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Lots of course. But how much is "lots"?

S & P Global Commodity Insights has crunched to numbers for us, at least in so far as current wars are concerned.

Our governments are apparently always perfectly able to accommodate several contradictory notions at the same time, so they will unhesitatingly act to "keep us safe" by going to war (not bothering about democratic mandates of course - no time for that) on behalf of their favourite protagonist(s), whilst at the same time telling us that we must achieve NetZero CO2 (however they might eventually decide to define that in measurable terms) so out with the gas and in with the heat pumps frozen windmills and darkened solar panels.

So far, two months of conflict in Gaza have generated "the equivalent of 75 coal power plants operating for a year".

It seems that war does indeed create significant quantities of CO2.

And that's just Israel vs Hamas.

Not to mention that Rishi has just extended support for Ukraine vs Russia for apparently as long as it takes

Perhaps they would be better advised to press the warring parties to negotiate? After all, do they want to save the planet, or do they want to prolong the death and destruction and hasten world immolation?

Maybe we should be thinking that it really isn't impolite to be asking questions.

Questions such as "do they work for us, and if not, for whom do they work?".