscientific and prone to false positives.

    Many go further and assert that no "viruses" exist as infectious disease-causing agents. I don't have any personal view on that except to remark that such a position is merely a very short step away from saying that SARS-COV2 - whatever it may be - is not a disease-causing agent. If "they" would lie about one virus then "they" would lie

  • The WHO - A Threat or a Promise?


    Is the WHO a blessing or a curse?

    Is it even consistent?

    Is the organisation that changed its pandemic management policies in an instant when Covid appeared fit to be trusted with our long-term health care, when that very term "health care" is now expanded to include all factors that may affect our health in any way?

    Can any factor be identified that does not affect our health?

    Would there be any practical limits placed on the powers of the WHO?

    The Brownstone Institute examines their claim for global health management.


  • "Do your job!"


    Saturday 13th saw people converge on Trafalgar Square to draw attention to the many who suffered and died from the jabs, and to hear from the speakers who came to share their expert testimony with the crowd.

    Martin speaks for many of us in setting out his feelings, his experiences, and his reactions. Not to mention his photographs!

    The message to the Met: "Do your job!"



  • UK Column News Wed 10th May 2023


    Much extraordinary information here, British involvement in Ukraine, simmering dissatisfaction in the EU, and outrageous kids sex education battles in Wales, which is in effect spearheading the resistance for the whole of the UK. The UK public need to be aware. Just for starters.

    Followed by fake nursing qualifications... and "medical doctor apprenticeships" for school leavers... plus more Covid vaccines...  and some notes about the coronation.

    (87 minutes)