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Lucky Dip

  • Is This Your Higher Calling?


    If this is for you then I think you will know it once you get into it.

    If it's not for you then think about it anyway - after all, as the Bard wrote centuries ago:

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

    If that were not true, then what would be the point?

    (26 minutes)


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  • Not Our Future


    Watch the Video - Sign the Pledge 

    It's not immediately clear where this pledge is leading, but who could disagree with the sentiment and the hall of fame who are already signed up?

    Especially when so succinctly expressed!

    (90 seconds)


    Sign the Pledge!

  • The Digital Panopticon is Already Here


    London number 3, New Delhi number 1 in the world.

    If you want to know (or if you don't) this is where we already are.

    It's been installed all around us and it's already being improved.

    We just haven't been told yet - Big Brother has been automated...

    "we are living in a digital panopticon"

    (78 minutes)



  • How Did the Twin Towers Collapse - 2


    This is part 2 in the series, watch part 1 here.

    "Jonathan Cole has been a registered professional engineer for over 35 years.

    In 2010, he began conducting real-world experiments in his backyard to either prove or disprove the official explanation of the Twin Towers and Building 7’s destruction. He is well-known to longtime students of 9/11 for the incisive videos he made documenting these experiments. For the first time in a webinar format,

    Cole summarizes the results of his many experiments in this new webinar series. In part two of this webinar series, Cole shares the results of his experiments regarding the extreme temperatures observed at the World Trade Center.

    He shows how none of the various hypotheses put forward — except controlled

  • And Now for Something Completely Different


    (4 minutes)


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  • Trump's Remarks at Mar a Largo


    The video below will skip the intro and start at 1hr 36 minutes for the 45th President's appearance.

    (Use the link above to start at the beginning)

    (1 hr 18 or 2hrs 54 mins)



  • The End Times are Upon Us!


    I'm not keen on featuring the contribution below for a number of reasons, because for all this guy says (and he's an American who has no trouble pouring out his no doubt sincerely held beliefs so that we can all benefit from his enormous wisdom - if only we could slow him down and take a week or two to digest it all), his narrative is based upon a few unspoken points which seem to me to be highly questionable.

    But it does give me an opportunity to give a hobby-horse of mine an outing.

    If I had to profess a religion it would be Christianity - just not the perverted versions peddled by the great hypocritical religions that (a) used to burn their heretics to death ("judge not that thou be not judged") and (b) seek to persuade us that we are so helpless that we should simply cast ourselves into unquestioning faith in Jesus Christ (oh, and the Bible) in order to be "saved". That is redolent of the simplistic scams offered by charlatans proffering snake oil across the ages ("just take this 'free' injection

  • Everything We Knew Was Untrue


    Clif High reviews where we are in the unfolding reset and offers us his thoughts.

    As far as I can see his prognostications have so far turned out to be reasonably reliable, so I'm inclined to listen to what he says, and his predictions for the next year or two may surprise those who believe that the world will soon be back to normal. 

    According to Clif, nothing could be further from the truth, and those that are disinclined to review their habits and belief systems of a lifetime will be in for a very uncomfortable time.

    You have been warned...

    (39 minutes)



  • Trust me - I'm an Obstetrician/Midwife/Gynaecologist?


    There are many now who believe that the Covid jabs have led to increasing numbers of stillbirths and other issues around maternity care, but DR EMMA JONES writing for Unherd catalogues a history of problems in NHS maternity units going back well before the start of the "pandemic", from the point of view of one who has personally lived the experience.

    "I thought I had seen everything. But nothing prepares you for O&G"

    "This internal politics put lives at risk"

    "Once held up as a beacon of good practice, it is now seen as enabling the 'worst scandal in NHS history' "

    "Following publication of the report, ... Police were said have identified 823

  • Are Today's Nurses and Medicos Competent?


    We would all hope so, indeed we should demand so, since nurses need numerical ability in order to get the decimal point in the right place when administering drugs to patients - who may well not think (for any number of reasons) to check their work in this department.

    Startlingly, some experienced nursing professionals, writing in the Daily Sceptic, fear that nursing numeracy cannot at all be taken for granted.

    "When George Orwell’s Big Brother in Nineteen Eighty-Four taught that two plus two equals five, the point was that authoritarians can make people believe something they know to be untrue. If nurses are innumerate, a pandemic can be presented with whatever numbers that the Government wants to induce fear and compliance"

    "Don't be ridiculous!" I hear you say, but - "How many trotted out the mantra about the COVID-19

  • Dig Your Own Future


    (5 minutes)

     Source: Successful Garden Design

  • US Intervenes in Haiti?


    Fuel terminal wars... 

     ... and is it the Russians again?

    All done to popular acclaim:

    "Every time the Americans come into this country, they leave more fatherless children"

    and there'e more where that came from.

    (9 minutes)


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  • How Did the Twin Towers Collapse?


    WTC7 (World Trade Centre 7) collapsed some while after the twin towers (WTC1 and 2) - and it wasn't hit by an airplane. But that's a topic for a different video...

    This one is about the twin towers, and reviews a number of the theories that have been proposed to explain the "impossible" collapse, including some that you may never have heard of.

    "We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse" 

    But did they apply the "scientific method" to confirm their findings? 

    (1 hr 59 mins)


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  • "This House Has Had Enough of Experts"


    In a seriously well-argued presentation to a Cambridge Union debate, Laura Dodsworth blesses us by filing her transcript on Substack.

    Yes, primarily she has the Covid-type experts in her cross-hairs but the psychology experts in the infamous (and if it's not infamous yet then it should be) nudge unit come in hard on their heels (to mix my metaphors).

    It's a polite but uncompromising indictment of government by "experts", but it's also a criticism of the many who, despite all the signals that conflicted with seemingly everything we should have known, still meekly, even gladly, did as we were told.

    A tour de force.

    If I have a criticism (yes I do) it is

  • Why Do We Need an Institute for Responsible Technology?


    Well, if the wholesale roll-out of experimental largely untested pharmaceutical gene-editing products across all (healthy!) populations and age-groups regardless of risk isn't enough to convince you, how about the uncontrolled roll-out of untested unregulated and unlabelled gene-edited flora and fauna (including food) all across the world for all manner of profitable purposes?

    "Gene editing is cheap, easy, prone to side effects, poorly regulated and can permanently alter nature’s gene pool - a recipe for disaster"

    This annoying video with its irritating tinkly muzak sets out the technical risks well enough, but the primary issues that concern me are:

    a) Our freedom of choice to accept or reject such foods and products will be quickly (or immediately if labelling is not deemed necessary) reduced to virtually zero. You can eat anything you like but there will no longer be any original natural foods available.

    The Economics and Politics of the Free Lunch


    The Politicians and Bankers and their ilk have been dining at our expense for decades. Just how that system has become as invisible (to the average Joe) and exponentially more dangerously (and likewise invisibly) close to implosion can be traced to its ever-increasing complexity.

    Why is it a problem? Because those that run it have lost their sense of responsibility (or failed to nurture it). There was always another wheeze which could be invented to tide it over (whilst making bags of money before the implosion arrived), the problem being that such schemes invariably morphed into Ponzi schemes (even if not originally devised as such).

    Egon von Greyerz (of Matterhorn Asset Management) brings us up to date.

    "No banker, no company management or business owner ever has to take the loss personally if he makes

  • Can we Duck and Dive Around the Great Reset?


    "Prof Frank Furedi, Ben Pile, Dr Tara McCormack, Matt Gubba Guest Videos from Nick Hudson (SA) and Michael Driver (UK) Chaired by Alan Miller"

    #together bring its panellists together. A bit slow to start but very revealing.

    "... globalism from the top down is just another version of all the things that failed in the last century, be they fascism, communism, and so on... "

    "... the Universe has a tendency towards beauty, towards complexity, and most of all towards higher levels of consciousness, and this is something that we witness every day... "

     (1 hr 53 mins)


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  • So How Old is Humanity Really?


    The origin of humanity is a topic of considerable debate, but the late David Boyle impresses as somebody who has done his homework, even if his interviewer hasn't quite learned to stay out of his way once he is in full flood.

    In all truth I didn't find the interview format particularly prepossessing, but many people will find something of interest in this presentation, particularly those who are into topics of ancient Egypt. The analysis toward the end of an ancient relief wall-carving, which I confess I had to play twice before I got the message, is pivotal.

    And closer to home, you may never view Avebury in the same light again...

    (32 minutes)

    View this video here.


  • Billy Carson Challenges Our World-View


    Billy Carson does seem to have made a considerable study of a world history that defies the normal narrative. Author of the "Compendium of the Emerald Tablets - A Beginner's Guide", here he describes some "newer" discoveries to tax our credulity. Being American he speaks fast enough to defeat the subtitling algorithm rather too frequently, but the video is already an hour long, and he does cram in a lot of information...

    (60 minutes)


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  • "Well, Oi Think the Arnswer Loise in the Soil"


    I guess that this title was one of the most memorable quotes from the BBC's Gardener's Question Time, and probably the most insightful. Not being a gardener, I never deliberately listened to that programme, but nonetheless the quote has embedded itself firmly in my psyche. Why? Well, isn't it a simply outstandingly obvious truth?

    You want better plants? Firstly, cultivate better soil.

    So why do farmers persist with using artificial fertilisers on exhausted farmland to compensate for poor soil conditions?

    Charles Eisenstein writing for The Defender (Children's Health Defense) reports from the heartland of US farming, Kansas.

    The collapse of the land's fertility led to the collapse of the communities that lived there.

    "I got the impression that the heartland is like a supersaturated solution ready for a phase transition. A mote of dust, a small vibration touches