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Lucky Dip

  • Dark to Light - The Great Awakening in 8 Minutes


    This is a surreal / subliminal / fast-paced race through the concepts of the Great Awakening.

    If you are susceptible to flashing images you may prefer not to watch this video!

    When is the GA?

    It has been building for some time, and many think it may reach a crescendo very shortly. No dates, no pack drill!

    Many may consider this unsuitable for children.

    Otherwise just sit back for 8 minutes and let it wash over you . . .



  • They Do Things Differently Over There


    The Stew Peters Show is always interesting if you want to get an American perspective on current US and world events.

    This 56 minutes from Jan 11 covers a number stories and I suspect that most will find something to interest them, even the to-our-ears strange and unconvincing advertisements!

    This issue qualifies for the "conspiracy" tag because it features assertions that the mainstream will deny. I neither assert nor deny - I keep my mind open. Sometimes very open, often uncomfortably open.

    Warning - some of this show is distressing, and its view of the future may strike you as scary. Personally, I remain serene in the knowledge that the forces of darkness are not triumphant, indeed in many places they are in retreat (esp. in the UK currently) and are opposed daily by ever more awakening citizens of our benighted world.

    There is everything to play for - so hold the line and keep the

  • Fruit and Veg - Elixir of Life?


    We are a long way from pre-history these days, but maybe the people of those times have something of value to teach us about longevity.

    Certainly my own health experience has improved by leaps and bounds once I started to include fresh fruit and vegetables in daily quantity - I do not wish to go back.

    It may be true that a link between diet and longevity has not been specifically proven, but it is pretty obvious that a poor diet leads to poor health. So how much extra life could we expect from dietary improvement (alongside environmental improvement of course)?

    A thought to conjure with perhaps.


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  • Lyme Regis or Lyme Connecticut?


    This is technically about health, but touches on so many topical issues that I found it irresistible.

    However, I have not personally corroborated any of the assertions made, so you are on your own there. 

    Needless to say, if you are ill you are advised to consult a qualified doctor. Nevertheless, a doctor can advise you, but you retain responsibility for your own health, and I personally subscribe to the view that good health starts with a good diet as part of a healthy life-style.

    None the less, sometimes one's health does need a helping hand.


    (1hr 26 mins)


  • Law Generally Follows the Negative Externality Cost Reduction Principle


    The what?

    Caveat 1 - we are dealing with American law here, although as far as I understand it UK law should also largely conform to this principle, originally laid out by British economist (it's OK - not all economists are incomprehensible) Ronald Coase (the Clifton R. Musser Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Law School).

    Caveat 2 - the principle was set out by an economist (although he did work for a Law School).

    "Generally, the party who can most cheaplyreduce the harm is the one legally and morally bound to do so in a free country"

    "Points 1 through 4 are not easily

  • The ΔQ Morphism


    Happy New Year!

    To kick-start 2022 we have a little piece by telecoms expert Martin Geddes with which to (mildly) tax your little grey cells!

    Δ is the capital Greek letter delta, equivalent to roman alphabet D, and beloved of mathematicians and pseudo mathematicians alike who co-opt it to represent a difference of some sort. So the Δ of 5 and 8 would be 3! Why the code? Because writing Δ is a lot quicker and more succinct than writing "difference" all the time.

    No, don't turn off - you don't have to understand any mathematical complexity (or any mathematics at all!) to follow the argument presented in this article, just accept the maths as given. The author explains his reasoning with great clarity and in ordinary words that we can all understand.

    He makes a great point about the way that we have built the internet, and uses that to make a social inference about how we as members of society work in two

  • Nigel and Alp Review the Thorny Problem of Immigration


    Alp Mehmet, himself a child of an immigrant family, now chairman of Migration Watch UK, discusses the problematic UK immigration issue with Nigel Farage.

    An interesting conversation, especially as he rose to a senior government appointment within the Foreign Office, thus qualifying him to view the issue from the position of the establishment.

    So how did he come to chair Migration Watch and argue for "proper" immigration controls?

    (12 minutes)


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  • The Antidote to Technocracy, Politics, Religion, and Everything Else?


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    Will it ever catch on?!

  • Kondratieff Waves meet the World of Woo


    The self-organising-collective meets the communist academic's financial system melt-down.

    Not for the first time, Clif High gives us a masterclass, this time in how he sees the approaching economic and financial chaos and the subsequent resolution.

    He is his own man and makes some pertinent points about how the system may fail and how "the Donald" may be seeking to guide our expectations. 

    As always, it's your judgement, I am not going to take sides in how this situation is going to develop.

    Buckle up - this "q uack-up" is getting nearer by the day... and in terms of time-frame I note that both he and Ben Fulford are postulating not dissimilar expectations.

    (1 hour)



  • End of Hostilities in Korea - Conditional Peace Agreement!


    We have waited nearly 50 years since the Korean Armistice Agreement that brought the fighting to a close was signed in 1953, so this should have been big news.

    It's conditional on the US ending its "hostile attitude" - but Trump already did that in 2019, before the 2020 November elections that led to the Joe Biden inauguration in January 2021. 

    Given the parlous state of US politics one might be forgiven for thinking that this condition may not in practice be long in the fulfilment, although you wouldn't notice from the press reports and the BBC article.

    My guess though is that if Kim Jong Un

  • What Abigail Told the Students of Princeton


     "Show some self-respect and reclaim your freedom"

    Abigail Shrier (no, nor had I heard of her) delivers an object lesson in why we should undertake education, why family and others put themselves out to support us in that endeavour, and what we should do with our lives once we have graduated.

    Yes it's about hard work, yes it's about attitude, yes it's about resilience and persistence, yes its about developing skills and contacts, but most of all it's about...

    Well, I'm not going to give you the punch-line, you'll just have to read it yourself, but trust me, it's worth it!

    Especially if you are a student.


  • Remember, Remember the ... World as it Used to Be?


    This little number is a deliberately provocative piece of... well, I'm not sure... whimsy? imagination? deception? conditioning of expectation? or just plain broadening of the mind?

    I don't know the answer to that, but I think it's a question that all thinking people should take note of, in case the answer turns out to surprise us.

    I'm beginning to think that nothing could surprise me any more, but given that all knowledge is now deemed resident on the internet, which is no more than a baby repository at a mere 20 years of age (most of it much less), it does fit very neatly into the challenging notion being presented.

    After all, to hide knowledge away for ever it would now only be necessary to avoid it's transfer into electronic form. Only the the most dedicated researchers now resort to hunting down and poring through paper records - it's far too inconvenient.

    So how absurd is absurd? I'm quite prepared to

  • Are We the 99%?


    The AIER (American Institute for Economic Research) take me to task with their latest article on the genesis of popular truth and knowledge.

    It's true that it was not me specifically that they had in their sights, yet  in some measure I do have to plead guilty to presenting a somewhat one-sided view of certain topics (well OK, many topics) that we cover on this site.

    So it's worth asking:- what differentiates this site from the rest of "received opinion"?

    This being a question that our readers really ought to ask themselves, it would not be fitting for me to advise you what to think on this topic - after all, my stated objective is to help and encourage everybody to think for themselves - the "good Lord" (of whatever persuasion you choose) has endowed us with an

  • A Crash Course in Non-Locality


    "When a certain number of people begin to do something it actually causes a shift in the thinking and awareness and potentiation of everyone on the planet... everyone in the cosmos"

    I get the feeling that we are approaching the point where we will all have to relearn a great deal of "science" that we thought we knew if we want to get to grips with the world that we are about to find ourselves living in.

    Dr Steven Greer has been working with investigating and explaining this theory for a number of years. Perhaps we ought to start paying his ideas more attention.


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  • This is How the World Will be Saved


    This is a post from Stop World Control - many have reportedly found it helpful.

    Equally, many will consider it unhelpful. Probably very few will agree with everything he says. 

    Nonetheless I consider it to be on the right side of current world events - at this time when our lords and masters are hell-bent on creating division where none previously existed, any thoughts that encourage us to hold together and act together in love and unity, come what may, are to be welcomed. That is the primary message that I accept, and the reason why I carry the post.

    See the original article.

  • The Bernician on the Delingpod


    Those unfamiliar with the Bernician should be aware that he is the one behind present moves to take members of the government and its advisers to court charged with crimes associated with their handling of the Covid "pandemic".

    We have reported previously on these matters - you may wish to review if you are unfamiliar with his activities.

    He has also taken legal action over The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

    Today we feature his recent outing on the Delingpod.

    It is quite long at the best part of two hours, but covers much of his life

  • Jennifer Arcuri Talks to James Delingpole


    Jennifer's links to Boris are public knowledge. I don't feature this merely for gossip (although it inevitably comes with the territory), but his and her views on the Boris they thought they knew, and Boris as he now is, are of general interest.

    "... maybe this isn't the man that I knew at all..."

    So for those for whom such conversations are of interest,  here's the link.

    Personally, I'm glad I listened to them - but remember, it's all just gossip...


  • Should Astronomers Discover Tunnel Vision?


    The Thunderbolts Project has long been critical of the gravity model of cosmology, proposing that electro-magnetism (rather than gravity) is the dominant force in the Universe. 

    Today the Pulse brings us a report that suggests that our solar system is enveloped within a "magnetic tunnel".

    This would seem to tie in with the idea that regions of space are connected via Birkeland Currents, namely parallel positively and negatively charged particle streams that of necessity twist around each other in a cosmological version of twisted pair cabling

  • Never Take Anything that Any Government Tells You at Face Value


    Another excoriating session at the EU Parliament:

    "Let's be clear about one thing - no-one grants me freedom"


  • EU Parliament - They Don't Like the Green Pass Either


    MEPs come out at press conference in favour of staff who do not approve the mandatory "green pass" to come to work.

    Cogently argued as well. 

    Will the staff at the EU Parliament tolerate this intrusion on their liberties or will they walk out? 

    One can only imagine what Nigel would have had to say ...