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  • Dr Ardis Meets Clive de Carle


    Watch and learn! 

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  • Sex and the Global Power Elite


    This is an article that I never envisaged in my wildest nightmares that I would be writing.

    Sex is indeed a complex topic, and I am no "expert" in the matter, but this is not about sex, it's about the destruction of our future by those who are either mad, evil, deluded, or incompetent on a scale that beggars belief. Or perhaps all four.

    We have all heard stories about "drag queen story hours" and the like, but without wishing to get into the weeds on the details there can only be one purpose behind these apparently global initiatives.

    I'll start at the beginning.

    We were all children once.

    I say that because it's obvious, but maybe it isn't... nevertheless let's make that working assumption.

    As children we were (mostly) dandled on our parents knees, read stories, told what we could and couldn't do (for our safety) and

  • Is Your Home or Office Affecting Your Health?


    In today's world of ubiquitous wireless technology, it's too easy to spend all day at a computer / cellphone screen without giving the matter a second thought.

    That is likely a mistake.

    I myself spend the majority of my day in this way, and I'm looking forward to a time when I can spend more time in the real world(!). I connect all the big stuff with cables (no wi-fi or blue-tooth - it's turned off unless I have to use it but don't forget to check occasionally - updates have been known to undo your settings). And I never ever use wireless headphones or earbuds - short-range long exposure items as ever there could be.

    I also have some orgonite around as insurance - I've no idea if it works but for a few quid, why not? Stick a bit under your DECT phone or mobile, or get some patches from Body Align. It doesn't stop the signal but supposedly it mitigates the problem.

    Do we take enough care of our health?

  • Covid Jabs - The Collusion to Deceive is Being Exposed


    "In the days leading up to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approval of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. and U.K. health officials entered into a 'mutual confidentiality agreement' to keep vaccine adverse events under wraps"

    "It would be very helpful if our Office of Vaccines could receive additional details [redacted] from MHRA [UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency] under the terms of our mutual confidentiality agreement."

    So on the face of it, our MHRA was colluding with US FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) to hide adverse reactions to the jabs.

    That's just the tip of the iceberg.

    No doubt more evidence will come to light in due course.


  • Furore over Precision Breeding


    "Precision Breeding" wasn't a term that sprang readily to mind last year. The uninformed may find themselves struggling slightly to disinter the proper meaning, which is probably why the term was chosen, in place of "GM but not really GM" or some other such verbiage.

    Yes, what it seems to amount to is GM with a new label. Actually, GM without any label so as not to cause unnecessary alarm to the shopper. Because it's not supposed to be as bad as GM, it's not supposed to need any special consumer labelling. We don't need to worry our poor little heads about it.

    Of course it's not the same as GM, otherwise it would need labelling, it's just GM that could have been (but wasn't) produced by selective breeding, using natural techniques such as cross-breeding and selection that have been practised for years. So that's all right then?

    Well, maybe, maybe not. As so often it comes down to

    (a) The characteristics

  • Covid - Counting the Cost


    We know that the cost of Covid measures (value for money or not) has been sky high.

    We know that the damage to the economy, to schooling, to the elderly was enormous.

    But for a global assessment, we are indebted to UK Column for pulling together as complete a picture as I have yet seen.

    "Since Covid–19 was recognized in Western countries in early 2020, expenditures on public health in many of them have more than doubled, imposing over $500 billion in monthly costs on the global economy"

    " Food and non-alcoholic beverage prices rose by 14.6% in the 12 months to September 2022"

    "in February 2020, there were already 4.43 million people on a

  • Prof Norman Fenton Dissects Dame June Raine's Leadership at the MHRA


    The MHRA under Dame June's leadership has been coy about the after-effects of the C***d jabs, leading many to suspect a cover-up. Indeed, it's been hard to imagine how it could not be a cover-up, since the only realistic alternative is incompetence on such a vast scale that the mind surely could not comprehend it.

    Prof Norman Fenton has made a video, pointing up for those who don't normally go out of their way to watch speeches from the MHRA (ie: all of us) just how slippery she is when not mentioning the C****d Yellow Card elephant in the room.

    Draw your own conclusions.

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  • To Terminate, or Not to Terminate?


    The topic of abortion is not an issue to be lightly addressed.

    This site has so far studiously avoided it, as a minefield too far which I do not feel well equipped to navigate in public!

    But it clearly is one of the central issues in the spiritual battle currently consuming our world, so it must be addressed.

    Whatever your views on abortion, the Daily Sceptic has done us all a service by publishing a really excellent piece that examines the topic from most angles, WHO and all.

    So whilst no article could possibly definitively settle the argument for all conceivable circumstances, I'm impressed by the careful and relatively complete logical analysis of a highly emotional, and in these days very political and contentious, topic.

    And speaking of politics, I find his commentary on the WHO's approach to this issue to be outstanding.

    The State of "Health Care" in the UK


    Given the current debate about the effects of mRNA technological therapies, and the proposals being put forward at the (reportedly funded largely by pharmaceutical interests) WHO, it is obvious to all that healthcare might be coming a long way behind financial considerations in the motivations of the movers and shakers of the UK medical establishment.

    If you ask me (well you didn't, but I'll offer my thoughts anyway), the obvious and enormous alleged conflicts of interest are sufficient cause in their own right to haul the said movers and shakers before the courts and have them testify as to their conflicts of interest - a properly constituted Royal Commission should do the job. Conflicts of interest on such a scale should disqualify them all.

    Of course, the chances of that happening are zero, given the track record of Parliament and the current Monarch in putting the interests of the population ahead of any corporate interests, and the disposition of ordinary folk to

  • Parliament Debates the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty - Andrew Bridgen


    Th WHO is never one to pass up an opportunity to increase its powers, and if necessary is perfectly prepared to debate and assign to itself additional powers that purport to extend its constitutional powers without reference to any democratic mandate.

    "... this constitution will be fundamentally changed by the two instruments that are in the pipeline  following the Covid-19 pandemic..."

    " The WHO is domiciled in Geneva... it's employees are exempt from tax and they and their families all have diplomatic immunity... "

    "... it is indeed a supranational body, unelected and unaccountable"

    "The original ideals of the WHO and WHA were completely laudable... "

    "Who is now funding the WHO? Like many of our regulators in the UK: The MHRA (86% funded by industry sources), the JCVI member's personal declarations declared more than

  • WHO Pandemic "Treaty" to Have it's Debate in Parliament


    I don't doubt that many are heartily sick of hearing about the WHO and it's predilection for promoting its pestilential pandemic panics, but hey, what else are they supposed to do?

    The Pandemic Treaty (or "Accord" as we are now supposed to call it) "will not affect individual countries’ sovereignty" according to that panjandrum of interference in global health affairs, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

    A bit like the UK joining the EU would not compromise our sovereignty, because it was a democratic decision of Parliament and could be revoked by Parliament. So that's all right then.

    And maybe it hints at the correct solution to the WHO imperium.

    Be that as it may, it isn't the end of the story because the "Accord" is not the only threat on the books - we also need to consider (but Parliament may or may not debate?) the WHO's proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, which apparently

  • Metabolic Duo Launched!


    Ivor Cummins made waves with his clinical analyses of the statistics surrounding the Covid pandemic, and although he's not medically qualified, he brought the whole pandemic down to the fundamentals of what was going on.

    He is now teaming up with Gabor Erdosi to bring you a new source of health information - the "Metabolic Duo".

    Here he is introducing the notion. I have no doubt that it will be a resounding success .

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  • Covid - Lest we Forget ...


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  • King of the WEF, or King of the UK?


    As absurdity piles upon absurdity, Sir Julian Rose talks with Richard Vobes to explain the true state of affairs as they are imposed by our affairs of State - particularly with respect to our food supplies.

    "We the consumers have to take this initiative - we are the only people that can save these sorts of farmers"

    ... we want real food, we want it fresh, and we want it local, and we'll pay a fair price for it... "

    "... we could start, finally, to break down this gap between the urban / suburban and the farming community..."

    Supermarket food looks nice, but it's farm-to-consumer miles are off the scale and

     "... it's all highly destructive on every environmental level possible"

    Quite so.

    Allowing the supermarket supplies to

  • Covid Vaccines - The Writing is (Finally) On the Wall


    Daily Express breaks the taboo with an article by Professor Angus Dalgleish on the aftermath of the Covid jabs.

    "Why are they still being offered when the yellow card system as the MHRA has far more yellow card adverse reactions reports than all the other vaccines ever made available over the last 50 years in the UK?"

    Many of us have been asking this for a long time, but better late then never.

    "This alone should have led to the total cessation of the vaccine programme, as was the case in the 1976 swine and flu outbreak in America"

    "I believe that we reached this point with the Covid vaccine 18 months ago"

    "We have been brought up on a diet of ‘follow the science’ through this pandemic but there now appears to have been no science performed whatsoever, at any stage - it is pure political hegemony"


  • What Does the Vaccine Industry Think of Vaccines and "Vaccine Hesitancy"?


    Set aside your preconceptions, and enjoy this discussion on the vaccine industry, from the point of view of - the vaccine industry.

    The Pulse has done us a favour here, since most of the contributions on this debate have been, shall we say, somewhat polarised.

    Whichever side of the debate (or echo-chamber!) you may be on, "know thine enemy" is good advice.

    The UKHSA gets specific mention...

    (39 minutes)


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  • Better Way Conference 2022 Aftermovie


    A conference of health professionals, journalists, truth seekers and activists of all descriptions.

    Better Way Conference is an initiative of World Council for Health& EbMCsquared.

    View the 58 minutes of the 2022 conference, reviewing the status of the medical establishments worldwide at that time.

    "The WHO has a historical legacy of mismanagement and corruption that is rooted in conflicts of interest"

    "... WHO is all about human rights and sovereignty... they're not... what we are saying is that what you are doing is wrong... you have had your time ... and we're going to pressurise our World Health Assembly delegates to withdraw... We don't want our funding going into any organisation... that essentially is going to