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  • The Abyss of Infinite Lunacy


    Professor Saad may not be a familiar name but Peter Whittle has done us all a service by featuring him on "So What You're Saying Is...".

    As an evolutionary psychologist he doesn't fall neatly into any of our normal categories, and as an academic one wonders, given his forthright views, how he has managed to survive without being cancelled, but he does share an interesting explanation of his longevity, an explanation which perhaps more of us need to emulate.

    Oh, and he's very entertaining with it :)


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  • Dr. Montagnier Shines a Light on COVID-19 and The Future of Medicine


    The medico-political Covid situation is confusing on multiple levels which will clearly not be resolved any time soon, but just when you thought that there can't possibly be any more new hypotheses to discuss, along comes Matt Ehret with another.

    It is widely accepted that electromagnetic radiation can be damaging to our health. X-rays, gamma rays, nuclear radiation, ultra-violet sunshine are all acknowledged to be damaging, whilst sunlight (excluding damaging UV) is known to be beneficial both physically (allowing the body to generate vitamin D) and mentally (cheering us all up :) .

    Infra-red can be damaging if it causes us to heat up too much.

    All other radiation is thought to be harmless . . .   except where it isn't, such a microwave radiation which causes us to heat up and is used for that purpose in microwave ovens (and for communications purposes in WiFi at low levels thought to be safe by regulators but disputed by campaigners).

  • From Ancient Sumer, Via Buzz Aldrin on the Moon, to Today


    The happenings in our world today should be understood in perspective, and this article from Your Own World USA (yowusa.com) approaches it from a challenging historical perspective with which few of us may be familiar.

    For the uninitiated, the postings of Q (which have been appearing since autumn 2017) are thought by many to be the unattributable work of military intelligence, whose prime objective has been to (a) demonstrate knowledge of events before they occur (sometimes years before) and (b) wake the general public up to the fact that their government, mainstream media, courts, academia, politicians, religions, and global NGOs of all descriptions (inclusive of the UN) have been corrupted.

    Not just a little bit corrupted, in pockets here and there, but comprehensively and completely everywhere.

    To the extent that "they" now feel ready to take over the world, dictate policy to the nation states, abolish private property, vaccinate us all with

  • Whither Christians Post Trump?


    Do religion and politics mix?

    The Americans are famous for their religious fervour, and the Founding Fathers based their Declaration of Independence upon their religious outlook. Protestant Christianity and politics have been intertwined at root in America from the beginning.

    In the UK the Christian faith has been espoused  by our monarchs for centuries (even if not fully and faithfully implemented - leaders throughout history have never been slow to co-opt religion for their own purposes).

    As a result, we the English have historically tempered our overt Christian expression to fit pragmatically with the prevailing religious fervour favoured by our monarchs, and for good reason - the battle between protestants and Catholics for supremacy of thoughtsaw too many people burned for their

  • The Entire Electric Universe, Zodiac Signs, Event Horizons & our Solar System


    I offer no comment on this - except to approve their notion of those born under the sign of Capricorn!



    The video contains numerous references to empowerment levels which are mapped toward the end of the video - I include the snapshot here to assist your understanding:

  • How do we Make Sense of our World?


    How can we "know" what is going on?

    Well, first-hand experience is probably the most reliable method - anything we can see, touch, hear, taste or smell is a good candidate for a high degree of certainty. If we hear someone say something and watch their lips move then we have two sources of information and the one (hopefully) corroborates the other - it doesn't get much more certain than that. However, it still doesn't vouch for the veracity of what was said, only that the person said it.

    Second-hand experience is what we usually have to work with - we can see something in a newspaper, watch a report on TV, and so on, but these could all be easily faked. So we have to rely on other factors to corroborate the original, and here we come up against the problems and opportunities of trust.

    If we trust the source of the report then we are likely to believe it. If we don't trust the source then we will be sceptical unless we can see corroborative reports

  • Sonic Geometry


    Make of this seasonal offering what you will, but it makes for interesting speculations:

    View the on Bitchute page.

  • Sound Health Project


    This is way out of the ordinary, but could it be true?

    Some will think it's la-la land, but you can use the links below to see if it works for you. What's the upside possibility? What is the downside risk?

    Watch this interview and judge for yourself - try out her sound portal for free - all you need is a microphone (which many devices already have) - feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.