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  • Debi Evans Discusses the NHS with Roy Lilley


    Between them they probably have as much experience of the NHS as any two people you could hope to find, one from the front line and the other from what we might loosely term the management end.

    We can probably all agree that the NHS does appear to lurch between crises and panicked monetary infusions by government.

    So is the NHS model of "free at the point of use" as directed by the government still a viable (let alone desirable) model?

    "... the sky is dark with chickens coming home to roost ...

    "... it's not just because they are exhausted over Covid, it's because they can't sleep at night because they are being asked to do things that they're not feeling safe or confident in doing"

    "... it's just hopelessly clunky and horrible... "

    "... but they don't do that now, it's all done

  • What is the WHO?


    The Corbett Report does a good job in a half-hour or so of checking out how the WHO was founded, what it stands for, and how it goes about its business.

    We are sure to be reminded of something salient to today's world status - concepts such as the "bio-security paradigm" are unpacked for inspection. 

    Such matters have been long in the gestation (aided as required by the apparently inevitable mutation of pandemic definition).

    "... people still I don't think have their full mind around it... "

    Published August 21 2020.

    Not to be missed even then!

    (35 minutes)




  • Blogs that Make You Go Hmmmm...


    Jon Rappoport is not a conventional person. 

    He doesn't hold authority in high esteem (or any esteem at all!) - unless he can find truth and integrity in that authority's pronouncements. And he's his own judge on that.

    If you were to ask me, I would say that in these troubled times, this is an attitude to which we should all aspire, even if we cannot yet see our way to full achievement of such aspiration.

    I'm not sure that Jon has approved of any authority in recent years, other than perhaps some independent self-made authorities that also follow the evidence wherever it leads them.

    After what seems like an eternity of Covid authorities rampant, he reposts a blog from February 2020 wherein he reviews what he thinks of the Covid scenario (just at the time that the vaccines were beginning to be rolled out).

    "This article is a kind of summary of where I stand, at

  • ICIC - Nanotech in the Vaccines? Dr Fuellmich Investigates


    There has been a great deal of speculation about both the content / effects and the motivation behind the vaccines, much of which has led many previously level-headed and eminently well-qualified people to come up with some quite extraordinary findings and theories.

    Findings and theories which many find so absurd and unexpected that they write them off as "nobody could / would do that".

    So would I, but - I have a method for assessing such apparently absurd theories and it goes like this:

    a) What is the likely upside (ie: benefit) if the theories being questioned are true?

    b) What is the corresponding downside (ie: catastrophe) if the theories are true?

    If neither upside nor downside are very significant then even if the theories are true we don't really need to worry so we can dismiss them in safety, but if the upside would be awesome or the downside catastrophic

  • "A Utopian Charade Based on Unrealistic Assumptions"


    Well, I suppose it had to happen soon enough, although I'm shocked it managed to happen before the final implosion, rather than afterwards when the desperate project to smear the innocent traditionally get's into its stride.

    That's all to the good, because "getting your retribution in first" before that final inescapable implosion, means that we might actually get to glimpse the truth. It's also good to know that there may actually be real humans still at the NAO that our deluded powers-that-be haven't yet managed to turn into AI-controlled cyborgs programmed to endlessly repeat the party line.

    Sadly I doubt it will make any discernible difference to the fate of "our" NHS as the NAO's report on their backlogs and waiting times makes clear (if we didn't already know) that that establishment might as well have been run by such cyborgs for many years.

    "... in other words,  the Select Committee thinks all NHS

  • Covid - The Infinite Onion?


    The indefatigable journalists at UK Column bring us yet another blockbuster presentation revealing unsuspected layers of what may amount to government corruption in the administration of the Covid "vaccines at warp speed" phenomenon.

    You thought you knew who was responsible for administering and regulating the roll-out and ensuring safety?

    If it turns out that you didn't, would that amount to fraud?

    Yes, all this took place in America, but (a) who's to say that something similar didn't take place here in the UK and (b) even if it didn't, our regulatory authorities in practice depend (excessively in my view) on sound regulation in America.

    As the months go by and more layers of the Covid onion are unpeeled, more shocking revelations appear that make us question everything that we have been taught about the medical and regulatory industries.

    I won't put up the video here because

  • Lest We Forget


    (31 minutes)

    We may as individuals forgive those who have wronged us as we feel appropriate to our circumstances. That is our freedom and our right.

    We should however never forget the extraordinary level of brainwashing, nudging, opprobrium, name-calling, and indeed threats and actual violence that were directed to those who merely pointed out that there was no evidence to support the effectiveness of the measures being imposed, to support the attempts to cajole us into taking an experimental medical intervention (in blatant contravention of the Nuremberg Codes), to support the alleged safety and efficacy of the alleged vaccines, to support the elimination of all alternative medical therapies other than vaccines, or even to support the alleged danger that the virus was supposed to pose to us all.

    Nor must we forget the extraordinary attempts to completely censor all opinion contrary to the official line, even when cogently argued by exceptionally

  • Not Me Gov - It's Climate Change


    Of all the preposterous ideas for explaining the rising levels of excess deaths from all causes, "Climate Change" must rank amongst the most implausible - implausible that is unless you take your opinions from "experts" and "authorities" of official kinds rather than from evidence or from genuine practitioners of the art of medicine.

    UKHSA's chief doom-monger and blame-dodger Jenny Harries may of course have some sort of undisclosed special interest involved in her unstinting determination to absolutely ignore any possible national side-effect (such as excess deaths) arising from the UKHSA's unshakeable purpose to inject as many unsuspecting people (and their children who by all available statistics are at no discernible risk from the demonised virus) with an experimental gene therapy of no known long-term safety profile - although it does now have a very known inability to prevent both infection and transmission.

    A therapy which incidentally comes from a company whose proven 

  • The Covid Graphene Vaccines according to La Quinta Columna


    La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Column) is a Spanish site (but you can select English language at the top right when the page opens) that has been quietly at the forefront of the scientific / technical evaluation of "the jabs" with particular reference to graphene and its derivatives. 

    If anyone is in any doubt about these mRNA shots, this is the site to put those doubts to bed. 

    If you can't find what you are looking for here, then you may well not find it anywhere.

    For example, you can download their Technical Report GRAPHENE DETECTION IN COVID19 VACCINES BY MICRO-RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY (in Google English), or download a list of articles

  • Thoughts on the General Medical Council


    The General Medical Council is the regulatory body  

    "... responsible for setting the standards for medical students and doctors... "

    You might think that this is the doctors' professional association with members elected by the doctors themselves...  but it appears that you would be wrong.

    A quick investigation of their web-site reveals that it is rather coy about how the Council chair and members get their councillorships, so being intrigued by this rather basic omission I did an internet search and came up with a 2019 advertisement in the Sunday Times for a Council Member (£18K annually for 'up to' 3 days per month, since you ask):

    "We are seeking to appoint a medical member for our governing Council"

    Equally strangely, the said "We" are not unidentified. Is it

  • Trust me - I'm an Obstetrician/Midwife/Gynaecologist?


    There are many now who believe that the Covid jabs have led to increasing numbers of stillbirths and other issues around maternity care, but DR EMMA JONES writing for Unherd catalogues a history of problems in NHS maternity units going back well before the start of the "pandemic", from the point of view of one who has personally lived the experience.

    "I thought I had seen everything. But nothing prepares you for O&G"

    "This internal politics put lives at risk"

    "Once held up as a beacon of good practice, it is now seen as enabling the 'worst scandal in NHS history' "

    "Following publication of the report, ... Police were said have identified 823

  • Are Today's Nurses and Medicos Competent?


    We would all hope so, indeed we should demand so, since nurses need numerical ability in order to get the decimal point in the right place when administering drugs to patients - who may well not think (for any number of reasons) to check their work in this department.

    Startlingly, some experienced nursing professionals, writing in the Daily Sceptic, fear that nursing numeracy cannot at all be taken for granted.

    "When George Orwell’s Big Brother in Nineteen Eighty-Four taught that two plus two equals five, the point was that authoritarians can make people believe something they know to be untrue. If nurses are innumerate, a pandemic can be presented with whatever numbers that the Government wants to induce fear and compliance"

    "Don't be ridiculous!" I hear you say, but - "How many trotted out the mantra about the COVID-19

  • Vaccine Hesitancy Ongoing? The Mystery Unravelled


    I hate to keep banging this drum but whilst the powers-that-be continue, so must we.

    The Daily Sceptic brings up a useful article (actually one among several in today's email) which reviews the reasons why some people may not be too keen on Covid vaccines, or even on vaccines in general.

    Vaccines have the distinction that they are a class of medical interventions that are routinely given to healthy people who are not sick - yet they pose risks to health that every authority acknowledges, in principle if not in practice.

    This means that any justification for such an approach must rely on good statistics properly and very carefully (it's a minefield for experts, let alone the man on the Clapham omnibus) gathered and analysed over the requisite period of time. This was clearly not practicable for the Covid shots

  • Another Reason NOT to Jab Our Kids


    ICAN draws attention to another side-effect of the jabs in kids - Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Whilst similar to the flu and not normally problematic, RSV can be serious in the "very young".

    Not that that has been recognised by the regulatory authorities...

    Read the ICAN Legal Update.


  • Alphonzo Monzo Talks to Clive


    "I will praise You, for I am fearfully, wonderfully made; Your works are marvellous and my heart perceives it well" - Psalm 139:14 (The Keys of the Kingdom Holy Bible)

    Just now though many people are not feeling quite so wonderfully made, for all sorts of reasons - poor nutrition, misguided lifestyle, impact of toxins of all kinds, allergies, you name it.

    Speaking personally, I only turned my own health around when I realised that I needed to start forming my own judgements and making my own health decisions. After all, my doctor's role is to inform and advise, not to decide - that's my job! I haven't looked back, except in some relief that things turned out so well and happily, so quickly.

    (44 minutes)


  • Something We Were Not Told About the Pandemic?


    Including who was in charge of the pandemic response, apparently.

    Of course the lead was taken by America, but evidence has been uncovered that the Anthony Fauci - Deborah Birx duality was not in charge.

    It seems that the legal situation was changed, effectively by presidential fiat:

    "An astonishing Government document dated March 13th 2020 ... reveals that United States policy in response to SARS-CoV-2 was set not by the public health agencies... but rather by the National Security Council"

    "The NSC does not include as regular attendees any representatives from public health related agencies"

    "... on March 18th 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – which comprises the CDC, NIAID, NIH and other ... agencies – had no official leadership role in pandemic response"


  • Lockdown? Lets Do It Over Again!


    And now for something completely different: 

    "a new poll finds large parts of the public clamouring for new restrictions this winter. As many as 42% back the return of social distancing, while 20% want to reimpose the Rule of Six immediately and over 60% want mask mandates back on public transport"

    A dark winter indeed!

    I have to wonder about this poll's selection criteria. Was it properly randomised? Did it include the appropriate percentage of small business owners (for example)? And perhaps MPs? Certainly the fearful and well-off seem to be very well represented.

    "A YouGov survey this week shows the same lingering authoritarianism"

    Are we all doomed?


  • UK Labs in Gain of Function?


    Bio-labs are in the news again, this time reportedly at our very own Imperial College, London.

    IC have denied the "gain of function" accusation, but in that case it's not at all clear what the purpose of the project was:

    "Imperial defended its research. A spokesperson said: 'This government-backed research used viruses no more pathogenic than those already circulating within the population and will provide crucial insights that support government decision-making on how to manage the pandemic"

    Surely in these matters, in order to maintain public trust, transparency is essential, especially in times when a not inconsiderable portion of the public already have considerable distrust in both IC and the government.

    Technocracy News and Trends

  • The Mystery of the Excess EU Mortality


    MEP Mislav Kolakušić (Croatia) challenges our little grey cells... but where is Hercule Poirot when we need him?

    (91 seconds)


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  • The Gaslighting Goes On .. and On ...


    Wear masks, don't wear masks, lock down, don't lock down, social distance etc etc.

    Now the Daily Sceptic tells us how those who hope we have short memories are trying to spin away the blame.

    It wasn't the non-pharmaceutical interventions that did the damage, but the fear of the virus... so it was our fault for believing the incessant fear-mongering?

    If this wasn't published in a reputable journal (!) I would think it a well-timed way over-the-top outrageous spoof, but these days one has to move with the times and recognise that what passes for politics is actually just attempted mind-control. If the peasants are revolting against it, then mind-control harder!

    Or have I flipped and become mentally incoherent in a totally unwarranted search for the last vestiges of sanity, where