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Cheshire police/CPS haveauctioned the film rights for their investigation, with ITV placing the winning bid"

So who exactly is profiting from this case that "brought the UK’s worst child killer Lucy Letby to justice" ?

Is this the totally impartial police/CPS who have no motivation other than their altruistic desire to see justice done though the Heavens fall? Or did they either explicitly or implicitly collude with the Countess of Chester neonatal unit to deflect the blame for what is reportedly their bad performance onto the available patsy (and open the way to a media pay-off into the bargain)?

Now for the sake of clarity, that isn't an accusation, but it does seem to be a question that deserves an answer.

There is also the question of the behaviour of the media company concerned, which is no doubt keen to further its commercial interests whilst having little or no journalistic regard for the possible public interest ramifications arising from its behaviour in paying the police/CPS for what should be public property. Or are the Cheshire police/CPS no longer funded by the public purse?

When a part of the justice system lays itself open to profiting from what should be a straight public service, it is the duty of the citizen to ask such questions - "cui bono"?

Dr David Livermore writing for the Daily Sceptic makes a compelling argument.

"Isn’t this the perfect setting for care to go horribly awry, without foul play? Or have we reached the point where it becomes expedient to blame miscreant nurses for the NHS’s failings, just as our 17th Century forebears attributed societal calamities to witches?"



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