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Lucky Dip

  • Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser


    Every once in a while we need to step back from the brink and remind ourselves just what a familiar yet naggingly strange world we live in.

    And when the reminder comes in serious form humourously presented, our cup runneth over.

    (Still, you do have first to get past the "word from our sponsor", but it's worth it)

    (56 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole - Into the Hive Mind


    Setting aside my preconceptions... there is good logic in this one!

    Whatever preconceptions you may be carrying, just check out the logic here. We should always think for ourselves, we should not accept unquestioningly anything that we are told - by anyone - and really, that is exactly her message.

    Does it stack up? Go figure.

    (8 minutes)

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  • The Murky Waters of the Universe, Life, and Everything


    This is a bit long at 90 minutes, but he covers a great deal of ground at quite a pace - please try to keep up!

    The inimitable Michael Tellinger delves into pre-history, and pulls out some extraordinary stones,  interesting theories, and astounding connections - yes, it appears that "they" may have really lied to us about everything...  and we may never be the same again. It will be a brave new world, but not as Aldous Huxley documented it.

    Fasten your seat-belts and plunge in...

    (91 minutes)


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  • A Fun Interlude with Beethoven and My-Hoa


    Tony Papert may not be immediately obviously everybody's idea of fun, but hey, he's only doing the introduction.

    Classical music also can be presented as very serious material, but maybe there's something we missed by taking classical composers too seriously?

    So can we have fun with Beethoven?

    "Beethoven is political... " 

    Well, that may not sound a very promising starting point in the search for fun these days, but...

    ... it's your viewpoint that counts!

    (68 minutes)


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    Great Rising - A Spontaneous Happening?


    A Great Philosophy, a Great Engagement, a Great Awakening, a Great Education?

    "... you have to do a bit of homework to realise what the big picture is... "

    Well, I guess you, dear reader, are already on the right site for that.

    (47 minutes)


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  • Life is a Pyramid


    This is a stunning exposition, let down it must be said by poor sound and vision at critical points - but stick with it, the bits that can't be seen are drawn out in added diagrammatic superimposition in due course.

    You may need to watch this more than once...  but if unexplained synchronicities fascinate, then this is for you!

    But why do I have the uneasy feeling that he has merely scratched the surface of knowledge still to be uncovered?

    (53 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole - in Search of the Annunaki


    If you are not familiar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" articles, you may want to peruse a few of them before you undertake this one.

    I feature them not because I think them correct, but because I'm not prepared to dismiss them out of hand merely because they seem outlandish. It is clear that "science" does not understand the origins of humanity, and in the face of obvious evidence that somebody built many megalithic structures for purposes unknown all over the globe at some time in pre-history, we have to assume that there is much that currently we do not understand.

    If by some chance some of these theses should turn up and hit us in the face, it might be best to have some prior awareness...

    Billy Carson, American researcher of pre-history, author of the Compendium of the Emerald Tablets a

  • Politicians Lying? So What Did We Expect?


    Neil Oliver again...

    But who cares?

    " If we don't demand that this behaviour stops, it will keep happening ... "

    (10 minutes)




  • The Damaging Irrelevance of Government


    The time they are a-changing...

    (11 minutes)


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  • A New Perspective on Quantum Entanglement


    A positive beginning for a new reign?

    (9 minutes)


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  • Down the Coronation Rabbit Hole


    Coronations are rare events of singular importance in legal religious traditional and indeed even revolutionary terms. 

    But simple it isn't - every one of us may have a view, sincerely held, based upon different aspects of the historical viewpoint, that essentially may range from "history is  bunk" to "history is the final arbiter". But - whose version of history is to be believed?!

    So by way of illustration (and it should be noted, a measure of light entertainment), we investigate the rather limiting viewpoint that a successful coronation MUST be based upon the use of a "genuine" biblical relic that, given the passage of time and the consequent opportunity for corruption of both the message and the relic itself (not to mention the acknowledged inclination of humanity toward both mischief and error), a sane person might reasonably conclude that the genuineness of both the message and the relic cannot be established beyond reasonable doubt.

    That being the

  • Ancient (and not Quite so Ancient) History


    These two videos ambushed me this morning.

    On the face of it neither of them grabbed my attention, but I wasn't feeling my best (late night last night) so it was convenient to indulge YouTube with some leisurely viewing, apropos of nothing in particular.

    Serendipity - the art of encountering fortuitous happenings!

    These are long videos, and in a (rather extended) weak moment I watched them both to the end. They are not related except in as much as they deal with a broad sweep of history, but the presentation and subject matter is complementary.

    The first is an interview of talking heads, and is probably the easier to follow, whilst the second is in lecture format (albeit quite informal) but it does have an annoying habit of showing the lecturer rather than the slides he is talking about.

    And ignore the intro, it's nothing to do

  • Reflections on Current Times


    I make no apology for featuring the work of Martin Geddes - he is a legend of our times, a man who has travelled from the worldly materialism of the way we used to live, to spiritual awakening (his words), and has fallen in both material wealth and the esteem of his erstwhile colleagues, not to mention his former innocent peace and tranquillity, as a result.

    He is fighting our battles against the deceptive powers-that-be and documenting how he gets on for our benefit - at no charge other than that which we choose to contribute out of our generosity. We can't ask for more than that.

    This article presents two recent pieces from his Substack, one concerning the effect of the current psycho-war on family relationships, the other commenting on his feelings about the continuing stand-off between those who have kept and

  • "Down Under" No Longer!


    He Wakaputanga emerges in International media

    (4 minutes)



  • The Origins of World Control


    This is a long and convoluted story, so make of it what you will. 

    Whilst it necessarily skips over vast tracts of history, much of the history of recent centuries is widely recognised. Now may be a good time to review it.

    This is the type of new world order that I can support:

    "America was the greatest nation in history, because our people have always believed... that tomorrow can be better than today, and every one of us has a personal moral responsibility to make it so"

    But maybe that isn't the type that our leaders and manipulators have in mind for us:


    Mazzini Autofizza Furti Incendi Avvelengmeni
    (Mazzini authorises thefts fires and

  • How the Hell Do we Get to NetZero - And if we Can't?


    Some logical analysis of the evidence, from the redoubtable Nick Hubble (for whom I have the greatest respect) of Fortune and Freedom.

    It's not just the green/not green argument - it's how we do it, and the truly silly thing is that nobody seems to have come up with a feasible plan.

    Sadly, being silly has never been a bar to political promotion (some might even think that being both gullible and plausible is a primary qualification for an ambitious politician), so we can't just say that we won't believe it because it's too preposterous.

    We choose what we believe for better or for worse, and what we think and what we believe influences others, so it behoves each of us individually to choose very carefully when the stakes are as high as this. Going with the flow is no safeguard against the idiocy of our politicians.

    Policy comes into it, so does civil unrest, so does consent, so does timing, so does economics,

  • The Ten Rules of Commerce


    Since just about everything somehow seems to be reduced to "commerce" these days, these rules could be important!

    I am no lawyer so I cannot and will not offer legal advice, but I found this presentation interesting, as it offers a number of principles that seem to make sense of how the legal systems work.

    Make of it what you will...

    (2 hours!)


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  • A Telling Question ...


    This is a quicky - you only need to take in the first few minutes to get he drift (and it's only six minutes in all!).

    (6 minutes)


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  • Parliament Debates the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty - Andrew Bridgen


    Th WHO is never one to pass up an opportunity to increase its powers, and if necessary is perfectly prepared to debate and assign to itself additional powers that purport to extend its constitutional powers without reference to any democratic mandate.

    "... this constitution will be fundamentally changed by the two instruments that are in the pipeline  following the Covid-19 pandemic..."

    " The WHO is domiciled in Geneva... it's employees are exempt from tax and they and their families all have diplomatic immunity... "

    "... it is indeed a supranational body, unelected and unaccountable"

    "The original ideals of the WHO and WHA were completely laudable... "

    "Who is now funding the WHO? Like many of our regulators in the UK: The MHRA (86% funded by industry sources), the JCVI member's personal declarations declared more than

  • A Civilisation in Total Collapse - Moral, Spiritual, Economic, Cultural & Political


    "This is the end of our civilisation if something doesn't change"

    ... if the adults don't come back into the room... "

    "Can you imagine how a resurgence of tradition inside the Catholic Church, how it threatens the entire edifice of this New World Order, the entire project... "

    Indeed a grassroots resurgence of Christianity driven by the "Holy Spirit" (however you wish to interpret that) within each individual believer of whatever denomination or none, would certainly bring the whole top-heavy control system down, and reveal that Christ's power lies not in religious institutions, but in the hearts of his believers, the common herd, the "great unwashed" to whom Christ himself is recorded to have chosen to minister.

    This isn't just about the Catholic Church. Nor is it merely about Christianity, it is about the great mass of honest believers of all faiths who recognise that the era