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I guess I've heard everything now, but I fear that I may be mistaken.

The NHS diagnosis of "actively dying" must be a new low in its crusade to rid itself of bed-blockers that it doesn't like.

Whatever this patient's disabilities, it surely not the place of "our" NHS to condemn her to death by actively withdrawing support. 

Here we see all the usual gambits invoked "for her protection" - banned from speaking to the press, being taken to court so that a "palliative care plan" that she does not want can be imposed upon her, presumably "for her own good".

Oh, and all in the face of expert witnesses who state that she is mentally competent to make her own decisions, and is therefore entitled to do so.

It is becoming difficult to overstate the complete disregard for law, justice, and indeed basic human dignity that now infests our medical and legal establishments.

I don't normally publicise personal appeals, but this case requires the public to step up to do whatever can be done to thwart this ungodly plan.