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Care pathways have become a bit of a euphemism these days for disposal of those elderly for whom the State has no further use, and who are unable to stand up for themselves. It may be controversial but there is a groundswell of opinion that doesn't disbelieve that this took place during the Covid years. 

But does it continue today?

Jacqui Devoy reviews the state of play with Brian Gerrish (audio only).

"This is what's happening, they all close ranks - the police, the NHS, the Coroners, the Courts, the pathologists ... once one gets uncovered they all get uncovered"

" ... if you're 80 or above ... you automatically score 5 ...  It's very easy to put someone on ... one of these ... death pathways ... " 

" ... Matt Hancock ignored all that and implemented NG163 anyway ... NG163 is identical to the Liverpool Care Pathway ... "

(67 minutes)