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Last August we reported on the government's intention to transfer responsibility for adding fluoride to the public water supplies from local authorities to the secretary of state.

The latest policy paper confirms that intention.

The Health and Care Bill as of today is in its final stages prior to Royal Assent.

So we are to be mass-medicated by law in order to protect our childrens' dental health, even though fluoride toothpaste (whatever you may think of that) has been widely available for years.

An early history (by an "ex-BBC journalist") of the adoption of fluoride in water supplies:

(28 minutes)


There are plenty of official sites which reassure as to the safety and benefits of water fluoridation, so I will not repeat them here.

The issue is not whether people will suffer obvious and debilitating effects, the issue is whether the damage done will be more like the damage done by the addition of lead in petrol - slow, insidious, and not necessarily attributable to the true cause for many years.

For those with concerns about adverse effects and the possibility of allergic reaction, visit Fluoride Alert:

Watch key moments from the House of Lords fluoridation debate: